OMF - Roger Goodell is eating a W; The Bills QB situation is not that simple

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, November 20th

HOUR 4 - The Bills are challenging for a low end playoff spot. So why would Sean McDermott bench Tyrod Taylor? Also, we continue our discussion on Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell, who looks like he'll be extended as NFL commissioner after all. 


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These Fort Wayne we're moaning and forty. Operating. With Glenn Lou interest fairway wider Italians don't you all along who is this. It what's that they often you work too hard and I went I reject it with the doctors I've really believe there's something wrong which is now on Sports Radio WEEI. Fauria made an appearance less then the real post game show is on the pregame shows on TV pregame shows on the fifth quarter after the game so he's often and so it's just little and I. And he'll be back Canada tomorrow. Night so let's get to the phone calls six point 77797937. Years John Carrillo John. Hey guys a little emotionally and we view I should expect large quick if you think about it. Could go to a real all of the patriot. But and George put a little troll. Little troll market Yeltsin did they are back. At least awaited pretty fought back. We're told it was so I'm just curious because. What we've learned from that whole thing and deflate gain is that Roger Goodell has more power more than he's ever had to what was the poll. The point is you about you can fight so short locker crap say okay. We're not going to be able why don't we just want to shoot all we were urged all. That's Jerry Jeff don't eat that. Can't do that in each you'll get. Should the opportunity to act which you'll when he walked in here it'll can expose. Poll saying that god and that they'll look look at Elvis all players that the executive. Ratcheted up this I'll work it into the flat back at the bills already cued Jerry Jones a chance to do. I'm confused all they're doing an end we found the son Ezekiel Elliott was suspended six games. What would you use accused Bryant of sexual assault. And their investigators the NFL's investigative. Didn't believe the victim is that he shouldn't be suspended. So Roger Goodell suspended. According to this investigation. An innocent man for six games. All I did was reveal how much power he has to think Robert Kraft rather and Jerry Jones. Have given Roger Goodell more power than he's ever had ever. So I. What are you saying that they they ticket and he took it over this Roger Goodell. Black. It is about the side of forty million dollar contract for five years he's giving a race. Leg he won. He's winning it's oh it's it's it's 200 I think you're. Absolutely. Yeah I did John that the whole premise you have that that we are really after Roger O'Dell a a year or at all. Fought Brady deflate gate we all thought was a bull crap whatever right case that he had he won. Bomb freak in Brady the greatest quarterback of all time he won it took a first round pick Ezekiel Elliott. Was was not proven innocent but the of the investigation was found it. They believed him any snow suspended six games. For the Dallas Cowboys and he's about to get a five year forty million dollar her extension and we think he's taken a hit. We think Roger Goodell is losing their brought you hope you're right it. I think is a break in peace he did W right now I don't think Bob Kraft is sitting there slowly so I'm doing this because I hoped it and I know Rogers pocketed two it to me again. If he's doing that he's naive and I do not believe that the Robert Kraft is naive. Have to look at it this way Kraft thinks right from the get that it was the 31 other owners should do on an and not necessarily Roger Goodell. So that excitement it free check the rest of us like we don't know what to guide me woman's issues getting the plane and in a bigger Poland get dealt a week's biggest. Everything that's all all of Lou if it happens again with a New England Patriots in the continue to be successful like this the other 31 owners are gonna sit and say throw up get blocked at crap again. Because you're jealous of how successful at something else happens to the patriots given their track record now. Eat. Does that ever really believe he's Nicaragua the Robert Kraft that was his support I don't I don't agree that these. Smoltz I don't agree with the apple and a whole thing is. This is Craig's office first of all Roger's taken not what are odds Roger today. The blue. Okay all right. And edit in Houston when he had to get up there at the podium and he had a hand over the championship trophy to the New England states is the bullet by the patriots fans. She is are accustomed to that everywhere they go everybody boos him right there they commissioners they don't have read some of the greatest commissions. And mankind. But so accustomed that. There are also appealed that use the vote. You could find somebody that has its 75%. Of that amount to Europe and ask. I've got to believe you can find somebody that could do the job as well not that doesn't Westfield here on EEI what's up John. It voice as to expand. I would like Robert Kraft to take this very simple approach. My ex franchise. Has been. Negatively impacted by the