OMF - Robert Kraft isn't worried about Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski's OTA absence 5-23-18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
HOUR 1 - The ever pivotal Game 5 is tonight. Lou is very much looking forward to some aspects of the Alumini Game. Meanwhile, Christian is distracted since the pool guy is paying his house a visit. And stay tuned for his brand new Brady frustration pie chart. Speaking of Brady, Robert Kraft spoke from the owners meeting and he doesn't seem outwardly concerned that his franchise QB and TE are not at camp.

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On legs. Each award winning and moaning and 48 patriots also be better off than Belichick was thinking about this right now and Brady was there Bob what they Tom Brady and I'll let fame go on the public all plays. If I was you I would play incorporated bella Jack was starting to push the narrative maybe this should be the last year for Tom Brady that word got back to Brady with the wind blew in Christian has to be honest with maroon if it wasn't for me. I'll elaborate how you're going to try to get on my aren't having that happen to lose to Riordan Landry you're exempt. 2% is the whole retention issues like the bill to Guerrero what ever finished contract how much is handling quarterfinals of the I think Obama lets you know not to get a break a shot or heroes is a pattern when she makes sense to him yeah I was eight badgers don't know your -- people unless I need to let let me add this I don't know if I'll beat you like you are I'll represent. On Sports Radio WEEI. A little worried about this for a. All hell breaking lose a close it out I'm not much above the OT. We're ready to go one on here. Christian gets an emergency phone call our fair. Guys aren't here that's about it after I. In April. Yeah. If I love you know actually reduce passages should be dealt but it shouldn't shouldn't diss on again you envision a bigger problem it's like who go back to get a shared then I got to expect today is very near there. If you look at all of our colorful guy yes it is always our office the life of the bull yeah it's it's any English comp I solve. Yeah looking but you know I gotta go thank god that camera and being on that campuses and some who's going to hit him. So you get everything in its over the pulled ground out I don't know who the next hours vary some of it will be a thousand little hungry occupies. My phone rings and you know. It's unbelievable he's got to go now and deal with the full Monty I'm really I can multitask. For the most. I tried doom day with bad you know dental work at the gap doesn't work it's obviously the president will go through it. I soldier and I did that we'll lose tons of stuff the mountains. That's what unimpressed your your guy Chris Gasper. Barbara how we always you criticize him all the time for being like pack two weeks late sums that we must have a few people like him he. He's predicting the future it is if the Celtics lose this series. It will be a major disappointment. And I had to step ahead of the yeah he's getting did those. I thought we get along discuss these candidates say now what could be I don't think it will be a major U Philly you're playing with house money anyway we all said that there were. Wasn't everybody in Boston all in agreement that they're playing with house money did you did you heard that term now in the last cup which at play with us today are especially with the new. Legal and garlic and yet they still cost. These are just eat it what changed is that I don't think Cleveland's very good right that's your thing that's changed it's not that I think the Celtics are championship team. I say they have the etiquette of the best in east. But he didn't match malvo pieces of it's a very good team it's a good team right now Cleveland does have the one thing that you need. If you don't have a lot of good players around him to actually win games and that's a superstar right now they can take over eight we have what happened last night though. So you'll geography England went to went on within a year there's no stated that they were play all her world so. Don't know I don't know it would dollar well they start looney in the game and picked up fouls left and right booty who unique. And then I Klay Thompson got hurt during the course of the game and we useless the rest of the way I mean there was a stretch there. Where. The loss at all we're stuck curry was on fire it was unbelievable. And they came unglued in the last three minutes of the game and he was hospitalized for him. Yeah but I would say pocket and I started the game if yes well yeah the lineup. And I get mine sleeve. And I certainly am going okay and all that we're gonna change that there have also. If it if you think you goal. In Oakland with what they're 1617. All sorts either of those and that's okay it's a big going to win regardless who was playing it was simply doesn't matter. They had been done this probably in power doesn't matter why nobody knows I don't know but you beat ought to be doing right now I think it did they ignore you know we have some of those some of the 500 points you know forget about the package if you were dollar did not play. The fact is that that he Houston. One and all went in one part that's that words can deal with the big big big all the matters it. So now I wrote that they can put you know you have to win at the went. This this is why I wanted to nip in the bud. Why I want it back a bit more pressure was on the Celtics to go in and ready to win though evidently not ready for illegal but it Rangel and Cleveland win a pair. If there's a difference just in 165 games Houston won more games than any team in the league. And now you took one player out of the lineup a key player and then another player that can hurt in the context of the game. It's 65 win he. You can expect the Celtics to do the same thing going into play I don't multi shot I would not prepare. You are small I I get your same but it. Also if you can't have Houston can't add. Act like Cleveland in Boston at the same level as Houston and and oak which you can go to Clearwater three Houston found no I don't care what they already they are looking for a highly of me are you looking for her story lines. Like science would go whatever he wanted however you