OMF - Shannon Sharpe really hates Tom Brady's latest Instagram video

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Friday, September 14th
Hour #4 - We reset with the Patriots, and Tom E Curran's take that Tom Brady will still be playing in 2020, just not for the Patriots.  Plus Shannon Sharpe can't deal with Tom Brady's Instagram pump up videos, and Sour Shoes calls up K&C.

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This afternoon's went oh that's triggered this kind of cure everything through the same situation. They he you're not DOT into their in his first I'm gonna get them quicker than. But operating loans as well I think that it looked competitive that is the first time if you get this thing. And I'm rich you know obviously Rutgers quarterback currently that you don't sell off today. This kind of can be saved me this wasn't like Britney Spears and have them feel better compete against you better do you want to give up your life. It ego laden. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Independent jobs. Hello always better than Tom Brady's more of them. Especially when he goes out. When in his wife's voice voice sounds when he get when he tries when he when he gets going he's right you know Mark Brady kind of Morse from you know Shannon Sharpe into. And a white guy Shannon sharp asked. Rome is left with good that you wonder about the whole. It's a grand thing with Tom Brady got nearly sent it is we'll you know jail rim she's all over for next face on that brought himself but. You know the whole TB twelve TB twelve times that was like following the games. Now you're gonna put as you put the solid every Friday night again because he's he's done this before but. My Bluetooth phone. Because there just kind of feel out everything you triple the same situation stadium you're not guilty to their and that's first time kind of get them to your point and I. I guess the point where you realize okay. This kind teams agreed that you take the field it's like kind of interview arena that's when you get your your time for the children which. It's not like he set down before him put this together this is left over footage that Gotham Chopra as the party put together and he's a good idea because they show watch them on silent or Wal-Mart says Ramsey there yeah its races auditors his music and his this music. Like have them onto life it's. Columnist and president and he would obviously I'll well yeah well. All of them all don't open it up now it's about an easy team. Day and he didn't do anything with that with music you do you know anything you can do on the what is what want to play them for four hours in the background than usual Sunday morning. It is not but I knew. It's that he's back I'd actually go over like groceries would that. Let's try it is is that not an opportunity for ratings he would be well at all. Characters that we it's we're attempting to do stuff like resigns as he trolling intro. Released branches and offers video. It's written the president didn't feel I at its height video if it were. Just him in the early asked the wrong throw passes that Andelman told touchdowns watch the patriots. Used. Now. The Aggies still Ramsey getting burnt in light getting knocked down and you know you know just something like that cushion they spent all day behind closed doors all week rather. Talking about him. And then not gonna do it publicly and that's a provision chart this week that you know he's 62 went to the ankles walls and another thing when their any openings right. That's what they do that's Charlie Crist he's he's had enough of the bogey. The total lie low and just take. So he's had enough he's had enough I don't see every petite. Right he's got pretty pretty skip Bayless to not have breathed New Orleans he's here or GOP supporter he was if he could be it Tom Brady John Stratton and lived in that area for like the next week he would just love he's been moved higher that's. Of LeBron James to skip this down in just the opposite what ought. Always felt you. Happens in big games on Sunday afternoon set such goals law or yes I've done that's. As I go home I mean is that here's the thing. This isn't anything new. He's been to different people and believe he most guys are if you're conduct. Com in new collective you know Bruce same way they Bruschi walks around chill. Yeah screaming and it in all of us let's budget could be put back down the field. I switched different guy wholly different guy but other than you know at home you know and how dinner. The same way shall and we like that. Shall we someone who can't. Who doesn't morph into almost like a different terror especially different personality Chris theater. Mean especially in that sport. Jeremy I mean where is just crazy thing in baseball you kick Ramallah tack on some. It's got available controlled so you're not you know screaming you know analyst each unit in emotional triple double clear the bases of some that little ball low base of my gauges wanna hit someone who Louis based or you go to war you stand at first they should start talking of the. Of opponent for five minute sit there and I'm from accounts is only puzzle I thought that's that's how things they don't imagine it's Sunday every player's different person. I had and that's another chapter in my book a bid for you as one of the chapters in my book you know you got it it's called this degree Japanese guys are gonna like this a lot. The role of a lifetime and doesn't help heal up the Utah it's column called every handle of what you've