OMF - Rachel Nichols blasts Mark Cuban; Nobody here really knows J.D. Martinez and this is probably a good thing 2-22-18

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Thursday, February 22nd

HOUR 3 - Chances are many people weren't paying close attention to the D-Backs this year. Maybe a cloud of anonymity will be good for Martinez. And Rachel Nichols smashes Mark Cuban for the Mavericks' handling of sexual harassment allegations.


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You ready. Each Fort Wayne and bony and forty anything without not at all breaking news out of Joseph Montana. The vault I don't care what went up three final let them have that it was for big gap with under arm what I know how long he laughed at their. Less than two months and unlike an average under armor that actually does something about it are you did business we'll be OK with this kind of stuff or aren't you with the mavericks. The problem does seem to be institutional with glee and Lou and Christian. There's a lot of cross so called Reagan ball you throw fastball and 98 catchers looking for Reagan when he gets bit we've talked involves a players don't understand it's not about the big gateway tour I don't care for every once in awhile a catcher gets it hits that occur what is expected effect. You don't just shut up back there because people don't care votes you big chance that anybody care about the game anymore listen to yourself you're too Cedric did you. Q I don't right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Sitting behind or in front of Goldschmidt and Cabrera in Detroit and Arizona does he have that kind of protection here. In Boston. Well off the checkbook I don't think that he had protect sales let us not effectively give behind those guys you know the about a million behind Goldschmidt and I'll check on that but. You know that's originally a 45 home runs felt even though it's gonna say is gonna 45 bombs strike but he's easy 35. Facts what is the facts you know the way. The big dog guy I don't have you don't have to check it in mind that you're you're right you don't mean I was I was short but the way he was seen it here that he. He he's he's probably senate for weeks on his radio show without ever checking. But Judy Martinez. Hit behind both of those guys correct both of those things you can do it in front unit protection from either one. You know and the other part of 45 bombs hidden titlist out of its Chase Field. If you eat it he hit that she's you know what sixteen home runs I think in 29 games. Which means you hit 29 home runs in 89 other games. 29 homers in 89 games in other fields this big that's my. There yet his biggest drug Judy Martinez has. People don't know who the hell he has exactly no clue who he is and give an example of written Felger partner a Tony Mazur Roddick is a baseball guy. He covered the beat for a long time he knows baseball knows baseball inside and out. And for the last couple weeks he's sick they're basically saying the guy doesn't have off that feel power. And finally brings up a split chart that you when I looked at a week and a half ago Lou could you practice a week and a half we looked this threatens. Got all the home runs he gets to the opposite field. And defense out there in the bullpen has not that I in right field he's gonna kill a power hitting he hit street if you look at his swing. He's got an upper cut swing he's going at 37 feet up. And when it's off field he's going to hit the ball over that little bullpen always get. But if you eat if a guy like that. Doesn't know who. We talked about as confused the terrorist in its negative. Socket meet in I don't leading and award is now because he starts at Ganassi you guys want to be here. I'm not a GD guy and if I'll be in Maggio isn't as a whole. These are where that the only ones and enlighten. Or that should be a couple of worst I don't know all right hey they're the contrary again yeah well that's the other night it's easy you know and you could start that process months ago because I think everybody knew that it was just inevitable right so it's by start this months ago that the stance. You know for a long long time is pleased to be here we go their vote. I'm with you at it's it's I just don't think they know and that's that's the whole thing it was once Stanton was off the board he was the shiny little toy. It was Stanton or bust and it was that the Red Sox and now because it can Stanton should just pack up and they should just go all for 2018 that they can deal will. You just at JD Martina is in year lineup is every bit of terrible to the New York Yankees will those two guys that mall runs. Probably. But does that mean it got better lineup one through nine. In the cost of Stalin Castro rose 300 hitter with you know twenty plus pop home run that potential. That it get him agent brought. Yeah me the jury look at this it'll call will Yankee connection and the Yankees Cashman out their New York. I back page of the daily New York Daily News was that that the Yankees are considered rooms themselves like the Philadelphia Eagles would hear the underdog last night and it did they do they go to the ALCS. Right and they you know bad state they add a stand. And it's like unknown autorad. Socks Red Sox are still looking over the red Foxx I arrow how long to spoil brats say. But I don't I don't know anybody who's gonna who's coming who's gonna buddies I don't think so I think there's a difference if if John Carlos Stan. A demagogue the Red Sox went out and god and they would have to give up more because they would have had to give up players even though. I think we're amazed at how little the Yankees had to give up you still have to give up