OMF - The real meaning of Tom Brady's "Cuarenta y cinco" Instagram comment; Angry Lou rants about Little League coaching test - 6-20-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 1. Glenn, Lou, and Christian start off the show talking about what the real meaning is behind Tom Brady's "cuarenta y cinco" Instagram comment and Angry Lou makes his triumphant return with a fantastic rant about the Little League coaching test he had to take. 

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These forward Wayne alimony and 48 and there are some people out there Gary tag wait what it through this guy under the bus to say he quit on his team. I don't expect that that could have bought that I say bring the ball and it's also I just came out top my head my entire life for decades watch in this. Link nobody ever had a go conversation until LeBron won his second title in Miami we don't do this in baseball we don't do wouldn't Hopkins even with Tom Brady and many of you say this kind of a system this is idiotic with Glenn doing. Christie a bug report tonight the night before I think this is fonts only looks good this is him having a sense of humor try to make light of it. I don't think he knows is on base I think she loves so maybe that's why I just talk about his pitching that's what you do well you're not a funny guy you're not a clown you know you don't usually get to that that I talk about this report it three hours tomorrow now. The budget is just don't economic power edge now on Sports Radio WEEI. I tends to. I mean this thing is just idiotic consist of sitting underneath and off we we should even go there so. So total winner so one day we're hearing he's leaving sooner rather than later in the and his family knows very very via an and is a business that and then suddenly a. Column end up. Is cinco boot economy and then down. A role here a cigarette he easily go. And now we get a read this and has an invisible boy go he's pulling Phillies would've loved it both days. I think I was hot mutt mutt mutt and him. States I think it's more. Going Keisel. Tom grieve one of these social media you know troll these guys as this is all part of the plan were re probably the only Doug I don't think so no don't do that now I don't think so Nolan and you have Burnett or you have to have him cold side so you always are signing that's good outlet and it plummeted UBS in order okay anything anytime you can be cryptic and suggested that I want to go ahead and tweet it out or eat programming out but don't give my approval. What do you think those phone. You know in any down time he has and he rolls through. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I know. I'm not at you that's not what I do not know how to. Do you sit down and I want it wouldn't be. We do have done it what I got it done right he is right yet the guy that's you know like you know don't be into that pool and that's but I'd ever come out of it. That tell you that 45 that's what we do we hear revisions so we have to respond sit there today and talk about some. Idiotic it was your dad's old gas stock doorway until we're gonna view. Into like it really adds I mean easy not laughing his ass off behind this incident that don't know whether I'm pissed at Belichick whether it's every other anti 45 and Lehman the thinking Brock who's doing just exactly big right to tell I don't. Excellent point what you get sick of how away and then you wouldn't try to antagonize the people who you know we're looking at it so you know. If I don't everybody's looking at it and just going nuts over it. It cannot be jerk or released the model of it may get a Borg like that town I'm stuck in Montana. Terrible service. Does that there are drawn starts its stock. Just just that's all you guys who. Am I that's a punishment. Since you're not that you're just over and line analyzing everything punishing accompanied them on the throw some Nagy and throws them out. Some smoke screens out there so he took a few laws or release candidate route was to headline. They threw up and we immunity is answered yeah. Which ahead and well here's the idea why did. That's what's wrong ones. Which is that it is near had ESP empire headline out there and then was Friday blame him what he's at a record from a that's the most of them are Tom Brady says here's what it is I have did you ever think he's paper but he saw right Handley out of the guy. So the following OK so this is the headline. Tom Bree says he still motivated to keep plane but he knows he can't play forever. Well anyways hope that then he he saw that right and then he wrote. All right big goal. Italy's foreign obviously when I don't get is like you know use these Nydia like the headline. What's really the headline. He's all right we're talking about as you know what I set forth. Sometimes I really can't talk any harm nobody didn't that's always a little power he didn't he said in the past. You say with a Oprah she gave me an opportunity to put a number on. Via the new wasn't just you know sooner rather than later she followed up she asked them about an age. And he didn't say all got absolutely point three put it I feel sooner than later on home. What is that and look like he's at forty. The greens and 45 ingredients. Thousands 1143. Oprah 45. I'm not gonna is what you would you. We put out this sound he read an article about an undated predicts a plate of 45. Results are what it's a joke words she gave me the outs at 4345. And Daytona not order rates technical predicting last year 45 in the or 45 Oprah will it stick me with 4345 gimme gimme at an age. He doesn't give it to reduce the. All goalies to goalies don't I don't know Luna the ultimate troll job. Penalize you doing people and he's on the rain that's my point if I said he did I ever looked at him that wildness and you'd think he's just like us. He is. But here is like Al legal counsel and I'll never never. In any any comments. Because I don't wanna deal with all that but that just the stillness that exist with it. But he knows he control everything for you what is what is the budget puppets that he's the puppet master he's got he's got his hand got to be better. There are. A lot of Christian. And. He doesn't settle horrible dad marveled at how well kids yeah. Listen I agree with you he's doing something here and I don't care I don't understand it. He's the adult is and none out and a noticeable that at that what do you what do you play this thing thrown out but you know what. Play don't you think. My best practice at the game yet today he knows how everybody is reactor wanted to throw as I'm doing is we're who know things are routine and that's talking about that doesn't like to know why don't guys