OMF - Sexy Rexy was pissed Sunday morning; Danny Amendola (yes The Dola) joins the show 9-24-17

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Monday, September 25th

HOUR 2 - We continue to explore all of the reactions following the National Anthem protests yesterday around the NFL. Rex Ryan was one person who did not appreciate what President Trump had to say about the players who have chosen to take a knee. And Danny Amendola joins the guys following the Pats win over Houston yesterday afternoon.


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Are you ready. Beats or Dwyane Erik Loney and forty. Here. Combs. The clip. With wind blew in Christian would you love to see one of these NFL owners who say get that son of a pitch off the field right now out. I got pissed off I'll be honest with you but I'm reading these comments and it's it's it's appalling to me yeah I mean I I certainly disagree with you know what he says it you know thought it was just. Divisive I know for a fact and I'm nose and now on Sports Radio WEEI. Dole wants more touches the dole thinks that he could return to close the door was wide open. That don't look so hot right not so lucky equipped me all the time and say. Yeah you belong to Serbia could order hot pipe Dolan did you. This morning nice being really really. Really ridiculously good looking yeah. And it paid noticing the undertaker from the film you saw. So we do why. They do behind Bryce good production further and AM condolence and of course been the delegates are now. But he backs we've got to be pretty damn good yesterday and he joins us live on the fault lines right now. I'd feel pretty good. I've got a late entry or expansion into an accident you can make your ringtone but we don't pay if you miss a lot of money on their fewest this week span you're ready to dump it. We were ready to get rid of what we're able I can tell it your way it's possible man this is when you're when you're really really really really good looking. It is one of Christian incidentally you're on the phone appeared personally got that blue steel on us out there and express the center spot. Well let's just a foot office and let's just to football I got some modeling and tips that I'd like and ales goes a little bit later on the conversation. It's just a look like they were concerned about the short game out did the intermediate passing. Game is that would you guys on how difficult was it early on. Albany or whatever that tremendous you know. Team defense they played hard fought harder and you know they're they got some piece of truck and you are gonna drop back and we want the economy. Were the second level can make a deep crossing. Aaron yeah. In the business you know as we work it can get yourself. The etiquette and like today. They they did some things we we were expecting. I don't know trying to execute get things done and you can got to the end and and you know we talk. Yeah and would it what does that like you know when you're when you're out there and you know you're scored points you know yes there's there are tougher to come bobbitt's Indian guys still scored 36 points. Yet I get us out of football there their match and you and sometimes they're going headed view it what's what's that like. On the sideline. Is it is or any stress involved or are you guys just so conditioned to be used to it that's not a big deal. Or will conditions for is just every situation in the game as you know Christian I mean these we've gotten you know. Working in in two minute situation and then third down situation terrible situation. First you know whatever game presents to woo woo we've worked in group we're ready to. Of course open helped. You know they're they're playing good Danica said the other day that occurred. Young quarterback it and it's and produced some great receivers in this talking and it's a lot of guys so there were making plays and it's special teams like Arabic complacency so I like it and they were fight hard they were there it goes volcano coached lot of a lot of patriot guys over there which does it deceit and and and you know there offensively they're trying to do the same what is needed in this you know a lot of the same coaching points from coach O'Brien are down in east union and grateful Welker and all the guys and so you know similar tiles of football until yesterday a lot of local you know. Block Armond seat on the ball around a lot lots of dome borrow lots and beautiful game be a part of. You know Diego's usually just you know hammer guys Miller field. In the past them wanted to guys that crystal in the last year. Kind of so we can do outside the numbers neither guy like Randy coats that can really open it up is that something that. You look maybe down the road death threat of those guys deep it's still gonna cut open things back up again military. I'm of course a total of each other well this looked like game and so. You know I haven't had to because yours is also you can and every crowd bookie can. You know thunders she can go into the deep so. Yeah you could get out in any great guy that locker room and in America actually know a lot of life issues in play well. Our Denny a lot of people are talking about what happened around NFL stadiums before the game the patriots some guys elected to stand locked dorms other guys were kneeling. I'm not sure exactly what you did but how did this all come about it looks in some ways. As if it was not unified to some guys did one thing and other guys did another site. What he they soldiers of us. Wouldn't be good regardless of with a cut in military of