more than what you got when Martinez I think people would have an accent and I would have been more excited because I think one. He's a slightly better player but more importantly he's a bigger name. These are beginning to show. But the mark at that one point JD Martinez might have going against them. Is none of us really paid attention to the Arizona Diamondbacks last year certainly in the second half of the season even though they had a terrific season. And when you remember him in Detroit. You'll remember Cabrera is the big guy in the lineup if people don't. Really looked jacket and say well but it JD Martinez and Martinez was damn good that one. Yeah. But he wasn't a guy he wasn't done well along the DT here last year about what this guy was still. You know last year irritant here in it you know it was 29 home runs all star break on our hearts general is that how often was that. Break in the news. Ever in Arabic. Yeah I don't think that anybody. The talked about it nominated tools going alone we were flawless in it's it's it's the but in the meanwhile duties of Arizona doing is that nobody talks to us that's all that is not what was behind the individual. Does it wasn't much fall. A lot of what is the best thing forum but the best case scenario Kazaa guys who could sit there and act like they've known and because I don't do what's one Arizona Diamondbacks game and Vanessa won dummies so it was you know nobody played and is based off of you a little bit ago. But if you watch any of the game you certainly look the the second half of the season you were reading. Online that this guy was on a pace that was was out of sight to meet you look at the second half of the season and sixty some odd games or whatever low and how many home runs yet. It was off the charts are you played a 119 games question is that right a 120 games. And gets 45 home runs and a lot of it's concentrated in the second half of the season when when he went to Arizona. So and it may have something to do so Hume would door stoppers is is now playing into it. They're they're now putting the balls in human door in Arizona because of the balls were flying out of the ballpark right that that apparently is. Is one of things and people are using that I just don't think people know JD Martina says. What you could say it's great national review ballpark is no question but again it's sixteen. So yeah 2989. Other games and I mean that it's ridiculous that. So you can't just say it's just because of the ballpark you guys and in in Colorado view this as well you don't get a guy out of there or whatever might be but when you look at the road splits you acquitted of ballparks. You can ignore point nine bombs and 89 games he's just you kitchens Russia office it because he was hitting. You know idealists in Chase Field can't deal. The other thing that could play into this even though the commissioners claimed. That they didn't shoots up the baseball last year maybe they did maybe they're looking at home runs well maybe they're gonna. Chart back a little bit maybe they went to the that the people who who do the baseball the role as people say here. And rental the only out of the deal Red Sox will be all the little physical tomorrow a lot of they do like those balls by their way to go and what part of me c'mon. Again due to hold Jews ball. Well. Well and that something's going on last year on selling but yeah I was going on OK at the regulars of the only ones that didn't benefit from would you small. Because they didn't have the the skills that war. Yes I yeah I cannot really literally to go to. The Red Sox will be the only key religions. But in the other stalls were Jews. All boy animal boy those balls were flying notable is there something in your life and well I'm by not asking UMass in the baseball guy you might as I. You know why that's so that was going on I don't know I don't know old debate maybe that ball was Joost maybe the Red Sox just. Or taking advantage of an era. I don't I'm not explain the ball was cute the Red Sox had those little moments the did. But all I know is that the pitching with the power these guys in when you thought you get mole runs. Then the steroid era as a as a as a league I mean I ask her the ball close to look at that was going on. The guys Jews to double digits the rest of the so luckily all the ones that pressure inspectors remarks balls campaign that he only wanted to face as well as they say it lets us that it actually won Detroit that some doubt the Miami laughed as little scared there. He's got jet fuel 1 in the morning is ready it was a I'm sorry there was something going on last year and it would not surprise me at all of his baseball that. In the issue Daytona. We were out of power. Plaster room. Different views about this they used balls see that vehicle back played it again if he had to catch himself I I was sort of thing you'll clearly has some good power. Last year were. Won't seem that different approach he said he was gonna say juiced balls but he says it will different approach. It's grown a lot on this program analog feel about these new hitting coaches and music are I miss in the owner says everything is mixed. Is that you guys now. Oprah have not released smoke out. I think there's a lot of pressure on the on the approach on the coaches the coaches are suddenly going to have to be so much better much duke with the ownership is basically told us. Okay which is so I'm orthodox to come out basically blame it on the coaches. Again you know approach is gonna help a couple of guys but you know for John nickel out and just roller chili Davis. Com. You've recently David Ortiz left in need of running. You know be cited with commercial and