wanna be influence that that's what I'm really focused audience. So yeah I think jokingly Dice-K. They did it and I think he can't win on the road Kirsten we don't have I thought I. There's been advertised like played at the game big business attire on Lou yeah she would have I don't know I think. Talk to do whatever it doesn't look like. It can't be stopped talking to Bob and what should. I. Didn't. The only individual who have. But there's a difference between talking and I think you know it in Canada Italy and had a team that is an MVP they also have Chris Paul one of the best players in the in the league that's a damn good team. Talking about this week's a young team going and winning on the road. A team that relies the two most important players or twenty and 21 years old beech gate. Well Eads. Off flat out out tonight now to don't be disappointed if in fact you include down I didn't mind is a bad. Sign my wife is reviewed video of her deal and receive messy with the the electrical. I thought was this or is Matt's ideas that. Nobody. Wants likes us all feel. There's. Still Johnny. We don't worry Chris I could have got to handle except. We get handles all of oh. Mark snag snag it even be a mass. I yeah. Very. Just updated in emergency agency if he's the only thing on video that I have. Is breakers and she's just birthday anyways. This up or down isn't it it's it's it's like the remote broke his present button that. Don't. Care initiative and when you should always be home in the pool boy shows even the it's it's just automatic. There's some things in life ever take digital just autumn and they'll take too long certificate Muslim completely and totally screwed he's. Reached out. The yeah. You'd better have a big got that turnout plumbers NASA I didn't did vote to pass okay I did tonight he's just yeah a lot of its Air Canada geese are due in LA and do you police Tuesday but the fact out of the plumbers. And yeah what is not reliable guy and he's my job he wants is something called you know thunder down under would like thrusting company hop. That are your ouster he pitches they just over under from down and they just do their work on. So I saw try to get that yet. Which is awesome my point she wasn't in and tell me you if you tonight that an idea there. You all think that was a positive sign Berkeley will not. At all not vaccinated it's not you don't think they'd get a different city manager tried like does it not only because then that this the stories are similar. You know what just this year with the Celtics are having so much success at home undefeated at home. Oakland. Gold's they'd been so good over the last two years of all the success at home not losing sixty street home playoff games. You have to sit there and it may make a correlation between Hutus and it and about Tyrone Luke. I am using that as part of my. Reiterate that I at least the reason I say no now if it was reversed and the Celtics would go to game five maybe Brad stevens' son to his young team since he looking to win at a road east whatever. But Cleveland. LeBron James needs to sit there and watched Houston winning Golden State for him to believe he can win a road game now and I'm not him with a dog but rockets hit its just keep you think our guys Kevin Love. Kyle Korver this I you can say what you want about them being dinosaurs are going to call over JR Smith but. You really think they need to watch the rockets to win a road for those guys are tremendously long time which hasn't early on either they're gonna erode. Kinda says that it is gonna go to JR Smith and say hey look we'll talk again. Yet sixty you read on that you can do that you can't be RPA now I don't think any you're you're you're you're mocking yes we are here and wonder you know it's going hey I have a lot of yes I am late night you get job Jessica will anchor OPEC will backlog I don't know I don't know of the others. And the others are as you put her on of these two physical act at at this. And get a it is my that your big idea I don't know zubin I don't know what it is that is best known immortalized seemed to me you don't matter you're going to run matters struggle with road games don't matter isn't at all it and they wrote it matter it doesn't but don't they don't and all they do so when you when you different when you go into the Pittsburgh all of. And militiamen and we city leading reliever than it does matter. Are right because if you're a Red Sox have a three inning guy think that rather play yankees offense might. Legitimately Dickie Stamer. On. Expect because I thought. The bigs dribble down their leg. It had made clear. Hello and Finley Steve Lebow and let the ball well but it just like it's on the road late game relievers you certainly don't think at all what you get. Boon to give it. Everybody thought yeah. Sounds a little bit of hair sample. They get the idea it. It'll these guys and I've been reporting on it's a little face a year yet folks a little things in game like this do that that ousted doubts it's. The Al should shine but it it's less about them that is about Cleveland and what they're capable of what they can do. Again I don't know the other guys are but those those. In the football you sit there you go to Jacksonville on paper going Kansas City. A team that just killed everybody deal with no idea what they're giving you what you do with the person who's who was the last team to beat them all you hope. That's somebody beats them now before you have to go there. Now you you realize that it possible. It's attainable. And you use the other ups and downs he and how they overcame it. Because the same issue here I asked that he can't think you're gonna have a Boston lots of noise. Crowd cheer you make a reporter now in the brown a cheer you you know they're a high five as you run back and repeat. The ethic I it's been a the other way I think it's more for Brad Stevens. The look at his team that you think you can just roll the balls out you can gonna win at home. Or do I think the weather there I just think it's I just don't think Tyrone Lou that's the tell his team. Because it's led by LeBron James and other veterans that have been here before. They've won a championship. Against Golden State they have. I don't think it's that big of a message from Lou I think I think Stevenson won the biggest play that