OMF - Reaction to Tom Werner interview; Lawrence O'Donnell pulls a Bill O'Reilly, 9-21-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 21st

Glenn, Lou and Christian react to their interview with Red Sox Chairman Tom Warner. At the end of the show, we play an awesome piece of audio from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. 


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All you read it. Eat or weigh in ceremony in forty days from now on Sports Radio WEEI. Boston's is. Tough place to play some some players right here in some players don't you know get a thicker skin I mean I'm not. I have the pleasure to be perfect because that's pretty I mean. In early so they don't want he said they don't want homers right Tom Warner said the don't want homer sitting at the Booth and who's got his shot. Look at I think Lou's got a shot quoted no shot leads us here is that right next few notes that Lou you've ever heard and your credit all right. You know violent. Not a chance to imagine Lou and at first plane trip a road trip they would toss him all over. Yeah counts and a good idea and I acting to the home games you know it's rampant he's going to be back anyways with a note give me the wrote sudden jump on the plane with a player and you guys did so have you. Ever gotten a call then have you ever got a call from any of these guys Tom or anybody else on your ally your line up. Never involving angry rants know whether know you thought they'd be right or not and never online no I'm. Producers say that never ready should there you know wrapping up a little bit nobody's got really doesn't want Eric. All one days to make sure wasn't personal which wasn't. Doesn't stop it's never personal never really don't personal and and so if a person of handover of the phone to get your reaction Tom Warner long interview we don't talk to him for what could forty minutes or whatever. And there were a lot of different subjects including stuff on the field and a lot of stuff off the field because there have been so many off the field stuff. So will open up the lines at 6177797937. Emma comes to the whole you know than the PSA thing analyst been talked about it and you know Lou brought that question open and I greatest. There's nothing bad about putting a PSA together and saying hey people don't we you know we we can't be racist right. But the fact is that you almost get the feeling sometimes. That the reason you're doing all of this stuff is because were allowing stuffed to fester before it. And when never really getting to the table or we can have dialogue. Again to put PS is up there with players tell you what to do a player tell me who to vote for in an election or player tell me what product the bar now. These people don't care about that question is how do you actually have dialogue we can do it was. You have to do and my question is it was a I have to do this come from the players is this a players only type thing like that doing in the NFL look at the NFL wants a whole month dedicated to this. The whole month. An attorney Roger Goodell to sign off on just like cancer awareness month and you know salute to admit that military. So it okay and it's it who immediate problem was both. But I mean I don't think you should it's hard to sit there and in Markham. Purdue was something that was right it's it's a good in the N tonight that's and they they needed to me they can't do it. It's not a bad thing though we talked about you and would you would you trying to accomplish. Awareness day awareness racism of course it's good I think there's more awareness right now. The next act and remember you know sold always an account which unless there's gonna accomplish is gonna have. Somebody with racial thoughts of someone who lives that life. Gonna see it go you know what this is wrong. Passionately disliked not at soccer changed so there's more awareness than you said in the long run I was a distinguished Tucker moped and Joan thing music at it's it's it's it's a fair thing to question. Well a lot of people feel like it's not a fair thing to question. You know whether it happened or not to think that. Maybe at this point inning. I remember the one do I forget who was on of Reimer talked to homer somebody talked moment. Andy he showed him a tweet from a year or go to prove that it has happened right. You know sitting here are to go fetch your pitcher a guy twittered that was yellow onion were two Adam Jones that a year ago so so it does happen. You can flip that and say well. Affecting get this much publicity is this one did. In this guy took a picture of the got to yell that and put his name on Twitter interface on Twitter it didn't get that much publicity yet he did it anyways. This story that got a ton of publicity there was none of there was not that there was nobody came on that yes I was there I did hear my sat next to most embarrassed. There was not a is okay to question these things and again people like that dreamer to monster you say it's not fair to question Adam Jones. Want proof that Tom Brady's diet work. If it's I don't yes it's for their own both senators instead of corporate fatigue. I think what you're missing and and and Tom certainly did pick apartment and I think the Red Sox were