take Ortiz spot probability mall runs. You know it and now this year it's going to be different approach anybody got a 45 last year while. So to throw all of that means they're the ones at the goal or the the luxury tax threshold last year that it wasn't that replaced David Ortiz are pleased with Mitch. You don't put. Yeah their place with a impact middle of the order bat like you just did here with Judy Martinez that could be that different stuff to be and it coach. But just throwing it out there and they're and they're putting it all Ferrell reporting and all the coaches staff because they said this before they had acquired JD Martinez yeah. Which is crazy to me that you would you would throw those guys and because not only is it is it. It's odd it's one of those unwritten rules right Lou you don't you don't ripped a bench coach you don't rip these guys because you guys out. Aaron and I hit a clubhouse and this one is they're putting even more pressure on the coaches they're basically saying it was the coach's faults of the guys can't get. Zander Bogart's to change his approach to the game. Well who we got a blind. Always multiple times most one's saying that the new coaches. As the owners Delis that was the au coaches that I. And homer and Aaron gross and the obvious guy against some of that is right. But is that all good changes could be because Judy Martinez you know Stucco who will keep Bullock leading off and if you are you really more comfortable there. And he just we just talked just clocking in and whether it's tangible or not but heaven a guy like Judy Martinez hit third all four were every year is. Does it changes the feel you know all of guys maybe they try to do too much or as a science and that they were trying to do enough with their passive approach but. It does change is that you have a guy like that behind me. I mean I don't have to I don't have to hit you know three run bomb I don't have to do this I'll have to do that is that we had this great hitter. So that that's little hole it when you take that gala gave rookies out how mentally that you kind of mess with a line a little bit as well and you kind of brought that back. Unlike Arizona Detroit and I don't have anybody to cover up around the mine that. He that if at that got hit behind a yes felt he says science actually is not factually correct it all even making it third. Goldschmidt hit third G either fourth or fifth. Depending on righty lefty matchup Arizona went ready left you Goldschmidt lamb who would big pot. Not a great hitter but they just want to go lefty were you already left the and then Martinez. In the in the same thing in Detroit and Victor Martinez on tips in fourth. Diseases which hitter and let me that you know that kind of protection area GQ and it's fair to protect meat on Victor. But indeed that line up ever protected GT Martinez. Either lie to protect him that if anything really behind him and he still do what he did. If there was ever a time to flip flop and I know flip flop he is today I'm missing her call I think they usually you call you when you when your facts are wrong for the last two weeks. And then you finally look at the spring charred two weeks after you've already developed an opinion on this guy. I would say it's time for flip flop. Thought. You're flip flop right there. Yeah that's the thing if you're you're right handed hitter and it's one point five bombs in a lot of your home runs go the other way and in the ages kind of rhetorical defense. You don't Baltimore or New York core or Detroit Kansas which shorter route there that that's one thing. You know I'll seize it we put him at Fenway Park any. Exactly and those are going to be home runs now say it's not what 1518 home run guy because he's gonna lose that it's not about a guy that can hit balls over the ball. That that to students quakers the other the other way got a guy like which is big time pop like a leak pot. Who can lead the right field. I Abby and eat duck to a pitcher. Asked without a Google was it is what sell a couple JT and it was just that idea. What are you go federally as he can lead to right field is again I don't wanna commit because of the green monster. So that's just. It makes even harder to it's the big guys it's actually a nice feel for him as the amount power he has. As a as a its opposite of what people are saying because you just hits the ball the other ways at a certain hole. No not at all. Where you may have to score some runs in Yankee Stadium if you wanna beat the Yankees team and you pitching to JD Martinez in the outer half at Yankee Stadium million. That's a Little League right feel home and is maybe it's. In. A connection like island Stanton and Sanchez have so much success. Because you look at exit when challenged guys indicated all of them the mood. I'm just normal way and they just put someone out there and I mean this may drive the ball out there as well a lot of misses go out there. Off the wall home runs it's possible that these guys Yankee Stadium critics it's a elect that it ballpark it is but if I go left he would pop on the second pitch him away because left field this big can it keep the ball appeared to hit it over there. But for the righty what you do. That that's quite right handers with guys polish the feel of the Yankee Stadium it's like TD here it's gonna be tough. I Mark Cuban has taken some heat. But probably not enough we got to get to let this story because he revealed an awful lot yesterday after he was playing the dumb role uh oh I don't know a thing. He have revealed some details got himself into some hot water here and I'm wondering if this is a. Well ahead Stephanie keys that I got a I got an update good JD