OMF - Rob Manfred gets roasted for calling World Series trophy a “piece of metal”; Sox trying to use social media influencers to promote team

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Tuesday, February 18th
HOUR 3: The Red Sox are not following the lead of players in baseball ripping the league and Rob Manfred for the cheating and subsequest investigation. Manfred is getting roasted today by players across MLB for calling the World Series trophy a "piece of metal". Does Manfred know the trophy is literally called the Commissioner's Trophy? The Red Sox have reportedly reached out to local social media influencers to help promote the team. Is this a sad, new low for the Sox or is this how teams promote themselves in 2020? Mark Cuban says he is thankful MLB did not let him buy a team years ago when he made an attempt. 2-18-20