OMF - Red Sox manager Alex Cora, Indians manager Terry Francona join the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Alex and Tito join Glenn, Lou, and Christian at Fenway on the second day of the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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A political or not this is the first time we've actually done the little Red Sox manager Alex Kershaw a lot it will all of us. In in attendance would shift the shows and whatever Alex is being brought you by our bill insurance your New England Honda dealers. And by Cumberland farms the special official copy the Red Sox radio networks so it's good to finally actually do some person. I. To be here haven't I haven't you don't hear it means a lot. The other to a four spent about a hot enchilada but I don't know. They're very good yeah bring them. Yes I cook I can you guys bring everything outside if you screw this thing it's your fault that like. So we thought we switch host of the show. At that time we were 88 game whatever and we were two and four cents this week so honestly I think it was his bullpen. And the attitudes. Straight to you about in which it elect him back is now. Yeah I mean more so now them before. You know as you get some distance. He could remember the hood. And and so called war I am now that it makes it easier to but he spent eight years placements this place you get awfully close to people. So it's fun to oh. Got your hands full with the Red Sox but it's it's there on the plate because social good. Q do you sort of just when you arrive in town as it does it feel different you sort of take up the newspapers and say yet nothing's changed it is just the most stressful environments I. Wall he Communist busy. I was laughing with BC you know business for a younger person I don't know at this age I can still do this adored effectively. You got it's it's a hundred miles an hour all the time. But I don't pick up the paper idol look I don't need to do that. It doesn't help it never did. And soul artist conical Bob mark business now is it is it. Is it wobbles deals where you when he gets the job do you send a message like case beware of this speaker that's. Or dissolved now there's no there's no advice goalie old editor all congratulations. Army. Guys that's assault Parcells was so special about baseball was. You know everybody has their way of doing things and he doesn't need my help. Or what I expect him to want it he's got he's gonna do things the way he wants to do it alters things the way I'd do we we we love each other along the way. Bloodied either need Michael obviously like that if he wins you don't need anybody's opera. So so elegy evolves play for some great managers you know you'll love you being one of them and you youthful last year coaching with AJ hitch. Israeli particular that you feel you've taken out of playing for Terry Francona that you feel has helped you out. I think the best out with Tito was between 63655. Before before. We have some good conversations. A dimension last week AC when you manage because he always said that he you will match. The mutates and wins be careful with open region to players and he was with us. That that was the best part that's what you see it 630. Every night. One night games on if you look around the league the players that play for TO. They're always at 630 let's you know I go out there and the first thing I'd do I'd look at TO which you were at. Kevin that same deal you know Pedroia when we were playing against last year his six certificates we got used to that and for everything you're doing pre game man what do we do in the clubhouse that's the time that is our time. And we talked about baseball took off family or whatever and minutes and five show time there play the you know you. You mentioned you know you guys that I played with my house playing with them but I knew they were gonna be coaches just by the way to handle themselves out into the game they were. What was it about him he's so died this guy is going to be and some all the wanting got to remember to use it. You know you guys that are when they're playing they're trying to find a way to help you win every night. And and I'll try to find a way to have them helpless when every night. So you don't just sit around think disguised in this manager there's just a lot of guys and the guys you just mentioned Kevin Cash AC. That have all the attributes work they wanted to. You know that game would be better off or so many guys now. The money they make it'll have to stay in the game but when guys wanna stay in the games games better. Because and they're they're good in the the date they know they blew the game to an old game but they also respect the game and that's that's probably the. Al she spent the year as a bench coach but I'm wondering is there anything that you had seen now being here what 567 months. That's much different than you anticipated. It is that the a lot different and the media the attention. The media worship anyone who you play so Houston at not out to the last year got a little bit I was at Nazi wasn't a big contingent of media