OMF - Pierre McGuire on Bruins crowd vs Leafs crowd; Bruins will only get better 4-20-18

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Friday, April 20th
Pierre doesn't just sound like a Bruins fan. He sounds like a Bruins fan fan. TC and Bradfo chat with Pierre McGuire as the Bruins get ready to finish off the Leafs this weekend.

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Welcome back out of three forgot to say our three. To get me we are well into our three they're creeping toward the you'll last summer as an hour two and it was almost archery only half hour our way. A male our four I know in our five will be. Headed towards my afternoon nap getting ready to lay James Bond you you have time and now I'd known a time to study a planet you get a nap ahead you can bank a waste of sleep OK it's like the afternoon nap and hockey one of the most important part of hockey player's day on game. Net getting that nap in the afternoon due to fraudulent now this morning ski morning skate. Fraudulent some guys need look at not everybody needs it. And then Evan what does it didn't happen then it's game time last night Bruins winning three the wind in Toronto now they come home looking to put away. At the garden bar night covering it for NBC sports down between me. Glass on ice level is Pierre McGuire who we are trying to call up right now we have a period there. Under Tommy Clark your overall hello good to talk to you I'd tell us a small do you still take an afternoon nap I think that's a portable players need that afternoon nap you still a nap guide here. Oh usually do but they'll be able to I had a large trawler to Minnesota to its perch believe it or not I'm just arrived in Pittsburgh so don't wanna have a chance that it now. It's the worst feeling that that and not be able second to a hotel and take it now you get the taxes yet you can do. It. I'm off days prepare moving on the next series I tell us what it was like an ice level last night that the maple leaves early and answer it appeared at odds seem to have control of that game how the Bruins get back. Our. Character goaltending. Leadership dated Backus is not giving enough credit for the released on the bench and is an extension of the coaching staff I also think coaching comes in the play. Whether. There are created different kind of game quietly different analyzed last made obviously because of the trees Berger situation. Shot corral it really well obviously as a third line center moving remarkable for a guy that I thought arriving Ashton great job as a first or senator. When you look at the way to eighteen plays they don't quit on one another. Mud down playoff series this year let it be sillier traders even Ronald Boston where there have been instances in the in the gain short changes kind of mail that it on each other boxer has not done that not one time in any playoff game this year. You know you met in coaching in you were obviously up close and parcel of the red officer at the Bruins went on there Stanley Cup run include Julian the coach. And and you mentioned what a good job cast he's doing what the difference in terms of how you view to fill those same players on there how you view that bans compared to the bench into Lehman's on. But the registry similar terms about Ron but the biggest thing is strategy and structure. Resources defense we get more engagements which speak it tore recruit career here. It would spree to the way Kevin Miller really evolved as a player its peak torque macros work is done as a defense match. If you look at the Bruins on every one of their Adams went all the back awards in all sorts of forced. Crew get an offensive force republic can be an offensive force Miller evolving into profits of forced and then air the stock lecturer. Way to think that's one of the biggest differences between what quote system lake and Bruce's system. They find a way to get the sense of all of the object struck it really basic difference. Up here you mentioned. The depth of this team may find out they don't have Patrice Bergeron skates yesterday morning he doesn't play in the game last night. I guys get moved around a little bit but as you sent out corral these steps and here Riley Nash's. As played well they didn't go to today not a who I think some people are right there not a might get thrown about last night receipt Pittsburg is probably got. The best top players of any team but does the bruins' depth give them that chance to go deep because they can roll four lines again contributions out of everybody. Are reacting to congress they get out of the sooners' early try I think boxing should be a giant slayer I would say. It really creates some that's unbelievably special. Again I think a lot of it comes out of any experience of Zdeno Chara. Comes out of the winning. Birds are. David crate cheat because three elements of that teen idol Bret marsh air they'd go to H took place in the Stanley Cup. That's an important part of this whole thing that's why caged bird is doing what they're doing a Philadelphia right now they understand the equation awarding. Still it off he's still trying to figure out men they probably won't be able to this year. But that being said they're going to be good laughter but I think that's a big part of the summer really do with Austin start to understand the process of winning at this time of the year. It all along those lines you see teams go deep. And obviously you have to have the good goalie goalies on high street throughout the playoffs but another big part of his what we're talking about the resiliency. You lose Bergeron and you step up the last ten new us Bergeron they stuffed up as well. This from the Bruins team that you're seeing is that is this the sort of thing that you think is going to be able to carry do that kind of for lack of better term the character. Of what this team is about right now. Well lit cigarette questioner of the toll leaguers that are giving example last Australian national interview post game. A ball that. And he basically said hey we had to go through this entire year. And we have will be we can't will be opportunities pretty well. And so it's a big part of what their ball. They've adapted this next man up philosophy people forget when this team wasn't looking to get at the beginning of the year in the West Coast trip. It wasn't to go Rask who was in goal there was that article. And sold to another part of it you know would open that a great job and then. And got teen movement in the east develops remote Jolie came back lecture them. All the sudden boom they're good they're really good and they're taught to play against so I think character really huge part of it. There's no analytic equation for character but I would tell you this sponsor Armenian can't nearly understand what character is bald little Merck character players. And I don't think their scouts or love the look of personal or a jerk. Here you mentioned goaltending retarded Pierre McGuire of NBC. You know you mentioned goaltending just now and and turn got about last night at about 1213 minutes and that first period as one wine and Toronto was peppering him on house was rocking. Really felt like the ice was tilting in on him. He gave his team a chance to win by keeping them in getting through that Ford and yet he's a guy here and and and quarterbacks in football goaltenders a hockey