in a no win situation. What are they going to do that they can call and Jones ally. They can't do that. But they have no no he admitted noble. Who came in and said anything in incentive fees and said I actually heard and I don't know much about it. But you will be you know the stand you grew up here. I've got to believe that somebody in the crowd we are extremely liberal city. Go look at the politics in this down in the political stand of your mayor you governor what happens that a guy happened lol yelled at call. Crawford. A quick with the exposed yard quickly quickly. Fun and we want to write everything absolutely because with the call of duty cop was yes and I. Are we we knew everything about a man within 24 hours a real one so early believed if somebody heard this thing. And pretty hard for people around this individual not to hear if somebody were scanned. They would have called him out because that's more of what Boston is about right now the problem is. This the perception of Austin and Atlanta and Charlotte 8506. People shot and your ass and let some fan call on the N word they did nothing about it you know why is Boston's racist. It's an attitude that it that's me just. And it feels like it this. Boston is like the national punching bag for racism passports up. Later there is an issue point to Boston near reference point to Boston you an example. Point to boss of point point to the Celtics point two an idiot that the rent signs point to the Bruins there's always a story. Associated with. All our time stories add up you know part of the patriots cheating is the tuck rule. It was a rule. Part of them cheating is videotaping practices never happen story never happen. So who's proven incorrect you know I mean so it's but it's part of history thanks democracy but saying that's part of it right so. Let's make sure things happen before we you know we just relive them. I think they'd be calm. Form war in pac and I do think that that he was something when he said. That he has. Com African Americans who tell him even within the organization. That they are times uncomfortable. About the past he's talking about York I kept. I clearly. I'm not you know. I don't in my head in the sand when it comes to Tom and when he wasn't and stuff you don't. And you could look at it now constantly yucky foundation has done this in the Jimmy Fund. Yes they've done a lot of great things by Tom might give a little problem with people who didn't like and I could understand how somebody of color would look at it isn't a feel comfortable he's not like I get some of that stuff. On this was Tom Warner talking about that whole incident. With that Adam Jones do you believe that you were fans have appearance and feel Tom maybe 5600 of them around in the vicinity. You believe that they ate didn't say anything to anybody. Bible I believe Adam Jones down whether you know you believe and are not and this is this is that it challenge in our society is Susan and Boston problem this is a national problem of just being perceived as the Boston drug use well that I perceived differently I another shouldn't and I think that's not appropriate that's not fair. You know I've been. Other cities and and you know there's there's there's a rotten apple everywhere. But this but the city takes the heat we take these all the time he struck. At this race is no question that was all over the country but there. Anytime anything happens in Boston that's why I saw that mandate that debt name will be changed in just a matter of time you. And that's that's that's that's going to happen. Regardless of what your your guy John Kerry and John cannot answer wrote a letter and agree and it's it's easy OK here's a here's another side okay great okay. He's he he's to the people who knew him he's different right he's a different person you just don't know all the way we know and I don't know but all that the court cases he was talking about the of the issues that have to be settled. Before they can actually really dive in and change it may be due to that and also partly to listeners you're you're about to start the playoffs Tonys for any outside distracts. They're gonna let it die down a little bit I was get the feeling that. That Marty Walsh did he make a comment to me when they were talking about the more screwed up in left field and made some. Like gotten. Kind of flippant comment about it at. He probably doesn't want to right now anyway remember he run for election right now not to get any chance of losing but he's running in an election. And he probably doesn't want it Alex thanks for the games played real mojo the games played you know reality getting rid of it yet spam and not just right now yeah. All us towards do you guys and after you answer works a lot better for a for us if you wait to six months. I 6177797937. That is our phone number a reaction to Tom Warner what he had to say in the last hour coming into this next segment. Act ON math on WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how everyday keep up with the show on Twitter as always. I missed gave you back to more of Fort Wayne remotely and 48 right now what Sports Radio WEEI. How would you describe your relationship with the New York Yankees since late apple water issues