and you. I speak to him it was in the world's leaders that's. The nothing is a market I think it's great fan base of the teams from the congress to. Fluctuating about. He sees me after game and he takes me good job. An article in the next day. To vote that you know he's he's you know the world tends to Houston Astros. The attention to the team he sees these the Ares 1%. On the miles. Will. The one thing we really hit it like so far is bigger than. I'm pretty candid he's post game press conferences system was as well I'm sure he was why he too was an awful lot right now I think. There's a better way to say it could matter what I look like there's no way you can be honest line with out ever. You know putting your players in a position. Thank our goals are different. You mean the laws your goals here or make peaceful like oh yeah. Our goals are to help fourteen. Play the best thinking of the it'll always coincide. So if you figure that out if you've got found that fine line where you can say certain things you know that your you get the media that they're satisfied you've given him enough. Without really hurting what you have to protect the net is that well. I tried. One thing I always liked the don't love it here not only here in Boston. Listen to am doing Sunday night baseball and then. The playoffs. If team. He listened to him. And so RNC is it's uncanny whale same lot and missing two months Colby and I recall how well you can call me it's. And he does. That's just. And as an outstanding. And even now listen to him. He's obviously the media. Before deals clue he was. Asleep and now he's pitching well for him he's in the right time. And there was a reason these bills and he says. So Jerry you got a lot of guys who played played under use that now managers caps another one as well so Torre out in Arizona. This right now players talk about play up that mystery hit two very good teams here they can all change a couple of months because it could be for a lot more how hard is that going up against. A guy like outscored you did a guy that John Farrell as well that it difficult for you. The eagle and a little bit just because. We wake up in the morning in the one thing we wanted to do when that day that's our goal for the day. Soul when you do it against people we care about it's this'll this'll different but when the game starts. And you'd you wanna beat each others brains out and if it was any different you almost. Lose a little bit of respect it's doesn't mean you don't care about people obviously I character on our bodies just. Worst bolster shall Hurtado win that's our job and that's going to be hoard enough. Level to try to do a little different is scare us. Is there any healthy ribbing back and forth like gotcha game and now it's yet that close now but I'll let fans know what I'm Smart enough not to. Received our lineup tonight. Yeah Alex the other houses so this is like you know weird for turner I guess with a the other proteins and talk to this also TO. You know with the right now Brad Stevens young coach he casts the immediate punitive bill. Right do these guys mean do they contact you they see conduct of the of the day we talked to bill. And he's the last thing you said it was like to have of them rats occidental and like I mean now it's up just carries it dated usery relation building with those and those other coaches. Well what Brad. He is spoke to team in spring training which it was great and his main outlet Stevenson like while this it's the way he talked to. Two team. Bill was here for those Sunday night game and he was up there with Dave and Tony that relationship is great I've met him. In Jupiter actually a third game very down to earth we talk about Miami football league until we don't talk about the the patriots or the Red Sox. Why they brought this town is sports agree. And you get caught up on the whole thing you know you know the schedule of the vessel team football team. A hockey and you try to go with a because that's what we do I'd love sports you know regardless of Liam and the management's. I'd love sports I look I'll sports. You get caught up on that then. Would brat. We started our relationship went to the game I saw him after the game because. The bucks and it's cool I think you know we live and great moment here. I think Tito when he was here it was the same way as far as like how good teams whereas now where did it sound. Yes it would patriots you guys had rules series with the Celtics they went arts helped. I got a little else. Sure. Alec scored Terry Francona tuning its humor Jimmy Fund. Radio telephone and other books that pitchers have on hitters and hitters have gone on pitchers. To have books on managers duke Alex anticipate something. He's going to duke as you sit here and think this is when he uses Miller I don't know I still you know when you use bill. All right exactly and certainly if what if you if you if you're booked you have another managers that you know. That the senate seat he's going to do this he's gonna make this move at this time in newcomer. Now it's a salute them with them would. Different that openness. And Miller's