OMF - Players Only a reminder of how important pro broadcasters are 3-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, March 22nd

HOUR 4 - TNT has a night for former players to do their own broadcast of an NBA game. Kind of neat at first, this novelty might have run this course. And we here from Martellus Bennett, who is adding weed and video games to the ever growing list of things that interest him.


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On you maybe. These award winning ceremony and forty that all of about Thomas could you come the time like. It's our open and most quarterbacks. Everybody that Baylor players only our team he would but do you buy out a tree. Got all the cars. An infant car and all but apple would smoke thank you Chris Gent. Did I shudder try to do what ever lands. Not bad I met up with Glenn and Lou and Christian there is some sentiment will win in the Celtics organizing all of you here that Jeff that. Let's see what happens with the second opinions but that possibly not this is far from that now without the alarm but possibly. This could put his season in jeopardy I. I get it in this world why people are. And each is projected to run somebody out and and you know if you loved football and he's in Canada did this yesterday I. Khalid diversity like that I noted an identity and you conveying the drug to make paying the drone. There's a line. Out of your mind seeing you make you happy right now. Did the boom boom machine working at all working. On Sports Radio WEEI. Good day so far we've learned a lot we found out exactly what's going on which carrier ring believe I think maybe. Found out that a grown man especially former athlete cannot take a ten hour. Energy drink or 25 hours and actually you know. Function that doesn't that doesn't work doesn't work that way at all. If she goes the other way around for a and we found out that training does not have a problem with the mid day show that the reason that she's not on. The radio station Monday through Fridays that everything and do with perks not even Jerry's fault. It's hurtful it right so we've Lauren polo playing a lot of really the good stuff so I wanna sit and learn one more thing and all of us. I understand that you guys around athletes who leave the game at night and understand the gains better than somebody like I'd like because. Are literally from the inside out yes. You don't have to placate them online on our way MEI. And lately yeah pretty good I don't and I'm good with a seat on that the other guard. And I was a cute little idea. When the NBA came up and said we're going to try and experiment. Using player only announcers. On our games and we'll do it as a theme for the entire night so in other words we're gonna man the studio. With players only wouldn't it be fun we're I think Ernie Johnson will it take its essence throws that out of the studio. And it put Shaq in the lead role move. Because you know Shaq was the what was the movie was in the great that focus Erica okay you're not a great fan as I am not an object so he can. So we can't let and I hope. Take all of the announcers out. Who understand. The technique. The elements of describing what is going on in a gain of almost irritable with the air the ball was hedged for the guy got to go to. Really find this is talked with players speak and it'll be great for everybody and I I've got Italian. First time her support is pretty good this kind of interest because this chit chat go back and forth you know it's kind of interest thing. It's it's it's run its course. It is done earlier if it works on so now what you have is instead of being a professional in the room. An adult who knows exactly all it is doing guy with the format it's in the broadcast. We've got freaking Nate Robinson. Is trying to do you like drops mentions. Commercials and there wouldn't get it. Here players only on TT but do you buy bottled tree. Up all the cars in infants are in love with. Up all the cars on one place and by that by Verizon. The most awarded that work at my bag at the altar. If I could have a good I have my bad on that looked up Obama more play than Floyd Mayweather. About what they were discovered over butler's. I would I would mind it though no no no holes I wouldn't mind that it was only one. Okay because I I I screw up my son happens it happens it into her branding all week as tribal fund I'd found the little samba. He doesn't have free time he reads a commercially marketable visible they're more so Nate Robinson and is mark Fuller at. To create another one by Nate Robertson. It's very important whereas the other large but every time Nate Robinson leads one of these it's an advent. From its. Players only. On T. Yeah. We are allies and Lara weird how you know. Aaron and a quick winds up on paper. Our paper we aren't we admits it's amazing yeah. Probably my favorite guys have done that the union applause okay bigger players should play the game here analyst. Staff. If he's here read what you guys he has to host the show all the times I've he's excellent at and think pocket it will make it right. I have a better way to do it lowered into Muslims there there load into you know. Well maybe owes you complain about some of the reads all the time they don't put economy in the right wrong. It doesn't eat right don't read elaborate person you don't know where today and underneath it's it's terrible he's the first times that these are always one Eddie yeah. Stated he would like if you're going to talk to friends and yeah Atlanta but you lot just I nodes and by the way somehow keep it there. Yeah. Hitler if that's your whole works in TV you were probably small thank you Chris Jones. They've got a lot of us. 90 yeah. Canada. He's yeah of April it never happened in memorial would ever made and now it's different with TV TV decent on the production meeting is set Nate Robinson down. And had to read scripts about times. Yeah I. I love it though that he now because you