OMF - Sorry Callahan, it's time for a new Thanksgiving HS football column & Fauria's update is on target, 11-22-2017

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, November 22nd
HOUR 3 - The anticipation builds for Fauria's 2017 version of Gerry Callahan's Thanksgiving column, and it does not disappoint. Plus, Luke Walton owns LaVar Ball, & Christian explains oxygen bars to Glenn.

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On him when he. Fort Wayne and moaning emporium which Erica would you like Christian for an easier no problem now is very cute and stop at the end. Spirit there. Think our bridge news conference. Then I think the thing from here Christian or is punching the wall back there we'll bring on someone you know we've. Every management wants he wants upon you again and I think he's gonna blockade of multi tomorrow right right now chart with Glenn Louis Christian and we both say was look at the and always the answer because she's gonna Winnebago trip OK average out check it out not a five Norton what do you what do you got ahead of the main job yet down I don't want to miss inexplicable occurs to translate. Pena vein who's been yes there are nude yeah what that last spot that I had dvd open. Candidates and you'll do it volatile as well plus about now on Sports Radio WEEI. The minister we're gonna keep this behind the occurred near the peace and not it's it is them. OK I did there's yeah I'll have an unknown pain in the back. Typing away. You know using my first thing I love you dearly was its. I don't want any it is excursion I don't which should make me. Exactly yeah coming along it's not for them along I agree that you might not announced does know it's a great potential on teasing it for you because it is great. Attention did it usually Greg. Market like bill talks about the quarterbacks for the Miami Dolphins. Rape potentially great night but they were holding off until twelfth. I just gonna. We couldn't. Yes insurance and exaggerate about three minutes we do this thing out. And I'm waiting for my third nope nope nope I hope that works for me I like to Ottawa I had I had to go and let's. It's the right. If it you can handle. Like the next what 1520 minutes or so on her own who you hit that shot oh you're not going anyway yeah. I think doing a take. I didn't like those children aren't these are gonna do what I thought I wish I guess what I'm doing it abuse and white shark that bit. Respectable. Round he should ex athletes chiseled privileged Sony's privileged I don't agree you do what you want a government tomorrow Friday Saturday Sunday July when it was actually about a way to go after our real post game show on Sunday oak and measurement and help. I don't yet you're not proud to know you don't that you need my help you were dying on the Bible and so I thought I'd do and I would be darn you guys are die you Google though you're talking about like hairy backs Greek mustache we're not on our written arguments in. Yeah we did I that Mike. And favor calling you a really I didn't have favorite guests look like and it. No I'd I'd love politically does something when you called up I sat there and I knew what was you and I told I put them on trying to act anybody else I had Matt Chatham on speed dollar was open to get him up before you would maybe Keller right and that. And I have got to I would change who's who's who's picking the calls that day. There was a significant analysts who probably Jason here you Ryan knew Mary Jason you married Jason I don't know it was a new marriages. I'm dawn honeymoon was assigned to go to companies that are ever. It led Lugo like the day before Thanksgiving and only let this Jason Kidd they let it go forward. Two weeks for a anymore it's two weeks how to get two weeks' vacation yeah year. And attorneys. Yeah. I can we get to the boulevard ball stuff as you you saw the stupid interview with Chris Cuomo. And we'll get to by the way the predators sexual predator on the clock. On the clock already but there's another woman here's the thing I'm not even like he should be count and it gives us that this is a good one but it's it's a good and kind of you kind of it's a slippery slope he's got a case he's one guy that might have a little case on this. All right so here's the deal. Can't political so before it goes on with Chris Cuomo and if trump were really understood. What he witnessed the other night he should have been ecstatic he should of sat there and said. He hates CNN so he should have been happy to Chris. Cuomo made total ass of himself kegs terrible couldn't handle levoir ball. Okay I'm gonna handle world leaders if you're interviewing people if you can't even handle all of our ball so Chris Cuomo made a total fool of itself. And instead of trump understanding that accepting that and that levoir ball all he did is empower. The president even more so because even the people who hate the president couldn't sit listen that it if you would lower vulnerable and think that before. Actually got his son out of China. After the shoplifting incident. But here's where trump can't help himself Christian so this is what time was this to 25 AM five partly. He's he's the folks. It was a two point promise in Tokyo at the things says it was partly it's you're everything from a Harriman and that's what we're okay five point fine thank you propose to put it by 11 AM all of it will pull a Paul. Dale will love when you correct that was compete he looked he was sent. I don't know why we love it when you current OK I taught if gives a rat's ass to 255 point 5825 yeah averages. It wasn't the White House. It wasn't the State Department. It wasn't father Lavar shall call people on the ground in China they got his son out of a long term prison sentence. Then he goes our capitals is was me all upper case. Too bad exclamation point Lavar is just to pour millions version of Don King but without