OMF - Sam Kennedy on gambling in baseball, the transformational effect of Alex Cora 5-17-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 17th

The president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, Sam Kennedy, joins the show to discuss the recent ban lift on sports gambling. Sam also discusses the logistics that go into a lengthy rain delay (like on Tuesday) and how pivotal Alex Cora has been to the franchise in just a short amount of time.


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That's terror on all MF lunchtime hours are just together Sam Kennedy the president of the Boston Red Sox mr. Kennedy how are you today. I'm Rick terrific big announcement. Today loom alone he is coming back wearing a Red Sox uniform you will be playing in the game and Fenway to our sales. On May 27 buy your tickets early and often. Other Red Sox are going to play what they're calling. And alumni game for the first time in quarter of a century their brain and all these old ball players back in two months. You're amazed once again to be in really politically correct when you and I were grown up we know what they called this game. I'm an old timers game but those aluminum accents are so what does it may well why did you dump old timers are a bunch of old timer knock them. We want. Think you have to. I think you're more concerned about teacher and one little lesson one quest to have in this game it's going to be it's going to be great I saw it paid payroll in an oil and Wade Boggs Mikey lol everybody. Derrick wells coming back but a lot of people already asking other separate tickets for this thing is just the game. The the ignition and if we haven't done since 1993. Years. It actually was an idea they can put some up and down a little weekend it is very very passionate about old timers games. I actually 1000 yankees and turn that was my responsibility was little I could. If so I would try it if our our inflation that we got our alumni weekend with the big event on Thursday night as I think you know you like people. Garrick well Conan the Red Sox at all and such. We can't told us this little back. So I noticed they dumped this years ago because they think they were afraid guys are gonna have heart attacks I noticed these are a lot younger players are more. Recent players from normal concern dollar per rich Garces has some pretty good shape right now do you guys checked on his health and condition. We have. By you know the other fellow across the street will have the other squat both key church ready to roll such Libya should be fun. It's AA Sam the supreme court's a decision that legalized sports gambling initial I was a pretty big topic. So do you think this is going to I don't know invigorate Major League Baseball and you argued it's gonna have a negative effect and how it's viewed. Well Lou we take it positive views so far we need to understand how to work it would have been easier frankly energy industry to have. One set of rules nationwide power play care of the supreme court's decision. Will allow each of our our focus our big issues Nazis he has no integrity became so we're gonna tolerate it calls lead. And he how. These players' outlook and the government gets involved to regulate tank tops and you'll be able to monitor activity at betting. The bunkers which contain them. Consumer protections society we all overs. Hundred to iron out more illegal illicit activity going on top sports editor. The united states of the theory here is that that activity. That are off monitored. By the government. The industry pays off to help. Will there be that it's a positive side to it my gut tells me yet in terms of engagement given authority happening. Calling on collapsed he how plays out he you don't own title of the action intuit. Course we don't know what was it Massachusetts. What their position will be so. Be prepared gradient and Major League Baseball this is that a great job of getting ready at the decision came down this week. You know us and I keep hair like you know he integrity of the league you with the NFL. And M a doctor's note. How was how the integrity of the league of really baseball or wherever are an all least be affected by this how do you think that that's that to be possible. Well baseball hasn't an entire department and dedicated to. He insecurity. And monitoring. Any kind of activities illegal war or rules violation so we think government held without sports addicts. It becomes legal you'll be able to track it through the companies that are able to will be providing the data. Obviously you're betting on baseball you. Period from Major League Baseball so. It will be a part of that potentially if it becomes legal so they'll be more transparency. And disclosure about what's going on. I don't work naive I think he you do realize illegal activity. It will go on it's still happening but it becomes legal will be activities that you could monitor follow. Toward this. The people are the ten. Teach me in sports betting and gambling. Art and that's the most important thing to have integrity. Similarities does not put a year old organization or some high ranking a fisherman on the bus by Howard Bryant he says he claimed he talked to somebody. Who doesn't believe basically god bless America anymore no reason why not 'cause if you'd be killed publicly that. I'm just curious thing have you guys ever even discuss this you comment on what how would Bryant claims. No never never once it by sixteen plus years and here's that conversation never. Kamal. I feel like it got important. Everything's caught up in the organization but maybe. Someone. Named a person has a strong feeling about that that's that's there two in personal opinion. I'm not sure practically if if that was what was said her health which