good. Apparently. Kick confirmed it's going to be today. But we do know that it will not happen before ordering the doubleheader. Don't want it so I don't know if there's going to be 7 o'clock press conference god. A student at its desires it could be at seven tonight all will be happening today now the change that's. This week on more day it's getting a little tedious. Where they're worried about the kids feelings yeah I doubt the northeastern third baseman made an upset that you're taking away from it and you ought to. Ford and it finally got an capital's ability to get center stage and now they bring in this clown he's gonna take away from the this strange why would. Why would you hold it off because of the two college games she'd doing more for the colleges that you are for the for the Red Sox or disrespect. Respectfully I don't notice Alex Cora have to be either. Will he be managing both gains as you watch the kids in the game I. I don't know this is already happening. At least until after the double letters Ole miss my guess is at least 630 such as at all. What what are you what would you do tonight. Why would you good to meet is gonna be here at 637. Immediately after the game go to twin peaks the role drinking on their door right there. Epitome beautiful tenants. Are. I've been at this Mark Cuban story coming up next 6177797937. Radio I don't know enough. Oh faster more than them he's making a mom and all you have I'm just saying. The numbers. Sports Radio WEEI. That evening mr. dean Arthur left snapped a three years ago the article describes how his decades with fifteen. Up to me routinely proposition women who work for him. Go to a meeting with the heading your company the women at the mavericks told SI and be ready for him to try to form the north thought. When your cap. Or physically cornered you in an elevator. Or ask you to sleep with pan. Or in one particularly growth story. I can't tell you in the middle of the team dining room how he's picturing you as part of the game. That's Rachel Nichols on ES the end and it's a lot more we'll get to more of a ritual Michael's because she went on a high rate yesterday. And I can't really blame or specially with the way the Mark Cuban is reacted to all of this that we front the story appears to. We read some stuff out of Sports Illustrated the story that was out there. Cuban meanwhile was quoted by Sports Illustrated saying that all of these stories allegations were all quote all new to him. And said that the teams human resource is representative. Had been fired because of the report. He called the actions by history in the southern employee Snead was working for a a Dallas mavs dot com wrong and it horrid. And said the situation was not condoned by him or the team. Quote I can't tell you how many times particularly since all this hash tag need to stuff. Has been coming out recently asked our HR director who we have a problem do we have any issues I have to be aware of and the answer was no. Well a data later Mark Cuban start to feel the heat. Maybe feeling a little bid QP about the way he's approached this probably taken an awful lot of heat. Has suddenly taken on a whole different role in this. He is now come out and totally acknowledged. On that while he didn't know the details. Of this world peace means incident. He knew when enough that he shouldn't have made a quote his words. Are horrible mistake put on keeping amongst us need is the reporter. Steve is the reporter does he really I voted to give you what that what they wrote about Sports Illustrated investigation. Into the corporate culture rife with misogyny. And predatory sexual behavior. The full beat reported this guy speed he was a full employed now full trying to travel with the team. Was involved in a domestic dispute with a girlfriend midway through his first season this would be 20102000. Elevenths was a while ago. On they cited a police report. They claimed its needs sat on top of her slapped her in the face and risked. And told her quote I'm going to bleeping kick Iraq's. Today is going to be the worst day of your life before leaving the scene prior to police arrive. The woman reportedly suffered a fractured right wrist bruises on the arm and chest Snead was arrested where. At the mavericks facility. Two months later and charged with a salty later pleaded guilty to a pair of less serious misdemeanor charges that were dismissed after repeated 750 dollar fine. Completed supervised community service and enrolled in an anger management program two years later. Sit still employed now by the Dallas Mavericks. Once again allegedly became involved in a domestic violence etc. it was between him. And I call a gay female mavericks calling it he had been and quote she turned violent hitting the woman and she later reported the incident the very to buddy man. The mavericks head of human resource is. Whom she said told her bats need to arrest which made her wonder why she still had a job once he still had a job with the team. And Steve retain his job. Until Tuesday when this peace came out. So Cuban link please don't initially. Then he plays dumb to the tutors to answer no to both of them because they allegations that both of the allegations were in there. He played he played dumped a bit looser reached out he also can play dumb to this. In hindsight now he's got a new comment. In hindsight. I would've fighter and she need. And still made him go to counseling after learning deep seals. Of the first domestic violence incident expressing regret for not following up with police to discovered those details. It was bad but we made a mistake about the whole thing and didn't pursue what happened with the police after the fact Cuban told ESPN. So