the hair chess thing. You've gone and it comes back and he's got the second one back to back okay. Love all. Could've spent the next five to ten years during Thanksgiving with your son in which. But no NBA contract to support you. But remember levoir shoplifting is not again capitals. A little thing. It's a really big deal especially in China. On the grateful for hope the next woman turned. Did that the dude I don't is Lamar was already viewed this fool in all of them. Even as I said even the the most ardent liberals out you can't stand trumpet think everything he does is is wrong. He's gonna sit there and say boulevard all was the one really got us on product the jail in China and you know trump didn't it. He wins on all accounts CNN looks like boobs. The far looks like total boom and it would column before he's right but what is. Or don't have to go now see you you just let the thing play for itself and the person. Makes a fool themselves and you don't even have to call them out of their 40. And in the other thing is this this missiles all predictable right lets not act like. We did see this coming. Closer look I think that the bigger issue is. This is gonna be another issue so he's selling all these shoes right nobody's getting issues. So they're putting down deposits on the shoes are actually purchasing issues which are nonrefundable by the way currently away. Not okay to get our fumble at once you pay for them. You get them while we tell you'd get them a nobody is getting there's nobody's getting the shoes after ordering. So he's taking orders for shoes but nobody is being a bit odd or that are not getting your shoes if if you look at first came out. Right there was. There's like you just ordered there was little league world arrival time of the solidified your right to so legitimate shoe at it it it's. It's one of those things relate they there they're taking all these orders. But they're not gonna reduce the shoe until like they have enough money to actually make issue because not seeded decisions issue it's overpriced. So they're seller for 495 by about a five or whatever it is. It costs more. When twenty dollars 42000 fake it that's too much which cost twenty bucks pay and those kids like a sixty plus he's an islanders might isn't it a shame over in China she sees all their voices are important. I might not close at eight AB every piece of table Lleyton. Runner or whatever it is all made out there and think thank you thank god the American business rates. Keep you go like that. It's that it really late generally need to you know like I can easily be mr. mom couldn't he's been allowed earn a living I will mop the floors and things could just get so pissed off when they walk out on the what you want go down you don't like I finally had realized walker good and a few money I'm only talking about yet. I haven't again. This is technically mine and it's curtains and you track record tired filter and a terrible track it's a good man that's terrible threat I would I would keep that in did you just think if you I got out. He's one of my ever but no good at the bigger issues I just delay. This situation is it's predictable it's obvious the other thing that we also what happened. Would win would he come after Luke Walton went would it be Luke Walton it's altering event that that that along the ball was not playing up to par. Here it is he's coming at him right now and by the way again just to refresh your memory you Lou working together and don't try to make it look like totally Catholic vote still don't fool. Are you he's out there it's what she'd be resolved today. We're oh yeah. Abu Oman. None and all day. Okay wait a homeless children and and say let's file tape yet please do find it on this one of a hotel I tell you it was straight basic users solve all the talk about Lara. You aren't and loose and it's not true you're crazy. Happening in Randall several angles warning iron in the pros. Do you mind a lot of what may be out of my mind you that ice you remember that I am missing but that's application though. No I said exactly that. That would be the first person you would come after he would come after conceded that respect Luke Walton. That he's not down some credible. Coach with the problem a long history of success. He's Bill Walton son Polly thinks he should be the coach. And Luke Walton does deserve his son shall leave you some background with a note that I said I gotta tell myself. I don't remember. Budgets and I've CTE. You know I get beaten up in the studio so often I think I emceed the okay. So Luke Walton comes out they get beat in the game against Phoenix he said the important thing for us. Is that we learn from our mistakes. We keep our head we keep working and grinding away to get where we all wanna date. And Lavar ball can't help himself so we does an interview with Eric Pincus. Of the Bleacher Report. And what does he do starts ripping Luke Walton and the entire staff they need to be tougher on lawns so you can get the impression I can't they're soft. They don't know how to coach my son I know how to coach him. I tell him to go get the victory stop messing around when asked if he has an issue with Walton a varsity just wants to see the team win now. I have a problem. With losing. Walt understands that the lakers are not going to contend for an NBA title this season. He's kind of balance that reality would developing the team and motivating young players Lavar ball thinks those players whose son and quoted. Scola got the players need to be called out more. What I mean by babe being lawns now. Figuring out it hit a ball that beat patient and no patience. If you're winning. Virile letting it go too easy say there are young team about that put the onus on them say you guys need to win you've got enough talent. Win some games and then he went on and on and on in this place. Just ripping Luke Walton and and