OMF - Rainy Marathon Monday; Joe Kelly is the face of Boston, 4-16-18

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Monday, April 16th

Hour 1 - It’s Patriots Day and the Red Sox game is rained out for the first time since 1984. Lou is glad there is a show today now because he gets to talk about Horford. Gronk is still considering whether or not to play this year but Glenn thinks all this Patriots news just fills programming and there’s no urgency to it. Joe Kelly is the face of Boston after his fight with Tyler Austin.


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On you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Yeah. And we look at we're known to police get there by whites being on social media's front nine helping you today with glee and Lou and Christian I was out there but my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night one of our best players on the field. Game take care I don't know why I did ask I didn't get any answers yet play. You know so it's not easy that's for sure you know he's and sometimes. On Sports Radio WEEI. There's dozens of there was going to be no one match today and out of the three of us really excited about it pollution gonna hurt I don't. The only game of it being game movie do in the game on Monday for a time today since 1984 to go to the bank thing. Gave the bank the main reason why we bang it would bang it. And and Kirk and and Gerri we'll get to do next ten minutes and we thank them for the voluntary and I don't know if they wanted to but I guess it all I saw the most week and it's it wouldn't do it. Ability changed your mind on Saturday and luckily for us the weather work. The good for them to forty minutes where they can do something they never do and that's make fun of I think they'll never tournament but here's the deal we're here for the next four hours. Oh yeah we're all my god look at this list of all of this stuff that we've got to talk about who we've got the Bruins in a big playoff game tonight to watch it would get so obviously the first. We've got the Red Sox thirteen to. We got there at the sale yesterday it was. Which is what he called tough guy Monday. Tough gamma and show you how tough people in Boston Boston sports topic bodies Chris Sale. There's nothing that he have to act exactly critical Monday. Mean the media talks on pace 140 now I already under a goal for the over and I did what a 14132. May be that one voice and going under our ability over yet. A more optimistic that you are. On results and we'll show Kelly is is like now via the face of of the Boston vice like Michael Jones ready to fight club he's basically the biggest bad as stating that gap on believe the second bad ass right now that maybe the earth Boston Los or not is the biggest bad ass in the world right now and it who's next. Al Horford. Al we now. Eight North America and I'm moving and I know Chris and elegance is asked what you want to. Like how big of big Felix is David Price look like now Chris sales up there guy he's pitched in Antarctica right now so please leave blizzard teasing you with all the different lives are bound to do. With the most important populist over the latest. There was a lot of most of it might be the most important all we -- it. The most buoyed by anybody about it right now once they have good luck out and I'm. You're good good luck all those marathon runner so might my daughter Amanda idols yet on us running her first marriage vulnerable. To date she decided on this would be his first that's been training forever she's running in this from the look at this way it for you gotta pick. One I got to go back or does do well Erica I don't know about the professionals. There's this is that what they do behalf. Yeah yeah I felt bad for the guy that Ike is lifelong dream was to run the marathon and is the meaning behind it and brown family member or. Whatever it might be right like there's a lot of emotion. In wanting to run the Boston marathons they say I'm gonna do with the issue yeah. And they train in the running eight miles ten miles twelve miles an atomic scale it back and get their mind ready. And the date comes in this is what you. Three inches of her in this league most Gerald Green labels cross winds this is this is at. I guess most don't you exit date yet but everybody else. I gotta read this I mean even if it's. I don't I don't and why would wanna look for themselves I get it. Like you're right I think they're just drive it and guide provided. Miles mile marker 22 win my marker. And even the cops in their like fluorescent green or whatever early you know rain slickers like harbored underneath. Like it in on a so they don't wanna gateway if they get out of the cold and nobody knew it was a bit of a 26 mile drive. I was terrible terrible drive and I thought they cancel the advocate for the reckless scheme went yesterday yesterday was a big guy what's it doesn't usually when. And rockets against companies and it runs on it was a disaster that was good deals with Mary snow is an agent of doing that they don't do. We go to that vause that's what you do all the mail right and that's tough guy when you do it that. You'll call up who did it from possibly get a little your crew top is tremor really draft a guy he's moving it's a 3.2. I however rerouting air. Everybody aren't sixers. I don't Wesley when I call upon guys fight it through negative news on what Eichmann. Can't use unless your football player who do viewed who knew Joseph Billy is now the face of your friends as are you happy I was that you don't Kelly Nolan is going to do you want you to run out of town after the pace and finally gets it and I. They should of all is all of these gamers up at all because they come off and it convicted of the view that. Okay and now. He's the base of the bridge but it'll build and I'm in tremendous. Amount to reasonable until the end of this. Guys had gotten appreciated. I wanted to let live and. To run its remaining running dipped its may well let's we'll have dual use that we have a little bit yeah. On. I Republicans who yeah I. Thought so we Gilead it'll show you is he's telling you something that we was gonna happen. About the last week they are my children. Yeah. The political. Spin. RJR has anyone been viewed that may be. And I got a sense of Nickelodeon Nickelodeon. This line for hours and show you the yeah he's. For the mentally is a lot of I love. I don't know. Nobody knows but. Got a good reason every note and told of the week you don't get Chester telling yourself that and then maybe watched almost retired because you know it's beaten up on his audience this type sport you guys play it. And and then took a weekend