OMF - The Patriots thumped a college offense last night; Did 28-3 play into Falcons' mindset 10-23-17

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Monday, October 23rd

HOUR 1 - I think we were expecting something different in the Super Bowl 51 rematch last night. The Falcons had jet sweeps and scrambling quarterbacks all night. Not a problem for the Pats defense, who seems to have fixed some of the issues they've had the last few weeks. Meanwhile in Atlanta, our sports talk "counterparts" have had better weekends.


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Okay. It's. Don't look back required it tonight we're doing what with glee and Lou in Christie I'm I'm I'm I'm not. From the White House in the end zone is needed city ships come passes through and finally into what I learned on the Duck Tour. In Boston they don't perhaps. The couple. Now now on Sports Radio WEEI. Plus earth shattering because that was found out we don't pronounce our guys here that he was give midterm live mice. They do it at all yeah I wanted to start talking. Like I do when amid a key people from the tennis can I do something for you foreign is okay foreigners foreigners don't start the decaf and haven't ya look at what goes to how many years have you heard that stupid SA bulletin. And nobody nobody here ever said that they don't single market cap now hockey cat lonely at. At what else what else give me another can meet other phrase you mean they're saying that we kiwi Snyder's. Teacher you ever harder to Pete was cars around it's that you'll ever larger. If help I'm. I don't know that's actually normal. That's actually pretty good about it. You know that that was not bad are we got our eyes they made you happy you may have a word about it because I missed the loudest most until 3 in the morning. Who's driving around. Well he was the product is slowly in the body are remote this won't figures have done this before till till 2 o'clock in the morning but usually the drive Holmes a court when nobody's on the highway. At home forty minutes is it's a breeze. Last night go on about 35 or forty because you couldn't sing in front of you know I was out. More ever goes a long run best. I didn't do all along we're I don't think mission but it only took heat and because that would run around so it was kind of review rolled out of bed you know it was funny guy I slipped through bullet paralyzed at all are now. But there it's when it during the game it's like a counselor they're really together. The get the White House over there but if it's like they're pretty good they also like they thought the real light how is for the White House in the well yet just ornamental normally but we're. I call days run. I'd Ellis Island so political or did like Frontline to a question we and the launch of it that we didn't know it down. Let's say what the flawed but it grates on the here I was as if someone watching the game yeah I'd love that view of those who don't feel that's yes. I went and I don't want to go to that earlier I don't want to play you don't want a normative and normal day migrate. I'd love she never mind it's like you're nice and all you and that's Alec why not only does. Does anybody ever had a stroke they host it is. That's that's that's your career okay that's given to do with the camera angles it's it is yeah yeah now. I want single field hit the entire. Because you've played well and are now anyways shipped all day moves yesterday but overall it would want that I think it'll you'll want it you tired I guess I think he played a lot more that way I do you release the balls guys come out as a great ending. I think you see more public if you want you guys looked like hill came to come back the little guys that you know all the time what the helmet camera. I don't like it it's every now then or Qatar or low flying drone under the onslaught had Maria let's flying around right in front of them wanna hear from today won't hear from some people say 300 section last order of missing literally on production again every. On. Charlotte and I just kept pushing on toward the media bitching and that impressed by we can't see that day yet it was still a good houses that the any other way don't worry about it. When they killed the obvious of the Booth view yet I I that was exit because they're let me begin just watch them honor Rockies don't have any choice would you watch the did you watch of the I do both on and again I go I'd something that is flat Los Monica sometimes it's you so far away right kind of not actually it's probably the best view. Of any stadium I've been low key it's everything it's shoots we have tons of room know exactly it's one of the best of boot views. And and and. Through a lot of people should I so here's the question of the day yeah I think first it is already picked up on the boys look at the screen over here the mother was this more a bald good patriots. Or bad falcons. In okay is a pleasure and I offered to kids what are we thought I think the biggest you're my problems that clicks on the biggest storyline I think about this is how unbelievably bad the falcons have gotten about the coach all the coaching that their playoff hole landed and on the look at the look at the depth chart oh look at the diet I guess there load did a wins half. Beasley had good players and I hear president. I had no idea why active session saw some of that earlier I know. Say coaching stuff you can always sit there and blame whichever team you want. It's it's it's obviously a little bit of both but trending towards more the patriots. The patriots looked good defense I do too and I know you can sit think and question what they're doing offensively and play call will be an all that stuff. But I I really I just think that the patriots. Looked really good finally let him breathe again have been waiting for. I can breathe again I don't know I will say this in the patriots had to come out. And play well. If they wanted to break the falcons because I think the falcons were right there and yet they're psychologically damaged this is not a usual by the way we're seeing this W Charlotte Carolina couple years ago. You lose the Super Bowl and for some reason your head goes wacky and you can't do what you did before even though you've got a lot of the same talent. We've seen time and time again they are right there on the edge and the you're right the patriots had to play well enough to push them. Over that particular deal I don't like. The whole soup bowl hangover did I think it's overrated I don't edit sorry. I don't quite regularly call reversible lock beat a beat they are now other tablet they're they're offered