talking about the other players. Reuters foreign because Luke Walton I thought had one of the best responses. To the cruises and just and there's a lot of coaches that have had to respond tomorrow ball. Luke Walton took to Cairo's. I think that he uses. Done a phenomenal job as a father who have gone that was long that was especially young man itself. So flu season and so few since teammates his teammates loan he cares about them. He plays the game the right way so we've done a great job that we're not. Concerned with the what parents. Think you know we're coaching the team we're concerned with the team what's best for our team. How we can continue to get better. Is good that's good rewrite it's perfect because you don't think you don't think Bill Curry thinks that maybe you know. Staff Kurt maybe you know played a role like Michael Thompson and you know. You distinctive Klay Thompson are all these all these all these parents is that is they. You dole message the pro coach. The pro coach is gonna managing a college coach maybe you have more to say because there's ads of relations there and Europe according usually when you recruit. Kids you recruit the parents you recruit the mother especially at the first perky good recruit. So there's a different relationship there. I knew what was great rate they're listening know what. Without telling him straight to his face you know stay on the ground and he's going he's going to gates. See my age my thing is that like Luke Walton and eventually. Is going to get fired he will not be the coach of this lakers team when they come back to prompt I'll do not until I don't know I don't know hopefully I'll make another one for. I believe you have LeBron James decides that he's going to play. For the Los Angeles Lakers next year. They'll look for a ball will be part of a package that is trade to be able to get those other players that are gonna play alongside. LeBron James 'cause I don't think you play with a need to see it he won't you were the only meat of capability it is a different market let's just say. I mean I don't know I'm a and it's not to inflict Arizona. In Phoenix if it's. What I said. In other marketed to six Milwaukee's actually get pretty good so yeah at the Toronto what market would have meant everything to another market and not. Does it if if Lamar balls on launch the balls and another market and other city. That doesn't get as much. Attention all he'll lay he heard a suspect but don't you be yapping away and only physically whatever man welcome additional meta refresh your memory when we discuss this about levoir ball getting involved in this stuff. We would do it shows talking about the possibility. Of Alonzo coming to the Boston Celtics and I sat here and said no no no and no again. Because you can't have this old man here and I think it would have been a disaster said yes yes yes I wanna adjust on the show the value yourself shortage so are you know that. I thought all the negativity show he'd be great data on it because he's much as you can't stand up. I mean you wouldn't passover Jews and I have you don't give people don't usually get the publicity and people that yes has some of the so. No I I are members do we just take out with the Celtics are right now think about what you've got to with with Jason Tatum. There's no. Sidebar stories is no. Drama of this no. Announced that. And then imagine what it would be like right now at a table showing a sixteen game winning streak right now. With lawns so I'm sure you'd ever sixteen game winning issue. What you've basically got to be Jason Tatum and he's not know. He's got that so no sure okay. My my thing with with Luke Walton is that he will eventually get fired that he be more organized romp through every captain obvious ploy yeah I fired on I don't know but he will get fired. Because it but. Law Lavar ball will actually take credit for somehow. You'll make it about him and how he he chose to. Convince management Magic Johnson who ever. That he she's got the right to act like myself or be playing much better Magic Johnson you coached right Luke Walton doesn't always do it. It exactly it's gonna be. And bonds and loans or will be gone in the offseason if LeBron James decides that he's going to play. A that they never really cracks me up that when he was on CNN at nine. Lately usually fail like you know you know Glenn always there's you would like you know post WTI whatever for for Lamar ball to set former. That was what we did former athlete when they they we know they have a. And it's certain to somebody like you that's exactly and I am going to indigenous language is a former athlete played Washington State that some junior college bowl is an obvious that the crystal ball in the entire CNN staff had no I do look for a ball was based on what the questions and probably the interview floor out all right let's say yesterday and that this interview I will thank you like scary to know article yeah EC it is no terrible so they don't have a much better to study shows fight back they probably hide him when he came into the Studio One of the producers behind the scenes for CNN sent us this ball would you deal. Full fleet. And our former athlete and a former big time athletes I have my own brand embarrassing. Kelly and I am really hurdler it's ready it's threatened on worried on an extra we're gonna get material. Yeah out of the stadium we're gonna take a break we'll take a break. Are Christians going to come back and JK a shot and giving you the 2000. And seventeen version of this wonderful place that was written 43 years ago by one Gerry Callahan. I the seniors make final memory. Last Thanksgiving game unforgettable. The alarm will go off even earlier than usual tomorrow. But somehow he won't be so tough to get up and out of that. And if I can make it through this thing in case couldn't sleep any later if you try it. You'll be awake