were introduced. Mine is would I would say it's a froth. But it's worse than maybe has been a past the only thing I can say is that that people in glass houses shouldn't. You can feeling. A lot of territory you know I got it was Sam Kennedy last week you can field. You know that this story about. The Yankees having camera and a locked in on Gary decent CNET will of the dog out. Right media relaying signs in and investigate no sort things. That that's real and that happens and in his a lot of noted NASA and or the yes network. Not every single camera government bunch of times being up like the video room and is certain camera shots and what's this what's this stuff. And articulate he can he get you zero pitcher. But none non NASA and tennis shoes noted she got stiffened and that it Yukio and easily those cameras are everywhere so. It's not far fetched to think that it somewhere. In Fenway and Yankee Stadium whatever there garden you know cameras that are in the dug outs. In looking at signs that things like that mean that that stuff does happen pushed some dissent and a lot of this stuff does happen. You start throwing out apple watches and everything else and then that he says. Thrown stones notes that really did turner didn't turn out that it actually wasn't even an apple watcher was what if that didn't. I like that with I don't know how you would. I don't I don't listen to it. But it it only gauges you're like you're steps and your movement doesn't. You can't send messages were to fit their canyon it's a surprise them Brady doesn't want is only that this alone that we probably 12100 bucks yet it keeps better time. You're always ahead of the game let's go to some of the phone hey Tom. It to an ally the U. Our just comment about this and I realize that the only game in town that the only people broadcasts arts. And I think they think they gutters political all these goods there's no place so to turtle can put up whatever they want for instance. Why is Alex spear on their twice a week. With nothing but stats are way too many shaft bottom line which much talked. Just what are you guys. And among its cool that. It is it just seems like it's all unnecessary. I just it's interesting I don't know if you follow Alex or not but I think he has some interesting tidbit you appeals to. You don't certain body part of the audience out there that really likes the it's this statistical aspect of the game I'm sure John Henry Paulson. Reich is John loves old thing is no question but it's not like he dies too much into. You know too much into the Saber metrics and and he brings that some adjusting. You know here is best Anke cattle like it I think it would be too much if he was doing the actual. Color announcing of the gain that would be an OC job. He's ever happened a big drop like case of McDonnell and they insert any thoughts and I think is that status if you like that part statistical to realize how Smart yeah you bet they Saddam we let everybody know you'd like. What what is it again. And he is the studio your news good news suitcase and Donald. No I. That's all that remained a doctor on these. All believe we might add who was I eat my guess is how she opted out at all. So yeah more or less balanced beer you. I told close eye on balance I for a while studies usually weigh in on all the Toshiba Neeson as Steve. I. We're hoping that that vote and that is lot of parents bring their children that the game but to not. But I didn't and attention to them albeit. They're just quality and everything else going on stadium and that's one of the things that they. Distracted by and then all the sudden the ball from the weak and on the third excited. Our our turn a blind man who says they made me around 65 years old. And so like after the Yankees while. We're gonna go to this section here 'cause of all ultimately yeah I think coming here all the time it usually it is actually use it and all of us that you're that close to a likened that we're. But you can't sit there and tell the people to all pay attention because it's gonna society's changed their state and got to eat you can't Steve give kids. Without you kids. I do my son's 38 and he took my granddaughter who's streak of the game but he also bit. On Saturday night like tonight my eight year old that if I say listen sit and watch. Every single pay this bill would. It's impossible to come out go to a game with them and I don't watch every single pitch to them looking over our airlines were talking about this needs pointing up there he wants is popcorn guy any. He's looking over here is look over there I mean it's brilliantly instill some ten even then you can watch your personal pitch. That I happen the have to put up a net you're gonna have to put up the net Stephen in this situation Yankee Stadium because it was a two year old child. Is going forced people to do it when it got to yeah absolutely you should do what you eat I think they have to do it you know because they. People were complaining I remember citizen I don't want to sit there and haggard beautiful seats on season ticket holder I'll look to a net. I guarantee there and realize that look into the net anymore they just go and nothing is changed their experience hasn't changed you put it all the way