OMF - Reacting to the fight of the year: John Dennis v. John Tomase 12-27-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 27th

HOUR 1 - Dino was not thrilled with how things were going with co-hosts John Tomase and Rob Bradford earlier this morning. Dino left and we're not sure when we'll see him next. In for OMF, Chris Villani and Evan Drellich react to the fallout of this clash of titans.


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All of you read each. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. That's it's no wonder it. That he's got to get labeled with the gland Lou and Christian disposable income is it people want to admit that it was to roll. I you know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish the show went on Q what about you on the week on finishes show without heartsick what Evan he's 77 iPad in my right. Nor I can I can do this we can finish this all the people. Out. Today I this is still baffling to me come back if you wanna come back. And yet these. What people when the scarf goes on and that needs to go out on Sports Radio WEEI. I never like really embracing the holidays. Here it sheer joy and peace and goodwill towards men. And all of the wonderful things who he would talk Trout don't interrupt me but you daring to wrap may. I can't believe the callers. We're reacting John Dennis walking out and saying if John commodities all John tomorrow you've done something wrong here. Because John Dennis in his great return to W yeah. Guy with a lot of people were listening for and looking forward to. Just mosques all they thought it may block out. Watch out as spontaneous combustion Diddy got up and stormed out to get to not to get better cumulative let him talk this is the argument callers are making and somehow that it's Hamas sees all that all we have to give way to old man John Dennis and make sure that he kills people it's a safe space to speak here at WTI does need it said by the way and turn of you know move around everything here there is a have to use salt packet. There is a ketchup packet it's unused there's a lead at half eaten baking potatoes a crumpled napkin and CD OC there's a stir at the coming here and spend. Fifteen minutes tick up there it's. That's right football here and it down our giant of volunteers can be told that number one incident that Li in rob Bradford voice for did nothing here use this. Giggling along Altamont yes but but the level of accomplishment. If you rapper. Enough time but the guy on air in Paris and it could have. You're dealt he's waiting for that tax. From Kirk for Joseph is our bottle he creates jobs and really pushed the show board today. And of course he loves these devices so that the segment they do with Tina was asked the you know right that's that's 1009 o'clock hour and had that planned. Rob laws that we need some new tees later in the show read the second he had available he pushes that for all we're gonna do it or an opera for Dario. I did not expect this walk in and now I I I am not either and it's them. My thing is this cave in listen to that those of the stations there I'd listen you know and an in car would have. Absolutely nothing else to deal would have exhausted all other options stared at the ceiling for awhile Canon. Gone through the progression of everything I could possibly do comic look at on. Excel end. I I just the arguing the infighting the I am I told us for the show Levin and I mean this. In with with all love and affection knowing that you brought me a breakfast sandwich that I that I just polished off the ice call in the IRX twelve degrees. I just wanted to make you care I just got there is little settled in the car we. That's talk. I don't care enough about any of view. To get that upset about any of this stuff like to mossy Bradford yet they're fine whatever. They that meteor that was that landing in southern Maine or Revver was that I saw on TV. If it acting like wiped out the entire WEEI stamp on that wasn't one of them. I guess that be saddling David whatever band light goes on New Year's come around you know fresh start with that. I think I would never you can rightly call me hypocrite on this one point when I yelled occur in Jerry. In war back in spring training that's the I pulled court papers interview yes I agree it was sitting across from the news reporter does not feel that was an accomplishment now in the sports world at once asked Foreman they get antsy and that's the way it works. Next time rob Bradford of unlike athletes they have to give you what you ask. So all in that met screens that I I I went after them for all the infighting prayer for the soap opera and that's what that's the rating Egypt he went to understand that well. Als and you know what at this point I could again. Elect. This is what everybody now I think will be talked about I waited for the caller call in and say this has done get back that a lot a lot more about James Harrison. Call it you want to tell me that would you rather hear but based on the callers want guys who drive around. A whole list all the time they actually ever yeah an and that John Dennis I do I I turn this around. I say I walked out to prove a point that you guys you Kirk meaning and you Johnson monthly all you to hopes when this radio station. You this it's so it shouldn't be yes that's what listeners like that's not I got into the sport. When I was younger I would start up I was King of the Hill in this town that come across all of our group support out telling me doing the animal you know what I when it when I was your age I mean any sound like more of the eyes sorted Dottie addled old man that some would be accused those of that generation beat all sports talk W ya here