OMF - Paul George would love to play with LeBron; Francesa invented sports gambling, 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 4 - Paul George is caught by TMZ at the airport and he said he would love to play on a team with LeBron. Mike Francesa explains sports gambling and thinks he made up the concept of betting on games. He explains the game he “made up” in fifteen minutes but really it’s just fantasy football. The guys stick around for an extra 20 minutes before the Red Sox pregame show and discuss the upcoming game against the Orioles. 

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty it's okay pandas celebrate a win the job is so yeah. What is it if I did this should make you wouldn't yeah. So you don't have your quarterback out there everything else kind of stagnated and Nevada that it will markers appear to compete against me you better be willing to give up your life great because I've given up fine with. Lan lieu and Christie and my ass and always always. He knows what I'm also she Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows it on the bottom thing the hello Julian Edelman is one of the guys that is just through years of conversation here and there are guys you know. You're telling me that people than thinking this way a guy there around the time Julianna men's event there's a lot of people that deaths there they've been suspect the Julian adamant. On Sports Radio WEEI. I think Kara and alana it will not be the last hour we will be here until it's morning and I'll take the pregame show Red Sox and the Orioles. Because I've seen them don't want to get the next on the schedule probably another sort of forward right now probably know about. The show women talk a little bit about and people are going crazy about this stuff. Carrier ring. Interview yesterday like it was a big huge deal like oh my god he's not no willingness re signed the deal with the Celtics there was no reason. For him to sign a deal an extension in this off season and lose 82 million dollars it would be stupid for him to do that. And if he also acted the same way all of the players do when you're talking about setting up leverage. You're not gonna sit there and say I'm gonna do this when it's a year or what you just don't know what he did nothing out of the ordinary. And a big deal was being made out of it a little pointed out earlier that LeBron is meeting today with the Cleveland Cavaliers on that. Article us are into orbit so and so maybe they've got to clarify some stuff though they're the clock. They are on now what is today the thirteenth of June carries 27. Is winning he has to opt out. And then he can kick start negotiating. Where he can continue to negotiate with the cavaliers at that time but he can start negotiating with other teams on July 1. At some of our ball is RD c'mon said it's going to be Los Angeles. We're having no I am bola and I. And I'll that you know. LeBron James going to be doing big outbreak of ours like that red again you know he's just taking a shot in the dark and it is it's probably gonna work out for me so here's the latest now this goes to show you where. Deadlines are deceiving and if you throw a headline out there. All a Twitter account suddenly everybody else's re tweeting it it's like rabbits and it suddenly becomes really big. Now listen to someone tell me this does is not a big deal. Paul George and I'd love to play. With broad movement. And I love Los Angeles while headline that's bad golf and so Jolie and social media has taken up so listen closely. What all George just to say it's TMZ they're catching him of all places where misty and young that sounds atom at an airport. As they always gets people in an area known that I don't hunger right there at the airport itself what. And it's unreal like he wants little bomblets were in LA let's listen carefully DMZ with Paul to. Yeah. Somewhere in the run every little. Everyone on wall startup they do. Also you can. Yeah. Okay. I'd give them the ability the little. It was something. It's a we are here it's. Like we'll. I've got a question about. I think I could beat eighty million. Anyone got to beat him okay. Give back into the possible. It went from what the defense today. We already know OpenId but they went into its its ruler it sounds a little bit different and headline you think I would say so. I'd love to play with LeBron and I love Los Angeles is it is it is. Reverberating out there and people are going oh my god Paul George said he wants the play of abrupt and all start paying. The only one I love my own. You know I thought he was gonna answer was the yeah Yule log in and out on an Edmonton and add an opera. That's the owner of the union all of our. Exactly at the oldies I go no more idol would they were Alonso to get my drift that's the headline they get people interested. That's the other vehicles sold in Lincoln exhibit that's all amenities pretty good job actually it is it was brutally. As they they had this there's this I mean I admit in a more I think about this the more I researched this whole you know how do you bring the lakers back. The problem it's the lakers have not made the Playhouse in the last five years sites it's crazy how bad had been for so long. This'll happen and they will have an unbelievable team and they will beat the Golden State wards of the public and we're leading. The dead the Boston Celtics the lakers you know why don't you know it's gonna have a big impact on this happening you want to tell you to death. Magic Rick and John Zimmerman back the point oh now now we didn't come up. I don't know look at this old when they