OMF - The President had a busy weekend in sports; The Celtics are unconventional streakers

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Monday, November 20th

HOUR 2 - President Trump had some tweets specially marked for the sports world this weekend. Trump didn't mix words when it came to Marshawn Lynch kneeling in Mexico or Lavar Ball big-timing him. The Celtics record would show that they are the best team in basketball. But is that really the case? Sergio Dipp has returned to our football lives, much to Lou's chagrin.


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All of you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Operating. With glee and Lou increased why don't yet but all roll off who has since. What's that they have them you're too hard. And I would I would check your with the doctors I've really believe there's something wrong now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm just a day off. Got a big let's get today off so it's just that you know means and then you notice everybody like. Since happy Thanksgiving like it's just give them until Wednesday or Thursday for two dose to people do it every year it's like earlier and earlier it's like Christmas music on radio. It used to be like two weeks before Christmas now it's like eight months before grows. Well springs of a good point how this holiday went from being a couple days weakened out the entire week and yet you wanted to be traffic. We now. Yes it's Alicia you've got. Take Tuesday Wednesday athlete on Monday. It's like the worst traffic week of the year right and and travel week of the U like planes and stuff like that right people traveled more I think on Thanksgiving they do Christmas. But you're right it's like a little worse then like just everyday suck. Does every day's for it's it's awful what happened when he built the all the tunnels and the Big Dig they said this is gonna he's all of the congestion. It's gotten worse Leo imagine how that would be defeated. It probably works and that's good point. By the way Paul did is to our job today and we have tons of stuff to talk about including getting to the Celtics in the next hour wait to hear about their ratings. And we got all of this other stuff and he puts a stacked together for a civil all the stuff ball. I don't probably a long weekend probably work two jobs probably screwed up I'm looking at stats and look at this piece by Christopher Gaspar. Says it's time for an NFL team to sign collar Kapanen. This is left over from like two months ago what you don't now. Zero that's from yesterday morning now we Jesse yesterday morning we see this reported to discuss what we'll talk yeah yeah we should. This was from wind this is yesterday's globe. Saturday and Sundays or Saturday's loops and Edwards it was a little. The headlines this particular NFL team to sign Colin peppard hostage he's a big word it's time to NFL teams rather throw their seasons away MacCulloch epic throw past. This is yesterday. Check devils just days. Today on not repeating it again is that not possibly religious repeating like an old. You don't flashback you know sometimes the writers will do what they'll say this is such a great piece let's bring it back to the the public's attention like Jerry Coleman thinks you're exactly Jerry you'll read at a the first thing if I ever uttering subject after and his keeper and you kidding me Reuters should be here OK let's say listen let's say this I'm gonna I wanna see this as always there for him he says. There's one thing unifil contributions. In a FEMA. I want him to read to anathema anathema yeah did little to add dealer lots in yesterday and this is that it dislike is. An. It's not conformity independent think in his. For Bolden. We do this let's do this for the Watergate I'll I'll get a vote that she adolescent and and I don't don't don't tip off let's just have him read. You know we didn't read this and said Sunday it is it is freed us anymore. So let's just never read this let's save this. And tomorrow morning we'll have him read it sink got to read this article is unbelievable I don't put Hillary in tiptoe total area of the model athlete and got this thought obviously this coach is pissed him up possibly ticketed. This'll just to have some interest. There's one talking about all this John Holland don't appeal wherever that. Aunt and shedding for the for the national understand why write an article on Saturday. Some. On Saturday Saturday always said it L teams rather throw the seasonal way in the Coca April passing and it's that you recaps the hole. History of how we nailed the and then and then everything that's going on to Bob Bob McNair in. Candidate inmates run the prison it's like just it's. That's a summary of like a month does operate like on a delay system his entire life you know we we do calls and the calls or heard. On the airwaves ten seconds later because were in the late this gasp relate. Operates entirely from the loss exhibit guys the most it was admitting and it said it related to eat he wrote this a three full weeks ago yes and sort of lost it a month ago. In Nelson founded on Friday night was that hey I found it pretty good now and collect votes through a full week's all okay. A brother working as a big words in here outlets can decrease in this world. It's him off he will grow an article it's time for the team to sign capita but now what what comes to. But the