OMF - Reaction to Michael Wilbon's racial comments. Now we know the rush to complete Roger Goodell's new contract, 12-7-17

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Thursday, December 7th

Callers weigh in with their thoughts on Dale & Holley with Keefe's interview with Michael Wilbon. Roger Goodell just signed his new contract extension, and the NFL owners thwarted Jerry Jones. Glenn & Lou react to Al Franken's resignation from the Senate.


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Fort Wayne and bony and forty and I kind of played both in contact football we're not doing that I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt kind of protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall. Dan I you'll quarterbacks in the food and momentum. And apply there was a dominant physical running pool going round with another beat writer as to how quick you were gonna try to downplay that. How can you literally putting your headline that doesn't end well. Right you don't agree to disagree because that's a REIT because drought sports round and you know you're not really I think a lot human and with land Lou and Christian why did. It. Single question yet let me ask what you did OK let's. Those guys wanted to point out that wrong elbow a black player what what was the point that part of the dynamic of Mike Abbott going on one game. I don't want my debacle I'm not because it doesn't fit what your talking about that it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened run his white it's that they did. The damn thing already I don't know why aren't. And now on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know if you lose in the national football and I think you know I just don't get this I mean. They are giving this commission delete is having all sorts of issues. Mark Cuban he's just laughing at the national football only could he made the prediction a couple of years ago they were gonna self destruct. And right now he's got a legitimate argument young. Viewers are now tuning into the NBA the NBA ratings are way up to an awful ratings are down the NFL's gut issues this is another one in which now get involved in graceful that. And they decide on getting this guy I understand if everything was sailing along the way it was three years ago. This site as a group to give this guy 200. Million dollar expansion it. It when you know this before we even discussed that so I don't know we have details that get lifetime health. I think he did get a check I think he I think he lifetime jet while he may have to immediately should it is strange you look at this lead. The amount of money that is pouring in earnestly you could say we always talk about I was rip on the ratings being down from a year ago two years ago but. They still control the ratings are still great numbers that is down a little bit from what they used to be so this this league. Financially is flourishing. And it is the biggest mess of a leak in this country. The mess but isn't it isn't it going to come back to to all of this compact to roost and that's what some of the players to say so this is Mike Mitchell the air safety. For the Pittsburgh Steelers obviously responding. To the suspensions. And really for a player just laying it. Right out of line into the day this is football. You want the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us life for me to pull off that way I know what we're playing him. Not on the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me to hit you right now before it's. That's crazy I'm gonna mess gonna get hurt trying to protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and almost them. That happened two years ago about I I'm I'm not so good at all. And you don't doable but I'll fiber to your vote however added I think were out in the fourth gut. But it you don't die you know give me that's the bread out of my pocket because any growth of Ed Balls. Make that makes sense and Edwards are taking our money but now you know you got an old like Matt Hasselbeck called me a dirty player and that my character we've never met before. I donate more money into and and Adam. Underprivileged kids that probably people on the big. Don't give me that in mind that you go to school there man I think all that person you don't know me he never had a conversation will be held to adopt the what you see a couple of football my competitive. None of this vote is just so what's going on in the game right now yes I'm with them a little luster but. Mean we've gotten better we got to do better off than yesterday and gotten better as players and thought and be right we got to get better leadership guys who have run in the league. And obviously everybody from Fay is owners players all disappointed Rodrigo. We just we just gotta do negative we can't have a guys where you just. Handout this went on how you see fit their needs to be with that guideline of how we do what we do. These are right Peña that moved or did he nailed it I think that's the problem and again the league exploration is the biggest mess of any major sport in this country so. Because it'll catch up to them and why he's a leader. Has no flip an idea exactly. But if you awful and you just gave him 200 million unit and what the next seven year keep the team we're talking about appeal in near owners. Who who look at the future. They don't do business to we got to worry about business today from nine to fine they