in Boston Auburn when the Phillies. The least sound principled right now. I talk about it because he was lets you I was looking forward. It's OK hello. According to press over a Dino and I have we've we've chatted from time to time he's he's friends with my uncle their I guess real tight golfing bodies are ever so. Yeah I was deported to. Chatting with him. I really I noted that it directors I really have no late to stand on when it comes to this are they to Monte yelled at me for that Tommy kerns yelled at me for that. So I guess had I been in here this morning I might have didn't just as likely to get down to storm out I think we've got some audio Vista ultimate number yet this had been billed. In all morning and if anybody knows anything about John Dennis is that he does not like to be interrupted he believes in sports talk radio already got to talk radio that you do not talk over each others are gonna join this argument. Off in progress halfway yeah let's go attack disposable income is in peoples who want to admit that it was rolling. I know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish that sell what you went out to you under a week I'm gonna just show without art six Lebanese 7:7 lines and am I right. Short. I can I can do this we can finish this. All the and and today this is so baffling to me to me cats that violent seller that. So it just so to recap the who Bradford a lot of recapping. The cute I love the most about that the two days just make bad bad storming out a work of art number one is the fact that. Ken Laird will agree with anything that any on air host suggests that mines and am I right. George chart door today. I can't gonna go dive and it was no they got that sure. I thought those music virtual console just. That the Pittsburgh but it could go the other thing I love he gave before dubbed. If the phone number right before storming out of the pro we confidence it show about heartsick I haven't. I'm in my right sure. Why would he give the vote and if you've programmed into his way I just. You know this is Willie Mays with the Mets right that this is every hot. Great athlete that this might have held out a little bit too long I thought. Diligent upon every usually stays the holes I thought I thought he would I just can't walk back Lamar and hats. I understand when Garrett had walked out to me read of audience that real quick but. The accusation that was being put forth the territory in the board shall liquor and it was a Gary was involve little children they get terrible awful thing yeah I understand it at the least. Not by the way in Gary we were joking with you you we know the year nod to anything weird like dad's OK I think it mend fences. And I get that they liked to push me but they debating politics. That was in the garage is you have all storm I don't think this subject really had much to do with it it was the idea that. John was trying to make a point into monsters and a needling him in the way that mossy is known for it and he didn't appreciate that and Sony talked to John. Prior to this about John dead John that I'm Dennis about Johnson mossy nineties or had a preconceived notion going into a guy I had a great work which on Friday. And I yesterday and a privilege to work with them and this is very bizarre all right well I mean it's the fault lines light up a little bit they're 61777979837. You know that's the number Dino gave it right before stormed out Steve got that one. I saved in lockdown if your team Dino or team to mossy. Our team gets crap I just don't care about any of you people don't. Really don't L mean that the disrespectful labels probably coming across that way when. For sleep and hi this is that remains appointed for its odd when I the first time it felt like it was stupid it was done the drama ballot now having been. It's a part of it and getting to know some people here and seeing the reactions of people frankly in and you're caller. There's definitely a percentage of people who like this and I think at a slow Christmas week. It might be more entertaining than go back and review and outlook for the umpteenth. Somebody out there has different. I actually would be curious to here were people that you want to hear more John. Would you like to talk about. Letting saint james' ego and how dumb the craft were not letting Bill Belichick to what you want to damn hard six what 777979837. So I against the B hold veto situation is is on the table. You're you're tired of this grapple of story lines are I think I'm tired and tired of it says that it has been discussed over and over and and clearly fans. Are still interest in discussing at least they were up the last night you and you're excited I was and your last idea. The late. The attack this ball and Eddie give way to catch this ball how did you how big is is Angela you're the conversation moved reports it's the same run around it is a lot of layers to. Ownership bill Belichick's legacy. To me it's the future of the franchise for the next fifteen years. And and I'm sorry can't discuss that enough. When you're looking at the potentially altering the future of this franchise sport a decade or more one way or the other. To me that that's not something they can be added a huge issue that is big and over marking point as there is and we know. In the immediacy here is the desire to win another Super Bowl LB two more suitable let's face it. When they come back next season the patriots will be in Vegas favored to win the Super Bowl again regardless of how this one plays out. Like the big story line outside of that and long term future is who's gonna eat that spot. Behind senate that was going to beat act out of trees that the Bill Belichick continuing