represented. But an organization. We will continue to play god bless America on Sundays and holidays. It's a great moment and has been. A focus on now. 9/11 that was obviously very packed full time for all of us around the country and I think this. Really cute pink sports has the opportunity to bring people together and that's what that moment. Does bring people together. I think you know will continue that we park around baseball. What's your logic let's sweet Caroline yeah you get rid of and a half until this how. Yeah the other night after that great article. I think the fans actually sent a message. Because I never. Sweet Carolina. Dog's son also allowed. Well I don't know you know it's on its hands that don't like it they won't engage they won't saying. I think it's if you can talk to the and it bit blown out of proportion of a funny moment that way cool calm once or twice a year left I'm. Each unit and and as far as people enjoy it like you will continue to play it people would just in Japan and make changes but. It's. It's amazing that it should like that can get that much ink. In a newspaper. Couple that we will continue to play until people elephant I don't I don't want here. I don't wanna share about the rain delay the other night the Yankees are already backed up they were supposed to complete a game that was suspended the day before last night and then play another game that was on a network as well. And they had this problem balls and now they're gonna have to make them up on the line and it becomes a domino effect. USA game the other night you guys elected to fight through it doodle long rain delay on her call call appear. On a station and he was pissed off drove all the way you know whatever. Stood there and the people who just how. How does that work how do you make the determination where does it in your hands when is it in the control of the and how final line is that there because it is tough it is stuff. It is it really can China play a 162. Games. A 18385. Days like that that the general operating. Principles we got it. To not want to keep playing. And I double headers. You can call one have you do I have to come back into town at burn hold off a bird red there for him. And other markets so it is. Really difficult as one of the biggest baseball and business challenges we have especially in April and may see that around the country until we can and will work closely as possible. But as close as we possibly can with Major League Baseball has. Even the weather forecasters and sometimes that we had a right to kind of get it wrong the other night it was difficult I was frustrated forecast changed if you. And but ultimately. Got a game and then certainly it was a remarkable that we had and it turns out can help you over 20000 people. Here with that miserable. Conditions. It started to. Night later on but it was guys targeted and it was like at the scene out of a movie with an outline how bad conditions weren't consultancy. As well also. It's difficult to work through it we gotta get two games then from a competitive standpoint so we do everything possible. It OK so how difficult is it because you've got let's say a family that's that they're saying I'm driving down from Maine it's they are gonna to gains during the course of the year. I noticed that some other teams obviously they've got plenty of opens open seats. They allow you to cash that in for a ticket somewhere down the road you obviously I I just don't do that because. You don't have the open seats for the gains that it. We don't exactly we don't have the inventory. Or availability. Two testing that so. That's that really does drive his desire try it again. Played updated schedule that required schedules. Whether obviously as a whole life goes to that. We commuted the best we can't. In our sixteen years here we've. Good job of getting call 81 games but not without us. I can challenges. We do think there has their patients' consent it's frustrating you'll try to communicate better through email address for all expired. It was we have helpful to. Whoever we put up on the board and I. Approximate start time as we try to communicate through. You guys are going to be and but it it is one of our larger challenges especially currencies become difficult and we recognize that and try to communicated effectively as possible. Similar as well as cork is are you bring him in as a manager for get a boat you know on the field forget about in that locker room more how he handles the media the felt like that the previous manager may be. That's what he didn't communicate properly or as well and press conferences and this is sitting at out. Of both these do himself any favors Frontieres you're sitting back ulyetza you you look and had seen reaction of in bases reaction of the media. You're a manager now that is honest that Italy talks to the media things the more refreshing how would you sort of how important was that when used when you hired Dallas court say this is and there were that you can improvement. Hugely important it out commands and do you want he had a transformational. Effect on our club policy front office here players. You know he he really. Effective communication that's wanna. Strong. Qualities that he has had as players you know. And as a coach now manager. And he's just done a remarkable job you can. Really effective communicators directed at her ankle that. And it's really important roll it. The results are so far terms of where we are poor market these. Extremely pleased with him and his entire staff they've picked up just a terrific job. I did a similar censored goers could targeted at their old timers game by the way you're gonna below the bodies of lome old timers game right before. The scheduled a that that today sample collected on the road. I.