course it would solid and our locker room and that's what we care about most student. Hopefully we can get a positive example. Can't get anybody outside of our locker room or anyone that might look look at. You know some middle class is so. We we try to send a positive message wouldn't let me diablo. In our locker room and yeah this guy is actually use. You know what you were extremely well together and we keep it Nikki won't have a tight knit community in that locker and so. The yield is obviously important to have. Their opinions and across the nation in several and new and different a lot of people like saying opinions. As positive as you can send a message is is is good for us so. You know I felt like. I didn't see I was standing. I'd almost for personal emotions since. Or national attention I was called brought up and and in what I think about. What more so for me personally but you know soldiers fighting over. CN IQ I can't imagine all the soldiers and excited as football probably be in the army or behavior of some sort that would. You know see my country that's fighting or you know increase so what my personal reasons. You know it's funny because I saw that we buy needs older than I was listening to Deborah McCord yeah after the game and he talked about unity and it just. To mediate just looked it looked messy right you know looking across the field and a city Houston Texans and I'm sure their locker room as tight ultimately all decided as a team. Two time you know lay their personal agenda aside and do least. Showed that there on the same page and be consistent with that message regardless of who would affected good or bad. And obscure so how in the end of the decision was made or no decision was made that everyone kind congress' can decide to do their own thing. That's what was going on I mean in. We consider any sort of decision that we. Walk on the night like this so that your skating and if you wanna know milk whatever personal preference one what it showed me that. And actually equipment so. I can speak for myself some person say that I I was going to be standing just. In honor of my my grandfather and father and in the end what Franzen and some of the senators that are fighting to receive so. Your husband may reasons for a patriot fans to to boo an entry have heard many of them but that was pretty loud. I'm just curious your reaction so what you felt like with when the boos that came up before the at them and after you. Well. I would go to think about I didn't really. For slaughter you know they're they're big situation there or bullying. You know the players are doing. Whatever. Whatever I didn't really know the context it was certainly you know usually when you go. We have a couple streaks of we have now I know that they're doing how performance let that particular time that we know what they're doing there. You guys talk about this Denny did talk behind closed doors during the course of the week when you get free time with his teammates. Some who may be pissed off that the president pissed off at what's going on in the country right now. You guys engage in any of those conversations. We don't gluten or talk about that much no yellow we have a lot of football a lot of preparation about to seek. You know you'll get occasionally get. Time on the bus stop on the plane where you can sit down and an adult conversation. Again and welcome back to perform personal preference from Niemi and everybody can have a different opinion. About situations. That you're best. You can go right. Leaders to just skip right voice moving forward and whether that be on the team our country just kind of keep a positive message out there have been just. An antidote if somebody that can lead the group. Case so. Yeah Danny said it was all the personal preference ready guys wanna do you do problem. Was ever dressed by Bill Belichick it's ours to the team. Well we. We could build up. And in the mind of yeah history and we do go on country and prolonged contact between the years I've been here we go over. What the national instant Newton and the once again welcome back. Andy captures the same. One opinion doesn't need that it goes back to those fighting for our country so. Again and as we obviously everybody knows that America's not perfect description right now in incur. And if we can have the ability to focus on the part of that they enter or maybe some important. And you know whatever whatever we can do it and committed other and that's what some bottles should go to. Did you guys do you see this continuing through throughout the season are reserve. Yes it's gonna you just and at some point in time. Not that I don't know who I mean you've you've known as much as I do I don't I don't know there's and go on a Monday and so. Sort insert. You guys Wear out the the field again because the U replace the field after two pre season games and one regular season game and now the players association. Apparently had inspectors out here and they don't like to feel first of all did you notice a difference. We. Pretty much the same for a couple of years now. The problem. I'm not consider that a problem it's just different cycles extract it won't be in the run slower it's. Slow pace field. They're so it's good. So usually play because much faster outfield that are are like and we can't kind of like do they like putting green or something like that this one's pretty. It capped a lot of these black. Like little pebbles and so I personally like a lot better actually kind of bitterness in the it's not as fast track vote. But what about me in and serve to