all illegals. I think all of a presence is a game changer for them. As far as like you can bring him in the fifth in the states or he doesn't it's time we still have those lefties lined up and we still appears now is a tough. It's a tough team to match up was because of that bull when they have the lead in the sixth is a lot different than early in the season whatever they were going through suppose you have opened with struggling but now. With hand and with mailer and holy it's very difficult so. I know for a fact that after his success and he'll do these things and try to match up with our lineup we don't do too many things you know I think what our guys are pretty good hitters. If they bring a lefty we will keep the lefties again and we take it. So keep it away from him you have books and other managers at all and all army. You try to be prepared. You try to have your team ready deploy and you certainly do a whole lot. You you've seen it reacts coming of saying he urges you ready for what you wanted to do and and he's got steepener shall certainly want him to face left that's obvious. Column. But you know uses try to put your guys in the best position where they can succeed. Then. You got a couple guys banged up and Alex those as well and he got a a big cushion you know inept in that division yours how do you. How do you balance and at the end is now time we senate give guys may be arrested and get a goal last couple weeks how do you balance that these guys not pay attention of a cushion. I don't think we ever talked like that because. Saying we. We traditional day and that is the most important game on the schedule there are some games that are more phone before. It's the way Ole miss them. Blot distraught shall open Webber's. It was that day. That's our job. Five we feel like somebody needs rest at some point I actually like to think we would anyway regardless of what our record is because right right. It is Celtics got Peyton when Bynum gave you more off. So years I MO at six. I mean and it's just curious. What the idea of pre game baseball hat talk like. It was exactly downtown. You know a little Kelly sixteen times and I eloquent point but it could I don't I think the only time actually get people out as a couple of talks like all cores and they're not just go get them. But torrent plants in the symbols you get them you receive immensely we reached I don't blowing yesterday seat up at one meeting this year. Really mean about. All out and out on time to discuss something. Closed door meeting Null don't know at all I mean like just. You old Morgan kept batting practice wanted to buy it at all. But we've got one me we talked about things up while we news talk about I'm guessing he sees all week long wills like if you talk too much of these guys with them every day three months. They'll go deaf on. You gotta pick your spots. And sometimes it's more important not saying the wrong thing. Oh they'll they'll figured out if you need some nudging you could nudge in the right way. I do feel that's on the alert for that 630 to 655. It's not that it's a team meeting about doubles our idols yeah that's our team. In sales some but you'll see right next to me over these things. Legal strict and talk to guys at six or. The game hasn't started yet but they got they're they're ready to go but they haven't made it out yet nothing go wrong that made an error. It was just the bulls' productive time to talk to so so there is no cardboard cut out of anybody. And your ceremonies was taken apiece and enough now that it's only movie movie alone we actually the data off five here at all. Number the Major League within the cut out yeah we did with Kevin Cash of happen but we lost nine in a row we count on when I doubt notice. We. This conversation all the time about baseball and the lack of marketing and baseball players are brought this up. Or shoppers brought it up and said that the league doesn't do look good enough job of featuring these players. You guys both superstars on your team you've got a cup you've got Ramirez you've got indoor stars and yet people don't know them the way they know. Basketball players of football players. Baseball need to watch it hard not right now Terry. And the Cleveland Browns suck and aren't you know that you may one now wanna comment on that one but. Different awful the last couple years yeah everybody knows now about the Cleveland Browns is that doing this hard knocks with a role like doubt this baseball need. More of this get behind the curtain personalities of the players get to know these guys that could be. I just vote they want to promote the with the unions could bottle what belt he doesn't wanna I don't want him. I mean when you're talking player if you like triple on her life. Oh its slot and beat which. That would never work for me I understand how people wanna see that the Red Sox one yankees would you feel relatively. Now you'd do really good idea to. There's there's a few networks they want me to be in my battle for the gifts during the game especially be it's our time. Talk to play and got my full on. Also it's everybody's time it