worry about a year from now five years from now ten years from now twenty years from now. That's why most of them have been successful. In whatever whether it's home deep ball or or all or heal whatever their businesses. How do you not look at the future right now as opposed to looking to the past because I would you view I would give Roger Goodell credit for the past. In the past they all mean these guys very very rich Roger was involved in that I'll give him credit for that. But if you don't a a multi billionaire. And you're looking at the future of your business wire whip this guy sitting on the top. This doesn't concern and you've got players who were tweeting I saw some of the tweets yesterday look the play should tweeting now what this isn't she. That this commissioner just got himself to one million bucks but just compared to bush beat beat the light. Our earnings of of Tom Brady or. Think about it. But you know it's it's up to the players. In Mitchell's right notes up to the players when a new CBA comes. I saw this call Richard Sherman. A 100% rises if we want the NFL as a union we get a gay thing done now players going to be willing to strike. That's the thing that guys need 102% realized. You gonna have to miss teen U gonna to lose some money fuel to make the point because that's how MLB union NBA get it done. And they are correct but you know what it'll never happen does it too short term. Nobody cares about the future the biggest difference in baseball guy like Andrew Bennett's Andy will sit there and union meetings and say yes you know this is real we got to do we gonna do because I care about. What arbitration numbers or free agency or what's gonna be part of this league ten years from now because I'm gonna be part of the NFL players don't say that. The reality is that probably won't. So there is that they don't you think about the future. They don't they think about the now. They think about what Neil I don't. The rookies coming in their four years five years guaranteed deals or whatever it is of this is that I care about my contract now they're bigger issues I understand there are. And Roger Goodell I'd love to get him on there. But if push came to shove. I want the money. It's too short career baseball careers longer. And they had Marvin Miller who had you know strapped them on the players were willing to take the hit and they were willing to leave the job that but it is bleak. Look in his league right now. Mean the way they dish out punishment. This is just. Inconsistent. The way they treat their players inconsistent. In the chaos that they have you know race in their league is out of control. This is Roger Goodell is lead is out of control. Even held a judge in Florida and money. The league itself. Is killing itself no. And they just gave this guy 200 million dollar five year extension. Until I want I really great job Roger I just don't get this wrong. I really don't. And the funny thing about it is these are owners when they hate players. Don't necessarily Haiti on past performance. Because they understand. That you paid him for. They you've got to pay him what he's going to do for you going full that is always part. Over what you look at as criteria for signing a player long term. And yet you just signed eight commissioner. Long term would big huge money for what he's done in the past. Even though you know you'll all and trouble right now you've got jury should end is part of your problem. And going for your great questions about Roger and whether he can operate with these players. And you just keep him all this money but also this would never do it never give a player based on past performance never. No error rates. In any here accuses us of of tweets and used Joseph Thomas in a tweet out talking about. He'll Roger Goodell is worth more than Tom very you know twice as macho or you know guaranteed contracts the players citizens guaranteed. Am suggesting yep you know why why are they paying him forty million middle of the competing with and we talked about Whiting of 4220. For fuel on. We have fine that we deal mentally on how they treated freeagent a bill would treat somebody who will legal test the market. All of don't give you ain't gonna give you some nationalist and intertwining them get by doing this. And you've seen the players aren't any guarantees about a little bits of two year deal and whatever gonna screw you don't you think you really pissing off. Not only the fan base pissing off all of these players in the way to do not his numbers and don't really care. They don't see they got his and so I feel like they never had the chance to do this they they'll they don't care a lot of them probably as isn't as there's some in the league but not enough. That really. Care. About what is going on around the league it is just about me it's a short lived career and I got to make my money get the hell out. Maybe the owners are banking on now that these players once again once they get out. You know than than their alumni. Now they care is there one another retreated with the medical resident. Yeah well you know when you're players you can fight the for the alumni and their medical and everything else when you were player you are willing to risk anything to you wanted to cash. But now he wanna bust nine or alumni now you can now go to Canada you had your opportunity you had your time to make a difference in all you cared about. What's yourself. So don't come