raiders game Jerry Jones taking advice of Robert Kraft Coca. Three weeks. You must take forever to write these things in less is really and it's hypocritical could be ridiculous if that yeah. Incredibly thought provoking called it's just the same Coleman it's the same problem it's the same stuff it's the same point third there's not a single in new port instructor and Britain's got some believable. A single new point in the entire. Two while the big load will he will read this tomorrow could see you first the ball you're right right you'll screw up everywhere with a big words and that'll be entertaining in itself. And then the second one is that this will just (%expletive) him off to know him so talking about sitting for the National Anthem how dumb is this Marshawn Lynch. I know everybody thinks he's Q wouldn't you know. Just tears you know in a collect my money boss and also the crap needs to scandals and he does you know bizarre stuff for whatever he's actually entertaining almost commercials. But he sets for the star spangled banner. And gets the thumbs up. For the Mexican National Anthem it if it's that didn't try to tell us why did. Did you also where the Fidel Castro shared. That'd by the liberal that is not the Mexican guy analyst who does not I think it is that is not heard that that is not yet know about it. I think this is such a child. She's the Pope. And carrying remote Ike I'm just looking for but Trump's reaction to a once in a fellow I had and I don't it yes which is which is dopey or it also dopey in your response there. Although it's in the stack and with instead of Marshawn Lynch of the NFL's Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican them and sits down to boost for our national and great disrespect next time and it now should suspend him for remainder of season attendance and ratings wait to hear that -- about chocolate failed he can't help themselves he can't help himself and he's gotta you know we'll get to with levoir ball here and sec he's got himself from the pack. He can't help himself and he sees an opening it plays to boot to the the wave of patriotism. That he feels is part of his space he's got to he's got to. But. He should just look at them think nobody can we don't you know. I can't get to a point now that he when the London game. The nation for the Anthony's they stood for god save the queen. The net app but. You wake up early in the morning to see that maybe but it is much attention as maybe this one day I Russia only. I would look back at this time line he might have commented about that he might of tweeted about that I don't know but what the hell was this guy. Pick it up. On shown trump ocean on board until we would trump is thinking it's trumpets his ego we. If you haven't figured him out yet. It and if anybody is gonna if you one more person say he's got to stop to a stuff goes on tweeting territory for the next three plus years and who knows maybe another forty years it's. Does this principle to me and say yeah he's not happy with what's going on the countries he's not gonna stand for the need for our National Anthem. Hedo problem Mexico likes until he likes Wasilla matches and he's got a beautiful thing. That should go to Mexico and the state on an alpaca dad's a beautiful thing going down to Mexico and we should stay out there. This does he realize that his team brought all the bees from all the water and everything else they came from the united the United States of America does not realize they're all. But they had to take all those extra planes and and and transports and everything else so they can take all of this extra stuff. Because you couldn't trust what you were it ingesting them in in Mexico and it. I'm sorry. Discussions to dial. And this is gonna hurt him in endorsements today yet I do I think is gonna hurt him just more tension consolidates some new. It's Tommy Davidson and for the National Anthem for a couple years now. And so now just because he stood for Mexico is that like that I think this stands out a little bit more yeah this is getting a lot more ache right now because. That the contrast of a guy. Who actually is protest saying. The National Anthem of his own country but he's certainly are showing tremendous respect affiliate market is just to free I asked him about. Because he's kind of the aloof dull yes yes. You can go and you could just doing what we think it's funny and I tell you what I thought it was fun and do you think he gets a reliance on them what the whole thing I'm only talking not only talks I don't get fired like dental stuff okay that that's that's funny. So I mean if people gonna stick with him sitting for the nationally at the last couple years. So this stick with a this'll get more attention but I still that you stick with a. So we got to deal with Skittles right. And he's got what was then a that he was at Pepsi deal who was settled a deal with he's got to deal with somebody else and it used to insult one today either PlayStation Xbox I think it was and yes he was just it's yeah. Did he do some withdrawal from one of those pathetic it's not withdraw maybe a wrong. We should find out but. I've got to believe it's gonna hurt him returning all of these other guys how does he avoid a little other than the the the the advertising agency says things. He's just that. That's what I think most people they think are challenged to think of back there as adult the guy