OMF - People are calling for Kevin McHale to be fired; David Price's "treatment" during the game simply a spectacle - 6-22-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 3. Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk about Kevin McHale attending a Trump rally and whether people should lobby for someone to be fired simply because they disagree with your beliefs. Plus, was David Price's "treatment" just a ploy to get more attention and sympathy from fans?

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty reported. BA draft. The Boston Celtics elect who will be danger and I think it's getting beat up Williams. And look at all that stuff Robert really. Political and Lou and Christians we love glad we love Glen his favorite car regrets that. Duke. I thought. I don't follow another Clinton even before trump comes back to those of pain I I there's things about him I think Clemens never given the pain in his life and you both for Charles I think he did I don't. I think he did so now are all I'm not you know to get me into this. Had a big lead oh my god did prevent you all are led by Aaron that it does. On Sports Radio WEEI. I just. Thank goodness Robert Williams apparently just got a little bit confused with the political. Jerry a little bit confused and he's in a different time zone accident that left them some before they hate us maybe maybe the Celtics did not. You know properly inform him instantly beat somebody up by the way that great weather report negated. We've brought you by north east men's clinic of them them to use them. Who would like to dictate a little trip to northeast may we do a road tripled in the northeast mess when they what we're all get that age to ensure our Toledo will help or multiples that you you're getting there. It really hope you're all right that's true you're already there on hunches and figured out and it does not testosterone left it's gone you know there's this whole legend gone on now that it now that everything's legal Amman bore down and I'm not a good drug test here rates. Don't like our commitments to weave through Christ our tester we drug testing a limit to it Ozuna I don't gonna don't do it tester for PD's it's. The drug just who isn't the first person they were drug tests in the station Kirk. Odds is that we does that on air talent opportunity behind the window well nobody knows B quote all key behind the windy yes people love behind and well they don't know via. Ball would be our first 11 off how would you do and a drug to fail I will bet your entire month salary to pass attempt you know I trust without the beard. Accusations. Likewise yeah. I I got Theo was talking about Sweden is in stuff he tried to do it all the time do saltwater is good news it's weird like Hitler and what I was going to Wheaton six. All I gotta tell you when we're doing research for the show anytime a subject like that comes up with with weed you really good the Russia has really put. Don't rate on debt sports stuff you got him as you've already at a mosque or agreed that we stuff like what. I mean. And College Board recently. If you see you you've probably done we'd more recently that you guys is that that you guys as to how would you pass that does is it doesn't your system pretty quickly. Suppose you do know about the death supposed Christian Jews of Q&A guy walked in here. Win with a little cup we sent you could send an intern to CBS right now. Thirty. It's how how long do you smoke weed already alienated the third day depends depends what you would call would have like an animal that count. I'd like to. What did dumbed there has to do they got a don't you dare I grabbed it from all of Africa Ottawa's yeah and that's the only other. In my hand that pays them. Slow solemn events kids on the snow like underwater. Shots into baton. And it I can tell these things. I 61777. A seven under bright and they knew for the news Friday it's coming up. Wood to about 140 in the whole lot. Off a lot of reasons there's tons. I think you know the McCain should play a huge significant role in big news from the agency said anything Paula we see anything where Mikhail. Has spoken as she's just gone under I don't see enough about to go look right now please. I guess is that he needs them. And that's not today's that's not really that but doesn't let us it would be surprised that became a statement saying I know why really it down honestly because it might not us. Maybe until now Madonna's atlas yeah I was humiliate my girl like you later today here offended at the U problem. If if your friend if you're gonna and it did you do problem. Yeah I'll go there and because of his daughters. Get killed again. He should apologize first on quartet now that I'm personally does not there's nothing to apologize. That's my point is playing into the hand of. Of people that didn't want you to march in line with their views their beliefs so the first thing you do when you get nocturnal bought it. But your right what does he say and most TBS does something. And TBS an average shed ten yesterday say something or tweet something out that he contacted TBS and they had no count. And they should have no comment he's got should not be in jeopardy and anybody why people should be irked at the people contacting is important here. Do you think is big he doesn't believe the same things they believe. That they try to make it slightly it's. On student comet a lot from Kevin being at the president's. Lou rally. Why what or no additional comment to you lights and over talkies extraordinary what does that mean you support and let's look next. How much how much emotionally I'm