OMF - Rob Ninkovich stops in, discusses James Harrison's old man strength, his time with Alex Guerrero 12-29-17

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Friday, December 29th

HOUR 2 - James Harrison only has a few days of Patriots practice to work off of yet he'll probably see some playing time. Butch and Buck ponder on is motivating the 39 year old linebacker at this point in his career. Rob Ninkovich pays us a surprise visit and sits down to discuss Alex Guerrero in Foxboro, James Harrison, and why Jacksonville wants to stay out of Gillette this post season.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Any part of that process is there is some element estranged distancing a guy like James hasn't been for so long losing. Arrival in uniform is on Muirfield in your uniform. There's the national football captain obvious policy isn't the historical epic proportions groups known. Volcano eruptions and earthquake quickly and Lou in Christian. The moment. To push us from Washington. We're job. Martinez that we don't have to rest sellers hope he gets you. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI yeah. Nobody strikes me in the question about the beginning of the show whether if you had your choice. And many free agents do. If you wanna play under all that comes along with the scrutiny of Boston and stretching we talked a dumb according. The pass and a lot of adversity if you are patriots. And he knows he's been here so. You don't get a lot of the stuff that them whether it's created or not that the odds nice. I need it when you say as a lot of adversity your your narrowing the focus to wins and losses and Super Bowl parades and all the cool stuff the comes with that but that if the deal fall from Erin in its views and grave most of the plays to set out let's talk about it but bill had to walk into the room. And talk about or mobile. And that that was his big distraction as any team is probably at Boston. And while the players may have put a bowl for us all an ugly is focus on Cincinnati and you know whatever they were saying. Do you think privately. They were talking about that. Oh no doubt though they weren't yeah I mean you'd that there must have been nonstop. Chattering going among patriots players. One of your teammates and if you if you buy into the whole we are one family. Nothing pleases ruled the overall for the common good all the cliches that you want to pilot a pro football team. All okay bite into that one moment for the purposes of this. One of their family members went out and kill people when. Killed one person allegedly killed more than one I'll play it you know of a play the quick dictionary here. And did did anybody see economy was at CTE. Where they're warning signs did anybody ignored that inadvertently. That's the kind of stuff they must have been talking about day in day out during that period and so would you say that they never faced any adversity get an unmarked disagreeing with you. I'm just at taking that word adversity and and in guiding it away for wins and losses in applying it to something alive agree with you I don't think that's. Applies to the scrutiny part of the Lakewood they scrutinized anymore. After that and they would have been in any other talent to the degree to we're all asking about in this as weak as William Lloyd. I guess. I'm just seeing if you're a Petri a computer where where his wacko laws on yeah. If you are you went in post game will be down the end on the left. About six pockets of where you get that back to them. Government or fuel coming in on Wednesday in that door. It was seven rate lock is now on the right ever exactly where he was that. It's who's this happens it. Who was stressing near him what was you know that's the kind of stupid stuff if thing to 6177797937. We go to Kevin in Rhode Island is next with Bok. And butch hello Kevin. They're out there. And so I mean let's be honest hardware in our early twenties and it's obviously for the NBA players coming. When they're 181920. Years old are material there just isn't there so we don't really don't get Richard. I'm myself when I was in business. Younger. I didn't picture into two while bringing a lot now in my leader twenties. I feel like I can take extreme uses fuel to propel myself even further than I thought I was able to for so. You don't want to start off. Probably wouldn't wanna come somewhere like Kyrie being from in my entire life but. Want to know the use debt and turned to fuel really makes a difference in Cuba would accept proposals to. Let me ask you question what do you do for work what industry you're. I mean BE. Retail business. So I sort of multiple different companies and later the picture too well. So what to what don't you talk about scrutiny free U we talked social media like what type of scrutiny have you faced that in your words has propelled you. On our. From peers from. Those that are about. And even from from family members elk just. Just not being able to do what you what you're capable of doing because you're maturity level kind of just block. I think I think you make a great point buck whenever somebody calls up here and tries to relate. What we do and our normal lives to professional athlete usually fall short of me but I think Kevin is making a good point here that you know when you're young. You don't you're not equipped to handle the scrutiny usually but then you and what's true and you did we have at that age. Yeah you're right but I