OMF - Rob Bradford wants an apology(ize); Dino v. Tomase: the listeners pick a side 12-28-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, December 28th

HOUR 4 - Does Rob deserve an apology from John Dennis? Also, the listeners have a thousand and one theories as to what prompted Dino to leave yesterday. Now, Rob and Trenni demand the votes be tallied. And to continue with the rash of former staff joining the shows this week, Jerry Thornton stops in.


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Fort Wayne and pony and 48. Let's go to does do but he called last week. It's sort of up in an era is also. You're. You know James please do just go away F James Harris he's a bully and a jerk. Always has Ben Stiller is and always will be real here. Well with Ku and mu and Christian if you don't like it. Usually Robin I can finish please don't want you without you this is so baffling to me program update to and I will be doing the asking you know mail bag. What would we do by the way it grant award here what would be happening. I went downstairs and by his base you can run as and he left and say here you have to break it here we don't care. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. So unless portion. Ideals and. Comes courtesy of the curtain talent show yesterday morning rule actually. John Dennis of rob Bradford and Johns mossy and. Dino left nearly 827 he was out he is mad at times mossy. He apparently he. Threatened to poke one rob Bradford is out as well before that was all good fun. But if because do you have plans to play both of you and I was the Bible sets out heady guy with a Pendergraph the body also later he threatened to step to mosque emea. And so key is was scheduled to be on the air at the movement. Having some maybe I just prefer to throw highlanders of people in here where when I was was making my sweetie acupuncture comment about I was attract we're totally distracted because you've got a hotel room at a good price nights and can appreciate that there is a high. You get from from executing such an endeavor yet and there's only one room laughed at that price on both on all three nights that I needed and their separate nights and I think. But it and it's right in the area and I need it you might as well as watch it this time that happened why now I don't wanna I don't want you. Half past in this I want you beat all end. No hotel room stock are no hold wrote well we'll tell room perusing I want you to listen to my equip the sweetie acupuncture jokes and there hasn't fully intend. Now conceivably find Dino it's sticking needles in my head with some song. My wacky. And set the table. So wide no I've not had acupuncture yesterday with the closed sign that cast in my amid a question is do we think always the economy meantime Dennis is gonna come in I thought he does finally it looked for the seed in the time. I've had dedicated to his to do is learn abided unless you talk over and after. The 6177797937. Inning calling saying Tomas the every Wednesday Tomas as a whole. There was nothing said I mean that emit a YL. To gather his that things over there I mean these guys just watch it was a dead barely no no I was trying to. Having not been in this situation I tried to do what I thought was right in game the play by play. And so I'll really so sometimes you think people can't see what's going on you think that you play by play you do it was not on FaceBook life. That was on FaceBook lives when something gone as. Well. I'm just I'm just anxious and when you get very very spore. Now it's so why don't you without you under a week under this is show without art six Lebanese 77 lines and in my right. Sure. So and I can do this we can finish this. Well. And Wednesday this is so baffling to me to me that's that weigh in and yet he's packed his things as retire there. So a unique did not he did it and turn it was like you know I don't know. Oh well lie back and it wasn't. Our show it wasn't it also wasn't like getting cum he did I'm backing a DK now he's in Atlanta this is the birth of our thing for me. Is that it's not like Hewitt and snatching right coat and snatch even my scarf and get my dad in around storming out. Probably like a couple minutes for him to gather all those things up his papers and everything else. Stick now. And then with an all this without saying a word and then just leave I see it go right down the hall did not go that way past the producers went the other way. Maybe get a bathroom break I don't know what he put the star goes on and that means it's probably gone. To mean that's that that lines could go down forever yet. An idyllic time Cochran you are a small step for man. Right now our crews are on there so on rod in. He you were at the elevate ours walking up the stairs is this was all transpire and so when I came and it was like to meet him in jail. And at that point I know are right he's been on for a little while Odyssey what's going on Anderson and he walks right by me and I only know opportunities and we are working on those few days as to what this is the radio please come back don't go lolly is easily on them not ideal eagle and left. I don't company guy right there at that guy. Our producer that is a good content good and I walked right by him. Said nothing. On active and involved mrs. Obama and hey Melissa is this like you said good radio fine it was good radio for the that last hour and a half. But we don't like people leaving we want people hang around this is a whole deal we battle we fight we argue. There you go even amid that was deep dive politics stuff that I I I don't nuts and another worthy and. I did hear from the listeners do we feel that it's an okay put you or what ever. What