OMF - Red Sox Dustin Pedroia joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Despite rehabbing out in Arizona, Sox' second baseman Dustin Pedroia called in to discuss the importance of the Jimmy Fund.

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Guy who's always here with us the Jimmy Fund radio telephone unfortunately this year. He's rehabbing and injuries now with this but he joins us live on the phone line to offer his support Dustin Pedroia. And you don't already know. I'll I'll do a good. I'm doing good bank based rather they are. So let's start with your physical stuff and I'm below we wanna talk about the Jimmy Fund which you can chew on you you're close to everything back how you feeling and what's what what's the situation. I'll get better every day. And all of long road. You know product gonna have a long days you know multiple rehab sessions turner. You know about why can't two. You know bomb bomb called upon to be ready to help us better editing board so. I'm doing better. All local or close to get back in your producer. It has to be around the guys and you know hopefully help battled their. He's been pretty quiet around here as far as that your availability and just curious do you are you planning on you training to come back. This year or to make your under percent for next year. All of it will mean. I'm preparing right now. You know hopefully your fight is it possible. You know if if you know they've if you need me this year to be ready. You know I don't I don't know they know it all or I don't awful. Al look you're right now it's it is work at it and I started running progressive Black Friday. So on a build up the best I can't. He got although this game anything can happen you know what with injuries or anything like that in. You know like I I just want to make sure that that you know if something does happen that that are prepared. And and you know ready at that time. You know it's a tough injury they're the rehab back from that you know I think the timetable out here this start was. You know little little unrealistic but. You know we remain subject it to my rehab and things like out there are a lot better itself. You know one of seeing a lot of changes in any you know and a common and make automatic it over the country. He just a matter of wind and you know hopefully if not this year then. Three years remaining character to play after that. So that the teams only this record pace and everybody is that a good mood and lots of great camaraderie everybody's excited here in town and here in geared to add the right here in Arizona rehab and how how tough has it been viewed kind of watches from afar knowing that you can't be a part of it. Well you know honestly. Is it is probably. The best thing ever for. You know we're we're we're playing great baseball itself on the watch the siding. You know all the got to do well. If it wasn't gone like that I mean how would I had in her arm on my head on our pulled it out though it it. It's you know watching every game. And it shouldn't guys you know on tech is that you do it. You know let that keep me go on in and you know to hear from them. During the process put it it been exciting to watch. You know there's a lot of baseball we played him in in. You know the mangled wrecks are. You don't want Terry Francona girlfriends year old manager is you know she Fenway market them. The other guys told stories for Terry was told source vote you in you just woke up every morning raid kick someone's ass which is what he always loved about you but I'm curious. Yet if you're with Alex you saw the way he worked in this in this locker room. You with teed off for all those years do you see a similarity in how the two of them deal with their team. Yeah absolutely I mean there's you know there's there's no panic. You know there's always you know. There's always. Something you know looking forward to in the end it to the end there's always process the way. In a week ago or today or urge you to give up that ground where you're going to be five you know continue to work continue to build. And you know if you do that the right way that any profession if you if you put the work and you're going to be successful. And and that that's the way people on. You know operate. And obviously that vote you know joke around things like that so he keep it keep it loose. You know they'd. You know Alex obviously you're on the outside but not not as much as as Peter did. But now they're very similar and in you know how they go about every. Well you know what we're doing here for two days you've been around for a long time and you've seen this this whole process works 754000. Com your first remembrance of this whole Jimmy Fund radio telephone. Our mandate. They. Coming up with the Red Sox and they they built the venue in the minor league that you see you know what goes on and you know just the story that you're here and obviously. The way that people's lives have been saved in and changed. And and everything matters and it just can't those kids I mean it this is a partner think now being. They're you know you always look forward our outlook toward Italy could there all the kids. And you know just just trying to put a smile on the faces and hear their stories and what they're going through it and now. You know it's it's it's special that you know that everybody gets involved in trying to save the life. You know Dustin you talked about down Alex being harder and harder on you than a Francona wasn't. You know when you were a it was a rookie Alex was that was his first year here right. Yeah what do you yeah. So is it was it. How was that when you you know and next thing you know like now he was your mentor maybe he was you know we've been propping you up and you know tell people not to give up on you especially you were when you were struggling early in April that rookie year. You know and actually you know like yours just you know playing grade your rookie of the year. How how is that relationship changed over the years and then and housing helped you since then. Well he. It's always been that he would he was. Never got that I went to hurt if he was never a safety net for me he was it got to talk