OMF - Sarcastic Brad Stevens; Sale was miserable pitching in awful weather, 4-16-18

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Monday, April 16th

Hour 2 - Brad Stevens gave a sarcastic answer after the Celtics’ Game 2 on Sunday and Lou likes Sarcastic Brad Stevens. Also, Charles Barkley took a jab at Horford and the Celtics. Chris Sale had a miserable time pitching in the cold but didn’t have to leave the game like Price did with tingling in his fingers.



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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne Loney and forty. Okay. Okay. And we'll look at who we're known to police get there spotlight stealing social media it's probably not help but you know today with Glen when Christian I was out there but my blood sweat tears out on the field that night and one of our best players wasn't on the field. Game two Q I don't know why I did ask I didn't get any answers yet like the way. You know so it's not easy that's for sure you know he's and sometimes. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Now we all senators to. Lineup I would give you a rundown of the rules we'll talk more about them as they try to make it three in a row tonight's going to be a lot more difficult. These Celtics yesterday took game one and Europe are the headlines in your Boston Herald this would not able that. Al Horford does it all in Celtics game one victory if your eight Chirac Blakely from a NBC sports Boston. Al Horford shows why he's worth every single and then at every every single one. The state does a good game and and suddenly the people is great the bandwagon they are out there and get a big old hug him whenever he's out there. Dave what's good for Carolina a lot of tragically some pretty good defense though the degree for scored. It. Thirty entitlement but the clips on yeah now that's the word down now. I met on the Internet well on that note that you listen I was phenomenal 24 point to a total of fourteen times. He returns the average is going to align this year in games regular she's obviously funny close to 42 below average numbers Tatum a hunt assured and it slowed to one point seven free throw attempts a game we took fourteen what that tells you. Who's different. Yes it was default I don't know they database is aggressive team and its atlas and it's gonna have to run bunt Bernard hit and he's capable of doing it. He's capable of doing millions he was outstanding 114. Free throws he ticket to the basket integration I would listeners couple open shots he passed up but hey you know goes on pharma team tick but what can you do can't bitch. Because he was fantastic best in here. He's lifelong best into the year think for its offense defense on both side and it's you name gorgeous yes fourteen free throws he averaged one point seven the most he took it any game that she was like seven and it was opening night is the biggest fear and a bat early in a year we tell you I think it's seven at free throw attempts. On two occasions that at first month Williams just go Kook right take it to the basket fourteen in this game. Aggressive Al Horford. Don't tell me he was not a different player last night but he won't do what you saw the earlier needed to know this is a great debate that you have with the I files Tony he's incapable of doing this I was told I can't look for the city's. That type of player. That he could know it really did not its ultimate threat these all these other criminal that actually defend Al Horford keep telling me that he can't do this little I don't know why you asked him that's gonna do it. He did exactly. What I think he's. Capable off this is were clues that are correct the Horford I want it both ways off somebody out of a game like this they wanna tell you that he's worth every single thing and they forget about all the little things he does. And he doesn't all it Celtics game one victory of when he doesn't do what all. In any other victory the line always is when you you don't know anything about basketball you missed that little. Little accident my guess is I'm gonna go with history I am history buff and I like all along with a history. My guess is that Al Horford will have games in which there will be people. In the playoffs that we'll have to defend him for the little things he does again because you won't see numbers like that. On Tuesday you'll sit. Mean it was fantastic kids and then Bobby Bo woody think of a now you think of him now he's fantastic. He was outstanding he was a dominant force I can't speak highly enough about the guy. After woody how we played in that game. He was fantastic what more do you want it Italian. That it I've pretty much act I don't understand exactly like I'm the only one that is consistent when he plays well I tell you that I want more like I want more that. He disappears I tell you that I disappear. Does that mean that again the cow drip as a the world will tell me that he was incapable of a game that he had last night that's just not him. That's that's where they are the policies of the world will tell me is not him. I can't believe you'd expect this from this guy in when he does they get on me I don't know and that's what he's got his jail. Below but you're right that's where they step on themselves because they contradict what they just said about all of the little things says that Al Horford is capable of doing this every once in awhile. I