OMF - Red Sox Chris Sale joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Sox pitcher Chris Sale joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian at Fenway for the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Back over here at Fenway Park it is the WEEI Aniston should be fun meridia telethon presented by the Hala insurance. Foundation. Joining us up alive right now as one of our favorite guests pursuits could she regrets. But I think this night we got to get right to it right up aria off the bat so you go you pitched great after you go on the DL DL for ten days. And then you go back on the DL are you concerned about this what should be the level of concern out there. I'm concerned we're here for the Jimmy Fund we're talking about if we win Wimbledon we've gone on fine final word on me I'll. There's enough. So we take there right now in the world stale a top Clinton. They're you don't consider this a scary situation. For me personally I know from the outside looking in maybe. So questions. Johnson Guam where. My guess that's not a fun conversation ballots are Dana to have with you because my guess the probably wanna pitch but he kind of understandably law. Yes it's it's tough you know obviously. When your pitcher that's not pitching. Every one thinks the table and I'm nonoperating so. In others there's problems in that but at same time you've got to take care of yourself and take your team and you don't want compound issues at this at this point or so what Leo were where it takes time analysis. I was in the biggest concern is bouncing back you know mean you guys what's in your eyes are on October. And they wanna write you I mean you know me you won't be available make sure they know when you are available bounce back is that we try to take care now so you can bounce back. No dummy but city it's the playoffs and it's. You know that chains are off all hell breaks it has got to pitch three days early and expect birthdays two innings this audible and start this table and that game. On it's all on the table and you don't repair and I think up to this point in the season we don't really good job in us that we mean you know obviously. You know day in and our training staff and AC. Have done a really good job of taking care doesn't and Clinton doesn't positions this season and also take care guys and they need they today here and there so you're you're. In my view agree case of an actual like you know baseball player with a football player mentality by. Well more than just simply say I'm. And it's all about how quickly Chris and get your questions that I didn't support missile program. Who have been borrowed market but it seems like. You would be good news with the most respect. Possible. That you would you could possibly be like it trainers nightmare. Wrecked because you don't eat it so hard you know it's what you can't protect us up just wanna get out there play your ignoring the pain don't want it to teammates down. And they protected from themselves like how difficult is that for you and betrays you got to manage that. He sees him at it is it's it's tough because you. I respect. Where they are and what they do their third the best in the world at what they do we have humbly trying stuff but. This this will never be fast enough for me about this if this was over tomorrow it's too long. And there's a big note they're talking about. On to answer to get back out there in other thing but it said they know what's going on and on just like one pitch make this feel better I wanted to. And I think that that it's that easy so the latest that I objected guys in my corner trust. Their opinion I trust what they've what they do and they don't have for a long time and very level. Usually go crazy with the first the only hit he came out in you looked like your normal self that affect that was as good start if you probably at all you know dot com. Well. That one so. Are you when we were when you do come back are actually met him huge comeback of injured but just. Big game big moments like that where we're hoping to see you know in September and October. Is there a different level of I guess intensity in your head that you have to. Consciously. Tried to slow down so you do stay in line not. Overly amstel ball's not going all over the. Place yeah I mean there's there's a certain level of staying within yourself in major battle Laden's forces it's you got to take a big swinger try to throw you know overthrow. Kind of gets all over the place so you. Yet try to find a place where your where you can Max out the stay within yourself in and do yourself Gooden and not. You know kind of hurt sort of situation do you know affect the plan now. Mr. deem the little bit more cautious as to take even more time. Than the first her. Yeah I mean that was those kind of of the first. Overall thing that was said was like OK well we we did this over that's not a date period maybe we need more time in these X amount of days. You know we're what does that were in the middle of it were were confident with what we're. But it's about. I have full faith trust and in the it's that I work with training stuff I mean they've. They've been on top of ups and what they've done to other guys on