surprised you don't know Jamie. How much did you get out there correspondents my guess firm from the audience TBS audience were there. Letting them know that I'm boycott New York advertisers. Because of what Kevin McHale did. I guarantee I'll get our guys you know they're not yeah always an editor there I'm like oh president of the Peta foundation like it's like not that they don't do good work there are some things that they did what they are illegal under around to seeing you protect yourself you did you get a table I don't as an adult I don't Wear for personal care of their little nutty Howell of today they are because it if you do something even remotely the smallest thing that they don't like they're a big bad luck on you. Like in person it's like to get just haven't I haven't got Soledad well yeah he's. Think it's great news like that in a while probably just missed it where an hour where he was where was troubling for the last hour mark missed in the Pacific is there. Actually it does a lot of things and instead we find out why humans don't like is like. I don't know why now and is an hour later he showed up so I'm guessing that's exactly what you brought that up you you came up with a good excuse swarm like that's what it was it was valid as recent and it makes some sense. Are we're gonna ever gonna try to CB yelled out make you sick yes you know we'll try to get itself from its Google isn't timid metal bar next up here and ON a fight him. Yeah he knows so little. No I like little red truck quotes and little and I don't want it switched over to these he. Students Asian students. Yeah yeah that's doubtful that child with a lot of BI Adam Jones saying. Well you know why you dropped that far. Is it must be either drugs. Law he had the injury. All ten times over real well executed what twenty is all you gotta be 21 this October I believe August. You don't think he he could close to bodies to the I got. Maybe got a little bit. It's something Catholic delegates is an effort to put together in the district get it out right. I have no idea until idea but we don't talk about what they say another Shenzhen. It's not us demonstrable way to sell I'll say this that. He dropped in the as the reason he dropped in the drop you can't ignore that. That you know I'm looking at a list view we've got a list of of what everybody predicted where you go 1213 1415 whatever. What I've seen anywhere close to 27 he dropped his specific reason. He dropped on some legitimate concerns nave and talked about the steel Lisa if he's motivated. Everybody's so obviously there's a question of motivation and into. Like it one thing I wrote Goldman ala Larry Wright the seventeenth pick on was. Shooting shooting got shooting. Week shooting. All the way up until the 25 pick was too late is still out which ones are fertile. Which was a factor that has offered to have it is. Plaintiffs say it is offensive capability let these weak week are. Defense event is that guy wrote that the last few sentences about the play of the ladies thought he should of took love it Williams the third. Of. But let's let the Tim you understood if one person saying that there are a lot of people today saying that the Celtics. Should have moved out and taken Michael Porter junior only because he. He dropped down there to fourteen what do I think we really don't knowing about these kids this kid can this kid can be terrific my point and this is. It's a risk. You know you've you've brought this up yesterday who's under the most pressure I think you did it on TV with the general managers or whatever decision you in your point was that panties under pressure because you got to get over the top failure you're right to Iraq on deck circle you gotta you know right up there on stud but he is as great as he has been right. He's got one more big move to make or does he's got to decide whether he doesn't know whether he wants a stint pat what this team. Whether he will straightaway palaces legitimate or but that draft pick last night this little daughter and it was an easy night for them. You like you throw it out there we're gonna take this kid he's got great upside. But boy you don't need to shore up until he's got see some might see you know he plays other ninety takes a night off. This is going to be for those people who love to talk about how great coach Bret Stephens in his. This is a real project for Brad Stevens this might be his most accomplished work in the end if he can get this kid to play this one bit about data. Who is you can look pretty skilled player he Jalen brown pretty skilled player. This kid has got some skills also can't make free throws than he can't the fire erupts from the perimeter. Eaton now and maybe he's in and out with with his head this is a real. I don't want to hear it's on the ensuing year yeah why when he hears if a caller excuse for the reasons all the reasons that several that are you was asked on a conference call what caused you it did this so called reform. Although. Well we are. What about the well people will lose it. One now or. It was good. Yugoslavia it's all I guess at what you want to well talk he knew what are you on YouTube is about talking Glenn every day and a couple of girls yeah I'd just like the guy that had been him Dyson summit is all laughed the last time it got the bit late for. We learned. Rick you know. Yeah I don't know. Our current system that a vote late after the last night whoever slipped this at a party till I'm EAM and it he had some difficult getting up this morning and it was a rough we always slot that yet. I bet but it. I or below the hole. I shall group won't be