that he prettals Arabic news press then you'll know I don't play the big news game. Canada. And you can. Talk yeah they got that right exactly an accident over the note and Obama did and had one of those discreet yeah that's quite a. An accident at a ten month that he broccoli trolling us on Twitter with hash tags in different comments. And ebony in front of the Mike and alternatives. He people who need out of the vote to all the other crap fake news in the off season discussion at those batters and he was professional. Say it it's on them they ended then and stuff. I don't tell you yeah you did this thought they are jobless and I would like to blame I would like to blame the media for a lot of the stuff to the media does get themselves. In the some of the stuff from time to time I would like to see you could you elaborate like some of the media cry over over new stories I'd like to go into that but let's face it it's like it's all the attract in feel good about us that they want us to continue to do our job to playing so it's great to so they're ready to talk about football or baseball whatever we talk about stupid comments. I mean we can Joel thank you very much we can spent two hours and he got don't blame us when we do that fool old bridge to encrypt the key to what he really wants. He wants a contract to at least 45 and the patriots won't give a tool and Belichick hates him and Belichick still thinks of grappling dreams are grapple doesn't want to get bring. The money and dole yes it is treason curler it still has problems still has brought Annika and welcome Butler and how to watch Brady you know sent that out that Malcolm blockers and good luck in whatever they want us. It's not ideologies of the three modes as I see no evil hear no evil weed my evil and months of 2000 I'm voted out of our development where I can. I've that's basically one night. So. A monarchy I've abode jeez other people tweet them at me they got you'll understand why Brady's Clement threw a monkey will keep him. I that is yeah I. Again it is it's curious to me are a guy that seems so. I guess you know insulated from distractions and one other distractions would beat us. News you know writers do you know commentators would ever Talking Heads you know on all the different platforms. I would I would think that like he does does he buy into it I thought I wanna go to a place where there's a Wi-Fi so go to Montana. A place you know whether there's knowledge can reach me if I'm console her nostrils to read it okay fine. This this this this is laughable to me but it's a and that's why at at the knowing you know a little bit about him than I do them I know that he feels like he's you know screw it absolutely law experts and I had to play along like I had the Ph.D. I did he seem but it. A solid if credit cleared up. Clear up. Cleared up I don't know he changes from did and that's that I mean I mean try to clear his own words know what let's just take context. I'm just saying they would let you print. We actually saw video so when you heard the audio she she gave me opportunities out when you're on a 454345. When you when he's done I don't know what he's got a new thing governor do you think he'll be it'll be one of those things were like the Da Vinci code. He's like I let you guys messages left to help assigns no I I did I just couldn't tell you what the real deal. They immediately replace it 45 music I was in white guys I closer so I told them how many times that gambit he also played around with them asks yeah but that's what else I think you know I think Tom's the messages that the south still that you eternity in just you know dissected I think messages through. Rocketing did that but I don't have different features brand strategy and action as you study at the idea that I'd like to play well. So my bit for respect telling decision or if it's the result might scratch and I'll make a decision if I'm still feel like I'm feels today that police themselves and wanting to go that just cracked me up in our. Is that you mention it I don't know when it was because people other people are like you know just grabbing running with it. Changing the way to describe it. But how different. His Tony's and his messages from a life for a life Tom. That kind and obvious as employers period. You better bring you better bring your lunch bill could hit all day off I give metal gear I'm not galaxy far. Yes first morning in the morning in the lap that's beat Becker and dialogue about anybody if you want to give up her life that does not sound I am the afternoon. Did that do untold number eighty you know I mean we know so it. I don't look like he's at forty three's and 45 minutes. Funds and still love and it. As a loving I don't know if you noticed on some unloved in the training in the garbage and one of the donors that you're gonna compete again you better and we'll have to up your life. And handed over and I don't don't troll me with quantity special. And it really. 880 yeah I yeah. On he's just moving you around different atmosphere puts you'll be here this big -- isn't here here's what I'm gonna do I don't know if you guys want this is an immune disorder or what do it's one and I went through all of the transitions that Tom has gone through you know back and forth and I'm on visual Tom Brady like that you know platinum plant here and there have been and now photos are not winners and when he first started talking about this when we years ago like 23 years ago we first talked about. How long he was complain whenever. And gone back to the first 1 and I am I'm crossing out indicts him for a year ago and all crossed out every single one including this the next one a political attack. All cross that. I'm going back to the first one because I think he told us the truth. With the first one he's part of children into it's always nice it's always good and I know he's evolving these kids are getting older it's a different and we start we get all that. But I'm back to first Anderson told the truth to the first and dismissing all the elements he said I won't plight. And tell my sock. It to that was the first one and guess what. That's what it's going to be yeah he's gonna play Antilles sacked he doesn't know he's gonna suck at 41424548. Or get it back. What I talk or retire and I noted that in our it. So quickly retreated period a year or so being. Okay you're actually shoots right don't want that you don't know when that happens ministers to beat that happens. One of your body gives out on you you wake up in the morning and you're sending all the right messages like you always did it the last eighteen years you buy does respond. Then you can't make a pro then then you start soaring