Jeff Darlington and we the Brady was going to be here for day one but I'll. Editor that. But now might be a little bit more even after Tom Brady returns from Qatar. I do not anticipate. That he will be a regular participant in team's offseason program. It plans to spend more time with family. And body coach Alex Cabrera Brady did this parts of offseason program always on nine. 2000 tenths of this unit to protect the cryptic tweet about a week that was a sorry wants spent more time to time and more time and his family tells her little documentary. But he still or now. Offseason conditioning is really really easy so not very time. So today what do these figures show up and it's like OK first day that trainers there they're going over there workouts and lift the little means strait yeah yeah to lift the little bit in decent condition we do some running I got that brought out right now so we have our -- we ever report this you know this is John Dowd this morning on ESP. A number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only missed Monday and Tuesday do this regularly scheduled event and cutter. But when he returns I do not anticipate that we he will be part of the voluntary program. All those that when the team resumes or activities and day moving forward from there. I would go so far as to say that I would vote unlikely at this point that is a part of any of the voluntary program this off season how far you sense that his initial question one. But I don't know that even Britain has an answer but for now we should definitely at least not anticipate. That he's a part of this week and likely moving four. More impact when he put the music behind who's announced that more impact so is. Is I don't care so what is this is this grunt and Brady it's a conditioning program it's not coaches it's not football. It's not helmets is not Kansas not uniform it's not football it's all condition. They just making a snug and. Do you you do and working with the coaches put it in phases like the first ever it's always you know lax you know the united united talk and the coach first couple extra yeah at any do we do you use on field stuff. Then the cornerbacks in the the digital growth all that is animal. I think that this had to Wear by then there's going to be well that's what is that that's when it be real aspect because. You are but OT eight straight and lot of these guys have to work out bonuses in their contract. Again bookmarks in there. To me in most of it is because you worded vote via an offensive line angle from 300 to a 375. Right or just not in shape is concerned. That debt Rob Gronkowski is not in shape zero O Tom Brady zero. So I mean they're well when you start talking about paste that missing actual. On the field stuff all feel more already now that to me that is that will you consider holding out the right or not showing up. And I don't think they're gonna do that although I think what you're going to see is in May be comes out the next few days. They're going to be working out they're going to be do we care if you're gonna give you say enemy outsiders they're going to be doing with Alex Guerrero. It it's illicit for the so the first week phase one night it says four hours today. Nine minute maximum fuel which he won't do them much. It's you sit there and you go work out you run that's it no coaches. Face to. When today is three weeks is one of two weeks OK so I can see very easily missed the first three wild eagle. There's no meat from ago we wouldn't plus agents who aren't going your the coaches are allowed on the field. And and basically what they do is Ali you'll run some routes. Really that's based diesel bags no no offense vs deepest about that stuff. The chorus of go out there and throw some routes if it's limited not a lot things more ways formally agreeing. Based three under a lot of moral and it's not easy right Google appealed to do some stuff a yellow mini camp. And wrapped it it's easy and no I'm confident that you have a mini camp visited him to the Mac account. I agree I agree. Very shortly we're actually talking and how does Kerry did more doubts our debate may be. Maybe I can get in there and I can I I get my lip done and our our run better out there on hang out Turkish movie. Dollar delegate three hours they would act as Paula you think you think ground is still the gym Maliki were conducted a couple hours. I think at his own place he's. Probably probably aren't the same I got a little longer knows what America chair so you attribute it to they do don't care needs are working out so don't you think we will get some type of pictures video. Between takes something. In the next few days during the course of the week. The court is working out and it's over at TP twelve the Tom Brady is working out it's always been a B twelve because that club did you. The statement now that's the statement you make a statement. See I think this is all about it's one of two things version it's either about. Statement it is they don't need neither one of these guys need we all agree they don't need it they're gonna be in great shape it's not an issue. Vote by skipping it. You're making either statement here org rocky is serious in what Adam Chester said. The heat thinking about retiring or maybe he's just trying to squeeze them for life okay so let's we get a good get into the contract situation at all. Because I feel like it's a little little premature right now to treated. I also felt that okay before we do that they added character to. Coach is gone put on attendance started when it's off season program Monday or source gras is still considering whether to play in the upcoming 2018 season. And is it good communication with the patriots pursuant so mental and all this talk about well these teams and called the patriots. About more interest in Rob Gronkowski because of the smoke there's fire and why when you're trying is gonna be teams calling in. So all of a sudden the the reality of trading grown became a little more real because you are reports about teams want to call the motive was heroic. Is that there is talking about like I feel that the whole retirement talk has to squash the trade. Market correct up to it earlier week later and show after we said. Mark is going to come back out knew somebody or it's gonna get the word out that you still considering retirement. To squash the more of the trade talk so here we go out and Jeff do you still considering whether to play this year or not. Coming off of reports of by the could be traits. To be exact it was obvious that we call consider was coming. Didn't admit they talk about Brady's gonna reemphasizes affected hold up before trading at