gets suspended for a week and went back in practice full pads with a high school team. And he should run an older guy he's like that's funny. You know they put somebody else it would be funny I only an idiot but we just assume have we already just accepted the fact that this guy is what he is code murder when it's a free pass a sixteen year old kid is Leo. White House appearance in pain to run an old. I should tackle so maybe that's what did you make this as sort of being toxic they shouldn't agonized. Just they. So that we got the four ball and look for ball tried to make a we've got some of them on tape right this favourable. The other day when people were asking him you know about the president you know pale in your kid out. Of China out of out of prison over the air and of course his kid did. Commend the president for doing so on that little presser he did. The night. I meant. And I'll welcome back Mac back where it should get paid consultant who it turns back to bed. Residents from. That ball where we've been. Not a they get paid and I thank him personally you get a lot happening on the summing hey you know what to do reasonably good. He's genuine person responsible for saving European. Ten even get Johnny tell. Really did look late in the season about Miller couldn't go walk the I didn't know I thought. I already. You can talk to lose and the moment the ball. I that was his that was his team is the end of your bookmarks do you have humility and seek to TMZ is the same. Little interview that everyone of them that right there all the same the same interview they. They likely hugged again. Like I love you man and a and they just waiting to stick it till now it's at the same thing would think that the celebrities out there would it would finally figured out. He's being really honest I love him and Gregg amendment. And you just know that when he gets out there on teams and they're just gonna is right there and. Art what do we have always had these PS we're just imprint. I have it's that was it are so apparently he was asked by ESPN about Trump's involvement in the angels released he responded with hope. All told the SP and he said what was the over therefore don't tell me nothing everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out. So he doesn't want to he has personally wanna think Donald trumpeted as Qaeda. So then trump can't help no doubt he cannot help himself and eat sweets this out. Now that the three basketball players are out of China. And save for New Year's injured loved hardball the father of late Angelo is un accepting. Of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should've left them in jail. I illicit. I know that. People hate this man and KP which. Both. But blacks would drop and I loved that sorry I I didn't. Donald Trump is correct yeah he has he is correct you just don't look at our if you think the Europe got his ass out of China yet nuts. This man did get to some other China you can hate him but she should at least as much it would hurt say thank you. And I think it's actually pretty funny. Now I don't know all my president responding in this way out of do you take victory left I think it's hysterical that he says he should've left them in jail. You shouldn't let these kids in jail in China battles for not expert for the father onyx and all of his missile too but he's right he's right but it's not emote. Yeah but that's pat yourself and about additional left him in jail I mean first of all. As the US president you you don't of that lineup except this cash goes totally against any protocol I mean we've we've we build up right now. It in in just leave that lineup the rest of it right well it's a and look for a actually. I think he's trying to convince people at the ball branch is what got a bond that was. It was the bar and the brand is so big right now all of like god. It Chinese president respected big ball bring enough to let the sun go off. They news. Now motivated and it's somebody that they say it hit the bar so badly that there was a kid did stay in jail but I understand the comment in that the guy can't even. Say thank you for bringing by sun out. And shoplifting is a big deal in general we would lower before 99 point two I think prosecution rate whatever is that. They were screwed they able to do something that I spend some time. It wouldn't have spent seven days. Now there's always something like while they they were going to be there until Saturday as well McAlpine one person has been at least thirty days before even got to attract the best plus days out they're seven to ten. Obama has no gamma gamma he met you know and then Lavar is is this question you know what was he don't know. Obviously you don't pay attention to what's going on in the hole tripled you know. And he doesn't he doesn't understand any of the stuff but I think it's just pisses trump off that people might give him any credit I get that I understand that. So they're people that did do just the opposite the and when he hears Lavar basically saying present and confident that literally do his work. It was it was may it's just pisses them off her yet he is ego will not allow him to. There needs to get out Twitter we understand that Donald is it anyway nobody should parents yeah sorry but I decided. I'd say it's not gonna happen but he should but this year I I think it was actually kind of funny and I think he's right. And he's right Lavar