interceptions they are present then you start really sucking its visual people are noticing they're talking about. You explain it away for a sort of its Allison but you'll only gets exactly it is and you'd just. That's always amazed that's what amazes me about him. I retire when house 37 that was like elves elves don't. Of 37 years old and he literally knocking liked when he probably agree I wanted I realize that's the heat. And I realize. I was about 34303034. And I got a year's high of late solve my act the other two the last two years Mike Price and yet the thanks to all of them like it was like they were gifted to me. And really got to do anything I was just older they as a mentor ship was once. But that's what it is took a while to apply if you can perform T like that's going to be. She you talked about we play the otter from Peter King right and and only sounds you bulls can't called him yesterday afternoon theater for a mature and understand. One just nobody on the the first comment and thinking peace meals. A bunch of these words together in this interview here. It's it's back that Peter King podcasts from last year when he said you'd better you know the whole thing about lot of retired now. Games easy Elliott solid passed all the sun stuff. Though the playing football don't they allowed to do is repair playing football football ought to meet most of the sport's become my life I love the game of the sport I love playing. It doesn't feel ever feel like a sacrifice from me. Does he said some of these things I a year ago. Right and I mean does that sound like the same guy in the last six months. Jurors Al doesn't doesn't that doesn't it's not a sacrifice to me. The audio of doing. Again it's just a different guys why I don't understand she great regards. DC a you can run your air you ran a great discussion you read some of it to me I don't dedicated almost had seen them so he says what's fair what's unfair what he says it's unfair. Well what I don't think is fair he says apparently felt emasculated him on you read it right Peter and stuff is is that what they did was he compared the do you think it's fair to compare the Brady. Free audio. For Peter king's post Super Bowl win pocket Austin in the Oprah Winfrey interviewed. Says it say that Tom Brady's going to be switch bases paired argued that he just to use the audio. Why because he's body's computer game but it is what is suitable two different mindset and now he's lost some balls are different mindset but some of the things that he said in an act. It's completely apparently talking about race not mayor is talking about you know it doesn't feel like a sacrifice for him playing football. What's his what his super ball you don't sacrifice things they get his life all of a sudden change. When he wins will we lose one I understand it when you win when your top of the world when you lose when he contemplated everything again it. But some things he said why is it unfair to compare that to audio and his. If unfair at all what the hell's that mean. I don't think we all agree should compare the two audience and see the difference of Tom Brady year one year later one yeah not 510 years later. And in the end you know you can use these key sodomy is not a suitable high he was still you know really instilled you know. Just loving to hold the way to the game ended in the wind and everything else but you have to hear because. He presses the subject. He pushes at the the narrative is pushed on this and I'm not going anywhere. I don't care what the receptionist I'm loving this I'm happy Armstrong. Made it through all season. I'm gonna play forever guys so whatever plans you have. Wherever I. And I'm only going to get better because I've a warrior spear and you can't steal it. Other than playing football the other thing I love to do is prepare for. I just say go play football. I'd I don't need to green the postings and FaceBook I don't need any of this guy I actually sort of doing right now is all back to the original comedy made. I'm gonna dismiss all the others because all of the others were agenda driven. We were talking about this yesterday you talked about comparing to Peter King spoke to the Oprah stuff we're comparing the stuff that he said with scratchy with woods Jim Grammy. From the at the Milken institute. And the we tried we tried to get the date of the taping of the Oprah thing. And the only network will not sell us but we are hearing that it was done at the same time same timeframe. As the interview we did with great men affected could've been done before the great interview a cat and if that was the case. Then why did it contradictions. In the things he said from great to Oprah Winfrey is just talking he's it's all agenda driven he's he's trying to sell people. On his brand on Q stop let's go back to what you said from the beginning to play until the Sox. Little is actually. I doubt it. And we don't know not a I know now. I don't know what got us don't even say at that point time electric socket at 1130 today well I mean I doubt that that be a good day then that happens you and I sent an eleventh but usually what is nice about how does how does the what does the I would think that's the exception to the rule guys that leave on the hurled her own terms right. I noted that when you say they got most guys. In any sport don't they usually just scrape the bottom of the barrel and you circle. You just stop its. You're making us all feel bad biggest terrible yet they have they have a warrior spirit. That holiday held a big reveal the convinced himself to be done even when they suck. Because warriors keep fighting warriors don't quit earlier fight till they're dead just how funny it. Give me an example of a guy that quit. Actually you got lucky and quit on their own terms when he's everything worked out great that Michael Strahan Ortiz Jerome Bettis David Ortiz and case three guys. Brett Favre and very well for him OK did you write what you don't want can't. Very rare for an athlete to realize that and not think that you know good turnaround. You know it's a bad through three games that it's just a bad through three games and you can. Make excuses well in of this state they played great like she's really the same page of he's gonna be fine yep beat throws are. A wobbly on time you seen ghost in the pocket incoming president so you convince yourself. That what is actually happening isn't happening. And it's just one of those things you've gone through your career or doesn't feel right either the turnaround either fight through it and fight through it out and you know it. They based policies right if you just look at the fastballs and attacks not itself a bat speed it's my