remember when I first get in the media I wasn't ready for feedback. I thought I'd still vote. What I was thinking during the its the division series. And Raphael devers is one years old and and he's he's twenty years old voting for this country is not this country he he speaks very little English Davison crisis. One of the media relations assistance. On the Red Sox is required to be on hand to translate for him. And I'm thinking to myself when I was twenty years all I could barely find a way to you know I'm on the Red Line from Central Square in wherever. And here's this kid twenty years old played Major League Baseball high stakes Major League Baseball playoff baseball. In it as you pointed out in it in a media market with lots of scrutiny and expectations we get a win it every year. And twenty years old and it may be may be. This has been posited by Ortiz knows me would affect it. He he he doesn't speak English were in his favorite is he's not going online and you know what what's Buckley writing with puts parents saying and TV. What award way that he insulated from saint. And I don't know I mean and this is all guesswork at this point but I I still find it. Credible that some of these Japanese can communion at incredibly mean and Isiah Thomas is all the obviously. But it means has to particular car accident takes that that that injury in the face and which with what's probably a lot with serious I think we do. Glad made that periodic on the show earlier in the season. I'm I'm I'm I'm not going. None none none none. And he fractured his jaw that we that's a yes yes they scoop on the island well as you bring it up look at Jason take. Look at Jason Tatum I mean I actually didn't event with him he plays like 27 among the right a month before the season in my first impression it was an event with. Up from Rockland trust and I hosted it and it was a Q and it would their client would Paul Pierce and him. And everybody in that room a hundred people or so came when it was like it's nineteen years old when you play college basketball. Duke if this is the first time he's played basketball reading it and recalls this is that something. Like that but the make sure that camera the maturity on Gerdes you were. The maturity on him. So I guess when we talk about the scrutiny of Boston talk about a young can you brought devers. But it's nineteen year old Q Jason Tatum now Brad Stevens is put him into a great situation. But the kids averaging fourteen point two gained almost six rebounds a game. And he's the real deal he's one of the best three point shooters in the NBA. So the successes obviously helped him. Is she the exception as it's a guy that right away so far Celtics career weakened safe rides off the scrutiny of Boston. What dot did was on Rondo was very immature and I I accused immaturity. Would have been more pro announced worry not playing with Ray Allen Kevin Paul Pierce is Ian and Kevin Garnett. And Hattie Hattie bin an island unto himself. On a team avoid young players I think he he might have been about it. Problems 61777979. 37 Steve Buckley Butch Stearns in for OMF we are to Clark taking your calls. Text at 37937. According calls it 617779. 7937. Brian Garvin taking your calls and take on James Harrison we talk to them according the last hour about that him coming in. It's it's a little unusual highly unusual for someone from an art thing right danger guest from her front arch rival the command. At the end of the season at the end of the potential championship run. After story game they just played the can down of the final play and now be apart of which are which are take on Harris spare part. Depth. But the end of it. I do believe it's not a big deal to ballots checked the ways mine works in terms of bowl we played with a part to Steele is he's now with us. I I believe him. I don't put a lot of what he says conceit is that stuff away I've seen the film yet I have to look at he knows exactly what. Happened in a certain player but he he can brush it off with C would both say is. The B play during a game that debt merits a question during the postgame presser. And then the question will be asked. Why I've seen the film yet when you can get and then the next day you ask the same quote. Civil war on the next news and that's. What we have in our open and I was that Susie Colbert was in Foxborough NTS on if you have that Ryan where. She asked about James Harrison and. Is there any part of that process is there is some element of strange distancing not physical like James Harrison for so long was. Arrival uniform is on Muirfield in your uniform and I don't they can be found but is there any part of you that I. Constant is a little strain in Iran and so we're that this the national football. I actually believe they'll and that yes could be. Please oh please don't it's that. Mean. Look at an eighteen it's the national football players team changed things and that's that's if theaters. Something on person. It's just witness. It's based on the June August and Martina every week it's as if you have somebody on our team was with another team we play against. That's why is it really the national football and college there's no change teams professional. And that are here but. I don't know what I. So it is somewhat unprecedented. Act. These are a deck and an iconic NFL players would lead zinc and decided Belichick however it's not Giordano a go round column that you chuck chuck. I just I wasn't done yet actually yet