OMF - Predictable Steelers fan hates Tom Brady, 11-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, November 17th

Hour 3 - The guys discuss Scott Kacsmar, of Football Outsiders, and his claim that Tom Brady is only the fifth best quarterback in the history of the NFL.  Kacsmar has absolutely no facts to back up his claim so how on earth could Brady not be any higher than number 5 all time?!?  They also brielfy touch on the Thursday Night Football game between the Steelers and the Titans and how much of a threat the Pittsburgh Steelers can be down the stretch.


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On you read it. Beats Fort Wayne and bony and 48. About fifty. How club average. Daddy did die this season with clay and Lou and Christian this team right here they put 03 or anybody as hard they would not be Cleveland they will not be Toronto and how much you save the world. Listen claims or April 30 two does not go happened four times so game we'll disrespect I'm not go make some favorite recent conference lesser retained. It was better than this team okay. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'll hold off from fruits and whole getting all over Maloney of the average shelf stuff. So average out if you wanna go back to early in the in the game. He had done. Five turnovers. Wasn't shooting real well terrible if you price it there in the stands with you kid probably just kind of do you know low key as you know heeded more people who start giving you you rat I don't know I don't know react to what exactly exactly you just sit there you know it's not just some months along on his sentence or so in the end. In the end Al Horford ends up seven all of them. Still has the five turnovers but didn't turn the ball over again after of those force B five sloppy journalist and we come out of the games yeah. Outpost of the Metallica who. Who wants but it I swing drapes is going have to sit there with a racial problem from recently but he did all the deficits coming down pieces too little to say an excellent. That percentage came down he still scored sixteen yeah. You take that as actually I think it's gritty team and me in theaters in the 88 dictate the best. It's a ticket to Nebraska but the little little joke book on the and analyzed areas the spree they do these is pretty. This stuff in the lane last that we shall to you know for for a lot of dignity I wanted to stories right scorn beats him capable scorers reports. In an alien 30 okay. Okay. I like have taken three she can Petri dish and now every time you've got a big. Who can make. Threes you want him to take him. Because he can miss more of them and still be far more productive second of all he's taking a big away from underneath. He's taken him to the perimeter to open up space for everybody else. I don't have a problem with Al's game it's above average but that's you know it's. It's up to the individual I which on the Celtics on the table because it was great last that was fought only Brent Barry. Was not enthused or excited about it last night please some additional woken them up on the second quarter. So a lot of us did not watch the football game I've watched a little bit of it. I had a DVR but I decided that I wasn't gonna watch the whole thing you do don't you want back this morning and watched ball flight. All I'm back and forth really that's cares about the race because it was the game was so good nine point four nationally. It was up slightly from a year ago which nine point three last year it was nine point three last year nine point four last him nationally sews up slightly but I don't know local was still working on the local numbers and try to get Celtics vs football. How we deal of that ball. Still happening real tale of it's amazing it takes that long ago that. To the Dolan sent pigeons out they do that now you know I think with the latest technology and digital technology and get those pretty quickly right. I guess that's a big number. I would hope so now that's a big I would hope so should be open water so you had no desire to watch any game I didn't want sort of it's because he was and what worked housekeeping item my phone for different reasons I did watch for a part of that and is they said Kirsten I will watch some of because they taped it DVR it and I watched. Some of that after. But a lot of the stuff I watched Pittsburgh was already in control over the period where they sort of tuck it and touched until they were now. But it didn't hit it seeded duke tells me director of you know Margaret I saw the double pay as an adult you know Delanie Walker dropped that touchdown pass but. I'll say this though. As far as Pittsburgh is concerned. A day as far as their defense that's really good but its Internet freak out about it hookers or defense without offensive line. And their differences is pretty good idea especially with guys like that view. And and admittedly I'd like to view all the imaginary bad view I love the mad at him director of the men you know what I I liked it at times because again really gives you an idea of where the quarter of what he's look at how look at. But there are times when it's too much what I wanna actually see some so can mix and AM. I I think it was just up there are trying to do because when the tail backs running out there watching going why don't actually. Stop stop stop chattering your feet to get to the whole wide you you know I'll say they're acting like back going coach going. When it you'll get a hold a source with the titans and throws by the quarterback. When you least at their DC how tight windows are tough syllables throw czar. And the fact that they're actually able to get those balls to those guys on time around rhythms does it it is a different to respect what those guys let my thought. Was it was even after the they squeaked by the win against Indy and we