can make this happen he would they had the cap space. Yeah they history they have and yet he's. Who has the ability could it to convince all the players. That this is the place to work even in the magic still exist. He's got to go to LA India at that we keep talking about Paul George in the brawn you know the governments in early April Chris Paul I think that's a possibility free agent Chris Paul LeBron I'd heard when I got an honest that's his take on the show that all the kids you have there you'd trade. For another player if you want her sign a traitor whatever you work so economy finance I don't works. I don't caps off with an Ugly Betty on a money but. And that's if LeBron goes to LA it's not going to be the Ron Paul George and all those kids known nominated and that about that is going to be known as I'm gonna do that or LeBron James Chris Paul and all those kids the community has. While going to the bronze eagle and all it. Sold the whole let's give you know Julie's Randall look at more years to develop I you know they're gonna get there they're gonna get to give to let about them about mayor and grow. Now on it is all in full board no no prisoners a 100%. Primetime is backed maybe so you make it. Oh are you know I. I honestly okay. I think he says this conquest of the top. Did them a villain should be Andy Newman though. I'll but it will die in draped over but that's what it's going to be at met John and if it Mecca it is not that anybody I didn't know the keynote. No load why would you it's also just get LeBron James. And then just the Catholic they have new evidence you can't put it nicely and what you had completely handled in the lesser talent. When we know that the LaBarge the only one that thinks that these silent and let his house and I Boehner ought to be part of that. He's got a bit of a trade off lawns so in a heartbeat and it and it's somebody's yard that LeBron feels comfortable a lot of great possible long. Also won't be you know probably won't be that. No idea though bill packets of these kids in the instead of make a trade reticent to big. In this who they can do from there and I admit I had that guy in they'll get a significant player with a mid level exception or something like that that. Is much better than the money he's getting. Don't get a couple of those guys you watch. That you look at and say wow I did get back how did they get that. Still think to beat Golden State. Is gonna be really difficult and if Chris Paul ends of staying in Houston and Paul George goes out to LA that's gonna be difficult as well. Did they play in the west every night. So they're gonna going to have to play and we saw what what Cleveland was like this past year the cavaliers. Night in and night out and LeBron played all eighty to play more minutes than anybody else I. So this could do what are we going to last the got to go to Utah they're gonna go to Minnesota artsy things like duties or go to Ireland. I do OK so you bit but you don't think his team around him. I think era of a foresee. No way no no we are talking just. With LeBron James away and the Cassidy has pumped forced the book out all Seattle the seating at the end of the regular season but as far as best teams in the west and put a team together that's gonna be number two. I number two I. I I don't buy here's the bay here's what's in and LeBron James is a corner is an asset yet. Everybody knows that he has to. He has to to bring together like a super team he has to not gonna sit there and say look what he did because the way to do it. Is to build a super team you have to bring your friends and your family and everybody notably Apple's civilian other choices. So at every critical like like you like what like what he did when he left Cleveland the first time and what to Miami. Is that they're go you know criticize my wants you can hold it no actually I think he's going to be capable of doing what I mean it hit do with LeBron James. All on magic Johnson's it's sad moment on he noted while lies like a hero viewers to go to. Yeah gorgeous when. You watch this play really you know and while I. Aaron tomorrow by the map Magic Johnson running your organizational the all star break babysitting elemental magic I don't wish any organization good question you should have Larry Bird and that's a disable the ideals of Britain's announcement of your right but there's some truth to this. That you bring him there to convince these younger players even though they grew up watching admiring Kobe Bryant but it is that he's out there are also. That this is the place to be. Listen if you want to gloat all. Global like the on its own Starbucks you wanna own movie theaters where it is for you know. You come to LA and this is where it happened with LeBron and I think you can. Only a song Cleveland at Cleveland rocks on thought Randy Newman. And you're excited about their entertainment capital of the world. So when what are and Randy Newman would you rather have been on the as we hairline at the Arab sweet Caroline no announcement about it yeah and those songs that that. Salt that you know that reference Caroline is not always an airline on that is what you heard it from where I love I don't know probably LA. How would I know. Like I don't Nebraska comes yet. Boston Red Sox game with a leader like we we are now. We don't like it but then he's not playing because everyone thinks that's what you're known for its ability to always do from an outsider we played we both used to play for the outsiders who come in to get experience with but you hate about you know for that there's this I don't play it a good people