OMF - Red Sox Mookie Betts joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Sox' outfielder Mookie Betts joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian to discuss the work his team does with the Jimmy Fund as well as share some fun baseball anecdotes.

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We'll start to see you and you you've been around one which we have done these things you know what this is all about and you've seen the kids come down in the spring and you've got a good idea of what happens here. Yeah I mean anything can do to then kind of boring days. Thing can we wanna do that means it's been a partnership for now since I've been hearing long before so under the sun that I think is very. And I exercise to order oh yeah thank you think of announcement or use announced that last week was that he had been. In November so. November was out of the playoff settled through it and that's where and that's when you start to realize is really thought about you anymore now Poland and yet it we've done these before I go ahead my boy that we first and they had these I'll let you. You now know what it's like when you've seen these those kids you know puts into perspective though they had the last weekend with a kid running around the field in your web sites Monica and watches these kids up. Yeah yeah I'm out I've. Deftly and learning to talk to kids more. And better on yet back how would you say you know letter hey I use something that. Now try to have conversation and I just that it had talked to him. Your one when he sees defund kids coming buys it and and others in the house up there's more there's kids everywhere they go I've never been here where there hasn't been some. Sort of camp or somebody going our kids were on the field. But when you know it's again Jimmy Fund stated you know coming to spend you know a day just to see things it's got to mean a little bit more right. Definitely I mean. Just because you don't from the on the run out so don't necessarily know you know what they have gone on and one not so. You know lobby here we try to make it I know for sure I try to make the best of it now have the Smart conversation wouldn't just. See nowadays going and I think those simple things go along way. As you had any weird requests for many of them because they do you can you connected your act that your shoe phone hit the home run them. I know how much you hit yet just a triple I don't want a home run on triple yell that's court triple. But nick and that and that and that too strange to think I want to the hospital and timing. Ethnic licences and play guitars that. One not strange that. More cool things that. And acts and asked nobody has yet to decide to moon we now know why that is that I don't think. That beat an attempt to do. Well that's the only problem right. In that argument. Let's talk a little the baseball last two years ago as 193 games in each one of the season but this year seems to be. Different in my in my correct is it different and if it's different why is it different. I dislike the process we're going about planning gains. Thing that's different you know we. Our offensive shed out polluted yesterday and now we're by tomorrow just focus on today it seemed like every day. We have a new challenge a new task in I think which is kind of folks on that and you know kind of complete that task as they come. You know things different to a CD you know having that may have here efforts are Sowers put him in the cage just talking hitting with you guys. And a series gotta go back and forth with you how how has he impacted. You this year maybe differently than in the past theorized to so maybe you were seen before. A mom and a lot of it is kind of some mechanical things. And that that I've made some small tweaks and whatnot and then. Just. How pitches are different idea that tack different pitchers me yet stick here playing in this are you going to be successfully triangle there and cover the whole thing you know it's when. Known to make level mistakes or or you fill out more so. I think when he kind of has means there are all of us kind of zero in on a plan comes with some hires in any market to. Has done a great job and kind of just all button that again is planning to go attack. So hot how do you ballots early years knows a lot of the tactics right out last year and Alex has talked about just taking strikes down the middle for no reason if you can get away from that you delegate lead off guy sit that don't. And you can do that for awhile within pitcher catcher mountains a hi how do you sort of balance okay I know won't be aggressive but they know that I'm going to be aggressive as well. It's kind of tough a thing M and that battle now some kind of I'm would say struggle with would think about it too much you know gone out there and you know it's it's one of those things where you have to understand. Asked when he could pitches I think Amtrak. Keep keep that in my mind vs old wrestling or hear oral take very here because it's no you go out there swing right here than excellence from the Internet hero Juan verses. 