up and down at their baseline mean Millar is not here anymore. But he to kill people down there I mean it was site. That's a danger zone they're facing any hitter hits a ball off the barrel now you know exit velocity is huge catch in that game ball you can have a loving you and all you want. But things are always read by poppy. Ace and even to the fact of the fencing now is almost transparent sometimes it's necessarily in you doesn't it it's not a big deal Alex I would say you know. They've got they're changing with the times obvious you're talking about the old days everybody is hard hats and suits and ties. And now it is focused on the games or another I'll look at that there was nothing else to do what you do. The women candidates on the market this is. Yep widget bar where you were expected if there warm and you're talking tough and I regret movement that she did you. A bit the passion and a but like anything else. You can use to the stuff right yeah that you get accustomed to argue and you know if you there when they first started the green ski screen behind home plate. And they started changing the commercials on a regular basis and a team we would get calls from people call this ridiculous chicken and then I love it when someone calls a let's three really disturbing to the pitcher and it could certainly change all of that knowledge and you get used to every here's Matt new York and Matt. Pay little you know and on my thoughts and Todd Walker broadcasts I mean I want your watched a second baseman to outsource the guilt trip south to loosen my. Place thank you very. You know. Daily what is boggles. Begin a search right now you know those good that I knew were your gold medalist in his newsletter read as a what's up when it is slated for. So I mean this this is the first time the Sox and what Duncan division back back cover first place out. Periods and not back backseat and senators. Should be more excitement around the steam rising thirteen and certainty has better but. I don't immediate justice and on the Sox fan but I'm also also had its own path pull back on it doesn't surprise and to me that the sting is like. I you know they don't expect any problems. I think they're in you we get this a lot this time year it's it's everywhere and just kind of holding until post season there are you watching now the you keep when it yet it if this was a one game lead. You know I think people be more engagement to keep kind of holding yankees back at three games now attendant go and it's sort of are they gonna win this division is at the post season. And I think I think it's exciting policies baseball's exciting I think it will be made a be excited about right number I think what happens I think you be excited about. The last couple weeks they've shown some resiliency would you say an absolutely it isn't what it every night here they're forced to win. Or a single they want you don't want us last night young and it's moments that you really think that's gonna be you survive this this month losing five to smugglers on his way to point five in a hundred little tight and might not have tapes of mark and Maloney but it nice of you would Mason knew exactly and thank them Guerrero said the same thing and jumped admiral sits in July bomb chips at August bogus and only of them was at their bullpen is great. I really think that's gonna pay huge dividends in the post season starting pitching pretty damn good they're not going to hit a lot of home runs Lou against really good pitching policies. Wilson abundantly last night. Funny after all I do you always have to call my the last few days I've said it holds on anyone relative to a couple doubles liberalism at least through these three before a couple of doubles who who who who we don't that I loved them but can't because animals we need a fairly decent and -- he's using he's on the TV twelve and those students and senator and he's so he's got bands these dual band wore a senate president revival now I think he's what are you went out the lights supports smaller whatever they got some bathroom because he was being out here on the TB twelve method where a he's just using banned their menus forever. Named you Brady invented in the regular civilian death after. All guzzle some drinking water they must police aren't you invent maybe invent a water to water right now much DB to a list he'd need to while it is it is a blue. Sure it's a matter of excitement and not we're in a holding pattern ratings up and take what they won the first game in a best of five against Houston and you'll see some excitement. The person except a big goal noon game the B subside probably. Probably herself on the mound in Houston Verlander whoever might be pretty good about over if you're pretty good about. I'd 617777. And three civil law more segment to go we've got to get into the Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC. And the fact that the people behind the scenes all this is a lesson. For you and everybody else and the other side of the glass don't ever run out of the three guys in this room because the MSNBC crew did it. To Lawrence O'Donnell will hear it next Matt Hasselbeck got Christian Fauria Eileen good. Dragged himself kind of resolve our head. You know good