loss of the post or tactics are also or you do. In year renegotiated contract abide my expects picket that right now polluted that teens to the well sure I know that that's anti but the bottom line is how that you look right now if they had a first round is that the linemen on the field. Eight linebacker on the deal that brash and you know ready to go. No different there's did find a way they they always find a way I don't think it be any different you can look at it and say how the hell does this photo. In recent years maybe but I don't know. It's it's hard do that to. The China nail it down because they've been so successful over the listen John I understand from a fan's point of view. You've pissed because you won emotion you want somebody to sit there you want somebody give the finger you want the commission you're owner to sit there and give the finger to the commissioner Kelly. So what crashed it went as he's coming out Jonathan did it again yesterday going out saying let's. We think Brady get Iran that deal weekly dose totally unfair they don't say all of that. But if they would do that in public. An act that way towards could tell they think they're hurting the franchise down the road could you shedding. Off the NFL off Fisher shutting out your communication. Your relationship with the NFL office they do not believe that's gonna help the franchise. Down the road of the Greek thought that would that they announced the extension five years 200000040 per the Roger Goodell and his acceptance speech. Has an oppressor populace contract that he announces that he's gonna give the patriots next to first round pick this year things. Think the other thing you notice saying at that point. An old twilight to. If you get the that's another pick let it and only 33 now that you won't be real first target Perry Ellis and which they can get Arthur Blank standing deficit like my fourth round pick back from a window piping and the music that it has a billion dollars at ten million dollars to my heart happy to wait years after that listen I love to live at Washington down I love the fact and we all award. Just because it would be great gesture if vodka after just four to people who really think it's kept Roger Goodell is. That they had to flee gain took Roger Goodell on. He's taken a poll on the boot didn't use and you and it's already a leak case is take a hole and Roger Goodell people these about the side forty million dollars a year it. But any has more power he's ever had but they might put some incentive clauses in this thing so might appease its inaugural C he has more power than ever because they're more owners like Robert Kraft and there are Jerry Jones tonight. Attacks why he is talking about that's unbelievable it's it's all about billionaires taking care of billionaires. But I found one of those other owners taking care of billionaire. Maybe Mark Davis doesn't have as much money as we thought may be spending daddy's cash or whatever. Some Michigan Emma and your stylus or tonight and that I didn't see him on TV you look at and say that is regularly and older. Of an NFL team any justice pop in his basement Cheatham had to sit there and just stuck in his face and couldn't. Couldn't even breathe through stuff and as faithfully serving carrot sticks to maybe yeah Arnold and I are terrorists station erratic session ID eight crunch and you know little little. The hair colored I can't give it to order of the worst part about it easy you know I was watching TV he's got monitor and his luxury box to sit there looking up their noses on TV at that point. OK if your fat person and I'm speaking from experience stop eating is the all white good luck for fat guy or he just. And our students are dangerous it is hairstyle she needs something doesn't. This is Mike you framing him I'm like. Date on that I would predict but crap. Compromise that would compel. How hard it hurt Al Davis because he was able. What do what do carefully. How would it hurt their. How would it how what are her what will because he's back in power again. Yeah this is what they do week in business on tape they played games that's what it's all about compromising. With all of the of the franchise owners. And tonight let's shift from a transported while I'm would you emotionally I've made it I hated. Don't go away from LD. Crap that we're. Loyal citizen to go to court museums. How it out Crennel Al Davis in the open it is true that crap. What is it like to go to court. Edit an awful. That was a long time ago. When they were disabled when they went zobel we're talking about. It declare that the fact that practically fell off and you hit the fact that they fell off and they weren't great that the leaks far. You can't hardly noticed that the NC you know what you guys gonna suck today I think you guys draft if you say free agents and NFL owner in this day and age. We've all this TV money is different area talked about a lot. Did you think that they could survive right now. I tell the commissioner tells the other 31 understood appear last. Couldn't happen. Lot could happen you do know there are clauses that birdie there really do this past week we Jerry Jones. Oh you know this hate this video tape. Door and some bad thing from. Where do you think he came from wickedly you would