don't believe he's capable of don't matter of fact when you look at this game and it was an overtime game slightly as any capable of this. And it hit the outside the job is so big comes out the defendant Mikey an eagle by McKee did last night conceded just take it to the basket and be aggressive he is woody and he could still get others involved. Like David. Like LeBron like Rosie the other guys have. If Irving and Hayward if they were there it you would not be seen these figures that there enforce that forced the issue down low post. So he does get the opportunity or pro ball they're not gonna do Bible doesn't hurt. This is what he should be doing so now we've already identified right OK in order to win right ol' corporate got to be your best player on the floor he's ice paid player. Now I parties you have to be that was less I thought it was way below points loves listening shows like this for just I had a biggest cable that Ricky tell Miki to its largest contiguous. You think he's gonna have another point four point game I think he showed. But UTQ will I hope right at stake I art of one way I do nobody was then they just are one way and it out a lot of gas and again. Seattle beat you will I think this is the better team that defended bill that deacons had an OK I don't I don't if I resort hatred as. We've been nasty series. When the series see if he had the game my bit so I. I asked last week who's going to be the Isiah Thomas of this series of this of this playoff run. Al Gore heard announced that sort of put the part about all that different again I don't know honestly I don't aero look at the nugget happy points our client. Be good point but we they it'd fit every single game they play. Every single game in this series. This is what he has to do. Attrition here's what's scary about this game against an extra five minutes so you got a few extra numbers. Added to the to the totals. All right you got what you call the best game you're ever going to get out of Al Horford would have working brilliant form okay you're gonna have a phenomenal game right. OK Jason Taylor as he twenty year old. The best rookie game of this any Celtic in the history of the game and it was Larry Bird who by the way it was a rookie. When he was almost 44 years I'm forty years okay. Jalen brown. Had himself a terrific game not twenty points overall on the game road this year 23. Points okay and he gave you some huge baskets. Down the stretch and you get 21 off the bench from Marcus Moore out looking at that lineup who played poorly guys. I can't find anybody I would say that Rosie wasn't good for three quarters yes (%expletive) I would say that. I think especially that second quarter as safe descent yet I'd but overall. That's about it when it does it's going to get M what are they went up six points in an overtime game. With the that is concerning the other thing too is we look at that second chance points 22 to force Celtics as far as 5050 balls get after. Com. That that's the one thing that a big big picture does concern you know people turnarounds they would think middle Brooks or. Well Greek free categorical Greek for it's going to be a great game every game I'm pretty sure at home that it'd be it'd be just as good and Middleton is the X-Factor to go to meet Bledsoe. We'll see I think he's going to be better hole but little is good for twenty united lust and at 31 to describe it but you're right because. Tatum was great. Before the game started as a KT items can be a man. Al Horford could have the best game of the year Jalen brown is going to be a stolid. All right well Morse didn't give you lift off the bench and Brosius can be outstanding in the fourth quarter of the gonna win second chance point 22 before you it's it is they sell to win by one. I only win by fifteen yeah by 151215. Some like in regular either it's a little overtime guests with everybody playing because I just pillows they did. If because they still don't. Half of that tyra Irving when you're talking about what they need they still don't have that guy so they stretched that lead they get that lead up to eight or nine or whatever but they had nobody who could make that next big big whoop. I defensively they're showing they're having their moments ago there are times in which the planes Bret some decent defense but. They they don't have that one guy and that's what you need and that's what scares me. I don't always think he's he got 3530 in any really struggled early on in the game. He ends up going eleven of 21 he's terrific at the free throw like a great free throw shirt he's not great shooter from the perimeter and he took some garbage from the poorer perimeter in the escape. I think is gonna come a time. When you're gonna see him score forty plus and that's horse. They had their five the five guys you look on this team and really you take Baines out it's really it's Baltimore's united wanna throw Munro and there's well. Date those your contributors. So take Munro whatever. The force daughters minus Maine's Inman and and Munro and Morse rather. They'll scored twenty points legitimate nineteen. Don't want getting torn so that is so that your five guys were that you're counting on we're all very very good and again rouge your mourn the fourth quarter and the first three. Any in need went to overtime. So that. Yes I think the key in this whole insert name and yes the key to the most serious a concern is