mechanics. Now I gotta get this band aid that better now be just fine I'll be back to learn was. Believe it rarely ever retired going public David Ortiz did debt and notes and there's a duty to go to retire what are you going to come back. Yeah and you know what's next and the next thing you know Gisele is getting pat us on the dire institute and it's like undisclosed box with a bunch of syringes and that's the that's. And do some undercover investigation to document packages that you think your life and it buried the story yeah clarinet summit but in this case they want to vote and I'd better start on mentally I would be all dogs ever very no I don't know as of life once a cheater always achieve that to me that's that's what's going to be OK I hear what you stated. The year played his side. The year plate he don't like it anymore you know whatever. But good luck peeling yourself away from it could block it. You don't understand that this is how it plays out through with Oprah she tries to tie him down to a specific year concedes mention. 45 in the past so she follows what is Reggie Bush actually did some good research on the side with the headphones engineer piece rate is exactly an exit will. Cost estimate yeah. Kabul fell charitable ventures in her own obvious fall off. You brought up beautifully caused him to go up don't you kind of sank a so it was a opens that you are frustrated Arabic heard the first we've integrated. It isn't true professionals so Oprah you know since it. I think. I. So it's definitely wanted to be addressed in the trees and Tom. Let's so yes and she asked the question. And he was. Yeah he would never hurts other people question it it's a people or question it with a story. In a personal record and right about a thirty apparent agreement that border where people who we either are bad boy who. Pressed pressed him on the board expressing monitoring all the guys now so he has to what is the grand clarify so now it's 45 again. It just would. Like yeah I've. Just as a result as a result of homes. What is saying look like he's now 43. As a 45 yeah it. Plus I'm still loving it and can they actually you know what he did Duffy yes I am close on the greens at 45 yeah that's. I was a little love and there's a message again we guys I think you messages I think all these messages you any immediate in my dressing. And he I was up 4345. And write a laser on that yet. And solid body lawsuit dale there that internally and with the other but the rules of what we've I need it. One of his kids get Micah Twitter account at a burger phone like you know some movies GMs and all across you in the nation all different sports. But I'd like Tucson are sometimes the wife we'll get a burner county doesn't start you know you think he does hey guys rusk gold. It's almost a ghost I rocks at a that's murdered so he's got to he's gonna retire when he starts OK it's as simple as that it's not the first thing he's playing with a she's played with you for two years it is just garbage this is one big little. Right yeah he's playing and brought to on the same thing and if you if you want more money. He wanted to contract kind of that it out to somebody tell you want more money want them to pay you will contract the 45 to June hang around the forty until. And these little games they're so so we shock. It will all know what you'll know right the only question is what you two guys that does the warrior spirit. Try to fight through the psyche that's that can you to fight through those (%expletive) beach truly a warrior. OK what warriors don't have. What do you what what are you look for. I would have slowed the signs be because of me if he's if he's missed a wide open guys on the fees if these guys that turn left and right you know that happens low ball turns it okay Ebert has or don't you're. You know Jordan Matthews is lost he has what do you expect years after him the focus of the field runners emerge at that would expect him to deal Lewis from communion to those weapons from what you mean we expect you know. So what what does it look like because we thought it looked like. Misses some of the X quarterbacks. A few years back at about three or four years the media ran around 240 means you show. We start seeing ghosts in the pocket. Making gold down and nobody was near that defense mechanism nobody was your defense mechanism no gets rid of the ball or it was lost but it what do you say I get rid of the ball quickly evident. He's an accurate and we threw the ball quick so we get the ball quick and pop up there this is what I get hit well he's obviously I think it's. Assessing its so easy to identify one of the guys Sox meet your goal I don't know that. I don't need I don't since the dawn on belly okay not hit particularly but it's going to be easy it's gonna be glaring don't vote yes well it will be glad you posted there go once and and you do it again and again it'll be against. Crappy teams about against crappy corner it even though diplomatically and it's okay personnel. That event that that we the next week you come out to throw for 375. And four touchdowns and no picks. You know maybe that's it it's not a consistent effort maybe you'll see the flashes we just feels good everything's lined up and then. Maybe the lows are you know back to back to you know to get a 67 week span of games in three of them look like dom before them look like Tommy and three dollars I'll let you look. I bet you anything even if it happens for three or four weeks 'cause I I agree it'll take. If we start seeing it for three or four weeks then you're gonna start question are all next elements gonna have shows in which he. I just one bad week and everybody jumps on here it is here it is in Raleigh it's not it comes back is a great week glitzy so. This gonna be people that are gonna jump on opening day villas look right right I mean national people's local people whatever might be a good. Thought he'd been doing that for the last 45 years already yeah I said one game and then he usually comes back in his greatness quitting suitable president BP's what elegant open with. Would surprise you if he had three or four weeks in which you sit and go on this is not same guy we've been watching and then suddenly you hear something out of patriots camp well he's got some slight shoulder problem they're working on a serious elbow problem serious. What can be fine you'll be fine. You know you buy some time. When you look at how does that sound subtle physical side I think that I think that's a I think. We get the word that he slipping. Before. You know it's actually visual in order means whether set with the ship you know or somebody that is just like. You know somebody inside