comic character and went out well yeah itself mean maybe they did pretty that we saw before we might you know game a game papal candidate Brady is safe carried amazing we saw a gained euphoria. Oakland and I acquired include you admitted pinned up against the forget all that never happened that I off the ground it was you were Psycho person. You 1000 acres and I also realize that always on a really short. I thought I'm fat and how quickly you just surrounding him down because trying to pull me away as whose son and yeah. You think you maybe able to push her credibility executing my vote today. It could definitely be bothering back about that suits me carrot comes on this morning and on Kirk and Callahan show. And he talks about Tom Brady and if but he says if you sit on occasion statement stab in the darker or whatever but Karen I know he's got good contacts with the Brady. People already came up. And also with the craft and what the patriot kept pushing what he thought about what that was the Tom Brady and each Tom Brady continues playing past 2019. My suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere I think most people reflect who say ha who they gonna get the draft draft is you know. Not that deep in quarterback there are going to be guys who become free agents there will be guys who can be coat holders and I'm not saying this is deadlocked in. But my feeling is I don't think he plays for the patriots twenty point that's my despite his joy that I mean you're you're no I think it's mutual mutual between Belichick mutual. Between the patriots. Not craft as an adult and very giants in 2000 always playing the jets he's playing for dolphins Kansas City in 20021. Or what they said was if poverty continues playing past 2019 my suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere. Denver I I go Denver on Saint John Elway. A good quarterback it was in the but I do Peyton Manning got him one prominent get a blood is left of the banners. I get a bunch of great guys at bill but Jacksonville is that templates right it does not that necessarily be template but Jackson calls a great example because. Great defense gonna be good for awhile or they can help you win games you're limited unbelievably limited at a quarterback position. And you want to do well in 2007. Great let's save photos at quarterback next year's fall projects that can imagine watching this team for three straight years knowing what you have. And knowing that your quarterback in particular can blow you wonder what puppeteer. Are all gone personal I don't think I don't agree embers blowing it right now I don't agree with Tom. And I I don't think he's going anywhere. Between mutual. Mean if if the the New England Patriots and you get by these two years. And and you just sit there and say. Why would I just give you the franchise to gather intelligence 330 made the patriots are dying for that sort of moment to where they don't fear that dead money when Tom Brady did just blocks away retires or gets hurt let's cleared well here's a perfect fit for them. Now we just gave the check mark of credibility but I had a would you low this makes absolutely no sense to me. Unless they have already tried to negotiate with Brady. They've already told him you're not gonna get the extension. Because all we have to do is throw the franchise tag at 200 dollars and you write and obviously but any and he says screw you know. Here's a franchise tag yet mate Armani or our Tyrell whatever upbeat I'll be gone and craft not wanting in any way to whoops that Tom Brady. Because Tom's gonna be coming back and every single year for everything they do here because he's going to be the face of the history this franchise. Doesn't wanna want separate says OK you know what we're just letting go. It instead of franchising. Is there any way that you can envision. If Brady can still play at the end of next season is nobody. That's that's on the holding seat right now spotlight Jimmy grapple still here. There's nobody here. How how does Tom Brady not come back what that he just retires what he just says that maybe he's started he's been lying on May be an all four people that I know what he's he's gonna throw you off the sand. That he stated he's placed somewhere after next year and again make a deal with they would happen this year. It make a little more sense are you Judy's gone there's no one here but if last draft they did believe in Lamar Jackson. Well they went after an ex couple quarterbacks who mentioned it went Mason Rudolph for Kyle let of these one of these three guys they draft a quarterback in the first two rounds basically. They need it's a detail about our Rebecca it's you lunacy this kid looks like what they how they feel bottom but two years here. Two more for dominant this kid takes over and they drafted Jimmie go rock below this past year then it might make sense but now. I don't know why I don't why be mutual so and why don't we don't want to let him walk wings senate for one year time. Or the other thing that could happen if he wants to emulate and following in the footsteps of his hero the guy that he looked up to the guy that. Hey you know he could get that number one's own finger at that that that championship game with this with the 49ers. Maybe he decides you know what I I kind of look forward to play for another team. It SO Joseph Montana it was 37 when he left the 49ers. He had what two years with the can as he sees me he was beat up broken down and barely hanging on. But Brady at 4445. I mean 37. Is a you know 