leak out to placate. All really. Oh well let's get away within that he had no problem it's different there it's a different era Mike Whitney yeah. Oh. That you're talking about ancient days now. The Oakland Raiders haven't wanted to while those are though it's certainly oldies. You don't gold got a family Mike you don't own style holidays ago let's Ian no. Years years years you'd tied up when you're gonna hear in a hotel in Vegas and as a stripper that's. Murdered in your Sydney don't remember anything saying and exe you know the families got to get out of the night so they were on the field yesterday Cadel with a crass on the field yesterday in Mexico City for a country. Will harm the whole war right there on the sidelines. But you're right from an emotional standpoint I wished that Bob Kraft would sit there and every time he sees. It would be like you retention policy sees me gives me no one finger bubble well gotten that's and at least IE I understand and I and I love the affection right. So I would love that if Bob Kraft would you do that we would see Republicans it would be great stick it right to possess because he screwed you he took away Tom Brady. But if you're Bob Kraft and you're dealing with all of those other runners and they were also take one for the team take one for the team the T is the 32. Owners. OK don't give a ten when it's in the yeah and in an office in Jerry Jones speaks out about you know lied to get this guy so much power why should we be paying a mixture of maybe we can find somebody else. Is take north of the team just bite your lip appease you know he's been like you know who should discuss the moment because you know what I'm not happy. With the way it is gone either under Roger and obviously in my franchise has affected maybe this is something we should tacos Robertson say Jerry sit down and shut up. I got beaten up older or would just gonna Wear. So I mean is that the difference between. You know. Sit there and say Roger OK well take what we can give you will we will take what you give us OK but as powerful as I am. Of this and come back and bites and yes. Lou this around with a group this is not about principle. This is about individual now I get the power to make it -- union is talking about your extension mature Jerry Jones resisted the picture shows doesn't kick to Jones's not sit here suddenly coming to the to the realization that campaign this guy 45 million bucks and it must reject all this other crap. She chose was on board in May with all of these other owners to give him the 200 million dollars what changed his mind. He LL yeah. Any reminder is that because this Bill Elliott dollar cap it took years ago it wasn't enough apparently Sony reefer and he got. The same thing that this stuff Bob Kraft when they tried to take weight Tom Brady and take away entrapment and all of this other crap okay. That's EE eight Kraft got pissed off because this guy tried to do it was at 31 other owners jealous. Bob Kraft they stuck it'll. And all of this guy is is this guy is just the guy that that that that that handles their business. I would like what's probably can't have what they call a day with a cup together does the businessmen who they consistently airs its at least that's what we hear he's physically I would like to have thought that Robertson took the backseat to the punishment was like some day. Some extra. I'll make you pay for your crimes a La pine theory and I think he had any just blues eight down. In it to Jerry and accused crazy granted and agreeing with them read it and pushing it full orchards and talk of other owners in Munich and we can find some but look it up. -- -- -- Jerry Jones is the the lone voice of decently and saying I'm not gonna let him get 200 million no he agreed to give them the 200 million dollars he agreed to all of this stuff and he's taking it back down because he lost to think he'll do it the six game electric hey guess what is nice little team down there in Dallas the so called America's you know whatever they're done yes they're done I'd like grocery commission does not get to look here's the difference Bob Kraft said -- and take it and deal with it. They take away Tom Brady for four games where they. Would. They would not done they would they marched on the other suitable. And they got the last laugh and then go down that 200 million dollars that freer and that he could drive and he showed hamster and that's really showed router it senses the five years 200 million stricken jet flights that's that's business. A. Or. Well wasn't what he had hoped for or are we had hoped for. Me. The same time I know here you've pretty young player out there young quarterback that there's going to be some options this is part of you know. The good part about natives and those are known tough individual. He's good football players to me it's not indicative of who he is. As a player. But you know you go through some. All all the players. Anybody else stolen the Buffalo Bills they like Italy and anybody else by the way if the season we're in today and yes I know it's an ending that. The Buffalo Bills would be. Home of the play offs and they would lose the tiebreaker to the Baltimore Ravens and they would be out but we don't talk all about. Liken widely yes I can make the