OMF - Reacting to Patriots, NFL pregame kneeling 9-25-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, September 25th

HOUR 1 - Players around the NFL knelt or locked arms during the National Anthem yesterday following President Trump's comments on Friday.  We explore the player reactions from around the league concerning the issue. Also, Fauria takes a mini victory lap as his Jacksonville Jaguars continue to build something special.


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On you read me. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Here. Comes. The clip. With wind blew in Christian would you love to see one of these NFL owners this they get that son of a good job appealed right now out. I got pissed off I'll be honest with you and I'm reading these comments and it it's it's appalling to me yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he has been you know thought it was just. Divisive I know for a fact and I know some. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Amanda is going to be locked up oh boy what a game and my guys reality golf elevation of theater that football league always locking up. We aren't a lot of variety night's game Alitalia on the clock back would like to hear it in the middle nine yards and a lot to get to in his game to game but then again. We got a lot to get through before we get to move the game maybe before beginning but it would be his that's what a lot of people are talking about suspicious that it will only thing we do it again the event that let's just throw this little little tease. Okay Jacksonville is building something that if that's how about that allowed banks yeah like that's not it might be good vibes. I love. To play Sunday morning they should play all the games. There's so prevalent London based soccer team and it's they're really still think so yeah. What are on board slowly that Lou there are 4040 nothing. And they pull off a fake punt date that a judge it's like 45 yards and build insult. I'll ask don't feel good about it yeah you're building some processional that bugged nursing Harbaugh certainly don't know York keeps our tablet that defense. Now that's that's a Texan bill talked about tonight that's it that's a Jacksonville and are definitely decided okay maybe you wanted to do little bush opinion minute later I. All right in the program second fighting to connect the play by of the final play of the name of the game fluent in both your got a pretty good. I was pretty good and today. And you thought it was gonna happen all along I don't know exactly what you don't acknowledge our viewers you should by now we should all be condition there was what else could Watson at the CBS scene. And we view it is obviously get rid of most games don't. And nobody really freaked out anymore like there's no real panic there's you know anybody what you are about it's it's they've been conditioned to. To expect a comeback. Expect a big plate lately look the last two simple way and we encourage all believe I'm not crazy people are you give occurs if no other like crazy but but going. You'll you'll based on just facts of life when it comes with two. Tom Brady and the patriots usually expect. That to happen you should expect them to always being a position to win in a position to win. Witty and yeah in a position to want the last some analytical mind I am where they actually did it when it. Amid a widows due to winning whatever was 25 is that there's an epic they're probably gonna be in position to win. And I'd be surprised that they don't if they have an opportunity to win it's a predictions but I would predict that 3633. You got a lot of thought fact that a lot of thoughts as high scoring game than me out would never would have. Expected a 23 and the now 36 victory pretty much what I thought. Now I would have said that and patriots scored 3060 before this thing easily because Houston was not capable of putting anywhere close to the whatever you know what is I didn't have a lot of faith. In that the last two series. Were three and out. They were third and one and we can't convert on third down situation and then the first two plays of the drive to 24. Left in the game. We're not real good mass effect doing when hill and suddenly you will looking at a second and twenty after. Misses with with the dole and with that it was corks right so it did not look good. And yet. Unbelievable I had written it is there's always rated game there's always there's always said is that he's done is. Are you a minute there's an indelible and a hook up more color more. As I noted that sucks that we ought to work to do. They're the worst team in the league that they saw they are the worst Davis unless it's objectionable put put a beating and it's on on oxygen liquid to solid round out. I could never put up for judge unveiled the but it is still didn't tell. Lot of a lot of people are crazy to Shawn Watson he played the you can tell it they have something and give it pretty good bet at good quarterback which is young he's only gonna get better we'll have some bumps obviously. The sticky situation. The key to these comeback victories. If one of them thought he had a down Brady to the other team's got to do something to help you well. And that's what the Texas did at the end when they needed it most. They decide to kick a field goal. They had other opportunities to look at the play call he eagle back. It's OK after that last pass that Tom Watson on completed. Maybe they should have called a timeout quicker maybe just to give myself two opportunities so instead of the hail Mary they can actually throw designed play. That didn't happen but also otherwise and eat and even beyond that they catch that cooks made that to who he saw the loan. We're no should be able to get data open conjured there's only a couple errors we could throw the football. He's wide open in the balls in the here forever so yeah Tom Brady's part of it and to you need help our Atlanta Falcons gave them help. Missing blocks you know acting like a game was over. It's never over with this guy. I did the other one about Houston not only did they have a ton of penalties what was it 1112 something like that became the worst time I mean they just kept killed. Would dumb stupid penalties in the course of the game but I'm sorry. The the one that worries me the most and maybe it is. Maybe it is a reaction to what they're not getting up front we'll talk to church flowers here in a no talk about you know you know I know I. Is that the secondary is the patriots secondary measure of personnel. Even with Eric grow out yesterday's fatal. Personnel