just sort of wrote them off for waiting game. You know can't take them suitors this barely beat Indianapolis it's like when we have seen that before the patriots barely beat a lot of teams you this year. It's still a team that hasn't been right offensively Roethlisberger hasn't looked right. Antonio Brown is having. You know Goodyear needs to lead them before last night where he went absolutely nuts. The lady on bell hasn't looked like himself and Saint Augustine meanwhile seven and two with a winning games they haven't. Plate they're potential especially offensively. And right now isu defense yes well you see that offensive explosion a little bit of brown and and Roethlisberger looked better. Chance to tell me the competition is in these round. It's not that that they they are but. I think historically we look at it and Brady is never really had difficulty going to say they're desperate you know it's given I'm just gonna script and a see I think to me they're much different I think he was able before people before he understood that little bullets Bergen what they were doing. And of course she had the Dick LeBeau the old defense Gordon on the other side now okay go against them. And it to mean this is a a younger quicker. More athletic defense on asking you this great team you know work his way easily through this defense to waste on Pittsburgh in the. Well I mean it's it's on because historically. Kind of doesn't everybody you know what I would say that their offense this Pittsburgh Steelers offense has the weapons. To match in which he joked if you do go on a rule. And these did he start put double budget points they have enough weapons just in eagerly at one of the best backs in the league's top three easily. One of the best receivers top three Antonio Brown it is Bryant GG Smith Shuster. On their tight end is decent. So. They can easily attacked Q and at multiple ways is how they do it is to them obviously but edit and then that defense of patrons is quotable we've seen it. So when I saw that defense of it while Cameron hero is a beast you know upon to it is a busy street. TJ watt abut two prix at linebacker rice easier and Joseph Haden didn't play. But eventually mean though and it's just you sit legal they have everything you need as far as building a Ross's thought the patriots. Yeah fast athletic young linebackers that can run. You wants and did a jays white out Lawson Deon Lewis out OK fine I'm a big raucous Philip mismatch for anybody so you always have that but ultimately. Mean yeah hope you get home field advantage of these guys so least offensively you cannot you know dictate the tempo and the and and the snap count. But you know I went looked at data that Indianapolis. Out experts. Going on there coming up like they must have been sleep walked in the coming up there are my little walking and again because they did late today is the one because they're good. But at Indianapolis had not been a controlled game and losing it obvious for obvious reasons to buy it is a really good team. Well I mean Brady's got a tremendous track record if you over the years against Pittsburgh though you wouldn't know that if you were listening to Dale Hall yesterday with Keefe. They had their of those guys had their electoral moment yesterday so they put the Meredith put this clown on from it was a football outsiders for all of your First Act oh my god these geeks really where you. Place Tom Brady among the all time. Quarterbacks in the NFL. I had him right fit for a few years sense yeah I didn't see Manning Jamal candidate on the ice stammering now. That's popped for. Fans you have read up there was an absolutely her guests Ron Amadon Roger stalled actor on no way no hump I know Brady's. In fifth for a while and I think you know if he plays into his forties. At a level that we've never really seen anyone extends. In two B or 441 you wouldn't vikings then I think our particular. I heard an order that you would have been screaming at him by another person they were they were much kinder toward marriages interview and they were really out there is Noelle arguing with this guy. Because there's nothing factual to discuss he doesn't use really any facts. It's just he just doesn't think Brady's good things is the system because if you talk about you know winning super balls. Well you know he's got Belichick and it's a system we talk about numbers well it's just there was nothing. You could really grab onto that wise Marino better than ten and Brady why is Manning better than Brady and it is really an opinion. I don't really think journey had any facts he's bouncing back and forth because he's confused now a lot of people including Alec is an and I agree with him because. He kept talking about Waltz about the team to get a better team. And that's always what team but. It was just so strange. I was trying to defend it's a quiet but he's a guy that is not seeing some light in about eight months OK isn't an ounce on the Steelers traded it that they that public but he was the best one Christian is the one I absolutely love. This was the strongest case teammate. For the fact that Tom Brady is not only not the greatest quarterback of all time he's like number five this was this case. Tom Brady can summarize this better than I ever Camden. When he was estimated this year about being the greatest all time as close as I don't agree with economically why I know myself as a player and some really a product of what I've been around. Rounds I was coached by what I played against in the air I played I really believe that a lot of people weren't much use because accomplish the same kinds of things. So I've been very fortunate. And I think that is the absolute most humble accurate quote there's yeah. I I tell you what he can play well by the way he's got the energy Brent Barry but he but he can't even argue the point to