the coordinator made a huge difference. Meet Kyle Shanahan you can obviously tell that theirs is just enormous disconnect but he agreed between these sock you in and counts Shanahan. He said he and I'm gonna say the usual but I feel these are pieces these are terrific at the I. Ed and I did last night I managed. Good does it look like he's just a wrong I didn't even think about it when I set out three exit as it. He should just walk called meaning that they should allow one lane each of these people they just he's just go home. Or is that a good speech to walk called people at as you did there and that's been even dawned on him but that's right this goes drug showed up at meetings he's trying to. Let's say out of that coat I don't. I had the accident what do you think we're gonna do when he decided they wanted to go for it in invent them rock mad I'll show I think he should have been fired at that moment brutalized and when Dan Quinn was apparently not listening on the headphones to hear himself. A gold for the fourth down. Adding he should have been fired right on the spot. You give the ball back to Tom Brady but that its fourth and eighth. Given an opportunity for Tom Brady it'll shorts deal with general manager Manny can you not watch Tom Brady on the. You wouldn't let Julia didn't you get the ball back to stuff that happened correct so it's like okay it's what it was a ten nothing that time. Instead of new first up there's no guarantee to date data all the timeouts they might have you read a putt to do about it on all we don't feel the put up step right all three they still might have sport. Is the point but still a bit. You got to the first time because of a scramble what it was perfectly executed play right there be ranked author Rick downhill attack. What would you give a short field punts try to pin them gala momentum to get the ball to second happens that the agency here here you go seven games. What he thinks more likely that. He called game drunk. Or tipsy. Okay Steve Sox fusion even called it Drucker tipsy or their main goal was so you know we're gonna be. Unbelievably aggressive we're gonna attack or where they go completely do we do silly things that are uncharacteristic as we know we can't give a chance that that's. Most teams have a Christian legal for a fourth down twice in the first half and used an antibody that's an aggressive body was drawn to what he called running on first down. Lake all day in the first half but the first full first downs they had it was an arrest for eight yards. Running the ball this team has given up six consecutive quarterbacks of over 300 yards against them on their secondary is missing Gilmore in a row. And they still performed well you've got Matt Ryan you get a healthy wide receiving court through what impact that gets the ball. Out of the backfield and you try to establish the run early neither one of these running backs get a ball the ball caught Coleman at one pass incomplete in the first half. That's it no passes the freemen Coleman and these guys catch the ball the backfield they did not attack and they go for a fourth down at all. Throw the ball against the patriots secondary early they tried to establish the run. Yeah I that's that's when things on certain way because they had every opportunity. At the bigger almost at Sony excuses they could use to your top cornerbacks are out. They got Mohammed and that's it lose revenue at healthy receiving corps a who've worked there has been killing everybody they're tied and their backs are both healthy and you can exploit them like that one of the picture of defense's weaknesses our backs. Catching the football running yet. Kept in Europe toolbar off to you telling me you can't find a way to exploit and oh by the way the heiress is playing. So you could have easily you know whites into like a regular formation nature Hairston on the field they shipped out of it. And this is like this is halftime adjustment I thought they can hit. Can you know life here now you know why that guys here. That is gonna get an opportunity to finally get an opportunity to play and he made some noise in that and again there's no question about what he can't cover anybody know what once the once they once they clearly implies that. And you're gonna run Jim Roberts but also but the thing that's ever run and it run in the book in the east they're taken hairs how to put her britches down there. John one of those guys that would be that extra linebacker in the box especially they went light. But no they didn't so I think it's more back he was drunk and had too many Beers something somebody with some injury but he was called. Call it scared and Matt Ryan look like. Did he look like he wanted anything to know that game in the third quarter. There's a disconnect at this disconnect would Matt Ryan from that offensive game plan yet but didn't sort keynesian watch it last night was any upstairs. In the coaches budget maybe that was that was the big Mardy Fish didn't see the game that we saw that underneath the four point but it was so many things during the course of the game that you look at Turkey's usage what do you do. So but when the patriots stopped them when very annoyed got the the separate the lost the five yard loss on the floor one on fort Tampa loved him so. They're there running the ball it will 45 yards and running right up the middle what do they do comes up third downs in order to throw the football we're gonna solve football. It even though no weight when is is is playing. The same way they played the previous stance where he's gone forth to fort goes wide ties to sweep them why something that the patriots. Did not. Intellect. Correctly in the Super Bowl certainly in the first half they didn't this game they shut down the wide rounding one. Terrible. Because it's it's a call it and run it played yet no option and it just it that is a college. It almost felt like he was calling college games like elitist I'll tell guys all but it is it that's what it felt like. Because it is so that his players urges faster. Because he recruits better and we automatically got an edge because his players about their backs to the bigger the stronger. So crappy coordinator can have success in college because they have a best players he was at SC news that Washington trying to rebuild that broke he was at Alabama for one game. So you're always at an advantage. So he's calm he's please. Assuming that everything's gonna be a win by even his best receivers gonna have a two yard cushion our our climate are always gonna have a move the pop idol. That was he may be that may one of the worse off at the plate on. IC I grew and I