know he's read it on just recently out of about it and the way they go again I read it read in Idaho he's starting at the cars. Are in all these Hitler. All the cars if I had wanted to call you wanted to call the game the other night. Marcus Moore sits the on three did that when I look at this is a national broadcast so the people who were listening to this. We don't have an idea we'd do because we're Celtics fans so we knew that it was Horford and we knew what the ball was going to each player. But if you aren't you know it national audience they don't know who these players are. Listen to the players only description. Of the final play the other and. Just so they are it's those picks up with Morse in bounding the ball was wilderness silenced are not just crowd noise it was just I was about these students say they are not as ago. Oh yeah. You know we're. Right there in the room. It's a big big one of the players was the play by play guy. Ultimately play or not watches it all out. I don't know I don't. It's what I want to so there's nobody that would cynic you know bowlers can bounce the ball goes to hold back the mowers notes that up. It's it it's not yet that is why great game and how they d'antoni takes a more dominant role or he's you know lead the eight. What we call the alpha dog so he's got a little bit more. This day. But no. Notice here. I don't how dates of it it Ian began the raw looking at light from the banks and it is like the viewer and nobody regardless of ought to know there's an oil when. Budget for almost like here's the play of the game it was the path to the core that was like ice or game. They be able to click to mistreatment at the same goal here is why this win it's gonna help him in the playoffs turning to concede. You know an all sudden bell missed two free throws and they are ready for this played a matter of cool. I learned about it. Did you lay out nailed it it's like after all those benefit here is there to watch it like in an outlet it is on the couch and note that yeah he's asks you just watching you know it's just been. I think this is he needs. Okay. On the death does is that it doesn't work to be doing great need like a ball boom we might go do what are you at least you can watch what's going on. That would be inching to see. OK okay somebody's gotta it's like yet three guys aren't. Somebody's got to put our plate act. Nate Robinson he's never done before and it's hard right has gotten all the players that's important in a decade in and out again and all the rules and everything else that goes to go in and out of breaks. You gotta know when to shut up blitzer guys speak and they give their analysis. That's what our like this that's red lights and I hope Watson more of the of the pregame with that with Shaq Isaiah Tom Arnold would get a guy wants. I'll. Once dessert yeah I ever knew he was he was fumbling around utilities. One is first night as he could get it out there need to. This is they I think that this division now but but it. I liked it the first time and I liked it may be the second time. And KG at the same thing he kgo has aired on how he does not going to let everybody has anything yet the things sound after the game right. Well no he he predicted that Morris was gonna make the shot apparently so they've played that the tape over and over again. We're at but he's on the broadcast. I have no problem with what he's don't actually like what what the KG is too I think that's interesting element. That they've picked up there with that that you know going to that studio that looks like a basketball court. I just think when you had the play by play. You at least have to have one guy in front got some professional knows what he's telling us remove the I guess now but I. I apologize I don't work I have plates you can yeah I don't gamble a little but I wanted to be good news. Because it's TV it's just like you know what you don't need to do play by play its TV is just tried doing with all play by play. There's everyone's watching it with you just talk Nolan some at this them happen. Now maybe that's embryos barbecue we don't want to play by play because it's on TV and radio unit to view now what are you BJ take it away doesn't mean just like I did we go. I would get a similar amounts of ought to Smart he's been out over a war for overbay at the mowers. He puts it up and no doubt I could do no not really being but you handle it this way that you got to let me know exactly what's going on in with the invade bomb pass that was like you got at the current. On late like condom off guard oh. It almost got him off guard. And they got a would least let me know with a national audience where the balls don't tell ya if you're watching it. I don't wanna lower goes to Washington elite different animals don't you wanna mention player's name I I can't see the benefit of solid jerseys now. The Kodak just. And a lot of these yeah. Yeah. Number of people and. Middle it goes a you're gonna back at how little guard. It offered overtime. But it at that guy and now through the last three. And he lost the ball but as it picked up in the air national little follow up why I'm having trouble with the name Celtics. Let all of I don't they have my favorite. It was no I don't know I'm originally indicated there was nobody thought they. I hope we don't address the ads of the like me John Maine I don't mean just drove around. That's on sale like the players staying. Regionally. Can light it. Because that that was different and I'm sure they got a lot of good they do researcher they got a lot of good feedback and so we'd like this. But now it's it's one not pleased until the playoff game was something is important that really counts now let's let's have an adult in the room supervisor and if so always let's you know they're all many games as I don't. The Celtics in the Isa bring likening guests. Analysts are renowned men become an answer with might. Gorman a imminently maybe one quarter