unnamed quotes inside patriot what every doesn't look right. Not doing this the same way he didn't practices you know it inning games he's not reading the defense correctly that he has in the past or as quickly. I almost feel like it's gonna be informational. He's gonna come from a source. And NBA you keep an eye out before you actually kind of visually see. Jeffrey what how it looks like I don't have that game so must be just what reinforced its general. What is not enough that you noted this message I don't know if it's hard you work on your ability to it figured out. I think you don't have always an auto injury are frolic at the Peyton Manning it's injury it's a severe injuries has come back well that's one place on wall and it's also a slow but it's a slow decline it's it's it's being Marino it's a very slow insulted when John Elway. As John Elway. And mediate it's one good game. And it says sprinkled with two you know sub par ones what they DC game. And because you're gonna open down but you're constantly that Yo-Yo effect is is is it's almost like you're constantly dodging bullets. And you're hoping that this guy makes a play that guy makes a play but it plus about you. It's more about the other guy bailing you out that to me from a coaching standpoint it's easy so you'll see it played a while great pro. The courts available wanna what the were supposed to go to that big the receiver made an unbelievable adjustment three us the other defense is stupid. So you'll you'll you'll be at all together go while we're real winning and we should be that's what it looks like. It's totally. I think all of this is amusing and that. That brings plane passive aggressive role in which he he's talking about he doesn't like it when people talking about it doesn't like it when talking about him being agrees they don't like and we started. And yet he has little cryptic little in the postings. Audience to grant he doesn't realize that that's gonna shake everything up. He doesn't really doing exactly the what do you run up exactly that you just me and my dad's. And and and. Is there be any. All the over here and it's one of luck with headlines right now a don't get the garbage Nadal playing now on illegal Apple's spotlight yeah I don't like Olympics and talk about you know custody gold. Back to last season even though that you felt like OK maybe it was Carson went to him VP candidate whatever might be a member I think it was. A look at a stretch of games here at buffalo at Miami at Pittsburgh. You know it was like down weeks 1213 fourteen. Where it all of a sudden it was like. You know Carson went to the got hurt right around that period of time. But then also as a whole now's a time when Antonio brown and the reason why was because Tom Brady had us three games. It was like girly they retire much better talk early came in the mix right because Brady didn't look right. Down at buffalo or down him in Miami when they lost it to a couple of picks even at Pittsburgh game it was it was ugly. I would humbly Pittsburgh for dropping that game so it it was so it's it's already deadly three games thrown at Hillary had a MVP like here it's here to win the MVP. So what I'm saying is that evil what he is great. He still has three bad games stretches during the season when people are already rated jump on them. So now that she's a priest engaged in Wimbledon this year I just don't know I don't think we're gonna see. And what it looks like I'm done I'm not I'm not going sooner rather than later I'm not buying 45 them up by any of the stuff I'm going back to whip Tom originally said the honest. True. Frank. Tom Brady. Ego I'm gone my Internet Bynum I think that's the easiest way to do in easiest way to anyone the only troll though yesterday and I'll I'll go out last night and I still feel some strollers at this guy over here whatever it can't watch it on TV last night laughing my ass off. Is David Price can't help himself. David Price had to talk about the austerity and suddenly the emperor's own real story and I birdies made any state. And he little bit of playing real loss you lost well really resist. He dished about Europe in the nobody does that he's gonna have to spend three hours on the radio of our favorite. Right well there was there was. There was a buildup to that. It's playing at the Christian it was a buildup to that we're way amid problems drew angry at those type of TV I don't know about figgins and I was just upset. But the most of those things were building up that point that it just it was a it was an interest in a day when I left here to really really get the data provided. We made it was building a political zealots a lot of the a lot of things going on there really pissed off yesterday because the African paid this price is thought tangling invented angry Lula he was more running no puppet strings behind. You last night a lot of things. I want to get all of that Dave price can't help himself we got Brady on the table and to call while I wondered. There's more on Kauai letter today as the spurs finally sit down Popovich and meet with a we're gonna get all of that stuff and your phone call 617779. 793 cents. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Back to more afford waiting for loading in 48 right now. Much Sports Radio. I just talk about his pitching that's what you do well you're not a funny guy you not a clown you know you amuse me. You're using bug me. I mean you you've well that's what I should talk about that your strength here strength isn't standing in front of the microphone you're straight does that throw a baseball. Can't keep me talking about back. You do well enough what the other stuff. It's just add that I talked about this report it three hours tomorrow now. About you just you stupid comment I'll catch more resilient pay television he that out just can't hear very good manager. Keep it that. It's not funny. This is right or Albany heated up the the table with the pounding it up. There on. She does say however early this all stems from okay commented David Price made so somebody asked in the question about. What are you gonna do with. If you get announced AJ hinge which you won the on the all star team. And this is is could we don't we don't of the audio this do we don't have him as he said this. Violently shake it has had a taste yeah I'm out of Iraq I I feel like if he did select me it would just be to get need to throw one X for in certain path and that energy and that would be a pretty cool move on his fatigue. I'll come up with something. A little star so I won't have to pitch. I'll play a lot of fort night the night before so I'll be down. More tools in other words on available to more of it ain't very you