a movement on the field you can you can play. You can dig it and then cut them really well so I like these are your children to get rolled in and feel like. Of these. He's like abstract it's it's integral good of the like I personally it's not there. CC easy to Danny. Few yeah coordinator. The not sorted out. Amid thinking about the thing about you said listen you're play probably probably you know being nominated in your. So in a special forces I don't know him anyway please nuggets UBU could be a secret weapon. It was such a really good looks that just a great demeanor is in jail left and right. They were just being shocked it like it's that Dolan does speak or big light around you just walking through you have perfect. You're talking about your top. I'm not part of. Be part of our next opened her hi Danny welcome welcome back skittish chairmen nice game yesterday. I appreciate all about we'll talk to an excellent sealant in there though. It's all brought you by Shipley ward products your local Andersen windows dealer KM foods. By draft kings dot com am by Verizon Verizon this network and test them limited by the way. Bill Belichick in the bad news for. For dale and Holley mouse afternoon what happens. Stacy told the media today before the conference call. They would only be questions about football. Or didn't say about the interview later on today. Mr. so it's a conference call that it could. Point three he hits now did slap down a couple reporters. The post game interview that it tried to do. Greece was my usual it sort of errors all the work there are got a little Mikey all there was a fall also that it was basically I don't know occupants are. In Skokie is just the pressure a little bit sorry that's just depressing little bit the head game in the locker room before hands with some about a third of the team taking in need during the National Anthem how does that affect. The unity of the team to snag it. Okay. OK I'm a political. I don't cook thanks Ali as I'm a bad idea that they are quick to give up Alex amassed OK I had to act. My body was on the fly anywhere and plant them how does that affect the unity of the team and devastated. Yeah. I was like do you feel when and he did at first it didn't Belichick and his MacBook pocket isn't ideal but OK so we come back yeah it seems like there's a new definition of unity in this featured items and unity and you guys. And I notice I have to find a plan put a definition. From Fauria coming up next right here and Elena. Let's do Jay Portnoy is favorite radio show oil lifeguard could tell the tools they go to spew lies and all of this thing but what's what noise that's all coming off. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. They've been going this president. For over you know until we is that he's he's basically told that the president of United States government for the prior years. That he wasn't from America he wasn't American. Very offensive to people like sharp hopefully you guys too you know he's. Talk about grabbing them by the zionists. But Troy had to do these people go and do they won't hand you content to people dividend is always knew that if you know there's like hot holiday I think that commuter lot trial came out to do they also does form of the BS's Bob. I was first round yesterday announced a compass and your post game show. This is the tweet. That Danny Amendola was talking about makes older and we checked it out he was before the game. It was 806 AM yesterday morning. And we should have won rented it Dimon said this is what they're gonna do stand or Neil. That's a free choice you won't see any division in this locker room over that we respect each other too much. Yes so to me OK so the new definition of unity for the patriots at least in this circumstances. And under these circumstances what do whatever you want. Take your initial look at that now you look back at the Belleville a foreshadowing of what we're gonna see. Right so. Where do we want. We're gonna avoid the noise we're not gonna care if you think we're not unify we're not gonna care if you bring up by the Steelers as an example we're not any indicator you look at this. At the Texas say you know what. That looks like unity. To me that's the issue it's too deep it's too complicated. And and there's no way to really appease everybody so we're gonna do with the way we want to do it which is what we always do. Okay you do what you want you do what you want but no matter what. We're sending you a message regardless of what you see out in the field on Sunday in a lot forward together yes we disagree but we are not allowing it to gate in the middle. Of what we're trying to accomplish. So make your own opinion come out with your own reasoning we're still unified so you'll get that way and you look at its older said. You can obviously tell that they talked about it to dissect everybody a message where the some guys you look at some guys did Neil. Whether some guys stand some guys that stand where they lock arms some guys did lock arms. It doesn't matter what you saw on the field before the game. Breached regardless of what you saw we are unified so. Are you tell me it is a unified team I don't. Particularly not well go to sort out there freelancing. Yes we heard last year like pinnacle to result thing right is it just. Q can you envision bill addressing it saying okay this is how I feel. About the at this is how I feel about the military now that you all know hall I feel. It's acute decide how you feel you guys do what you want to do. Is that yeah but don't you finally figured that we need equity