there should be able to do so huge incomes and they get the entree Hopkins you've got to worry about him she got a guy on and he got a guy over the top. Ryan Griffin. He played in from New Hampshire should not be beating you want to. Not that that was today he's a good player personal issue played pretty solid cricket players I would rate plug it probably wouldn't have to do it just all somewhat it was through actual authority will put that's what I mean I mean but that don't blame it on the coverage. That's a silly I know but sure it's the patriots secondary. With with what I would call you talked about the defense being the worst mullah. Look at the personnel in the secondary and tell me that's not one of the best secondaries in the you don't give them more passing yards and anybody else in the NFL. Who gets the most passing yards in the NFL that's the pats the patriots give a the most you know get to the least TX the jags got. Well I listen I know it's oppose our own world eighth and the other thinking boy an actual unlike what Jacksonville to get blown out there are saying is points that's the biggest issue last year. They gave up a lot of yardage but now pointless than not but not points teams are finishing so you're sick like hell's going on. And critics I think there Wednesday that we are today you always have big. Plays the big chunk plays but this is what we needle against John Watson we've seen it many times. They try to keep me in the pocket they beat us with his arm million giving credit because he did. You make great throws but you're right a secondary still wait for listening to come together. Whether it is you know try to figure out exactly which you have been some of these guys Gilmore you know out of this whole thing mashed together. You dig double Butler of the ladies up better I think this game until a couple of plays that it pointed out those Hopkins a couple of catches and he was there right there can take him down. No yards after the catch but you you wondering. What we've what is rolled that in rose healthy right we still don't know. We don't know we've been asked that a lot of Roosevelt they don't play we don't know Panama Hopkins what we've seen this before towards the 2000. In thirteen when they had you know ahead Revis in there and and Browner and it was a run of missed the first four games and even a couple of games he's just wondering what the hell's going on. We're questioning Revis will leak cover not to play a lot of its own. Early on was to about week six or seven they went man shut down teams. So it's it's still a work in progress this is. One of those classic patriot winds will be coming up Monday talk went out efforts not good enough. Another got to get better released they win this game elect opening day that's because they've got the greatest quarterback in the history of the game and that and there's a point. He makes some mistakes. You know in the fourth quarter then they take advantage you know Jack did you do against New England Jackson over the. Doctor inserts the test now okay so so now let's get scenario that that there's your vision sports woman to play sports talk radio. Now let's get to the the other story in the national modest moves I've ever heard of Sheila yeah I would agree. Oh great. Honecker against their own made a visceral Dana if you're not the only place though commission not not the only place well that's there and all all over but still so a lot of effort to tell still this is I had an opportunity in the and post game show to talk and give my two cents and it's all week and do what we do it last. Now star Wii U question of what you saw yesterday. And what's your take is them. Will the the most glaring thing that that popped out to me was that an emotional talked about it tonight talked about it last night was that. On one side I see it in that is truly unified. Regardless of their conflicting opinions and emotions. Get the Texans on one side all deciding. But listen we can agree on something we can't agree on it so we elect we're just gonna lock arms I see the Steelers. You know probably can't agree on it. They decide to stay here and although. Build a way to came out with which you could understand it I reporters and answer if you idiot comes some slack right. But that let you have the patriots. We have some guys in the league. Some guys to stand alone till cargo Joseph Cardona is the any at attention behind with general John Miller but maybe I can when he was in his dress whites. Brady is locked arms with and cookie is that his nickname was cookie a brainy cooks and the suspect ice just you know stragglers. And it just looked messy it looked sloppy it looked like they couldn't agree on anything yet dim according. Who starts his press content post game press conference talking about unity. Did that look like a unified team no no okay that look like a team that had the right leadership do you know this is look it looked like it just it looked messy. And I heard Matt Light talk about a couple different platforms. To me this looks like a team that couldn't agree on what to do because the emotions and the feelings were so strong that no neither side. Would relates. So this site know what. Forget everybody to the wrong thing to that that's what looked like everybody do when the wrong thing which is the complete opposite. A everything that is preached about and taught and learned an express especially in that locker in sports in general yes. But more importantly and that locker room avoid the noise you speak yourself much talked about enough that he's seeing right now. These preachers so that to me. With the concern because that does not look like it unified locker room that is maybe it on the football field yes but off the field. It's a little glaring to me that they can't agree how much of. This is also want to send a message unity and being together and you know lost an offer to disrespect. You know. Different ways guys. So many different things go through a lot of guys' heads and. Okay see it that makes sense to me it was not universal thing you say is like unity that to me seems like. You're not unified at all but not any clothes. Not any closer nodded yeah I'm flirting with the bottom on the edge of the and you're so far removed and it looks like a bunch of selfish pockets of players. That each guy has Earle Connor opinion and you could say you guys taken any. Brady is over here there's some guys over here. Picked the lock up those discussions before. Right okay were everybody yell and scream and and one guy who refuse to change opinion. It takes time but eventually. The