bitching at me about your leagues a mess. You showed that about that's funny now they when they retired there'll pissed that the present day players. Because the president take the players are not taking care Auld vet and the retired players back to the phone calls it 6177797. ID 370. Fills in Portland what's up Phil. Annika or let's. Much you know get back from like well on our topic. You know it's a wonder whether Albert journalistic integrity Luntz would come on that and realize it is. In his comment pointing out that prop obviously. You can tell you in light in. And it won't be there when he got frustrated in intro that guys down it didn't matter that pick out what that's not why attack. Do you agree with that but that that global agreed with that he said it did not involve race that incident did not involve race yet. In the in the central previous sentence he brought up that the attacker was white the victim was bought right. Exactly but then he turned around and and I think are talking about expansion penalty. They all rolled around to the fact that sounds like he feels or it could be bought out. The county the F Belcher negotiate litigate these penalties. And take into consideration. Somewhat right so let's create. He believes I don't think he believes I don't think he's I don't think he's. Yeah I think. Basically and that's our wish that conversation went out but because of the way I think dale introduced it. Now why is it that we only talk race when it involves the patriots that was like the first question. And I think the Strom and documents I haven't heard anybody make technical. Again that there you know I mean that the conversation should have Ben do you really think this. And he was gonna say while two people Hussein I don't care of people Hussein might click here what you were saying you really. Believe this. And it didn't he just he gave him an out. And Michael kept running with it will balk at running with it all bill power he has so sensitive to rethink their feelings about the patriots not about the patriots I agree with. That note due to pay when you make. Sig match between races and mix and match in two different argument to you we are ultra sensitive. About being pointed out as they racists of because they think most of us believe that it's a very progressive city one of the most progressive in the country. And that the eagles'. Recent okay that you go on the 304050 years ago as I said earlier on a program they ought. Guilty as charged okay no question Boston you could point the finger and you can rip this apart. And I think. We're sensitive about it because we know all that the city has come a long way our sighted feel Isiah Thomas an easel for the city. Kyra you are being looked for the city the way that the the community's embrace those players. I don't see this evidence and you bring it up to Gordon Hayward case with the it would cheering him because he was it going to be free agent at the end of the year. Taking the Boston only did it because you don't like. And what they resizing it comes home. And then it. They were more likely than other players who can as a guy that said that you know. This would be the worst landing spot for carrier yeah as I mean Al Hoss almighty god I do think it's golf carrier ring you don't play well you think he's he's the eighties he's happy here you think. The white fans are happy here everything's a black face after you. Please so the guy that was wrong. You heard him come out and say that I was wrong on the describes the way the city of Boston embraced. Carrier ring to that pisses me off if Americans had better on the (%expletive) me off with the you don't that they don't do that they don't go back and say OK you don't want admitted running at 1 o'clock in the morning right. Having everything. I got to tell you. That it you know Boston is embracing him he's embracing both and he loves it I mean we're worms any of that stuff when a hearing any of it. A package if all goes here's Dana in Connecticut I Dana. Thought our guys. A person born in race goes away when you're on the field. On the basketball court I don't think the players really care too much. But it's horrible ones take on this being racists. It is whole defense. During that play on the field was black there were no wait guys in if you think about it. It's usually go back did you go back and try to. Take the then your DVR and point out I was. I would watch it again but I think is his ability. Irked Dixon five weight black or or nine in two. Well wait in black and easy when you get a black player then you know someone could construe that. As a recent smoke perhaps. But I. But I don't they hold on a I don't think Michaels said that he he hit him. Because he was black clergy you know I said not he didn't know eight and it wasn't a race incidents of racial incident run he'd just. That you just pointed out the fact that a white man head of pitted black man and anti that in two. In dole for some reason the racial politics and why you may be only got one game and in how it looks the perception. And this is what people are talking and. Here it is then listen to listen to this problem does something hole we weren't you give them in the least. Pots all so honestly I think Ford is writing this bit of a black player into the that's comedy but one night that. The irons but I'm saying yesterday he'd pull. I broke. Well I figured out but. Yeah that was my take on. And that he