know explain more tools so what is doing right now is he he's strong he's pitching well. He feels good about himself predicted he likes David an awful lot of ousted mr. Castro likes David he likes everybody everybody everybody loves it. And what he's doing is he's tweaking everybody voted it you thought at fort night that was playing was Killen that was preventing me. He is playing freaking games out there yeah it puts you launched it last night because she's planes and seeing games he's played with a lot. Things have built up so what I want to send a lot of things and I left here to do little pro ball to go somewhere in duel with both to be done to thirty some of the jewel to about three bits of scenes that didn't work out there is that once they went the wrong place it would that are also not wrong and I love to death everybody makes mistakes and as it weighed in effect them sit on 128 states got gas station from 45 minutes. In the heat try to stay in the shape throw it out as for buff and President Clinton do have good jobs now what do I got to do I got that new deal all I got to do was go hold globally go to Comcast. I got its like got to coach my kids now American League team guys out. So what do I gotta do to prove that I'm eligible to quotes and you people know what I'm talking about politics of course we did not just the course. So it's the monogram twenty dollars I gotta they cannot read in one dollars now not out let me Billy. Billy Ripken that shows up on this website that's talking about what Jake was attacked like what do you do run down what's proper technique to throw a baseball field. Sit here for three with three more hours don't know okay. Three hours until I get a little scientific yet selected Google flu Johnny you're not really little Mikey over the weekend. I lied about the whole thing would hang your iPod this question is what's most important thing but luckily it and he is waiting. I want it but I know what he's not the right mix of both made the right yeah there is having fun yes I'm having fun at select medical I have. With these kids right now we don't know I'll try to win. Damn game pack it tight right now the Reagan rolled that in most important thing in my life and as we know the best ultimate cal Ripken. I got that three hour course to prove what he coached. Yeah yeah that is and no longer had Dixon won't have to work doing TV between breaks all the other stuff meanwhile. Meanwhile alternatives such as we can write to gaze was to be at 530 on Saturday and I don't know the bracket games. The bracket chase not 530 on Sunday I gonna do the baseball show on the vehicles appears regularly at 630 so what do we don't. We call those few that deduction for each of the right to dictate the game back at the board removed the bullet 34 o'clock to like it just most kids. It's all about the picture of a decent fundamentals that's all right so what do I get oh now. Oh no. Well we don't audible. A little whatever skate and hit the parents refuse to navigate back to Saturday or you don't sort of 430 so we could have a coaching staff there the street John's very refuses to move the game with eight year old son do I guess we played 10112. Ayers. So I can deal with all of that. At him above the lead because they got to do the late show from nine elevenths on the legible it is every artery yardage I just wanna get a burrito okay. So this is the core so as I'm about to leave my night is already early this year I get hold on like. David Price may come at the ball fortnight like there's pretty neat I handled it. Important night on everybody's papers that played Nintendo. Just pitch shot up there. You're great pitcher I don't think here there's the board your video games I really don't. Everybody not just told media when it could be the media try to figure out there who's like do lightly for that he made 31 million dollars and probably pitch did you pick it up or until 4 o'clock in the for a good morning. It's everybody's all that stuff happening to me at the end studio to talk about David Price because he'd make more honest Jason must inaudible playing what night. Are you kidding me or not this what we're doing right now. That's the whole thing right now and just. Yet gas station Promos check out ripping through our horse is still lucky to how to run out is that forced quite exactly. Got to deal with the desperate people are few people would get a good deal of night. Yeah wasn't a good mood. Let's and so on it he could have all that stuff before and you would it has been fine I hadn't let everybody the idea what I think. You see one maybe just is David BP very rational reasons universe and our series so lost every ability is a loose. As far as your your you know cal Ripken you know learned to be coached deal. Like your coach rightly so why it and we had I think the same course they took my whole Saturday but it was later. And Notre Dame sponsored light teaching seminar for coaches. For good basketball that I learned to play champion it's all about good sportsmanship and I think figured it. Yeah yeah I did pretty good I was OK I know what the answer here is a battle warrant. What they want me here that's I just look at him I had. But I I figured something out. Umpire Al umpires made a couple calls is gone against your then you're really upset you see the player's visibly upset how do you approach if you slightly pull him aside and asked him to earn a break if you rip them apart during the inning on the Danish read that some. And it does get hot and consistent strike zone today that they right now that if she read. All right but so what do I do I can't put it did a shred them so I don't get what are gonna quietly and be a good example. And so we're gonna hear that they don't like at all about your past you're not even at the thing is that you're. Agreed you could you could say hey you could give the wrong answer to your group and opening alternatives. At all. Nobody if you missed that aren't you know it's got to Ramona is why we we put it. And there. What does it and in the exact same day trying to you know fart around and try to figure out what date but because all the debt that rat table. There are all looking at each other's answers expertise we honestly we didn't tell the truth you tell them truly utensils don't you to another article that I'd love to. Is losing its take you to program on Asia along with about three hours all that's good attribute the advanced level tested 68. Amok but sixty's it. It's a state of our Obama is a different computer tickets taxi edit the other thing I think they beat the other part is Godzilla cal Ripken is this. Thrown us out of the league favorite letter regarded I don't know