goal is that we are all doing the same thing. So if you could decide what do they do the Steelers did you do with the Seahawks did you stick keep your ass in the locker room and remove everybody's opinions and feelings and beliefs. Alleged. No doubt agree I think that did it wasn't a unified team. What you are not gonna change. People's opinion there are people that that there's that I don't care Matt Light being one of them. It is disrespecting the military is disrespecting this country. To be kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem. When I seen that change your demons opinions because I think these people out there to bring to coax okay. What his father was a marine and he's grandfather's ring Debra McCoy is a family members in the military. So there are people out there kneeling. That it did not they're not doing it to disrespect the military. Is doing it because it's not that they believe him. All right so with that I hate to be honest derby consistent with this and no problem then Neil. Okay because I don't I think that there's bigger issues it's not about the military it's not about they they don't like what's going on in our country and they're making statements of the same thing with capita. To be consistent we always talk about have a problem within Neil I'll let them express reasons why he's kneeling better than he does. You know Deborah McCord became a right away instead not disrespecting the military when it that a fairly history. They're not happy with going on what's going on this country after you heard what Donald Trump said you know this reaction was comic. You knew it was coming. So to be in that state and the everybody bowing before the at the start this out guys sitting kneeling in that afterwards it didn't feel right. He gets it appears that in a nationally but there was boredom. But he didn't feel right I understand why they're sitting there not happy but he can question whether it is different approaches they should have taken or not. But this people out there I'd get it appears that they think they're that they're suspected of military no matter how many times got a demo according critical said it's not about the military. Rights of both sides ignited Siewert coming from at and have a big problem with the overall reaction for everybody does every try to react anyway. Want right yeah by the way we had two of the anthem singers Neil actually. We're Neil okay so you're a nearly party elected unified part of it been enough Mike the news. OK if we all decide we're gonna need it if the if the answer is kneeling. Then we kneel together if the answer is standing. In in the country trust and I lay the body weight that way the team is both outlets sixteen I don't agree with that my job. Is to help this team win my job is to make sure my role. Is to make sure that we are all the same page and there is no anger and hatred in and some guys are holding a grudge while he's playing is gonna leave my ass hanging on an island. Right so that's where I want I want cool I dock for three hours of day. Afterwards wanna get in your soapbox gorged on your soapbox I don't hear the locker room. I don't I don't what do you I don't want the guy chirping every ten minutes because of their personal beliefs I come to work to skip. My personal beliefs because at least in this situation. Well thinking and pull the wagon and the same deal apologized nearly. I don't like the mile mark overall I don't like India and why would not I would not need it either but you understand why they are all that is the suspect in the military and called out when they did and I think you should stand up I personally yes my thought was taught us that no. If some kid on your high school does it. Just stand up. You stand up. That's it we're not we're not gonna have a discussion about it and when you're eighteen you can make your own causes them to now what I'm telling which are doing. OK but overall. As far as conducting it seems like there's two different you know. But at least there is okay do you think guys should Neil do you think they should the UK fine. To me this wasn't this the bigger opportunity for the entire NFL. Not just to to show some solidarity which seemed like they were trying to do some teams got some teams pitted. I treated like not to market comparing it to this at all but I want to pump the brakes. But not allowed when not eleven happened. There was a overall all the teams got together and at conference calls and talk but there were gonna do what they were gonna how they're gonna attack that day where they gonna play again they're not gonna play games. A lot of people on the west want to play games people these go to elect you don't get it. I mean it was passionate it was anger there were yelling there was there was contentious OK but eventually. We all decided we are all gonna EU we disagreed this is what we're all gonna do it right of acres apartment in the world doing the same thing. I wish they would have done something like that. Hit the player reps on the phone Accuray have a big conference caucus that it doesn't just affect the patriots doesn't affect the state expects all the teams. So it instead of looking sloppy cut the lead looked sloppy yesterday it looked like they didn't know what to do. And other individually owned it doesn't matter. I was there when it got a call and said listen if it were all gonna do the same thing because he didn't just attacked one guy he attacked it didn't single anybody out he singled everybody out. Okay so we're all going to bad guy. Either I thought that was the best approach was what you saw from Houston Texans PS and that was the best approach back. To me was unit. Back to me was everybody on the same page. Lined up straight line in a locked arms that is a team that came together the patriots did look at a team that wasn't unified I mean it wasn't. Yet that they could agree that it is simply couldn't agree and opinions and emotions are so strong like like that court you can see he's the leader of that. That deal leaned portion Utley it's that he's the spokesperson for the that part of it. You know drawn Harmon was on. Last night in a mobile plate now play later. And he talked about like you know what you guys do when your dealing he said they were planning. They were all frame their pre for the concert here for their fellow man Eric Nichols along with that okay our. Guys. Doing. To me it's like it the whole aspect of team. Is being thrown out the window. Because of every person's personal beliefs and this is where it should not exist umpteenth day OK fine if any should Neil. But I'm on