OMF - Pierre McGuire: Ryan Donato a good fit for Lightning series, 4-26-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 26th

Pierre McGuire joins the show to talk about the Bruins’ upcoming series against the Lightning and thinks Ryan Donato will fit well in this transitional, fast series. The player to watch out for will be Victor Hedman, who McGuire compared to an NFL tight end because he is a big guy and a tremendous talent.



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Making great points all. Great point Lou. And I've spoken like a four. Former athletic and tell your thinking like a sportsman Pete Fort Wayne removing and Fauria on WEEI. Oh and if I believe you're McGwire and she's fourteen to zero last night at the garden watched the through throughout the hour. I'm doing great and good to talk you Luke crushing guys are few days. We've got some more hockey here it's more blocking the light at least another round anyway so you tell us did you expect. That a couple of young players rookies would be the heats of the Bruins went last night in your veterans out here guys that you would depend on. Look like they were nervous a little bit uptight in the game seven. Well I don't know are possible reductions are pretty good Michael Marcia and really good I thought Byrd Charles outstanding act like creature creations really solid. I really like American warriors came as a younger I had hoped that one of the younger guys you alluded to. I heat that was about asking you play in a series. And I thought obviously everybody does subject to brush just outstanding and I just so enjoyed my interview at the end of the well also marble young and that just an awesome guy that taught you know it's right. I know losers I've watched movies will be generic. And we talked about drafting. And out of Pittsburgh. Outside memorial locked armies are expected cash or even impossible to government receivers are pretty jacked. Beer that this game started off a look like it was going to be issued which is turned out of seven to four bit. You'll both goalies Arnold was a bit of nerves in that first period she took is finally lightning rod this town. How would you assess. To sleep overall took arrest in this first round in last night because a lot of people would say he had his moments does good that's got to be better. His best moment in the series was to gain their warm and strong gains for liver problems in the belied a thousand best moment of the series. You really wasn't tested in water to three he was just okay for you that's outstanding. You know five and six and the entire group can look at themselves and say we need to be better. I think seven it was a roller coaster so. In order for them to take the next step in his Roberts had a tale of the tape she vs under about us right now about Celeste keywords that scale rotate. You know Val. I hope to could get a have a little chip on social wanna prove a lot of people are anarchy can do that and I think Boston got a legitimate chance to really compete ministers. Yeah you know appear my thing for it since the beginning of this last year it was that. The Bruins are gonna have to win despite of him right they're gonna happen at Philly they can do it. Just based on the fact that they had so much off offensive power laces so many guys that its course to see that first line BP this is something that they're gonna have to do moving into the second round. Yeah not orders were so concerned about that just got a little some comical don't know like I think Christian that. There's a lot of thing. Things that that happened answers as Boston's going to be successful. And they're gonna have to really identified match actually it did against trot out. They're gonna have to nature of that camp doesn't get a lot of power play opportunity. They're gonna have to really generated very solid cycle game because it's the one thing that really improves for there are. Over the last two after three reaches or cycle defense and that's a boss in manufacturing a lot of their opportunities. They're gonna make sure the Victor adminstration a lot of hard and that she dominates. From the back and he's in our stroking nominee. They have to give in to also let's keep in terms of breaking him early on he's a very very good goalie that you got a break him early on one of the things I can tell you he. He doesn't like the pot starting from behind him. Meaning if you cycle would never get a below the racing line he doesn't like it when you come around the net. He's uncomfortable with Betty you won't admit that obviously that that's one of his. About things when you watch him play word he's given up some goals and some situation new rumors not a strong but there's a lot of things accomplished and I wanted to pursue and you need to do Christian in this thank you you know after the Edmund you cannot get to meet street church. Was not the biggest difference when you look at Toronto defense. Not real good you look at Hedman you look at McDonnell this is a much different defense apparent. There's no question. Wanting to use with Ryan. They are able to manage Linux compare to what they were doing in New York so that helps and become much more efficient player. I victors it's huge personally concealed that you isn't in need just a gigantic security could be a crater are all encryption dead big shot yeah yeah I know the. Yeah I think that's listed a and zoo. Eight. He's you know he's a very good athlete and he's a really no question I served very long time. He's just tremendous challenge in relation he's one of the guys Eric yeah early while. Yeah one guy in now Rick Nash is kind of vote come with some reputations of the leading various stops along the way CO playoffs and kind of disappeared time incidentally. We got to Sunday here. Is it one of those things may regroup because he's good and evil from him in the second round. All that but there's no question richt knows that you especially when he gets a scoring chance is Lou that you're alluding to. Might take back to a couple of games and trying to worry just glorious scoring opportunities and just basically shut the park. Race in the Freddie Anderson and last Agent Orange which is making work