44 of new 37 in the face of the well I. I think we do well that would be sitting there saying while he was my childhood hero solely try to follow in the same footsteps. As Joseph Montana that makes no sense career you've added yeah yeah party moved up until the number one position. Ahead of Joseph Montana you're the goat now. Why would you wanna finish you career with the team that you began your career with. Warm and I can do and it is indeed more franchise tag makes it makes easy it's easy to do franchise tag on given the thirty million dollars I don't think you will be to complain about it. But more than he's ever made him one year anyways it all the already gotten to know what risk are coming up with a with in he's had both sides. Are cool with the worst coming up with us. I once was and he titan but here's the thing com. How he just retires and he's done. How about that he played out his contract and he says no that's not it the problem with that is if he's still playing great. At the end even better than. No I don't. It's about it it's a branding it's the branding it's gonna let you branded you're not twelve you can render you know if he can do today's four people. You've branded on page 45 resorted to old policy I think you know wants the planes at least 45 how does he walk away. At the end of next year less in less uses to fail unless he sits digital SL once but it all always I always blame the lawless and always overt. Over like overshoot your expectations. This old you know listen I I want 45 and debate but a great idol and be grateful and happy 43 I just couldn't you know walk away and he could blame the. You know I'm when life is now hand it here so that's why. You always a mutual stuff like it would be easier if ever for which side the part with one another to me be easier for Tom to plot with a New England Patriots can go elsewhere. Too because you go to a team like Jacksonville alight somewhere else he would go there if you still play at a high level. If the patriots were walk presented whose mutual atomic are seeing the pictures that you're tomcat. Is gonna start we will place holder for a little bit scared about its overhaul. It's over here does bill think you can go and win a Super Bowl three years from now without Tom Brady a gimmick he's got to play at a high level we all know that. So there's no injury still play at a high level what is that the salary cap you wanna pay a quarterback thirty million dollars he got to move on looking you know good luck is advocate who you bring in. Much of the rest your roster is good enough to win. It without Tom Brady what is this team right now. That was supposed to get more to lose that Tom Tom presidency. You let go me fine I'll go to the American pressure I think that if I can play I'm gonna win for the next couple years meanwhile. That last apples grown market where Apple's global scope zimbalist that you while is Josh coach. He taught physical Wear while much he came up with summit here but somebody mentioned it to me that's a good opponent that the majority of the NFL network. Mention the fact that it could be. That is Belichick is still here at the end of next year as opposed to Josh McDaniels coached. That maybe he leads and that that really is I guess that that the number one bad okay cool Lee's first. Who who who cried uncle for Susan is debris hours of it builds on a coach until he's Marv Levy's ages and it isn't he kinda creepy not to that he might as it is it is every as we sit here for four years away OK so for years and I thought honestly so 45 maybe it is and you know like Thelma and Louise and it is often the science that often put and then there's a clip whereas element manager just. Just paint a scenario where built calming drunk retired senior and his is Johnson was well why are we gonna stick on solid aren't liable saucer pass. That's. Sad I took what 7779737. Loaded up we go to the phone calls coming out. And their tires. And that guaranteed lowest price encounter here. Free services than any. Best prices on tires nobody. Fair tire nobody now. For fox Sports Radio telling you. The patriots the franc to move on from him I think forty three's contract. Fires broke my cracked up over its contract is up. If we forty years left together. You know Belichick and Brady regardless of who the replacement will be. The patriots beginning at 4014 would Belichick rich need to contract the here to try to please bring. It started immediately. Jake and online order and that's what you get here of the young Mike Furrey coach that I was referring to we did it. On the sports of I think a lot of what breed he does and where it goes is tied at age performance. And his Bill Belichick still here and what's the nature of their relationship. They could Thomas playing well and build decided to walk away. And Josh was in line to be to go to the patriots I don't think Tom would leave. Said their best buddies. Which we know it's clearly part of the reason why Josh is back. And he goes on new verify. Tom currents credentials Thomas very well plugged in which we said either I don't doubt his instincts on this at all. I just think there's so much Heidi and how Brady plays and what killed doesn't Wear their relationship goes I don't think anybody can predict how long. That's going to look to three years from. Ed there's no doubt about 2014 that in the draft to grapple. Right yet the he brought up the age he brought the cause you agent contract real heart of our quarterback to audible com so. He started the plan for. That Tom