liberty bell still might not play. Just to squash that talk of trades who could trade for me if I'm gonna retire. Which is exactly what happened and why would they extended to a new contract with ground if you start in retirement if somebody is already thinking about retirement there's now. It did but if somebody's thinking about retirement right now once held while wanna read the contract of every you'd do the contract. I'm gonna get some cap relief on this thing but extended I don't wanna I wanna extend that to us. A cap relief well there fourteen million right about now right. Told you Q Keyon you can only what they Google eight or you get beat incidents they get eight point nine million dollars I wanted to attack article millions Centre right now. The next two years I'm not sure Belichick does that is it a lot easier if he's there because he wasn't threatened to retire. Now he's threatening to retire he's obviously he's getting into the year of credible guys like out of shift and he wants to get the word out. So that's the case about Belichick said Angela. Why am I could give you what new deal and extended how does it with your adrenaline that aren't there to the point is don't have to send out as it is a point to what you're saying why idea why it is that extended out what you just sit there and say. Well it will be able noble will will give you more money here. Because I don't think they have that much to give to I a you're you're talking minimal dollars you're talking maybe a million and a half two million a million bucks that's it. That's that's the most you've probably that you throw out OK if it makes one guys pay tied into football. As if you don't earn I have missed Allard double the salary because of incentives while they might do babysitting tonight yeah you know if you've got to let a million. A do you do you think. Draw is willing to go all in on this. You can easily go all in. I don't I think he's gonna play that he's just got up and it's just like a thesis Alain it's it's it's almost childish to me because if you want it there's. The couple ways to negotiate with the patriots. And if you want to flirt with that and kind of you know mess around a little bit okay fine if you're the you're not did not get anything out of it. Caiso Dion Sanders it's Saturday. Pete we something he has this would be on fender tweed. He says all all athletes please understand this is the business first the accounts before the business part of professional sport I'm glad somebody from the VA are different. A team captain a blessing to be community and it darn good player but please remember it's business for passionate truth a case of rock likes it. My point is. If you want to get your hands dirty. You're going about it the wrong way this. Does it teach you anything all it does irritate everybody but it doesn't make real change what you're dirty wanna you wanna you wanna you wanna when Ron do this. What did you don't come at all well you have no plans to go to whatsoever but this hope he's going to be there most of these though these he'd like he doesn't want to get it to fifty. The guy it's about money it's we also home. You can allow like. Not go there for work outs LA you know not to 200000 dollars. It's to me. Unless you think how much you think this is just the principle alone. The Rob Gronkowski feeling like he's actually taking a pay cut after Proehl all pro year. I think that's the boom that's it number one yes. I am I wrong doing it right now and I'm not everybody else's game wore all gnarled up its credit cards 75 in the yeah I'm gonna make 80 my making. Public taking almost three million dollar. Taken out of the curve it and he's easily a one of the best football players forget about position. Best football players in the NFL those that are good about position rank whatever I don't want Australia are I want I want everything I don't wanna be traded and to make sure you don't trade me. And a toddler tyrant. But I want all money roughly three million. And that may be part of the deed he does not wanna be traded he wants Tom Brady the guy throwing touchdown passes through but I I think Christian brings up an an excellent point and that is. If you can make cryptic messages. What did you make them towards your fearful of what you're going that would your body would you mind is going to pay. 3040 years from now we don't is the cryptic messages are all about business as Deion Sanders. Like when you do that and dancing and just gave you the obvious we don't know. In Mosul audits but why try to appease the fans at what is what is he gaining. By saying hey guys because he's I like it felt like hey I need support on this Chris Christensen get a pretty they see an opening Belichick is that a weaker point with the fans that he's ever had an eighteen year that is that is good. You believe that no what am I put that is highly OK I guess I guess my question would be do you do you think he cares. With the fans know him. Know what I know that you know this matter why would that even changed any. Part of his decision making all your fans I think roster and Santa terror ports aren't the do you believe growth thanks. I think raw deals night. The fans he needs to keep the fans are aside because he doesn't wanna be that he doesn't want the fans to turn our core you know like Ollie you know you're just. You're just you're you're entitled look at all the money you're making my it will like will we were duly elected David Price resource and norm he sees an opening. Great distance of those guys well it is they don't. Make ridiculous money. Right there and I think he has the backing of the fair. Since there's a you'd image you. Basically play five point five million incentives to get the 1075 to get you to pay gates you'd be paid at one of the best tight ends in football. When patriot fans love them. They know always the best time in football they know he's a hall of Famer and regulate that these should it not known as the missing nation overpaid for the guy. Given if he was asked if the 1618 million figure knots. But we realize he's taken a three million dollar to two point 75 whatever it is million dollar. If that was not guaranteed money last year that was incentive money so if he's not to know that I burned and not enough so I told them about that there's a hole does not going to be healthy this year. It does not mean he's going to be I think it'll turn out that about anybody but it would turn in a heartbeat if they give mall that money and he gets hurt or hold it Gary TL Robinson's healthy this year the military help would do you look at the rest of the week you can't look at the personally the patriots operate at