ball the month of it can be in China arena. China was for him and the big ball Brent it's following up I should have left of the judge's questions in jail. If it 1890 years of. I don't frankly have a time port total. Political correctness that there Alina that's legit he's gotta toy he doesn't have time for in the political correctness. I really get to we gonna get to the south because it's a special building right now. They go for number sixteen tonight against the a really bad team in Dallas. In the air television numbers over the weekend. It against the bad team out of the road we'll style you. We get to that coming up next back to more of Fort Wayne or moaning and fortieth right now. On Sports Radio WEE. I think he's that good. I've had every right here is setting I think he's a bit of us quite understand he's gonna be your number one. Glenn is out of his. Glad is certifiably output of these award to watch Jalen brown and they'll a year plus a game. And try to put him in the same wrath. It's carrier ring right now and I can only projected because carrier ring wakes up walls out of bed shows up and scores 25. And give it did hand out six assists. And hands out. Our grabbed seven rebounds. And shoots 38%. From three. It shoots 9% from the free throw line when or wait compares his potential to you know going past carrier reasonable and guide his team. You always on quick routes Jesus give give the guy a chance to breed we're comparing one of the best players these the conference one popular players believed. In carrier. I maybe on this particular. I maybe I'm quite its power to think but what has no. There's no vision she what mark does as he. He watches probably because what he does that night he's watching those Red Sox game in the comes on any comments on what did you soft the last. 346878. Hours while times they play those games live on forever. But he does have the vision to look at somebody who's twenty years well. And look at it down the road to see what he's got Taylor brown. It's so freaking athletic it is it is frightening. He is that this young age right now playing defense I've watched a little bit of the Toronto Raptors over the last couple recent of people noticed. The play a pretty good basketball there's only one thing. DeRozan got stopped. Holes. By Jalen brown he shut him down and without kindly your thing they won that game. If you watched the last couple games against the Golden State Warriors the best player on the feel more. Was jailed for a Saturday night the good the game after the Golden State game you're playing crappy team you come out with no energy. And who keeps you alive in the first quarter fall behind by fifteen points but he still keep you alive. Young kid chicken and brown that athletic kid who who who who's got. Unbelievable. Such it was kind of year being the best team all player and team right now there's no question. About it you know your question that your statement was more to do about. If they win another championship he will be there as he or three years down the road for years down the road that he will emerge as the bestseller I was like I don't think that's crazy. Whether I agree with what does not thought I was quite owns. Is it could be. If for him to me it's all about the outside shot. And you see the last couple of games he's hit some thirties who you see some games towards spending you know one for five from three but when he starts hitting threes that he has the last couple nights. But the athletic schism. In Beirut take it that basket that that's when you can see another level. He's from the corners from the streets it's out of the wings up top where he has difficulty around. He's going to get pattern that every young kids so you're you're looking at. For five years advancement now from Kyra you're that you're seeing the completed that the you know project the art work is done here okay this sculpture. You're still seeing a kid. Who was playing like a man out there on a really good team. And a lot of times they get lost in that thing and you know low young kids command and a lot of times that they're not that it hit them aggressive then then they'll come out and usurping power because there's is still young and still you know they're holding back it'll have great confidence. It took over game against Golden State Warriors or. They're doing is different and that's a day I mean imitate him and this kid Jim just turned twenty. And Tatum is nineteen. And to be logging thirty to 35 minutes on a team that's fifteen in two. It has visions and going to the NBA finals denied doing on a team it's too intense and honesty tonight. The key advancement juniors yes it sold great player. But he's allowed to make mistakes because that team is going nowhere is allowed to play through it. He sucked Tatum against Golden State. If if he was on Dallas isn't about the first quarter after five minutes they've pushed its muscles loyalists are far better Cheney stays in there. And he learns from it and they lose by forty. You know but on this team you're trying to win ball games so acute comes out. But there's also an accountant confidence to put him back in the fourth and it looked like they got we've seen all year long have to be looking overwhelm the three quarters. Their ability to play the way they aren't a team that is trying to win right now is amazing part of these two kids. This kid at just turning 21 years of age