your team and this is also due out split to my kids my family right there are two major and while we. That they need a lot of people don't realize. What we will pray. Mean dead because we all said a prayer just for our country. Is so much division in the country right now from from all all points of view and we just wanted to do something so we pray for our country. We pray for our president. Just started blessed touches hearts pray for the people when we pray for for understanding. I'm not sure I'd buy that you can pray before the end contemporary after the anthem I took things that hit me and and so on both sides of it. One I think you're right about the patriots did not Cho unification Houston Texans will I Hillary they did all right and a they showed we're in this thing together and we're staying together as a team I. As far as. You know taking a protest here during an N National Anthem I am totally against that his want to go I don't think players understand. Look at. The president. Is not the fly OK you pissed that the president I'd get that. But he's not the flags that would a case we have one of those you know belonged. Why aren't you wigs honor orange wigs. On the flag it supports stars and stripes they represent this country and don't sit there and try to tell me after the fact what we we have no problem militarily. Well that's what flag represents. So it doesn't represent trump. You're right now free quote quote represents military to you. Well it represent a lot of things right it's what we are military represents military in this country to meet Cuba does this represent military represents this country. Any state president trump is not the flag he is the leader of this country Lou to be not happy with what is going on the country. He created this by his words well our debt today the second actually want to address and I got a lot of people pissed off when I brought it up last night. But the second part of that is three branches okay of government here. Are these guys are up to stop O'Donnell truck and I debt and here's the other part of it. Truck was stupid. In what he did on Friday night he is he's going to ask you now with rally got a link to his base idiotic is not even stronger than me and I learned and what he. It was what he did was. This thing goes on the back burner. Okay he's up he's a free market guy right the market was playing out. The market was showing you that people were just about the Kaplan a protest the ratings were down in the National Football League. No coincidence the market was playing for itself something that he talks about all the time and that would get. Is he went out and affected the market on Friday night he took billionaire owners more strong supporters of him. Both financially and support with pats on the back consistently including this guy you Bob Kraft and what he did is he put those guys in a terrible position. He affected their business. He's not supposed to do that the president is not supposed to affect business especially when you try to tell me I'm a free enterprise got to believe in the free market looks like. He could've come out and said. I do not like I despise the fact that guys are being disrespectful. To the anthem he could've said that that's his opinion he could get away with a but as the commander in chief when you about your directing these owners that they should wonder guys or suspension but which by the way they can do no. If they want to his surprise at this they can do stuff like that. When you do that. You put undue pressure on those owners. How or those owners supposed to react when they've got 53 guys in the locker room and always coaches at ago at. You're paying us to go Winfrey can fork ball games and the president basically saying if any of our guys get out of line. There are in trouble they're gonna get fired peaked he stoked up. Joseph Greene was on the back burner. Although it won't be with you it was hard to find guys meal and it's. That better sir I was first doing it's it's like so every every every network this thing we're gonna cover we're gonna cover and you'd be hard pressed to find guys peaked and I'm sure he want. I had a chance to begin at one guy markets beat a case that was there and talk to him nobody was talking about the assault on the back burn everybody had those. On the surface that I may have to say it's always there you know what are what are they get ready he'd do you guys when he went to the death let me ask you about it so it's what he said was ridiculous okay. Do you think with the NASCAR owners are helping the situation now. Because they don't know they threaten to fire any driver who knelt now they're national opinion America it guys that Richard Petty whose team owner. Now we'll know he's a former driver. Anybody don't stand up for that ought to be out of this country period. Richard Childress another owner. Informed his employees that he protest would get them equally ride on the Greyhound bus from the National Anthem is over the NASCAR NASCAR came out. Is that they will fire. Any driver that does not stay at the national at the prison right away what you think when you think of that really neat you think like rednecks out there in NASCAR right well you're you're also getting the truck. You were also trumpet saying it's got nothing to do with race and yet I think most people we're gonna look at the comparison of the NFL to NASCAR and operate better ice here it makes it worse. President blow it on Friday night and that's the problem. That it and I am not a trying to pick Pete the last guy they Obama on this either they all played their base now a product yesterday the skip gates stopping Cambridge. Everybody's playing the debates we're not gonna get anything accomplished is that nobody he goes to Alabama he said there are signs up bitches that that's that's what you don't. And the players get fighter but I will say this about the players in this way the players are missing it and I know emotionally. When a president threatens. You that you're gonna get fired or suspended it pisses you off. But they're not accomplishing committee anything by by a disrespect. And the the American flag and National Anthem because. Does he really know what they're talking about shall shall we just as police were to. Can you give me specifics can we get down to a specific case of police brutality because there are different facts to each one of the cases. Which some of them could be construed as police over reality and others are probably the policeman doing his job coaches think that there was this this yesterday. Was more about trump than anything. It