and LA look the fact that. The lakers Eads on the way you don't gain. And Randy Newman out. Some creative I love. Bin Laden. He knows the streets and streets. Then mode appearance there. It's going to be a there's only so much magic can do I think that the attendance. Think it'll play a song they should've gotten involved with but oh well give me stop for the patriots. What abatement. Digital. I'll go. Google Fortuna. Ozzy Osborne from not from the theory that I put it. It appears there's. High island to. You have here you have. What the Celtics that that's good with others like I'm glad that I hear the announcers on what are the thunder and Celtics used to play when they play the Mexican hat dance on the organ and company Gila. Yeah that's the only back another player like her fifth don't know. I want to give me note the 88 we. I'm an Gila have you with. Well we did actually attack that you like that you lead because we usually they don't we don't and he and sooner that we win dancing it's too. To persuade those six girls real well these ethnic. A little of this or relatives and said you know. Dancing Berrian stupid stuff like that we didn't have and is ready and you don't Newman and Tony yeah on not a bad thing Tony yeah that's instinct to whatever I get and I got to dance moves police out. Terrible. With the guys and Internet of them and what they've. That I think it's going to blow outs which is I have with the president as he knows Covert you know you don't. Ian Stewart when it. Agree this is. We completely see it and you'll never get it on the news or wanted it probably if I think Barack Obama shares the Mexican had been scheduled to I don't believe your phone they all non noble is older than it is in the eighty. Okay and solicit our love and it was snapped at her things and you're actually you're currently the only team that hasn't respectable song that you actually. I'll stop and there's where you attended Elvis. Hey if you're born with a purpose capabilities and have a good song so what's going to hear alive. That's that's the loss that is that's my brother majors that this will see a group of guys that went in all the songs are great and but he did. What we don't know I don't know owning no owning claim dollars up front here. Here and the problem I'm ready to pop Warner days totally brain was probably Alan none this I'll this. Do you like Reggie darts on this should be like geno with the Celtics the area of law law. You just need to be leading after eight play dirty order on top of the eight at the top I think you should be leading. This nation play. We'll play it with tight game to give up six that down to throw it comes sweet Caroline those things are good. Isn't it if the teachings jockey way. And they changed the name of that OK then they should be able to change this song get rid of I'm unwilling to check the roads are still do won't do. It's their socks or holes announces that yeah they they do some research of which people that. And it outright winners split but it's got to remember who we are tied traveling the world like try to meet guys he's going to. Baseball parks. Really don't need to be it's not travel the world the good people come from all over new wind was traveling isn't used to go to the IRS summer until a relief to show you look. I've got got. Does he understand you know. It's called Americans. To do it and it hit that two Americans that costs and Saturday what little all of America America. I can barely wait till California secede from him yeah that the victims and an utterly devastate the that you know all that's what I don't you go and do my home they go back then what you just drift off into the Pacific Ocean may go get a nicer earthquake set us up Salt Lake City will be the West Coast. Don't get mad I didn't along. Your memories that if you would expect that that girl those rabbit. Convertible. So tell us. Austrian Beckman I'd rather go with harassment drop kick Murphy's was there no attractive women in the eighties that I get Murphy snuggle Carolina. Vocal blend drop kick Murphy's previous they should adopt that song it. So which played to stop the White Sox play some of that right now it's down the testy song was when you're going into the season businesses and as I would I would save it for starters this is good this repetition. Definitely playing this absolutely is much better. This test test. They like they were forced the players by and I got some songs from the turn of movable while century as well. Century before an eight dolphins thought this day off the side of this fixes and this is a movement appearance where he just knows it's okay guys that's that this. But I think you know and I think you'll selectmen would look. I Wisconsin you've risen Wisconsin. Like at the end of the third quarter beginning of the fourth quarter they play like Metallica. Kennedy's goal it plea to brown that's a good round exits it's insane it's great. So in which you try to get the crown off your feet above have a huge development plan amounts you tumbling content. Yeah that Red Sox game at. I guess that I guess but the Red Sox want to do is to put her on because. Sweet Carolina is put your arms around the person next you and swayed back and work you know. And delegates are you touching another human it is unclear when you're like I need Doris what you the ball well everybody's drunk yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The only reason the only Rosen are viewed early eighties onward there. Really isn't still around your house. And Kennedy takes those you know does research studies. And the people who show up from