all churn on ground. If he continues to hold out and the public starts getting a little bit pissed it'll churn like Joseph Kelly yeah internal market would. Isn't that guy tries so hard to late. Just you know we will turn it forced the issue of support because hey guys. I don't wanna hold out but you saw my tweets the last three months you know what banned the maker de FDA at Pitt Matt thought he retired general call campaign Pam. He would look like a bad guy that hurricane because he's not playing but he's keeping out because all he does. All he does is tweet this week that its program it's. It's late. Why are you trying so hard. What you it's almost like a forced Jackson went of one won't become violent or I'd you know God's business writer you know how tough BR. When everybody said I gotta do this for me I got Finley went from a. And knives and I just I think to be people will be pissed on missed about radio he's holding out and everything else is no question is just one Libyan field. Understand in the mind of the patriots fan right now. Whose side are you owe you one more just in general would be quote old bill MIT gone now I think it's good but does that does a lot of things and want Sandra known as his own. No urgency. So we consider her talk about it we do every day. Again everybody in the media talks about it all right so when everybody's got something new you know go here's the latest you know Jeff Darlington tweet whatever. It really doesn't mean anything. It means something to wash if he's in a fills up counter programming. NBC sports Boston fills up programming by security digital camera or they don't like football games until September. There's no urgency once you start to become to a point. Where there's some urgency involved and of course installed on the same thing you watch unsealed internal view do you think this. Is going to. Help him or hurt him. I don't know what the patriots are going to do the patriots might throw a few bucks out of I just don't think they're going to Alter this contract I don't Simon long term I don't contract so that was is doing last year piggybacked on set OK even though you signed it and you you know you took always some of your beat you one security you took away some of your leverage there where are gonna do it because we'd like you mean how good a player you walk. And we also know that. We need you healthy so we're gonna we're gonna put together it's the stipulation contract in which you've got to show because this is a guy that already. Done stuff with they've never done stuff with with any other player they worked with his family. To bring out releases. That it together so the public would hear from both sides who. I just that this isn't the way. Things get done with them they they don't they ain't even though you're not you know openly. Latent demand making demand because he's not make it demands. But he sure is heads and a lot of it right and okay here bigger better things about him today as soon. You know we don't know I don't I think yeah. Still be there for the for for his offseason conditioning and it all depends on. The percentage. The I don't know what is percentage I guess this year it is easy isn't it aren't going to get twenty days it is there any reason for Belichick and the patriots to do anything. Why don't know it doesn't no no not at all not one bit. Not if they don't this indicates that he can miss. Offseason conditioning on the show up to the mandatory minicamp. And then he could sit there and he could go through all this summer. But I also don't think he's gonna be of those guys that can allow himself to be fine every single day he misses. 'cause I think that is the point of no return once you cross outline OK you've basically you're just either you're you're you're just holding out. Late until they Blake which. Eventually that'll be what you know item two million dollars later but that just don't. Don't go back to what you're talking about it's almost childish from the way he's doing so would get these cryptic little messages from him. In India unconvinced that when he finally shows up and he will show up you'll sit there and played dumb when the media starts asking him questions. I don't know how you heard them. I'm sure that it is great girl fund with coach now and the I just think he's gonna do this and I do think that in impart some of the she's very childish and I'm not sure it's it's directed. In a proper way I don't see where he's gonna get. I just noted he's trying really ought to let that the public know that he's unhappy with his contract it's like adamant it's a generational thing. It's like I'll look look look guys yeah yeah he's right goes oh look there are really talking about myself I'd like it really talking about myself look like okay with the they haven't I want you guys all be on my side. It's like he's almost like he's pollen. Ticket for support did you get away with some of that right now because Greek is Belichick is is taking some heat because of the Super Bowl and Malcolm bobbled it's also comes out with Malcolm buck. The changes that story rarity of the majority story. In which you know he had one of the players we assume what's the defense of player who sit there and seemed to understand why. He wasn't playing indicate what happens if something comes out of that store. Then that whole narrative changes dramatically share when it comes to go check and good non use of Malcolm Butler there. I yeah and then you get in and dole who doesn't want rapidly offense and defense that situation area as they don't know what l.'s goal on the back underground pits. The whole theme here with between him. Yes and Brady is that the whole feeling of being under appreciated. You can directly look at the deal. As well as far as money goes from don't feel under appreciated. Mini double my salary to prove that I'm more than approve that Martha tonight yes I think almost three million dollar pay cut. Yeah I don't think so. I. And let me even ninety M Dolan and now don't want to get to a now or later. I'll get to Oakland bite is. We call it a revelation I don't throw I don't know when you do the backseat of a car. And I. Not sure IE. That the canoe team and yeah he humiliated Arnold's friends who are the front seat now's the vandals eventually effects if they could make a mistake in this. So I'm sure Mike Reese was. Was reprimanded because of C dolls. You have some guys you know you know one of the medical batted down a Twitter they pin high what are police brutality and all of 200 it was the U. And then what Mikey greased out that day. In only within a car say yes it was a slash other input and that is the other is they might