mental game. Or you just go lost in Cleveland our home and just went in it would just went great team and played it just lost a home in between just beat Cleveland cavs were home. That all geography you guys saw me if anything state caddie goes the other now. It went in I think it'll work both ways I I I don't think Michael he may do that I don't think he's going to happen is somebody's I don't think he's gonna have to do that. I will be. Really surprised with the Celtics on the run homer and a good leader right option elders don't call him I don't know how romantic. Because it favor that could keep the phone actively you like it behind us out of it is just that Nate and I would feel better as it was Fred. I now write and send it right because Chris. If its role youth group for notes for audio it's Fabio got young guys go by crazed old guys don't like guys used to call me Chris when I was younger the older guys excitement about Chris march Christian yours you know your your elders now. Young guys who and nobody calls her kids these you know you'll born Yemeni Chris it's usually short for Christopher your Christian. That's the problem when to call him Lewis. It did. When you're young not actually it was Louis. You're killing one another because it loomed until the national I don't play when I don't like because you little Louie you gonna you know they're gall like you know good fellas go I don't want to be for the call we lowly. A life by family. That cousins aunts uncles those sort of thing there's always going to be little Louie yeah and and frets kids or two up with. You know my colleague Lou you know when I was younger and that's about it insulin is a mutual. And to close to that Mike Shula. Chris is short for some young dude. You don't clean it pulls in the middle of a neighborhood outlets. Lowered. And I found boring housewife who's having an affair with her 23 year old home. Happy Carol. Concern you look at central of the movies haven't watched. Beginning that security camera getting back to the original point we've been saying this all week that if you're looking at these two teams. The team that's most likely to when he wrote game in the series would be Cleveland only because they have LeBron. Okay so that's part of what you got with Houston last night and surgeries in the Golden State won the first game. In the series I wouldn't be surprised at all of Golden State wins this next game game five and wrote. Or would not be snow but you're talking to different level that we're talking 20/20. 12223. Year old kids. That you are asking what Allah to their good has always been saying all along I great their good. The problem is when they get out there on the road still haven't got that experience game experience to be able to deal with a first quarter will tell you everything tonight look at these numbers right in the first quarter of the playoffs home and away from the from the Celtic a field goal percentage. 48%. At home. 30%. On the route back. Out from inside the the at three point strike so another words two point shots. 54%. At home 35% away three point shooting 33% at home twenty. 0% away that efficiency. Field goal percentage 53%. Home. 34%. Away there and cook it. I sent yesterday you can't you can't I can't relate gonna go first quarterly scored more than twenty points to score. It's it's it's it's it is an odd to watch it and ground tonight. First quarter watch. Accurate well you don't like that wasn't that Philly game two by. Saturday yes moat yet they lost 3122. In the first quarter they got small efforts. So I mean yeah but I would I would agree at this what do you think tonight the game yet cleavage doesn't fall don't they'll come on give up do they know. No because if I'm Cleveland and and certainly when we talk Cleveland we're far from abroad the bronze looking at it all we have to do was win one game in Boston series is over. These are. They win one game at Boston the series is doctor of all Boston has to do in the Bronx daycare the home court anyway I agree it and it if you know maybe it got Omid there is a court in them late this game knowing they're gonna. They go back home they win it's I think LeBron will take his chances in game seven as a matter where it is correct in just say that that is his belief I would thick correct yup so. And he's looking for certain things out of his game tonight. They know that if they can win tonight in Boston and it's probably over insects little back to Cleveland but if they happen to lose this game habits in the rust a company games yeah. I would agree he he may look at it and they may get to the point where you're right Lou gets the fourth quarter Boston's got a twelve point lead double digit lead in Cleveland Sidney got aka. We'll go back we'll get game six we'll start all over again would gain seven or get an ending stuff but it's. It really that you talk about the first quarter in what you really gonna be looking for in the first quarter of this is what we've seen other than gamecube here in Boston. Is what is George Hill looked like him what is Kyle Korver look like what is JR Smith looked like. And if they go hiding again in the first quarter. You know no matter what LeBron does that he should do it's okay this is if you were back at this home road thing again. Is these guys is much they'd been in the league disparity Colbern JR Smith have been some big games they're still gonna disappear in a road. Veterans. Right I mean we thought well role players OK youth is well. And expect like you know the whole groping for the young kids and because most of role players. A lot of times are younger players but still it's like veteran guys a quarter and JR Smith you crumble on the road. Tickled you Amir I just don't know I don't guys don't but they don't. No it happens. But. Again my my issue is more for the entire team overall and those other guys who stroke as you can do the same team for Cleveland. And you look you can look at their role players look at their numbers on the road compared to their numbers. On at home is at the same things exact sentiments that I just do it again I point and by the letter she wrote when you're at home because you know somebody's. Patty and back right now at that count Howard is like you know our go to source for information and sound bites. When he was mocking. Boston it was it