we got it mostly from girls perspective. And because we didn't dig in with the deet tails and obviously it was a horrible mistake in hindsight we kind of I don't want to say took his word for it but we didn't see all the gruesome details. Until just recently. I didn't read the police report on that until Tuesday and that was a huge mistake well argument that's also need. So that's the guys yet it's a plus punitive the other day yes OK this is what I liked to see this witness that talked about it that they get rid of somebody. The mavericks apparently. On Tuesday when they they get rid of an attempt to get ahead of SI common story. That the mavericks released a statement saying that the employees had quote misled the organization at ball prior. Domestic violence incident. It was not candid about the situation. A police report misled the organization. It sounds like everybody was well aware they just let him keep his job. Exactly and it's all back to Mark Cuban and Cuban is now admitting that he war is aware of this he just didn't have all the details well and I he he. The hard part it's like he didn't read the police report did note due diligence whatsoever do you read anything but he was aware that there was a prop yes he did know yes we both got ours but that still doesn't it doesn't bring up anything about a history. It is that that's the one guy that we talked about yes it was series different speed is easy. See you have like police involvement you have you know don't even it's even worse go back and look at it you know what Cuba is now saying. Cuban is now saying that he is accepting responsibility. For the speed deal that's what is a good. For this 10 yes that yes he's still. He's distancing himself from the other one the big one right I mean this is obviously big bump inducing but who won everyone's talking about. He he still put himself out there because. They're still gonna be people out there right now that is disabled it was Mark Cuban aware of the president's you know whatever the mavs this was going on as wells hit and run editor of the sale of that orbit this incident Massa is distancing himself. He's not gonna get away with a ball because this big thing shows that it if he's got its hands on and everybody talked about him being hands on. Within that organization so they get the police report he was arrested on the premises but Dallas Mavericks promises you're telling me that Mark Cuban didn't have some say in so we're Cuban did is he let him keep his job what Cuba is now saying is the reason he kept his letter to keep his job. It was a defeat left the organization and went to work somewhere else he would do what again. We'll see that they thought. Is it opposite bets stupidest thing is like exactly it's almost all except let that eat your company. You you you get rid of for you protect you don't ever say you know what we should just keep all these bad people here because state. At least Willett an eye on so don't you get fired yeah. That's somebody else worry about it yeah that's where I was go to the company okay well it's on his or light a fire you can take care that you. Out of the C wood of the again that alum was to balance easy at the top one royalty is in his grocery no it's easy because he's there. There's no there was no lomb there's notes there's no light paper trail yesterday with whipped with grocery yet with it was a reader is not pistol in his. There is no their complaints I don't know about Obama I. OK I don't wanna keeps and it's easy but this one I think is you can look at separated OK just admit you're wrong a little bit. And that this was easier to say listen I screwed up we got beat kept high. Harry the guy even after the police were investigate you we gotta rest they don't I don't think they kept he could go to Toronto because he can eat. It could take those road trips internationally Kerr. I've made so by gets the most for you wanna I would like to hear from under armour so so he goes to unarmed is that the real story. Case because that's the big space yes it was like out view it was like you know a reporter Philip he's now the big fish is more cube. All OK while it's so yes but looser you know what my view is the most important person if you try to get the. Created this is the biggest from Mark Cuban has in the state thing I think leads you to. So he beats up the girlfriend first of all they know about it he's arrested on their promises they have a police report okay. I'm now what happens is he comes he keeps his job because as Mark Cuban said. We didn't want to put him out there in the real world because maybe he'd do it and somebody else's watch and they would know what to do that even though Cuban didn't know what to do so another bring them back. He has a relationship with another female employee within the Dallas Mavericks the same thing happens all over again and what they don't they fire him at that point no. Because Mark Cuban doesn't listen about the real world and instead what he said storm he formula it's a new policy became for market but the new policy you can't date. Other employees. You can't another important football camp. Exactly theory anyway I. I'm Mara are a more double Christen this one because he can just that it's the art made a mistake. He'll we should get rid of him along time ago we can draw that crappy excuse by I'd rather have been yielded to keep ground you know because this the other one. Eighties more of this is going on for years talk of nobody saw art it was difficult geez I didn't see either boy I just I I didn't. You know the other one is right there is a police report and I screwed up I should get rid of them you know then now. His defense is that I I was unaware