it's always so easy to second guess and say the other guy needs a chance. That's to rest get enough credit for what he means to this team. No he does not a you know what I call to Qatar to do there are starting goalie or PC. Because he always in the play are seemingly. Comes up magnificent saves at key times of the game. If you look at the category Stanley Cup winning goal he's. They always have the Baylor team out once or forcing game it doesn't always work the last night the key moment in nineteen. Was a breakaway save its Mitch smarter in the second period after the shock block where Morgan Riley the stretch pass. And then boom there's that they say. At Boston's. Not on their heels anymore they're on their tolls if you don't get as Xavier down to war and everything you catch your product ports so he doesn't get nearly enough credit. And you know he is centered it to two quicktime that's what I call kindly say. And on the other end you know Anderson goes down quick on that to browse gold bras patiently waits it. Finally goes upstairs when it opens up and that that's the dagger I could take the 31 lead as Toronto how they felt about the goaltending of Anderson in the series. They like it there have a problem maturity period daughter you know jeans to these lows treat cure. Game one was in grade. But I doctrine is a big story in game three of the call also receiver missed opportunities. The biggest they had late last night would you concede the Bruins. Capitalizing on trauma stakes terrible I was commenting on the guitar game how bad the socialists departure bouncing all over it wasn't like starting game three. And then Jimmy Carter steps up a lot of bouncing puck in the loses that announcing Parker David fox and the arts and all of a sudden policy and art that is specification merry Ramirez and make a spectacular play over to Brad marsh and he sticks it to the back and that's that's a huge. Play with less than three minutes ago a doctor that's a gigantic. Exploits in Italian. But the big one is and I axis. Jake the bluster on the bench actually during TV time out after scores are. Number I was technical way to go kid and he. He goes and look at it completely. Is David Craig cheek you know oh he's right there and creaky unbelievable amount clutched it wasn't so much a shot blocker already cured the box. Is a weight was able elevate them talk and bad I basketball players know are bad that I was blessed by and get to lay flat. And put to rest of the brushed that that was a magnificent magnificent life. What's I'm curious from from your perspective you've done a lot of these games and a lot of these buildings. What's it we were talking earlier about what the differences in Toronto the passion in the bigger arena. What's it like compared to Boston and I'm not saying that either is a bad place for what is it just different from you. For you from our perspective. In football portions of Boston's harder crowd auctions of more and thought crowd auctions of much louder crowd. Much louder. I would tell you that right now Charles Moore corporate crowd they don't boot thirteen very often. Other very supported the bridge players know they they have to produce further steps. In Tron I was kind of taken has. A typical community say entrenched just taken for granted. So nobody. I think Brooke first of all I love going bosses do games. I'd love go to Boston coaching gains as a hockey it's a big time hockey town. And the standard rate and Tron a little bit different really it is just more corporate crowd were received some dark crowd. And they're not nearly as they had thought out when the gene trait they re out. In Boston all I've. Why are you set a hard drive beer I mean you just have about a game two they showed Joseph Kelly drilling yankees and the place goes nuts. And you know that and you brought up they'd be you know game two wasn't good for Andersen but. I thought that was a time and sometimes you are you ever and they moved from the old garden we didn't know with the soul of the new building do you like what I thought that was an intimidating crowd at times in game two on a Saturday night at the garden. It wasn't I was down there and I can tell you very intimidating crowd and then it's almost like it or shark in the worst all ought. And they wanted to see more pain inflicted on trauma you know they're I I really think the greens as well as he. You know other numbers that may try to lukewarm on them. I think they'd love this team really think they love the direction I can't believe they can mr. They're exciting team a lot you've got really good arms star players all the Tommy talked about Ryan but not all he's one of those players it's involving real talk about a hundred York church all the problems this year he's going to be a star player. You look at the development of Matty grizzly. You know obviously Jake to brought has done great. Dottie Sweeney before flying but it really is a four or Edward corral him. And the charity and shell are. That's all on the pro scouts it's a phenomenal job by Dotty is group really is so well. If farmer bruised that I'd really pumped I told my bosses and DC two years ago. We better get tons of Bruins games are these guys are gonna be really good to sign all young kids coming up. I said they'd done a fantastic job with their scouting development really they deserve a lot of credit. Last question from reappeared in the when you talk about going into this next game is there any thing. That Toronto and Babcock and do what are and what do they have to do in order to get this back in the the way they wanna get it on. Martyrs gonna have to take it into another level he's in the best leash forwards so far he's got to go to another level. And so those Austin matches those two guys out there. Find a way young players to take games over it they can that it becomes more difficult equation for boss trigger out if they can't. Also warns that Cicely it's in Arabic. One more for me appear before let's don't wanna go back to what you're just saying about how Don Sweeney assembled this team got a lot of NCA players like guys I called their games. In college. And you mentioned character and I think you're absolutely right about that this team has that in spades but. I also think maybe Bruins fans are just realizing hero the last couple months. The high skill level of these players and I know that we've seen eighteen this skilled in this deep playing in Boston along long time you see it that way. You have to go back to the teams that I coached against back in the early nineties Pittsburg. You know it yet that malls and yet Raymond or Kenya had obviously. Q and the alien mean you have a lot of really good players on those teams when we're pitcher Hiroki back to back. Eastern Conference final yards and phenomenal phenomenal player so I get back that's sort of fired. And Donnie was on and can't mart receipt grumbled Palestinians. To go back in Seattle child to the burns were compared to distinct. The problem is I became the host about five years after that they were not that skills. Late night spot on I saw water all exit as coach and an auto. Earl George. The tough years no question about that they're great to talk to it was fun watch it last night tonight enjoy Pittsburgh. All thanks a lot of Asian looking for a get a box tomorrow brought. You can replace the air okay.