Vermont or Maine they come to love it one game a year this that they don't you can't take away his Mike on there at the ballpark I wanna be able to sing that song of baseball's baseball doesn't change with the editor blowing or they are and that's what has dealt baseball penalties. You don't like the Celtics fans loved MC geno every night. The deal it is it's a dog again. Rather just given the dog food the Celtics give it just the fans just that dog food that's all they know you only get geno won blowouts you just get the dog food that the Red Sox they give that they did their dogs they heat up African plate off the dinner plates as they note the food busted yet you don't want reform crappy though Bob for. Confused as well last month disabled and I thought that. George and black effect adopt it lets you give them everyday I don't expect this vices were out of his hands zealots they once you know every night but you don't give them every night right make the team quote Ernie I want geno. Give me a blow up you was weak airline have the lead or tied game after the top of the eight bit higher. There aren't that I don't agree and we airline down and not that I like that and it's a good thing that's. The change so change it convinced by the way I think you both delusional about the lakers I'm not convinced that the lakers. Can be any better in the west and looking at the west being much more difficult. Then the cavaliers were he needs. Best case scenario is you struggle to take a game bless you to take the game into a game seven and you get to the NBA finals they can't do that. In a Western Conference LeBron go to the lakers is not going to do that. Because I don't think he can beat Houston I don't know that team now I don't think he can he can beat. A Golden State certainly and I think you've got teams like Utah and Minnesota that are on the answering the most out of San Antonio if they straighten out what to Georgia were quite look. Shall there how does she get through all of those team doesn't matter. How does that do what it doesn't matter what you want to remind our magic arts yes so when you don't want to anyway diet Google instant is it is it is the room was so dumb was it. Was on. LeBron first and bosh whose weight was already there. That brought him up brought. All night wasn't all at once they did you who deals at one point yes the big broad and when you know Miami it was LeBron bosh at the same time wade was already there. I know whose side who agreed to first got LeBron James. LeBron is what is gonna go to Miami just because wade was a they only they are they all work together so that I once you seventeen million dollars or something like that so they can fit a ball under the cap. Lot of that stuff doesn't exist anymore of that stuff has been outraged into them. I am why would LeBron do that's LeBron gonna take 171000001. Out of don't act. A tree happens revision that brought out ought to take the same amount. Beyond same page and that will kick some butt wall make more money in and I hate to tell them what team wouldn't that you know Paul George and a bunch of other guys. I'm not sure they're a threat to Golden State William went to the bunch of guys are right it's all just never know. Yet and LeBron James and I think over and over you you realize. It just can't the you have to be all in on this and in the lakers looking at that they have to be willing to. And willing to accept the fact that after the flu runners over call for years that seems to be with the trend is for years. You're back to square one. I go back to what you said what you guys did the bunch of guys is a problem because if it's LeBron. And it's it's Paul George the third superstore. Yeah it they need a third superstar I don't see how they're going to get that third superstar. Leaking use Alonso win Ingram and I'll -- mine. We get to go out and Georgia and superstar and a rent a big guy but every guy does China and it. Lakers ain't and it you know second pick a second technical Raleigh two years ago Alonso ball was last year sold to give you 22 round picks and second overall picks rather. Very talented players in the league and are gonna take the next step. On the balls of rookies but don't care could prove a shot that you could look at and say OK quite Leonard is still on his present contract so you could work a deal out for him and trade all the Asian players to San Antonia a pitching anything. Gregg Popovich is not dealing Kline Leonard to the Los Angeles Lakers he would look like an absolute fool over the next few years as he's trying to nurture these young players. And quite Leonard and those guys are killing about the best the guy. I'll unleaded is one mistake is like you're Gerber Popovich before and he pretty stubborn guy. If quality goes color blocks going in eastern county locks in two years you organizations are relevant right as he's gone. Well it could be it could be that it seemed to work it out needs to sign and trade a year from now. I'd take quick break and more right back at it's such wants 77 iron 7937. Writer Norman. A show for tough talk enough with the excuses already. A bunch of his seasons. What a bunch of mentally weak and he's now back toward lemur moaning and for EA Sports Radio. Oil makes a lot of better. Yes I film. I'm. My predecessor plan in New York had a good month. And yet he came bouncing back in the first month. Ought to wait see how it plays out. You know over a few months but. First month back you would think people were were paying attention and it's time to get down gruesome sport exactly so that's what he's doing so yesterday and showed