is playing phenomenal defense and keep your I don't. When you're watching these games and watch what he's doing how he's in somebody sure I mean. And he's going to get much better so what I was trying to envision here Mott was. You give him four years now you give them to appoint worst guy we are things change and you tell me what this finished product looks like. And I think he's one of the best players in the India. You've got to quite like boy you got one of the guys. We usually get one of those guys and salinity misquoted again by saying best people can and it's not the best part of the team right now. He's not the best part of the team right now carrier ring is the best player on the team but I will say this and have argued this now for the last three weeks. The reason that the Boston Celtics are off to this tremendous start. Is because of those two kids those two kids are being or the different. So. The amazing thing with this Rhonda their own fifteen straight. Down what fifteen earlier in again and acting so adamantly talked about like when they lose next mission and their earlier game kind of wears a little bit. He just beat Golden State you came back from seventeen a couple different occasions huge game to nicely playing in Atlanta. When there is an in look like dead early but that's impressive thing with this run. New England Golden State goes on runs there winning games 13200. In other blowing teams out and they haven't blown anyone out. The Celtics and it will be the kings. You know that was maybe the real law law that they had only to be a by sixteen but for the most part. Win by three win by four what do I want what I said there comes from fifteen apparent patrol on a lot of these games by the fourth quarter they are control but you right that in the event. You don't pebble to I have control. Had to get the feeling that there they've got this game of every game because the way they've been playing even appropriate for you figure skating and it and hold on is that playing great. But meet in control is being up twenty in the fourth quarter of game over to have enough of it that's what you normally see on long runs winning streaks like this it below lots and you're not seeing as many. Loss at all that. We have more to do with they steal or not a real solid offensive team their defense right now. You know it helps them to the point where date they they don't have to score that many points eventually did and it struck. Start scoring more points but Atlanta is a great example say you're on the road you feel good about yourself how was that the general brown is once again the best player out there on full. The carrier ring had a terrific but Jim Brown was the only captive in a game and were fallen apart early only to. All of the road a young kid. After you just a accomplish something. By beating Golden State and you were a major factor usually Lou those of the nights those guys those type guys take the night off he intake and I'd often. Just phenomenal light. Phenomenal night by the way what did you think is a cult called Europe earlier what did you think of corporate performance. On Saturday. When great but you know at that the thing meet with with him is that you know. Of these three for eleven didn't shoot the ball well one for five greens it's been shoot threes they drizzle 4405 against Golden State. But I don't mind the occasional whose seven game seven point 76 rebounds six assists. Does that night I feel like he's at a different level for those easy playing great because he'll come back your goal for twenty Google for nine yeah you know the next game. If he shoots eight for eleven seemed to me again the biggest differences is the argument I have you with or for Horford is wood or forget. A year ago or for each job was to set up Isiah Thomas so that he can score thirty points tonight. And so Al Horford was a facilitator of the office. This year it's kind of reversed were kind you're seeing is more the facilitator and so portrait is getting those coming off high screens that little jump hook in the paint. He's being part of that by night she's eight for eleven. He's gonna put up twenty some odd points and what he's three of eleven and one of five from the three point stripe. I have seven different. Look at that extra money we're we're a little sick he was hopeful from three and he said that that's gonna come down and already he has he's one for nine the last two games. But after being all for four and three would you say it was the biggest difference of him scoring. He still put up AT eleven a game as a ticket to the basket. So there's more versatility it's he's attacking in different ways she's more aggressive take it to the open the shots not there. And and I hate that feeling that his job last year. Was to just make sure Isiah school at third don't get to the whole loss of the flow of the hour trying to get an early entry to try to get Jake crowd like a little things he certainly rest everything it was impossible for him. The ball there and have the occasional great night like years this year because is old job was to set everybody up. I think it's change yes I think his role has changed I think he's a chameleon I think he's one of those players. It's willing to weave in and out of what he needs to be could change whatever he needs to be that. That's not an end you'll get excited and others are getting excited in these adults that were. Argue