point he's using is a humble molds you talk by Tom Brady where he's deflecting readers or sit there and say. Yeah I'm freaking good. That effect on the best in the world doesn't wanna do that any deflection that's what he does and that's your argument. I mean these people foolish it in in my day. Does that take these people away in what coach. Brady get it yet get a few drinks in the drinks and asked him a question again brought. Wouldn't. Australia has he been the seven suitable two more than any of the quarterback. Currently 100% because his skill of the greater of all the quarterback it's a format is greater in the answer absolutely not like to not even close. Not even close here there's so many holes as they start lowest bid the outline the reason why is that there's can be for a small. You talk about talent now he's on good teams how many Pro Bowl most art forget about how many hall of fame wide receivers. It did Tom Brady play how many. Well if you can't it be brought up Randy Moss immediately with and welder who we didn't win with that it but television duke rape drug when there's always won a game that weren't very T what are they gonna grow booted in win with last in with Erica it again that's my eagle eagle to Joseph Montana. Joseph Montana played in the west. Colts system barrels that's taught so it's our system there's a metal but specifically. The West Coast system start by Walsh with Holmgren and edit black drought throughout the NFL Jon Gruden West Coast offense OK all over the place. And Brady. This this offense doesn't have a name. It doesn't happen there's no cool little me you know is that some old footage of bill drawing up Charlie Weis drawn up these plays on black or would shock. OK it's just a bunch of plays that they run. There's no rhyme or reason to there's a general philosophy about it to take advantage of what the defense did you do you tell their kids and they're not stuck to a set up. Plays which homegrown ones which Walsh was crude and wise. They don't change around and watch state option rock XYZ cross that's what they're running. It's just it amazes me that some reason we try to find away. To take away the success and eat it going back to the suitable that Brady is one. It's like they're littered with with a Pro Bowl either on offense that's a couple times yes but. In the beginning part it was the no name offense doing it without you know all stars and all pro. That same night. It's all pure stupidity I mean that's what we're dealing with your intent and end what the guys doing is he he's. He's getting some. He's getting some poppy you know people are actually talking about so I guess that's what these guys would be able to debate their point and prove their point while it was nightmarish scene when he got on the yesterday and Andy Lally sifted through trying to figure out ways of Pittsburgh fans from Pittsburgh and so he's got to hear Korea Astride him or upgrade to the Pittsburgh guys are guys degree ya right in the steel players are guys to grow up and that doesn't make sense. Yeah. Exactly who our president Roethlisberger to but but you're right Christian he would no argument and haul a minute to plug and play. My summary of these old quotes. Senate's only funny and yeah. Automatic sound design yes I am the greatest yet why I am the greatest gonna do an email now what do you think they briefed and you know that publicly. Well it's not me I'm very blessed great coach great system. Then hold that against them all all or use that as an example of why he's not in your top four. Just catching him trying to remember the Scott Kazmir is a need to pitch a lefty you know Boston slide out there right exactly Scott can as this is the guy. And then you know after the interviews ovaries out there concede he realizes he just didn't do struggle to defend what he called vision. Now we started tweet now you know more numbers and stuff like that. They want the points you brought up there was. You know what Williams to grow. And zepa and that proves right the right to rule was was interpreted in a correct one and that started about what he had Vinatieri you can almost feel. Of course she dismisses the fact that all of these games are won on the play there are played there the David Tyree ball off the helmet while Brady led them down to score and take the lead. So this bizarre play happen right. On the Manningham catch that that happened. He it's ridiculous the whole thing is ridiculous but we're sitting here. Actually talking about those guys you know spent ten minutes you know lacking in the troll. Bullets and body on election last at least he actually fight that was our that was that was a weird fight to atlas you know what he you don't get. Yesterday what he tried to literally what he wrote a whole article about black and white. And then came on the air with a since I don't only upon fine till about eight. Some about blogs out there. Isn't believe but he said that's where did you wrote that article about. Black quarterback right. Just use white ones too easy as an example of who was appointed you don't he wanted he wanted some quarter applause he won at some people octaves at their today you have politically correct that was a nice thing to rise. And you're advancing the cause and we thank you very much. And thoughts and prayers are with you and your family so they got them all congregated this baseball thing. Only because I love. What rob Manfred still he's basically tell the players screw you. I tried to fall policy I tried to go through. What I was supposed to do you guys just ignoring me so screw you I'm going to do what I wanna do if you don't like it. You complicit mold all you want we'll get to that and they would get the big game coming up Michael Barr joins us coming up next. We'll get into the game the patriots and the raiders coming up Sunday from Mexico said.