looking I would probably say kind of a pretty boy yup it's more or waiver moaning and fortieth what Sports Radio WEEI. Now I can't read it there's no there's no words on it. There's no words there to play us out. What does that mean to play us out I don't know what that needs to play us out what does that mean all right go go. Well good back. Door guy I can go all right well a lot. Think Sox. One of the classic rescue Bill O'Reilly and I don't say yes. So he probably at some staff members that wanted to. Speech on but they took it like this year's Kamal when a did the date on it's been awhile it it's for awhile but it it it's from years ago it wasn't something that was recent. So now you get. Mark Saddam he's on MSNBC every. He does this on what was the date poll August 28 yeah Tony at the point nine does Wendy okay media eight eight. I agreed not to say it figured out it backtracked when into the stories about what to half weeks ago so his crew apparently was pissed because only did was just. Screaming at everybody on the crew the people it is here and everything else it goes on for like eight minutes I think balls tighten up. So a little bit but there's some really good parts don't worry blows up but his crew. Ratted him out and got this stuff out to me. What's going on why am I losing us while I have sound. Are it's back someone's pressing buttons to turn in my samba. Who who has includes asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear. Someone of that control rumors out of control. I don't know why I'd rather say how to cut the slots when you don't do. I just don't I don't know why I'd I this. So now I have to chase those stupid. And and trails that you allowed him to stick out there. Crazy. Sound coming in my ears. Stupid hammering who I told you why I want to those words cut and it just. Sucks it. Sucks to be out here with this out of control. It holds up quick. So big that it purposely like sending all that that static in. Infamy in your ear off for respective owners OK so that they're not necessarily the position and that's all we're I don't I don't like honestly doesn't Madonna has it right now now. I can't imagine that so we just had their microphone clicked on their USB or down IFB in so he's just getting all. He's weakened plans what do we do that liberties but it's not until it is an economy that he has Sox who doesn't like any star the best that was the facial expressions because. In this the videos out there so he's pissed off because he's pissed off and they want three to what gets yeah. I am Saturday and I saw this on here he does not nice little 62 trump hate but you could kinda hear faint. Noise in the background and you learn in the clip that is something going lots of construction and they don't know what. Where it's above them below them and other programs that this is his reaction after he does that it. Stop by hammering stopped by hammering out there who's got a hammer whereas if where's the hammer. Is that on the got Gordon and got a floor somebody go what parents thought I ameron. Stopped that hammerhead. I'll go down to the dim for myself and stop and keep and commercial break going. Called bill Griffin hunter who the you have to call drop the hammer. And he opened and control room and find out where this is going on it's either there or there or out there somewhere. It's scary part of up Aziz is ridiculous yeah construction once that was gone on the floor Obama's trip Lois and and yeah it it happens when red Joker than what the problem would do something like this is. This is in between they're playing cuts they're playing video on TV and be role. This is in between he's doing all of this put Paul's doing is he's editing it altogether it's over an eight minute period. I would be fearful that if you screaming like that certainly some reason it controller thing. Split we have put them Michael and right now we're all Narnia it's not get the faster it on the awesome I love that I just not sure it's fantastic. Either one UMB when he watched like these we you know weight when I do because shows on Saturday you get. Although life feeds. And it needed to beat her when they go to commercial and at halftime you you get to hear what what the play by play guy in the annals is saying. You can they all there Emmy at the thing is your mikes are always liven always on TV so be careful what you say. Perhaps there's always that guy that group that doesn't it Anderson Hitler and what isn't. F bomb look at that 10 what I would do that on that one over there I don't. That was pretty basic right just so jurors are going it was a wonderful human a great boss any good looking yeah them he said anthem successful. Yet young Vietnamese Vietnamese there was always listen yes he's he's the reason these words have to be cut precisely. And everyone in the audience is gonna complain about that I just said is absolutely right. That's what you like you can turn that country. To listen to your point. Crosses the one night I was doing early edition. And you remember the old David Price situation in when you know and did the story came up with the details of what went on everything else. I remember doing the early edition I got a phone call during one of the segments that though my