he misses were clarified offices and historical. There ya Dana. And see this is some big historical event. Signing James Harrison it is this is where I disagree with Belichick if you let me get the floor from skews me. Bill is bill we're all government is where it is a little unprecedented in that. He is would he is a player instantly identified with it pre teen correct. Yes and a hundred years and now to the degree that anybody talks but the terrorists and it will be as a Pittsburgh steeler. Unless he makes that he'll go into the hall of fame with the Steelers capitalists the nicest you know incredible play solo more and more. Mean like the block they're only played what three seasons with the Red Sox he played but while he is the Dodgers but he's known. As the Red Sox are correct or no defining moment yeah well obviously if he does something good or bad. In a playoff game he might be known as a patriot but he is a steal so it is it is a big deal but. I believe Belichick in this respect. That the way he once he shot it because it goes back to when Tebow this year of all it's going to be used rashes. No because that's the way he runs he shot. And I just spoke these exact words 24000 on Alex that they would real lout Tim Tebow once or twice a week you know sent a low rope line. And in me you re seed Jeff out carrying him and everybody who needed a minute or two with Tim Tebow would. Be on the I was out of the rope while the question Adam questions and he answered CAC yours alone. Stacy or somebody would step in and in we will LaMont end of distraction. So I believe that the way he went to shot he's got this guy's like a player for another team yet it it is on precedents are side. But I think I speak I think the way he runs the team. Makes that was problematic and we would like to make it and it's a great talk radio topic it's a great part topic. It's a great topic the use atomic talk about a TV of. Port cities it but I'm fat I'm always fascinated in Foxboro about how many veterans. Coming here. And it's feast or famine either works hundred does and I think according why mentioned George Galloway of the day rightly got oh why don't think oh Joseph are Galloway is JJ stokes then stubs was at the very very in the history with the late Torre all that's your right. My thought it was like Mike cloud and bring in late in the season okay. What this is could be later in the season for James Harrison but while that's our caucus Galloway is it was in training yes there is training camp but I'm always fascinated how. Many veterans. Coming here in 88 and use the oceans are usually that he either works or it doesn't. So when you say big part the odds are that's what it is going to be for James Harrison even if he sticks around. But look at last year. Chris Long and Martellus Bennett. Perfect fit partly because they accepted their role. They just accepted their roles for what are what is yet. And may exceeded at their roles and I think that's the biggest difference in Foxborough. Steve DeOssie always talks about his team Freddie always hammer this point but the Aussie played for Belichick hammers it is at. Well the reason the Eric les and the marquis flowers and these unheralded guys are able to flourish. Is the do your job thing and while it's corny it's true when they get in trouble marquis flowers on the edge gives up the edge and tries to common side. To tackle. Com who's running back from buffalo his name escapes me who's really good with it would do a really good job stopping the soaps and larger point is. They if he stays outside and does his job it's like a glove Edwards Robert well. Yes to your job well so James Harrison's playing time will be dictated on how well he exceptions rule. And does his job I'm just always fascinated by because James Harrison right now at the end of his career as an opportunity yet another rank and nobody asked Tom that because he's got two with a static. But with a baseball perilous ten seconds to the patriots gaining Harrison. For a guy that came in at the end of the season you know what you're Royce Clayton was a veteran big league shortstop I think one of the years that maybe you'll seven or four. But the Red Sox going into the post season they brought him in in September just when shortstop depth. The last couple weeks of the season wasn't a post season roster to hunt around. Might yeah gamer through and you bring your guy and because you have meetings and you say OK do we need to add depth everywhere. So I think so they pride in him as as a stopgap at shortstop in case you needed backup help. And they need a prison he was a sign there of trees in the season even with someplace else or retired. That's kind of what ICG terrorism that. A look at what's Clayton has penetrated totally make to the phones we go to Jimmy in the films on the bucket butch hello Jamie. Playing without palate you know it kind of really confused me about the complainant on on the Pittsburgh team a lot of those guys can even when it rains whipped. Content and back yeah. Any patent played crime Bernanke told me once again box and little wacky welcome when they're young buck. Wink wink at the time people basically are actually amateurs men and when there. And intent on. Touch on have been upping Jacoby yelled very weak spot I mean for years it goes back Red Sox player who's going to eat the Yankee. And no one not the best shots ever cry. Well I don't forget your I'd Jimmy I get your point but it was a little