with you were actually agreeing with you that they thought that Al Horford is much greater this year than last year and they didn't scare why you call many parents. He's much better than here is different he's now he's much better and you're the doping candidate I'm not feel much better plan here senate last year the only difference was hitting it well the new is that the only time he said what he said to those shameless. He had one of those games against Sacramento worried and even plight. Europe like their killer opened a 25 minutes that you but that's only if he's only had a handful of these games are felt like you know you mix is one in every like ten games. This type of gaming at last night. You've got to play the same games. You got let go more often could play the same game Saturday and Eddie played two weeks ago if you were eight for eleven instead of three for eleven people would sit there it's an Al Horford had a great day. Al Horford they shots they were good shots that he took. Guess what he does take bad shots he he lets the game come to him he does not force shots out there the difference is. The N Saturday night in Atlanta won from five from 3.3. For eleven from the field and people are gonna look at Salem Oregon. He had only. Seven points and its extreme down six inches he had three turnovers for personal foul that wasn't real good game to know he's one of those guys that looks the Boston Globe. He that was an Al Horford and he just mills that once that's. You probably sits and Al Horford gaining just miss shots that's a meeting I want to go back to the business aren't your typical bookie bet you don't just think this got zero its its editorial published Austin for a lot of different and he had a bad game. What I'm saying I don't hear Doug Saturday night isn't sure what he had more of those types of games. Lashed that's in this year relate. It's he's had two of them so far in seventeen actually let me play Tommy Hunter I think of those for personal fouls we committed to more bad calls. Bad calls okay so in that rattles you a little bit when you were you playing any game and early on your urine of foul trouble but. The only difference really at Horford isn't gonna see this all year long. When he shoots well people and he gets 24 points on a night when they need somebody to score like that people don't know plotted its. It's great now and then when he says he shoots three of 111 for five. He's not so good it's all about him making shots I think his overall game is the same he's a really good player not a great is not worth thirty. Million dollars or whatever if these kids start scoring more little. He may not have to score is much he may be more of that facilitator again but yeah that's the other guys. That's dissent there have been exploring and he still getting hits right you know mostly I don't think that last year did that thing that pissed me off is that he brought in this. You know three time four time all star paid a maxed dollars and his sole role was to set everybody else up. No yes because you could not what you set them up and still play your game like he is this year he still set but the kids aren't they yeah I mean did did who averaged more points would Avery Bradley was averaging more points Avery Bradley Jae Crowder Ortiz and Dana and Jalen brown. Tony set those guys up while we still get. Hits. He's a facilitator for the game risk has switched if you look at the way they're playing right now hybrid Irving is the one. Who's who turns out to be a terrific passer even though he's not would you call the prototypical point guard but he is finding Al Horford in the right spots. Last year. Isiah wasn't doing that so the offense was kinda going the other way. As el Al Horford is one of those guys and this is unfortunate because this is where people like you would elders are able to have to rip them apart. He he's different. He's not gonna play that same game every single might keep kind of facilitates what everybody else wants to do I'd debate. Love forty woody woody breaks to the table and he's certainly became the first guy that was willing to come here is a free agent. So it opened the door for other guys to count. I just think I I watch Saturday night's game. I did not think that Al Horford played much differently than he has in any of these other games except the shots did not go win. And you Marty shot it you do not think he had a good game Saturday I thought the game was fine I thought it was no different machines so far this year. Other then he didn't reporting for open abort Healy puts out and shuts the door and that's what I. Television TV ratings for Saturday and on to say when a guy scores a point to in the regard scores for resale to play the same game adjusting go in most affected the shot the Ingle win coming in play same game. In his shop or you can usually get a worst game and he did when he hits shocked when I don't assimilate all the this is is is simple but I think he's simple player I think he does the same thing kind of every single might divert so I think he's role is different. That it was a year ago Sophie did his job is never had a game and he doesn't. Obviously produce and I did make it sound like that's. Would you you're kidding aren't American delegates are Cristiano he again. And yet you know it's not captain obvious he did not take an awful lot of shots again on Saturday night he's not taking