phone those preached and call. So that was that of the segment was over. And Knight called back and I had a conversation for about 1520 minutes it was pretty interesting conversation with her when Mike was on. The entire time in after hours on the competition realize eternal Mike off point back it was like who who heard all of that and their like. My cool her I want to know exactly. Who heard that conversation. As it was slow what we thought it yeah. It was yeah it it was you know. And conversation the night ahead with. Whatever is. Please leave your show and I. Ozone and listen to that now so that's what you can react if you're strips this of the I cut this one's almost that much in a barrel early edition. And they come back from break. And you see graphic and it's Eli Manning screwed up that tunnel and vehicle not for and then you just can't hear tangling who apparently had no script. It is and how he went. I welcome back you're now felons or Peru. Relief addition. I'm getting there. I'm getting at home game. Thanks I have moved there from. Hi giant head coach for a man who calls Eli Manning out of through a neighborhood for school. Just runs. He just let us do. Just I don't know anyone who's reading what he actually said there was just the graphic came up at the bottom of the graphic and what they're so fast that resulted in opposite us and that's right every. Giant head coach Mac because Eli Manning threw it it was a forceful. On the fourth goal on fourth in goals with the graphics what he's doing here in the account gets them to the J. P. Losman and they put him on an island interest among Austin. It's like an economist. I don't know. They wanna look at anything in Israel and there's no doubt that fit into the U closely three elect you know I don't have one in the legal to swing and I thought enough but these tickets it's a parent does that right yeah I don't cannot. I don't even know what the evidence. Watch it they Olympics on their knowledge to moan don't Lewis. There's a reason this works how to cut precisely. But I do know that in the lords of the stuff is classic and of course the idea of them live with the the Reppas. Omare. You have to and in it in the sport that is the best for that is that. His crew the crew around him the one that got that out because they got a perfect copy of that high definition this was somebody in the room. Who leaked it out and got out in getting a matter of weeks he said it was a warning to meet this morning to you. I'm the one adults I'm willing within our music we're concerned about your Kristi you concerned about the purple it and now he's got his own problems with Kirk destroying used to it and apparently strategy didn't care I would lose my gonna worry about you he couldn't Lukens is you know we've got confident now because annuity to issue on the legalized watchable film simply is now optimistic that the front office report hurt. Was brought to you like Colin forms that he nights at the foremost like ice county and they ERS restoration specialist finance money back umbrage of the cross over used dale. They dealt so basically of Comcast has become like Wayne's world with swear I don't know if yet now role it played great you know Wayne's world leader with atom bombs inspire us arbour U caller you're custom elements and an elderly hell no you know about I I should talk to calm when he was here and see which it works and constitutes. Customers via Hollywood where some that the new southern girl we are so big you know Alex yes Alex Cramer is that is her name Alicia. I believe that once over congress in fact I'd better ones over here at the rate earlier this week alleging all right I blessing the iTunes soon to talk. We actually didn't we in the line. I. Along with everybody else since the toes that are excited it was a dark side today that it now. Ha ha. Really I mean I had zero chance what are you kidding me so we're gonna talk tell but the TV while book I'm just. For the life of me can't figure out what's this and everybody and if I have to I can't figure it out. Humanist and I and I heard Luke yelling at you to shut up this morning and I was I was yelling along with you Lou. Calendar shot out about the hole on any solution. He's like look out please so it was a talks about that world to talk a little bit about the yeah. They the interest level in in the in the team's. Playing someone up the Shaughnessy piece that that ring and you know tonight's journalist you got to extremely pissed her off the beauty you know just trolling. These pro oh yeah that you have an interest in the Bruins is closer to the revs than it is a follow up on Wu I was shocked at home and that that's if you and I bailout and I -- and I have written that hear them ideal today. Don't know about that. That's all coming up next we'll do it all again tomorrow try to mark idol and able but a lot of football Smart. AMP there were. Is that on the got Gordon and got to force somebody to what parents thought I Ameren. Stop the I have Bahrain. I'll go down to the dim for myself and stop and keep it and commercial break go. Call bill Griffin hunter who you have to colts thought that hammering. And the other a Dem controlled and find out where this is going on it's either there or there.