was I couldn't agree with the more. That our use of an impact on the back onto it because. You can't win on the road because we've been in a hotel and mounted that paired you all you need admit they're you know we come on. It's just. It's such a weird like just make mental block that these guys have and there's so influenced. By Norway's. You know cheery man it's just what's if you play the game at a park how would ego. They get played played a game and with no fans there whatsoever how would. I think the amazing thing getting back to last night's game was. Golden State just. They just they just fell apart at the end that is so uncharacteristic. Of them but I think a big part of it was only it would dollar. And Klay Thompson was useless they scored twelve points in the fourth I don't fell apart twelve it was point I think it was great defense by Houston and see Houston do great things as we several of already plotted. PJ Tucker he was really good I don't each scored much in the game. But even before points double 01 for eight rector it was one for five. The written staff for two for thirteen. In the fourth quarter. And lead with three for eighteen is a team picked it took an 1112 point lead in the third quarter because staff curry was on from there all all for six from three point went three for eighteen quarters in the fourth quarter. That's unheard of here now. Now you'll you won't see that again I mean did you still. You still legal system one's yours too I do I still think even though they do not all. Home court advantage but it's different with them they're the type of team to go on the road. A caddie would dollar injury bears watching the eagle on the road and the times from one as well but he played still played the game useless but he play. They can go on the road to. They've done it before. They've won cheek eat chips they know how to do what we're talking about trying to compare that with the Celtics. These young kids first second year players going on the road. Do you think they'd have a better chance winning on the road if they had somebody like I'd heard it all good it would absolutely. And I don't want gave Warner road it'll ivory was up 31. And NBA finals it. 1516. I remember LeBron James and his team came back and actually one that's correct. Did you think that was even remotely possible LeBron James. Even the slightest chance. After coming back but dream on dream on green got hurt well known and -- I don't know guys are actually suspended aren't that Sharon is the message is that closing at less than I was at Cleveland doesn't come back OK so I agree kill them they self destructed on nine out my point so so the same thing is happening for Houston now's you have it was a dollar. That's he's supposed to play but who the hell knows. I don't know if you re cute he compared to. But now I'm not. See you think is right. You look at him my goals they don't believe it's possible actually happens but I'll sit there and if I'm used to it already has happened at somebody has already beat them and they've been in a worse situation than you. They were down 31 and they want. So I don't know that the deal with the game you best of century you're gonna have everybody go back and forth I still have more faith in Boston but it Golden State. I have more faith in Boston when necessary and do golds. The winds really USC. You could go he'll run yup mine besides I don't know that I have is that aren't there and I made eight dollars and a big injury yeah. These are obviously what they do we need great defender but. You know of the five guys. A terrible it's definitely more concern about collect the -- right with his knee his staff late Thompson Kevin directory mongering. Okay we know of Iguodala look at those great defensive player as their stoppers. A boat to remote greens pretty good when to play Thompson. Is a great defenders well every derailed his legs very good defender. I'm just saying it's it's. The equivalent. I of the Celtics lose guys move they were so lost offensively and other guys is so good that he's he's he's a good player. Both as a before you still win this series they were so lost offensively they made it past probably a thirty foot past the loonie down on the block. The people that they they overthrow I understand my point is that they look at the looney they will fold for six of 383 for eighteen in the fourth quarter last night so you know if if it would dollars if they gonna shoot better on clay Thompson obviously is it a bigger factor there but it would dollars probably. Not allowing Houston do some of the things that they I agree but brief break things up because it dollars in play the re. Downs were controlled by Houston they would get second third opportunities it was crazy so Bob Kraft has shown up Bob Kraft has spoken here on the absence of Tom Brady. And rocket DOT's really didn't say much. Quote been in communication with Tom. I think he's very excited about the upcoming season. When he was asked about Rob Gronkowski potential presence at mandatory mini camps. Kraft added quote I'm pretty sure he'll be there as well. We all love grow. Gas. On Barack nom he Doss yeah act. At Jackson matter what you take you out of character so yesterday. We reported that Karen good readings report. Dead though Brady and grant had you usual treatments that TB twelve which about 200 yards from where they're practicing. And that was a bad right when we we've heard that would own you know this doesn't really look good or whatever in the dale Pokemon. In the afternoon said the breeding was not lean on they are. But that he was out of the country. And we able birdie used elements he could be back at bakers put me in the bar on the apparently hears me callous that place what does one do you hear this. Snow was just announced figures of owns you your yeah. Listen I'm not put us at a show in your hands today I wanna help you're a real ugly if that after the break by Taylor I'm Garrett Regan. I tickets source off the list. I'll applaud the lip and he's gonna try to contact you what I'm I'm and after the break yet retain departure. That's the pie chart jet engine yes we have Toyota looks like a three year old. Blueberry pie that exactly this drags out about it or anything on rights of others that I get that he's got a pencil instead of magic marker fight we'll get to