a lot of shots. You're you're argument with him is you want them to be more aggressive you wanted to take 1415 shots and he's never gonna do that that's and social and take in general Edmund. And he's only making three months some nights you're not gonna want to do that night and next night he gets into those same eleven shots you're gonna like a that's the difference of people liking Al Horford scheme from one game to the next whether the ball goes in the basket the rest of the place. Is the same. Every single night Celtics did and be ready to this so the city six point three reading. On Saturday night against lowly Atlanta Hawks that he's Mormon Church. Rating given the night that it was on. Saturday night off pitch six point two I mean this is a team last year and it's ball park figure I would say as good as they were last year. There are hovering too would have to threes they would dole won enhanced probably a Saturday night against Atlanta last year yeah. Two and a half the threes six point two and a Saturday night actually and that high as two and a half history you might be right Olympic Games mean yeah. But six point two on Saturday night instantly grow as a player is worst in Eastern Conference that Bruce would play in sharks' leader on that evening so it's it's not it's. It's not apples and counterproductive to write zero point 62. Beat him by tenfold. Zero well yeah. Things have really shifted here in town. With the Celtics right now the question and for a good recent we're gonna get back as patriots as well we'll talk Celtics will talk patriots as well we'll give you what they're reading was. There was very interesting when you look at it national reverses locally we'll take a peek back. The mortgage folk calls it 61777979370. Patriots Monday ready are all women. Jewel in the mid day with Bo van and a port waive our loan and Fauria talk Sports Radio telling you. And it doesn't want my. No let's do this year. Well anyway my question let's do let's go ahead run him out. Almost good he's really just don't Lou I gotta get I I got to UT community was something he did the third quarter that just drove me crazy. And somebody got into his headset and central you know want people to scheme well you need to bring them reeling back anything at all Oakland just to make a good place year. I touched out here and and he would get another we're amendment senator chuck. Only come to think it was all written up to never ever do that when you do the baseball games and 91 game and a big those cuts and do the games. They really wanted to game so that you routinely went searching money. Absolutely no doubt. But you don't mean that so if you're doing a national game you wanted to meager gains if you witnessing a blow you're actually trying to convince yourself that the income back. You know means do I think NATO's part of that is well opposite you know it. This game spore that was it was born tennis trying to talk himself and how can be good game any new exciting always to happen. Locally pretty good number 37. Point 19 particular patriots raiders on CBS here locally. 37 point 19 I wonder whether. Bostonians and New England his care about these out of town games change of the giants that a seven point 95. The rails of the vikings on fox to the six point 50. And your NBC game last night the Eagles the cowboys it was a good game for the first death from the Eagles will mark the second half. An eight point seven national and and the patriot the patriots and local third 737. Point. One of saying locally giant's chief 795 is that nationalism that's the national labor rule with the patriots and and none of that's the numbers here in Boston it's a national number for the pats was twelve point six. Which is actually down 18%. From last year Seattle Philly. That's a big drop it team percent down from now you're gone from a year ago. National that while it was a blowout makes sense but locally 37 point 19 I mean the pats and evidence he rating and it's funny. Okay how bad game minutes it's appointment everyone's sitting down there waiting for four point 5 good 1 o'clock I'm in 830 whatever it takes. And locally that numbers never gonna be the twenties I would have also asked him at a given point I would. Let's to a seem but the number was in the first half what because it it remember now. They score right at the end to make it seventeen it to to nothing but it was a seven nothing game early in the second quarter. And it was still you know decent game order what are wasn't the first to other people keep on talking of red zone and Embree tuning in red zone. I've got to take the networks are disputing all of this and the NFL disputes in and they do break down numbers now for the red cell they have numbers for the red zone. And a big part of the problem with red zone is not that many people. Habit yes that's the big problem so they all of the sports pack right in Boston they did a one point 65. On the red zone. Don't know yet to receive the red zone that she kept it that from basically one to eat. It's up and and I think the biggest issue of people like you said they don't have it Lotta people have the reds up the to meet this sweet spot for the red zone. And this is like yesterday in the pats played four point five is the one to force if it is one of the ones there's a lot of jump eight games nine games and you sort of now watching and you know about that one yesterday once