how to. Played that well. All you know he was back in the locker was next to me which it ground altogether we have we get everything together we sat on the plane together we went. Out eight on the road. So he taught me how to understand the game the big league level. And just through the years I mean he's he's there are courses. For enemy fire every any problems are struggling car. You know any any thoughts or by completely you know this is before this year out all out. And I would just you know run things by MC you know what it four on it. And it hadn't hit that hadn't changed I mean we we always. You know he Ellis twenty. Three years old I think my my first year and he treated me like I'd been at least for their heirs with what I had to say things like that event. Basically told me what duke. So and they hear that that part never change so. You know it it's on the power play three games and and it was a black player or a pre game. So one obviously get back in. It will cook took place form you know over a long period of time but. We still talk all the time it'll keep them updated on help on things like that. And you could you could see how the got a plane to Friedel. And and understanding. You know it it it's okay. You know take grip on the bases or you know 31 count. You know take refuge when her cookie could sort of the first bit that there's a freedom back that outbreak. You know that those guys obviously appreciate. I wish your players over the years that the teammates they always say he's going to be coat Sunday he's going to be a man Mike Vrabel football player. A sudden he was gonna be coach Sunday. Kepler down to Philadelphia people said gave was going to be a manager some day did you think Alex was going to be a manager some day. God yeah you wanna do you know I didn't hear we out. You know joked around. And haven't we talked so much better so that's always we do is talk baseball a certain situation. You know you talk talk about all parts of the game. And then the game obviously has has changed a lot. You know since my rookie year. And then it. You know you keep your conversation keeps changing he's talked about analytic you talk about you know defensive positioning talk about our strength in his through the talk about everything. A word about baseball there's there's never going to be. You know one way to do it and there's always going to be discussion equate it to better. You know about how he's helped me anytime I. You know broader question or some like that he gave his bargain. It's sort of similar to mine. So you know it it's cool to see you know and how I got there all the time. To help you got me in the right direction. So you you'll Ian Kinsler had a nice little rivalry second base all star gold. Close but it goes back a few years even in college when you beat him out he transferred so I don't think it's anybody on your side but it needs looked at Hewlett. You artist chip on the shoulder right Rickie plays could he wants to prove he's better than you loud and for awhile we all do that but. Now we hear if you guys stocked at all having a guess you could get just for awhile see your cool now but. I think that story was a little blown out of proportion of any input shortstop and I think that in my outlook freshman users saw more. So we were playing together and then. And not in Italy coach and a little down Iranians like the first 1520 games and then I moved back to third base. For ten games and then are we put it fit your senior short and he broke the thumb. He picked coach was still no matter in for some reason that. He put me it short you know just electric reported some and I played good you know our coach or domestic short stop and you couldn't draw. You know you can't throw the ball they're stronger shape of my achievement that put me there I played good. They're like twenty games left and I ended up playing and then in just transferred so what what backbeat Ian now. We are playing together so. But not I'd love and I always looking at it was great playing with on that one here they are few and you know obviously have all followed everything he's done. You know in in Texas Detroit and I mean and now here. I'll wrap we've got a Texan man finally it is I'm glad that that we're finally am thinking. So alone you know one were fortunate to have on the great player and you know it's gonna take everybody to win a World Series and everybody dark. You know it you know that you go back to back you know great seasons now three wins in all and that do you know the post season didn't quite and the way anybody really want to now this year. You know new set of circumstances great record everybody sees the happy. What what can. Can you tell me why you would think this year would be different than the previous two seasons words you do with the division book you can get the first round. Yeah experience. I think affect anything like for when you when you wanna do about that song you're gonna have to fail. You know several times before I get there a home and not. That's like man you know on the the to doubt working they failed what 86 times before they got January so. You know that that that's baseball that that's anything you know well I think I think the last couple years they experience that are younger players. God you know just playing in that playoff series. I think that's huge I think they understand now that you know. You know home field advantage yet it doesn't matter. You know the little things and in certain games they does matter in the eye over. You know making sure you read all the dirt and won the World Series got thirteen to my apple regret. Credible on the dirt. You know that's. You know little things like that I think going through got the last couple years together I think I think that's going to be the difference. That separates those two teams from measures being a calm and you know what city. I pity thank you for a checking in with a as we really appreciate it were up to 784636. Of people have been calling. Well you've been talking we really appreciate it and like I should picket Eric and I don't sonar. Aren't they cute but I Medicare they let Dustin Pedroia calling in from Iran zone during Israel's.