different because all those guys you mentioned left. Mom and signed for for more money. The count out I don't really know he did set it aside for more money because the patriots wouldn't give it to negated Danny Amendola but you're right I. I'm the kind of yet four million dollars. Right but the patriots weren't giving them. Leading given the money but you're quite novel idea again Almonte I would throw out Jimmy cheerleading eating turned down more money here. He wanted to stay here Tom Brady wanted him to stay here. But getting them about I get your point your point is that when they left the patriots at least we didn't hear them publicly cry over spilled milk. I can imagine if you got Brady and candid moment how he felt about Wes Welker leaving a a a he was not happy about that. I doubt doubt and I don't blame them I remember that and you go. You know in under deception got a year by. We've been paid to play and not the other thing about the key to leave a key guitar completely believe. Well yes now we're championship game take you know coach sticking out I can't I can't play take me out and now. The plays an impassioned that it was in the basket it it boggles my mind that that's the difference between them and went in Pittsburgh. And I guess so. Morrow. That's the one of the differences you know England Pittsburgh bark. Was Clayton Boyce claims released by the blue jays August 23 or something 2007 signed by the Red Sox. Public ate at bats in September of strictly is depth. In case they needed some stopgap. That the second or third shortstop I don't know what their bench was that year. But that they had Lugo obviously was the starting shortstop and that that's that's what you do latency and you you you pick up a guy and I think they'd what makes this more interesting. And newsworthy. Is is the fact that we're talking about a guy who played many many years with with 818. With which you'll always be again. 61777979837. Steve Buckley butch earns. Right back to the phones thought of the day would you wanna play under the scrutiny of Boston think about it. In Detroit. Elbow he'll month mean payment. Some classic to lead back for more we're back with more. Report lemur moaning and 48 fox Sports Radio. Celtics' big win last night. Rowling's latest loss to the capitals. Referees. James Harrison patriots jets. Would you wanna deal with the scrutiny embossed and talk about all of a Steve Buckley which burned to go to Stephen Rhode Island who's next. Here on alana I Steve the state. Our horse is Boris it's mostly here a couple hours of sports talk radio cool new system. Don't always see league excellent at 2 o'clock they'll tell us. It's got on our numbers supports. As what I wanted to call you are are you know and I think it's real PG. It okay are if your question outdoor well what he's all all of hockey whatever you recognized organization when you know. And you can stick penalty and huge it is being watched it from another eight. You know you guys talk about class and our products on the press like a lot you're in the late are now more. Probably not true and wouldn't you know you'd buy yours well that's not only do what they do and so as I so when you're a veteran I. I'd act. And I'm like yeah I mean. Kaman play like oh lashed out and you know curtain that was a real outlook that was a real hit you know for the Red Sox you know to get our. I doubt that hurt a lot and about a guy I don't. Your dog I think geeky. Or art or well. They had. So women and T what what's that equity dissent if Europe row. Is David Price a pro. Well that's the thing you know we thought he doesn't. Lot of action and what your emotional and historical the national all player. He got home didn't act like a rock acts like a lock. And yet in a real easy way our show they are at the I doubt she. It didn't talk. On any. Part. Yeah he is an art to how well they are then I'm gonna go to the tree. On the street where your own. I took out one last eight talking about Harris and are we all part of a question and I'll roll sports PGO. Hopes that it will approach or street. We missed you this killer out there and we already know I don't steal it themselves. I'd give YouTube's into Red Sox in the I don't know though the jets charge stop stop stop the jets. You'll beat the jets are obsessed with the patriots late Ramallah Rex Ryan Clark. During training camp. Over the charges I'm winded cadets to live daily homicidal league dance and. Believe that they are are technically only her and him talking about our cues we when talking about. Petri real moral we. I would agree with that and and I I wrote a piece on that because air and the example I used so but a number years ago. I want to do a story and I'm sorry you've registry before and what to do a story on Rosevelt Colvin going back to Indianapolis to sell popcorn at you RCA dome music hidden. Well the gain was. Like three weeks down the road but I want to do is beat Sunday features of what we don't play them. Excellent and I said no it's a feature it's gonna run this is an about the team it's about you. Growing up in Indianapolis and what it was like rooting for the melt but we played him thanks we. I know Rosie but unit and he just would and then. Couple weeks later say of Oreo let's talk about me so popular at and that's what they teach Downey you to laugh at it you'd but the fact of the matter is. That's the way they conduct their affairs. And when it would probably it would Tomlin made those comments