did say that he did said that yesterday but what he's throwing out their when he talks about the politics of race. Is I think he's saying the perception. Out there is that. Rock got a break because he happened to be wiser thing you have with what you do for a living. You can need to counter that perception right. You you know rather than just containing him throwing it on other people hate that our own people saying you know and this is just the perceptual. Human opportunity to gloat and talk about that perception do you agree with that perception do you agree with what you shall call people are saying. I listened for your opinion. The role in analysis lab but that's it but that's a problem if he said these same the perception out there and community. That. Reese is involved in the severity of the punishment. Then. You've got to stay that the perception is either. Wrong. Or that if you're agreeing with the perception who is doing it in the NFL office I want names. I want that person out I want evidence that the person is sitting here doing it clearly by the color of somebody's. Which I don't. Should. That's what you gotta do instead what he did is he Jordan into. The carpet wasn't racist incidents but yeah all the perception out there is in the politics of race. No it's either a racist or racial act by somebody. Orders that we have to make that decision. In that case it really is black or white I 6177797. Any threesome. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI. Before during and after the show at all. More of Fort Wayne promoting and 48 right now. Clark Sports Radio. I bet they're on the left of Christian today. When questions that first Monday take off I questioned Friday you think. Question I get your and you're doing the extending the long weekend but I'm not sure I do it I do if you take opportunities. Day Wednesday or Thursday. So we're talking about Michael bunt in an interview yesterday and leading it into Roger Goodell extension. And then with the players are basically sand to play right now low. And you look at what happened over this past weekend and you're looking at the suspensions. Addicted rock on the croc one is is pretty obvious you can't do what prompted plays Obie can't do that. But you're looking at the way that they're calling stuff right now you have no idea what you do. They Mitchell's right you play the game out there and a lot of times ahead did contact is not because one player. Is looking to make a helmet to helmet contact. I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall. Then I go quarterbacks in the food and momentum. Capone a target point well this is it seniors that didn't Burton's career he wrote about this Monday Morning Quarterback that what the timing of it now the apparently next Wednesday. Is the owners. Annual winter meeting isn't in doubt yes next Wednesday in Dallas in Dallas Jerry Jones of going to this. There was a fear that though they wanted to get this thing done before that. Has anyone Jerry walking around right. You know he's already talking other owners. In these meetings raising all hell you know going crazy at these meetings about Roger Goodell. Try to convince other owners that their reason issues listed you know what screw. Let's get this done before the what do means is we don't wanna deal with Jerry yeah in his own backyard I was Arthur blind. That's what he did get it done before that now he also puts in Bert Greer also puts in that. He says my understanding is that the base of the Dell's five year deal. Is about four million per. And marketing it and hypotheticals. Four million per hour with 90% of the money tied into incentives based on prosperity of the leak. Some very easy to hit suck almost impossible to reach. Is that I was told that it a good solid year. Roger Goodell and I defined could solve it here right now at what's good solid you I don't know which is Cadel make in the mid to high points. In a great year he's gonna get the low thirties. And it sounds like this bird beer saying he sounds like he'll basically have to walk on water to hit that Max number that is about four. Email paper yeah I think the forty million probably was to begin with was was a stretch but. Well what twenties or whatever when he made what 35 last year. Calm resolve they have another great year he's been in gitmo. Argued that low thirties 35 range. But he went down Reddy was make it more than yeah there there were able to hide it now because they've put a space of four right if they've changed the way. That they. Characterized the the corporation they've changed it were was a nonprofit before. They've changed it so they can pretty much tied to salaries and nobody can say. Sell it might be right I think the twenties are kind of law I find it heartedly I think that if that was the case the Jerry Jones and others. Will come out sit there and we get out and say we're talking about. We get the sketch sheep. We got a really is is to be but maybe it was just announced yesterday weren't yet in all the sudden here today album prayers written about how hold on to four million per. And TCU twenties. Goodyear thirties. And is always tell you that forties and award a forty you don't want authority act kick it found that a guide formula. What did I gonna I wanna look Davidson Providence Dexter appear though that David. Yes I you're gonna tell you. Good that you're just wanna bring up where it's almost strategy and everything. And