to communicate more and we on the same page or is it just. Whatever I respect each one news individualism and your opinions do what you feel is best I think this is interest and that Stacey James tells the media because Bildt told him. We're only talking about football usually bill picked the question and then you get some very quick answer and move on were on the Carolina you know he would do something like that. He studied them all going to be product which once we believe. That there. You might recover a little off guard and some of this. Com doll I don't vacuous. You built caught off guard that he didn't expect. No I got a little off guard I think there's sixteen players it's what he meets with the captains every Friday. It's Friday. And so this happened Friday night correct fright night. I don't tweet. No he was he was speaking in Alabama and so I saw that's right so that happen. Friday afternoon. I think believe it was obviously did they already met as a group as a captain and we are to talk about the hold kneeling at the that it kind of you know your heated as much. So they meet again so I act on that it would be done but this on Saturday but that team meeting. Okay yes those are so that team emit its privacy when they talk whatever they wanted to habitat the second Friday night. I don't with the president's it's all varieties are so you if it's Saturday they have an emergency meeting and everybody discusses that you have a group team meeting. Saturday night before you watch them for you separate up it goes in one room and deep it goes another. This was a discussion. Whether bill was a part of it as a as a team field you know taking advice I don't think he would do too many voices it was probably strictly captains. This is what it was so you cap the third group that according. Matt Slater very. Brady and I think David Andrews is the captain officer ray young young captain began much of a voice that he was talking on. He's the youngest guy there abides by multiple years probably not a problem was there anything. So it probably according Slater and birdie do most of the talking. They Anderson of what often lament the jokers one. It's. Like 2000 atmosphere that Hollywood let's shoulders and a block this is but this is so so this is what you want to hear this I think this is what it is. Assault just basically gave you the answers to the test is what he said. He did incident without saying yeah I took folds Miguel let's go to you John and Mansfield Rajon. Leo did you. It thanks to Michael publicity as the afternoon but it from college today ever request or even the leak. All the old college teams spectators can loosen the bars. Veterans day weekend is coming out there everybody has your opinion is like you're healing and sitting. I asked at least the end of the National Anthem of veterans day weekend. So we can recognize and show our support for all veterans. This fought and died so we have the right to police are. Now you nicest day to be nice if they do it on a regular basis every single way I atrial if you're right there will be more emphasis put on it on veterans day. And it'll be more sensitive I think that coming up we can. It's easy tried doing this in North Korea are we at a Taliban government. While we don't love it when I went out North Korean elite we get that it's the problem I have with what Troy Brown's. Because what Troy is doing is doing what a lot of players that do tall directed at that trump yes he's the president. That the flag is not about Donald Trump or fifty stars on that thing representing the states and then we know what the stripes represented a mean. Yeah I try to they'd look at Indy I mean there are some people with the most unlike you. We'll look at Donald Trump is the I know you don't look like it you don't of that earlier on Nancy colonial the thing that way but you understand how most people. I think look at the present United States saying he represented the country but I think they are now that's not to flag represents I don't look at the flag I. I don't sit there and stand for the flag and put my hand in my heart for Donald Trump. OK don't do that. No but if you have problems with the present United States which is what they get to reject the Friday. This is the reaction you get have a problem with the president of the United States on Friday I thought he was above fluid what he did he didn't heed what he did is he invaded. Free enterprise something that he is eight supposedly eight cheaply enough dropped out of a job so yeah. So it's always you lash out and all of these guys have an opportunity to do they have a forum where a lot of America does not. These guys do Russian president. Tried brown is a right to lash out the president he has a four. Don't sit there and tell me that that's why the players have to take it neat because of what the president said on Friday night the president does not apply. He's not the anthem. I mean they're a lot of presidents before him and there are a lot of people that that you know sacrificed a hell of a lot. Four so that's like that's think the issue I know of that here's Matt main IMAP. They get them down I'd agree more of the flag heavily represented veterans and what the country represents. Separate from the government. Principles of the country. I wish that people can protest sent home before protests as a veteran. But where where the signing your shirt that says that trump or don't shoot or. You know pro women and then get finds of that and then take that money into something real estate. If you really care about it. And the National Anthem does