needs his resonate. Burnished improved any of that he's gonna go down the greatest coach Hewitt went. You look at it and you look at the pairing of the two apostle of the conversation without wanna be right. You have the possibility here you're Bill Belichick. To go out and by five quarterbacks are way you do it I obviously in the draft would be most likely but yeah. It's it's a chance to elevate your legacy not only if you and pretty tires belts and another simple patriot. Somewhere else potentially but let's that it meets its patent. Did you win without Tom Brady not only did you win without. The quarterback that was there are you went out and found somebody entirely new in your umpteenth year in in the league. I think I think that there's an opportunity here for Belichick to really cement his legacy separate operating. You covered my my quarterback I want to play at a block until but he hustled to an. You think that's on the eighth of his mind. You think prevalent properly I understand that if I watch everything they did don't you dare to me which you dare wrapping up a storm out of the studio. I exit the same reaction to my he had to go home our rights via so I was left out in the eye with a pen that. I don't have a pen but I have my Duncan donuts struck a quiet until I got nice copy but I Argentina say that thinking back to when Kirk and I believe. Pulled my he told Dino he stabbed in hand and wondered that was Dennis kind of purposely imitating Kirk or maybe subconsciously. Imitating her and realizing how much Kirk is seeped into the green was that does that sort of a shot across the bow with slate he stabbed in the hand and then after the storm out you can give the warning and then. Then you follow through with something Liu went dramatic it was youth get your finger off the partner something 1 morning it was a guy with one of the famous audio clips of Kirk and and you know to try to think well time when at at and got up. So the first time that you were on with. Turkey Callahan. The I pulled court Bieber interview was it will forever be known in in the radio archives. Was. Legit I mean you or your fired up you were angry right. I can't remember like you're being here will you get somebody on the air not all it's because that's sort of that date coming out. It was they've they've totally dragged me through them and I've. Food that because your puff piece on John Farrow correct right I had been on my niece and manager of little to law yes softball at least I thought they were. Eddie is in absolutely. Infuriated and I don't get this a few calls lining up and a half that people. I don't I don't want I like their argument for them let's go to let's go to some of these 06177797937. Because drought US were people who are. I sort of team Dino in his keynote Hamas he has not seen her up there that GRE DTL line up on the all lines there is routine Dino. And they're gonna talk to you right now starting a pop in the car so this is Altamont these faulty Bob. On a painful market all of this thing that they are okay people liked it the finish it bought OK all he was doing was interrupting. It was about this day. Essentially the economy right now this would happen. At the very end what it is a result of Obama at an acrobat quite as if from multiples it's pretty funny pretty it'll go to thank well. Now all of a sudden adopt a point you know trying to make that point. I'm not a fan all earnings turn on your shelf it was everybody cut everybody off. I'm not in that can't. Thought Bob that I. Have a question fashion show let's. The others argue listen this program the program year people cutting each other up with this any different than any other radio show. Right. Has everything to do with this it's Hamas has all the standard operating procedure it's not his fault. You're it is a different place. Ari you don't count up all Intel okay. All right we're I liked I liked yeah people caught it in thought it might be an interest in August they can if you let it take place. You did not answer my question is this different than anything else. All you like Bobby didn't tell me this is different than any other shell left chance. Oh. Yeah and other properties relic was close to half biggest over the summer and he is not ease ease on TV whether another job it's not a part time part time felon exactly. Where might these is that you have conversations in real life. Are you that you have a conversation where I say something. Full stop you say something full stop at a joint press conference and that's just. Obviously you don't ideally you'd rather not talk over each other especially radioed situation begins then I remember back in the game that lets me show I know that's. Crises that you did there are real big shot days we to judge of people get fired up to be Allen Aldridge said he couldn't understand anybody. But some overlap is is natural my issue is I honestly I did hear the initialed the build up to it I heard the moment. As we played it a couple of times I didn't hear the buildup. So I don't know how egregious the interrupting was the tomorrow's he was doing and I also think there's bound to be equal relation here between. People who agree with a record but the subject matter. Of what they were talking about it in from my understanding wasn't the subject matters that much it was being erupting. I think people who agree with Tina who like the point that he was making. Are more apt to be the ones who would want him to finish. Said points and therefore be mad at them mossy for interrupting words those who were meeting politically aligned with mossy. We'll say no doubt it jumping in the air because what he's saying is wrong what he's saying is cracked jumping John. A lot