OMF - Shaughnessy says Schilling is a lock for 2021 Hall “as long as he does not do something incredibly stupid” 1-22-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Wednesday, January 22nd
HOUR 2: Dan Shaughnessy has added another great example of why he is a hypocrite. Dan says Curt Schilling is a lock for the Hall of Fame Class of 2021 if he does not do anything stupid. Shaughnessy says this is not because of his political opinions. Dan rescinded his vote from Schilling for the Hall of Fame because of controversial things Curt has tweeted or said. In 2016 on NBC Sports Boston, Shaughnessy said Curt’s tweet on the media and lynching is what set him over the edge. Why does the Baseball Hall of Fame even have a “character clause”?  1-22-20