this team guys in in years past and elect Obama. So you downplayed this thing when it first happened you know it's an economist fact you went on and handles a lot of peoples of vomit or feel better tell do you see this guy again. In Lakeland said I mean to twelve strikeouts fifteen hitters some 98 there was an object of the did you need to see that oh you just confident that it was just there and did you did you need to take them on against Baltimore just in just have that same deal again was very conservative. Now. I'm leading start. Chemical maker which draft. That's a little punch out if you commit a bit of a it sports services in the human body you know. What it means she either. It's a given day. And this hurts. And down you stick it in stride and do. Them on. The authors those. Let's get a lot of Red Sox games of the year and because Jefferson maverick may never have the team fifteen games over 500. A good is this can ruin things. Since spring training amazing sense of sorts for you could see a thing. Though world transformation of the field of this team. Every day just showing up to global corporate and staying loose I think is another key part of and fun I think if you watch this on nightly basis. We have fallen and and you see guys out there it is competing in and put all along to Hilton and it's under. You know I don't think losing is never. Any fun. But under the circumstances based on how badly and how well you guys been planes kill everybody's running through every series you guys have. Cleveland comes in to take two from you. Is that like a a pleasant you wake up call for the team not necessarily okay how to deal with losing but. Listen what he did for real in October this type of team around the play and you're gonna need a little bit extra about ultimately. You guys are there you guys are the benchmark now so Cleveland. They're saying listen if we wanna be one of the best got to beat the best so everybody is giving you their best shot especially if a team likely even that it's gonna be in the mix. No doubt I think. We have a target on our back because of where we are you know and I think. But he says it means. We knew when teams come play us we're seeing their best. Just like when Judy Martinez steps in the box those aren't used up all night for brick and author nasty slider and guys are bringing their best to lots. And you know that just goes to show and we've got to swap and then we know. Penalty ministers solution. It's go time in the last couple days. Have gone away one's boss and so. The worst in the league now so. Movies very yeah but you know. From where we all our. You know as a team we there's there's no panic and I think that's the overall consensus. That as changes. We're not worried about the bad days we focus on what we need to do. We focus on the next task at hand and yesterday's yesterday it is today or not more if there. It looked at David Price it's a new debt those interest in his I tried to make adjustments before the leak forced me to make them. In those kind of gone back doing some things and I know you don't shake up pitchers but. Do you look to people pay attention to tendencies. Let you get locked in some written you know. 8070% sliders a one lately do you pay attention to of that stuff. What do you rely on the catchers to kind of keep informed as far as not falling into being predictable amount as far as it ago. Yeah. I don't wanna know because. Let's let's say Afro 80% of one sliders and sandy calls 01 slider and I know that I'm sitting here thinking OK this guy knows it's common I'll always do this and either. Don't always pitch or I'm gonna vote which without conviction on I don't I don't wanna know. Disguised in port eighty on fastballs then. Over the last ten games spot though fastball and I don't wanna Buford road you know saying so Tom. Hourly worry about all that plus. Ghost in that box it's tough. I mean you could tell me what's coming and I would get a hit probably one out of fifty times maybe. Of trust me I don't there's you guys now me when I was playing the air express what it was ninety. Now there to give bush on 96 sons other element doing. It's tough you know and even even if a hitter tells himself okay. He's don't slider right here there's still probably a little bit of doubt somewhere so. I tried not to worry about that stuff and just. Lastly from me before and it was tucked the Jimmy Fund your book this year it seems like you know that you feel a little some they're gonna slow you down a little bit even though maybe you could pitch through it. Had you pitch through it the last few years that late in the year because you people talk about September numbers for you wouldn't. No not as dominant maybe you are early years in years past that he tried to pitch through it is that the reason why this struggles and as she trying to learn from that. None no I'm. Doubt that that's. O and of that that would be an excuse me I don't. Maybe I have fallen off and at the end of the year but it's not because of what's going on right now this isn't you know every year saying. You know even even in years past there's no pain there's no hurt just some plunges tired in movies dude dude go to open. To a lot last year. A lot of