are your feelings are about John tomorrow. Siegel told to dole if you call this is my only plea. Dull start saying something and and dive in to trump. Or dive into the game tonight from print like I don't I don't care about what I care about is very objectively if you heard yesterday's. Blowup. Very objectively do you feel. That shines mossy acted like a naval did he do something that was so egregious and so over the top that it would warrants. And why can't. Because you know again I normally hear portions of atlas injury on the app yesterday so I heard you know that part of it but I listened to the whole entire showcases. You gonna attempt to tears. That's tire and so I just I'm curious I want I want to be objective I want you to keep whatever feelings you have whether you have positive feelings for John to mossy negative feelings for John Dennis or the reverse of that. Negative for too mossy positive for Dennis what I want to know is objectively. Was there out there yesterday enough ammunition. That you can say. Yeah half I was Tino. I'm were locked out to. America's burning people. It did the you have to putting contacts to have to be some context and sense of people calling NC absolutely how dare he he tock Covert John which it wasn't. We play the clip what we we play the clip of where I was trying to say something. And John Cochrane army united jokingly write you know let me talk but obviously it wasn't serious but this happens it happens so. Of all the arguments at the station of all the things that are said to wheat other possible alt and Tito was part of that list. B saying I stayed. Yes and indeed add these arguments with him with those guys who with other people and not one time. In the middle of a show. That anybody other leader who pay get up and walk at a studio. That I can remember. I can't think of it again the only other instance that I have been a part of always the morning of the reveal all eyes to what was going that the advertisers and stuff and I'm you know I wanted touched too much time with Kirk and Callahan. And Kirk got very frustrated. That they were told they could talk about it and then told no you can't talk about it and Kirk got frustrated and laughed. But it wasn't like a big storm out on the radio is just like you know why it. I'm frustrated here it might just be best for the last hour I'm not here so I don't see something that gets us all of that trouble but it was it again it wasn't like gay. I think you're jerks try near I figured a whole Callahan got here. What was different this say they also situation hurt over the calendar year depart 300 Sho Friday 300 shows and at least and so. He he if he does that one time for something that people have to understand how important that was what I write. It wasn't like a storm off I can't handle the conversation we're having it is. It is in the best interest of the future of this show ten maybe not be your season and that can get a. Brought to our third show that you were agreed to do. You understand who you're doing the shows with you understand the personalities you understand whatever problems you might have with a person you understand those going and and UT EU just this in there's going to be some discomfort in May be the discomfort is the person is talking a little bit more than the other person. You're going to do the show. You agreed to do the show so comment. Due to show argue get frustrated and everything else. But and hopefully John comes in here I hope he does and I would ask complete I've never done this before. And while I also I note does you know I I don't think he has had a beef with Mir Alix her but. To see just wanna do the morning show anymore so he sees it just gonna be Roemer I bought my ass and made my guess is it'll say and I'll be happy to do it with you trending. I'll be happy to do with the U Alex we'll have a good conversation about politics whatever it but this please go in Iraq me. And maybe that's the case I don't think it is but that if that's if that's what drove him out. Then. That's terrible well lucky for him I often omelets and Marjorie could be his best hope his craft opens you know are getting now hotel room. And actually. Still booking it so you are saying and writing whether fighting I I connect certainly like out of things to do tomorrow that he can just tax the floor full disclosure. Why they were arguing I was booking a hotel room. A web decided to stay in northern Thailand are. Rig it's your call 61777979837. Wool like take a quick break and then yes we are hearing from you. Who is a file yesterday Tino. Mossy and we'll deal appear on the show too. Hope you're enjoying listening to bowl and add even occasionally don't listen to each other previous six NL in home games in its number one total defense as well. Brady is six and all his career home games against the number one total defense Purdue medicine on Sports Radio telling you. The surprises. 