screwed up the plan. As you get even better over the next three full years with Jimmy or upload their just as good looked like he did the best three years of his career. So yeah they are thinking about it so I'm sure they're still thinking about it but there was no successor draft. You know there was no Junichi draft you did you Nikita in the seventh round is only here just as anybody I don't know oddities as anybody that you bracket and a stick around and out but they don't have a replacement. Mean I if they draft one next year. And let him walk in a year. And they bring in a one year sort of stopgap guy but I still think it that would be a disaster if you Bill Belichick if you break it up as Ross it without talking to wit a. I don't think so anyway that you could walk away. If it analyst Tom Brady can't plug after next season there is absolutely no way you can walk away from him. And who forget about the replacement what are we talking about since conflict and birdied. So let's these whole game totally falls apart. You claim the 3233. Million with a franchise tag and the only reason I threw them out earlier is. Maybe he's pissed off and eat he doesn't want that in the stigma of the franchise tag maybe that's it. Others those statement thirty million dollars that very reason there's some areas you right now a stigma only exists for the young guys the young guys get that stigma. Because there 2425. To one a long term deal I wanted to do this piecemeal stuff. You want that that's security bulletin that aren't million dollars on its security but. That's and look at his age to a point when you it's basically yeah. Nonstop. It's physically a one year deal every year is key role that that's at his age. And is is is maybe he's unsure and things are changing while woody wanted hot. There's a facility a race that because it was a stupid statement by me while the the stigma of the franchise tag could easily be erased by Singtel. The franchise tag that was going to be 32 million. We don't want on bearer she with giving the franchise that we're gonna give you 34 and will be part of a franchise to it'll be a one year dealer franchise wrong. And we'll get hit with a started exit out right. Forgive you and give you. We'll give you wait a second you're not guaranteed so it'll tie into winter breezes I took a phone calls years urban Quincy higher. The ice and her only. Obviously I want that you can't station or as a way to get hit a lot more than perhaps. Not right now I don't know he's no Michael learned knowing this is. Get dinner. And Rogers he's getting hit far more than him that's Ben Roethlisberger is hitting it far more than him. Yeah it's it's but he closed at its age. Her mortgage interest and took. It literally range but hinted chicken get on these really good things. Basically the decision and it sort. Heard he's taking fewer hits than any any quarterback out there right now and when he releases the it. Could be in Iraq thought June and all over the songs so I was hitting streak contemporary and yet in my notorious. He's been mourners and all week is nothing left just the opposite yeah. And here's you hit into the other room when he when he gets that they can't all of the camp rather what kind of market hit. They know you can't all 300 bound by a guy who raised his face wouldn't matter just I don't but he he's told us that he's already figured out. After he releases the ball when he gets it he's already recalled he knows exactly what it's. My personal views over this is short of the Al obscure theory you know good hunch. Men are also in Westfield next up here and Allen have all. I. Yeah afternoon guys area. Well. Well I just about out of my chair when you're charged in an lecture. Fifteen to nineteen millionaire Tom Kite to graduate Rockefeller were on a double persons contract but I do have a better. Only a double doubles only horrific he did that the franchise tag by 2020. For quarterback. Would be over thirty million dollars. Yes sir but at New England we have this because negotiating give and take him down. Now it. But it's kind of circle of expired it'll be done via free agent he's a free agent. So freeagent there's yet seen that yet yet it would seem free agent Tom yes yeah I think you want more than a franchise temple. Check please correction you rally and then surely we have to agree two records one set to be going alone is not yet. We've got the rock star so bullets and ignored him and clearly what Kelly you have one run lead so last night he got two outs nobody on base and look at him as Glenwood say net Beijing. Therefore they're closure one run lead so you have Kelly pitch when there's a one run lead Meachem looks quicker and more lock them down. Unless you should Kelly's other Kelly that that might have been. Not all Adobe got fatalistic. Now understand him doing it you know get another opportunity its regular season but. I'm not so sure he's gonna is he's going to be on this Ross you can just as throw consistently enough is a strikes enough they just. It is breaking ball over strike on it dries you can't don't. You can't put him in the eighth inning when he was on the line can't do it he saw that last night imagine doing that against one of these playoff teams like Cleveland. Or Houston or the Yankees are you kidding me. You can't trust them. I don't know but not being on the on the playoff roster is that you say yes while none I don't. I don't think years and and a day this last two weeks I like it. These games are meaningless and corps has created a competition