agree I was raised so I think based on the that I should show you all the good depth chart they've got players that they've got personnel leaching some of the coaches in the going to be fine. Put what do you think the players the same behind closed doors don't trust the bulldogs awesome date. Coach from Phoenix I just got fired. He's honest since I only three days if I didn't take a little into an average of. You can't discuss it it is going to be disconnect because Ryan's gonna sit there and that flight home last night just me. Look at look at what I have at my disposal. Union what are we doing you know and zone I guess to put on the quarterback as well with. You let those two running backs of our special you know and just the way they can hit you you know the wide receivers that you have. How you don't come in you have to Gillette NC we are testing this secondary. We're gonna be the the seventh consecutive quarterback to throw for 300 yards we're gonna put up 400 yards we're gonna just spread them out would have to go to run backs. That that the tight end open located want to try one catch. An idiot to go to Freeman I think it was at that final drive when they finally schooled through a couple dump passes to a but the final drive. Right and it was just even the first half at the end of the first athletic right get a garbage forty yards on the ball to patches of finest twenty seconds ago. Didn't do any yeah it's it's on an ousted the only thing that's different. It is the opposite corner that's the old that's the biggest difference so Matt riots you would see it Matt Ryan Moore determine just go look it is oldies that that Gatorade commercial body on the team is more determined. So the only difference is really jealous at the corner they chase some of the coaches in the offseason and as always I Iran's call made a play like he's he's given the other guys information he's telling a modicum right all that's that's. That game was in the double game two what how the play calls yes but what are they doing. Look what it's just that they are clicking start slow I'd love the first fourth down goal portals like you know what they go yeah a minute to let yet to be aggressive. Right and then to settle at just turn stupid as it was like or even. Al Michaels is like they really go on from this or not really golfers on the he's kind of drama made no sense of the legal now written a time public but. Abbott third downs for both teams which has been an issue for the patriots off for the season I'll include fort down efficiency as wolf Atlantic states three times. They were three and twelve overall and knowing what seven and thirteen. So of that committee was a huge number because we have seen just the opposite view where they are now struggling on both sides. You know what else a song like in that made me feel better about this office overall. With the fact that I find I've found out realized who elements replacement is. And and I know it is. It's been cooks. But it's not raining coats in the Julian Edelman role as far as return routes you know the slot moves. The quick outs all that's that he does and that short distance for Brady. I option routes. Everything's deeper everything's wider. But yes so much speed. He rates just is not just as a mom just as much space as adamant gave a look at what would guys but but yeah that's that's that's significant to put it spotted that out and everything that's not okay that's not a bread and butter play. Adamant it's so good because they have these bread and butter plays that they all know you run a thousand times you bolt the what the other is doing. 'cause does the same thing but but it's always there always 1215 yards deeper because he has the ability to freak out at the front to back. Create space he's so quick out of its cuts and Brady's timing the world. That's why it's taking longer so that NEC all the throws hard down the field shorts something where he's in motion is Getty gets ahead of speed. That is exactly what's replace an element. There were two of the things I thought that the efforts made huge strides wanna from started last week with Dion Lewis getting playing time up and again he looked really good is your best about it. No question all around back he's at all and he can best back for the for a little guy. He gets extra yardage he gets an extra three or four yards to skull seems like I'm constantly going north. You know juiciest quote he said he's not small he's he's small but he's not that he's right through an Internet and a second one repute. Rick Burke had made a difference and again last night he gives them another dimension out there. All four backs contributed you know surprised at a look at it that the game book. Was a Selig James White sport carries nineteen yards. Five catches up 28 yards. It seemed like either a lot more than that they detonated them applicable requesting did so to me we suspect that gave Edmonton played a great game five catches twenty yards you know four carries. You know and but this as a group which it seemed to me that he had a bigger gal surprised when I saw that in the game. But as a group you write all everybody Berkett chicken and Dion Lewis still still the man votes. And understood what the hell's going on the first two of the reach of the best running back or use the exit ball and run vision that's funny you got. But is it they had to Kana. Let that take its course declined because teams light earned it he was demanding he be at peace and I learned anything from nearby wells and it's but it was. It with this far starting lineup start he gets the ball first paper get. You know first team owner guaranteed a week or so but he does have a we are well he's lol you could see it. It got the point where Edwards can understand he's the best back yeah he's he's like is not included because he definitely had a role but it is what he's a starter amid north content targeted young boy. The play coming out of that and thought it was the best game this team's play right every all every whatever you wanna call the offense defense special teams. I'm still reds don't. A little bit newspapers in with a two for five you know they had that they're the 11 yard line their carelessly gets stuffed in an epic. Young Lewis on that second third for April was just red zone offense you look at Philippine dominated a team but it could have easily scored thirty Mick thirties. Right couple times and whether to before two to five we didn't we show the slow street to permanent school mid 32 wins came against slid all the it was eight point eight points or one that it. The team yet points and we don't the damn things I noticed that