2 o'clock we were not given it. Al-Qaeda through it. We just uncovered you and those big surprise guest is I would say definitely stay tuned into Iraq in studio Ames yes not just like hand colony mrs. this is yet four hours of it should be interesting everybody might not be a lot of balance but yeah. Fairness I think that we ever. Or sort of on one side of things that. It's it's OK so I think tomorrow morning Shelby tad more balanced but this took care I get us through the I gotta I gotta be honest we. Herald ran outscored you battling do little ESP NS sooner. I gotta be Aussie even as there was no drama. The eyewitnesses this is a good addition to Asia yes. Susan good addition but we were solid angina and cover here who is at fault I like to do factual research to figure out who's all different things. So while the artery let's just start with Ron and a car. Ron welcome to show cool would you blame for yesterday's walkout. I am completely different Terry you know was to blame. Kurt. Kirk. Kirk is to blame because the morning show so successful. And everybody should expect a way to be successful the late great radio. Is to be lecture. Championed it or rocks of the startle people in spite already discussion just dominate on this nation. Acting apps which amount seems to Nazi captured Iraqi. The discussion. Which I like to hear good arguments about selecting here bolts are there any argument. And with what would happen it is. The directions so. Frequent and so. You know it would be charged rain between inter actions it was social. There was no way to NS INS to our. Come up you know illogical our mission statement becomes. A static at Saint Louis and rock. Seattle I don't really think that was the case I was sitting here I can tell you that. I did not feel that way at all and I said that it Dino and I said that the deal multiple currency he's not this is a conversation. He is yes there are some words overlapping. But this wasn't out of the ordinary in so when he's saying well this is Kirk to blame. My point was Wohl how is that any of this like Kirk this was a. President kind of this I haven't spotted at that would have that debate in that argument. That could happen ten years ago. That could have been ten years ago it would have been no different. Nothing to do with Kirk have to do with the it was original argument. And one person wanna heart stop. Stop. Like a telegram 32 Ponce. I shall listen to this and tell me what you take so I don't I don't want slighted I don't care to admit that the top of the car because he's reaching a I've besides the awesome yelling at the he did exactly what you are saying that Hamas was too and am probably do it I don't and b.'s despite me like you're in Iraq to me and obviously feel that way but that. Was normal. Normal also would talk radio sometimes you get going and going and going and if you let someone tests. Verbally explode. You're never gonna Wear a neck rise the sometimes part of a strategy has to be hey oh. I editor are you here and at the heart of it at the heart of it even if if you don't like in Iraq thing. You walk out. You walk out now is not something you walk out for know I would say no but listen not just me everybody's different. Let's go to Stephen a shock because I he steered in the right. I absolutely you'll thank you taking my call your luck gonna tell you why. I think get all of buck personal qualities are just trying to. Giving themselves indebted even more to block Kirk's liking. And I I don't even listen in the morning anymore charity unless you're a lot and I am not just say I struggled to keep the race here that I. Well I'll tell you she comes at a great point each and she put up a good fight and you know she's not them unfortunately. You. Well Amanda restricted to occur and I just I got a goalie but it just call on the ticket champ and now I know that you know it was all these old school like get back. And I mean I'm old school when I used to list or not. Old school not old media is now we'll carry anything oxygen tank. I don't meet all the old used to being. Honest talk sports they have good arguments. But now unfortunately. And because you that your number one which. I believe you're number one simply because that country here. Lots controversy this country is not as. It's just and I'm not trying to get political here but I picked that they had done it has done. Don't tell everybody wants to argue would everybody you know. I he's seen before really go our UN and Mike Ford F 150 truck RUN Mike SM Tyreke can give us a pull on the horn. Yeah. He's seen me I got a stunt gifts and thank you thank you really wanted to pattern. I think if that was a simulation good job. But Steve Steve I would just say this is that you say things change so much but when it comes to the argument. The this how they the argument was being executed he said there's been a lot of arguments when you listen to a ten years ago that argument. With the same as it was for the big the old big show the old Dennis and Callahan Show. The old. Eddie in omens shows I mean this. This is there was nothing different about that argument except one guy had in his head that this is a big enough deal for whatever reason would this person than it was worth walking out. And I agree and I I'm not gonna say that are picking a good race the race he walked out was a good ones simply to keep it from going to get absolutely ridiculous but. I'd notion of rock but he should have you know these are all well. It's. And they just everybody seems to want a black everybody nowadays nobody. It's just the way it's got one and I don't understand why they have to go that way. I'm part Steve appreciate the call and don't plan love. The our our you know listen I am on. Usually Thursdays at odds not Islamic such amity Tuesday a brilliant breaking while I'm whatever anybody I don't have kids out some things easier for someone else and dispatched at the Olympics yeah I won't be here for all of February or into martz because yeah. Primaries. OK everyone there aren't there are people here and team to mossy and team Bradford including Blake in Connecticut. The only. I don't today that it every day with rob Bradford a little case on shining. He. And then. Like all day you know I think that this the whole argument or walking off thing I think this was trying to maybe just like. On it you know my KM. Little bored in retirement nobody's really talking about even over patient anymore what can I do general ban might not want relevant and