play. I don't. Karen Phillips of the New York Daily News black quarterbacks had a ball hardest of any group in the NFL. She's playing off vote he's an analysis. Off of by our boys and are they going to CA RR ON would be a female would that Ron Ron Phillips. And so we'll go with from Ron Phillips hard to tell these days. Yeah that affect he mentions chuck Modi on a bicoastal this whole thing and uses Rex Ryan of all people. Because she was on Sunday mornings NFL countdown. It's ridiculous put the blame on Tyrod Taylor right here said Rex Ryan analysts this guy Peterson is Jim Kelly coming back. I don't know why you make the switch for whatever reason Tyrod Taylor has not been their choice and then this writer. Arc for Ron Phillips answers that by saying the shooter Ryan's question is simple. The Buffalo Bills have been quick to move forward from black quarterbacks. Which is all that. Given that at one time they had three and a roster. I did Katrina roster BJ EJ Manuel. Awful EJ Manuel yes they had are kargil Jones if you remember him yet from Ohio State drives a landscape right there right. I think. Yes. I mean it puts a whole lot of college three in the process violent. I'm waiting for the story way to states it's simple Taylor who's black was out and they can beat him in whose wife was there. It's it's apparently that simple it's it's not that simple but you wanna make a bet that sometime this week. Somebody you could you and I were talking about the Minnesota Vikings during the break off and how did that the surprise team out there and nobody's talking that's the one team nobody started about. Where does somebody let's put you over on income reported Thursday Thanksgiving the over under would somebody writes account. Saying they're going with the white guy case keep them over the black guy Teddy Bridgewater and a black guy gets screwed because he got injured it was jumping into the equation job to injury and there are not. Letting Teddy Bridgewater back on the field to race. It's solved all about the color of their. And and Clinton what you give another two weeks American cities while. Mean Alex Smith you know you keep losing ball games it was 96 at no offense against the giants. Bigger circle pad homes. But then we know what I'm homes and start over Alex Smith is because panel is black out this is like. Which brings YouTube is eventually always taken over the team correct. Yes I feel these events I think next season we take these guys eat these guys around Phillips and chuck Modi on what you call Alex Smith with their theory. Because this is a man it's gonna lose a starting job twice to two African American quarterbacks them right. Yes Milosevic Africa ready to let them homes next year. But heparin accidents story because he's now out of the league so he got paid back at they keep him out of the league I say what I still that don't embarrassing it's embarrassing what John McDermott was thinking I still don't I don't know it last week opposable big east over reactions I'd seen. I don't think Tyrod Taylor is an elite quarterback but I think I put him right in that middle class that if you surround a team with them. I think he can win finally win a championship or not. But I think there was no need for this we civil maybe he sees something okay so all of maybe this is you know. Tyrod Taylor playing the role of Alex Smith and he gets a seat you know they competed and played a role call cap predict annie's Harbaugh out there you saying you know what. There's a ceiling which ironically is keep Digg is the next level and he goes on those five pick. The first set by other reporting apple an awful lot of yards offensively and victory in anyway we re not just now it could be that. The Taylor wasn't paying attention of the coaches that Taylor wasn't putting enough time ability could be that they just were pissed off the way he was could be a zillion different things. But isn't it at some people obviously but do you really believe that it's got anything that would commands the color of skin. What do you really believe that in 2016. The team declined to exercise that fifth year option on EJ Manuel. Because he was black. Some range of somebody's writing about what said that fifty years that's a huge jump in right ethnic. That'll let guys like they picked up like who wasn't. Let's picked up coaches fifth year option right that's like ten million isn't so it's a it's like a big jump. Correct yes gets and they Adrian do with the fact EJ Manuel sucked but they redid the Tyrod Taylor the only offseason actually bring them back. Some writers might look at and say you re did the deal you weren't gonna give him as much money. As he should've gone well he should have taken into the early morning it was 66 and twelve his career. Quarterback rating of 77. So after these four years. Of ten starts. Eleven touchdowns nine picks force starts five touchdowns three picks two starts three touchdowns three picks. And then the following year he didn't play. Really only decide one game. Is there really surprised what they did pick up a fifth option say you're the guy the future. It has do with plate right in that deal with the color skin correct EJ Manuel stuck. Tyrod Taylor is much better quarterback in my mind they need you manual ones but the Schroeder so