that and your phone calls coming up next at six wants 77 on seven and three cents. Yeah I'd. 50% is the whole detention issue like that to the bill would Guerrero. Were. I'm pretty. You got time for our brain. I. You met my husband. Today what about Sunnis contrasting getting a man that owns and yours aren't you really. He's not going to be home for a lot of promises and we found would. I think I can do a whole lot like that movie it would. I could tell this just does not coming. So we have now three pulled forced to act after what. Nothing bad luck out there but not the dirty pool that started there are lots of you know long went lot of snow crazy weather. I'm all right I'll have to secure my position. Better secure the companies were yeah bush should be worried about Luke played baseball as we can going to be on TV I don't know immunity going even worse than it is regular I I I haven't I heard albeit none and rental talking about lest I by the way unlike you. When Doug said would plays that. Guess it's beneath them or something or program. Wouldn't play in something like that we'll get older Clinton I understand that old understand that but you and I don't think it's gonna be like you know high level ball game. My daughter if you don't make it tougher on her hand I think it's going to be that kind of gonna slow glorified walk out to tell you something let let's just hope you and Johnny Goldstein he's not the other team for two reasons one I don't think he likes you right now and so he might give you take you out at second base and here's the second one. We all know that when Jonny Gomes is on your team. You wind. Johnny goes like beating a guy like you play these like chaired Basilan games on these are just you know its system was a boulder over forty rec leagues you know when. And we're just really just want to get it it's what any other ones on the ride bike. If there's always got to get ahead man the wrist may get that you know stock pulled up to his knees and he's back and Loney playing defense and that's that's that's good job don't. You run that you run through first thing he will they do run through it we just don't do it. Welcome first I would worry about him if he's on the overzealous like you know. Well I thought he was wearing lately sneakers in on the Oregon which spikes is that the game. We don't recommend yearly sneakers like that they right now there's a ball hit like cute three feet to their right leftist and I thought gosh yeah so adamant if not might grow it's gonna go with. Apparently don't care budget health because I would think that spikes would protect your articles a little bit better than speakers correct out to see on the Salt Lake water so what do they care. The turf for the game order coffee and just really don't timers trying to sort it is it is what it is. I I don't I think it's more about the fact they know that everybody who's playing in this game is not really gonna hit second here. If you wreck did you hit second gear you. Props to senator BP. That's when it what you miss and is taking ground balls and taking batting practice bats ordinance. And then realize that they got older the game wasn't fun anymore one very good. So batting practice you know ground balls that that's that's one of cuts and I'd worry about that batting practice I would guess the three guys Oprah get injured in batting practice they don't make it looks so easy one right I don't go he's the youngest guy out there correct a means to stop playing. When kids usually I don't know reasonably content so he's he's very adult. But all these other guys that deals take an amount paid rustic and amount while all that they're ready to geared up is that what I saw. When it's gonna think that they're in their twenties again and reached back for like they were in their twenties and realize that it since I was there is a real dilemma. Recently just ask you know. The only didn't give out who really jerseys right uniforms. The Bob's place. A comfortable. Six all that's good point picking him once they audit public 26 beat I don't let my rookie numbers multi. I'm a rookie at once or fifty. So yeah go go go offense but the jerseys are probably already done. Little walked out there bought GA Obama that you never to our number looks good out there doesn't it causes death that's yes 226 to stick it to go to the entire he's a hall of Famer has done more for the city of Washington number two spot Z doesn't you don't WE 993. Point seven are certainly probably like I like that. Triple normal on a three point seven Internet Pawtucket on whatever it is street today. The very guarded and second down and really not apple learned we think that bogs you now I think we have the crest of couples from working dads really diligent working on. Sarah at Robert Kraft had to say he's at the NFL. Spring meetings a lot going on spring meetings we're gonna get into that second. The change the whole game of football but. Here's craft today talking about pre. He's wrong and so. Seven. Plus. Very hard for him to. They're side. Yeah special. While so that's totally different from. Anything I think we've been led to believe that in the last couple of days and you wanna changer you're you're probably because he says something there. Iran he talked about commitments and work out copies of change and yes. And the one thing that we agree yes that's what I am adding to my eye chart below. Is Haley you know you can't go over a hundred with the percent of my class. Not only immediate deficit it's gonna take away somewhere I'm gonna get a night and on site to get it under intense isn't it like this artist's career. The only time he can actually grow his business based TV all business and knows other things he has going on. Is during the offseason direct my go to China you wanna go here you are all over the world. You wanna make this this whole team meatball thing and international phenomena on making crazy or making huge but he got to go during the Osce percent. And so and so and that's on adding work on adding TV twelfth two of the pie chart. I think that's fair I mean because that and he is something that. If you look at the season starts you're done. So usually on these elegant about Thomas our I think. He might be that Baker's play in the Bahamas and if that's the case that it Christian yes Christians making a