you know I think you got back to grandma. January ended up doing it and you know hey wait for like a week straighter more would that are built alteration. So dad I've heard that theory before Blake but being here and seeing sort of the ramp up to it. I don't really buy it I don't buy back. As the I don't wanna awesome viewers is doing a one off like things that caught my eye and it may be seen that he's got like five or six that he did get a Providence he had secular prominent spot on the WEEI dot com website. Via a no not now but all day yesterday so thank you for the page views Steve. Oh my goodness I think they'll listen to like nuts it was crazy. You know the ego named Mike from now. Cabinet car is on defense side. Why are you one Dina aside Kevin. Well it should outsource are all but listening to her that he first started here. Sure okay but I like I said earlier maybe you heard me you cannot use loyalty Imus you have to be totally objective. And look at this situation and you know back to him. Bank. Meanwhile other finished was going on he was trying to get the point that you know are allowed. Agents or yeah. Make a point that throughout. Each stroke letter to a well like I want to say yeah yeah. Both arguable that she's yet to articulate it very well a couple of anybody's legion out of every seat belt or so it and it. Thankfully yeah thanks I've been trying really hard I do I do red leather yellow leather red southern yellow leather every single that. Yeah thanks and yeah fighting really hard. So. I have ever since ever since they've probably in the big show back in 2006. Is that gone through and the question throated dad's business there. And had legs and all other. Right now has heart rate. OK pod car IC LE you usually get money on me sentiment coming on someone else Bryant's. Paul. Bomb along the mom mom I love my goodness. Are thinks who's and why's rental buggy. Because he claimed. It took the witness and even pick and give bringing that back outdoors yeah. And that Jim made a whole show about it at all other shows what is the big deal you know. And I did this for a small Paul I didn't say that I in sales are upset at management I said I can see both sides of it and I've come and I toll understand why it's happen. Happening in and I'm probably agree with it. Because. This is a results business it is about the scoreboard there this show coming up is. Under us I pity all sides of it. Right so I don't say that I'm upset at me and I'm not part of who cares. Both come we don't know Noah has sake we got no hash tag and user Obama this is. Less I like being entertained me this is entertaining if you know been specially now we know that it is less an authority in the special guest is going be entertaining to listen to. But it is bizarre to me. That there is that we have a situation where it got locked out of his show. As he is doing it sworn into the microphone or at less than 24. His injured and I look at my watch it now dad Doug O'Dell is up ready if you back up three feet that's how far they're. In that area at south you can simulate that I'm. It's now somehow despite the fact that he is and sunny Florida with this family just enjoying happy is place on earth and let's hope Kirk isn't ruining now for our Miami office. Branded. Is one of these other Google thinks it's all Kirk's well why isn't Kirk Spock explain to me. The mentality. That you created throughout the the station. You know what I will agree that you know would have been around long outlet with their big show and they. Argued or reach other so annoying that I couldn't lift that more. But I think that you know you guys are role he. You need to rating to be successful and where did you get keep getting rating has to do that. What happened yesterday because for the Pat Day and a half all you can talk about is that. And we did as Portland second once I talked pledging Harrison was placed itself that was I can tell you haven't been in the middle of it that was non plan that was nine. Something they drove right to do something for ratings not that I mean if if you know if that's the reason Diaw did it. And for being here from there yeah pairing that much about our ratings and great. Flat that was an op plan. Let that I know that Google the little. Upbeat we're gonna the world when it happens prior we're back with our. You know you make a comment about you know not having more than two people in the room and you know let me finish and everybody finished or are important job in. And that happened. I think. You know Dino got. Whatever you want cock pushed our desire and the driver because I know daddy issues. I think you get you right where you want you he needed this is gonna happen doesn't talk about it all day long. And I'm okay well as sassy I think Kirk it to me and that's oh. And ointment was like pivoting to trough I mean Perkins nothing you do witnessed and and and if if that was due goes goal and hopefully we can ask him he comes in here. But if that was his goal to say hey you know I want to entertain and be relevant whatever well. I would ask him what was the flip side of that because it's a bad look at a guy who built his career route. Do it one way of never walking now and in doing it off for something like that. You can come in here and say on ointment to do that but I don't care Q well I would say well that's dom don't why don't. Oh yes I don't buy the whole it was planned. So. Yeah it's fair while it is 145. Yeah. I feet sorry aren't thus far no sign of John Dennis will Dino faced Bradford. We have one more break oft fine. With what some called the best new data show in Boston investment they've shown a city that's not me being sarcastic I. I happen to like the show a