that this other stuff was going on you believe that leaves no doubt that his waist and gave himself in trouble and. You know I mean I don't really I don't need isn't denying anything mystery is denying it. Now there's this okay cat and mouse game going on about you know what happened and two and Rachel Nichols likes her little opening comments on her TV show the jump. She readies the gas illusory leaves. The Dallas Mavericks goes to work for under armour he's less than two months and he goes amount is less than their true minds. And they realize right away from the all of whom we try to take those issues with them too and are they really are sorry can't do it here. It usually people find out about those stores but I tell them that what Mark Cuban is guilty of back in 20102011. When he had the first incident with state. That's what they did it buried they covered up but they hit it under the rock what they would do was to protect us they wanted to protect it won't company whatever. That's what they would or 2018. We don't do that anymore. What we do right now is women have the power to come forward and people are gonna believe that they didn't believe them a 20102011. Will will pay the woman off. Go here you go we'll give you some money goal weight and we're gonna keep our guy. And that's gonna come back. After all weird guided keep on all the people there really did to keep that same you know everybody here but wants the job I mean. Despite America's Cuba it was because Cuban and that would then where is protecting the reputation of their company only. That I don't know how that's how messed up this whole has to meet you how messed up a world the use to be. Usually they probably just looked at 1015 years ago which is say guys got a problem has to stay away from the women in the office. He's right on the until just don't go that's about the same time yeah this is that but that's where that's where everything was people in power. They were just stick in the they can do whatever the hell they want it CI think this thing is far away with a. Far from over for Mark Cuban first of all if he was considering any presidential run. I think that's out now I think he's gonna have problems with that physical problems get money and even though he's got plenty himself he's still gonna have trouble trying to get the whole process going. But I think it's gonna get a lot more seriously if he thought the 600000. Dollar fine that he paid yesterday because he told players to basically thank. Is nothing right now in this day and age he is going to be somebody that people are gonna go after and you could hear yesterday with Rachel Nichols. While Cuban has suspended his HR director. He's also hired a law firm to launch an investigation. The firm has led by a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney's office and Mac should get credit for hiring someone with a strong ethical reputation. But there's still plenty of questions here. Because how independent is this investigation when the mavericks are hiring human witness instead of Ian Yates found the room with a report it public. And if so who fun of me where the team will get their hands on anything header trying to get out in front of it before it is released. All valid points the mavericks can not be the ones. Then art that is doing the investigation. On inappropriate conduct for its they had held at the subpoena to help clean up our investigation. But she's already come out. He's denied. Right the so guys looser and looser groceries and the night knowing I don't play in the dumb role. He's claiming that he noted and from winder at exactly the demo that's it that's. That's answers for every played up with this need role yesterday. And then when people kind of started telling him no you knew about Snead he started opened up about me to point where he was swearing. Obviously you know how strong is he gonna continue that denial. You know that so you know it means so the fact he came out after one day news that 24 hours that you know what. And squash this story now votes need as quick as possible. Grocery want all of you continue that because the longer you go out now what gets people more the cover. The cover what does that without order. It would have we find out in the Weinstein thing opened up and one woman came forward and then the next thing you know the floodgates opened up right against a flood gates are gonna open up. And he's not going to be able hide it I'm not saying he was directly involved in it and clearly the women came out said Mark Cuban wasn't doing as. This guy who wizards don't it's it was doing and others were doing that there was a there was a history of your but it wasn't Cuba. But how can how long can Cuban sit there and played the dumb girl. He's the million Mark Cuban who repeatedly bragged about how hands on he is as an owner. Who last year you may remember got involved in the minutia of counting the number of teens teen beat writers attended when deciding how to can't help credentials. They think he ever knew any of the stories that took a couple of reporters just a few months to collect. You know what's gonna kill Mark Cuban. It's history. This pattern of what he's done on the back he's been hands on with that prediction sites agree on right yeah he's in minutia easy is that the middle name. That's what he deals with you eat that travels with his team every single game he's out there with a he's around that he's doing all this stuff he's involved heavily in it. What was that shark tank. Analysts are plentiful room. That is orderly wanted to find that. Paula there's I want you tired I wanted to be the clean winner yeah yeah it sits there and then I'm gonna fall down