and stressful situations where these guys got to come out and prove they can do it. He's given different guys 78 innings as the high stress you can get with the lead. And some guys approving of the job got stuff with some guys approving mentally. That they might be able to handle while others approving day on so they're deciding who makes this roster or not. I don't think Brit work is that the best stuff out there. But if he continues to be brought in a tough spots and it's aggressive three pitches by you of confident. That he's had to find his way because mentally he can handle mostly. At one another you've got to be hoping and praying that my ultimate air in these guys might change by the by the night by the week when you get into the postseason and Joseph Kelly. Experiment last night was disasters. And I don't blame core fighters over to play corps are trying as well out he has no all the choice. To Brodsky is not lift him. With the right personnel he doesn't guys to block the deal that's why you've seen right with the eighth inning you she pointed with a seven PO of Kelly with the eighth and you seeing all these different combinations in people's mental health court don't. Where's that it's a league managing for this win this trophy and I don't know why every run without a name out there but would he still what is. I'm did have a great opportunity. To see with this kids like in this spot this crap himself McKinney coaster I could have got no problem with what he's doing. I have a problem and the fact that he does not have an eighth inning guy. And I don't see an answer between now and the time they start the playoffs on October 4 at what he doesn't have an eighth inning guy. And you've got a perfectly good six innings last night out of Rodriguez out of zero. And yet what good is it. You you need some you know a fluke he error in the ninth inning to actually win that game last. Boston Red Sox pitcher Joseph Kelly pulled it down here and there is not only be down to a flat lighting go to probably so why would appoint or any eighth. Lefty no pressure situation you just try valuation handle it's an audition in the tryout at it because he's creating pressure situations in meaningless games. The win loss doesn't matter as much by find out that you can do in that spot he might not be my eighth. But come playoff time in the sixth it's gonna act like the CIO's real lot of pressure on him. There's going to be an eight by committee I think it's helping it's gonna be one guy. I think he's gonna sit there and evaluate the staff but he hasn't and based on how they how they look at what they say are our hardly walk in that. In a locker room he's innocent they say you know what I think about along with right in the is talking about going what Frazier in the eighty. It'll that it's it's not going to be one dot. Are on I just I just don't believe he has that luxury because I got to find one guy that he does not want Goddard got none of that is you know what you can trust these guys have got some. I don't know how you do this so I would say this that Alex Cora will have the hardest job of that any manager in the postseason because you need. In his case he's got to make a lot of decisions a lot of decisions without guys who have proven in the role that you gonna drop a man. Absolutely feel better. They're terrific. Workman might have taken Kelly spot just last night that's scary ending recently he's been OK but the problem with well it is that's a I don't know I don't I don't know workman's gonna bring now ready for the 11991. I've seen that from respectable what happened Thornburgh the same identity for the 91. Put weapons of guys that experience. And end it. He's shown more pressure spots that any one of these guys I don't think he's got the best stuff I just think maybe he's got some you know watney got a set. And I think that's we try to find out these last few weeks in meaningless games which I think he can any ads put him in big spots and get all the eight than it. Right now to find out who cracked themselves last night Kelly crap. And you know and I don't think he's gonna have a better idea about how the regular season is over anyways might I think I think you're as far as the process of elimination goes. Joke is in has been not the F out he's done. I I don't wanna see him period. You talk about trust yes I don't trust in David Price and Altima stuff. If you leave at all Joseph Kelly that's that's. Huge doubt probably I don't buy your eight ending I don't again I think I think is exciting I think you've got it under the not thinking about it as the eighth. To stop you are so hell bent on looking at the age of negativity it's important it is but I don't I think even look at it just a little bit differently because. That title is not gonna be given the antibiotic group in the it's like nobody can we know the owner but he buyers know that they know the closer it got to advocate do you think it's gonna okay you'd think it'd be one guy now or a bunch of different guys gonna be big play also the circuit that as you look back at. On every dollar to that point that should not happen in the play OK we'll yeah six did you not get a hit it probably all we go. Obviously I don't all know whose responsibility is to deal with. Course if at all you. Because the eight innings gonna turn into blogs lead not art and its other gonna do it whether it's Oakland or New York. You know everybody that bullpen that date that picking the ball putting in this UK YC in there who does he get out. Every