to look at that people know anybody who might have heard in the path that I I'd like new once discussion like I would prefer a reasonable. Call discussion. But anyone who's gonna say this is Tomas Tomas he did what he's supposed to do. And he did nothing different than any other show John Dennis. The legend John Bennett getting up and walking out of the studio as it's no reflection on John to mossy except for being integrated. It's a reflection on where John damages in his career. And the only way he can during this round going forward you try to take some sort of principled stand about this is not how it should be and I was trying to prove it but I. The idea that people are fit they're going. And c'mon. I mean really. How often jogged and it's been with John did with in the studio people with erupted at all of the year two hours and he never and walked out again and areas burning people. It just baffles plug Gary Pataki seems to disagree with you guide Gary. Yeah I don't wanna get talked over either but right now to what I am saying is it's also a new generation. He's not even respect in the icon Dick gave you guys jobs Bible Belt and shot and Dennis. What icons you tighten our respect and he's got right. Did talk and sports and the other you guys bring inning drama all the time talking politics. Now I mentioned. Which typically pitch are there and it's. All of his dates were going to be this week because it was a joy to listen to a topic again. And nobody talking over him and everything like and the interview Tom Brady the other Mormon which was fantastic. I ought to have a no one went mismanaged don't want. Oh sure why I'm here now that. Throw it your thoughts folks TV you think Johnson Monty should have just not spoken of the patient who sat there and let John Dennis had a soliloquy all time. I I'm not Whitman and tomorrow because I liked to moxie. All I'm saying is you when somebody's talking and you listen to warm and stop. He he. An elderly person or I on reports and bullet control the small wisdom. And most of you guys bill and you know give them and tell them the respect. I'm saying him. I respect your elders college and didn't get with that pose much of it and here's the thing some Aussie was all living Gino on every factual point. All the way when it out until labor coming out and a different so you're you're more in line with the multi I guess that that's any secret there but. I think arguments. Somebody correct me bomber here but you're Dino you'd think Eagles winning those are. Pretty sure that. To sharpens attack I don't know dean of quite quite at the Baltimore apartment all polished up a slider they let him back and permits for. It just it's just not quite the bush. He probably isn't on the air while Wright and mean he three critics on the about that too late you died today he added. Get back in this when it things or whatever and I tweeted something about me I desktop some of those some of the rust after eighteen months off the air however long expand but why. It's on a great. Kirk with Jeff Kirk with being assaulted with them in the transition across of the of the morning at bats and care about that. And he did a good job of Brady that was catered and send me. I didn't notice any route I was in the days listeners the guy grown up in the other people protected but. I thought he was fitting in well to the point that it was like he can be a part of a needle in some sick perverted way. Maybe this doesn't make him more partners made the fact that he was able to walk out. It is him saying hey guys look to play along too. Yeah I'm a lockout just I don't feel it stick around till you can the mr. Sharon asks can you rate. A scrabble more collier Franken right everybody by the way is lining up team deal and as everybody thinks. I tomorrow see and I guess by extension to relic is is completely wrong in the situation guide frank. Now I really you know cheek is Sheila I mean being all you know they could see his point like that would really enjoyable to really enjoyed it. And I think they they just put that principal at peak at the. Short and sweet that's that seems to be the consensus there so you said how can there possibly be eighteen Dino. Everybody's team you know. Everybody's team Dino journals is any different than anywhere else anywhere else will be on the station. At least on the program that Tino made his name on for years and years and all the time people are there until the end of their chipset. Which. Show and that is what is beak all of yeah. That's a mossy if if the heat agreed to walk back to. He Kipling Tamoxifen if you can't blame anybody for the wave the discussion. Is going on dammit. Don't you're expecting a different discussion when it's Bradford into mythology was curtain talent it's Bradford Hamas. What you expected different. Level of discourse in that I mean these are. Hardcore x.s and those sports guys right up leopard upper Bradford not so much and god is a little hard core or Brad by just like to stirred up. And it sits back there these bleak eating grain and just sort of admires his handiwork that's sort of brat blows them out what to see did you expect more of day. And an intellectual x.s and those kind of sports conversation that big bats which are getting in a well. They were having intellectual Texas no conversation about sports about politics yet that an end. I wonder how much of it was a feeling of team on deals you happen. He's who's in the arc not only could not talked every point he was making. Was getting shut down and maybe we get a little bit war VP arguments. Audio cut do you you'll get to break it more of phone calls coming up too badly to avoid politics a conversation at the holiday dinner