OMF - Rob Manfred, Commissioner of MLB 8-15-17

Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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It is then a tradition every year. For somebody from Major League Baseball. To participate here in the Jimmy Fund radio telephone with WB EI and NASA now it makes sense in that there was an alignment with baseball from the beginning. Of the Jimmy Fund actually a tie in with the Boston Braves and of the Braves moved out of town the Red Sox had that alignment with Jimmy Fund. And it's now all history so with that Bud Selig we have at Joseph Torre the last couple years and we are happy. To blow welcomed in the commissioner Major League Baseball rob Manfred commissioner great to talk to you. How are you to this morning. We don't well where does it was 379000. Via cell phone and runs pretty good if you are. Are well tonight takes funding omelet we might still get this out of the way early will give it 25000. Dollars get jump over 400000 of them. We aren't we and you take it we will make we will also take. We ask a couple of baseball questions as well and we appreciate obviously everything that Major League Baseball was done over the years. To the Jimmy Fund ray was pretty good here in Boston on Sunday night the Red Sox and yankees not bad nationally either so there was some encouraging news. I'm always I'm been of the feeling that it's not necessarily the length of the game. That's an issue and I'm an all time baseball fan. It's the lack of personality out there right now and I Bryce Harper and others have echoed the same sentiments over the last couple years. Do you believe that Major League Baseball needs to create. More personality. With their players and how you do that. Well let me. Let me start by saying I agree with the idea. That it's not the length of it. Game. That is really our issue. I do I think it is more the pace of our game in terms of the amount of action in the elimination at that time. On making sure that pitchers work with pace so that the team moves the long arm. I am also a believer that in terms of marketing the game what you're what you fans want. Eighties access to players they want access you know it's true all professional athletes. It's true entertainers generally. And I do think that it's incumbent upon baseball to try to work with the players to do is. Fans that kind of access. What are we doing about it we just did it a big deal with a under armour. For the first time in a couple of usual gonna have. Under armour branding on the front uniforms. I'm what do we do that well it obviously you know it's a revenue producer for us but but more importantly. He gives us the consumer brand that is out there pushing our athletes marketing our athletes. Working with our athletes to give fans what they're bored with their look for. What's another example I think both the home run derby and the upcoming players we can our opportunities. To take directly out of the quintessential team game. And focus on those individuals seesawed in the home run derby with players military judge. And if you're gonna see that on players we get with the opportunity did you know in a little looser atmosphere. Give players an opportunity to dictate to give it an insight into who they are. You know commissioner Doug I agree with you by the would basically within the gay people want more action and I think one of the things that I really enjoyed. But the last couple years it seemed cute come up from AAA the patient which he throws the baseball because he's already kind of accustomed to pitch clock we'll get used to pitch clock in Tripoli is this. Almost inevitable next year in your mind if you can get the players association to agree on. While you would we are very supportive. Of the idea of a pitch clock come obviously we'd like to make an agreement with the players association. I'm that changes for next year. I think he's not always been a deal guy when it comes to the MLB PA. It's the best way to proceed but I think it pitch clock is really important remember all the things that happened in the game right we shall 300 pitches again. And and every few seconds matter. And I think we have been effective in terms of using the experiment in the mightily to do two things number one. To show it does move the game along and number two would give our players an opportunity to get used to. Bomb a pitch clock and you know a substantial majority of our players have played with a pitch clock now when they're in the minor leagues and they played effectively enough that they made it to the major leagues so I think they can get used to it in big league games as well. There are others assert there's a lot going on you know in this nation right now. And you know be reached look at other sports like the NFL owners specifically the NBA. You see a lot of these athletes speak yup we're speaking out on social issues are just normal political issues. I don't really feel like I see it from Major League Baseball an idea of why. Well I mean look we wheat have never. Obviously done anything to prevent our athletes from speaking their mind that we I do expect and players like Adam Jones who spent quite outspoken. On social issues I do think that. A lot of us in the game including me believe that I'm the best way we can comment. Issues is by the way we act. Is opposed to what we say. And if you think about it we have a workforce with tremendous diversity. Terms of race. Country of national origin country of origin on native language. Our political beliefs and you get people all over the political spectrum and I think the best statement you can make is that diverse group the human beings goes out every single day and place the quintessential team game and that's an example. That I think merit some attention. We here at the complaints people have it and I agree. The link to the game is non issue. But we hear a lot of complaints about different aspects of of baseball and obviously you are already talking about remedying some of those issues that you have. It says something a baseball right now that you look at that your research tells you we've got to do something about this and we're not talking about it. But I think the single biggest focus for us the unity is the issue that time and there's been a lot of conversation about it. Bomb I think for us. That their view is if we can take out those moments in the game work. Nothing that affect the competition. Is going on in the field who can shorten up those periods of time including things like commercial breaks. That that that will improve our product on the field and if it in it will not we won't be changing the gain in a way. They could alienate their fans there quarks and audience you know you have to be really careful baseball about change. I'll be you know people are so invested in our game. They eat eat eat you know they they get very. They excited about the prospect of making it change it's gonna change it it's been altered the competition on the field and so we've been very careful let's try to avoid that. Your commission idea a kind of feel that way too I'd like to game the way it is but I have to admit. The World Baseball Classic when you put him in on second base in the tenth inning UCB 1718 inning game it's almost like the baseball version of the shoot out in hockey. I kind of liked it and I kind of felt like people within almost come back to the game and attempt to see what happens. Was that a situation at the scene of World Baseball Classic that you liked that you might recommend. Look at you you know what we started experimenting. With the extreme rule in the very low minor leaks and you know we we did that because. A lot of those games and that there's not people in attendance. They're played in very warm areas during the summer. And there's not a lot of developmental reasons to play eighteen innings stretch and punitive doesn't it just and that no reason for. Are we then used it in the WBZ I'd like did in the WBZ but I know there's a lot of pain and resistance a lot of traditional list. Resistance to it to it to this kind of rule but I share you view. Armed and determined like the WBZ I'm not suggesting a bit of bringing it to the big leagues right now. But in the term elected WBZ I think that extra inning rule is a real positive and produces some excitement. Commissioner we thank you for calling in and joining us here on the WB and Indonesia and what it's like 5000 dollar check was pretty good as Walt. But I like this. Rate Pataki in there and thanks for the good work you guys do on behalf of the Geneva. Thank you thanks Irish life. That's rough math.