everything seems Ozal backer Tom Brady with decent sergeant that I agree that it Elliott. Could play that sector of the biggest injustice right now on our ability to operate in in the hope this thing. We want to use global currency back Rodrigo on the ball twice but you know so a delight. Almost at this in with a Britain as the gun at her best. He's never gonna did this thing debuted their data do their is that it's not about. Did breeding had the last laugh because 200 million dollars Roger actually my in the last well this is accidental but it's more about. I'll quote Michael Ruble will block the politics of race. Seoul. Of these superstar phrase of the league white guy got four games. So dead at big the only reason why you bring up breeding now is to point out that you know he had a stiff penalty. Four game suspension over questionable investigation. And yet he's white. So now listen Brady got off Scot free. Oh believe me. You'd be year a lot more about the Brady suspension. I mean eating. It that thing got wiped out and he only got a game no no no games then Brady's name only brought up an awful lot this past week when it comes to that question. Michael's on a car next up in my. So. I. Aren't really. That good will on either side Errol you. Always. Always always sort of contextualize. These situations. But all. Well in. Particular. Art. There I heard the argument I keep on Michael well on. The liberals. Usually. And that I wanted to partner Michael Obama click here. They absolutely crazy. He misrepresents when he says that then he got up on the rollout the poet and that. The director you characterize it. Immediately he's not let you speak the rest in it you know. No not only did anything on we did I didn't hear Michael global answer I don't want you opium all the rest of this interview right. Oh yeah that pretty. You'll need to create eight talked eat we eat anything so soul who that record that point. Didn't throw key item and hold on. Michael he did not throw him out of the room he didn't shut his microphone off rich keep could continue. Two to throw the questions that yeah. Now I don't know maybe keep backed off because he's he feels it's a three minute show and you got to let everybody else get involved in the show I don't know I don't know what keeps. You know motivation was on that but no I'm coupling and when I'm mobile. I think well aren't you the exact same thing that you would arguing it is it done and coaches to all. One. Record one side of the argument. I think all I knew it in Italy. You're actually treat them. It will hear from where you're sort of trend I'll say there is your fair yeah and I'll say this I think that that. You know Michael will on I believe sort of revealed a mindset. That he had when he quickly went after. And claimed that rich keys agenda. Was to. Call a black man. In the rate of death. Your gender your exhibit debate meet your dad is a black person that you objects. Mick you got up to. Which is ludicrous and it's it's even more ludicrous when later rung the black men on the show admitted that he wanted to have a month because he knows of which is not the truth. Oh. The truth. That Michael Holley won Michael will bought on discussed this because just because he knows column Michael Smith and they they were talking hopefully they'll you know talking heavily about the day before. Okay and and holly was heavily engaged and emotionally engaged in the conversation the day before had nothing to do that that. Old obviously facilitate. Getting them on the air because he already turned down the the morning guys go to Tim in a car ten. Hey guys we're happy to be. You know it's called on congress yesterday was nothing more passive aggressive race and say that it is in the back. And it felt disciplinary it's incredible 102. After the quake. No prior history it's pretty egregious knuckleball. That was quite yet and Robert county. If you look at. It makes you come up with those penalties. Bass or the other to not let that happen well partly vulnerable that they had before he's been hit before they penalize me for. You're swinging helmets continent but I melee. It's a rigor recidivism Hebert and there's your record. There have been no factual scenarios can anyone would be logical sense of great rock it would mark the exact same penalty. In and will market exactly what you want it yesterday he called out instead I'm not about race and then probably. How does it tell us what this is. Absolutely what you have some equipment at an apple let us. It would look like I don't want talk about because you know why you're not colored lights scenario that aren't helped and they got it right. Keep was actually right accountable regardless gonna cut out or are gonna talk about it you'd get a call. I was wolf on who wanted to bring the race into it and you're right the Mike Evans case was the one that was most an allegation probably could abuse that. And he either didn't know enough about it horrid didn't should he is an argument so he said and I'm I'm not pan a pass on them. That part of it was was was really strange quite more of your phone calls coming up next the 6177797. Under through seven next hour. We're getting it into a baseball argument controller was the woman had that whole story. About Alex score and on the boss in Houston. And last night he was on the out hot stove show. Whether our own rob Bradford and it did so we're gonna get some baseball hot stove