lot right now its board wavered Loney and 48 college Sports Radio. WEEI. It's chassis and this is going. It's going to be a fight. It's going to be fight one guy and a sweater vest. Give the guy I was reading glass but it yeah. And I think it's got to mr. advantage get a begin at all right so you know spoiler alert. John Dennis is not here for the crossover Gerri what they isn't Jerry them. Jerry come on I'm Jay over the cost of over these crossover sponsored by someone now they never smokers. My good friend Terry Thornton who I'm sure we'll have my back for the next four hours. Yet the problem is also good friends with John Dennis who's in the building. It is not coming in to talk to you rob I can you believe this. Jenny I feel like a Mac I'm like Icahn the middle in ought to mean I found a George Harrison and have got the geniuses you'll of god of that Lennon and McCartney won't talk to each other it's its. I do you wouldn't I don't know I don't know Khartoum I've been saying for the last four hours I wanna talk tool I got to he's flat out refuse. That's it yeah oral. Cold shoulder and hot tongue do for for rob Brad did you think that that's the much like the locking out in the middle which show. Do you think that that's the manly thing to do would be tough the professional and did adult thing to do because I don't mainly well again ultimately aren't the war is trying to do and the womanly thing to do whatever. I got ya I know I'd assault he doesn't exist and isn't it just because you don't you think oral went to assist genders Sierra okay. But John Dennis is John Dennis is own person not his own man training on he's going to it's residence at. On the air live also that I think the union address and on the year but my point is is that. I have legitimate questions. That I would like to surface RBI was why do you rate your questions now and get on me and it aren't like when asked what I get content and well I will be my kids out there for some reason and not as rats maybe it'll be addressed between two and I. I am I gonna raise a dollar two to four hour hey you always be an apology yesterday now. Does he owe you an opponent. An adult of the ordinary thing where you asked me ask you know I I don't wanna light hearted all you are widely won what because he walked out of the middle with show that I was on. I don't necessarily agree with the wac and out on the shell OK I don't know they say they don't know the overall it was a personal affront to go and go right. As part of the show all right you're part of the show you wanna meet the reason why you're here for the show you make the show the best that you can the and part of that is staying so when you walked out you leave us unprepared. Tomas unite although we dominated it means to you what you would. I would think that because of that you ought to apologize. For anything I said or he said or Hamas he said my apologize my apologize. Why don't you think. Yeah I can't let's let's try and and it's make an analogy if you were doing say arsenal right here from Brussels say you're doing a podcast. With two other people and one of them got mad at the other and into stormed off and asked you to have to pick up the pieces. Which could be ice if that person got up and struck out I would think it'd be the professional thing to do to pull you aside and they hammering Sartre I act against a nation left in the middle lava. Not sure how I'm gonna do yeah. If collaboration. But what I doodle. You know after I was mad after the fact because he walked on the militia double what they doodle. We you'll sign in with Tomas did you feel your way quietly goes Joe's gonna know. Well I am. I don't know the only thing I did say I said it's with face on the air passage aren't. He's not interrupting you as much as you're saying he's in Iraq is to have a conversation that's why it was baffling to me. But in terms deciding late. We were having a conversation I agreed with some. Question about others. It was unlike it was not unlike any other show. Up and now look at this now you've been mouth to answer questions for a situation you're not even involved and in training that's exactly I was gonna say you guys are asking good questions that's why today I am not. It did you know cable and two to properly however I think. John Dennis will you say does yo you're apology that would depend on whether or not he feels he was in the wrong. And my guess is he probably doesn't sell I'm I would love and I do think this as a do you think Kelly I think it coming up here at the top of the hour with these very special and asked if he doesn't look like he's I don't Arctic as they UP one listener who was listening live through a hang over. Before I'd gotten out of bed that's mileage Jerry palm I was disappointed that I wanted to hear. You know come back Vito and Terry and Gary I didn't give up front nine. Promise me this when it if he says if he says the reason I couldn't take anymore he was in erupting. And that's why I walked out promise you say you think that that after all you've been through your career you think that's a legitimate reason to lock out in the middle of the show. OK any other questions you need me to I am. I don't like yeah hello god it's twelve Brad well. But let me any book if I have to wait for you couldn't say. This line of trying to remember that we're about two guys in here who worked for me. And one of them but John Adams. I move. I teaser teaser t.'s parent. Okay yes listening to big big joke from two until six it is Dino. Jerry and a very special gas will see you back here tomorrow morning Parker and Callahan will be neat. Dean L maybe announce Roemer Bradford happy sad New Year's US anyway aren't you as well. It's.