taken into it knowing that there was kind of what happens and whatever is one of them. Doesn't well usually that's the case of last year it was like I took turns have a big games you always got some from Isiah. But every now that you have one. Corporal would go off for. All liquid go off in some would say he nobody else would save you but the bull your point came from Isiah Thomas. Now Horford being that the belt out his giving you the book is what is it five. Mean he's got it to be 25. Holy cow you're talking MVP of the series you know I. It became the series is key to the series is the Celtics have they are going to wanted. Or going to have to shoot for high percentage from three point territory they're gonna win on trees. That's elegant when the series Milwaukee's. Milwaukee's not a good three point shooting team. They simply take the ball to the hole I hit a Middleton brought in depth. She didn't duck the shoes yeah middle but they're not run then not a good three point shooting team they don't shoot it as a Paulson agree freaks me and so often. Once it's in his hands he's dishing it back out on the permanent for somebody think it's very often you know this may. At all what's amazing about him. Is that a he said he doesn't doesn't really shoot the three okay. The way he plays this game with so much power. When you look at him he doesn't look like. You know he's not LeBron James paid. Right well on Leno narrowing the lead steps yet but he but I'm just saying we wouldn't see a guy that it Linas. But it just it doesn't fit. You look at his body you feel the way he goes that basket he's an absolute freak you figured he'd be bigger be more you know mobile presence. Let's deal with his frame he's just muscles guys out he's a stronger than people it'll look like it. He's unbelievable on the other thing is you can't let your guard down with him off of switches you see you see at the open floor. A rebound comes down and he's off to the race strange maybe he's a Fella there were in control their yet if the game was over. Out of practice that and cup is to go to Michael was outstanding in this game. And at some politicians a chance to tie my god that just happen Hulu you'll Middleton inbound the ball it's like they almost gave that thing away as great as they played. We gave away yet and. Well yeah definitely they were down ten points box down ten points of like little outboard Batman flat they want and it'll run right and next year Sinegal locate bout three toed Downey college yeah. Backing it easy asking to avoid getting easy baskets they did and there are a lot of they were letting numbers get two points amenities they're gonna get out well thanks. Refuse they screwed up on one play because it was a dribble drive by a ticket Tupelo and what he did what they did is. They they tried to shut it off and it was is reportedly ended up with a three pointer. And that there was no reason to do you play for the to get the 20 light. Let's take the two payments of mental mistakes down the stretch the Celtics did. In this game William bailed out wrote here bailed out immunity so I lost the turnover get a second quarter Obama's and that is equitable ethical. It was pathetic I did like governor Joseph is your Brad Stephens. Talking about the second quarter in what happened in the quarter in the like a sack cast. To Bradstreet zone to. It has survived a pretty rough stretch in the second quarter at halftime. Was that your message was that turnovers ball security look. All those part of our plan to cut Allman to a false sense of security. Never attack the paint just throw to the other team and let them score whenever they want we thought maybe I would Wear him out. Turns out it didn't look like a good plan so we had to readjust make those hard time did you have to throw our team. That is fabulous currently does that not that I asked you have criticized the pass those guys and let them score that goes available strategy gotten a bit like a boxer say he album from trying to break his hand with my face they are just keep plenty of Britain and I love the fact that he's not given these guys any excuse at one point I think it was it was Korea beach in it was. Asking them about it at all. You you know is it what you're able to do a little injuries he wants nothing to do with that. He wants he he would listen we're we're capable to going out in winning these games so that's the question. You see him one game it's only one didn't and it is is this of concern to you when you look at how many guys really played well for the Celtics barely won a game that was. Game Orioles played do we down. Even Charles Barkley and you know I listen and pulled Frederick and what is child is now you'll be doesn't want to ask you know there's not trolling you guys that you know he had it all up and it takes into it. He dams are never won anything. So what equally humble what he's saying about Al. For your shirt yet consumers through over the years. What's twelve boards. That could be new I don't know that good to deploy this. You know I today it's so risky path he really does tell us who watched index shows what's NBC's broadcast of it but. Aside Keefe weakness in every tweet it. An Arab and of course you know substance you know jump down your throat the shredding Charles Barkley what is yeah no he broke that's what he quit definitely a dark. Screw them screw you lamented I just re tweeted. It tweak it