pitches lot of innings com and got that time and just tried to kind of keep doing the same things and think. Looking at the the recent years and and what we've done this year to try to protect that. And and get through that is is doing great and I think you know is something that happens is just kind of one of those things. As an athlete that. Plays a sport that rose over and run in this stuff just like you know runners are gonna have tight and it's just like best vote as it gets sore knees. I don't want things happen. Chris say it was joining us here on the Jimmy Fund radio telephone WEEI. And that's been combined efforts. Cool thing last night the pregame ceremonies and then the kids out there on the field with the players the patients were in here during the course of the day. Some of whom were a little bit tired. Yet mandate perked up when they get out there and feel pretty cool. No I mean that I dare you to go I don't think you know on on the field and Fenway Park and and not feel. We want these kids have to know that they're special we want them to be able to feel that and have a good time and you know do these kids ago to a lot I think I think we don't know that and and any time that you can get him to step away from. From the pain or from the reality of something or. Just just going out had a good time in sports in general that's what that's what it's here for no we get frustrated lollar team doesn't win or we haven't got it doesn't do well but. And this is a release for people to kind of escape reality and and and enjoy something in and come together and in Washington. As we won't do for these two reason that's important because obviously they're gonna via an important portals London Washington. You have the other thing is the idea we had young girl named Bradley who was on further. Are you going to be out there today. Like when they when they do how does that work when you're not kitchen is a UN on the field safely seriously she's saying play ball well she's a little nervous you know we we had a big Fella right here. You know throw some baseball so anyone gets nervous week here he's based. There so I am wrong on that front nine Aaron I don't know so solid right always otters don't I don't know if you looked nervously making excellent yeah if you haven't noticed that a squeeze it. Is it okay. Electorate there would that mean we'll find out about their children react accurate. I didn't do. If he messes me we're all in trouble we shall there. Getting back just this whole bit you know. Second year now being part of the start that'll last year was that eye opening it now it's sort of like this is the norm is a special event here in Boston. Go through something once in those Rios house but witnesses O importers are here. There's no cut corners this is this is pull through just great great thing that's that's a problem. There since then here and Boston understood. What it means and they do an unbelievably. Huge amount that your work and obviously Jimmy Fund and witnesses as a great way to raise awareness plus they I don't know that we get to two and we're gonna get a. Yeah we heard it did you ever wore black general long way to go as of yesterday currents we went over the fifteen million mark for the seventeen years with the zone is an unbelievable and it's just you know and it's because of its because of you guys is because of us that's because of everybody here. Raising new awareness and in putting together this is just. Sean Upton on microphones on talk about it there's there's there's a humongous production goes on and the snow for a a lot of people that put a lot of hard work all listeners I've gone through the phones tsunami look at it that's right area yet people watch it and just you know this. Because of this and it's it's it's a do. Hey the guys are good to see Lou yet. They're a suitable so Chris is that this is actually the one time were were allowed to be pushing right so. You can push and we're we're seeing new people ended donate money so the Icrc in your best to do it. It's a game at browns seem bell. Do you do us favor Alexi shape and give us. Does not last night I. About air force anybody do anything we do the right thing not a living rent it is always a no bigger yeah. It's always a great when you come in does this even the even more so with Jimmy and wanna leave you with one thing since you went on the DL how many people of come up the instant. Really Christine answering you need to put on about. 35 we'll find out sometimes have you heard that I I haven't heard that but we have the picnic in the park were signed autographs and I had a couple people tell me I shouldn't be out there doing this would be nice. Brilliant murderer I I did have somebody offered something that they had a great PT so we'll I appreciate the fans because they are they'll word and their their very proactive about China's tobacco fields are passionate you know in ration. And that's why we love good and Tuesday. That's that's what we feed off the ball corporate. I get better take what after an amount of thanks for stopping by snow and refuted cliche. Right here on our right WE got us in Jimmy Fund radio telephone all excited by the arc the public insurance foundation.