was all about them from saying you don't talk about social injustices this was about trump. Calling me a son of a bitch yes because I want to stand for something that I put it right but even if you that's why you saw that you'll hear about cal capita back. I mean he's just he's he's old. Who's right and that's why my boys at that point times those on call all the old players all the sons of bitches right. At that point I also have a good job of failed to right now. What do we wanna do what we go to some this'll what do we don't wanna do OK so we were going to do something. We're gonna do it together right so we gonna meal lesson out of the tunnel is exactly why I am new this one time. But that's it. Obviously you don't usually do it and this is word that I have a real problem and ABM stickler. To what the flag means 'cause that certainly means something much different to me than it does to some of these players. I understand their social injustices OK I understand you have a platform and you're pissed off at things that are happening especially to people of color to a simple. You'll have all the opportunity in the world. Anyone of these fox MSNBC CNN they would love to have you on the program from a forty years on here on Friday he doesn't say squat. A cat from yes he has to talk about these studies forum to sit there I understand he feels there are social injustices out there and haven't. Talked about it. You can give us specifics you'll have an opportunity. To reach the masses out talked about last night after the game not kept. And I don't have a problem that I had a problem when you do it. And and and in some way you you're desperate flood I don't like that that that part of it and like let's get the partnership. We do it next. Nothing stops rumor loaning you come out of Cooperstown then you like you don't want. That's the whole come DM hall of Famer well meaning the FCC. I don't have a guaranteed support weight Fauria and move. Marleau on Sports Radio WEEI. Well we just want to send a message of unity and being together and you know not standoff were to disrespect. You know. Different ways guys Feldman. Also many. Different things go to a lot of guys' heads and. Are you watching at the same way at least I am thinking you know I don't shift bigger things to worry about than whether a player deals or doesn't Neal for National Anthem. Yeah I mean have. Yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he said and and you know thought it was just divisive. So break it takes a shot that at trump apparently the cap is no longer in his locker. And you get Devin recording just before that who felt that they were unified. I don't think any of the three of us. Felt that when you all doing different things that that's unification. It's not like some guys are saying this is what were doing. Do you wanna come with yet but it didn't seem like it's I'm sure there was a discussion but it seemed that I able Mo whatever we're doing this I guess it actually. You're never gonna get everything you want right like you'll get everything you want like some some at some point time Edwards got the meat in the middle. Some it's got to give up a stance or position somehow for the greater good right that's kind of part of being a team like your individual agenda somehow has a soft. For the Olympic that's happening today it's a game of I don't think that's happened we're seeing guys going out on their own we sarcastic here July and yes aches and that to me is the most troubling. Part about this let's compatriot like is it not just sits just on theme why is Floyd you should it. Be able to pursue your own agenda inside a locker room for on the platform. At that point person do you think it. Bill would surprise was going to was communicated because he was asked after the game. About the protest of president bill there was a lot of attention please today and how teens. Handled the National Anthem how did you instantly out on this kind of thought about it and well while the though. It's not just a deal with that leaders. Take that you take that with a deal with it later that wasn't aware that our team was gonna be divided. Like that that would you do something. Of the of the players did do something as the eighteen to the certainly didn't look like eighteen or digging game and that's what someone we don't know what his military background it right now it feels about the military and everything else or they be campus and you would think. That rocket from wrong person and that's on the bill you'd make sure everyone's on the same page is the answer is that. Why it is that you ask them what stood out like what what's the first week that it before that the ball and kicked off that's what stood out. IC the Texans unified locking arms okay nobody know Noah rogue fighters off to the left of the right are sitting behind. And you saw a not to put the patriots they're the budget teams that look the same way. That just they were all they did they couldn't agree on what question. What is what is dealing with a it is that it is that you know obviously demo courted the team captain on this team. Okay and it's quite obvious these kind of a front as far as say this speaking about this yeah he's a leader so eloquently from wronged by thicken them according kind of brought this thing together right at guys all alone once those it all deal with DeVon is a leader. And I'll talk to him about it to put LLY zero or clueless what is deal with it. Meanwhile the other question is who's who's who's the other guy is their guy and the offense out of football. With a special teams they're Matthew Slater healthy he'll always hurts the heart of those guys to be vocal 'cause they're hurt you gotta be seen enough heard. OK so who would be the best leader on this team. Go on the with the what was the most experienced the most like change. With the most life lessons to give you at least forty varieties of that Tom Brady would be easier no one guy anyway and you. You looked at the chief right he says and he did not arrive so it releases the lefty listens to the right. And then they also can what do you think while. You know of any of these says you know then and he's usually the coolest head he's usually the one that says listen. I see your side I see your side here's I think we should do to keep everybody happy because we all women. He probably did he probably said I'm gonna show solidarity to my team it's okay he he he was on social media earlier in the day throwing some of those things out to Limbaugh's words. And he locked arms with his teammates and ultimately. But yeah dorsett. Glided dorsett