undervotes it would thrown out of the leaks are the things that they. It there's a lot about dealing with the parents. Late in playing time and everybody gets to play everybody gets trophy and it everybody gets him out of planes I mean if they sought to. You know how do you deal with the parents and a pair comes up to you and I says you know sort yelling and screaming does not played her son would you say to them and move. What's the best nutritional. I'd what meal before every hour before game you know and hunt are as high protein what I don't I've broken our judges if you let. It's reckoned dropping students five minutes before gay and feel imagine we go to dairy queen book that they're sending mr. rush I don't know. I know that back when I was put in Little League. The guys the coaches are smoking in the dugout I'm Soledad drunken primarily through I you can see now this all went attitude on the moms and and in the spin things. At the tape is what do you. We answered tickets are too scared. Two innings right field goal no meat and that's what I gotta put a minute I got ready put in position Atlanta I think the funniest thing he sent through the whole time was. So he goes through the course akin the the Ripken baseball league one of cal Ripken baseball league. Count showed up for every single game got awards for that. And Billy shows after that helped us that he could that's the point is they answered to Dick is next I'll listen to Billy five and a description I proper nutrition maccast own question there is it's an enemy anti rape and I had bombed. I'm above my doctors cap on I did ouster though but I feel like it's myself everybody around. I was not notified when this line. I'm amazed you can pick up on the and I know why you didn't know why I know wide it was endlessly to you in mount up of course what's what's new but I don't lose biggest problems with his with David Price. Look at tiger got through entities entities and their team got back that's the best he's he's ahead in the week. 20 and asked. That's like you thing yeah all these first one limit their time at ovals ovals at times like when you sit in the studio trying to sports. I don't think what that means anything I don't think is getting to do with anything and they get carpal tunnel for the fourth night I mean he -- says -- stop playing in the locker -- -- isn't stopped playing at home -- reports is -- and -- do with it at all. I just wanna talk was pitching I don't want to open his mouth I don't talk what anybody but he can't help himself that this is him having a sense of humor try to make light of it. I really you know Zahn. The F. Tex lines lighting up over there are few people Sam got very Massachusetts or apologize the parents and I do it now did that sometimes I get emotional then the dragons are not appeal to see you guys dragons a cease and they're not the future that addresses they just want you to know. And there's address that the at the start bonds Sosa has done well you know there's different there's different sides and it's just flip the switch. As our producer of the day in his. Mom found out and I go yeah drop a couple of bombs analysts saw them in your knowledge accidental apologizes dismiss this is like Ole miss in the wrong. This is raw stuff brought most here aren't so what's your problem. Lou America's diagnose these exploration world problems. Well yeah I want to the thank you want OS that is one problem I. I do think that there's like sarcastic. Try to be funny David Price oh my god really went critics is very Qassam like you know you're in the playoffs just recently signed with Boston he's obnoxious on him for 217 million. Yeah everything that you wanted to write about is because of the roster they have the potential I think. Is that it's there. See here's the problem he's off he's easily goes on you know on here's the thing here's the problem the audience you guys what is basically the same. Person the way he okayed it and I as far as like now being and a whole lot to relax their noses relaxed stay on the outs don't about not don't my diagnosis. Problem is that he's more Boston that you're giving him credit for OK he's. He's stubborn. He's irrational. He's arrogant obnoxious is that people don't write it or he loves the pipes. He's talking about and our guys don't hold judgment ever forget. I mean it was 888 Adobe burning around it is not vineyard vines I don't think he drops is on his ars. But he definitely thinks he's the big it's not he needs is the smartest guy in the room is all just raise your view we are all the this information that I get from Lou and a regular basis okay I didn't forget where stubborn regret that. That's what the price is now the reason you don't like a little is because he's like yeah. That's what the problem as you really can't handle a bat and he's like you don't want to encrypt. And he actually is. Another 100 pounds and you're like me and these people does not exist you know he's not yet he's not good. You know what he is right now on us is he's like is is this is. He said the the deep pampered little boy that's been given everything off iron like we don't think Sebastien Donnie I was you know did he grew up like in the left post for example I like pretty boy got rally boys that people on on our round and he don't know what it's like he's not about the prep school notes aren't the only class. What the president Jonny Gomes said rising grind a candidate that the phrase that we said no not ever because I tell you what is the reason why people around your love guys like Trot Nixon. Okay because they grind it out the screen they shall motion they belong up there and if you're gonna get paid big time dollars I wanna see the F I wanna see that you care. Are watching vehicle out there. I don't want to did not perform under once you make excuses. On the biggest that he be performed in the post season people around you love them. But you can't crack yourself when the moment I don't admit it. And it no home nothing like Omar it is he's been this. Nothing Lou like me out of nothing of now it's nothing from earnings derelict in every prior marshaled he's spoiled and pampered babies they're giving up your whole life but it does end up portly today and people love him because he pitched his ass off. That he can do whatever they want it would. You always appear as great as you really he's now Wendy Wright guy winning lately so it's also this case of the yeah I guess that the the Boston rules if you win and you're successful it could be a big Turkish you unless you major events and now they're living it do it you gotta set your mouth. But he's sarcastic. He's not he's ever get I'm as he's conscious than being as a starter