represent the flag cracked. That same flight that you only entity to be held. September 11 that it was often the getting spit on now but he shouldn't represent anything different than it did that day. It is for the content for the soldiers fought freedom. And I wish they could use some other pulpit besides the National Anthem in the American flag. Q who did their frustration and anger because again we're talking about healing not the issue is and if they wanna talk about the issues they won a race problems about the issues. Given that. You but you said you're off of protests right I mean. These guys to talk about they have every opportunity and podium whatever I mean it during a football game you try to bring attention. It's something that is youth believe him. Isn't that an opportunity to do that get people talking about it I believe I protests is that when you do it. I was should not direct it for the National Anthem in the flag. I wish I mean. I get that all eyes are on you still Wear shirt put up put aside of the neck during the National Anthem and all cameras are on that says you know no problem pour. Don't shoot or Blackbaud nano would never get caught Reno spectators sucked whatever your. Issue is legion that being heard and make that seeking to get they would have a New Zealand. But no let's make it don't. I don't know what to do about it is about black people getting shot for no reason which suck. It up about something in a jar. Any cure that now probably get a big hit. I don't miss anymore let's listen to you. But they'll all be sure there are the Atlantic. Yeah now an overall count on mustard I don't know if they saw a lot of zone players are usually considered kneeling has gone down right people weren't nearly last week Peters Neal of the deals that six guys about ten guys the first two weeks. That Neil. But I think a lot of people had this feeling inside that rightly or Alec Dedham according to Neal last week. And and but he still believes in it means that you know what I'm not gonna neo Soviet when the president comes out on Friday. And start saying those seals calls and the sons of bitches that a kneeling. The reason why you saw the reaction mr. it was because of the president of the United States making those come from separate and you shouldn't be confused as why they did yesterday you know exactly what it idiots that put it was but those people Glenn don't separate daft not to you'll do. But they don't look at the present United States and they see the flag I think United States is that it was the president who's represented the country who's the face of the country are pressing at stake since. Donald Trump is and that's why I don't appreciate what he said and that's why I'm gonna have this action when all eyes are on me because I think it's gonna be hurt the most by doing in the setting. Like this will let me throw one that you just brought a black lives matter. And you know we hear a lot of people they're media we heard this weekend about all of this. You know that the president the country should be more sympathetic to black lodge back certainly should listen to what they have to send. Obviously they represented group and they feel the social justice. But how can I applaud everything. That they do. When they're they're marching protesting at Saint Louis and carrying a gigantic banner across the street blocked the street that says F the police. So if you're supportive of black lives better there's certain things probably. That they're. They they have issues I think that there are out there are speaking about that actually makes sense. Pillaged the white kitten cover to shake up likewise that is why don't people listen a black was back. Like a problem with this this protest last week with the have to pull east and Asia. So but it's all about it's all about trump this is all about chuck and I courses Paula couldn't agree more that what he did the other night was inflammatory. If I'm one of those owners that it's been like Kraft pissed off once they don't dammit. I'm trying to run a business here it got black players I don't white players from different socio economic background. I'm trying to keep everybody together so we can win break in football games and we can get better ratings and what are you don't want to show up there on the White House or at worst you're going to play to your base and Alabama screaming out there saying I should fire or suspend my players and then obviously I was not happy at Hillcrest it. Quest to do what they're only. Notice when you when you when you go certain certain places wherever maybe there's there's some crazy guy and the hill some crazy guys from street corner yell and scream and not making any sense. You stop using you or do you do you stop and listen to on. OK so what would treat trump the same way just walked by him. Just a pity because all you do don't you do is just giving him any nation yeah it's given fuel. Has he wants that he's a crazy guy on the corner yelled and screamed on somebody stops it and the closest of all our. Ask him ask him questions. Just Beck gets that I feel a bit more nonsense. If you just walk on pilot he doesn't exist. People like that trump. They just they get nervous because they're so insecure in the first place they need some sort of recognition they need acceptance they need their search for credibility ignore him. Have to we'll NFL ratings are down massively. I don't know presence I split it and using all happening on hormone. We had a kid and nor a lot of things he's got it president's state clearly it is probably most nonsense when