table. It doesn't come up to laugh I would I know I don't actively avoided came up on on Christmas Eve firm William pretty good sparring match my dad my uncle. Erica is getting into it I today at a jumpin. And all the I'm a pretty much dominant exceed both ways depending upon the issue of same on the substance Bradford by the waist or drinking already at 10:30 in the morning what he's walking down a hallway with a bottle makers. So. That's apparently yeah what's. Literally he was driven to drink by the morning show and it's starting already must report recordings podcast fault lines are loaded most don't think relics and 88 which I'm fine with we could definitely tee up on that I'm trying to get him to walk out of the studio two hours eighteen minutes is the official mark to beat we'll see whether it happens. A lot into relic with you on a what does it Wednesday morning. On vacation it doesn't really matter to make Sports Radio W the act. This is important way to merge Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. I am gonna talk to you. If you don't play games. You can leave Robin I can ministers why don't you without you under week under and it says show without art six Lebanese 7:7 lines and am I right tour. I can I can do this we can finish this all the people and it. On Wednesday this is so baffling to me. That was the scene at about eight. 18 or so this morning 8:20 this morning somewhere in the air. Again and the thing that I love the most about it. Can Laird agreed to anything that any on air person says to our minds and am I right. George. They told him down huge the how. Have to be the audience that's there aren't things that loud words you might ever hear from John Denton I'll be here with. I was probably one of my again quick and it is. Very few friendly bright. Yeah I was I'd I'd missed the actual walked out but I side John as he was going to the elevator and I tried to plead with them writes it looked I think it's good radio I think yet typical thing going on please don't walk off lightness and he wanted nothing to do it is mine was completely made. You're the last line of defense regatta and failed to react today if I'm the last line of defense you might as well we'd like fly American. You know at that point let's grab a few op the the one call that we hadn't. Backing down they gave approach to mossy I was literally just about to grab the mouse click on the approach to mossy guy. He dropped off the line that we get nine other inside the mosque on the clock here let's college relic is so wrong college injecting Greenfield Jeff. Don't let. The right to leave the radio show with a big voice clearly accurately. How can sit there aren't aren't and act at all. Is. That I declines like yours for you know I don't know. It's not a short of the stick to get. Calmer back. Now bill and around thought it up. You got it it. Is easy but. I mean I agree with you but you get a unity thing nuclear. Bradford and Monty in one fell swoop Hewitt a hot stoves or John then you know you've signed up for you knew who you were working with the I think Bradford was elated I got a gobs like it. It is an while trying to treat John does with kid gloves aren't even going down this road late what I understand is in and like I don't care Kirk marks that sporting McCain and the type thing I really could not possibly care less about Hughes or any other opinion I've sporting MacKenzie. To me and I'm fine with that. This is what I I sound like our techsters now with this I tune into Sports Radio or is to hear conversation about sports. I mean yeah you interject a little bit of things that go on enlightened sort of it I talked thing that's with a big she'll always was I grew up listening to understand act. That's fine I think it's natural conversation peopled by net interest in by. The infighting the I don't like this guy and is a feud between the show and that shell. I don't even know what I'm supposed to hate anymore unless they are so light of all I hate you law. Every single one of you for drought like to to my feet a big hand in hand. Lol. Glenn I dale Polley keep everybody I hate all of you I hate people that are even on the stage at any wars you Mikey. While the a lot of I just why this is the whole thing just. I don't understand agree with you I don't get the problem. Maybe you could argue this is the clock didn't talk much James Harris and research and it is going to waste a danger to come up I. I have and there wrenching James Harrison's numbers for the past twelve hours I'd stop Steve Adelaide at the top the hour. Maybe we can get there but I think this is an interesting discussion. What if what should this be battling over the next 48 and the Twitter handle is quick way to tweak thing excuse me. Oh. What should read it itself and clearly there tomorrow I get people and I guess that's why I wanted to do they resort to more than in the sports is comfortable at the break the percentages here somebody in the oval. I don't legs. Paid the numbers are what they are. I don't have to cite I have to you give thanks that that blazing hot take exported candy tape right there across all of our affiliate W yeah now that's. Evade the numbers are are the people like of the morning should but they do. Did they do it's well and they do their thing my problem is that everybody else with a few exceptions here in the air. Having to. It's seemingly jumping in and do that same thing just be you it's like an ice the killing Byrd Mikey back in the day when he was up I was in that slot B Mikey. He can he's the only one that can do it. So just beat UB the most interesting version of you just jumping and I was him by instructing not an act I thought it funny when he. Would it