us this unbelievable. In stock but the whole gambling aspect is the world's going to change around us now you've probably seen them with all was gambling human teams get involved in it leaks on the NBA's gotta get involved in a Phil's gonna get involved. And major would be everybody's gonna get involved so Mike decided yesterday because you know as gambling inside and out. That courses yeah in horses heat so he does is get what's the so in a matter fifteen minutes he figured he could come up with all sorts of ways. In which this whole gambling a connection yet with a Major League sports would all work was Beatrice. So this admission how did it. And this is weird if the states are Smart they will take people who really understand this. Okay and let them cool eight genes that would attract people and there are games if I created a game for you. That's planes into you know football and basketball or baseball expertise in gift and you could do for a twenty or fifty dollars in total yeah. I have the chance to win big money who would have been based on how you play it. That will be an exciting play field. OK and that will be a very exciting place for the average guy who and I think you can create something where the paper also not a dollar dream no lottery where the odds are you got a better chance of getting hit by lightning what that if you have a skill spam. There will be a game I think I I could create ten games. In fifteen minutes or they give me fifteen minutes of the road to finance those games have created properly will be very enticing to the public and the ban them what's good about them is. The bookmakers don't have the same games they don't have the mechanism they don't like couple bats they don't like. The chance of winning a lot with a Little League they found that they don't want that. To Katrina when he did that dollar for dollar they really want you to pay eleventh at ten is what they want you to duke in the same way they want that that. They don't want this on the bed and those are the bed is where the states have their imaginative and make them money. Then this game I can create a game play thanks in fifteen minutes feel OK with a ton concrete again. Where. You get to pick five players and I imagine not hot I. Yeah and if you all five players based on merit totals have had their offensive numbers for tonight. And any of the five players yeah you win. 50000 and the fee is 101000 women should robot that it's like on the things joke doesn't play a. Well I'm not perfect topic so so I thought someone might process not just simply you go into a time machine. You go back a few years and quite a few years you find you find some guys that that have incorporated as rat king's ink. You go give them this idea down and you put him on what to do I don't handle you plan to hold a so he really did just day in bed when I go to the super ball yet that's the only thing he thinks. It's always like an autism didn't rightly was coma. Into a coma and then it will completely on that vision. I got one too late for example in this weekend is the US open yes yes right now I'm all sports I'm thinking of the game. Two we're maybe pick glitzy six gulf roll around on top leaders to feed is again that little door obviously 33 dollars at its first place we'll get a million. Now his differences on the actually gonna pay out. Second third fourth all the way down to is a good have a 101000 Euro. 50000 entries. I'm gonna be able to play basically you could finish in the top like 101000 you might get your money back and and have like 80000 people out of I can invent a game like that. To you that 33 Q when you at a mill on to say for example the US open golf success right and I know what I'll do was also you have like. I don't know fifty bucks to spend. And I'll and I'll make each guy worth let it take you ten dollars. Eleven RS almost aggregate yen while Dolly getting GM but yes it is salary. OK okay which he's got to tell a lot of you can't be the best six players and her salary cap OK if you win you win in Lima on that. That's why I think is not like that out their. Not there right now can this continue please note that was unknown tonight that's as little more. Play where you want. What you want with the players you never experienced football like it's tricky place the points every cash at this site. You know what's amazing and unless you you know what's amazing win over the years over the years how many of those commercials from. The end dual or draft it. Do you think aired on Mike Francis is program. And he never listened to a single one of the north five players who are on the list. Offensive numbers could ignite them in public you know. And sporting events did he watch over the years in which they're constantly showing the guys winning on drafting tonight. Omitting any of the five players win of 2000 not as a historical. Let's say you can pick pictures started pitchers. Of that it is logical if fighters. He beat two starting pitchers across baseball with your five in its. Maybe six I don't know you know it has to with this woman just window fives we could do that because like showed. And you know and it though we would let you pick the catcher first baseman gonna be great. You invented already two games in less than fifteen minutes or eating an infantryman. Orchids he keep rambling all possible test. I don't I can't believe this is hardly. Now he's only sorry it's easier and expand and that people would just you know calling him out. These are all of these brilliant and they all come useful animal I swear to god that's a program right now. Is he just says. Dom