OMF - Robert Thompson, 54, lung cancer, Fitchburg with Dr. Christopher Lathan, Faculty Director for Cancer Care Equity and thoracic oncologist, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Robert was lifting weights at his local YMCA before a routine doctor’s appointment revealed he had stage 4 lung cancer.

Robert’s doctor estimated he only had one year to live. Following nine months of chemo- radiation, Robert’s cancer went into remission. However, after only one month the cancer returned.

Although a native of Alabama, Robert’s wife and her family are from New England and recommended Robert seek treatment at Dana-Farber

Since then, Robert has been under the care of Dr. Chris Lathan and his team.

Robert started in an immunotherapy clinical that lasted for two years. He was removed from the trial in May 2018 due to the cancer’s progression and is not being treated with Alimta. His scans have shown positive momentum. 

Throughout his treatment Robert thanks his wife, who has been there for him throughout it all.

Dr. Christopher Lathan is an oncologist who specializes in cancers of the chest, including lung cancer.

He sees patients and has published many research papers, mainly on cancer disparities for minorities.

As Faculty Director for the Cancer Care Equity program at Dana-Farber, Dr. Lathan is committed to providing better access to cancer care and education to Boston communities.

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We've done this for seventeen years I've never had this happen before where a patient is committed to name is Robert Johnson he's 54. He's dealing with lung cancers from Alabama he's a weak left you can tell you look at them and get some good and strong and you think he he actually said here and challenged Christians who bench pressing them. A patient do that before we're they beat us Christopher relate that we've seen him before Casilla got out. Doctoral where would you money be on Christian Robert here and put mean. I've now been closed Robert. So Robert OK I don't for applauded him vilified brother is just talking about his work regiment. Why it is so undoubtedly in your enemy what you did look today dot. Yesterday it's an ID. Okay now workout system center and it firms are going and sense and you know Obama would just may express our Cuomo to place. Replaced a fourth place and and I thought I hear. Todd and now with the tenth place on the bottom hand he's his own children. Not all of a lot. Got to the wild. Where. I'm and now hopefully it that. Way you have like 500 pound them. You why. You go. Out. Ultimately give. Roberts' story he was lifting weights at the local YMCA. And routine doctor's appointment revealed that he had done stage four lung cancer. Doctor says dorm Robert you got. One year to live right. Actually in because our had a chance Cole when it's an appointment because a couple weeks why. So meanwhile was that call about what you yeah that would go to bat to the doctor's notes costly twists them all bombed it. Go see the doctors are actually tickets and going hand. And got to tell you man changed my whole life right now from the weight of them came from out of work now. To a doctor's appointment found that states LeBlanc house. And why it changed a whole day around one. You know things though the good guys. New Jersey at one year to lose and you're still here and Terry Hilliard told me you're feeling great mafia fantastic. Doctor actually saying to him effectively stolen the treatment that you know that the council was gone Q. He's like you need it may not make out what you're taleo. And act is actually takes a lot you know. Focusing you know what people that tell you when you're talking about counts in you know live and down. It took pictures to stay focused on what was mainstay Toomey but. No I think you know shock of at all. Back exit out and work out don't notice. And they can I'm just gonna go and he's gonna give you some golf medicine and there I think it's going to be fine. I'll walk when a different route but black is a funny now no law. An animal known comic Dana Altman now. In nine months of law key role. Radiation. And that was a bit count one. Even though the cancer came back I was in remission but like two months. With being in remission following two months. My wife's family activity. I'm reminded me you know got to try something different because like I was ten enough that's enough Senna in Pittsburgh which they taught me naked known for. You know want to counts of return and that was what we can do what if there radiation and Liu always. You know we don't know what does he do what you saw on ten days offering. That was I've changed for him because I have lost so much weight at 260. Pounds. And no long was way up in game. Anything with a part of my life no more because I was so sick accounts and Paris it. All about a year to use. Immune therapy got. You know way back. Millennium hamas' what the comment back I'm not yet analysts now feeling good about my assets seen. You ready go but yeah I. I thought all right this is like that you need to view is that the authorities need your height music in point. I think how radical that's right that dog biscuits oh they tell him is that goes into it goes back he comes to you. What do you do that they couldn't. Us. An incredible team. And we have some advantages that they don't have we have. You know all the people who are listening today or giving her search for patient support. And what we knew what we side is that we have lots of it traditional therapies that we could use but what we that would be perfect with clinical trial. Really utilizing and yet there you guys you guys probably hear about that all weeklong. You can hear about it you know there been any different cancers and that's what we that would be great. And the case you know he was ready for it and being aggressive and that's what we do here our job is to try to take it to the next level and really bring patients you. You know that that extra therapy that they couldn't act and he did he's not he's not libel does it first came and he was not do well he really thrived on the air the I'm and we treat him like can there be on the court trial for a little over a year. And and we switched up we among another regiment and you can see right here and just got treated with yesterday at a Thursday as saying he teaches you know he's he's doing pretty well. He walked the announce that he said thank you just don't even Fuller wondered it if you hear you know the stage for us and tell you don't want you to let you know. In the office and urine or remission. But that when it comes back a team right back into that is this is what they're talking about like he's eleven of them one year to live but note that certain. Now the dot was telling me that ought not to think about that think about living and yet you know and with the treatment that he was giving me I was concerned about you know the one Euro. The odd time where I was thinking about you know the vacuum while now. And basically telling you can be yes we got some stuff that we're gonna give you this you know it's gonna make you feel about. And now we're just going to treatment for half a year I gotta admit after us all much doubt because of that first you have avenue actually get my bad. Couldn't do anything can eat and peaceful moments them nothing. The sick then changed what what they got a lot now. What goes before it will pitch 700. I hope Erica the yeah. That's why I Robert listen we will set up OK we'll take it I don't know that for us not so big equipment before you. Get your. Early but what happened before the shelves. Local news or go home what you've been to become the wallets you read what I know you'll have a few. You are they doing what the victory I've never bent close to 500 pounds in a good squat I went out. In most evidently 340. And I'll play you know a good day so you win I. These. That's right Robert it's amazing what you've been minister went thanks for coming in here and sharing your your story. And and hope over for the people don't we always enjoys it and I collateralized. And I edwards' name Gaza as well as I got a great team doctor and his team out at the mere things wrong way Alan you know god is good at my wonderful wife is what me. Apparently I mean. Crist and I want to meet me at the whopping six Vernon so it was great crowds I have resorts are. I've got a hot one today regularly got elected things definitely. Think this never happened rather a patient is given and actually challenge of our ex athletes to what some capital it is legal or not. It'd be a contest like you you we would tell you would you accede warmup with ice. He that I thought that I don't have that in me that's not that. He blocked it out there it was sick. Is it just didn't watch you all well he used it. It Italy goodies and the thing about Mexico it like sentence exactly when you're acting out that we just meant that it live and has been a lot and it's in the gym and they're given on this team though he can't and you just want to get back in the gym. And the energy that just exudes out of it was a thing.