someone else tweet about someone else saying they now but now. I'd I'd adding Gault publicly and say that now I'm just re tweeting with someone else that the people of guts optics. People unique to relax it's as much needed a different type like those are both different time when we don't think Charles appreciates the little things L Alford. Apparently off the those payments Jack had a blast talking about Al Horford who. Every lousy day I eat it all yet he was averaged twelve point tonight eight rebounds a twit thirty million dollars if you played in today's day poverty free throw attempts do you think that were frugal and need to. 82. Eight. I love it author wrote both he got out that guy averaged twelve point out game with six rebounds. And one point seven free throws and then comes out and does what I want be more aggressive it's 24 points twelve boards of validity thirteen. It's fourteen free throws Evers a good good to know. Well he doubled his output. That's exactly what I thought I could do. Give me crap trying to defend twelve insect that's your job or my job to expect more out of the guy was exactly what I got from him last night of the thing you people in hand. There and it if you only goes for print out and look at all the hate them ground or more to get in the thirties. He's still the little things that he over right. Maybe he's just he's really dialed in to do little things somebody else has to pick up and make up that production this argument of this. They wanted to take a victory today against season now in the. As one throw this out a lot because he had fourteen free throw attempts in that game yesterday. Aggressive about eight at the little babies and all now and you're setting the line at how many would they. Eight I'm gonna give you all of the playoff games that Al played him last year no matter the ball match ups and watch the game this of this. It is more than at least these with a number free throw double a last year yet abuse of the number of free throw attempts he had left in the Chicago series go to a Q zero. 25. To two. In the Leo Washington series of 0220123. Tally when you hear a double digit nanotech. In the Cleveland series 200020. To be associated game what I am pleased to I don't know does that I think he's going to. And again. The Greek recovered and so he's challenging institute in the basket they're trying to get a couple flop house he's gonna force the Greek freak here this he's gonna force the Greek treat the defendant that's out of the ball which is gonna hurt him on the other side which obviously did. I actually know what it did it anyways he's gonna take that bask in the Greek pre K Hansen whoever it is it's gonna give me eight free throws in game two eyes. So here's dressed in a big guys team BT Munich on on him Kamal you all the books a look at where I could change the game plan at all not one bit no just don't Al Al Horford. Just stop ballas she etiquette as usually the guys. Celtics played three series last year and play they played on. Went to the president about six against Chicago's residence Washington and five against Cleveland's aggressive out in not one of those series that he has fourteen free throw attempt prominently when it's only award and last night not anyways I was series he as carefully as it is aggressive Al about a million people out there. Stop stop like adding act in a Horford when you won a shred me. Just thought I was just. So it's just so you can like you don't get a nice response to an eight maybe she'll light to me an update these free talk to me are you freaking losers. Yes absolutely losers. You want to die and eighteen since there to actually like you in between Q and actually respond to music at your Smart you know basketball is you like my brother. Blue ridge is losers. Okay it's someone's sister and you need heard I love you she don't care about you. She does so and so do we have favorite lever dared tag off of me any kind of tweak towards me. She don't like you she'll never light you'll few losers and a please talk to me just like him. Losers these are that is pretty pathetic as. We were kind of trying to student dead and hello look and I. Lou little bit like me who have fallen in love me want user agent area well. Insist their please let it muted so glued to the Pope would believe it should be three could be will be bringing some little. They're relying on grab another eight to fourteen free throw attempts since that you just see that again that that's eight I. I agree it was also thirteen of fourteen minutes Al offers a few shots. I would say if he was. It gives me exactly reward he would define what Arnold had hit five in one game last year implants a goal that. That's going to be at. Eight. Three spirited take it the young artists wanted to tag all in on that. It has. There's going to be a look at him as saying I bodes rather would you like me would you like I mean can we talk about being deployed there as we invite me union bunkers. Dude dude there's. Losers. Are we get two of the old Celtics we get to the Bruins will get to the Red Sox as well and you folk Els is 61777. Seven at its recent blizzards. Keep up with this show on Twitter hack away and on W. EE before entering an. After the Chicago. Let's get you back to more importantly remotely and 48 right now much Sports Radio. Bloomer Loney is on the show just before us and said. Lucid hey I played the Dallas Braden and I was