idiotic things like it was mostly tells this program before what he's just got dropped into into this timeframe. In a time machine and has no idea what's going and that is part of the the curiosity of the she does anybody that. Does anybody call into his show and called mount did anyone say it's held drafting NATO does a guy fun house the end of the Twitter account where he plays all the stuff which is so yeah it looked like happens and explain. Brought up to them and I dropped. Them from. But he did he get good numbers last month first mark back and here he did not do it and he just invented you know fantasy football. But yet also believes he knows what it says a little after ten years old like queens actual dollars and right looked different games to Egan you've been the dollar. You commit to that 510 whatever detect it where you want Google had I think we can go head to head again someone. Later on about. Love that I could invent all these games are games in fifteen minutes and whose coverage and some fantasies. Daily in the a moment. Moment. Because I should they have. I would urge him to you know finally starting numbers are horrible you don't hear of sorts out Scott at all submitted and so yes so the Bart Scott. Was. I. And Damon and are so that is that is when definitely different so. And I'm I'm not sure about the percentage but he said the NFL players on two things he base that at least 60% of the lead. Is that it takes some sort of PEP. Which is a broad statement because they're TDs as is everything can be a button easy to view it at all the HC steroids whatever it is to be a burner of the you know some sort PH Yates has tossed from blues to whatever. He said and a big majority ha a big majority of them are on by. Remember this before and he gave his he gave his full explanation so up in. No. Low levels in the late. Blood flow still you are doing is lonely and helpless alert. Yeah and and and out of as a norm what's alert I don't know late at some new blood flow and listen at never heard it before. Excellent stood out to. You can debate on the US small four hours. You gonna call doctor also gained 2.3 three Europe how would you like what is it just. I did what his reasoning is why some would take it makes no practical sense whatsoever like so you want better blood flow some anti Viagra. And so definitely tastes of the spotlight and he played lateral San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins and there we go. Not focused at all yeah Atlantic let an easy because these guys are so would your leg or blunt are just out of the curb what. Well there got to get account. Is the way. And by that we don't need to be in San Diego he looked across and see Vince Wilfork are out on what is going on right now why high blood in my life. Slopes and I mean doesn't matter cheerleader. We need to it doesn't break him right. And Britain to jump into it seemed that he'd just met in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals that's all its way to being a contender without him and it can I jump in the middle of it. Does not track with what LeBron has done in the past there on top of that. Let's just say I had enough conversations over the last couple weeks during the finals to believe very very strongly very confidently. That you can wipe to a team's off the board right off the bat and that's Golden State and Boston. I'll. Baghdad handyman. Alison again the candy man don't listen as though a chance. Still the opportunity to put a package together to have a guy here are guided and you can work out what a shock that's Howard Beck. On Calvert saying that Boston is out. Along with Houston cycle ankle Wednesday he was sitting at. It was gold I told a Houston tactical dusty old east of Houston today I was wrong in that category thank you thank you for apologized thank you enough to do that that's. Mr. issue at the volatile issues that circles in Boston Houston is going to be until they're gonna via. There's little will be out as well yeah Cleveland will be evens out so Angeles with it and it was wasting our time that it's. It's Los Angeles. In the mortar most interesting part of what we've now learned. For more around ski is that you know Danny was that you didn't quite Leonard. At the trading deadline tried to pull a deal off proposed the deal San Antonio passed on it never countered. And said no we were murky and a one out when a deal but is Danny still have interest inquire money enough funding and I don't have interest in quite wondered anymore. I have interest in making sure that I hold on to you don't editor Nicole I don't really not liquid ocean advocate. And I'm in enough not enough to pass on. Another kid basic these seats to. Twenty fighter it'll. Yeah yeah it's easy yeah. Let's listen I understand it that there would post it showed a post season was was was incredible right I loved Jalen brown and Jason Peyton. But I'm saying Danny Ainge is it just didn't inquire lettered in February. I think it I think he'd he'd been doing that Jill Brown's great player. Any of the Jason James can be great player and if he actually made an offer as we were eager soldier how's he says may actually made an offer. He's not gonna put names on that list unless he is comfortable losing them love poems are donors are okay. CNET registers so in other words they I think he thought there are great players you before they didn't post season. So now all that did was made their stock went up. So now of nitrate Jill brown afterward in the post he's not to give as much with Jalen brown. Or with Jason Day and I think he's that interested a lot of homework when