president I think what he's going fly if they go over how to record of bodily and the NC talk. A we listen we just we get solutions to get them. Okay can we have a show and it's a better Vietnam a little better and that's what I'm doing the idle process under his own lives we inference that she's nice. We set up my skip this you along I had on the only way and it set a difficult because they didn't I don't know. You must use a vacation when the weather's good this July August you know what we. I'm not gonna and AM glad though because it would have been difficult for me to doing the Red Sox game which O Tim and talk about Al Horford. Yeah that would about would have had to have done that downforce and there ought to apologize a one yeah. No I apologize. You know being on now I like it now approving how many times did that I like about Luke proven right again all of proven right again I swear to god talk about it once a free throws maybe it. I've proven literally. Watch it again once again I'll work for him of something nice is somebody just to open just it was like maybe one basket you see exactly throws. Use of the best player in Cologne now it won't fit that's it's fascinating don't don't don't start. Now you're playing with these great player when he's very good results and feel good about them every one of these games future now. Balls that all I do now I don't know why do I think I've got history here in the history tells me. Act. Every game sorry I threw it got that we've got the Red Sox. We've got the Bruins who could take a three zip lead in that series then we get so much stuff. If you will hang around it'll subsequent. 617777937. You got nothing to do low out. Didn't show. 48 mark Dell do we. Yeah I like to play. It's not easy as picture if he's. Sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About plans for him but I must say. Things that. I didn't like we're all in regard to getting the team better and I respected him. Yeah I didn't like tracks in the snow and it like practicing in the rain that was gonna make a better football team. That was gonna make me a better football player it was an easy he would he would be the first to admit at at the ring ceremony that it wasn't it was an easy. You know the silver lining is that it can be rapidly. Amazing how people sixty a whole thing go adults or poor or editorial what cheque today all it. Everything that Amendola just said in the backseat of the car I agree with 100%. I is not easy play for and he's an A hole sometimes. And yes he forces you to practice in the it's going to rain because you may face those conditions someone game. And I'm sure he's told the truth when he says Belichick at their ceremony probably admitted to the zebra is a good view of workers and no not easy to play for but. That's he's innocent and external and that it from a different way and anybody totally not true he's able and in that respect is not. He's not gonna sit here and in Kabul. Players they're probably a lot different places maybe 31 of the teams in which life might be a little easier on the day to day basis Kiewit. Lottery yes Arctic cat obvious apparently they want all the time. And never around. It's funny like on a Philly at rice they might might years against the old school guys. I feel it's weird that it's. You'll never hear any of the I guess the first round of guys called the first round a plant players who wouldn't want a column like that proves he Willies and those guys enough in a Seymour is an edited Terry's. When those guys left he never. Heard anything you know it was bitchy nobody was complaining in a you know and the guys that did. You know they chose to a on the debates on the plane and then they got shipped out gazillion hours of the branches of the world. But I just wait I heard Emma dole out these front of the so we problem. I don't play in the snow and we'll ask you go to it's yeah I'd like practicing the snows and it like prices rainbow. Political on the ball bull and you want yeah. Game that is that's Sunday in polls in addition to those guys would never said it you know exit those first round of play players when. It's an easy enemies and obviously sometimes bill is an A hole obviously right I mean I can that's not gonna let right now it's like. And to saints being presented in everyone's pick up that clip as you said it's being presented at this is this is new it's kind of falling into this narrative about how bill. All of a sudden he needs to change that he can't beat this guy here or is becoming. You know more of a hold and he's ever benefiting go to anybody in saying now of course she can be enabled her. Yeah yeah absorb it and obviously it means somebody. That's day one right. The first heard of when I was choosing you know where I was gonna go to priest as like I want nothing to do was built our. Nothing as a god in all of it built Tom compliment to guys. That you know the rumors going around about them out nobody want to play for because how typical was Tom Coughlin. Is notorious. For his way of coaching and I was back when you could practice hard right they were taken advantage of that that was more than anything is as they arrived there activity days off. It's an an interest in two guys that probably if that is what successes as any in the league. Maybe just coincidence that they want nothing candidate that's the only way to do people can still win no doubt but I don't get a hold on a look at the at the Pete Carroll expert. And he's the gadgets that the best friends hugging high five and do in this players you know a lot allowing them to have a voice a lot of them to do whatever they want. Well all this while hitting shorter window in winning than Bill Belichick is and now players returning on. Richard Sherman is turning on on Pete Carroll so. I think NSA and have fun it was Sherman comedies at the same things he's a lot of about how it's like a college atmosphere when he was younger. Now often don't work because it'll hurt because of your contract doesn't work they wanna spend. And not much I doubt it's did you all this about rockets about Brady it's about team. It isn't and in this situation with Pete Carroll out there Pete Carroll a lot of party atmosphere college atmosphere. My guys are gonna talk my guys are gonna do whatever they want they gonna do what they want on the sideline they can do whatever and now this what's happening. Those players are turning on Pete Carroll always they totally opposite. Approach to the game but don't go check as we saw Pete Carroll's approach here knowing what it did not work. And I'll give him credit goes back to college now works out in Seattle post players Richard Sherman. The