be stormed out as they get the phone number that was particularly evil there is indeed everybody or they told me that you're a bleak poll that was all that was great. But at. I don't so many of the media landscape discussion I don't mean you know digging in on people necessarily this broader topic is more interesting to me that James there's yet part for me on the baseball. Right that's the front wheel well that's my sport it talks of football. Agencies not to pretend there art I'm I'm well educated are not it's it's not a strike mine to grow up watching much or hockey. I do find this. The media criticism interesting and I mean that in in a more intellectual way than. The ha ha let's make fun of people yell at people out element of the pistons brought a question what do people like. Thought a little bit more between me and you I'm not sported MacKenzie because I'm. In the got a woke up on Sundays actually felt yet what football at. It may be going back to the mid 2000 men are not necessarily that guy either by. When I make that I did you on the forty man roster when I don't make every agent here and I love you. To say okay this idiot a day where I'm watching sports are all that. All on that let's go to. Stephen attractive things to Nazis and 8080 Steve. They got a lot of this and didn't want I can't stand tomorrow night liked liked how much Allen Willie he's still. And we do have to stick together Steve. Because Egypt despondency from the patent important that he thinks there's that is the only opinion that matters it is shock. Typical lineup play him like a beach also you feel really important for us and he's gone through the sentence smoke. You know you want my walk up. But I got a mile to your bios and that's children aged at least forty apple byte refugee we went and bought a little suspects that I'm being ridiculous. We Stevie you want it blocks out. Also thought I can't stand listening to anymore as a result I can I change decision that I eat what I wanna talk and I don't out. Our like and and I paid a curious you don't like Hamas. But the point that he made is one that we haven't really bright and and this is right I stand I guess on this whole thing to finish. Even if you shipped. And how much the blood is boy your blood is boiling as a result the person sitting across from me. Critics are sure you stick around until now I'm saying that from my perspective I. I like doing the Red Sox side broadcasts and the pre and post in the summer early working here so I'd like to stick around I think by walked off I'd be. Yeah I wouldn't be asked back and that's probably. If that is true per DL I don't he's gonna be in for ships got a what does he care. He's retired he's got a ton of money he's got a beautiful house in Florida I get a bid. Beautiful life he plays golf all the time and John Dennis is like that just on he took his you need this crap to understand that but to me. If you agree that I'm gonna do a six to ten shift you you've been nutrition. It's just respond to that call. The site tomorrow she's not a elder tomorrow she's not a screamer he's incredibly Smart and to meet. He is right up there with any must reconnaissance agreement to jump off you write the column. I read and heard you often now. They're very. But his style of responding in debate is not to yell and to scream and dig into. I probably yell and scream on the station more in that first fourth I'm in support of and he hasn't told. He makes brilliant points because he's a really Smart guy and that's what tree they handle. Well you saw what happened today I think this idea that Hamas he somehow was over the top. He was being his usual self making Smart point and that was too much for the old guy. The old guy that we all respect it wanted to hear more from and it's too bad he walked. Oh by the way give you asked them about this survey of what people want here and it's really it's it's. The tax line yet split I mean down the middle of undying for James Harrison talked nobody cares about James Harrison. Let's see having a lot of them are pro things are gonna talk football please stop I can't read the rest of that Satan exists. Delicate a lot of the little more I don't go to Tony Bridgewater he's been hanging on let's talk about the I tech. But Tony. Dodi ticket persona dale Arnold and hide out all right let's. It was straight Stephen Mayne nanny Steve. Boys or guys. Which was are you start to understand that the idea so that was our credentials all the regular radio our part we can't every effort marks in everybody. I would acknowledging let's go Cobb has had to show should be telling her minivan featuring John Paris as -- this absolute joke. But I can't tell you. I got tired toward the Nazi is applauded arms. This score the last forty years. Entitlements. You know I wouldn't rule out an outlet challenge out and enjoy our little bit. Yeah our debate and pretend that because I could. Statistically wing agenda down and you because you talk over me are you totally disrespectful with jarred that us. Okay Whoopi yeah. Talk to get out because there's a show is embarrassing to a person who wish look pretty and these young guys now. Didn't seem to think Johnson. Just stuck it out have some Tupper. You look at. And the director Eric also dishing out the cage with the Palacio that's because unless they are the last. You know maybe you're brilliant writing an Atlanta radio guy out of work. I worked in years we what do you say that he brings politics into every show. He's pushing his agenda. Global warming but cheering you are and outlooks and we're all okay you know and integration is not helping their findings might be champions in my age yet. And we we don't we on the I gave appoints Steve