OMF - Sandy Cassanelli, 41, breast cancer, Glastonbury, CT

Sandy was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2013. The diagnosis came as a total shock. Sandy was only 36 years old and was in the best shape of her life. Sandy was treated at a hospital close to her home in Glastonbury, CT. She went into remission but unfortunately her cancer returned in 2015 and spread to her liver. Sandy said, “When I heard my cancer was metastatic I thought I was going to
die. My daughters would have no mom. But it turns out that with the right care, many women can live well with this disease." Sandy decided to come to Dana-Farber for treatment of her metastatic breast
cancer. Sandy has been in treatment for her metastatic breast cancer for the last two years. She feels great and her current therapy is a combination of two oral drugs that target genetic vulnerabilities in her tumor. Sandy and her husband Craig have two daughters, Samantha, 15, and Amanda, 11. She is the CEO and co-owner of a distributorship in Western Mass.


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But let me introduce you to see Andy Katz an Alley. She is from the last Danbury Connecticut. And 41 years of age they read the names I know women don't like he is that they they want the nah pages out there should. Yeah they do they because they wanna be able to tell the truth stores so give us your story what happen. And so I was at a originally diagnosed with breast cancer. At the age of 37 before I even I have a mammogram. I. My treatment caddie and I had eight grand scheme though bilateral mastectomy. When he tees of radiation. And I was told I was cancer free. By accident two years later. In his routine scan they found that my breast cancer had metastasized to my liver beaten and I was now a stage four metastatic. No care. At that point I knew that I needed to bigger help than Connecticut. Sally dear friend of mine was friends with doctor Eric winer here at dean barker and she thought I should unseat him. In hand I did you could move best move I've made in my life than. Everybody Dina Barber's amazing from the minute I. Got out of my car at the ballets. Check in the nurses the doctors to staff its just amazing. So I guess I can't even imagine at 36 years old you hear stage full note here. You have five year old right in ten year old that there are six year old tenure yes and that net. What is that emotion. Can you put into words. Your ass comes I was scared I was gonna die. So but upon further review and see what you did because it when you get the good news of their actually if I can you imagine like hearing that. Yeah sorry there's there's no cure you know and and you you find somebody else who's a little bit. You know smarter maybe a little bit more experience. With these issues. And then Heidi. Amazing item. You know doctor Weiner assured me that I was not going to die. That he was going to keep me alive for many many years and that treatments were changing every day. And it's. I am doing. Well how do you use you explain this to the girls' to your kids get it right away or do you center built here let me get a second opinion before. Only you know. Freak everybody out and to actually get the thing I did not tell them anything until I have all the heat both tax. So this is part of the whole thing amazed. You know we talk about the advances that that the treatments have become and and you start hearing a vote oral drugs to leverage that chemo radiation but that's kind of what you do right now right the last couple of years you take pills earlier. Yes I take out oral form of team out here in what is it Jack please that my take I Branson it was FDA approved. Two months before I came to Tina firepower and I'm so I am 21 days on seven days off England's. In the side effects from that it was just I get tired but I can't complain let's during. And right about curry your husband near Austin here is a rocky. No Emo right now just the right there by your side now what was that for him to be there with the. Very heat takes every trip to Boston with me. Heat heat the main thing where business partners we. We do a lot of fundraising for that Gina Parker and he does it all with me with my girls they checked and their part of it. Disagree part of Dan Farber and that this great medical facilities all over the country. But a lot of them just don't have the equipment the knowledge. The latest technology to be able to deal with them. And you know as you set stage for you sitting there saying to yourself what can they do but he did something. She's pretty amazing can't get something. And we need more people pick up the phone right now so they can be more success stories like you're standing. At 87773812348777381234. Continued great health I think you guys like Cunningham the immediate family thank you thank you very much of.