damn thing. But utilities have been they're back and after that I needed to see them do so like that one you know what little I think we need to see a little bit more consistency here for a few weeks. It's a game we have you have you have I would say you have. Three weeks. Yet three weeks you have over the last year ago legal why are we comfortable we know so last we saw you had luster last week's jealous jealous Tampa jets. And now you have. The falcons and incremental. Steps where you can obviously sick and and aid you sit there ego you don't wanna get credit for because. You know because there is no you know broken plays there is no no guys running for re just bring all over the place like nobody tent and even around them and that they were at a position where you would think that would happen because they have two of the best guys two of the best corner not in the field. So what does this tell you about Stephanie Gilmore what is she thinking is she sit back watch in this game. As Johnson battle mostly plays another solid game for the New England Patriots. Battle mostly. Fact he's not he's not he can get 64 million that I don't write. Bell the most. He's seems. But he's who's got a concussion right so you can't question his toughness is that you and it was someone gets a concussion. You're not allowed to question is tough to keep breaking into practice with the 34 days that he did not tell anybody they add on all of maybe he didn't have any effects or who normally does it feel like actual week later episodes I think you have a concussion and answering we don't know exactly not what I Friday's that enjoy out of gas all the cursing yelling Saturday at that apparently wearing yeah so you are not it's when it's because you're not allowed to question his toughness right. It's like you can't do it. Talk about is race an arm whatever you're watching. Your question is why why why can't you because this article let me give other people monitoring loyal yet don't let it come back yet you can tell you there's they amassed. Why does it daddy that's out of your hands. That study are Nancy he's the he I think he's going to be a problem. You do well yeah I think he may be a problem two guys that dateline going Allen's definite problem I don't know yet another again. I just figured as stated that pretty much opened themselves not comfortable applause from matter. Give more maybe another one. That's well that's a major problem what's usually the guys that's right and you're stuck the next couple years gives you get a big cap hit because of Obama's upfront what does it tell you. The bill and bill loves doing this he brings in guys that nobody knows who the hell they are. Person that most yep played well last week and I played pretty solid game get a yesterday. You know those are tough assignment he had that game yesterday when he was always thought he was always doubled most of the time he didn't want to put that it. If you know but the biggest thing with Gilmore. Is win in the Mike Evans came after the my Kevin's game that. Quote after the game when he said there was this is what I like to do this woman all about right you don't come to New England. It thinking I'm gonna do my thing that's call selfish football it's not what they don't know it. Quote we talked a lot about it after the game that quote really startled me and it's like yeah and while the problem is that the long term investment. That's that's that's that's what you do best and it. On. That he and answer them. Got it wrong team embodies what I see better mostly do it he didn't Jonathan Jones doing he's doing. You know I I don't really don't think of you know Gilmore. I think that you're stuck with Gilmore and what seen those two guys that most who play the waded in and and in Jones a thicken up the Malcolm but it's gone. And he's gone. It advocates bills done it again he's gonna try to look at these guys and say he's replaced him welcome Butler when not gonna pay top dollar I got to fix Gilmore. Amid figure out some more we hear because he's the long term guy got money invested in him. And these guys are performing well this isn't to almost always go nowhere if this is Malcolm butler's gone do you have a problem at the end of this year is now. You use these Butler. You know. Writes about understand it when you start developing ways of developing corners out in nowhere. That's to replace high priced guy right well sorry but Gilmore is already aren't given the cash to go anywhere. The replacing a high price guy don't lettuce that's welcome Butler now like that but that's just the reality of how we got a lot to get through on today's program gonna open up. Phone lines right away talk about the patriots just an it was a war of which is so the New England Patriots or was it more. Of just the Atlanta should psychologically damaged era of mass coaching is just awful. A 6177797937. The Red Sox finally have a manager intelligent and get the ought to present Lou. Edit six months ago gave Conan gave up on six hits it hadn't before anybody else. And each of the towel in and let's see she got exactly what is it that we got to get so we got a great loose story that deals with Alex core from this weekend. We gets a phone calls coming up next 6177797. Entries and. At ON math on WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how everyday keep up with the show on Twitter at oh man. EI let's give you back to more of Fort Wayne remotely and forty game right now watch Sports Radio WEEI. I want somebody. I'll once somebody John I don't care if somebody off with a block sort of based mobile the press pass. Somebody has to ask Dan Quinn this question begs to suggest we call you hear it comes for your headset timeout. What sort of what is wrong with you. Are you like or. I don't wanna go down the road I'm just gonna go down like what you have on your mental capacities are you okay. We need to check you went to a hospital here what is going on Sorkin jets we picked Gabriel well we have Dovonte Britain never ever bails on fourth and one or ordered one what is wrong with you but embedded DQ for black and white. That's Eric Campbell. On Atlanta sports Tucker I don't know five down it went 55. Sports talk station site. I don't think a single one of them gets a once you answer that combined they probably get a three there. You know and we did a three by a punt at 1035 rides like nasty Harvard shows up there you are. It was baked. We gotta get we gotta get more Atlanta sports talk radio today as I got to hear this it's almost like. You know we looked at the last six weeks and things have not been pretty here. But after yesterday did you meet the needs of