behind fervent coverage Saturday. Now a and then I'll loan and okay. Or are so I'm out. Europe I don't amount we're all I'll go out regularly in my back in four minutes form don't go away. It's the MOF varies with the appreciate your guard river flood record you're predicted the way Maloney and pouring it on WEEI. When us three finally let them have that it was very big job with under armour what I know how long he lasted there. Less than two months he SI report deet tails telling female hopefully reported him to HR for yep. Being sexually inappropriate with third in an elevator and unlike the mavericks under armor. Does something about it and that's really be. It's. Everything in the sport so it's more info ritualistic it was interesting in the Sports Illustrated piece and they talked to. At least half a dozen women within the mavericks organization. And one of them was quoted as saying IE the safe haven is when you go down until more. Talk to players let's talk it out how good I hear no thanks als nicely at a proud moment right there knowing that the the guys. We're doing the right thing and they were the ones being professional. And the guy that's running the organizations act like a dog right there could have been more prop up split let me ask you know adults. And a little bit. Well as ever ballots and there armor. That is that get out of here something what's gone crazy because it's like you were you it only took you probably to commit it to too much for less than two months to get fired. But imagine. He quickly went in there and decide OK bam like. I feel that comfortable with my position in my power. But I am at a dude it's like rub the back not like getting the lay of the land not doing any you know reconnaissance on anybody he's just that's just who use. They that you say that that could have happened we could cue into the job and then. They spent another month trying to look it. What's going down we just hired this guy and arrogance fire already. You know there's something there. I don't work it in this job coming out you've been used to call who's read you column like when you heard this articles coming out to call right away. You say we gotta get are we gonna get our our story straight. Deny deny deny I don't know I don't know what you do if you market so far in the first 44 hours he's not dealt well with us and I'm not sure it's gonna end well what is the NBA do. The NBA has already shown. There's a history they'll move on on owners' right NFL's domes and that doesn't look this is about Donald Sterling situation. People are comparing it I feel like I'm doing loyalty aliens affiliates and die and the fine but I'd really to think it's it's not as. I still you know first they devoted a couple segments to this morning. But the majority of people it's Mark Cuban I think you're right. Which is unbelievable but I I think we knew Stephen A yesterday. Came out he was trying to do the support thing for mark cube. Let's listen. Stephen. I think it is in this respect I certainly don't wanna focus on him with something like this there's been nothing about Mark Cuban that says to me. Odd that he's anything less than an outstanding individual he's won these individuals using your face he will let you know where he stands and how he feels. On he's on apologetic about it on but in terms of ethics and morals there's been nothing that I can see. Well we you can question him in that regard as it pertains to. These are changing his story slightly year 24 out this is a case of if you like Mark Cuban. And I it sounds to me like Stephen A likes some pitching right did you gonna try to support right coach everything about the sailors first let me say this. Q write me a there what do you think that the situation Stephen A nobody at this point it. I mean county's first week out first. And that's it I think people are gonna do this if you if they like Mark Cuban ever relationship with Mark Cuban they're gonna try to beat. Supportive as Stephen A was doing right there but. I don't know how. Anybody can make you case ritual locals is correct if you look at the history of Mark Cuban how could anybody argue the point that well why didn't have no. Was going on because he's not that type of of all her. He's been always that type of owner he's always hands on to deploy with the NBA is find him because he's sick and wrong locations that eight. Yeah out none of those is just. Your right hand man is active now wave users. It's hard for me to believe that you don't haven't any sort of idea that he could be you know. All this may be for six months maybe three months. We are having problems of our college years he's ever looking 98 a long time I mean it just. We said yesterday. Everybody knows the people in the office the guys who were dogs. Right and in the in the value hang out I would say no not necessarily because you travel with them you got to work with them. Stuck in a room with them or four to five hours a day. You know the optimal brutal breathing he asserted yeah. Now almost fifteen years of a fifteen years you're bouncing ideas to me it's usually pretty much know. Yeah you know the dinners and these guys have had weathered that owners' meetings to yen meetings all of these. All these little boys club grips meetings dinners things like that you UC at all you see you know you'll think he's doing that the waitresses at a dinner there having. An original line yet it took us street are everything that we go after the enablers now right is no doubt in my mind. That Mark Cuban knew what was going on is now like I'm screwed up again this you know to throw this one story that everybody knew that development back. Erratic screwed up with sneeze Annika at a gas