require Leonard how we would fit in the fact that he likes the player. Can't. Carrying you concerned about the need Dini would know better than anybody. Whether that knee is that a problem. And and we talked about this earlier if it's laughable that people got all worked up because Kyle Irving didn't do so here enough yesterday he said everything shuts everything about the movie. That's all I really should set a moving bus when he was Fon and that was good killing assets of mine is an obsession with it. That he wants to do more creative things like guy and I know I activists on my real my real soldiers did you direct me Zune and expect in the movie definitely like you know others it was going to be good. It's going to be probably OK I think I subtitle of but it and it is it's a family movie it's oh hazardous they're not they're not dropping any bombs or anything else on this movie so it's cute if you've seen them. The uncles drew stuff before when he had gone games and it's it's resembled a vote evidence. Eurozone there I don't think we're players and then yeah I'm resort is not that her mother daughter has as a surprise. Canyon. Among of them surprised him. So it'd take. It's all fake news that are every bit of its greatness but I mean he said all the right things shift and and I think they've got an excellent chance. Of resigning him next you don't. Excellent chance he's gonna get more money here that he didn't get anywhere. They can give them close to fifty million up on an opponent what the the question I would. Is is he going to be healthy wanted to admit hobbled out of this out of the league and so goes into next season and he has the same problems he had this past season. And he's got a drop outlets in February or march that what happens. So maybe gain he's looking along those lines Lou maybe he's going because I can't see how you can have all these Max contract guys. That you're so deep into that luxury tax number eight it's frightening for. These kids offer you a good four or five years. Before you really have to pay him serious money. Second that's going to be quiet letter Paul George and LeBron James play for the lakers that's what's gonna be. That's what that's Wetzel magic past the duty did his job that you could have coli I mean it in LA you can have a tie we didn't have the young studs and you have everybody else and in the UN you know what you'll end up losing the lakers or you're really lakers will. Beat in the old days warriors sure thing western coddled Ryan representing some pretty good team. Of course it's not as kids is there's nothing went through this about this like as a pro you kidding me what is what is no way no wow pretty good I would agree with pretty good. That is a fourth seed in the Western Conference but let's go. On a more innocent he's so okay so a case of gold state obviously number one. I guess they're gonna put Houston ahead just based on it they keep their team together they've already kind of figured out there the took goals dating game seven Chris ball doesn't play. That's one of the bigger reason I lost that game he sat at least you can point to reason why they lost and let's keep band together or some number threes who. Is Northridge. Top New Orleans one of those of the teams were well I don't I can't well I don't know all the way first to be built easy assuming that that team's gonna be built. Like last year I was here before it went yeah you're gonna people. They're gonna be built to foresee pick and it's gonna be worse if we don't look brought to travel into crap when he's traveling he's far more difficult in the last. For a longer trips OK you're gonna have an older team. He's gonna have to play how many you can't play he can't go play 82 games it was phenomenal team that's at 830 some odd year commitment and team. We talking about you spot him and Paul George. Okay yes to god it's that's an old team to begin opponent as a result with the way they pitch for a ball to the East Coast. I'm telling you didn't have little in beds that match of the body of one of those magic and it's. With the with the Al recliner and international fronts what's he with the Cleveland Cavaliers this task you with LeBron James. What she'd Willis. Look at his in the east they were for it you don't you don't want a horse isn't he in the when you heard what they don't notice but they see her with they are giving him credit here he's going from an eight seed to a Palin hasn't coached and and it could shift with hundreds of law and about Luke Walton. It's going to be your coach. It that element democrats' unity about a Celtic fans I wouldn't worry about this a country situational Kyra you're seeing all of the right things. The one thing I think he's leaving the door open for. Is he he's not playing with with LeBron that pretty clear yes yeah Jesus name is not it's not that second closest. It has not gonna happen in it's it's not he's not the Olympic island for a reason. And if you do it why would you do that anywhere you gonna have to deal. Archive real. Communicate via bugging the people have come out with the Gordon Hayward who was it Chad Kenya he trade Gordon Hayward a couple of other pieces. What would people are forgetting is the residual. Damage that that does would you take what happens next time we heard he's got a don't. Got a guy you can keep. It has to handle its position as basketball but if you if you will now bring in LeBron James. With you don't wing players and they all are big brown Tatum and Hayward. You move the point guard carrier ring to LeBron and I got LeBron brown Tatum and eight. You don't mean to me it's