supposed to tell you that he was here and set a lot. Well that's right boomer what an all time great keep me guy is unbelievable sweetheart. A few did you guys know. The book got beat Alex. But I like because I don't you don't like cult but I I I don't care if it's the thought did speak out and be put up. But talk about a beauty in that that is the absolute jet. Remember little room we'll. 151000. Feet and he beat the Mets and look where that's what he was when he was an adult he was mouse when he was a kid. Lulu where no I was right rumor McKnight noted he's a sweetheart. One thing one as we are prepared showed up out of Malaysia. Molest your plants in Dallas Braden Julio he's far more interest him in the language is little but when liberally capture you know he hit the witness Gary's Tripp yeah. So it was almost like yet to be on his best behavior was like naked guy. Who you just know now if it's a tough environment to ask him to just be in the best behavior and I heard the interview and OK but it was it wasn't. They really screwed up when they get rid of them. Z is fear out of them. Now it's that he's been he's won a higher let managers formal ones on guys wanna you know to me a bunch of guys out there that wanna go Aaron Boone style. If you wanna be managed to smuggle anything means yeah critical president one day and they wanna be Amanda Tennessee they have they've given to a through those young kids that the eventually approach be image search next year. Earlier forma measures than those of governmental opinion. You earned obviously former Kimi called sweetheart every dollar that we just like the nicest guys. Around like you know welcome beyond Washington's this guy's face is ordered business. It's usually best lap. Well I would take and a that if I was as my funny apply and and yeah I was AAA so's 36. With a bunch of kids. On polio borderless Arizona I was I was kind of guys sweet guys you Tryon who was Greg Davis yes a whole host of a whole lot of those ninety year old kids in the political and most recently coach old man Lou. No my little guy at all last year and I've only got. I've moved sort of zoom great for the Red Sox they can do no wrong they're thirteen and two counselor can do whatever he wants there on a pace port. They become all Shia of that but it's been unbelievable. I don't know why yesterday's opposite team in baseball I don't know why yesterday's game was played other than. Because they're tough get an answer tough loss stuff personal stuff. And on and they have the toughest team in baseball and the premieres its due to congress comes back obviously mine knocked it all right Jack ms. Owen Kelly. These days they're namely club by club after it was like taken on anybody at any point I'm Chris Sale. Kitchen light in big gale force winds free vehicle and notes leads by the way no badly and all over the violated that would be football players do. Now he's a man's man's about to bring up look at David Price. To bring up a sore subject that you brought him up as a crucial resulting yesterday's close source. Our satellite payload is the most miserable ever been visible until about four and that's not so we did I don't know we gave it to you how bad it was then what he did is he. Managed his way. Through that game he made sure that he had some type of heat when he gets of the dugout when. And he changed this entire reproach in the game got away from the fastball right I don't know if he threw fastballs that was fastball. But it was it was 87 and I thought that was broadcast I consider trying to run a disrespect he's a guy I couldn't and in tennis anything is trying to flip a bowler gets strikes and just just. The strike but I was warning did. I didn't see him leave after the first inning and he had at least an sensation. He's failures or whatever it is and have a rain outs and yes it is so we just need to get tough system tough set of circumstances admitted that it was the toughest he's ever had to pitch and whether and it went out there and did his job. Sweet about that hot finish are simply did his job be you down. Didn't say maybe this you know anything and he did his job he went out instead. His plan please allow me to plan applause long and Chris yeah he's definitely playing these outstanding. And that was one of those things as one not yet the neutral this game boy you know to lose is gonna be cold weather just want this game mobile excuse me here today was gonna get rained out they had to try to get yesterday's think you make a two games to pay the price later Ron. So they did whatever they could to get it the guy out of there with a W and they just sprinted off that field showered went helmeted that whatever is put it OW in the back. But they just want to get the hell out of there. That that's miserable that thing was miserable yes that's it at home and it's snowing outside of watching the game. They weren't what we're what we're doing here elegant free hot chocolate bunny an important thing is that you know I'd like a mile long and it's six each. You know you're you're not innings away right from not only just being home. And you're not playing tomorrow or jumping on a plane and go and eighty degrees out in California. But I didn't go to Oakland to go to Toronto and at home and you think it art Boston. In two weeks can begin the decisions I'd we've got on sixty sound bite on it. Let's see if these 65 in two weeks look at the