usually ignore you because when you hear him talk he did Alabama. Used to view Roy you rise. Washington are whereas most garrido who are you gonna give it let me give an example of why in more nurseries or talk about nukes we start talking about the destroying people. And like you know just you know picking them off the face of the earth. Against another against an enemy which is now just said he's using. Those words at the declaration of war with cities well I mean what more fearful of well I don't or concern when it. Well but you gotta understand. What he was doing he's he goes out to Alabama he's playing to his base and he re animals on for an hour and a half without a teleprompter. And he's a lot different when he's he's natural thrown out here repeats himself 500 times. And then he sees the smile on the face of the of of these base supporters out there and gets into it deeper but just what. Think about this this is what he waited out in January 22. Okay. Peaceful protest. Our hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don't always agree. I recognized the rights of people to express their views unless they need LP it's not what he she added that in there no that's not what they said. Friday night here for his face and Alabama. And and that's it gets before his base and he thinks she's out on the campaign trail published not know what I did some of that as well played to his base and it goes off. I know what you can't ignore the present United States' ability automated or not he is because represent this country. Use the face of the United States but gave the president the flat Sony said the flat on the card but the flag represents not military everybody represents the countries are represented the the president authorized the country so what what are you that the country does present a United States on it though if Clinton said something or Obama said something that you did not like yeah yeah. The way did you. Why do let me it's just everything that I lately this for a victim of a point where lead me to protest. Yeah he did what won us aren't we take a break who write back to folk also promised 61777. Night seven and its recent. Christian rants about them pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney euphoria but Sports Radio. We all grew up in an NFL locker room. We don't have those issues you know on a mean everybody's always been united. You know when things you know yet that views are different and things but let me tell you like but got pissed off I'll be honest with you you know because. I supported Donald Trump you know why I set back in now when he asked me to. Introduce him at a rally. You know win in buffalo why did that. But I'm reading these comments and it it's it's appalling to me and I'm sure it's appalling news to almost any citizen in our country it should be. They were pretty ridiculous on Friday procession pretty ridiculous but he's getting people like Rex Ryan yeah. I'm not sure is gonna lose Rex Ryan entirely the owners of the NFL teams are the ones that have the biggest problem right now. They're the ones they did a lot David. We really big problems is now. I don't know if you saw this but. Aaron Paul has it then that there's there's these. NFL. As a bunch of you know there there there stadiums. Are built on on subsidies like they're getting almost like they're getting kickbacks. And it. I don't know who says applaud you have it. Yeah I had his name's Barney amateurs first name this is a lot armaments to burn a third party ready for it he's on guard he's a financial you don't get out of place yet already it. First of all there's one point one billion dollars would have direct subsidies from taxpayers to the NFL do you mean by a subsidy okay. How about the building of stadiums for example. Taxpayer subsidies go towards the building of stated there have been twenty new NFL stadium since 1997. All of them have received a degree of tax basis sweetheart deal to sweetheart deal my messages this. Don't bite the hand that helps to feed you until you're now in the NFL don't mind that is the taxpayers that. Don't hook the sport that feeds you. And don't insult taxpayers whose symbol is the flag and who you are disrespecting. By your actions it's and that's why users it's. At least somewhat eases somewhat correct and that he's not a total utterance of the red make you bully while not in this town. Because there's no subsidies here for well I don't State's case is different try to shape but the point is all washed him surprised that your point is it's like is that or going. Now it's not an all out fight and now that is owners FL owners account what are you CNET listen I have no. He's missing the point already with heady issues over the last ten years with the public. Has been unwilling. To put money in some type of tax revenue bonds to guarantee bonds for various stadiums that's what San Diego Chargers are no wonder in San Diego. Is the people in San Diego said. I wanna go to prove that suck so more and more what has happened is the National Football League. Has given these tremendous loans out there and that's why if you take a loan to pay DelHomme back. You build a stadium. In Minnesota. Just. You'll have a Super Bowl there and so it is does from start being a big bad bully to the NFL yet the owners guessing that he's our he's already enough. Yeah you know doubling down get down get NASCAR decides that a hicks at. I didn't ask docs in this area below what these right here apple fire anybody in America now. In Nagano rubs the cars were out. You guys. About time not stated a lot of Paula