about a gain at least 23 weeks down the road I was very surprised that at a coach in NFL team would do that. That's that's what I'm saying I don't ever would call. You can talk about Rex Ryan I mean I he's such desperate peaking that's like yeah I don't think we reached out he's talking about that I mean I look at that you actually me. And three weeks and he's talking about the training camp. And a market accused Belichick's rings remember that stuff. So our point. Why I think the calls that came here to kiss bill Belichick's you know range. It was at the Monday before the game against the patriots failed savings and I also think he's got a selective memory because the Celtics and lakers in the eighties when obsessed with each other. It war I mean it was ridiculous I was a bit about his point about David Price. Simple question for you buck what's prices problem. What you'll. Oz you like. But what what's he's issue. Really what's his issue. Well if you had to guess I mean I'm not I I'd I'd do not I cannot answer that question Aaron on a guy be a never. Hung out with them in and see he never wrote a story us charity I'm not a sports psychologist but. You go back to his days with Tampa Bay and he'd complained about David Ortiz battling the moment he seemed to assessed. With players who who who style model runs a stone fresher. And and listen I was old school as anybody. But I I love it when I would Beltran did that couple yeah but that's a that's awesome baseball's the only sport. Where the creation of office is he said solemn occasion to keep and honorable bases and all that where is you know guys was it going to argue that all the late. Aren't at the bullet. And in football cause spikes the ball basketball. You know ambulances the whole show going and after a three pointer. And paste it all right you can doubt the look at don't admire. And we need more that we need more belts trains were teases of baseball and and so prices are keeper of the flame people of the G-8 or about hanky I mean he's just that's just the way he has. And and I were talking once nieces who role models he grew up in Nashville Tennessee. And and of a map the US in front of him creature that is Atlanta Braves country. And he talked about his two role models growing up or Maddux and Glavine because they were very businesslike. Blocked off the mound and tip your cap and and that's the way they weren't that fully grown so at least IC part of it. But this and he had that probably had he had problems with the announcers and before he came to Boston it wasn't just the X thank. So I sold the easy answer the question he's just just a little uptight. Until there's a more intelligent way to put it but that's what I come down. All we talking about this. Here. The modern day aptly to comes to Boston there's a lot of guys. Who. They tune it out or at least they say they do right they just tune it out he's not able to do that. I mean he's clearly got rabbit ears. Com. She's been handed to us James Harrison. James Harrison sending this out an instrument if anybody thought I signed a two year deal with the team in the NFL at age 39 to sit on the bench and collected check and participation trophy they're mistaken. I didn't sign up to sit on the bench and be a cheerleader. I was clear about that when I sign and I was told I'd be on the field when I signed. When I was asking for records when he signed the contract on the field that may be. When I was asking for reps in camp I'd gotten on I got lip service he's talking about the Steelers here. I got lip service though we know what you can do you don't need the reps but I know what my body needs in order to be in shape to compete and I said so. But still zero wraps so again this is Harrison. Sending this out on in mr. Graham. Three minutes ago. At least on this was printed so this was just three minutes ago if I'd be traced back in about the Steelers and the guy got his talk on the patriots owner read it again this is Harrison talking about the Steelers. Anybody thought I signed a two year deal with the team at the NFL at the age 39 to sit on the bench collected Jack and participation trophy their mistake. I didn't sign up to sit on the bench and be a cheerleader. I was clear about that when I signed and I was told I'd be on the field when I signed. I was asking for reps in camp I'd got I got lip service. Though we know what you can do. You don't need the reps but I know what my body needs in order to be in shape to compete and I said so but still zero wraps. So on Friday for its first game with the patriots. I would imagine. They're just. About to go on the field if knock it off the field in Foxborough. Com. He sent in the south right now to Steelers it's well because he's being viewed as the bad guy in Pittsburgh who's on his own teammates are calling about. Some of the ten bends was on the ifs this show a couple of days ago. Back in Pittsburgh his hometown he's talking about it so I eased dependents up under a problem at different. Quality data. Steve you are raised his legacy. Steve Buckley butch -- we come back quick break any former patriot news' face the scrutiny of Boston fans. Join us in studio right after this keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now. Plus Sports Radio. Only four days but. The boys had a day off the torch burns and Steve Buckley thought would be great. To know what they're thinking in Foxboro your veteran player. You get your four wins away from another