the stuff with some of the misery you know the markets Boccieri abortion. That you wanna Marty what we're gonna for a mid day party and you'll somber today lot of complaining to do for love and have a good time we're gonna get through it together man John Michaels is on. No sleep. Are so it's always. I saw idealism and a year's exit if you are. Because let's check and give the page it's a little bit of credit for what they accomplished because there are bad looking so bad for the falcons of course. But when you question play calling being played if you really focusing on the Atlanta is off yes. But innocent they called plays a patent and a great job defense huge upgrade but this little thing to were talking before the show started. The end of the third quarter you're down twenty to nothing. And then did the Baltic second ten and ten what do Roloson whenever they weren't there about the punch it in. It was it was actually be the drive ended with decked jets' week licked at the from the one yard line. There's like 31 seconds to go in the third quarter and that being clocked like 33. Liggett a playoff. But they don't. The clock runs out I snapped the ball are zeros and you don't get a playoff but he actually could have down twenty and nothing the caucus kind of an issue. You an opportunity to get played or two before the fourth quarter starts he can steal but it instead they let the play clock and he snapped the ball at zero. It's supposed to report ordered him like you to waste your take just. And we NFL they have that is in that house when Els wants making at at that point time today in the fourth quarter starts yeah. You can tell it just looked like their sideline a brother silent or demoralized they won it. Nothing to do with it especially when the page or start running the football in the fourth quarter. To me that is you at that point time you have broken there will they want nothing to do with it and what they don't wanna tackle. They don't want pat that they don't wanna sit there and drop into coverage baseball game to be over. And did that to me is just into about tsuboi ain't over Miami will get a next time. Push in his own taken away from the pages they made you know I think a big step forward. In that game yesterday and there's no doubt about it two guys that are gonna join estranged wife played well tree flawless play real element in he has to hit some big plays so. I look ticking away from that but. If it's Cleveland Browns. It's had chances to 49 is it's a bad team you shouldn't go. This is what they do they don't have the talent anyway this is a talented team. And I don't think I've seen it game recently in which a watched it said oh my god what are they doing right here according to play the loan. We should start and how many times can you screw this thing. And in any of the players by the way. Though the roughing the passer on what was that interception. Apart that want to does Brady to look just a jerk and just bay the German grounds. Don is that actually so it's again we see it every Monday. The always get some help why because the other team is dull on it they're dawn it's stupid I'm so they're going. To break those you pay you you thought it was gonna be a rough day for the awful lot because that they were getting sacked on consecutive told an awful earlier tonight guy does is demanded their fired at the pump doubled in David Atlanta office more ability but they're definitely gonna make. Like miserable for for Brady. They throws a pick and then so they they they can weigh in at the last what you see you would agree Jarrett hit him at the last decade ago American flag. They hit them or did he just pushed him but you know it's like he tried to know that it would. Well look I promise you really feel turn those that are also up historian I get nickel but not necessarily about the offensive line but especially or early in that game. But he was getting hit the corner and use it which they were getting off the mark Quinn an irritated this I don't know what is going any of that rumbling you hear anything boats older late. This could be his last year they can whether he's in and they're not because he isn't it the same guy. I can't OS Angeles or las personal Jeff yeah that's definitely on the field is here and just he's just. I anyone has sold us that everybody got this act. It was three linebacker for the falcons came Marie. And so they're going. He was on blocked. There's in the first quarter the climate was unblocked there was miscommunication yet at all simulated ice at the soul but it's older sites OK so who screwed up. So it's either a physical issues he has or mental issues he has he's always get a penalty. So yet it's yet a procedure Penner an opening yesterday to become to give them give them given that sack that he gave up early in the game. I got bigger but bowed to your point I think part of it is injury related and came back from injury last year and I canceled duking it personally dealing with the sun. How conscious thinking it is in because he's a big tall guy. And staying missed three out a lot of times and if you look at guys coming off the edge right now. Lot of teams should changing up and using smaller quicker guys are you seeing a lot of different personnel being used. On an outsider and I'm seeing guys just spinning around and just getting away from Japan pushed her. To you bush about because he's so tall he stands straight up my point again it's easy for a smaller guy. Because he's automatically got leverage from the beginning. His pad his hands are underneath his pads Axl can't win it's just she's what 68 guys huge. He shoots honest answer the phone calls it lets you talk a little bit about this let's go to what David Davis in Florida hey David. Right for some reason this thing is not working fellows let's try to. It's we're. Yeah I mean. First of all I mean adequate should not take that call what that's all I mean I would stop those. I mean yes like they just play this guy that other one of those idiots just not meant to be at number one guy. The Kennedy's second charity I mean what is god. I can't angry. Would. Am I mean he. Can graduation he did to maybe do something. But it probably haven't done about 1012 years I stopped watching the AT and have equipment order it was so boring. And now he's been. Just. How much I would hear. And this is back all the coaching or what what Belichick did that so great in this so I hope all of that you've been caught. Albeit most. Confused as untold hundreds of learning golf from our if you stop the level of pats you're so upset because of Dan Quinn. Okay. You are patriots fan why why. I understand that. They