OMF - Samantha Dubois, 18, acute myeloid leukemia, Rindge, NH with her parents, Errick and Tammy, and brother, Garrett 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Samantha had symptoms for more than 6 months varying from shortness of breath to fatigue, and infections. She finally went to the hospital and after a series of tests, Samantha learned that she had AML.

Her treatment has included chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant from a 33-year-old male in Poland.

Her diagnosis has had such a profound impact on her life that she has decided that she would like to pursue a career as a pediatric oncology nurse. She is a rising senior at St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School in Fitchburg.

In Samantha's spare time she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and helping with her former softball team, for which her father is the coach.

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Let's meet our first guest of the day her name is Samantha do while she's eighteen years of age. For bridge New Hampshire Smith it's great to meet you. So. I just read about you. You had a bone marrow transplant went from 833 year old male you'd hold. This up Poland Maine right that's the country Poland. That's like that the country yes won't harm that. On. Ice plant often like getting K it's 2016. And I can't we have Vietnam experience. And now I happen to us and in the mail from Poland and matching the best at a it is. I had to choose. After the public is opposed but how long of wait was that when you knew you needed at all more marrow transplant before you found corporate marriage. It was that. Not even a month. How does that work religious Dardenne does he fly out or did look like a FedEx box you know Merrill. How does it or you're so medically and defensemen that obviously there's breaking down of things so is it is it that simple one of the work. Well what happens is. At back in his country egos and amnesty action to take them out of them. And they fly the vote now to Boston children's overnight. And they give it to the patient that. It goes. I'd just like much it's gonna tell you know readers know he's 33 year old male from Poland all you know. Not true she wouldn't you really like to know I'm somebody who helps keep your life would you really like to know who that person has been able to beat them being able I didn't say it. You gave me you know a chance at life you. I would Def I am. So hopefully it'll come soon and just hoping to get to meet them so you'd told us couple years ago you're diagnosed it was August 12. And right before we kind of we do this radio telephone you and he should you remember watching acted diagnosis. Act like I am as my dad I've hospital bed and I remember looking up at the TV and watching them go last as people would donate money. And it just so much to it is not. Saving you see other people like every dollar counts. It at us for so that would be seen in the past but obviously you know if it's home a little bit more to see. What people are doing that a ventures gonna help you recover and. Definitely. I I try my best that I found and they. What did you meet friends like getting into how much money Aries because on an island. Like help. Other patients. You think it is sorted so that's been made it you know also you bet you've been inspire. I mean you know based on your deal what you've gone through him and help these scenes and and been given from nurses and if doctors is that inspired you to get into their field or to help other people also. Actually asked safari got diagnosed I want to be an orthopedic surgeon. But then what their relationship I had with the nurses at night how well they were they treated me like. They're almost like the second enlighten you make as less and after I got. Discharge. I was like wait a minute I don't I don't wanna be an orthopedic surgeon anymore I wanna deal let's say I wanna be an opt out pediatric oncology nurse that's my goal this. Like what worked at Boston's children's buffet like by their side. Well all week that we between those would be movement we do recommend that typically give you recommend Kennedy please that there are some alt button and what position shortstop Smart. I accidentally. Vote usually up close is that that's another challenge that wasting your quality assistant coaches is that we're doing a note the team. Yeah I've been keeping the books and scores. Did the coach yet to be dead as a unit urine in there and. And it's all about who you know who would you guys go home statistic Austin what did you do this rocket built in that I've talked to pitchers the critically daddy you know what he's actually been coaching for. And he is like. For these talks college coaches like professional players like. He its audience from east he needs right. When he does that journals like the he's doing this and that's why used to fix this problem to make the form factor that. He actually being around those still. Rights of submitted before we let you go you'd look terrific piece that you feel great things could now. Just about that in good it could cut cut you went to the right place you get the right treatment and in the end going to be great agree that story for. Okay good luck the rest of your life yeah. Atlanta but we buy we really appreciate it and I Samantha do walk eighteen years and he another story of a great story.