parade in Boston but it be nice if we kind of all Rudnick. Beaches here we'll have such a person at all I'm following out as we speak our rob I carrier so let's ask the questions been asked a million times you coming back. And I've got a freeze myself to them. Don't let them I was did you someone asked that question you had a beer any chance he had a few Beers. Ones and well I mean I really have enjoyed myself. This year it's been really fun. I think up to seven year and a house I don't know which are playing left foot come lately to 655 pounds you know. But at the same time I'm Enron and so now I'm good but really had a fun time with my family and I've been you know traveled around and doing everything that I wanted to do. During the four reporters so them. I'm a fan Nauman huge fan I go to the games. I drank I he'd have fun to cheer a yo woman you know but the bad play and so you know it's fun you. So here we are going to the final game against the jets patriots. Again four wins away from a possible not a parade. You miss it mourn now that may be training camp for beating or yeah I mean you missy deathly miss it when it's cold out here into the season changed a few leaves change and fall winter you know I've always. Been playing football notes notes it's. It's human nature to miss it where you've been doing your whole life votes you know at the same time. I miss it but that'll mess of the pain and soreness in the the beating they take so. I'm I'm happy that comment at this place right now in my life you know I'm a good time and join my kids and you know that the patriots are their own role so. Hopefully have the jets sir you know Marty have a vacation plan and they you know it is going to hurt out there are some of the pitchers and his steam roll you know. Turn the Mike on decision watch in here right I looked up the piece of wood on seven years ago but you can't let him steel workers and I still can't announce the names of guts starts and it's a dates they command or are nearing an armory here. There is here welcome back Stephen's putt starts of his size that it and Boca that that's two mothers see their father and mother's side. Any to convince it's such it's. Since destitute in a chance to go back in the steel that I am working business and built skyscrapers and bridges are like all ten of my digits I don't really I don't wanna lose a finger. You're you told me dad told me that you actually they actually had you worked. Ian bridge when I worked there were the top there was a mean it that the story has gotten a little crazy as the years go on it's like a tall tale to get can't exaggerate you have a hundred stories you know I mean I was at the faxed it to flavor their story I Errol if it arousal it was a little scary for me out fifteen years old but I made life. I mean five grain in the week it was it was a good week so. You know those guys I have a ton of respect for any time bar worker guys that are outside right now I mean imagine. It look at look at your round you're around I'm looking outside right now. Yeah they're they're dated Lola ninety feet from it and I were also are lower than liberal or are right now anyway because I love it but. Yeah of those guys it doesn't matter if it's arteries outside. Or outside this one degrees that are outside and so my dad. Preached to me rob you know aren't working anything in the trades it's a young man's game and your young. 1819 years old are making good money you get in these you know you get into it and then 155. Orange offices. This is this is real stuff so are at a time respect for parents you are an NFL veteran young one put an NFL veteran became defunct or 2009. James Harrison sort of at the other end of the spectrum so this two part question. Why will it work for Harrison here how much of it is up to him why did it work for you because it doesn't for a lot of ads. Wallace swing five you know I was young yes you still trying to make I was still like hungry I had. Yeah I was I was on grid from through brick wall in that arm. So. You know he's 39 from. That's that's not a spring chicken in balance that he's played linebacker to Sony's recorder back in part upon being forty. It's amazing what he's doing but he is not hitting someone. Every play. He's being hit maybe five times the ten times and that's too much you know rolling on it tomorrow so. You know we all see him you know whose real strong. You know my data still brick my hand that he's got a handshake in NYC so I mean strength is. Everyone's got strength you know owners Riordan older old master right now does benched upon weight it's just what you have when your older so. I think for him it would be. X you know. Being explosive. Costs. Turn the corner you know that's what's the stuff that that's what as you get older starts it is fatal way but succeeding with the patriots. Where so many other veterans of command and it just doesn't work. Where he's got the edge and except he's got all our games match yet to did you really have to accept his role though was that the key. I think the hardest part right now is there's one team left in the season and what is his role his role right now is going to be headaches that he would stop the wrong as they did their networks though league is four's you know yards per carry. Round rush attempts so. They need somebody that can come in. Sets up nose wherever he's that on the set and hard edged. Let everyone else. Coming make the play you know if you make the play great but if you stop some of the runs at the edge and everyone else is there at a bottle up the run that's his job. If you consider the possibility of him making significant play against say while with burger in the FC title game I mean. There's a possibility to make a play I mean but I think everyone. This makes it that much more of a big deal because always going to be yet because it's just you know James Harrison you know but. There on the other slips out of it. There's a lot of other pieces to it that have you fall on the place that that happened so first of all Leo when they get there. Both teams you know with the patriots and the Steelers have to win to get there FC championship. Rob Ninkovich is here butch down Steve Buckley phone calls if you'd like to chime in at 617. 