major mistake here these kids at school because. Senate she's a holiday weekend coming up in some people sneak out early maybe you know Thursday and Friday take a long weekend I. So if our my birdie is sick correct here then maybe that's what he's doing and you shouldn't be changing you should be adding a higher percentile amounts of the fan. Because that might be more of a family commit. Well the work is one TB twelve promoting that is is one that we didn't include a pie and operations at. I allowed given little small percentage as well. But it does change. Again I suggested that character Regan reports that a source told her that he was at TB twelve yesterday two days ago and yesterday with ground. And and I felt like that that that the change. It just did that felt even dwarfs I was even worse look for Tom. You know the fact that he's at home and any instead of going work out the team race he's going to TB twelve so we still. He's still giving time up in his day or wait for his family. To go work out at TB twelve but he can't just all cross through to select our next order to elect and worked out with his team. Now we hear that report is just bogus. I think it does change a little bit. Even though I think you would no matter where he is still not camp which I don't think overall is a good thing but I thought it was real bad look at these gold TB twelve citadel to select. Yeah I think that was probably worse of this is a good looking even if you're correct. And then he wants to spend a little time building his business that he's going to have to full time when he gets on playing football. Your fan right now you what the team to win it's all about the patriots got about the future TB twelve. I've got to believe you get a little pissed off that if he's taking time away. From the field and working with these new young receivers. So that he can build team B twelve which she's already told us he's not doing it till he's 4546. And 47. What are we don't know what the bulletin this this isn't the first time he's missed ETA's. Rate this at least three no evidence this is never now there's a when he was living in LA Newman who we'd have noticed newsletter now laying them. Beat you you do you recall him being at every single OTA Vista look and an anger phase yet. Every single one. I would say is that people think of already kind of done seven daily reporters have gone back and said he's had never missed he's never miss this thing that's what this does have other ways the only quarterback I can I hope that the only quarterbacks on that he did notice he's the only quarterback the National Football League that's missing right now. So each team has what 234 quarterbacks in camper right now. He's the only quarterback in the league museum is this but you know what what happened though because because he missed you know did he popped. Yeah water I heard I heard lawyer didn't order hold it just trying to put us ate great 818. I got a quarterback content that those girls. They won here and of the of this the face. And guys are actually writing the holiest site yesterday and tonight tonight I saw pointer when we are yeah bomb and we shock. Now I'm disease or one dollar. Arts and really out when Larry that we are in light at this OT a voluntary and in June 5 and and it would camp starts. We are this is like full Japanese coverage if he's head of the quarterbacks because and I've seen it up close you know that it's just. They'll all watch Daisuke April bullpen. In nailed commodity to a 45 to open. He threw 25 fastballs. Seventeen splits for breaking ball the sliders out of the four sliders he threw. Three were strikes one was a ball and it's just like all I got I. They go breakdown of batting partner practicing with Ichiro. Each go to ten strings for what the other way six were pulled side. Three out of ten would have been singles I mean it's that they. The coverage is that so bright lawyer was eight for eighteen yesterday. Okay. Liquidity gap doesn't mean anything OK does that mean to be gets a game and five months from now it's an sock it to me at all but reduction so okay so if so it just like I told gestures so so. You guys globally contracts would be part of it is part what what what we'll hope we'll look like what crap just admitted Tuesday having a discussion talking to Brady on the phone. That's the way it's done so in order for Brady flexes muscles I'm not going to OTAs and on a new contract. Now you have a conversation on telephone only current contracts that Kazaa I believe the contract is all included. With him feeling loved. Him now at this stage in his career Clinton's changing as I know my. Us again because I think that's but that's all part of that he wants to be he wants a little bit more respect Freddy wants a little bit more law and apparently Kraft gave them a little bit more fear. Is concerned at all that. There are reports that he still at TV twelve speeds near the stadium he's not wins. That person. I don't Paula can. My obligations. It's over. Over one players. Players. We're in the while. You know oh. During the course of number of things. You can point out it's. Good to have as much. Almost that's good news you know Malcolm urgently indiscernible somebody stepped up and mrs. bush are better at it that quality depth continent is good for every position other than quarterback. Right I mean quarter goes down corner gets look at safety linebacker alignment wide receiver running back every position he's a 100% correct. And running back and it what quarterback. So would you really doesn't matter that quarterback do you still believe that 90% of him not being able to 890%. I said it's not about cop is all about the kids my iPod but I used and the federal way. I only did he just lose that night response I know I clearly yesterday stated that 75% is its contract 24%. Is bill yeah yeah within an eagle on Guerrero are outside. It wasn't present was may have his youth even now clearly it's an added benefit of the doubt you think 75%. He's contract Null. Now what does it change my iPod okay bobbled reevaluate his 73%. Is at odds recognized more than 2% as well okay. Even European hadn't looked up this place is. The biggest thing is based vetted before he played golf two years ago I believe with Michael Jordan I don't play basketball and I went right on ours ours. So we'll