half the night and into the morning staring at the ceiling and anxiously looking ahead to. Game. The last football game of your life. You go to bed tonight with butterflies in your stomach and they'll have. Babies while you sleep and to a number and you in the morning and you look outside you'll see the green there which really wore mine. Could be the last time you ever play in the mud. It should be fun you try to eat some breakfast but then the car horn will sound. It sure ride grabbed the bag it's fine it goal. And home annual shellac. The last time. Older brother will yell at you to checksum. Oh they didn't use pro and those that aren't Smart talented that would be now. You knew that it was coming. His team lost a tough one on Thanksgiving Day. He will never ever forget when you get to the locker room. The -- different kind of tension in the air the music. Will be a little soft here. The small talk little quieter. You put on the pads a little slower because you might never do again. There were days when you thought you'd never missed its dirty smelly. Sweaty locker room. Tomorrow. Definitely will not be one of those days you do a lot of things in the next few years shall go to college you get married have kids found a life. It's never do this again you'll never balk Le pew chin strap look across the huddle which it. This trip just go out and play hard. Now you know. Humor should pull your senior vice. Couple of your teammates told to play next year in college they hope this is just to step the first chapter renal more glorious football career. It was a time when he has single the dream but now. Deep down inside. Pretty sure that will happen this is. End of the line. Tomorrow will be your famous final scene. On the football field Thanksgiving Day and for the boys under the pants and helmet. There never will be anything like it. It goes on for another three PO box on our tier information if I'm so here's what we're gonna do they took a break and we can back the 2017. Version of Jerry Kill him seniors make final memories last Thanksgiving game unforgettable. The 2017. Version. With one Christians for. You know. Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer with a force of nature in the film therapist she wants the foundation on noted that no one. Why is this house counsel's advice and help. Yeah let's return with more affordably and reloading and Fauria on Sports Radio totally I'm sure strong. Get your S is ready to play. Well through what is true. I'm inspired. Why should people wanna react to this and a Christian is gonna give you the the latest version of its well I think people really like to whom the reading of Kelly has placed so it's got a lot of people commenting we get the full lines right now here's Donna Burke on a dime which bank. I thought it was a great article that Gerry wrote we want to live there and to top it all agree but I thought but I called. Because I thought it the way you read it which they hand how many candidates are cast. Her. There was no sort of business on race you guys tonight erupt. As these guys you bled I had a napkin back here I couldn't find clinics I found that you know this app. Only way they do this article about you because right you play to get this off but you never played after that never this is all I told you it's my it's my life. But it. I actually dated but I didn't know I was going to walk on ice warriors are only. He Donald and say you're one of the lucky ones okay so so yeah. So why I could steal your return in time. The way you're ready. What is clearly sarcastic. And it doesn't need your doctor. Iron I apologize if I offended you or anybody else ball but I did not understand how to read it that way I read it because and I if you notice I stopped halfway through I would've kept on going. Because I'm a blogger mom agreed to hold him free can thank. But I was I was. Emotion wanted to know Don you can nom I'll about the read mine mine's more relevant monitored zone. Mine is more up to date how it's honest it's currently it's from my heart student. Little bit appalled they got it done thank you for the phone call I appreciate the constructive criticism. And have have a wonderful function of cat. And always remember you got to play after Thanksgiving. Stiffs like me did that I. But he got us the opportunity to play let's start to music because I wanna do the same way that we did it. You know with with jurors please this is the contemporary version Jerry Kill him as he seniors make fun night and hiring. That multnomah. Two one of artists that work more irate. Your alarm goes off a little earlier than you want it. You hit the snooze button a few times before your over enthusiastic bother finally charges in and yelled for the love of god did out of that for you back. Try as best they explain why this is such an important day like the debt from varsity blues he's just tried to stretch out his own glory days and protect them onto you. The tell you that this witnesses one of the most important days of your life. You remember this moment for her. Rain so fried from BP in place Star Wars battlefront to for the past three months but you don't even listen anymore. You copy your mom's suvs and you jet off to the stadium there's there's a different type of tension in here though. But that's just because your sex teacher was arrested last night for being in the left guard all semester and it only a matter of time. For the nude photos he'd just read it just distribute. Distributed to the other Auburn's linemen are leaked out to us to the local media. But none of that matters. And music is flat out. Trying to get heights. They're trying to do your best to get high for the big game but it's hard to run through a brick wall with Billy Joel's piano man blaring over the speakers lately. It's the only song that he was allowed to play anymore after Tony's mom said black Betty is to racial