Neil. You lock the tools to lock onto tones that's a proud that a lot of players are gonna have now. So if you're not immediately ordered to remember and wonder what to look to our house you they're gonna delivers notice himself on TV that initial thump that. They're gonna be members of the media abilities that are going asked players. Tortured him. The dogs entered the music you know dominant and at third third and you know animal. Of the racing in it with the if you look. At it let's get some data goes with it looks analysts was he was a good none on with him here. Might need along with 677779370. Somerville hello Tony. Or so there's a couple things quicker as well or don't you know these guys they got big problems this country right there but yet. We're gonna make forty million a year twenty million the elements and the topic big big problem this country and the money in. This season it's an access to stop with the money okay they. That they're special and what they do you work them what do you do what do you do for a living what do you learn about it doesn't matter understand that they make too much money like that. Part of the problem that is the planet can't what they make it's irrelevant Hamas political timeout. I don't know it's irrelevant how much I'll take that off the it is irrelevant how much money they make where else can we don't know our basically soccer about that. About Europe. They way they can put go to rugby in Australia analyst Patrick and I are still there. Just doing just not usually let me ask you so just because just because you may not a lot of fun. Yesterday when you're staying and intelligent because you make a lot of money in this country should be happy with everything that goes on are not just shut your mouth that's it sounds. Rob what a country not a problem the money you make so little countries pretty good someplace in pain when every two weeks to get it checked. Yes the other thing I wanted to. Rosie is a way it was about protest. You think that everything is wrong country rock that this country sucks is that what you're saying. Remember o'clock that old guy Allred and and the got shot in the face. And that Mel. And I got it got some traffic stop. Know the job states. It was an it was in Massachusetts to complement a traffic stop and got out of the race. Yes no one would outrage about that there was no protests about that all the police so add insult at. What about when things like that happen or work let's get him in the face. What Japanese get out and results. He's in the closet what people. Are caught in the act but all. Don't forget what it was as if I don't that what does that getting back to our original Earl Ward getting back to his original point you're gonna get alarmed because. If there's one thing about protest in this was all about protesting the president. But would you do to Duff flak. Into the anthem. It it takes a broader. Part of fuel it. And that's why you're going to get people like Tony you're gonna call up and say they got a wonderful life the good all the money they're making art what they're doing is they're protesting. Other injustices not necessarily would then but with other people. It's all about the. President an adrenaline him off the luck he created it Friday night there was no need for. So if port. But this does right you're gonna get a lot of actors none I don't want okay nice very nice guy is scheduled to make as much when he usually has been no idea of course the money always comes in the play Sony loves all you rich. Now I think he'll say we whether you're working at McDonald's. Good look at you could be. Okay you're the country. That isn't as progressive as the United States. McDonald's is like up beat McCain. But don't don't don't wanna fly don't dump on the on the anthem. You know you have an opportunity and a platform to tell me what pisses you off that's one thing I don't think we're hearing enough off. Are you hearing specifics. Out there by any of these players. None weird at Michaels honestly don't face that's avert a specific you heard this week where the reaction from Donald Trump right calling all sense of mission right. So that this week I think they were gonna unify and what they were nearly all of he's not like what he's not seeing them and squeeze the not at present he's let the president for an approach that on occasion president before hours EU doesn't represent this country you know. No we just we have the president does they took rapidly and we doesn't loop we have three branches of government that he represented his country could we went we went repeal and replace obamacare right now he doesn't that three different shots ahead. He is the brick and president of the United States I'm pretty sure that that represented the country little does not get off all week I'm not you're off top not a lot to recommend it also. Just Ingrid I don't know why you fight it. Yeah it is not government find it's wrong by an. And I understand the rhetoric that they trump throughout the united right it doesn't represent the country a tackler with with Larry now now we have three branches of Gary branches if that's okay bridge if that's against the government that the president had state. Eight Lewis that's the case why isn't instituted everything you want to where's the wallow. Art art market that's what I mean but that's where I have a problem with the players and there's six. Culminate UN and nations gives a speech what they send three branch of government they sent drop to what to represent the country are now. We wish you could argue destructive flood gate no he's not the Italian and then the military is not deflect some people either. Look at what could put these people are wrong if you're if you have a problem trump and I did you have a problem trump and I have a problem with trump what he said Friday night was ridiculous he was getting in the way it was getting under way. A free enterprise and business and put a lot of pressure on these in these owners who have to take care of their employees more there employees are gonna. Ya gonna fracture you're gonna have an absolute disaster Runyan for these into individual companies this is a guy that it's supposedly pro business. But the players can't combat now. And sit there and disrespect the flag and the get them because they don't like the sitting president in the White House he's not the flag to stop them. He's not president any kid get everything done himself. Bright orange saying that to the first eight months. So that to me is I'm you're you're you're identifying. At somebody an individual that individual is not the