cup series. There are some might do on the TV during the TV which I can tell me. Wasn't nobody has acknowledged it was like it was lake America Maria Emma noodles one time was out there and it is doing a as a guest has a point every now and they're a little way get going called the game and I saw Mario was going on a deliverable until some. Well are you don't what's gone into the right usual you that was launched an HBO show bill. Maybe it'll last. In I don't know if you have you know an interview Obama. Like. It's different this is that they are working ticket and paid to do the broadcasts I know that's probably the one part was a signal to its team. It's really close if you're supposed to just I don't know I don't know the news you added that as an out here you know I have great. You like the favorite professional play by play guys they're pissed because that's a moment they lay out the election if winning shot with time running out and that's that like. Junior Michael I have one of the greatest calls but those guys loved it calls or and or shoddy greedy when the acts duels is called a stolen again the other night. So we stole the call when they won the championship. Mac's screen I don't. And look at the script if any did it again. On the final call by Marcus Morris he started you know using his wife is that this man tapped guess that is polls is all of that was and you don't show grannies is that this. He had a line is that's so classic it was late. Yadda yadda if they're like vampires you definitely stab him in the heart that was it and then we've got is that I've become mob at my pillows night it was good I got doubled down it was like it was it was nice got pretty had a good call for the final shot and Max stole a state she took it away from. He still lose the state in which just. Hopefully we'll do a whole playbook it's wide open through witness in the time period win. When. We hypocrite. And it. Will look. The blind. We that but the players thing to. The same thing that was longer as a longer version of all things got personal Adams was missing sounds so although it was it Ron Paul's community now. Derek Fisher and and Brett bear those with three guys okay. You know dominate Robertson okay. Let's get to detonate a Clinton didn't. Did to music on their characters as I do that is why. Eliminating until the doughnut it's gonna get them on a limited. I six point 777 on seven 37 right here and elements experienced clay and 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Or away now back to more we're way we're looking before you watch Sports Radio WEEI. They know what Thomas could you come the Tom DeLay tolerant open and most quarterbacks. Everybody does it how that. Oh yeah see right here. Alexander doesn't say who nobody makes you know life. You know yeah there's a lot of rally uses video games where there's been days where you know I did. Maybe that outlook has thrown my way and after the game towns like your coverage of delay pay actually got used as a got two bodies four more times they just keep doing what you're doing. You don't engage we did a great job Ginn open during his game I just miss you so is nothing that your doing his meet the users come on it was all right all right you know is there. Andre. And it really poignant TP twelve home buying and everything. There everybody feel like they're the most important person in the room I would like to. All we're keeping you engaged give us the comparison of what it was like with Aaron Rodgers that would be good here right. Do you have. And I don't think sent off. I would agree and I thought let's all go along we'd write talk about what that. It goes to 2000 goes all the podcast yeah as an analytical plays on Tuesday video games smoke weed out. I think I get that I understand that off season opened to do and we did get high and put it you can play for. Sects like Ricky williams' life right exactly so easily attended this business. I know you don't win that would like if that's not really a surprise visit coming up all idiots passions we love knows a lot about it guys trying to get us involved in something he really cares about because I'm a much or charitable football that one years pretty damn good. And then he drifted off what are you moved to like Pakistan and India at samaritan and hills like Brazil look for me somewhere and living in a tent lost my goal is the craziest thing. So he had these great years right and he cited quit lost all the weight. Came back gained all the way back it was was great for the dolphins and it was really didn't think he had it down. But now analogy he does is he should be no surprise me says don't strain or Rumsfeld called right on me does that leave that we do callers. Ricky Williams terrain. Wouldn't it strain of weed. He did drop a red categorized it to drop an awful way he looked like they showed pictures Emily good exit out of Santa Ana and youth might meditating. And that was all in the no smoking bottle feeds are you really need to be a whole matter that you've given your career because you just. We just say ports probably the draft picks the sinking them out on his career this is accurate. These career what's his career was we GAAP yes and he knows that division that was good and decent and it is now and now he's there are days. It took he would give up but his career and again it's starting Apple's about it researching organizers darting his own career Baltimore football players should do them when they should have a second why they're going to game of football we should be working on the career after football. Tom Brady has worked on his career after football right now Ricky Williams is at first that these final figures to be well finally got Lamar Lamar to an end to this is my misses him what. Not complexes that sort of out of bounds they call him body that title plays wanna do the Nazis. Like you opting it wasn't what lingering until it is the smoke please. And as you can turn