takes away liked the sanctity of the dugout now but when you have to do than the networking between. It was. I mean I hated it I never give them anything or you can actually go to guy right I. One of the things I've asked our guys to try to stay away from Michael liked. I'd just like that's my time there's talk about bats lies in Wasilla. Oh what a whole rules. Would you guys wanna see so we talked about before that speeding up the game you know the action within the action once it picks up because of that that watch guys that watched it. That priced and pocketing the other day that the thirty points wickets in between pitches. Is it all the pitchers would you want it's. You know what I I kind of feel good game when you look up to get a good game nobody knows how long yeah. There are some games it dragged we're just because they drive it's you know I think we have a really good game to. I understand that you. Have to move along with the times. I think baseball those were good job or when they wanted to implement something they talked endlessly explain to us like we played her you know but but. I do think baseball will just if need to. I don't think it's as big deals maybe things sound like when Lieberman's first learned how to give other helmet rule in the NFL. I would want an NFL robbery that. How they can roughly located you know I don't to also. Go back at a time miss it because I agree technical coming after games have been along okay right that was played don't feel that way when you hear. David Ortiz the raft you retires him and got to beat these days to the but when you're out of gonna see it more consistently and I. Would James Lee got basically. A little lower and above Monday's game Monday's game at wanted to go longer this result the president. Part of that oh Florida game five last year in the world news and nobody cared how long though. Yet in in the it is starting at 735. It ended up 105 more notebook. You also notice them. You'll see so many times a picture we got their and then they make you wait. Yeah about Donald commercially yet so mechanical bull weighs sometimes thinking just seemed so good. It's just you know I again you'll want I stand around bought the game's a game or games that have a clock. I act like. We. Think that the catchers will go talk to interfere with the game and all that though it has little. We're looking. Open because of technology. And in some teams. Reputations. For stealing signs. That the I. The dagger like my daddy apple wise it's now. It's become pretty fast I. Analysts last one analyst company but on the little guy. We could do this for a for hours you you guys have got to go to work before we let you go go I want to get both of your impression. About the Jimmy Fund in your relationship with that Tito you were here early on Alex you were here as a player now is. A manager shall start with you Alex. It's unbelievable right now we'd yesterday we went over the fifteen million dollars more. For the seventeen years that we've been doing business which is pretty remarkable when you think about it and you see you saw all the kids out in the field yesterday the players examples leave. It was I think in the pregame ceremony that was. We do it right you know like and what we do here is Mary's Michelin the players want to be all like. None of the players. They've they were complain about how do I have to go out there with a K you know it was the other round we embrace this. There's a big time here for us. Among my family you know legacy yes let's my dad's cancer you know on end. We got I got plans I got about it who's fifteen and they're healthy and and walk around and and see this miles of biscuits and how they appreciate life and we know where the dad and and for everybody that country music helps out and it's time you know. Is is it puts everything in perspective I've been saying all along. In and the manager of the Red Sox from seven to ten. But I'm Alex Cora whose dad whose husband was a sign. The rest of the day and not that this that's what it brings to us in on we gave their time we get time we help out and on this. Happy to be here I beat them it's been treated and it's been great the last 22 days and everybody has helped. Thanks very much. I think it's one of the most special things I've ever seen not just in Boston but in the whole country. I mean it's. They do everybody's been touched by this look at least he says that about my mom does everybody has been touched by the Albert family or friends. And at some point because of things like to Jimmy Fund they're gonna figured out you know hopefully it's sooner rather later but. It's just unbelievable. Outpouring of giving which is what we're supposed to be. Great senior Internet YouTube and New Hampshire down it's always good seeing and Alex is still be fun during the course of the season has again due to enforce so far well. But what you don't have Parsons are nicer yeah I'd. I hit the road when it. That's all I want to thank you just. You guys good to see it as again we thank you and thank you for a nice little check Eric Franklin dropped 8000. Dollars and thank you guys.