country. That's the problem I have. Miranda yes go to break but can go to break who guys were present as rivers of the country book we'll take more phone calls that. Act ON math on WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter at OM. EI let's get you back to more important wing rebellion 48 right now watch Sports Radio WEE. On the play the media game marine perception. Was booed before the game is its and we thoughts on the. This that I got a lot of love from my teammates we go through a lot together there's a lot of plus volunteers I don't think it's. Easy to play this sport and it's like guys sacrifice a lot you know and be able I respect the guys who play. Now your teammates but guys you play gets through without them notes. It's not a great game. That was interesting that a lot of people want toward social media were especially those and I think that hero especially those who love the demonstrations of love the fact that cone Kapanen was taking unique. A suddenly not real happy with people blowing in the sent. Are they not doing the exact same thing they're they're born to people who they feel or just respecting the fly a. So it's funny because it what I sells a lot of people like almost like being confuse. Right so are they. Authorities bullying and the players. Because of their stance yes or they blew yes players that they disagree with that or is it strictly because. It's a football game I can't tell you what. I'm not surprised. The fans in the public are not just completely sick and tired of this it's becoming. So I am and with all the games that they had yesterday. The NFL can thank god that they're the games are great there's a lot of great games are like close games or Butler is a lot of upsets. That's Sunday Night Football game that's finds a way my for the raiders show model and it won't get a good this year in stutter and well that Sunday morning till Sunday night. It depends on it pretty easy to it was a great yeah just as you see this election notes like you know so the clip I had some something special. But a ticket to get to see the race I was surprised I liked it talking to people down here yesterday there are a lot of fans that were pissed when they saw what happened. Over and one. Don't guys were taking and they were getting pissed about that and they were fearful that it was going to happen here in July suited up. Surprise me that some people were born but as Lou said earlier. Those loud boom see I know I love and let a man wearing a blue stay here you're a real liberal area where a lot of people. That probably agree was going Capra that to me was really surprised law. I know for a fact that they were there are freaking out in new York city of them do the college deal. Yes Saturday. And they were. Uses it as big bowl and looked like you twenties. And I the executives are running in and out in and out and out. Trying to figure out what the message was going to be a they had Charles Barkley on yesterday they're free now they know all of our members are there why they had shown off yesterday Walt I think he was scheduled to be all anyways because of the NBA was old starting monitor showed us what you want that's it. Doesn't matter. We started. Honest conferences like us audit and beyond immediate need immediate edited it. So I think that's why he was a regionally supposed to be there because a certain until Friday just call Charles bark they hate you fly in real quickly would've meant but he what do but that's not why he was there I think it was just a coincidence. There are I'm actually surprised that hasn't. Gone beyond football. Not yet so it's not put a sketch of Bruce Maxwell yes when one of them he knelt on Saturday. But baseball they just. They don't. You know there's no there's no reaction to you know on the news very indirect to mean you've you've got guys get Chris young and we'll keep bets in and David Price and Jackie Bradley and and nothing. Why do you think those fun when you're OK I broke amounts that they wanna do it and we would support. But pages will whatever reason you know I had an automatic maybe at the National Anthem and in an NFL a decent Christian backing you play unit route different. Lawyers who knows what it because it's when out of Seattle we were always out. And I assistant remember that came to the pages we were not we do not come up for the night and I let it. I'd like to get that it wants it out there and you salute because I wants to go out there early stand around I wind at the last minute battle fine okay. When he gained of my crap that the time. I want to make sure there is no date time. So we come out and it was and it was it was I'd like to because we just you know we were able to stay chill a bit longer but it changed it and that government when it was. And and and now we know it was a. Team by team basis it was like the team's decision. And these are the newest television no television for awhile did not cover it because they. Covered it up with commercials they made money. If there for the another sixty seconds or minute I have to be at the messiah. Now because of what's happening politically still jingle run a little bit and then you're done any sort of just take it in the house you know that you're in the dugout or you. You go to on the runway. You know all of a Beagle back in the locker room and he. They sometimes it's not like I don't know if it's mandatory to be out there or not but a lot of times there's only a handful of guys that usually help there at the consulate there in the clubhouse what's going on but you know not. Because they didn't do it's not like your bookie bet does their feelings about this at Jackie or vote David Price or Chris Young or whatever it is right they. They noticed in baseball it's not everyone on the field. Let people all the way it is right now we'll see him in the fourth day beautiful and create their own you'll definitely don't hold your chart this weekend staffed or you won't get to that little bit later. Stephen is up next here on oil enough feisty. I doubt another dog object. You know I I I do it yet but most of this other part of what they obviously does bother me when you're the sort of lagged. One didn't work place that what all not what you. Are speculating about it being the disabled that I could be as this back. Now what are the ones that Oprah. Get whoever else but the patriots. Were act so I'll eat some bets. Something to do to quite sure eight spot that they can that they can look at that they can almost touch. And that put burning up act because they were upset at how they were being treated. I hadn't less problem