out well but it's a. Like I system and it's not the sex and aids program. And Paul can lead to responded that it does all alone or unit at a speed things that can you actually I suppose I'll tell it how about doing that understand what that. It might help us like I got right to try to understand what penalties and so little time. It's definitely what ultimately a topical oh. Yeah. I. Understand and I wish all of you slow it down. Is this guy's bulletins the whole time the everything that whole unit that the whole in congress are now. Lately and we get no answer is there any of these questions could actually talk and Annika you know post draft didn't play. No. We weren't gonna and it it and you're. College career and that includes. Human. But really good game here ready to put on display. Local they managed and when she took her. That there. Are at work or. Are well. Yeah. Well I don't know. We'll speak with any and all of you can learn what it's as we hear that. Yeah I'm the big back good conference Rezko stick the the problem I would not have made ordered. Yeah I saw. So we are in order to weed out like the biggest takeaways from the conference call is 80 does look doc Celtics should buy him a new phone. And ask. They. Black anger as ought to be called Bob. He does not developers yes so he wants Robert yes August alone from any urgency but again I used all of Bollywood Robbie Bob Bob Williams. That's that's like little girls like me it's too risky you know use that university North Carolina ritual ball. If you lose let's knows match. Susan becomes serious and I you know you know in and all else. You want to call Mitchell acknowledged that he did right and on a cheap gas is that we HL at all when you retire it'll like Mitchell your quarterback in a Fella going Mitchell. The body he. All are wrong to push out some sort of chamber and you're. Yeah I'll walk on the York new open it up and we have got that Brazil. Let's see oh yeah news. Yeah. Do you have any and is vote never understand that you managed to get our own before the phone do so well. I. And you guys are giving me yeah. Etiquette wise and again so while do we know what he's said about why he was late and now I know we don't know. Oh do you interpret it yesterday's tiger let me let it was fun on each month amen amen amen amen they all of a slow you gotta. Right at. Did you understand it. I think he said he was leaving his aunts house org. Flew to his odds right after the Buffalo Wild Wings on her aunts house dinner food that's what really the buffalo herd some of his aunts and whatnot also. It viewed through out the form. Oh. Yeah. What the I don't at all. Of this is it. Since most don't know or. He will get it would probably. But we get there by the way it was eluded our system. You know systems that don't. It wasn't the one earlier it was born in Spain in what I'll what's conference call all the love from earlier and I. The only what you had today. The organization its strategy you'll hear that your one. Yeah. Yeah. My. I was glad everybody knows it could never changed notably I don't know last fall those last audit and by the way I went to house. I checked the on site as good as well don't see Sox were and everybody Ellen I don't know that OK we are I. Is makes gonna go beyond that you said you pay for a check of protest vote. I had three bars again tried to make an idol I told you can call. It the youth it's you I'm Michael. My noticed a huge thing because if you think because those that that he and it that we get on you. And it must want to put some thought and you don't like 57. I don't like those episodes and it's do you think I don't get away from it has some. You guys if you treat me like a coward put me up and I replied there you know the old navy earlier. To our culture you're doing our. Oh you are. Doing right aren't auto and efficiency of fake radar and I'll see that in the end. Bob and I hope I. Yeah. Children. He's going yeah yeah. More yeah it. Blue don't. I didn't search dogs have. 77 I 7937. An hour for now it is fake. News Friday you'll come up with a fake news. Back to Fort Wayne where moaning and Fauria a beautiful beautiful notice no signature got called about description right now in Italy and I know well over six months. And Obama all your daughter do. Look at Sports Radio. Entirely because we've had your life on you do your and it worked so we can hear it. Dancers they'll be great thank you so. Part of all of for a ball shall form ball was going to be in Brooklyn last night. Because he was expecting a lemon jello to get there draft and your second round probably thought second round because the lakers love. Rightfully gets really old bulls and they would draft them. In the second round. So he made a decision like today YouTube afford to pass on that he was like coaching and some leaders something last right. So we elected pass on what a way past the heat probably get tipped off that though lemon jello is not getting drafted anymore does he NUM. No he's nowhere and matter of fact. He Internet school it turns out he fought Lavar I thought because Alonso is with the lakers right now all I'll do what soldiers call magic the magic will just let me bring. Lemon jello when because you already got the lawns OC is dead brother and it's perfect for your summer league. Does are gonna pass. Ronan Ramona show. That she tweet this out the lakers officially have informed the original ball that he will not be on their summer league team be told last night. They were determined to make the state basketball decision but as one source put it quote obviously there's more to it and ask him. Thing you