bit. Yeah so really it's really politics we're going it's. Is thought at all about also unfortunate that a in this and armored and I understand that. He the people speaking out are in the entertainment business then they're baseball football they're very very well in. On. Bagel for a long long time I just think. This whole argument it is is disguise in the wrong way. I don't want political argument involved in any sports okay you should eat basically neutral location. And the Iran into this thing I get out of it. I'd have accomplices but US history. And that's the number one thing we can have. You can disagree whether there have your opinion a look at the fact that it was actually causes it left it was Saint Louis. It was bad. I guarantee you if that hole to grab the civil rights you know action that it didn't have and so you know this would this problem. They're problem Paulson conceded that I'm not working and people not getting joy out. And it's a problem and I and I don't like being called I hate her a racist earning all by some a leak yeah. We've done nothing like that talked about. Going to aggravate I want to play football. And everybody else got out. I think you're like a lot of football fans right now I think that was a big part of the idealist and a but I think that it out of work but it's also one of the reasons. Why the accuse. The NFL game. You know to protest and to show its of people that are there to just watch TV or just watching football game now it's in your face as well. You know I mean it's a hit that direct hits and I I just watchful auto wanna be dealing with this will if forcing you to deal with this. Because it big doing at a football game and if you go to protest to trying to get attention. To whatever you feel we have noted that the the thing is that I wanna see more guys and home. McCourt talked about it but expressed their feelings and why they're doing to get that message out there are more. They do it more is opposite of that it would be protesting now is it trump. Is it black lies matter is it about cops but what what what is it that your your pro testing. Let these guys should be more vocal so people lawyers confuses what Elvis did neatly kept track. Added a whole new element to when he talks about politics I would agree that. It's become politics now with trump because you have people. Professional athletes certainly minority certainly media of people who would like to get rid of this president they want him impeached right now would get him out of office. But when you're talking about. What we're dealing with your social justice police brutality. You tell me that this is just happened since January after Reid he was inaugurated. Or or or worse had these problems for a long period of all things political cautious fundraising is certainly wasn't going Taylor want is an official as saying shouldn't. Should they because brutality is not about politics. Social justice is not about politics the economic plight of the African American and urban America is not about politics. Right it's about issues that we haven't society. Trump because of trump and the people that he trump this at the trump the arrangements and drum that exist out there. People are there are ready to explode and that is where politics become part of that I just didn't agree with what you were saying. I don't want these guys to step forward notes call Canada to somebody else. In this specific. Symbolic of where the big Sox. Think Sox don't. If you're concerned about police brutality. You open up lines of communication Colin when you bought him put big Sox look at the doubly so they're gonna sit there. It is going to made fools out of those police but how does that solve a problem. I don't even accurate patient you don't you don't end up with any of that stuff that's all I'm saying so yeah I think what the president's. On Friday night exploded this thing if the president had not said in a Friday night Lou how many protest when we have been engineered the first couple weeks not much right. That was it's the failed to bring you. My my biggest thing was. Specifically to the patriots and because that's the first thing that stood out to me was this the way they looked the way they look so the big question was was why. Why would they acting while they standing while they all kind of doing their own thing. Now politics in it and then you can now you can discuss individual battle that you're gonna see this anymore for the patriots. I think this is the one and done type I think that and I can just hear bill saying it is what it is and it ending with it is what it is we see it elsewhere in the league. Watney yet yes he will but I think the patriots I think this is I think that's the last we receive. You're gonna see this all these different groups hockey puck popping up guys over here guys over there. No I think it was a I think it was addressed I think there are new new form of unity is because if they don't they well they don't care what we think. Nobody in that locker room careful we think so why should they care if you're at work trying to decipher their reasons why they acted the way they did on the sidelines. They have their own reasons and that's all that matters. I wonder about politicians. What a few Jacksonville Jaguars another queens team is every day and the go to London. Adams ordered to gonna get involved in politics of the United Kingdom. Inalienable. Listen as long as they win. Take a break we'll get back to your phone calls to flowers will join us coming up next all part of a whole AMF some patriots money like down here to.