forecast for the next ten days it's going to be quite as seasonably cold I fifties. And now may be very late early fifties. Yeah this is off the charts but did it occur shale. And resilience that that it's his job due to launch on it's it's his job to go out there. And to pitch any finds a way of managing but my guess is that these figures were just as cold as David Price is probably had the tingling sensation. But he was using some type of in hot packs or something when he went to the acting yeah man it's always. This this you read this camped at Purdue this cannot go to outlook it's a real terrible look at a look like gave up the run in the first inning you sit on old black men now becomes tighter because all we have to do was get total complete game get into the thick of and you're gonna lose this one he's got to bear down and figure a way of me to put his. Isn't it isn't so. Chris Hill kind of set the borrower isn't commercial apparently not like this is the way we do it right this is what's expected of us this is what we managed that is how we got throw it. This is this is the bar set the bar now and I mean I sit there and had a nice as seed irrepressible TV I'm like man I wonder if after this after yesterday's game. This the rest of the Gaza a team like man what a beat Felix David prices I don't think as a light even believe anything you say because here's one guy doing it. The worst possible way in the worst conditions imaginable. And you the other day were like I can't be in my toes plus hardliners wanted to isn't so. Because I think that that they realize that he has this condition. Condition eases and don't think he says he doesn't have a committee had backcourt with thing you guys of these guys what does it Reynard to the series and he does not mean. Rain down I'll bring down number is not a death syndrome. We don't know is get something going and then when he's got to go to a doctor to actually the you know so that one of our ticket on some sort of like he's arguing that he's another sub level it always I just. It gets cold. A lot I think the the contrast. Between what we saw yesterday with Christiane what we saw the other night David Price after he gave up four runs and still give of one in the first. In what we you are described as something that could be shortened afternoon. To meet its day and night. Don't know how other players could look at this move is if it. I'm gonna you have got enough and it's it's me why I think I am not saying you sit mean you don't go out just in general looking at a mean you're not concerned when you get into October the library is already a different person different breeds are from mentality don't. I was are great the calls on an issue for him in October and hasn't been in the past and it all week. It's October I don't know agrees guarantee yourself that we're in October not thirty degrees average temperature last up to was 62. The month of October Boston. They die right now for 62. Yet it calls gives him a piston in October's 58 he's fishing games or that I gained 2016 is eighty degrees in Cleveland will get when he gets. We'll want it's going to work capable of having one of that's called where it's 36 or 38 degrees out for a playoff game. And anything can happen I don't know if we don't normally have. This these gold in October know what you're experiencing right now when April is a lot different from what we normally experience in April choosing not as bad. It can be wrought can be rainy it's usually not this bad this is really bad bad effect has been battled over the East Coast and you can see how many games have been. Had been pot outlets admittedly to history formulate the average tempered April is probably a 4546. Degrees in October that 63. Nights is that different month. And April's cold as balls. It's just ridiculous the win October feels 55 feels cold because you be just dealing with African eighty's and ninety's awesome. But it's it's it's completely different. I know I I don't I just I think that those guys look at NCs get some goal I was circulation. And does that I don't think that there's two guys in the locker room and think that he bowed out. Just because it was it was depression was too hot. Or is not in Arabic and I don't push in their I don't gonna have to lean towards that until I get more information that there is close it and it was Tuesday Wednesday or Tuesday. How he looks against the angels. When I'm out here are some things out of the woods yet I want to see him in eighty degree weather on an. A simple ball 949596. Miles an hour be effective the key was his first two outings. And I'm still worried that there's a short outing here because these children. Quite the difference between April and may in Boston is five degrees October average is 62 which her aunt. And in April your high is 57. Highs are average but give those guys. That have high fuel Max I'll stick it on average Glaus move those a year average shots your. Average loans in April was 41 in October it's 47. And you both had eight days of rain in either one of those months where I so that's the norm it's not that much different and again this is a fluke right now. Because we should be averaging a high of 57 daily and the low of 41. And you see what the temperature and by the way you go deeper into October which means you go deeper to play out that sixty Q number drops down into the fifties. I that drops down. So I don't think