stuff coming up in the next hour. Date with Mo and and a sport wait for loaning and forty on Sports Radio WEEI. Back you know him. 617779. Cincinnati's recent. Back to vote goes we go this is it just in blood and fellow Jeff got an open line right now major. That it happened recently that absolutely apple. That you know people are used agenda that they've added in the media to promote our own sort of social and so another words. That's that app and had nothing to do that great. As far as you being targeted Luke and fired being sexist or whatever without each and but it all they're doing it ratings are ratings and Q do you call it. You know pared their their profile I'm. All of that out of there and export. These players were very got suspended. Somebody that it it. Something and it got that characterize it I mean I need people ball much better job. And bacon and whatever I want and their ratings MW and it baffled many at the world economy. You know his point. I'm not it is beyond me something that has nothing to do with anything I want I want it down and watch I didn't. That I am worried about. It's something. That the critic for the door racial incident and it it. It's only forty years ago and I can Archie Bunker. And listen I know it's. It is it's it's getting out of control because. This is how we look at everything you know Tyrod Taylor has been for Peterman it's the black guy conventional way again. We got key hits you know will boy white bruised was his first. Davis Davis that between it's him or directory as it's like I hit by a guy in the. I think they want they were quick item in their bid should be added kids should be armed throughout. You know I think that's spectacular addition go. Well I am and it's just it speaks to a through it say it again he's doing it for ratings. And that's basically took a sailor you know crying racism or it's all part of of of history and it's in our mind basic the patriots cheating people keep reference and you know videotaping the rams are suitable. It you know it's it's people still believe that made eleven of the ball footballs were two pounds underneath. Good because you stopped listening after awhile he stop hearing the truth you just hear what you remember and you remember things about other pitchers cheat with a tuck rule. You won't hear that was actually the rule the time. So it all adds up you know to you know me being taken to HR for something that had been doing HR. Nearly saw ahead this is doing things add up right it's if better it happened and they'd left Abby out of the room. And I got off Scot free with you you probably never happens regarding to wait a minute it was a deal would laugh at the out of the well known and fortunately feel it probably would have promoted suspended him that she's she should she try to get me suspended his life easiest way to deal with but if I walked out of there. I'm gay and out on a BS claim. Right and nothing happened to me. It's not like that it happened again another BS claimed they Oda said this is your second time in his office sole owner of first it was BS. Personals much crap but the matter. The manner. Mean your history in this you know I saw that I got these elite and it's just and it it until leaving you'd. Bring our pick to lead crappy thing as I mentioned to you like the whole O'Dell Beckham and Josh Norman thing now Beckham got a game for his helmet to helmet. First player ever be suspended for helmet to helmet hit Butler looking back Josh Roman did not. If that it happened again the following year Michael will blog and ended both prob do. That happened again what I think would happen if not no doubt the next time they played at the exact same it's a Google fight if you went to what happened two game suspension would have been appeal though no one why would have been to gain a sister two black men. Ordered it to gain support to their party had already happened once and a career like to leave and Crabtree. Awful comparison had nothing to do with Rob Gronkowski it's my cabins which you ignored because it didn't think. Your agenda. Just laughable question I think this one is it's so simple all we have to do is find out. If this is the case if they're treating. Black people different of white people when it comes to the severity of suspensions. Could totally opposite to get right to find out who is responsible. For this it's a human being somebody has to be responsible as this is the case. Which can't play the game we said Putin now the grunting really wasn't you know racial incident bought. But. In all elicit the buck can always be thrown out here because you're a fool. If you don't believe that racism exists. Okay you're full. So as long as you can throw it out that this up possibly because we know racism makes us. The possibility. That more racism could be involved because a black guy. That they yelled white guy took down the black guy. Then it's it's on the table as Michael will once said it actually the politics of race. But is that they're so he tried to hide behind Tony Kornheiser. Bringing up the subject. Because he was the white guys who run the subject you wasn't as brother both have a radio show. And say that you know was Rob Gronkowski is it on to Davies white. In goal was it over race. You bring up. Bring it up bright and now it's my opportunity to respond and tell you what I think corrected if you get the appeal my response would be no Glenn I don't in my responses. I