stuff you said now about about Pete Carroll's more than that we've ever heard any ex players say about Bill Belichick. Yeah let me. Whatever I needed it's just because it doesn't work. There's more ways. And it's there's always to win and it'd been always a coach and everybody at home was different then than bill and bills to prevent Joseph Gibbs. This in front of the Joseph gives scenario rate so don't give coaches. Had a lot of success. What's different quarterbacks he was able to rotate guys in and out and still went Super Bowls to get it the tiller gives Georgia the first time around them the second time around. Legitimately. Was disconnected. Did you know what's going on didn't audit did you play I would yes I play for it I would pass the rescue to rotate tires. Nobody one year he as a one week as the incentive for the scout team players. The scout team player of the week got to drive these cars and McDonald a real incentive pay. We Taylor act today and today I guess that I can do this that they want to hear about peace and he would still come up here that feeds it. If you'll give you declare that we get about it downsized after the event and it it can't sell it that's our. Celebrex don't want these are the player of the week use my follow him. In my office yet expects doubled. The south side that phase so this you know who is this really comes down to that makes it. From the this gives them the two planet players that are on this team right now. Dad or more concerned about their own individual situation and even knocking I'm I'm really not. Because it means nothing we were in the middle of April what really me. It must we really think that Brady's gonna walk away. Brady really gonna walk away does anybody really believe is a possibility listen I wish I walk away now or the grunts from the walk away that's the only. Issued on a plane into the and that would be shocked if either one of them walked away but. At Daytona current got me kind of curious because even the other night last week long windows on a show with them over their NBC sports Boston it was. You know Brady's name came up and he always kind of throws in you know. If he comes back this year. 88 year you've I've gone and tackles are well let Keith he keeps throwing that in their very subtly in and he's connected with a family we know that. I think I don't think anyone walking to the atomic power I don't I don't I grew be perfectly honest review so this made him governor you only have so I'm just saying that but he continually. And we just moved on from when he's coming back this year we're talking about next year what does he do right. But he just keeps subtly just throwing in these little bowl ends that we still don't know thumbs combat but any level. Well let's keep saying this that and with the might edit. Stop on what that why you keep bringing this up he's been asked any indecent I think it's small percentage. There's still possibilities are you still have an opportunity to be accurate if greater he'll lock in the Motown family Leo Larkin Larkin the Eddie yes. Certainly leaking it out here to Jeff Darlington. That he wants to spend more time with the family which was part of the Tom vs so they do. That is crotch and Brady just pissed off about the Guerrero thing. Grunt pissed off because he's underpaid right now and they just using this little game as leverage and at times as you say Christian. Little childish but the cryptic messages. Am more respect for market crock came out this story with somebody and say listen. A vastly underpaid. Up there. The public's gonna agree would you go wrong. Just say as opposed and little cryptic little messages that this thrown out there and radio obviously throwing them out. In the documentary. Feel better of the guys came forward. And were a little bit more honest about that I just. As you said it league trying to. Gain favor with the public in making you know your own business issues public filters are waffling and sort of the public will turn they will prism often yeah. I here's a guy that does not believe that the fans are gonna turn on crock is Joan cartwright Joseph. I got a little word I thank you but yeah very much appreciate that. You'd think that you couldn dutrow Rahm. All wanting Wal-Mart. Only do it then you keep what you gotta put it to dump. Yeah like you're not that I. Think I'd talk in the diet and what could be quite yet so. Well. Does a lot of great in the showing you like black and white because it's easier for you to count and do what most people like to have great unit I don't halt wrong for warning more money. I think this is his Christian referred to it and I agree with the it's childish in the way that he's approaching not. I was asleep and this brought to walk the company now why did a member of them when the page. It really code code. Whether or skewed to the media how you really Leo what you. Well probably I'd like you that you'd be like you believe it at all my I'm. You're right this and this is abet this is a veteran rose a little cryptic approaches and as much. Makes more sense. And don't move overall move around the tonight L'Oreal slower and our roundtable we really need it but I think it. Aren't aren't aren't seen get treated differently and they are subject to get. Those sometimes sometimes yes and it when it comes to end the war we're dog ate a broad stroke it don't. Well the Brady would die easily that you Brady does Michael Jordan does Magic Johnson date those guys yes. Those guys. How so. How would literally what is far as well. I'd. Bellwether but that's it no we're not talking about you know you know where it's what's on cleanly today you know what we treat differently. I know I'm glad. That he did yeah. And then chubby kid until we can't tell it's 200 yards away he can do it all he wants nobody is saying ET. You'll want us arts tell. John. Yeah you could walk the 200 yards he's he's a professional obviously got to you wanna. We'll listen. They want you wanna crawl up you wanna play all of you when all of a column I'll be integral to our Lehrer. And stuff. I don't jump I don't know. I don't know you know you're awful but I I don't I really don't think that the patriots internal growth. I don't mentally get tired of the cryptic stuff we've talked about it before but doesn't he's not gonna come out he's not gonna come out and in it he says there and do an interview with someone who really aerials grievances are gonna do it. But I had a I don't think I think they'd been incidents that their season best tennis football he's not looking good old paid is that gonna get paid. And just got million bucks the please god. Suppose because of logic after closing