OMF - Shawn Thornton, former Boston Bruin 8-15-17

Former Boston Bruin and current VP of business operations for the Florida Panthers, Shawn Thornton joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 

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The next guy next guest is one of world time favorite but I'm really disappointed. Visit them when his playing career was done and announced that he would go to war room in the career took him back here and obviously the the mayor of throw that affects. You might be one of us instantly Lou if they'll let us. Joke show I think he's doing. Off the old people ruled. The death. The red beard doesn't hurt that either out and asked to come in here people just. Great player but almost like you're one. It was actually homily a lot of street Louis area. And I threw myself in the community here offseason probably Al and the fact that after living here in Boston. Enjoys those personalities. Through the ages but I. This is still feels like home I miss that view but yet you're right that the opportunity for so it could. Now that big is that we have got you didn't I got business tired. Big deal. With that I'm hopeful vice president of business operations okay and that he had not got up at auction on everything from or corporate partnerships to marketing. You know yet dolls. I'm learning exactly it's. Now on that right. I thought I cents. When things get rough in the office you can rough and while we. It's been like we needed about stuff that we might have clicked the toughest front office of the history of sports and we just hired a stronger. Assistant to the GM. Our presence he goes back although he's. Story war veteran 36 years old who served overseas. Our chief of staff to the next boxing. Guy from West Point where every bit. Our police. Bob booed or he ought forever ever it just five wrong with the blog and low weight he loudly at the office with we joke about it is we played together. And on the my first year boss used to I'm mr. Clemens scared but. Yes there's disagree. If they're comfortable advocate dot I think I got a bit political it's a he's 6667. But now it's been it's been fun it's been really functions this last three months from office. Learning a lot more. If the game really changing as much as I think it's changing in the last ten years we've gone from a league where. The fights they were real physicality out there to the point now where it's quickness it's up and down the rank it skating I could sit here for. Hours how to tell you my thoughts. How the game's going and at Exxon lets you don't want to write attacks on the operating. You know. There's a lot of emphasis on young. Scale you know half the guys on national contracts that Goosen with a cap situation those as opportunities where. Well here's go to the fourth won with a veteran guys that over. Relied on and eighty coaches like them because they did make mistakes out yet the young guys game it's fast it's. It's really quick fighting gets blamed for a lot of the stuff that's happening I don't think that's the problem the game just so quickly but it's amazing now he knew each other very high speed depth discussion note in my size that you without. So called enforcer. For use it takes them doing next stop doing that Loral's. It would do to take more teacher I had a town I think so I mean that the you know as deep on both sides argue that we can argue for weeks. But I'll let you oh. For a fact that people pull that place it says it round last night because you'd kill so. Intimidation still part of life it's deathly still part of the game hockey at this conversation gentlemen it is not a looking at Oilers. It well you know what most. LT young team's week off the toughest league in. That's part of the house success with when you went. Qaeda and would probably two reasons right moment the swing that actually liking or enforce. What would most the gunfight which it was so there's him I was. It mentally those there's like three reasons for my first and foremost stick a teammate. Secondly would be pleased to yourself if need be third to be changed momentum. So. Usually as the go to fire hopefully they'll at the games at intense violent thoughts but he. Everything just settled down a little bit sometimes that sticks myself pretty cool field. It's yeah. Baseball that I have I have doesn't think it's such a cool idea are suffered bagged up but. That those who are three reasons we had to change momentum if it happened back but it does not as much more that that allow those here now. You know a couple questions first when the fighting aspect of the jobs featuring the saint cheat but is there part of your regiment where you. Did in the ring like physical boxing ring and practice your crap that you and I'm just a bad ass and I'm just gonna. It doesn't really translate like hockey Biden's own art perfectly honest I. Box I was a kid but budgets of the last 67 years in the offseason. It's his own heart but I used to box to the stance shape basically so aghast at the plate for a minute on the ice it's. You're not as tired after. The sparring for three rounds three rounds you know all summaries and yet one more gas in the tank but. It was good to learn how to throw proper punch at a young age probably but that doesn't translate. The the other part is he mentioned is that collisions and a lack of fighting and now here in the front office and on the NFL they're dealing with a lot of discussion is usually a lot of sports are trying to. Did contact out of these contact sports and hockey is one of them anymore just as violent as football based on the ability to generate some speed and power. Now you're an affront offices that receive more that it is the reason why they're trying to get. And it completely but on the business side not a hockey ops Paula ray dale talent urging him to place the season and once the draft. No but see your point. I really think that the equipment so now people want to consultant to each other 35 miles per hour the the shall that I wore on the old school guys weren't shall separated. Went through some but. The let me increases. As we've seen it before you know watches code ruling. I've seen publicly diapers and needs all but he exactly. She act and restart the East Coast Amy yeah he's liar I've bottom he's a candidate he's a different IDs you know Brockman mail the famously brought my mail Florida and we thought the next night. He's such a good guy though such a humble humble humble game yet he stuck with LT date. Is pretty Jackie's. Obviously with ticker yet the short and everybody's that deal with stronger probably Russell these guys but. He's like you want it. It in him Chara you know. In college. I just business I went over how to go about the words that felt I got a feel batters at a time situation that has more moment to thank you. I asked the music known then he ran some video over night and if the choice I'll. I never gotten it yet you know he's he gets that he was a rookie when I was in my. I'm ish here in these wells does it taken away it's not wrong man now. But. He he understood it because he he saws do it over the years yet so don't expect him to have to chase dollars to get crystal and you know exactly what the Jimmy Fund is all about picking Hewitt then he community here in Boston and the law. About John Thorne. Of course you've got your own foundation. And you rod subject now that's a big gigantic jets can you cash that I guess the real what actually I could at least this is like this area at the about it because I got. Presentation second but that's what can actually catch you you read the amount their Shawn Thornton foundation is giving the Jimmy Fund. 25 K I wish there was more I mean. You always wish it was more right we just at a golf tournament yesterday. Unfortunately am not appears much anymore so. We're we're trying to get this much we can but we have. Norman Forrest on these treatments Austin's stuff so I'm proud that that's I mean I'm happy I'm happy I love that you found at the of their bonds unfortunately in town for obviously had a chance overload here but. No because they do you know the remarkable period. They're on top of things it's America. Questions screeching I must tell you over the years and am having conversations with the I always thought you'd end up on his side of them two and TV doing radio somewhere I have to say like thank you NASA and they actually offered a position a couple of years ago. Make that decision when the Panthers. Presented this opportunity twit has known him. There's a lot of lot of nights not sleeping sitting up thank you vote was back here to your radio or if I was in a state of Florida the executive and appellate via opportunity an executive at this point while it was the right one letter that you'd be an executive when you. I. Still don't think I am. I think just like the four other out I thought our ownership a lot of confidence in me you know spending time of them is that a picture sparked that you let on and we looked cute in organizations I appreciate that's about it. Great senior Dixie that we received more often here in Boston they are always welcome thank you John thorn but the show on four foundation 25. Thousand dollars 20000.