10 and that's that I can change it back for. Sure they're removed you just random question what's the significance of the old bat the ball. We'll inhabitants bring change their as a kid. I signed the ball form and he game than necklace and I didn't know what to do it as part fourteen. And with its next I don't in my pocket. Size there at all. I kind of forgot it was on and people that they liked it. Teammates axis of it they elected just kept it on the platform runs in the game and now it's like yeah let's say bring Australian had a caddie let's. It was just when those things just kind of kept it because there. So that's not a good luck thing as a let me. Heartedly that'd be. No it didn't work for spring training and work season and it turns. And he'll handle it. I don't know what personal concrete below what is it what do you do in the in the when police called the play at the answer my grandma sides for a Ernie wishes them zone she's. Proud supporter. Sequels which is live in and you know she's just the great so now there aren't. That there. So when we found out Chris their little back on the DL for the second time over your thoughts. You know. It's kind of like oh boy you know with titles on all mixtures okay. Obviously he's he's. Our Orson kind of the Eagles are you know ten. Prodding deluge that day problem knows help is most important thing but I think we've done a good job you know every team in the team they might you know that we shows that. On the Tuesday and get him back out these epic the most important thing. All the way LT Tuesday but we've we've got a good team or didn't. It's a different attitude. You were just talking about how different it was but even with the show somebody ask your question about the Indians the Indians series. You gotta push aside the Indians are now we're in good were good TMs get the feeling there's a lot more confidence you've got the playoffs coming up. And you guys look like you're in the playoffs the last two years did not go so well why. What make it different do you think there's a different feeling and I called us that you felt the last couple years. Yeah epic there's to have more confidence. In ourselves. Long you know with everybody should say I think this is the most important thing. I don't think our fans by media has confidence. Don't don't be too certain. Isn't known. They did they. It seems that we lose a game you know. That's my goal happened so it and it. At things a step on the field we're expected that Winamp and we expect it to ourselves so. On go out there I think the key and minding evening yesterday you know we lost. You know had a chance to come back in when they came so we have that chance everyday game connection anymore. You've had a couple different managers now in your career does pierce of the Alex core is that I've always felt regardless of what the name is. Position players I was Fella kind of related bettors manager's immediate pitching coaches do you notice a difference with how he's really your team in the differences mean that locker room. I'm I think it's it's. A little different with the position players and now he's kind of been through what we've we go to reach every day you know days in the house that. You know small injuries and just being tired most of the things that he doesn't really good job of tenement and iris and in something. I'm not a lot of personalities really in it seemed like in our corner bars trying to. You know and goes about and other work them that I love each other and make sure writes OK so. But think he does a good job and his major parties you know rested and ready to go. So you know we mentioned you know just it did feel good vibes coming out of the clubhouse right so so who's allowed us. Who's who's allowed us most voices person in the locker. Quiet. I can't be quiet now to that group. Man I would have its day the rule out this way at the Tokyo is watered. Eduardo Nunez is there so he comes and goes there. Ollie eat for dinner because there is it's a little it did in the with a scenarios but the ego. Tuesday and now they out item those. Patents will thereby it stone and talk to eat there those guys that. Are are more. Since I hope you realize an opportunity of the conversations sometimes if a radio typically goes down. Which is take rookie put him back to second base and he's not going session bases and welfare than one game. You're sitting there in other core because vehicle organ rejected Reggie talking a Redick do you mean you. You're darn it you know your second base of course now we get calls you should definitely circuit now we split second base or what. Talk me through that things I know you take ground balls. But we shocked when rags excellent chance it okay go ahead. What didn't play out this way connecting. Can there acting insulin mountain. I don't know with the pace that's. For your work Brock was. Am I think news asserts that. Everything had to play out right in I think I'll play everything in my mind we in this case. And I just looked rags hey. Act that base meaning to. Archer the had to figure out Mother's Day. This is not times. He said are you at second base and it appears right. Before I went out on them right you'll need to go to the as a EC yeah though inaudible yeah those little those four parties Friday. The most. You know every inch of of right field every nook and cranny accuses the other guys commend down. And even good fielders have trouble because they just don't know where everything is all territory. There. Yeah me for the most part. Thing I love this that ran mean a thing that's word confused. It's so deep that they just keep running and keep running in I think I'm so that's that's where the speed comes in the play in. I. You have to immediately Jack yet there it via food is that it runs in case things that. So we treat them. So would you eighties been out there right even its energy source that you have like this part over how big that pesky pole what I think it's kind of understood commitment and he beat each not a bad day actually negotiated. Four for his range so enough to cover a little more. It's always great seeing you thanks for room pompano helpless helping us out a little bit you Jimmy Fund tells them really appreciate it thanks for army air continued their great season July. I Hewitt today.