your life you don't put a serious guy buck and act like a wolf Schwarzenegger did. The Big Apple and the devils. The audacity of right thumb I've read the if I disagree. They Hillary it is possible we don't know staff we can't you read these kids to smoke and reads it and it's any serial. Right cereal and by the way that was another that was another it's their proposal of the group practice like it to to Beijing I think it was another great bracket challenge we have the other day that I and so on line what. Cereals cereals that fears that Mans and the nearly as good as drew wants alone as well as Apple's jobs houses six I think is really watchable. Once there you'll stay away from. Yeah if you have a sensitive. Upper. A mouth you know inside a Mountain View about it from me Captain Crunch moment ago reasonably settled on nominating you'll start bleeding when you know that got you and let it soak in Milken's if you don't love it blows air park inside roof of your mouth like nobody's business and in life whom. On nothing to do a paper what's in it yet besides. Tom Brady's cereal will be what. Be gluten free eating nothing is done he's done to hit it would be a box it's hello Bobby nothing it's not like oh look it's like you guys at the some kind of it does not just it's loose free corn flake out with no sugar no nothing it all relates. Serena so there's like it takes on the off from a nuclear plant and he treats it with all the milk of course it's got off at about tree in his kidney from a foul now we. Are actually true. You could you couldn't buy it in any store no you know he's he's getting hit me I don't mind and it makes backyards. Probably some notes through makes it to screw this thing that you're less likely to. And thankfully confident that on here last night to Chris Long was retiring. I'd studies the restructure his contract. So yes every structure of his contract and he's back and pardon my take apparently as it and in the development a role here. With though with breaking story shock helped go along with a putt. I thought I heard last night to Chris Long was going to retire and maybe that was leverage maybe I putted it 8 or 9 o'clock last night when he was applying a little extra. Instant you know leverage and the deal okay I'll just walk away with money championship ranked. But apparently he adds he's accepted an offer from the Philadelphia Eagles. And he's coming back from the aria will begin we Alice Paul's money from last year are supposed to make it back now. Oh yeah you're always a dire salary he did. He did and I was gonna it will only get back to shoot two. And I look at that list and I gave got to that position sellers last year where it was about what I think about what very Smart guy and makes them look at now we had to do plan on is that it will more years. Playoff unaccountable money count don't count on that they almost all those things add don't tell people that money amateur understand how that works really don't mean. Just give it all the way he must have. A lot of money that was what it was was first round that was an eighty thinking about this point 22 rookies has given everything elected to give way the playoffs shared indeed signing also probably also sure salary assurance that you made the underdog shirts yet right that. That that they so they've made these him and lane Johnson I think decided the whole underdog thing and were so sure they're given away. And the pro shop Philadelphia Eagles pro shop picked up on as far as making the same shirt but selling them or not given him anyway there is an issue there. I mean that's how it went down with a realistic. Tickets and zoo keepers pay this year at Z I think only that I think he's done an iron. He's been enough so can make that much doesn't matter I see you contract I'm a sequence of molecular restructure your veteran minimum is going to be close the million dollars. This has been a hole for some time he wants to talk to lose so well. Is John in New Hampshire hi John. Shame Luke. On youths and are you and your union and the reason why do you buy them because I didn't pay. Have an opportunity every time you go to the argument. Looking at that I didn't give anything that type nick and the hard Witten with no Brighton I've got to fight for these young guys. John Lennon's son John John John John then not in the unions to. Point and I'm going to knock on you and you know none of it may remember that allow them up in a membership. That that actual member but that number. He. You know you need. To let them in you can't let them out of money you. Yeah. Well they vision that listened. They don't have anybody to fight for them they don't have you identified only I don't I agree with them. Right and I really independent I agree with you. And try to unload and unions are a little hello somebody else and and you know what to do it I'd like to. MLB is viewed as. I don't have the clout guide them because they let me maybe to record at these young guys like me. Not you Ahmad. He's got the problem is I didn't really know John the volleys. It's a lot like the NFL wants these players get older they stopped hearing. About the younger guys that are coming up. I don't affect our our guys we reversal of the older guys that are retired commander felt the guys that are retired agree other plan like Oscar will never gonna need MLB PA but the Adobe PA's knuckle to congress to try to make sure this never happens to ECB is city fighting. It should be fighting. I'd like you collectively blood little white why would include Laura Kong. The worst part about it is that like the the Mitt MO BP A has actually negotiated for these minor leaguers in the draft. And it actually can get the right to negotiate a slot system. Yet been all right to negotiate they don't negotiate for them for salaries as a joke. Where the joked they used in the nation allow them you all riled the many union pulling out this really can't afford you don't union dues than