know why would you. Add fuel for the fire what's even more reasons to hang around quite yet met he'd be in Vegas the entire summer. So I guess that's like that's that's garlic news today rightly cost does he does he sign on with anybody from Italy the European leak out this summer league team connected here in India can legislate that was metallic for only sorry because it. Asking this it's no clue. Is it like a free agent of football where okay draft is over he can sign wherever you're salaried sought out those cited doubled its of Virginia Tech is that there Amylin is are mad rush. Late to do an NFL they're calling you love you you'll bonus and because that's I think his problem is that the hardball thinks that his kids are beneath. I think that that's not that's not where this unity over in Europe and holding court he he's coming here while we take me while we take gave out free agent. Deals a player like what ten games and. If no other sickness for sometime and I truly believe that the law and so was not long for the lakers they're not gonna put up with the either. Excuse me a matter of fact. It if LeBron ends up with the lakers which we think he will. Wouldn't surprise me at all if that's the first guy out the door because they might find team that's willing to take him and get a veteran that LeBron wants to play. But I did the same but it didn't it there was ever. A a parent. Who they should have separated kids from. Shipments for years ago blows a thorough should separate truth from Lamar used that instead of first residuals guy and center as we all agreed with you however. Through real yes we did Fredricka yeah all of which is taking his son out of UCLA ticket and take what do you Hewlett when he had vanity. Think you'll want out of high school when he was like a far more. Yeah Smart move with just yet assumption that okay. Because guess the last name of ball and his oldest son with a one daughter and rapidly to pop I would come on guys do it also isn't. Hit the problem is nobody agreement is an an apology Dr. Phil some day. Today and I and I LaGuardia you'd add a million more confident now. I don't duck billed as of Texas flying. Elliott does and had no shot you heard that before that he wasn't even Alonso was is legit and Judy's opinion yet and that you're the youngest one mile. And he he's supposed to be pretty good this week Angelo was just almost like a filler needs these not communal man actually embarrassed them and say that in new government and every Jackson give. I don't regret my son out there we're gonna have those that he said that's my weekend so it sounds funny. So it was all right it's eleven cello to Atlanta always normally a little toddler we call them and joining us out of lemons LO is basically lie it's Jackson but he's teed. It. I'm gonna happen and now it. Maybe Randy didn't read it and amp W got to find a way to get the Nancy in the tambourine. You gotta you know work extra hard to teach in the dance moves and so you put the bat who don't speak out. Right that's pretty much created these candidates you suck it up deal with attention and he's just. It's too bad keys feel bad for those kids because the commercial last marathon Alex commercial that it I don't know what the commercials for it old school track suits and it was. Back to focus your skill in Connecticut where he got Joseph. I was gonna guidance on did you. And an arms and he got weren't part about this earlier but. Are others but a lot of rumblings that the Celtics potentially going after coli. I'm open to god it doesn't happen. And the reason being I think quite great but it can't pass if that player well I think it the guidance he absolutely toxic. Leg when a guy come out Popovic system in the like column and I can't stand that guy you know he's like he's not playing. Doesn't seem like the other players like them like that seems like it that's not gonna make him off. So what does it take notes indicate was that close and yesterday. And that no team is going to give San Antonio. A boatload in return occasionally get one year of them could put that together we give up the Sacramento that. And Memphis they can clippers pickle whatever and then you put enough together. To make the money war. And you don't really give up Jim Brown he certainly don't give up. Irving you don't give up anything valuable and you animal on next year. On the premise that maybe you can make a run for the championship next year and the year after that you're in great shape because it is anybody. Well Carol I love about something like that is like this year's draft is stock is now it's buried the it's insane next year I don't think it'll be a stock and things we've already left or what we like for a first round pick is something that you put all the guys in the rock. It's really good look Eagles to be a big deal. With sickle whites that don't be an act let's let's isn't a failure I don't think it's gonna happen usually does he said he was gonna destroy you. Well I think I would not wanna put on a team we're giving up like you know around it and kind of cornerstone player that I contribute future of the franchise but the bigger. I regret for one year I would agree you have no guarantee now let me ask you this. If you if it's quite Leonard comes to the did any agents as you know what I'll I'll I'll I'll sign that the alleged here. I'll guarantee ominous sign a deal next year or you give some type of insurance. Under the guarantee you gonna sign. Then do you trip Jim Brown but I'll be careful at W opt. OK okay you give up that's fine but. I see gotta be careful because three at the whole store we don't know