hit and I Yankee lineup poses as it you know scouting report. This is where is an effective this is this is where restraints are this way we can get him out high velocity guy or occur bald guy or slider guy whatever might be. And they don't set match in their relievers to these hitters. And it is that you're gonna get this they gonna get that guy so yeah in the eight inning. You might start with Frazier come in with Barnes and if a guy gets on gets tackled every. Update the most of them that's the most important decisions that the manager has to certainly in a playoff game is going to the bullpen and who deporting him. So every other manager it's in this tournament is gonna sit there and say okay sixth inning guy like seventh inning I ate it up like closer. Alex score is going to real you know spent a real every single white guys figure out yeah we saw he's gonna use in every sense of how fun is it going to be an app that you morning after the game I'm but it can be raised original folder on a manager to make every right OK okay. That is Herbert I'm sorry court I just got an elbowing out of the game can have your back OK do you want it. Create a different game plan for that quarterback debate on his guilt that we don't have any other problem okay I know but your point is you're you're like oh well. Always did load it down is not load up on guys have got that adrenaline right at a I'll bet you don't it'd blow you think OK I think based on the way he's handled this entire year. He seems pretty capable. Of being able to it and I'm on freezing him OK I know for men though it's a spot they have left him with crash in the bullpen. Down gradually I agree with you bet you're not gonna get that I about it and he has a day manipulate death on a pitch by pitch basis starting with. Four hours you want one I noticed this car doesn't. On our guys I'd buy one knowing Rami loves. When this playoff run is all I wanna know who it is I was going to be who's the who's gonna be that as our block doesn't Hussein and 2013. Well it's a solid game in Detroit series and Vicki got Miguel Cabrera three times I punched him out three times. He was outstanding. In that run to set up coaching so what's one of these guys. Is that guy that's gonna face Miguel Cabrera in huge spots but it wouldn't Miguel was that the man. And get him out this he had stones to go with the stuff I don't these guys got stuff. But there's so it insisted that I'm not so sure what they have as far as that you know they got and you know. And they don't Andy's other teams have slotted guys who have specific roles. Are we got one more segment to go if you miss those sour shoes this morning with KFC were gonna replay a little bit of it let's get Jim back to more or wavered Loney and 48 on Sports Radio WEEI. I bet they're trying to land map so we're shoot from the balloon Stern's show yet calls up a lot of different shows he still might. That dog told him that tricky because unbelievable impressions today. Then another cold opinions and. And you know you're right George. Seats in the up until Lou wildcard format of 1994. Augustin and kemba Mets something but now with the way the Yankees and Red Sox are playing like they did in nineteen nor ignoring. To it. These games in the neighborhood could gradually as the the political social network your way. Whenever I missed all of killing field actually lose local to global fossil fuels. I wouldn't. Well I would probably fully quiet quiet. I have no sympathy and you know Archuleta can't read that really book. Yeah I think the problem is so. Nobody in the building was he can't physically can't focus and what was the ratings elect. How is the outgoing by people wanna know what's going all of the apnea are people in unlike like India. Well. Is open atmosphere yeah. People sleep this group grope a couple don't quote I just remember it myself. This is a friend says. He says yeah it is right on it and that's and now I'm about eight minutes at the end of their that's all we did just fine mist that what's good drives so what you're saying is. My Craig calls blues. Yeah yeah they're doing here is that the to listen to do impersonation face lights Friday and we all know from the same thing. Yeah veggies are used to be diversity and retaliate and impersonate. That's the Marie from macular Boston now moment particularly try to Mark Wahlberg yeah sound like of the doubt I could do it would turn into Mr. T or virtue for it. Now I don't now how ya later at a guy. I like I have a week next week Joseph Castiglione and and John strolling on the switch police there are Tuesday's game I believe Tuesday's game. Bill if you sterling Buchanan too. Boston Colonia. And take some shots don't don't you got the nickname struggles is that every got to get the children don't do that Joseph Wilson who's in his jokes right. I'm confident he'll show that he's Joseph and be nice to sterling endeavors in New York Joseph Mathieu. I'm sure. Got to read and I guess it's really important this lesson from Roger's cars for kids now would be great between. Donated school called cars for kids first of what did you W new car. What I'm you don't have an carnage sit out you know gauntlet. 1877. Cars for kids are all money cars for kids that got 9 AM Sunday don't listen I am Sunday I had a very good luck in any pockets or hours. I. I'll be around for Sunday for the real close kinship with Steve. And with the threat and moves Norris Hall on Monday for patriots Monday down in Foxborough would Bill Belichick have a great weekend everybody.