without them I'd do would immediately on the Albie. Again if it's a bit to ethnic armed as some try to and some up. And Joseph what was the biggest sponsor of the biggest don't need to have our eyes and someone's audio met the odds that a talk about. A July at a terrible company that it waste water has led in it but whatever the case may be. That I think is a same correlation to what the what Bob play as a duo went to the owners at the at bat well. Well I brought it up yesterday. And waited so you'd you'd rather have them burn the flag pin meals or any of them. No I said I would have less of a slob and make their way out some trite about protest but whatever why it is because of something that's a replica app and then they were going in. B and blaming the government for a public. I bought a burning like I did see it happen in my life. Aren't exactly I think they I think if they're burning flags and not nearly that you have a big problem with that as well. Not and again I'm not saying I'm a ball beyond and they'll add an event depending upon what it wants now to yet and obviously that have divided the country lately. With the outward racism I mean does that. The guy and not at that the ointment sorry that was shut down that it reached for the talks to our beat. I mean I don't bet it'll I was ashamed that out President Obama at the time didn't try to step and helped quite debt. All bowl when I saw the video of the talks in New York that we're not even indicted tight belt problematic with because like belt a patient that debt. So what is it not talk about in this country. But you know what. Get them together and do something about it that is football. It puts all directed at the present and you just brought up the you know the Barack Obama here remember protest that the people protesting. With stuff that was going on in the previous administration was taking a knee epic. The cabinet was it. Well as an enemy as a few players and he started and good players well and not look that he didn't seem to disagree with an awful lot. Was Barack Obama I didn't hear him lash out at Barack Obama but people that both say before Friday. I don't think it was directed at President Obama and president. You know. Trump well I think before Friday I think the report I think it was more the countrymen will be but it like that trump and obviously Jameel Hiller feelings everything else but. I would say Friday became although throw. It became all about before became more that the cause of quality effort. Magnet X now they had they all had a common enemy. You know I am real these headlines for and a bout of morning good morning football and clearly with the NFL teams showcase unity in their own way. In their own individual way because that's I saw more of that then I saw teams showing unity. But I did some more teams. Showing individual. Pockets of unity than it did general overall unity like the Texans did. I'd like to Texans showed no everybody did the same thing whether you agree with it or not and then it was over raising Quincy next appear on WEEI yellow red. I I don't know. Yeah absolutely. I root root Christian good. And I think if you would. Factor and unity in my opinion because you have an apartment. I've edited and a bottle or more about the people and I felt the it's about what and that's what the. What what is and what is what is it about specific. Well it looked it looked because a couple of questions about. Macho but not now so from all don't read it right it's not about freeways and because you don't have the right necessarily. To keep your job if your employer feels that in some way. You speaking home is going to hurt their business. Pick your employer to employer does and also. To listen to Eleanor can fire you give up those trying it was right give up those rights we decide to work for any one of these privately owned companies. And they give you their standard operating procedures you give up your rights a freedom of did you give up your rights. To sit out there and and and and now. You don't campaigned for any agenda and that's it if they don't want you doing because it's gonna hurt their business whites and they don't want any of their banter and the people there and buy their product. Alienating its. Okay a couple of quick a couple of cook would accept the there signed a form that it happens banned political split about what. Well it's in the rules via the built there in the field. Well that is they have is that part of new vote where they did it in other far as work. The president is. We had an opponent who which of Ph.D. because he's that'd there's a rule in affiliate the BO infielder Ernie at the right and what preteens. Didn't work out on the field no penalty an additional penalty open to build a post article notes that it will not even though to rule. Will not find a team or anything right. Yes that that's correct but if you text. Somebody else or Tom Brady let's say and I can misconstrue that it's deflator reference that it's difference or even worse if we put legalistic kid Hayward whose father passed to the fullback Corey -- shoes you know put his father's initial issue. I'd find it. Pondering his father who just passed away that's kind of ridiculous they'll have the right to do it because it's not the widest it's about the the First Amendment well is about as an employer than what they're doing actually it's you know in the transit of you know same thing. The Connecticut who if they want the players are out there we'll finish our city can say what they want and dependence on images and stories of practice a problem with the environment like. He can't says that's what. There's a gaffe about what you did that it eat but he's not he took this state to the next well no now. You know trumpet. He did just the opposite minute war if he thinks that any of these owners are going to fire or suspend early I don't know it's not just the opposite fairly and benefactor wanted to also thank. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these owners now. We had no intention before Friday night. Recent college government. I'll tell you that would not of himself cries may be involved user then. You don't article I'm waiting for the maybe we give us the gas to maybe get ahead of it may be used Aaron wrote the headline form why don't try to help little. Around an hour and a half of the banana cut out. How Colin Powell Colin capita brought down the NFL. That's ahead aren't Powell Colin cap they all go to avatar so some days. Ascended over two runners in a focal sex whatsoever so it's evidence of a bloody 37 it's patriots muddy lie down you are July.