me how many people are critical of why would you on anything to do with Tyree Irving who who doesn't wanna play with LeBron. People shredded Tyree Irving sporting out of Cleveland beat. How would you not want to play with the greatest player in world I mean even though bush and saying yeah I can see it. I can't see why it's LeBron James is that we sets before as crazy as you get it he's just got to play with. Because it's just all about him. So people of every critical of carrier ring warning out of the cold perfect situation with LeBron right right that's good point a lot. I don't know what quietly and with his deal with the other thing too is. There's a very good chance to sell the Sony have those two parents. It's and those of protected at Memphis pick if it's inside the top eight you don't get it. Right now would that it's in the top most likely topic up and then it goes do you think its top six the following year she made Arctic that. Until luck 2021. Unprotected and it's on protecting nick if you really clippers one though posters with Moscow T eventually right. Yet the clippers is top fourteen. Sold issue they would Kabul pix 111213. That range so fifteenth sixteenth visited you to sit bureau. Sacramento. The outstanding. I'm not worried about the patient but what scared me a little bit last night and there were like credible bona fide. Analyst who was saying this. That to. Boston as a possibility for Dwight Howard. Drew has gone. It could spend X was one of who should be any is always light light out and Dwight Howard came out and apparently said he just wants to play now for the rank he got his money. So we got traded he's getting dumped by by Brooklyn which is letting him that but why not paying out is so we get is 42 million dollars or whatever. And now. He's willing to go anywhere for anything. Just to go get the ring. And the and the problem I have with that is he is a guy that I can see could screw what. He's got his command wanna when no X he could mess and be what's economy for anything you would take him. And taking of our I was veteran minimum salary so here's one of your deal here's what I would no money I'm off now that I would want a hundred shot on the next start next almost likely. A hundred and we don't I don't know what happens when that we yeah well not allow things and he does a little clip of about treating Al them withheld now. Don't want and are still haven't that you want a good thing as a white collar for comfort for not maximum dollars or shutting a role I would bring him benefits at. Virtually nothing because he's better he's better than things right he's better than he sees better than ties on the other hand I would be very careful about him out of a short leash. Because he's a guy that has always demanded. He needs his shots shots and basically I'm going down the block chairman a post up and this is one and one of them the abacus is still as skilled I don't but it isn't so. Six point seven in 28 year old late hour and 33 years it'll. Right pedal for that position Null but it's it's Palin and a career this is you know one in the win viewers. Concerns may he he's always been a Mimi Mimi guys remember what happened with him in the lakers up. You remember that the net and bounced around for years now teams play Idaho hall of Famer is great player he's the type of guy. That honestly they can can take a backseat because he's not going to be the star and he's got this you know. You know you know big personality. You know Shaq. It means similar I mean as far as like you know these these to be Superman. Boy he stole that from Jack a pattern it's selling. Meet I so that is that you Linda gave the lakers 27 active. Only his input he notices a guy they hated him in Charlotte. They hated him they thought he just wanted his own shot he took them away from teenage teamed landfall on or drop off I'm on bulletin Joseph this is this is launches and a lot of his vision get written on Charlotte for God's sake if they so I told him mister I'm pretty good coach and then. They had some personally at some players down there as your they would show progress the year before and he got a gum that up because he needed he shots he's gonna be one of those pissing and moaning guys. I didn't get my appetite you don't want shut up we play team that won I would be very careful with a very very capitalism but did you get a very careful with him. I mean art of what you get over terms money you know you don't get elders I hate to say it may maybe may be Al Horford altitude Romo. Tejada I tell you what I did this I did this Robin Williams kids. I'd I don't care rule where's our lives or whatever I'd give him a ate at the plane ticket today go live now he'll live without power couple months air though somewhat and a cellular may have also played absolutely that you need to get educated real close to Al Horford. Horford is a guy that can probably straighten out the kid out a little bit how we got to get to the Red Sox. They needed that when I need it might be slight stretch. But you know when he gets his failures among went. You know that in that made us that maybe a little bit over the top but it was an important win and they got a big weekend series coming up we'll get to them act. We return to more of Fort Wayne Merck moaning and Fauria do OK forget it show are you happy now I need some bad news. Finish up what college Sports Radio WEEI. Clarity you can get at a reduced rate actually only because of rolling the position that he would have the Celtics. He's not gonna be you're and top options that have to say at best he's your war. Guy and if he's willing to accept