77979. Did you settle through to the wolves take a caller to debt on Wednesday 61777979837. I since you've been on the other side. Your take on when bill steps to a podium and on does has dealt today obviously I want this for hours it's on my wife just makes my day in the Harris and you know electric questions that if there. Now it's in its its class that uses facial expressions and you know like the question that somebody asked them who's would you. Not approved. If it was your son your adult son that was your adult son. Had brought some homes up and down there and improve our margins there as I armaments open you know it's appropriate. My children my children. That's appropriate. Children. And I coach football team. She admitted it and he you know he actually said to done there are several weeks before that he he has. 'cause. Luck didn't choose a weird way to ask the question yes you know I give credit markets the one who comes out in Alaska a lot of those questions in the house and offbeat questions that we report that. Belichick gave the same type of cancer reflux and up at the end of egos. You know the past. Problems. In the rose taught. What I mean you know guys they either delayed Alan Greenberg says his questions about it Hartford current and he he. And M when it would Allen died very young. Bill with very old news in news. How much he actually enjoyed it even take it's just. So what I get robbed us insight on what is when Belichick doesn't wanna talk to us about something. Then he does talk to you guys. Mean the only time we really see it. He's in the patriots all access stuff after a game. Where he'll admit in that moment. How powerful when it was what it meant the time to put it behind you time to move on we sort of get some insight of what he's been saying in all weeklong what does he see all weeklong that we don't hear. I mean billed as a great job and that's where is the best of all time. You know give you three of three to five things you have to do to win. You know if you do this each position group as if the team if we built this this in this give us three things you know. They can be different every week but. We do this this in this. These are the keys to victory so that's the best thing about. In of those having something you can just OK if we do these three things. Or when the game don't turn the ball over and works O works every time you know works every time because he's a genius you know when it comes the coaching. Different guys different personalities you know it's like. For example James Harrison I mean the guy's a little different. You know it doesn't talk to the media much heat on as in his own little bubble there he likes you know it was a big strong guy likes to work. You're old school work also Lorca heavyweights I don't know I was in these deals are working right now. So you know that he's gonna get the best out of always gonna put him in the positions that. Probably are known and whose best suited for him and then look at the most we of the old school where that guy you know me today. Nawaz. Old school. Mixture I mean I'm a mixture them. If I was an Alex would be enough on the road gators tables you know if you if you got to have a little bit of strength via an that's kind of my philosophy got a I I think as a athlete there is definitely. Some part of you know being flexible you have to be flexible I was naturally flexible at birth I can always be very limber and move around it was just easy forming. Some guys are stiff but he is or kitchen remodel as bridges like a ballerina outfit in his flexibility and intelligence to do it and thousands of stories. Accident just you have to have some aspects of everything that's on I'm a firm believer in that everybody's different like me personally. You put a thousand pounds in my back its market how it's gonna hurt me so like I need to yes you have to be strong you have to you know. Squat into all those things but I had to do it differently in everyone's different phones there did you ever work with Alex. Yes I would work with and I'd I'd think that what he does is awesome I think it's great but I'd also believe that. Everyone's a little bit different than I would take some things that day and Alex would do him. Implement that and come in my training and if I had something going on with the remorseful over some things he'd work army wants and I had a rib injury. And man that if I had debt we are in Oakland. It was like a stretch run and I set the edge now extended with far right arm and McFadden but his head down and just hit me right mannerisms are going full speed. And I was like I couldn't even I was like paralyzed from pain couldn't move couldn't talk. Wind