think so and I wanna talk to you tomorrow in Austin while I hold you accountable for bringing up the subject I'm the one saying it. What will bought what bodied. All of Tony thought that brought the subject I don't care who brought up the subject I care what your opinion was when you spoke. That's why have you on having you want because Michael Holley know GO you're having a law and not because he's black you're having a mode because you said something you disagree with. If a walk on to get an all twisted. It's. Which you can keep and which really speaks to his agenda which you can keep the perception alive even though you've got no evidence that it happened in this case because we know that racism. Exist Al Franken. The senator from the state of Minnesota has announced. His resignation you know the whole interview we did last week where he's sitting on and oh without I didn't see as. See it happen that way we at about six more females come forward yesterday were more stories. About Al Franken all saying those singing style. The same stuff so finally. Al's getting a lot of heat within the senate chambers and all the the guys in the in the females pursue the females would d.'s next to the names that are going to get out. Get out your lol life get confident we analog hole like so their rights and into supported because of considered the next no nose to all the Democrats wanted to mount they wanted him out rightfully so I mean the Clinton is that. Is that it's not like the first time offender. It's not like these guys are coming out and one female is coming forward and saying negro he did this he did this then it's the last one we hear from no we don't hear from any other female. Once one of them comes forward if all four of these guys at that point. I'd solar that it's okay. Because everybody's looking utterly prepared as used anymore and in in in in the most these people have lived their life in the hole. It is more drilling down frank and sit there right now pricing and now I feel so bad for the state of Minnesota I'd try sort I did one I. You know I'm not even listening to the audio we speak right now. I guarantee I did so much for women's rights oh yeah you do wonder though still six women came forward the last couple days ago. How much you did for women's rights I'm sure they feel like you've got a whole lot for the airlines those are individuals the human beings. And he's not alone. He's now there are tons of both wood or is in these next to the name their tons of where we go here we're gonna Trevor in Dorchester high Trevor. Exactly don't yeah. Eight just ordered can graduate well when I initially called water congratulate your particular bit of a third what do. In all the stuff disputed Florida boat race in this matter you know get down to the body it. Dollars of the CPA. A distortion dip in the weeds will take there's a great take. B twos what I would say news comes that fashion real. Every generation or so you're gonna have a reduction. And it's going to be an issue. And just like OJ censored words matter Roche. Well accused guilty obviously. It was kind of a paid back or. You know the beating the black vote start to ample police. We have something very similar sitting in the background here in bachelor or should we nobody wants to talk about the disorder talked about the courtship August. Explain to them because I'm not sure where OJ's trial comes into the so explain it. I get what they the outcome was and why we had the outcome on the OJ trouble where does this play into will once comments yesterday. I just think there's a reason why white people were decry the verdict. Whereas black equals straight out of college I know let's look. Christine isn't just to do with will bonds' comments yesterday I understand you don't think that their outsider can get their pleas. I know and I'm slowed I've followed them separate. Her actual. Well they're very. You know OJ. You know black folks you know what there's great so for a lot of years. Some abuse of air to block enforcement of government. You know that was sort of a once in generation cycle and so where that we have group the civil rights movement dark credible put forward what we all sort of. You can trust and we'll Trevor I think what you're saying is that they feel like maybe. The black players in the league. Have been penalized or you know would every you know all of the yeah taken a taken away from the game right they they've had they've been penalized they've been punished they've been suspended. And the fact that a white player came up here and should be suspended they want to just drop the hammer on them. Exactly it's it's it's person at least that little bit better to do it all go back and say what would argue there are drug negative attention. And when Tom Brady does this she doesn't vote we. Do you think there's an age which is the reason why we bring it to Tom Brady suspensions ten network comes in the place they got the do you think there's any comparison when you go through the the O'Dell Beckham junior stuff and the Tom Brady screaming at I just read the news side. No no bit quick but owed back they're willing to of course it it in that instance great returns it's its. Opportunity to just say look I'm doing the same exact thing oh let's forget about the past and predictably it's guys besides aren't Super Bowl champion quarterback. And I'm terribly young wide receiver try to make our way movie but I think he's