it's that much of a difference. Really don't. In. Our. I do that's what. We did you not concerned at all about Saddam unconcerned that I'd say that when that day of sales and concerned about alleged soldier answered those available. But I don't think in October I don't think you circle and opens thirty degrees and windy but don't let. I understand where you're bringing up the elbow issue and to be that makes some sense that this thing would be. You know connected to the issue he has with the help he single piece and it's simply to COLT. He's the one saying the end the Red Sox are going along went in the senate about tomorrow tomorrow and he's got an elbow issue a look at you sending them out of the mobile. Got so it's gotta be this whole thing and that's why I'd arm I'm fearful that it's going to come back again and they're gonna have to move the rotation around when to get into the post season would you really can't know. To facilitate him I would be worried if we suddenly had a eight. A seasonably. Cold day in October. And he's scheduled to pitch I'm sorry I would be concerned that if it gets if it gets below forty I would agree with you. If it gets below forty but so yes I agree 100%. 56177797937. That's a phone operator and OMF. Yeah I could feel an instance where this softball and I like tonight for daylight today excuse me but thoroughness do you know love love you know another plane. My guys are out there. The other guys are out Thurman as the got to pay official got a bit tense up spoke at the end of the day got to do is go to you know so signed up ports over to strap it on them. Did after. Start and on CNN startling contrast there really isn't as great. And we doesn't have a medical conditions on the cheek as easy for him talk. You know trust says sound guy he's not get their confidence even based all right there you're Boston red sun young right now this team running you bet. It highlighting. Beckett and villages and hold them back not so distant Rebecca hello I hated that sentiment that level and AM. First it's OK second or third on the State's second third. When the agenda when he see I'm out when you see Jackie Bradley gee I guess this is an awful lot of this as long as possible. For Jacqui strategy and he leads all but he's also playing right field right mean. It catches that teammates and I I I can't say enough. It's so valuable. Regardless of how bad he's markets more. Yes he's my markets Smart you need guys like that on your team. Especially and I and I and I don't think this talk about trade deadline who's got to move technology and are now. You need guys like this on your team especially when you have so many other hitter that are also. Etiquette beckon to hit the cover off the ball. You don't rely on him as much well that's why both know just leave them that is spot let them just be the a gold club defenseman Robyn people left and right. Frustrating demoralizing the other team because they know they can hit anywhere is there other. Well I think it'll be an issue if JD Martinez has some type of deal with a Red Sox to play X amount of games out in the field. Because they're not nearly as good and a defense of our field. When he's out there and has tried hard on yourself. I think that might be an issue and I think that might be part of the deal why he came here let's get it if all goes Dennis is an East Boston what's up Dennis. Lou. What what happened. Lot of our rebel my dad in different ways to cheat we little. Who you are hostile and I sleep appearances and now you. You have to warm water down the war card than any of these primadonna and only two local says the scheme there recorder. Yeah it's been doing I have mental crews have to spend it. The entire organization thought at all. Here's the third through him I noticed when it's time to get angry you know way to go. What you tell me what's what's there to get angry about I don't know already given them to see where it looks like on Tuesday. What if he doesn't have what he does have what he does have all a as circulation issue where what is it really was in medical condition. Those that listen well. These page never quite on it's really the only vehicle went. Are you just be being these. Which ones. David Wright. Know what slowed ended up right. Outscored runners get on Alex. Let's get on outscored I'm with you Dennis he's screwed up at random but I don't know I don't know not looking to defend and I want to go to be critical of ballots cooler right now let's be critical go ahead you start album that's what the what does he done wrong so far. Taken out a pitcher to set in six pitches they don't have pre determined that technical computer that was a baby David Price. Yeah alone but maybe that's why all of big bundle its so that regrettable that a credible. I don't know what I hope it. Took. Anything else. This must be critical let's go let's report and the law and you know is ridiculous defense is we'll listen you will hear no different so recording. It's. Okay I think it. Yeah there that is below the belt that is ridiculous don't and the UN added ballooned on. I'm with you or. I'm lucky. I was above to just read them but they were up fourteen to one against the Yankees. I was trying to figure out a way to do it. Cut could come up with I got to get better data with you I don't know thirteen until many stag in pissed off because of that they're under performing quite frankly. And I don't