know London I couldn't tell them that I'm emotional I'm sure this is gonna get a great reading on Sunday night one because the patriots were dominant and people who can't stand the patriots across country partial the thing. Often says screw this the others are sit there go I can't see it damn thing I'm not gonna hang in for this one. But you're patriots fan. And given dork the first six weeks in which you sit there going a this is going to be in nineteen you know he and his team is struggling to win against weaker opponents. A just a tennis game and I'm saying what it because this was really gut. In the end of the patriot. Where in the simple ball this year than not I don't know about the check its rate witnessed coach and assistant at a. You listen to lose. Thank you then it's our authority and colleagues and I are established equity figure if Brady wins is who bowlers that put him I think he's ago. You can we officially calling it now can you be a double don't you can't you don't go don't pull the double. Olerud I went because I couldn't say and I thought I could would you study was another scenario falcons and obviously you know it's disrespectful don't don't disrespect for the coaching don't you guys agree that you wanna see with this reading is on Sunday night because there're couple factors that might lend it to be a little bit lower went one. The fought. If you're watching TV KC game advocate of this evidence is imminent you're Topeka Kansas you're at an investment in this thing that they wanted a new view all you can it would go with more excuses on why the ratings might be down again before they just come as no evidence do you work for now. What is it just go to New York once. Let's immediately called there's didn't do British looked good today volatile really. Please we're gonna martz know hey they saved my that the issue was but that game started off. Like that first quarter how penalties. That was and and keep penalties by the way real sticky stuff here's market New Hampshire are more. They guys are you. I. I agree with you Portland Gil Morgan in that he's definitely got it like readers should not as good as you can't operate a violent but. I think if you let him do you that recognize you know Butler. Operate with in the context of the defense of not a total wash and indulges that would uses the Patrick Charles situations a hammer out. He definitely. You know Belichick it's cute how to use in the that are contacts and he did the first arms I think you'll figure it out and and as long as Gilmore doesn't you know have any issues inside the locker room they'll be able to utilize some of that is where the money making. No. You know. Doesn't have to figured out a market should pay him that much money and it's a domino effect. You paid him that much money knowing that you're gonna lose Malcolm what we're at the end of this year he's got to work out one. No I I agree but Belichick is also Smart enough to recognize that they have a three year investment and they've got to. Unique and effective but. Could you not to Syria could you know make it as serious argument that you would have been better off keeping Logan Ryan having him against your big receivers are you Mike Evans died. And then find a way of of paying Butler right. I know I agree I I'm not arguing but you have what you haven't Freddy Lynn and Alter what the city a deal that make the best of it put them into watching. In my place. Quinn did in the dirt he's doubtful that it got a coach and a scholar and I think initial shock. Goes back to the Seattle game it was a defensive coordinator and he's not a got a got a history there and to not run that guy twice. Like hit it exactly and now what not to not what we pledge from the one yard marvelous dirt under your article or twice and running under our. So there quiz does this guy and I were in their son's piano Quinn as the head coach there and eventually immediate and ultimately it's your call. But you have an offensive coordinator for a reason so you look at Turkey is there's the blame for this I don't look I yes that it Quinn eloquent get over over. Overruled this kid but he won all rugged play good lies even though they're both like you got a call and eventually a visual wanting I would say go. Is how does the the the pecking order work with that team to acorn is a defensive specialist he works heavily with the defense does he lead the offense along the saarc easy. He might have worked Kyle Shanahan is Shanahan are horrific offensive coordinator. He may have been done the same thing and say you know what you're gonna take care of all the offense while we found out Cirque easy it is not Kyle Shanahan. No not even close I'll be I'll be surprised. If he keeps that job. I only gonna last tonight is user knowledge classy Joseph season they should you take that they should take that currently now. I agree with you right now after that game patient yeah but it right well it's not just this is the latest record this has been a season long thing with him he does go back and look at all the games president. The game in the FC east. You know in which we should talk about power won't be good quality now the AFC east is not yet made a candidate by his ticket now are all I don't know. Policy. It's excludes our America you're right I don't know it's it's. You know it's every comes to a head right stuff three you know you know you know they had opportunity that they could have lost some of those games that didn't hurt in the should yesterday didn't in Detroit I think it was yellow through. The other big isn't it silly to sit there circuit buffalo 21 off. Happens cookie dude showed a drop. Miami so now all of a sudden it's got that seventeen old Miami nice etiquette pistol open right you've come in New England in on national TV from everybody and Sunday night. And it's just an embarrassing game. Game call adjusted strategy you name it. Yeah I think it comes to that I think I would be shocked at all they see around here now. Yeah out here right now three at three that's an absolute embarrassment it's three straight that was the worst one. Britney that Miami was get out of here to start over in let's just say get a great quarterback and. Get any better it's not a negated that they're a quarterback Matt Ryan doesn't trust of the receivers you Julio Jones likes him. How would you like him can you I know a big Armstrong and most the time all edges out Mosul some guy it's a habit that when those 5050 ball but can you did not play old white marble wood and I can run. Well I don't want to have somebody who haven't been thrown Julio Jones and the red zone not I don't think it's it's