speaking for our wide receivers that are bad. Perhaps unnecessarily. On spare. You know reputation attached to them. Well. Experts are all like a fair and let me. It was so. Exactly what you think those those reputations aren't fair. We did anything to do with the fact that they created it they made their bed. I think they made their bed professionally that goes coverage of bush or agent retired. It would a little bit of lights okay. You know why are we going after these guys so hard why. Are they such like an old characters in this play. Right I I I just didn't quite get back. Yeah they did put. I'm I'm Tim and I'm missing something of lawlessness. You're you're in in professional sports. It's all about winning right now I I don't know where the race is playing into it I think it's being forced into it right now. And I certainly think with the wrong suspension. It's being forced into the OBJ comparison video yesterday with Tom Brady is being forced and it. It it doesn't exist. I I'm not sure I understand that part of the deal. Not I think the point it was a you know they all feel like you know. Maybe the black athletes feel like they're all treated a certain way but don't ask you you know compared to say it Tom Brady. Do you view Russell Wilson Cam Newton. The same. No water because I don't look at the color of their skin and say. They're all like the Shawn Watson a much different you view but what's different between Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. The way they act the way they deal the post game comments the way they play. This a home differences right it's not owed. All black people asked the same way all white people like this and why you treat him differently incorrect. Because the way you've seen them act correct because of what the way you've listened to them whether beat post game with a we react to what we see. Now there are some people out there I'm sure more that don't do that just look at and say it black quarterback. But most people I would hope I would think will look at it and just I am gonna treat O'Dell Beckham. By how he sounds after games by how we now how he looks on the field his actions on the field. I might even treat him by the way as head coach speech about him says he's gonna churn out needs to grow up. Is that wrong. Now might treat Russell Wilson by the way I watch him play with its. Problem I have with what he's got the color of the skin of a player who's wearing a uniform and helmet were very difficult even sleep whether he's a lights employer dark skin play. Another example of it. People already jumped all over you made a joke about it but I Boris in and out they aren't what are the Cleveland Browns today fired saw she brown IP general manager right he was one and twenty. That was his track record been a 186. Million dollars and is only twelve team up. And people would jump on on oh yeah with the ad on the same thing with with a white player centrist think the order of the Cleveland Browns gimme out. Not only fired so she Bronson. But he announced that hue Jackson will be the browns head coach in 2018. Because it's not his fault. The general manager Scripps clinic all of that money and getting. We asked you urged it wasn't the coach's fault by the way both of those guys the general manager the coach happened at the once back ones out there are basing it on the air performance. That's what you're doing it. That's who we should be doing not the color of his skin if you're capable man. They're human being to be the GM of a football team it shouldn't matter what color you walk. Whether you're white whether you're black and as you've given two years to an organization in the owner doesn't like the direction whether you're white or black is the right to fire you. But there will be some people and wait for there will be some articles that Sasha brown was fired because he was black. And he white general manager who are 127. Would be given another opportunity. Or is saying right now we see those stories about the fact that Mark Lewis right now is an incompetent coach in Cincinnati happens to be black. He's gone fifteen years now. And is never won a playoff game and Yuriko Marvin Lewis you're TI think of him in his career and what he's done fairly. Do you think color of skin now. I think failure I think he's just been batted his job. Awful at his job which it says that about a lot of people that we can look at New York right now Ben amounted to. Off with his shop oh my god totally ovaries Ed. You know and by the way we can see that that first press conference here at the first press conference last year that was embarrassing you could see it right out of the game he was gonna have trouble. But mark almost fifteen years. I I put anybody out there find any coach that has been a coach of one team same team. For fifteen years and has never won a single playoff game shorts ever happened in the history of mankind he still has a job. Any sport does anybody question that many guys have a job for that long period let alone ones that. Aren't as unsuccessful as he has. And his teams under performed late he has and he still has a job for the concept how over the years and you look at output at that tons of talent. Pitches I'm discipline all of the things that you would point to. That's culture. Are we got a lot more to get to we'll get some of the baseball stuff coming up as well amble through some Celtics stuff in at 61777. Seven on a threesome.