that's based out of what mine are so good I. This question out facility and we don't care so. Hospital where they trusted them like especially in banks console you knowing my answers you know I don't know. I don't nobody don't see Brady that level he Eaton goes you know that the effort you have friends is it just get the best titles until the palm tree out there make it seemed like everybody has. I know go to a break record we are very good look because that is that ground forces back in the Belmont Stakes phone no is it he added that if you are the odds are no 691. I. I'm not lying if it does it does not have a lot of other purposely did they ought to 691. Of Nevada just to put money on that it's beautiful this is affordable. Sixty and and. So if he's faced so it's grown sources back in the Belmont and he's not there and he is a Baker's play this weekend what will we say that article Obama. Got a horse already element of you. America is part of you know the need is that you dislike of hotels Baker's Bailey. Beat another don't virtual. Associate eloquent five million dollar like his home in Maine Montana get between a million dollar homes at their own ski resort or every night you by how clear only you can ski down your husband you can't get in your label can't even get an occasional yeah now so you ticket. One week we get more on this whole Brady thing and a wonder in the people really care about the Brady thing we did the Shasta he didn't like. And nobody really cared. It's like they're not worked up about this at all it's like they must think we're making all of this stuff well. It's because they don't want to put a finger. On Tom Brady right now nobody wants to have that to criticized numbered so maybe that's it may be which is wasting our time. Talking about this is there's new information pretty prominent right on the record acres bay club and email. We are part was when asked provided you know how much the roof off a taillight is if they could be important. That it could have a family and hundreds or showdown in the mayor ray burners and give you some exclusive content. May eighth pick in our book get to a plus the National Football League apparently is close to solving the problem. Players being disrespectful. To the National Anthem you'll not believe it will get to that eighty phone calls at 6177797. And you Teresa. DC sports we've heard moaning and Fauria with a collars have a voice it was a joke about what I'm glad you're. We're gonna look always ask them questions and to start answering these are things well most of them anyway. Sports Radio WEE. Now I've been following the NFL could screw up what was already screwed up last year so they came on the admitted and ratings were down a little bit we pissed off. Certain segment of audience last year because. Our players were out to Ayers you know pro testing sitting dealing doing whatever when the national anthems playing so they came to the conclusion. That they have to deal with this issue. And I don't know what you guys but I'm looking at all of the different possibilities and apparently today. They're going to come up with the final solution as to how this is all going to work. And this lady being beat dumber than what we would dealing with before. So to start this is what they throughout. Of the entire National Football League body instead you have what do you think. First thought they were gonna allow each team to make a decision. They are wrong that's a stupid is that it's fun. Stupid. Should not be economies is its equity kind of horrified by regions saw. So now we're going to it was an overnight by regency a look at it there well come down elucidate a bit and make sure that all my guys to markers were dealing. With a red state. Well that's the New England Patriots are blushed a little look at it differently. Against protest too. How you play that is. We get us in a definition of protest. Apparently in order I'm just saying like you know if if every just followed by the rules there would be no protests. You know you think it was legal for people to just sit down him in the middle of 93 during traffic. L so case that there's that he can't do it a million Judy Battista is it at the policies compromise. It the players on the silent at a stand but the players may choose to stay in the locker room if they prefer not to stand so I guess the statement would be. And I stay in the locker room but you know you make guys ever protests and sit and it has brought this to be out the front of room for everyone to see so it's noticed. Correct Odyssey saw anyone from doing that and you still have a story. This story gets its own missiles it's so dumped so unbelievably dumb and I you know what a Mac like I'm surprised but I shouldn't be. I should not be surprised the easiest thing to do not understood I'm await does let you keep going and keep keep his. Is that when it's stupid is if guys that don't wanna be out there are going to be in the locker room because if Europe a media outlet. You're gonna go and talk for the guys that were not out that you're gonna count the guys you're gonna look at the numbers are gonna say who wasn't popular with a statement is that you guys are you gonna. Obama immunity aliens that if you if you feel if you Eric Reed you feel like unit Neil during the at them. That's just what you believe this is your belief this is my idea of showing I'm not happy about whatever there'd there'd narrative is. That's athletic protest that's right you don't summon people all want she's on the panties don't want us Johnny go all the guys out. They don't want me to sell. OK that I won't but you here's the things that you just you you you kill one problem you just create another but what you're doing you don't is just you know move you know moving moving into the side to make. The easiest situation uses answer. Uniform decision all leagues are on the same page look at the NBA does yep they had at him for a lot this is new stuff we can't go back with yet she can't. You all the league. You all the teams a lot of people and I'm glad he's on all of this the stadiums. Make this a role and be done with it. All that I have set the kind of adds to a little bit so he says the resolution you know whatever. While players to stay in the locker under any at them and illnesses in fine teams from him for any flag at the