normal obviously that can't. Let him let him and you look at the here. Yeah but you missed out on the experience of being a minor league. Powell says it's over. You know Robin top Rama for dinner are fine but it was only the life I've boxer you know it's. All the chicken nuggets you could you do it but you know what you brought it up players. They just want theirs and they forget about the guys before and they don't give Iran accessible and I was coming after July at the only does care about it of the guys. There in the present Emily also guys annual guidance it was I went through you need to go through to suffered used to suffer now and make you tougher but you better person make you you know you know respected more will they actually ship artful. He's tell. It's just another it was embarrassing when you brought up those numbers and did calculation. I mean they're making 339 an hour which is content let's say you have that in about another guy. How many hours you're you're talking about but I mean you know it's it's travel you know boss times we would do one and earned a 4 o'clock from what suited to attend every night yeah eleven so it's less than that little nine hours today don't we six days a week seven days we gave less days off. Among the major league baseball players do what I did lose we projected it up to forty hours a week. For all the dialogue more you have an entire year it your right they have to work out and work at their craft with a seventy hour weeks. In L for five months which. In general pitches to Paris it is kids in China are getting paid more you know in the assembly. I'm do you have another job I get ten minutes left and not miss I don't I doubt yeah I stride really it was our right. It's just kicking his show is over we need did little and reality got 45 minutes and now suddenly got somewhat of a big important medium to bring it back. A more important way Merom moaning and 48 right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. I back here and pull him out we had mentioned earlier. LeBron James in the night it yet last night pretty impressive. 35 points. Seventeen assists he's the most remarkable thing about the seventeenth as he did not have a single turnover in again. It is an NBA record nobody has ever done that before. So it was an awakening last night is that they don't mogul wait a minute. And we talked earlier about. Whether Calgary is going to come back whether he will be capable of coming back with a they wanna bring him back in this situation because it was an eye opener. This was another eye opener. And we mentioned once I think he got mentioned Al Horford name get mentioned once in the shuttered. Which by the way is a America and low record low prices lower half its cramping a record low. Dwight Howard last night had 32 points and thirty. Announced thirty rebounds in 2018. Ending and the reason I bring it out. Edited and if there ever has been in a bigger under achiever. In the in the NBA it's this thing right. Oh yeah and this guy should be knocked out LeBron James and playoffs Kevin Kelly and over the last on the net down 2000 Donna it bigs luckiest shack yes. And what was with more you know mobile via the now. All 32303230. To do that in this day and age to get thirty rebounds. And when it counted Wilt Chamberlain do it like a million yet but there was some emissions let's get. This on anybody out of three feet short and put everybody's just they were shooting you know good garden was shooting what Bob Cousy averaged 34% shooting yourself like it was shipping and Rivera I was not there that was now none. Now we you can make out all the all the regular duties. Stretch you found some old old sounds as of June hole none out and what is this about it I didn't know as a unit. It's on Saturday it was you what is don't replacements yeah and it is you get no the year candidate in. The strategy Summers who is today and asked for Rosa mainly young little toddler with Johnny most with some estimating what you'll do you. Did you juveniles and you want to do little impression of an incredible hit pretty good thing aside aside this is highly immature. Right right so Leno gives us an upgrade and I felt strongly about particular restaurant where it's like what's that was the problem at the same game which program. What can we play with. Me all the good that I love and yeah. Yeah right we get what I got to game was do you name all of the players that you caught a touchdown from. Right guys that are typically for around the world quarterback. You really make. I was like I haven't that's all right no lets on here as a couple other let them know that serves that make you weren't you could not get it right it's not anything that beat people up yet. Okay audio if you listen to Sharon he makes of four hours down they're about how you're brought by day you or your costs cottage. I throw it do you odds royalties. It is one he missed one did a lot better that you needed evidence wrong get all the he's operated well today I might. I don't but yet Adam Vinatieri you know Dave Liggett that's who we regard terrible person well trained teams moving David Attenborough one why the crew we all of my team exactly yeah I had quarterly loss in Ireland now I would think you'd remember a touchdown. You remember earlier touchdown celebrations is seen him back. If you release and in the game in the half and Mary's is that they've had no idea. This is what we got today we have all kinds of things that route back on the show you can imagine other personal best knowing I'm really make a really short hours they got through the same thing Johnson mossy is Arthur made into the back back back back to back a couple of days and I really it and bank is probably William right now. On they're coming up this mood as the camera guys got a handful of Boone Ben. You back pack a bag packed foods in the sponsor original has very little bit yeah. I got back. Tomorrow morning and then there were hopeful.