holes out long term you don't think do anybody who's gonna kill yeah this that were lower aways away from the. Where we are not concerned at all along we're in the middle of April 20 point you know we're getting all worked up about it is it's a good story. But I'm not sure it really has legs that it's anything that is seriously going to affect the state. And some people really believe that this. That you know these these gaps and we don't work of the franchise is toward the end of this run nobody's arguing that point but. I think they might turn if he decides that he's not going to show. I didn't get away with conditioning program nobody's gonna make a big deal about that Jim I think that. Joseph Kelly would be the second most popular person behind David passed and take over at the TD garden everything that was. This he and I do the I didn't do him a little Israeli fight floated feature is I had heard it often sold. And again and Elena ensemble the look is the last thing we'll do this do this because. We talk about all the time I'd do the other players does refer to Danny and dogged other players know. Or do they did they know what was going on with Malcolm ball wide play what was going on. Mike Reese the ass and little about this also not curious did you guys it off its players did it. I think they don't I think most of the guys on the team that built for key clue what's going on behind the scenes in their meeting rooms and Amendola. I'm an assay. You know either. Me. Curious about. Yeah I'd like he handles. And dollars it. You know. I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. You know put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night. One of our best players wasn't on the field. It's issued I don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers and you know I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us. For whatever reason he wasn't there so. So that clearly could be a split with the offensive players are not aware of the defense of players based on the source that might you aren't yet. Last week. We're aware of that and understands the I don't know how that works person you'd you can tell us because in me and in baseball that the pitchers over they had does in the position players rolling here. But if somebody wasn't playing. You know it and it would be discussed you know it would be you be wait a rough it. And that's I don't know because it seems like majority talks a couple players and I think you guessing that their defensive players were Sid didn't come without merit. Those seem to access some players understood widened Malcolm bode didn't start that football game. But as their chance that the offensive players just completely out of the little and they just they have no clue even if he did something whether be at practice so whatever. The day when even know. Yes I know exactly I only they would. If a hole and like Matt Light is not a not not playing lesser offense of racing you know yeah like agents of their Tom Ashworth and them light. Hell's going on I see Matt I know Matt's help that team trainer my nose fine. You know it but I about it and were working together you know before practice. Honestly without going on asked Michael wise and that they are weak that there will be any Mac. Say even dirty game you know pats offense run field. Defense team on the field there on the sidelines right talking about what they're seeing young guns talk about what they're seen a goal of film their they're discussing this discussing that. The even knows and feels of these. You know if you add time even though. Eventually you start once in that case and they hit them that oh my god Malcolm as a plague of the the second drive their job they may not know what all they're handle it. When when there on the field the offenses both the state Al Eagles take your seat. During the change of possession gore everything and then you're free to go kind of roam wherever you want. So if you see somebody get smoked he sees the field if he goes up Daniel like. Okay they'll get beat all the time they look at religion today while cleaning up is not going to be an NC a look at how well and now much more concerned what we're going up or down right. So I don't think ever known as. Let's get to our board of our own order playoff teams to Bruins are two winnowing it's been an impressive two and although play game three tonight. Up in Toronto the Celtics go to overtime and win the first game against Milwaukee and average out was well above. Average out and your Red Sox right now on pace to 140. Of the best team in baseball we got a lot to get to we do it next. She's forty some people like embarrassed for you heard good either the pitchers people's job to. Earlier a little while community battle when you are crazy about politics we are looming in 48. Floyd anyway you look at it we're going to we have ministers were capable of community well there's so many things we can do better in same home up to this sort of first came home from work. We're going to be great to reenergize her to do these things we brought me here produced clean Americans mode where one line is this heaven too much fun. So you look after that the second thing is the play infirmary that hasn't been good enough. For us to have success we've got to clean that up. You are. We're good player he's. Got questions. We'll tell you tomorrow. For Mike that Babcock because he's inside and saw two games of the bruins' first ones than. Like all having fun too much for the South Africa but I saw the guy goes out tonight you moved up the Canucks on the second. Bellies and visit wasn't missing player remembered moto you know whom who isn't what is a little you know. As I mean I. Austin matches as is he played in the series have you seen him the first against man and again and everything last change now they can put to Richard charm Bergeron out there against those guys. Or at least one of them end in nick and try to neutralize and snow at your intro will be little more difficult. But if Daley he's right and you'll notice that in front of the net. The brewers do whatever the hell they want. Even nobody's pointing a left their Isaak. He's going to be in front of baptists or whoever it is national behind it maybe they would just president doing whatever they wanted. And that first line did a pox. I mean right now looks at the best player in the league an offense that line is the best lines in hockey. He's toying with at last going the other night where he's at worst we dropped it through his legs and then sending it up pie in the in the corner. Toronto is a much better team at home and this is that this is their last gasp but I mean