know I don't really see out. I don't see this team's playoff to. Now how the hell they can do it it's yours although the starting pitcher. Mount their lineup is not the men and closers sucks you know an image does have a grip on the club and they have no tough guy mentality though they don't know because they don't sounds a standup show one another mount or don't know so really fight I don't know I think is normally I would not going to be spots I think it really big dog is in a team as you play in China have been you know one of the reasons I -- him to -- -- wanted -- all these guys rip everybody all the guys have done everything we've asked them to do through fifteen games. And he's been terrific and you know like I don't trust him leave that to this point he's been great beyond great. The one guy I think you're dating which you homer one of the guys they wanted to buy anything you maybe not you can't just some more now I'm just no room for you guys Haley once and she's been great knowing what I understand this guy is it has no overtly zero complete homer with him I have got me out here when we get it on at risk. I'd in the museum's 2000 Zuma now Noah back the next day not bring before you know it four days before you today actually got out one. But David Price is a different story the fact that Chris Sale was able to do that yesterday David Price apparently does not heavy condition. And he simply and the ball club did not manage this. It is frustrating to think it is frustrating to I don't like the season guys like to think matter of factly C does not have a condition. Because that have talked about that said that this is not a condition just cold weather. It is ever diagnosed with a condition is aboard the company is rolling their eyes at this. They're rolling their eyes that this specially when you go watch a Versa I just can't. So it's not my only point of Israel sky publicly Italy would have been I wonder Chris Hill pitched first. Right and a dear price of follow him pressure conditions now what what what we have seen then. He had the benefit of not seeing Chris Sale white rule written deal with it. Right so that it did surprise what are what you know the next day in the same conditions whoa how the ending beat ass hole does look like if you were faced and always come and they were facing Tampa of that. And he did the deal had not given up four runs in that first inning. Do you probably would go through a key markets in the sense I don't think so. What touched I don't look at it and I don't all reared there are they are coming to my aid light. Late in me he was dying he said they've gotten everybody bodies around what does not just us or played it gonna let. Is as if he was a very different scenarios typically when I got to wait a lot of those mistakes that you can't win against a good line. When he walked into that dugout at the look in his in a few times and amount of a discussion. Intimate what's going on. On and some tingling here you know sensation and they would pulls his ass you'd to a 123. That's I think you begin awaited mistakes they would pull. Is there were gonna mess around. Fine tomorrow night eighty degrees in on perfect weather here's mark talking about California out in California what's up mark. This man I wanted to get into why yesterday it was so hard for the Celtics. And Brad has love affair with its heavy ocean lay's defense doesn't matter if it puts a Celtics wore on five on offense all the time. They have to work twice as hard to score if you look at other droughts either. Usually you can look at point to number 37 being on the floor. Why do you think he plays those who have. Because defense sites with the problem. He can't even hold on the ball on defense as he can't strip the ball even if you did stripped the ball he would give. Be able to hold onto it to give it to another teammate he was minus thirteen yesterday. I get out he got files quickly to. And yeah your right hand at one point it was minus eighteen yesterday minus eighteen yeah. Play well guess paid those plus minuses and a single game of very deceiving. But you're right it did not play well. So Bradley to shorten. That the rotation for this match up beat down to brown paid on corporate rosier bands many oh. By the way martz my Q level was in the fourth quarter. Minus seven. Blitzer do and let's me tell them to get rid of the use of the little Italy Belgium. And on to say you'll realize plus minus at the game I 74 quarter for Alex we do get rid of Soviet. I'm just bring to your point the U people who go to the plus minus is only when it mattered it was at that speculative plus myself that because defensively. He's not good offensively right now as a rookie but defensively is a reason why he plays is he has a role to give you feet ten to 1512 minutes whatever it is defensively. That's syphilis. Five minutes again tops them. It a plus minus at plus minus is not accurate when using a small sample of the game it's even worst. Quarter yet because that. You know that the team he could have been on the floor when the team went on that raw okay at that simple as that and he can't he can't go by it. But I think he's got socially out there because. You only if somebody files. And you've got to be able to shut down that lane because that's what Milwaukee's don't they're coming at you and Wade's. And it's just taken a ball to the hole I'd 6177797937. Right here on element.