why would you even in insinuate that the reason why didn't pick up his fifth year option was because. The congress and because if you look at it and at look at these simple equation one man is black the other man his flight and you're saying that one guys get the opportunity over the other guy he if you if you don't understand football you don't understand how working honest and these coaches. Are trying to save their phony baloney jobs and they just put somebody out there that's going to win their. The game on Sunday that's all we care about is winning the game on Sunday. I. That. Then you would then this is the conclusion to come to I mean the writer writes this Taylor's teammate was shot according know something is up to. When he was asked last week about the quarterback change. He said that he thought Peter Luger would either four roll four or five TDs. Or five pick who knew something was a boy may have a future as the fortune times that comment moves I made it really if I made that comment to you last week. You basically show and the flip flop artist who's taken both sides just to cover my round of MS McCoy say we don't you know I don't know maybe those five touchdowns maybe those five picks in this guy took direct conversations that who. He knew he knew he went to within weeks was all about weak points in rid of that comment at. And I would give this guy probably far too much time and and and credit for the stuff I mean. You know he goes on my new payment through five picks and one half of football which is as many or more than Taylor Tom Brady. Brees press got Jared golf. Kirk cousins case Cano. And our Carson Wentz have thrown this entire season a lot of weight guys once sciences and if you know or. After the date Bittermann was asked about his poor performance. Claudette had tough games before I'm going to learn a lot from this and make sure it never happens again on the writer writes wonder why pita and so confident. That he'll have another shot one day. Why because he knows he's one. In distillery. Like I is embarrassing I got it it's that it's lazy and I it is late and he beat out it is it is. I don't know who can answer that stories bars like why this guy was benched on it but I don't think. It was strictly because the back up as white. In the start it was black. And that's why we made the switch. I refuse to believe that you're gonna get a story written this way if it is. Then everybody should be far. You gonna get a story this for the everywhere case Qaeda and had a pretty immature Teddy Bridgewater before he went out with a knee injury was a damned good NFL quarterback correct. How do you justify that's what's so you can't case came to misled him want to how many wins here he's playing great. I mean you look at that the the the numbers are off the charts that they're throwing debris she uses it as a as a comparison here. Early days of Tom Brady. Can't make that move it's got to do with the fact that you winning football games every sodomy is acute about you know. It's been OK a series lighting up he's been that team always been good. With that team and is in need you know who lighted up defensively. They've been outstanding but he he's been good you know he's been good big. Where's you know eleven touchdowns by. Completion percentage is 65% to include a five into an arm so. Even got the he's had some good runs in the indie games. Pleasant Bridgewater is deemed good quarterback is good quarterback the national football and he's gonna get an opportunity to plight. I get he's not Colin Capra neck but the question is how healthy is okay how is he after what he blew what is ACL was that would it was a practice for a scuffle right. So the question is when he comes back. Is it that now that he's back. The question is how healthy is he what can do physically Althea if he can't he's gonna play whether it's with the vikings or somebody else. But wait for the story this week about people saying he's helping his case he's ready. Any client are you gonna get it can only be one thing something's going right. But it's almost become now one guy writes that and everybody else's got to write the same thing. Forty years ago and you get the hell out of storage can write about stuff like that the timing for for bridge was not good you know obviously the injury be horrendous. Well because you wait and you're expected that year last year to kind of be that next. But that they had to make that leap right to make that jump because he was okay what grain. As I asked you before you get hurt you waiting for him to kind of become something. So two years later you're still wondering what years and the guy he got an a right now hearing to you just beat the rams here in first place you don't make that switch here. Can't wait we'll sit somebody writes in other words that he wasn't Andrew Luck before you get hurt. Who you can look at humanism. And forty touchdowns this guy's the Chia Tedy I think at twelve when nine. Now he was crushed you unit he was he was aimed at middle of the wrong quarterback right you could you could win enough games with a but he wasn't you know it was going to be in a lighted on fire but he was used pretty good quarterback deserves to be playing somewhere in the league political quarterback then. Then what you Sar