that role. That was for him to worsen as well yes and it. What about that the narrative out there. Because you had a decent season in Charlotte sixteen and why oh why is he being shuttled around everywhere whether it's usually a trigger million dollars here. Perfect. Well not anymore. Most of the guys. NBC sports cost of scale obviously Sweeney makes the 23 million not anymore because he's getting money get paid. So you wouldn't have to pay them like I did great here in Charlotte when you people in Charlotte a talk from his post up guy he's he's a hey it worked out great form 510 years ago the games it is changed. I'm not sure he does an editor for both of ability I'm not sure what you get is you get referred for his role. Jennifer's defense as a you get a military defense right now. But it's very limited role would you tell me it is he willing to be that limited. Royal guard I think that's why I say if you go to break take a cheap dollar buoyed his career get raided it should throw up the door that doesn't or thoughts at this point is great to be ready for that depth on the ushering. I would say. Depends on your roster. Young roster and look at there's no known and what are just roster absolutely. Absolutely good mix of veteran leadership they've proven they can do without him. Even without two of their best players so you need to prove to us that. They you belong but you can also so no I think regardless of personality. Would be a perfect situation long leadership. You know good good history good you know Scottish and he's got a shaking them as passionate now I'm talking at all OK you know so obviously Laker is like he's getting pulled over for drunk driving though none of them have I don't know what do you locked in a 40 yeah. Currently it is not at ease he can be selfish bar. And a lot of the NBA yet but the problem when you're when you come back as a is a part time player. And you've always been that guy OK when you come back as a part time player. You can't be that guy and he's got a changed dramatically what he has I don't want them all and do that may be an LP a little bit odd it is that. I just added you're bringing in cheap dollars and and that's the way you gonna get enough cheap dollars I'd be ready to throw my back door if it's not war. You always have that if you always have that ability. No TV related don't know it's that line and you know it doesn't work I'd be worried about hears it Jarron Belmont he Darren wants to talk about it like our. I. I had a adelphia has the senate that the topic. Need to put these in the award is his athletic in as the ability to watch the election is Billy and he does a decent job covering. Guys it and you know if they get a computer Philly and they wanted to commit five note they got to get move not clear about Philly next yet. And why how could be at peace. It could be used in the I think it's important is that. In this series against Cleveland it was very tortured legal watched it get sector chart that the second shark person talk and one B body after another that we don't have a strong rebound. And I think probably fit that niche if you played the role with the leadership we have in this team that I think it would flush with him was that I. So we'll go to Spain and nobody they don't screw gossiping Baines is probably you your place and how debates that's why you sent Detroit drafted dispute Robin Williams for this one's skill set now it's not a rookie that's too and it's affectionate the right up so I'm looking for so let's say gains gets more money elsewhere. And you can get Dwight Howard on the cheap because he already got his money from Brooke. Then I could see you doing input Boyd. I feel confident things is gonna do what you wanted to do and beat the guy you want them to do coming off the bench as a role player for the entire season. I'm not sure that Dwight Howard's gonna be this is really in the and it's it's all about it requires much good talent as you can get it. Well understanding understanding role played I again I don't interest you know what's funny easy taking a guy. Who was a star player and people in there are knocking on the attacks on here about hall of Famer I do believe he's a hall of Famer but. People it's very difficult for one of those guys. The suddenly in their latter years and he is not that old to suddenly assume he totally different role where you're diminished. Not not only am I again that's why I said okay. I'll give me a guy like Dwight Howard and then tell with a roster that he's going to Zorn LA. Now is going to Phoenix now was going to Philly. I'd say you know. Go to Boston let's go to winning team yes sure I would say Austin yes and if you're really clear leader on that team who sets the tempo. And and everything else they go long that the. Limited to any change in your your team is where it is now not three or four years ago possess different. Three or four years ago got Robert Williams and you sit there and say you know what would give the minutes. Analysts who we can develop and she we turn into. This team next year the UUU rookie starting there that you and Jim Brown adjacent to it and Terry were you dizzy young players. If you had a certain role do you want off the bench if they are ready to win their bench. Our guys that have been throw before our veterans. Right if your bench next year's Marcus Morse is markets Smart. Is Dwight Howard or whatever it might beat me that that's a winning team. Could even if it at this stage decree do you think he wants a certain role to be Dwight Howard Robin Williams. See Alex Alex and Howard to try to win yeah outstanding and also there's