if they don't show tonight obviously the series is not a much shore. The fact that they still have to play games here at the garden with the Bruins hold in. A home ice advantage that Toronto could win this series right now but can it make it a long series. I get laws you make guys can I don't know tonight makes it home don't I don't think that the Nam they're friends at a trial franchise I 29 games at home yet to stick around I would like it like I think perhaps you're home yet we don't to Toronto resistant and it must be got into it and it must be put Fabio water. So I think it wasn't abusers that you could just hell that they're just a step behind or they've given up and there's just too much it's just too much skill. I feet with the Bruins and they were demoralized. And that second starting the second period of first game all it is third and then from DeDe and in the second game done. They want nothing to do with it they just want to get home and play they feel comfortable they're they have a bit a little bit more swagger when the playing at home. They're gonna come out strong you know it swing in first period going to be huge. If they just pushed that back it is cute that to the side. This series over if I don't win this game obvious I don't Don did Don I think there's smoke anyways. They have a press conference only three guy show up and three guys shocked the presidents like the games are they look like I've choked or I might it's like no. There are trouble now I don't know what he's gonna do is talk in changing Dominic Moore notes you can change it at pebble Matt monitoring Doug Martin coming in the amorphous and that the big guy right. Okay that's what they need no I don't you know why don't just change everything what you get is asked what I'm equate it to bring in Manila McQuay abuse that's that's gonna change everything. A modem doesn't change is an dividend I think the biggest and most telling gold to me was good last month it was just playground right process to slate plus athlete. It was the global four. Where he actually had my shares that'll break way to kind of loses the puck to the left and urged rose just chipped it back to Boston on. He takes it from the back wall nobody touched skates in front of the net. And flips up on top top court already passed them I mean yeah that does just that Larry is everybody else. Let the the fact that he had this amount of space to do that and watched. Just how is that Digisette dude whatever we're done and maybe it's to go home but they. Now there's this the broad right now locked in and and maybe it won't fight in Toronto would you move on now to start thinking about him. The thing about Pasternak is and he came into the sleeping under sixty pounds soaking wet bodies a lot different now than it was that but still you could see it if you eat your physical with him. You don't give him an awful lot of space then he has more difficult operating loose right. Did not touch me and he literally able to do what ever they hilly once and we know how good the other two guys aren't on I mean it's it's. Look at what's amazing as I said attempted to Christian before the show started. He's 21. If Iraqi Army accused 21 Bentley for four years now let me look at postured up. You're yet again it's that there's maybe is a Tiki minute 20/20 one you don't mean he's a 23 point four okay now start to find himself. He's 21 years old basic skill even brown Jason he's just a point but more experience with this leaguers team right now all right now this team. But he's you know you just what he wants to help. It was really polished though 21 if you remember when he first came into the league he was great skater on wire eighteen plod did get bumped off the boards and suddenly disappear down around out of the to the ice surface he's a much different player your regular guys Marsha obviously he's taken his game. It took an actual. But I would expect Toronto comes out and plays really a two recordings patrolman I did play great games. Great and it and it did appear to Cassidy yours you're saying the same thing listen guys are down 02 dread all the really get a home if you can match the energy. If you can bring you mad mad at best and manufacture your own energy. Especially in the first period and send them a message that. That ain't gonna be enough. I mean you just know they're just wait to give themselves an excuse very you know and and the. Oh score so so quickly in the first period gather what the difference have to worry about tonight is a lot of penalties and giving Toronto. That power play advantage they're really good on the power play in the gonna be much better obviously. At home so and you know you spot them a couple goals and now suddenly you plane that uphill battle but does anybody fear. That the series is in now poverty now not at all now not one it could be a longer. Series but I don't think anybody sit in Santo. Is they are still in jeopardy loser in the series I don't. I don't see a Toronto wins this series is right I think is still gonna have trouble winning here in Boston. I don't know I didn't even if they gonna do their best players are struggling so you can gain at your best. Thing is that we've fearful of Anderson their goalie suvs and start again look at a big deal so the point is. Your best if you can smoked. It completely swallowed this team this is not a bomb team Toronto. The Bruins right now to actually locked in the flip that switch you worry about the 131 finish at the end of the year. And it completely dominated this team they've smothered their offense. And defensively they've been exposed. I did and that's why I say I don't think they have anything to stop this first line. I don't we go to defensively this that was there weakness. And I just don't think these three guys that played a top level are they out right now you don't think they can stop. I don't they've come out of the gate really strong in the first two games and you wonder if they if they fall behind couple goals in this game than. Audit of all I see my mentality and the crowd will be out of it though I'm talking about the other way dart about the Bruins fall behind couple. Because the key I think to the Bruins is they've taken leads in early on the phone and an occasional throughout the entire season. Three Eagles nothing. Not from welcome back in the second letter appeared second doesn't matter we're gonna get to the Celtics which might be eight closer series than I think the Bruins are faced with. It with Toronto will do that get into the Red Sox as well. Marathon is going on right now with these awful weather conditions will update you without as well 6177797. Had a threesome.