it's. That much better at Cincinnati but it's at least in the national football team would they wait two weeks before they fight it out yet. Two weeks now. Well watch sky six. Why he's still around listen I don't think Atlanta was gonna make him integrated dual zone all right I don't think they were gonna make the postseason before the season began we talked about that. But you look at the division right now who is going to win that is efficient. That maybe the purpose Carolina Democrat they're ready to take it upon death the way they look like not ready to take out what the law is bad yes but not that they offensively offensively that amaze everybody is she just made me. 56177797937. Right here on. Or amount. You talk patriots hey Sony hey it's more or waiver of moaning and 48 on Sports Radio WEEI. Thought the Super Bowl sometimes you gotta take the bad and that includes going through. Miserable Foxborough Massachusetts it was one of those weekends and if I could find the Delorean with the flux capacitor. I go back to I don't wanna go back to relive it that's what I'm fast forward to better time and there's got. Out. Did he keep hit it off your judgment out to about his backing away on what you go man because you're right we are way too talented for this. Mason for Campbell nice two point nine to gain down there and Atlanta one of these fires Sports Radio stations from. Maybe there for now one of them probably. Harry Potter and I think some of and I check coming this summer gone the basic dim over last year they were they were calling him the Boston can embraces the moment I'm sure we'll ferret we Amanda let's let's put them but why do Boston people think they're cooler than us I don't get it because they're not. The barbaric. Thirteenth man. Most of former world all day long. Shooting crap in it lot of racists out there to. Office. Right up to Boston many times it's it's not a friendly town. If they had me how is not an Atlanta good thing again. Yeah hey George yeah I'd be in the outcome of everything else the other barbaric they're drunk at a time to have obviously they're better than not yet yes yes yes. The last leg down and allows us how much are you gonna call like I see a ball real. This but I needed that annual races on I didn't know you know one night. It took is that must feel I feel badly for those bastards down and went flick about this. Take ownership role to get the big lead to 25 point lead 28 to three. We're there enough signs last night for the game it's they come off I don't know that's 48 the three might have an effect until that got into their heads a little bit. So you get a big lead not only does that happen. But you can't. Really a regular season game here in Foxborough. And now you've been outscored like fifth floor took nothing 54 unanswered points. Before you finally put a touchdown happened aboard by the way the game is over by the time to put that touchdown of the board. It isn't Matt Matt Bryant. Didn't set like some NFL record for. Field goals are on the fifteenth consecutive like 55 field goals under fifty yards in a row. He's one of the better kicker yes in the game. So that the one it gets blocked against you understand the opinion on the ball and making news that you elect you just. They are lost right there a lawsuit which got votes are key yen. He walks into that room in meetings and on Monday or Tuesday has already lost this office a team like why would you just get rid of them. Niki walks in the article that you know what whatever your game plan is coach this week will Wear all Borland sure go to work I'm sure you gonna call the right place. They got a look at him like he's a freaking idiot. Then that whole ride home get rid of them now that whole ride home on them from the boss to the plane back on the bus again. That's all they were doing work talk with would they were all talking crap about the game and it's reflect that in the heat of the players and what's wrong with dirt coordinated and you have been acumen to you guys didn't back simply drive but it offensive coordinator yes oh yeah does of course it is like I want to -- and now you know it's easy the entire court once once you've lost decorum. When the when the when the when you start doing the install. And it would kind of moaning and groaning gonna anger don't work and you know it's not gonna work in your questioning it even in the huddle. Like you have they all probably thought they probably rep that they'll just jets we play in practice all the time it was scripted or success. Nobody overran it nobody overplayed like the defense nobody sniffed it out. I'll be given a lot of credit how bad noise. Flowers with a big part of that also yes you saw yes the initial jump off the ball and initial press into the back analytically and then noise recognized it ahead of time it was obvious that what you're doing. This is crazy that the played Butler came back. And had a great did a great job knocking you down you meet. Real slowdown and the Matt Bryant threw the ball behind. Don't don't want to get out of it last night watching them who will because this has been near the hole script every single game OK this season they have under chief. And it almost seems like they really are psychologically emergency will. She would get pissed off the sidelines they really know I almost think they've thrown the towel when they're done are done right third quarter I think their voice on the talent that we are always wrong. They still a whole week to you know they beat Green Bay at home in music locker to Goodwin right right but now it's three straight loss that he FC east in early next week. At the jets. So fourth straight lose out on their wallets their act that Jack just. And you tell me that you know it that's not a good bounce back week to move on from the offensive coordinator that is an absolute mess. You know what a mess. Not gonna go to the jets. And the falcons gonna lose next bit that until I lose the senate soon be so every portrays a well that's what this wow then let's let's make the most obvious prediction you could make right now. Searching easy and will be fired a week for Monday if they lose but yet it's not the only fighter but he's not within an hour he should check out shouldn't we should have been fired really enough. At halftime we shouldn't fight. So at least he can be a ticket this clipboard away from either a genial give them a breathalyzer at the Christian and it would seem this we've seen this even the Chicago Brett. Doesn't this game is over it and I think you estimate blowing listen Dylan why has dedication Chris Kennedy wow yeah. I utterly unbelievable even Brady this year. We've