we need to quite go down arrow. Out instantly Johnson not to ride is something tells me it's about these very must early in bed already. You're really getting up early he's he's already tucked away here in his right here here's what's going visions of John Dennis dancing in his head their people. People who believe John Dennis is ideology. Right wing a lot of listeners of the station for being realistic. Feel. Marginalize. And this is their vehicle for expression here this this is everything that's been going on. In America is Johnson mossy the young all pity really Smart. Relieved I making great points to poke holes and everything the older cranky guy is saying. The older cranky guy. Feels marginalized and you know Lotta Lotta people called an older crank your guys who I think feel marginalized I'm Smart. You've got to stand in their take the heat unless you want a safe space snowflake. And that's important to support. We anyone prone to Nazi colleague here at by the way I love to hear you that your rant there was made better by the fact that rocky music is playing entity you. I look at it any way amid the pro to mossy guiding Anthony. Yeah I I just don't think bandits was you know hold it at all about the problem that's why he ran out of everything you said. The mock the editor responsible it would likely be talking over on interstate open in the middle and Dennis Woodstock Vietnam there more to say. I don't get this respect them and everything you know at times coming gone I live at the sport out. And then I came over. There don't mount Rushmore. I know I realize that we should do a mount Rushmore people storming out of the studio we've got Latino. Yet take away. There that I might you lock himself in the studio percolating count that it's Kirk Kirk asks me. Leadership obviously whenever you get here it's it's it's it's a matter of digging your feet and and standing your out. That's why should just pull out of job you want to hear John I want injured and I think everybody is excited to meet the high. And this is this the sort of talking at least for a little bit here. So it's not the worst thing for the radio but. Just it's disappointing. You want to see him dig in on Tomas he may count points that were good and maybe shut him down. He's talked it over you talk over everybody's screened for men and calls down you know and Evan a full radio show this planet John president that's for 6 o'clock at all. I admit I know nothing you've been doing it longer than you don't lie illiterate in and I fully acknowledged like I I I know how much I don't know let's put it. I just they need to finish you shift that's it at that might take OK you want about it blazing hot sporting MacKenzie take the tick. Arthel tagging scheduled ten out on the limb there believe me there are many times I wanted to leave early. This is that that run I'd six what 7779793. Cent we will talk sports. Coming up as well. And because the patriots did make an addition James Harrison that has most of Western Pennsylvania losing its collective freaking mind. Maybe you're storming out historian James Harrison's life ally John Dennis storming out of the studios example we get to that. Your phone calls as well a lot you drought which it'll do Sports Radio WEE we. We return to make peace with or wait remote. Loney and 48 this year on Sports Radio. WEEI. Have have you seen any heroics of what I'm lives. Oh what. Accomplished in the Middle East have you seen any focus like what I whoever moving. And you know what's congress job either in what has shut the hell up what I'm talking a lot vastly get out of here not gonna I'm gonna keep Duma does stuff. Frustrated this is not even once and for what it's like with her injury that's the thing that means. Stroke that was part of the ramp up. Prior to the the watch out this morning. DO storming out 8827. Was the official time. Out. Somewhere in the 8 o'clock middle the 8 o'clock hour. You guys been reacting to it. Take a few more recalls of aligning its -- with you right now it's gonna Chris in the car because he's pro to mossy apparently in this solo discussion Chris. Guys how why this morning. Do you. At the carrier UI. I wed Tom. Just like any Tomas GQ actually liking him. God today. Jogged precious time is coming on and I love all these people are coming in saying. Oh you should let him finish bloodshed as I listen to talk radio anymore yes. Why because it's an argument and it's fine and it pitchers thing. And it's get this radio and UK cart getting Jerry or whatever it is an all the way. It. Culture changing and the fact that Jon took it back equality Len hall. For a job I'm it's gonna radio and good apology for saying why don't you wish. Starting. And Chris to tell you right now. Would you rather hear about James Harrison this. I'd like to talk about bowl but we don't think there should be a choice I could stand that they did James Harrison government here but I figured it doubt they're. That junk to others to do battle well at home. The Baranov Chris thanks the Pope called John in North Hampton you next. Hey adequate and I think that that mark look a little scared he didn't let him finish and also uttered that. Dennis said that. You're obviously he would kick the crap out of him and I didn't hear anybody except now. John Bennett without all of the that in all of this week in much better watch that legal doubt started. Could that little particles get beat up. Our way. Oh. All right thanks. The Tony tells me that neither one of these guys and escalate this to a physical line confrontation but that's. That's just me Tony Bridgewater Dina says Larry says Dino deserve more respect I'd Tony. OK okay I thought. YouTube it it's a live local first