I mean he's passable grant them peace every every stereotype I hear about Bosnia and okay actually I you have the and value of the stand up please. Well what they're all not. Delighted did not and he doesn't understand Boston he doesn't Eagles and get equitable and often they I. Boston Braves are moved and I love you have to do not Susie. You didn't have been garages and it is you're talking about her shoes have been on a boat my lighted at Boston on top guys being revised data this morning that it goes through based on a deficit this sort of settle on alternate late arriving at what whale on a typical Hollywood list view that it isn't usually have a priority let's go left arm so Boston. Alex if that's your problem that's your view as well hobbyists. Do you think you asked hits you because you guys are from here the tape and picture arts. He's been here you don't see. Know our as it gets that you don't let everybody from here right the duke duke guests of the bat each gets the the hits and why did this when he said about you all star game tying goal. I'm not at all since being he. He said I ain't going should've stuck with. Not double barreled into rationale that was Craig Kimbrel is going to get hit it out to the party should have been so I can't involve great I didn't current. Because. Great. He's going to get his vote I voted for Joseph Elliott. And not a yesterday. And Matt Barnes. Actually I didn't vote currency yet to come back and say adapters receive is afraid these dead people would say or didn't vote for notably those Olivo who says Sabato that it goes back to go to road aren't all the sudden death would be in jail walls I don't look great Oprah Show is warrants current problems these votes his name is going to get him you think eating their prices did he make. Yes yes it seems like it seems to me honestly so the only tell. All the event or any of us saying that he's not a good team has so much as we here just yards out lap. Year we talked about it because he put his teammates in the position indebted to defend him and cause some chaos that's not repeated slowly but but most of my teammates were applauding him on the air play. We got a exports of that. So they don't like it now easy good overall for the team. You could questioned some of that and that incident last would last year without Leslie is a privacy if you had this discussion last night and Michael Holley took it the treatment him. Yeah he eats or should there be more alert like. I don't hear what he says and I'm still of people through that would I don't care what he says longs zone throw the ball. It also doesn't we'll react to his comments except Michael you don't talk show and yeah but the public to ask this in the lap back. This was coming off a segment until we talked and we talked thirty minutes about Tom Brady's Oprah interview and what he meant by. And we talked about or at the single and then we talked about hash tag. They advance the maker dance that hash tag never again so when it comes to breeding ground will dissect every word they say it will be critical discuss it. Vote comes through June 3 David Price will still picking on him. I would say that Tom Brady rob accounts you've accomplished a lot more in his city and it made their bed the report the incident say OK they can defend this guy. This guys accomplished anything. Since he's come in Boston he has not accomplished. Anything recently maturity come out of the bullpen like nothing policies and it was easy as as a one playoff game on me after he got hurt he hasn't had a day a season. In which that was worthy of 31 million dollars. He came aired out argued that his last when it restarts you want he was outstanding the bottom line was that was the worst years career. He has not accomplished a single thing since he's come here I would tell him don't get it at six game stretch before you start trolling fans or media. Do something first. Wins something farce that means something in this town would it you would be the next four years albeit with you. If you accomplished something. One thing. Won a playoff game every team when a series have you be part of it you've got to accomplish something here. Before I give you a benefit of the doubt when you stop pissing me off. What does he accomplished in pregnant. Absolutely nothing what is accomplished. He's automobile. A you tell me the truth hurts says the evidence is all actually you are has made it out on the line. Are you do have to admit your more like David Price and I'll regret this would never. It's hard to yeah the body art god Elizabeth New Yorkers say he's won a World Series or troll all three. You know it all Brady's yap and above all Earl Woods whatever he wants to get that there's integrate the all time. Don't pop op when he got it published a damn thing since executive Rick you'd pay this any different thing. 56 did vote to throw away so you're telling me he's is he. Yelling at a reporter he's ticketed some guy like you start static. Know you've got to do their idea yeah see a lot of the automotive. I'm yes Jesus scruples. You said a word cancer out of Paul's I don't know until the the way back when I showed him to tell you says no way back you know. It you know. I. You could say yeah you have to be care its that we not let loose ideal that hey concept uses this fuel what did you duty offender you tell soda got a play with it. Which. Origins remembered and the words in seven giant floor and they're ridiculous you have an idea like wow bank and a real on the demands that all of our safety and OK so I don't I want to go looking at will over the phone lines and we'll talk about gun. Every bomb itself. How did something. I needed. I am appalled because we got mad at you can't over here expiration day John and Don Murray you will reaffirm ducks for you to get a little. Odom Alex Maria and definitely an amber yeah very. Yeah I also expect anyone who lives dust morality demanded and obviously all. Just like you dragon if you're Chris and if your current. Ellen you wanna be stubborn and condescending. Guy yes OK burst and individual. Opinion is that parents and the public funds on that this is that's often a regular season is an outstanding he is a one I have gained either. But I'm just saying all of you is you need to reduce if and a ball the year terms that pop and I was pregnant. Again I'm gone wrong editor in Arizona. That's a quality of beauty and us down there's a lot of similar results saying okay it's that you yeah it's like you guys are cut from the same clock aegis won't admit. That's what is it that dog owners. It's cool. Roll off. This big jobs then why are you live and I went out legends should watch 777 a seven 37 ducks Braden.