seen Brady get pinstripe brief get desperate he had that bad that stink guy lion has the soul you know if the phone he doesn't know a man shouldn't freeway. Like it was late just Blake's hair like he was staring up at but called back and look. At the suitable local back a look at the town like the last series of assumed he was he the same look at his eyes. He had no belief whatsoever usually they're dead here's a here's what happens when you're when nothing's working but it's so nothing was working but yet you're still. In the game like we're still in the game though nothing was working they had a field goal blocked and they missed another line. But you're still in the game even before court that we we ticket for we can get three touchdowns. You get three touched it we get one quick. It was so we get to pick we do whatever. There is no energy on that sideline complete just the white flag you don't want. What a farm co from a player on the sideline I know what might coaching staff's doing that I'm watching what they're doing and the other side of the field the playing with the lead. All out there running the football to Wear out the clock I think it was ten minutes patriots had nine or ten minutes additional. All of possession of the ball during the time of possession migrated into the game yes which is nice to see you really felt like their team equipped it was still nice to see if he gets on them but it wouldn't do that you're on the sideline and yard at Atlanta Falcons and don't want to know that we do this punishable Robert. What are we there's so contentious or what to do so convinced they should've ran the ball that's admirable that lead that they decided that was their game plan coming in who's gonna run the football just to show boat that we can do it even though we didn't issue and I thought that was a huge factor in this game is that knowing when shut down that run early on by the way. They shut down the sweeps and that was a thing that killed him in the first if you remember in the Super Bowl. Back to the fonts just Mike it was struck spray him like. I. I think we should temper the expectations on the featured defense I think are for the mediocre. Beijing I thought that I just seem kind of off all of this throws re elect stepped behind. Or just not good throw that national past Julio Jones. Got the job but what a great girl. I was Julio Jones that was he he did all the work and that we sort where Butler couldn't get to it and he's obviously stronger than Butler you know. That's a Julio Jones point now. Yeah I think the defense is just not far from being good. Still I think it was more falcons off offense is. Carter that you're under selling it here a little but I really do lag we all agree because what would beat the crap in the first hour of the programming with the coaching staff. And the underachieving. Atlanta Falcons but you didn't see some progress with the defense just. No I did any time arguable the team except a point if you like it would get after the quarterback a little bit or which. I hope the defense does I think it's always better to. Attack that react to our guests but. I had I think the defense that you know I don't know how you feel about but not big step in the right direction. You know you talk about that Julio Jones Christian that pass that was kind of behind in the Malcolm Butler broke down. But that's the thing. Least be in position in case that the throws a little bit behind you know or little bit front whatever it is these are not able to compete on the we haven't seen that. Young quarterbacks have thrown ball behind wide receivers is that there's no defender near him. Defect your stocks catch it and continues to run of the ten yards. That's always offer ball for five weeks 56 weeks right. At least last night you southern competing you southern India.Arie your budget there was some all the throws from Matt Ryan and a quarter the utility back to back Julio and it's a new. But as does the defender was there he was trying to drop in U audiobook throats of those Samoa throws but I like weeks passed. Gilbert frozen and break a sore for a reason though these defenders near earth guys and you haven't seen it. At all to what's been I think there's a lot of positives coming out of yesterday's game. And the Atlanta the Atlanta is is a big store but there's no clear in his defense will be judged now about a most in need to be with Gilmore that. And so you gotta get him back and write this lock it down I don't you oversee. Hearing that he's a problem. Gilmore could be yeah. We then falls off of these all roads and he's kind of an adult asthma Brooks is running a source of broad approach is my sides they were. They've Rosen was given a route to originally and had virtually the dark side I don't know if I noticed a bit out of traditional dark side million. And I didn't want them when you saw them. Your concerns of a do what you've heard is at the point where it's. It's real that this is serious yes yes what do you think he's I think he's soft spoken to begin with beaten and I think that can be read the wrong way. And I also think his personality just on the field and you heard what he set after. What it was forget him he's a can't let him you know he's the only as one way of doing things that was right yeah I think eventually. It. The point where you can't question somebody's compasses that they have a concussion. The decline new new age new time McKay I got to be I can't beat the old guy on you know telling you get off my lawn. Obviously. A leave it at that did you take. Break and we'll wait for a treason because you want with the old cliche of the guys don't you go if you yeah I wish him many old guys enjoy conclusion I get off DeLong actually a lot. That's what I don't know it was more about stop for a mud balls about taking us. You're what I don't know always Donald prototype concussions right. And and I don't know maybe it's different but now it seems that now in the league that is between concussion protocol it's almost on your hands. You don't get the players yes yet and somebody else. Yes I hula who are her years it was a red sub Brooke who got hurt Udoka Hogan Hogan Hogan Hogan got hurt but apparently my shoulder and not is the guy I don't I don't like he got the and when not to arm or something like that got a big guess that just walked in. So wanna do this sort of won it she was a good idea at all everybody wants everybody we're going on we're gonna take a break do dual brake changes in the summer just get off my lawn developed a fellow just so I six point 7779737. A choice closure of terrific game yesterday we're gonna talk to him coming up.