knocked out of me and I Don some. Or religion or something in there so light. You got that thing in just rolled like a massage among Koreans after I'd gotten hit there like the next couple days obviously you know painful it is. You know but it I mean. It's like you know major pain. You know break the pinky and the pain on the other side a hand the other hand they weren't worked I was able. Some to run and certain place in are played. And missed the play and missed anything so. So it's not uncommon that athletes have apparently go outside counsel and training insulin baseball players Albany upbeat performance in Scottsdale. For instance they haven't hole two month workout program and go to spring training them would you admit though it is than usual to have basically two different training. Staffs are two different train outlooks philosophies in one building. I am in no you use at most teams have there. One person you know this is what the team does and then that's how they'd that's how they'll work so. It's not uncommon to have that one thing that everyone is training on and then have other people like I worker of Brian McDonough. At a EPS sports. I worked with him during the lockout and you know had a shoulder surgery that year. And labor and done so I had no offseason training with the team no offseason. You know rehab with the team so I had to do that all my own I did go to outside edge rehabilitation. And then I had to train somewhere so I went with Brian. So after a term primer and while this is great works well hockey players for the course of a lot of growing strength it's a lot of things that uses a football player but. You know I learned there so that you learn along the way and then as you age because you have to change as you get older you can't do. I can't do the same work out that at 23 year old right you might know little. And I what's been suggested by some people read all these stories that he stepped on some toes that regular training staff was that ever an evidence during your. Time to tell you I just don't know I mean I can't speak for you know anybody that's in the building because I'm not there anymore but. You know I think that you could have a situation where you know if somebody. Say for instance from squatting 500 pounds you know and I'm like you do the I can't anymore he would do that while we develop White House like 23. And then somebody says don't do that don't squat so that that's where there is there you can you can have that you know you can have the two sides and do that do. Do that don't do that serve. Don't do this and do that so that that through my contention that there can be tension let's lab is actually with bill on this one because he I don't the people will see bill passed through. He's the head coach Wright yes he has a program. And that's this program so. You can't have. You don't want a 25 year old linebacker says on one squad wanna do something else like you have to have it's a structure. And that's the way that football team is wrong so you know that's just the way it is. 617779. Sierra we get another two hours to go on on math taking your phone calls text to 37937. Two part question that I think is simple question but I'm curious your answer why will there be another parade here we worry about that the patriots won't get it done. Why will they because it does the best team in Florida. We've seen it why you know the thing that does worry me is. Sometimes. A team as of powerful powerful offense with multiple weapons. They move the ball a little bit so keep Tom off the field keep Tom off the field Tom possession you know that's the we saw that. What Miami did yes what did Robert do rumbles of running the ball holder called time of possession don't give them a lot of opportunities. And you know that's that's come on the formula you know you keep Tom off the field. Keep the defense on the field Tom position. On the ball third down conversions. You know that's those are the things that hurt you so. Hopefully you know they can get some guys back in. If they can stop the run that's key and there are going to be playing teams that rumble so now that you look at Jacksonville they got a good running. Running game. Don't project. Such as it was in the first round you never know but you know they want whenever and all patriots and was a Kansas City in the first rounds so be careful please they won't they won't win up here Jacksonville freeze you know but Tom. I just think that you play a team. That has a running game and and the playoffs everything's that's open open now it's not. The regular season to the playoffs is completely different people urges. It just landed on the line everybody so it's it's a lot more. It's a lot more challenging and then also. You know it's one of those situations where maybe that's why they brought James in Paris and because he's an older guy he's been in playoff games and made big big plays in super bulls. And you know you gotta be young group young teens. We did in those big situations. It's it's kind of one of those. You know you don't want frees up you wanna go out there plays so. I'm on the firm reliever and big time players make big time plays in big time games so you know as the season progresses here and get some big time games come and we'll see you. Who comes out makes some place rob thanks stop my death thanks guys I could pitch former patriots Steve Buckley imports turned sour quick break and come back with more after this.