apologized to move on. It's not gonna happen. No no this day in and NH it's not going to happen but so far Christians right there's been less about this than there was about Christian. National people are not jumping on I'm seeing more written about the 600000 dollar fine. Because an owner told his players on the about a thing if we are losing games I guarantee you that there have been other owners general managers and coaches who have said that in the past. This is nothing new. While obviously received its power progressives you know they're gonna have a whole full investigation paid. By him to investigate his operation was gone but she's nice don't know Plano independent independent of whose credit central library card look at the old beautiful disclosure though little and Alexia. It probably and a Dirk Nowitzki spoke about today and he sounds like who's this. I mean then did the players themselves are being asked with these questions about. You know what's going on he said it's truly disgusting now. It was just. Army now now now now yours now at how quickly did the Dallas Mavericks names just change what it what it meant and what it stood for just changed overnight. And and Mark Cuban you know I've. For the most part I don't know Mark Cuban at all but I don't think he would encourage the people that he pays. And to run his organization to go out there and act like a bunch of fools. I mean nobody look at the. Snead situation that some that want to me. That's the obvious ones kept on bringing about U mass twice carefully was gonna go out there. And do it with another company and he wouldn't be able to control it. Well apparently he couldn't control here in each all the only thing you change was policy after the sides sought to keep a solid dog and a meat house a little town not eat the meat right right there Tony donated to meet. That's the first time ever heard that one you know given. Sexual predator look at who sexual harassment domestic violence and it's Akeelah. Fire wanna keep on. On a key moment in my watch out of control redevelopment. Yeah and I wanted that got the barrel a part of him in our company goes working clothes. Keep you close the best guy is anyone ever say that you get rid of the it's laughable so. How much do you think Mark Cuban. Gets the benefit of the doubt here and that there are people who like. Okay the NBA all likes it he's good for the game he's all over you know TV you know doing stuff. I'm I would say if fish rots from the head down right the cut but I like you like Mark Cuban a lot. Sick is that is that when I was back assessments that don't matter down hates Tom Brady on British farm off the court but he wants Mark Cuban is a you know right at the top of the mound and into Stephen okay Stephen and we you know somebody just pointed this out. But the Floyd Mayweather stuff Steve and I love Mayweather and was able to look the other way. With the stuff that they with a who's doing he and others who like Mark Cuban that interact with Mark Cuban would have something of a relationship with a bullet that I. And it's wrong. It's a guy screws up on a guy does something that's a problem. Insight gives to our game started bears lose audited who's better who's up the back doesn't Yahoo!'s and doesn't leave me out of for the Huskies. How does he. Low interest to see this young made two weeks throw lefty. You know Arkansas. Had a good year last year it double I saw some AAA attack where there aren't there any alarms you can actually it that you might hear about support that you. Does it the Leo we've seen it if I've heard that the crowd is slim less than in years it's a ritual route. Mature crowd Tuesday for the experience Riviera when it yeah underground or whatever that does that go to. I haven't its exit experience grabs this year so on audio off a little last. Got a bit as it goes all the to have Hillary opportunities all right they Denny's closes its and its. Funny how many people scoring game in the ground there's there's a lot of school carts out. A law school in the hearts. Actually it's not it's not that crowded the realism it would it's you know it's northeast we'll see a BC how hard that is. A dog (%expletive) if you guys have written as you would have a better feel forward who have said that this week which school vacation week and a lot of Bostonians lot of new englanders using traveled down for this week here and let's face it a lot of the Caribbean has been closed because of a all of the the weather issues so this Florida's more open for people but different that the crowds have not been what they've been in the past. And all though they haven't Lama as finds us a somewhat local media here with a wallet great crowd a lot of the navy plays a great it was still the people here don't they can there is that many people here. You know it he said for spring break you know or February vacation. You know in years past it has fall in the same week and in the crowds are down. But this week I would say that it was packed gonna compared to maybe a few years that you passed them at all central committee. I think anything and it goes through some of the stuff we talked about in the last couple ways where's the ball as for the ST I read another I would go a six month sentence of seven nods but then again. That Q will slow world that is the Beckett he's the first is we got what I'm gonna walk I don't know how many how teachers or around slowed down. Was that he's turning the joke was down he went down to around Chicago. Opera. Looking at a baseball started people don't realize that we don't want another route another hour to do it auction. Slurs talk show me another hour. Another and a little bit gas price fight is bomb.