at the end they were called cap and correct. Yeah I don't know I'm just saying like you know dissect in league's team went 11565. Completion percentage fourteen touchdowns nine picks. In sixteen games fourteen touchdowns nine picks you know I think utility. So it it was OK. LA falls in that can help class and he's okay. I put on you put them in their ways. Has failed auto I know what you I don't I'll put him in with judge Tyrod Taylor a spat. But I'm just say I put him in that class this wasn't like. Andrew Luck before you know her with 24042 touchdowns and when he comes back he is playing is the upside is that much better you don't know with the upside is yet. This heat. The timing of his injury. Expected that big leap in years three adjusted net. Some erratic Woolsey we got one more segment to go we have detoured when we're alone in forty. Host. Ain't nobody even talking to you on Sports Radio WEEI. I'd back here on or am out. We mentioned it earlier the cherry black former patriots wide receiver passed away today he was involved in any one horror right. In which car apparently flipped over. And have you heard Callahan talked about this earlier McKellen says. He did at peace on when he was I think when he was with Sports Illustrated. Any actually without spent some time of them and the thing that amazed them as crazy driver Terry Glenn ones and speeding up like that so. Who knows what happened and all of this to one quote I've never ever forget you marvelous Lou. When Bill Parcells reason I ask is that a what he thought about what was going on with. With food that the military she's yeah she's doing good. Forget that and like Tom Greece first career past that up out. His strange strange dude he was. He was a good player boy but he never knew what was gonna happen he had that. That injury and then they sent them out to Ohio for awhile you know go and go away yen. Just this strange strange guy 43 years of that was it. Two young but he doesn't single car crash. Here today. The what does it wanted to mention that we did not mention we mentioned a little bit less than real post game show. You talk about bizarre stuff we talk a lot about patriots and how. They always seem to have. In whatever situation arises. They seem to have an answer for they've worked on that prepared for. So last night artwork three days ago. David interest comes down with some type of sickness I don't know what the hell it is what he's got some viral in fact something and they hit the send them back home. And you're looking for senator and they take that cares. Who apparently has not been a senator before but he spent all the time it ark are it's underway but there is different she got to connect with Tom Braden. They flip him over moreover minister nobody did you notice a difference I don't know Buffett's letter was outstanding it was there where is there anymore. It offensive line was there next in the that happened most teams if they lose a senator. End and somebody else's got to facility and the announces tools at their derivative Whitman again and elements of life Sears Centre right it's true we would just talk. You about this the last night. The kid the Elliott the provoke a proposal for two Philadelphia yet you turn to first play and so they don't kick extra point he can't keep the locals to go for two left and right in when they kick off these a linebacker right. Com group to help move drafted here I yes. So their posters name is Donnie Jones has been in the league for like fourteen years. I'd walk home phones him until you can't kick off. The punter. You can't kick off a little wish your punter the loyalty thing confuses a lot of company got to create jobs treatment on the one read the edge of the cold and right around. We get one touchback. But you're coached your kicker you kick a ball whether it's putting off a TU kick. You can't kick off in the punter you don't just how she got hurt as does an Allen kick off. I would bet you this not only is Allen their but they probably have somebody else are two different guys are one of those linemen was the goal line. It also is their kickoff for the front guarantee you they've got it all figured out the first thing was amazing embarrassed to fewer punter in the use a linebacker Kawika probably yeah. Yeah I mean it's amazing week. It's a difference in the league right now situational stuff you see it all the time I've done for the crossover brought to you by five mass money dot com dale the voice. Are down Foxborough what's up dale. Are you tell us that Lou. We are down here we will talk with the Heath Evans at 230 like we always do Bill Belichick will join us here to let stadium. At 305 and I'm assuming he's gonna head home after that I actually line. The reason that libraries price delirious and other team fills that there between holes left is a little windy down here I noticed the the goal posts on the practice field out behind here. Are all tilted off to the side everything's article six of us. Vice I don't find it and practiced out there leading the league rate so we'll talk football and a and some other stuff couldn't continue. Sounds good gale Pollack with Keith coming up from Foxboro Christian Fauria able Grayson should be back here and of all three of us here tomorrow 10 AM here. Route more.