disrespect our pro league source as you have a player. We still continues to do it they'll find a teen. So from the player himself and gone I don't care. I think for everything seemed like I don't know if you may have been a pleasure or Israel says it lets you real passion about your point of view real passion about whatever it is. And now like and you have yet much team leaders that don't feel the same where are effect this and we mark. So you're doing anyways and you're gonna take you why because you kick in now you can't get out now. But policies and define that team for. United golden gate called capita. That may be easier for him to find a job because apartment owner on the patriots are Robert Kraft nervousness at all this guy's gonna Neal and now it's gonna cost me. Alma she gonna cost me for sixteen games. Is every gaming deals you're gonna find meet the owner. Ottawa player. Bit by a residual all of compared to what you're franchise worth. But don't want to cut a check because your backup quarterback is nearly all event I've taken other players again. And they still you're still gonna have this you know black balling situation because ET to your point so so every guy that decides to stay and is now there's a list yet there's the less I know why it won't are curious why he could see her outlets did it in numbers he's got ticket numbers on this deal I ever. I'm done to your roster and elected four victories here seven years fourteen city 82 serious 78 here who's not here global boom five guys look out thought that method. Make that choice away from Ontario court everybody is protected if you have an issue you can talk after the game they'll be media. You know a month take whatever they can't do that because they did the media will kill them because you're dealing within a a lopsided. Liberal media right now and they're fearful of back and they didn't hold on hold on and then they're fearful of the other here's the other thing they're fearful. If they if they decide that everybody's going to stay in the locker room. And then come out after the anthem which is one of the suggestions that they're afraid that the president who started Paula all of this if you remember as he made a big deal about it last year. You know what he say get rid of those some of this is a whatever. They're afraid that he's going to comment. He's gonna make it bigger than life and all NFL cares about is how do we how do we stop. This erosion. Of our television ratings and our audience due to the disrespect. For the National Anthem now the league is also thinking about instituting a fifteen yard penalty for players to kneel or set for the star spangled banner. This according to Albert per year. Com you tell me. That's gonna make it a bigger issue when does it when it hit it invades digging it affects the game. See that does the NBA find their players. I Bynum if page that I want to you know I think if you are out there is why don't know. Because nobody's ever violated my point is that he says anybody crossed the line that you guys you looked at I don't okay because if it's a fine I don't like the whole hole. Penalty thing it's like it's like you know the NBA like. It was given the other team a technical and automatically get two points and getting the ball forget about you know the jump ball. But the other thing that did the as far as staying in staying out you have a choice. See you're told your entire life were doing this together we're doing this as a team. We're going out Alan Miller away over the kid from Pittsburgh they they they decide as a team just one example they were stand and I'm not Spain and I can't stand guys actually served this country debt couple scores aren't so I cannot act. You know I don't know if events and I'm putting in the pain but still it's still exists. So you tell me that your talent all these guys stick together one half the room says you know we don't wanna allow the other half says. We wanna stay in talking about whether wanna Wear black she's a white shoes. Sleeves of sleepless. Okay what hotel what we month apple pie pumpkin pie acknowledges do bulk to make everybody happy. It's got disaster written all over an act and for a lot of guys there's no way they're gonna pass either. So what I'm looking edited at the list of the possibilities allow each team to implement its own policy. There's no way that works right clear the field of all football personnel. While the infamous play yes that's basically cleared up and you that you never looked at. Now why not to do it the five minutes earlier that on the button and his guys do you did not go as the hand because the what happens when you do that he should get the other side you don't think the trump is not going to come out and make that a major issue. And he carries the flight everywhere online it's part of fighters got it he's got a clearly injured I don't I don't gonna make it worse I don't I don't I see as being the solution to be honest with you think it is saloon yes. I don't think that's all I don't like it solves any keeps people from disrespecting. Well that that's that's the issue that's just disrespecting. The National Anthem that is if this the issue but you don't think that Trump's gonna come out blast the owners. Referred so what you're doing is your hiding from the flight now. That's what you do when your Heidi you're taking employers and you're hiding from our symbol of our democracy he think he's gonna make a big issue. Making huge issue struck player I was only one that's respected not a dozen players who get above both sides have to be satisfied here. And that's the problem I have with every one of the provisions they got it Charlie build a wave of that guy's name now you'll knowing what's his veracity of that basketball player was that the governor got Pittsburgh Alejandro a lot of young man had a nice it'd be back in a runway again if you like it'll look to be out here but it's the flag or show respect. Do you see the NBA's gotta write they had contract language that requires players to stand and then they also allow players in their own form. You they can they can be there'll person they can talk about issues they can talk about what's going on board of trustees they can Wear warm watchers they can do all of that they allow. My 61777979. DE 37 that is our phone number accurate or that.