some to be said for. You're not the big star anymore. Or do not know not a big fish little round and obviously this guy's got a movie disguises. This guys don't honey dew commercial. Again I'll be the Avaya honestly think you're not you're not the focus and god does hear you we don't want describe what happened after the games but nobody's coming. You've seen is he except that role and you know you've seen players do this before where they say oh yeah I can accept that role then suddenly that role is there and he apparently was demanding. I need to attend post ups a night last year with which now won't we cannot get ten post that's an effect on the game today the way it's played. Very rarely do you get post ups that something given to be interested in the Celtics do you think he realizes. What that aegis. You negate any signed him in tells indium accused of I'm notary and yeah he's gonna go a number of good but you don't work you could say that tell you to blow and he's. The player and sees it one way. When he signs because he wants to come because he thinks he might have a shot at a ring unsure if he'll talk about. Maybe not Los Angeles disease had a bad experience related tasteless but if LeBron stays in Cleveland or whatever and I wanna bring imminent public. It wouldn't surprise me if he pops up there because he just wants to get the rank. But is he gonna be satisfied two months into it. Wedeman my role Sox this is Obama a minor player with a third on some Indian peace is that the team is playing a small line up and running up and on informative and do that maybe at that point that's fine with them. Again he's not point six occasionally I mean yeah additionally as long he was Superman actually stole he says he's stolen from. Yeah that's all people really be in the dunk contest. That's kind of let it flow through dozens of course you should like that you look at them for looking out for the available at what his death will look like if he had his own all my guy. Shia and a testament there's heightened put the chair up there in do you get yourself a gigantic. Justice or are we gonna get we gotta get to the to the red sash just it is a big series this weekend with Seattle is one of those. Seems that you look at as a barometer is in this look like Le bloc was an eagle the pitched well against an analyst on slips up there yeah and deliver our analysts having AEA. So torso did exactly what we needed him to do. In that game last night he killed seven innings he gives you one yet. Teams are losing streak. You need to win that game that was a big game. For Rick or sell. Can anybody tell me what the hell David Price was doing on the top step of the dugout I missed us so we had to dissect contraction either it looked like here drive and blow up and it's got a little you know move vibrator book buzz feeling a candidate look like an inning exactly and he's putting an in his hand and on his fingers. I understand that you doing treatment and and I got that. What do you have to do it on the top step of the dugout while the game is going on everyone needs to see that he's working on is a symbol for a day as what it is. I think that's what does that put the spotlight on me. Now it is imbalance Bob. Glad says didn't see it so I don't know maybe it was a different look but yeah probably go on ski industry written happened on the top step liberate those industries and whenever I did a great minutes or so. We had another big moment in the in the game yesterday. As JBJ got himself say a very big game gotta get Maggette will austerity always he was 15. So we have established the new JBJ JS Mendoza line at 181. He had dipped down to 178. But he's now above the JBJ jasmine yeah those aligned 181 to. Selig is first at bat hit a rocket yet you know. All but later on Dale's travel around her like a Tim never became the second time he's Erica. Jackie Bradley didn't have bad luck you have no luck at all with a slowdown without. K because maybe sit a ball hard enough to not be hit 1780180. The navy's hitting a ball that it to 25 hitter is not to a consistent enough. You know still striking out. Is that not put the ball plating gives up the chance and he came back pop up shall world role or dull play and plastic bag or get a knock but. It there's there's one thing we compare. If they're got instantly to fifty to sixty you know if you could mu QTD you're treated in 216 exhumation of ball are just not kidney love. Who hit 178. We say you don't get any love that's because like you know once a game you know senate beatle before media could gone one for 4%. Keeping you go three for four. This are keeping you going to perform keeping you get the occasional not to keep you sane. Guys hit the ball better than a guy who recently maybe that's in 178 bullets are. Treat it like he could be 300 to be getting off. When we get one for five yesterday an improved his bat again quest. For. It's it's it now it's it's it's a little bit scare is there's no question when you when you when you watch I just couldn't figure out what the hell David Price was doing. But it was phenomenal because we did mention price the night before it. And you know talked about. You know him going six quality start this was which equality real quality start by poor cell and they were dodging it is it was a one nothing lead and then that's it's the homework it's a two nothing lead so what like he was getting a lot of support the support came in late in the game and turned it can be a 192 game ever. But it was that a tight game all the way. I would another hour to go including. Fake news Friday that's coming up about a half an hour.