or you saw the jump and carruthers it's enjoyed. What you do armed so they need Rick Rick's an important part of this torch for capacity expansion of the past. But the one thing that I like a ball awesome new UT get Ryan I think levels alluding to this reform which started. Again I think goes in and enact a coach's decision and that's a good job workers' chassis scores. So. And I know people Boston. Really wants you write about how. This is a series were Ryan but not a search key fits in the Tampa Bay Boston's shooters because it is transition series of the passengers. While they'll be a lot of oval provides. Tampa doesn't defend great in the new rules on match or Ryan manufactured a lot of opportunities. On his explosive speed through the neutral law. So this will be one of those are threatening key sits may be a little bit better about what you would ever get stronger which was a much more structured. Neutral zone and in don't cover trying to. Well with that you wind does he fit in our fourth line guy to keep their fourth line together and love to brushed over there with Ricci is it are there and that. Left side of the right side rather Nia third line. It might be the one thing that would be beneficial there. He's a left hand shot if you were playing in the right side. Wanting that would be beneficial. On the Bruins like to come out of their own to all a lot of the left hand side of the extra whatever reason whether coach char weather story crew whether it's marriage really reminds me a lot of Chicago. When adopting key when they're Johnny would be and they had clarity so the transition unions start to the left inside the actual number expecting good drinks. Could that not all being electric shot on the right hand side may be fewer. Opportunities to crash down antiquities patient you're there are so that's it but the other thing in this is important pockets of Saturday. If you're backed you're the upside Winger. Election on the right side you can come a little bit late. And then you're opens up for the one timer and match wanna write true strikes to so pay attention to. In the way of talking about it almost reminds me of when they inserted Tyler Sagan in a series against Tampa and they you know guidance quick it's open ice does not afraid to shoot. And that can change that series around a few years ago Fuhrman. Back irrelevant point yeah it sure did you have 101211. You know and I remembered at all those games and that she uses actual agreement that that's a very developed or clinch. I think the one thing what's Ryan Jews if he gets an opportunity. You assumptions which. That there was a question mark about finishing outside the Plosser knocked spurs are Marcia line obviously who's such pure injures but that's machine ministers. There's not there wasn't a lot of pure finish of other guys the one thing about writers in Russia finished. You know Pierre I don't know if you don't it's not that there's only a couple guys in the city that can actually talk about hockey and another known about it. But ward is out so and especially if you don't go to the games like if you don't go to the games are not allowed talk about he can't be taken their particular boy Jack Edwards blood jacket were by the way with it after our boy little. Like you'll hit it past the rest of the you know hits that are boy lose any number of really not qualified. To talk about Brooke because he never goes to the different when you're at the game as opposed to watching it on TV. Is that true. All of while they weren't paying huge if you had to choose between being a game or watching it on TV or on tape could be better yet again Russian law. Saying things. Mean the other suspect actually acting football's probably better watch out chase sculpture to break it things out but in hockey a complete teams then. Thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars on video pretty scouts because their players can't be a big change they had been in their berms. Bombs so back so keen to actually prepare their players now about the real. Yeah I hit ball for how do you think players know. I didn't players are playing in the game it's the same thing at your fan not a respect whatever and you can watch games on new NHL packaging could still figure out. All are listening you know but bringing it down for just concluded he showed children ultimately you want you guys guys listen if you are in your coverage if you elect and if I get my information and one and one other thing my. No one thing I know one thing seriously. That the playoffs of the and so novel and I'm so happy for Scottish I dug to study this and officers that's. And so our expert on Sweeney can't nearly could not remember the slings and Harold do you guys collect. When they decided there implement this vision of going armed and drafting and trading or established players and every all the shall never work this is terrible these guys don't know what they're doing. All they sure do know what they're doing and the scouting staff was Scotty FitzGerald in the entire group started Bradley. They have done a magnificent. Magnificent job to script is built collapsed this one hit wonder. You and you said they'll give you credit you said this year and a half ago we haven't even seen the other kids that are still in the system right now that we're gonna see in the next great one thing before we let you go because. A Christian wanted to know this he's fast he's trying to figure out a duck camera oh what medical practice does seem to have during the daytime but with especially with his own. He's got a he's figured my ovary and I am account should. Assumes no bonus this contest is a threat. He's like or. You know I'm sitting he got his doctor at least trumbull. Mueller goes after him like don't know I don't know all popped out and tonight we're washing to its portable watched. But my guess my guess he spends more time disease that might need to do more things off his chest filled her. This talk things out announcement at an. The there's always enjoy it. But let's do it again so great visiting British guys are just really enjoy it you guys thank you so much and here are gonna do it again soon yeah he's about your record NBC sports.