like we're we're do you improve if you wanna move on from coli Leonard. I mean not durable and Kyra your thing you know it's for it's for college in the towns. Or Anthony Davis yeah it and you sit there and say this is what we've got we got Jim Brown Jason did in Hayward. You know it that he date Anthony Davis Rosie can that be point and it always not good night Irene Irving by any means. You know Whitney Davis own country towns look at their veins so we've improved in other areas suddenly it's it's still like a numbers issue. Well his body when a horse that's why sake why Leonard if you're in Jalen brown if that's what the and he believes in now that's a wing for a wing right. And it sort of player makes little more sense. And you know brown may never get to the level of quiet wondered. But the the plot is simple right they're similar type players but which horse is claiming. That LeBron and his next move. Does not wanna be the facilitator anymore. I think he's looking at his age he's looking at how much he's got to play on every single play at the offensive and we've already seen a lot of time off the defense have been dispatched here and so easily video that right that he wants to be together it's just score will be an office setting up. So that means you need a little you needed a point going to the social like Chris at Oscars. Isiah Thomas Richardson won. So there's and actually won so if you're right they if that's difficult is there any team that's gonna give Isiah Thomas big money after a long term guns don't. He's not a zone so he needs to resurrect his career high noon so wouldn't the perfect place to do it where he's already varies a free agent. But he's already present member. Of the Los Angeles Lakers so it gives them a little bit more liberty and trying to re sign him and bring him back. Wouldn't an Angel goes there if you're Isiah. What would you want to we want a statement. That question next is the perfect that would be the. It gentlemen should adapt you're not a figured let me get this tournament should reflect the moon moment exhilarating the American army as of this Elliott Elliott and regular. It raises. And I'm trying to help you played you know regular played takes on movement. Or when mark Mahoney and forty. Sports Radio UB. You'll pick person. And I'm usually in the car I'm only home like halfway home but I'm not really all I know there is the reception is just came around to a since I was wrong for you to him but I don't they had it in the garage and is Christians have little. Well those demos you Michael Connelly you know lately plan your day you know around mine you know. But don't you ever expect gentlemen it's gonna bobbled an extra time I do mine but I resume on the table for the team like analyst. And that's definitely does know long wolf to get ready for the big game. That beat down this. Get ready for your outlook category and as they would in without an Oreo. Both they was gonna say this thing got bigger sales and I was gonna say thank god. Could there be no redeeming value and. Scheme at all Lou they saw the Orioles are awful. They can't hit what do you remember an Orioles team McCain and yet they can't pitch they can't run won't what do they do well and on top of that you do stupid things. Yeah I don't even Arrigo was it was the kit last night who's the kid on the bullpen. The big Castro yet. Live off ya what brought him in the bases loaded flock to it despite a bus to citadel say hello my dual link. So I bring you win this key situation and you block. Our guy who ever doesn't it's your ticket is that side of the game chip honestly a balk at it I your upgrade somebody else that this. Just to kill him unless it's just an agreement with everybody we're we're graphic where tech award where were attacked its animal trade which I don't hear the next. And the and it'll get it it'll it'll. And it'll get even worse it is and it is I don't know walkers sailed that. Is that you know you suck at the same names it's just that mark troubles the duel we did young back and Chris Davis is that the idea or you know me so it's open it shot though and and Adam Jones. And Nixon lets you could swing a little bit Mancini the threat. But in I just don't record won't. Through me. It's just that's like nothing is nothing it does nothing until there's nothing there thank clunkers sales pitch and because you'll watch and listen because it is percent. And maybe you'll get a few you know millions of Rafa that little thing. But at least as it was gonna pitch lights out and he'll pitch great on the back issues it's so weird Rodriguez whose. Played great by the way. Did even better. Has the 81 record was herself or for. I mean it's it's it's hardly you look at these the you look at the records that he and you sit there and normally without its own theory you'd go on again suck. That's an element of music already on the music. Foley's mostly imagery and said we're gonna guard got until the receptionist that your father of the door and urges earned a body in February about he thought something had happened he's a get ready for sale yet free Ramirez who now. First yeah bring the army areas down in Tripoli was three people before 33 are thought maybe Hanley changed this yeah he's changed his look came back as the chairman and you know try it out. I think it's gonna do a freshman at the ballgame coming up next as a writer in the studios in New Zealand moves that you will be it's retention and we'll go all over again tomorrow morning at 10 AM good news to markers and we go out at 2 o'clock. Normal today all enjoy the ball game everybody Roddy pool.