more pockets. You know this went to a three games and you don't you know it's a red zone's western patriots are on enough. There's no such thing as a result for tonight football is only game not so what's that one to four window. But that would be a bit I don't know if this is the the one to four we've seen in new England and wait for 25 habits attire. It's in the tooth in a low twos high ones still like great. That the you know a lot of people think that's been the a major factor in the numbers being down. Well I could understand if we're talking about down by 1%. Or one and a half percent and you could attribute it to the red zone. But you talk engaged in a number that is it's frightening down 18%. So part of that Lou is already. The eight the drop in the audience for the NFL on the top of that got a crappy second half and Hussein around in the second half yesterday. Did you have enough of Mexico in the festivities in them and whatever Sergio dipped to do that anybody listen I would scrap yesterday I was it is not known if he didn't do it stir in the game needed to suffer Sunday NFL countdown yet. Awful did you did you see anything yet. Was imminent that not only was it awful. But when they go back to the studio they almost treat him like he's the French church I. He's made of glass in his in his first we need to tell them how good he was on the report. Thanks Kevin that's right I'm standing outside the patriots team hotel which ironically. Is about 100 yards away from the raiders team hotel here in Mexico sewers there are both teams the fourth or despise that back a couple of hours under a heavy police escort. When it came to game preparation the patriots stayed in the air force academy in Colorado. Acclimated to the altitude while the raiders elected to stay in their home facility. Now with more on the rams and the vikings curious. To start. Why is their own. It's not. A hundred yards normal football analyst and that's two football teams that knows that one. Is hundred yards I guess that's football connection I don't think that's not a nation in terms of things within themselves like. Right around the block and Super Bowl journey with one hotel. Did we get that last year we had 11 on this block and one was a block away I mean this happens it was a hundred yards and don't want. Could have been holding out you let Shia initiated would be accurate. But there are other reports when he went back to the studio and they were pretty cool shot Sergio we have Allen yesterday with unlike last thing he got tickets. Yeah that's what our thinking ahead to the next hour yeah. Appreciated Sam that's right we're standing outside of its value expect help Megan is getting scared the locals are calling it the Mexicans who will. Both teams stayed in downtown Mexico City about nine miles away amend their buses should be arriving here in less than an hour. In terms of game preparation after playing the Broncos the patriots stayed in Colorado acclimated to the altitude well the raiders played here last year against Texans. State in their home facility 670. Guess that's they're due out at. Is this. Things were good stuff you need fixing them. It's a travel law instead it is it very easy ironic. Little off following the hotels. Or somebody at that point they explain the difference between irony and coincidence. Basically sexting thing enter the trolls. Yeah I'm gonna get to do what's important that if you're gonna get accused you know it is it is so no we'll be changed is making fun of on the memorials and relishing video from his hotel room that motives here later election have billions. Some sense of humor and laugh at himself for them will be shame for not laughing at him it's just tired 29 year old Mexican because. Did you choose your current job hopefully. Lieutenants. And be sure you got. Only the most you know we should do we should he should release of the soap opera actor here mainly I guess we should go through sounds like. So we're you know just dramatic just. I don't like him. Find ethnically insensitive. Is that he got a second chance and we all should get second chances we I believe and and but they give a second chance when the game is in Mexico City. Why wouldn't they try like in Green Bay. I'm trying to should ha go. What they're basically saying is we need to take the Mexican. Really promote the Mexican end of Mexico City for the Mexican game because he's the only one that's gonna correctly pronounce the name of the stadium. There do its job gun boring fight much just Padma and head to play erratic it's obvious conflict that we make when they were attacked him as he did a couple of little reports and was. Rates. I treating them. But that they talked to a toddler yeah. But would be offended if if you were Mexicans are well I'm not good enough for the other FL games you're gonna send me to Mexico City wide because our mom Mexican. I mean that's like if they have a big huge game plan and the in the company sends four year. To one of sixteen countries because you know he's got an attraction to that's to the attachment rather to one of those sixteen different nations right we know he's. Ethnically diverse that would be embarrassing some dissuade. Sentences would just go to Sweden at a point right send them their freak in Sweden. I wouldn't trade flowers coming apple talking and he's back from Mexico with a big victory yesterday in talking with 617779793. Cents.