of all like that. It's always good options are quote. The the whipped. It but he also up. I can't believe what you want. Almost all look like Adams. Let's not in the studio right now. Flaws not the building right now I don't know what's in the state right now. Yeah. Until you guys fight all. Now what have it's its watch this or we're not maybe a gritty that you isn't so much so let's or want check. What ought started like our. I have young kids I have a job as night hours. The exact Serbs reached the case you guys and kick a little electoral little school girl we're gonna burst and he clubs and that is what you dislike. Both knowledgeable they should just let let him speak and not made any counterpoint is that it's. A pretend that Hamas is doing something. Drastically different than any other time John doesn't on this morning shuts also I mean like eight and in I. I I like Dino he's always been good to me after I just tell you appeared drunk after the whole thing happened with The Herald that they went bankrupt he reached out to be on prompted a everybody okay over there how are you doing everything. It perfectly nice guy he has accomplished a lot in this business but what's also you know not build it up like he spent the last forty years in the peace corps and you walk ons. It's it's sports broadcasting its entertainment to me that's what it's supposed to be he is great at it for a long time I tenacious in the studio. It is good radio ready to continue to be good radio people like it again plays at my topic TB people like it is gonna get back for another hour I'm happy shows up tomorrow. How'd fill in form if you didn't. Working Gerri what lecture pass away. Not able to scratch over the holidays hurt them out of work until the end of January so why not I'll go to Douglas in Providence they Douglas notes on button there ago Douglas ground. In Providence little cup I'll look you look. I'm not expecting think they've had I think that. To MarketWatch Ahmadinejad boy now that I'm gonna let on was a little only. I do remember that you guys might written this book man they don't want literally don't abruptly walked. You've got to keep on Barkley got cut out about that at that Leo I don't matter and it. I would Monty a couple that I would be actually great. Charity thing you know raise money for the Jimmy Fund Dewey WEEI fight night for podcasters and enough about me. It would want to hear more people arguing. You've listened the argument terrestrial radio now listen to them arguing a podcast and great to get swear on the podcast again on a regular radio. Let's get an actual point WEEI. Fight night. And actually settle some of these I did you rate eight ton of money for the Jimmy Fund this is a great idea yeah and he needs to happen but Grassley. We have Brad yard hero now he had not done. That's where we that's where you and I part company I was with you right up until the moderates might call me an idiot I'm like well you shot golf unity courage on. I cannot you know throughout your moron. You called Maki Smart. Why why he's Smart he can be talked over John Bennett and John Bennett asking the question that makes Smart. Why isn't he Smart tell me what tell me what tells you that he's not smoke. Soft verbal to push back evil liar too but he published the biggest lock. About the future. Oh is there something called spice it because there's a lot more that guy breaks the tape. Ability he had no credit Chris mortenson how credibility here in New England right now. You know what Chris Swartz is a long time SM report I don't hear them granted diehard patriots and edit a bit maybe not the how would apply patriots then. Maybe not blog pictures. Yeah he had to get this information right that does not to destroy entire career. Forget about it let's get this provision that he is not Iraq. Making him a lot. A lot of junk from our C. And another pile in on the political side of public marked. The public all. Is that he doesn't agree with politics. Now now the problem with our left wing morons that your incapable accomplishing anything without got work. But every tablet it will. Again John likenesses. I I don't wanna go down the subject matter route to that's not the point but I do think it takes a while ago. This is camped in a fall into he Greeley Tomas EU approach to mossy. They could have been having argument about. The the color of a giraffe I don't know if something totally committed James Harrison argued at a sports argue already in your politically aligned its mossy you're jumping in opera to mossy appear. Prodi if you're on DO side of the aisle which I would argue most of the listeners the station are as you said I haven't. You're going to be Prodi and how do you acknowledge someone else's intelligence. And Jerry tell hands of burly guy never editor and politically. It was a fantastic writer Sports Illustrated that you've got you've got to do look across the aisle and no way this guy Smart. If it's at Google jumped mosque is not Smart. Obstacles like all right I thought you'd better writer than radio host that's actually that radio's I think all of that good of a Communist he's up he's becoming the the voice here. I really I really feel Shaun Sheehan by us are I was so tired and account well well he was. The voice of one point. Conversational. Are we will talk as PO RT as sports and sporting McCann he's gonna sue me by the end of this. Six what 7779793. Said the patriots had signed James Harrison. And resources are Latino African fault lines going not we will talk sports a promise we'll get that coming up polite and relic with these sports are UWB yeah. Why should we held up I'm talking a lot an athlete get out of here on non economic you do much stuff.