welcome to the jungle promotes drug use. Use and health bells. Threatens Christian ballot you. The coach Anders a locker room it's his big moment. But Vince Lombardi pregame speech he worked all night channeling his inner new rotten. And you'd be pretty fired up right about now if you actually listen their work he reckons that. You would think about the junior the cheerleader from last night who promised to give you a handy is a parking lot after the game. It's game time. The crosstown rival takes the opening kick up to the house and the rout is on your breathing your ass off you been told this builds character UK he did. You can get in on a special teams play. Your father. Has so much believes and is confident that he's he stormy up and down the sidelines screaming get the replica absolute maniac. The game will drag along at a snail's pace it's rainy and Europe Rick and breezy and it's getting colder and colder. After not playing a single snap all year the coach to win the game tailback report it short chance. Percent of snaps the ball you plant your foot in the ground and don't. Guard and tackle opened up a hole so big truck to drive through. Just at the quarterback had the ball the middle linebacker all of the plant a line of scrimmage. Vote. You lift your head up and you're disappointed coach with his head in his hand beyond that your father beat explore off the field yeah. You walk off the field you will remember god damn thing. That's how concussions work. Just wanna get back to the locker room and change in text but who knew you just hope your being your bond insurer all state from being in the smelly locker room all morning. Their shirts smells but that won't even matter of attacks from tuna she broken up a few. Winter's coming in she's turned her attention to the hockey team. College will be. And they ago. An exclusive. That's that's a child I think captured or more with humans and I think with the balance I and it's more emotion. In this. The guys is that not emotional. That was our own. That was that was dumb and that's what the kids today go through against yeah we have inherited and pitching I was going through my. The made in a battle front to tinker under. But it's real forgets that that's that's an unbelievable what's that much to drink that and much to feel good about pregnant gulag I feel. Normally feel it's very emotional right now are 6177797. None threesome as it. Camcorder that was inspirational for all those kids death pool going so we don't borrow through wall now really took place there last gain their final moment. We don't have a good you know on X we all have one. Only to the left of unbelievable for somebody that challenged us I think he's a little nervous publicly. Yeah. Let's get back to hold amcats. That's like you think you have no balls I'll be the first one metric tons I have novels if you don't balls that aren't sure what we sit in the studio would try. Sports Radio got to do. But it's hard to run through a brick wall with Billy Joel's piano man Larry over the speakers lately. It's the only song that he was allowed to play anymore after TVs mom said black ready to Rachel walked into the jungle promote drug use and help battle threatens Christian god you've. I don't know willow take it to credit and the other good lie and tell you outlined an element excellent. Excellent hookah you got great jobs. You get to the hardest thing you do that you you've brought in real people real. Music real out of fans sit in our life I mean. And to be honest for you Kelly it's phenomenal writer and by the way I should be writing more competitive in whatever that parents should be writing more. But he's a wonderful right but it's he's strong but the old cliche it's in the next few years go to college get married have kids start alive and dues and Bob Bob. There forever and you've got to the results you don't you get you've got to the real world some of the issues that we face some of the tech teacher. Usually there's a lavish enough that you see them also. I don't it's like I what I would like to do I would like to do this flight the next next time a whole season so. When the coach is up there speaking to the team. I would like to once he's on speaker team from separate album. And then I'll give a thousand dollars. To any player who could actually tell me what the coach that. Breaking down and I have this belief and happens to ultimately that you don't think I don't see it I don't think I don't think they pop Warner kids high school kids college kids. A pro athletes. I I think I don't get even really listen to the mass protest you have a very shortly at a yet to get your point across and like thirty seconds. If you can't viewpoint across and thirty seconds. You loser be watching you watch me go to San electrical especially considering short attention span right into the lap or look at the variety and they here than handler. Yeah no I believe you can't beat your point across and thirty seconds. You pretty beat reported better bail on or you can see or you could see little laughter and the coach says. I think I'd laugh out of a decent form yeah or. As they do did you write everyday they have a very. Us Ian short attention span. So you write these these speeches to go on and on and on the networks love the play them and these are great these wonderful. Please Seattle gives buying this readers try to get an exciting game it's. Not as good. Every last one yeah he makes. Our. No you don't know Johnny B good by the Johnny be good to have you on that that. Okay I've heard so many pregame speeches. Primarily a big Mike home and use the love. Of the others on the bill. Mike Holmgren. Because I've ever had. As they've all been the victim of monologue. Like going too long going to law are having it become. Less about what the issue is then about you know it is in that began with some time solely. To different deputy sensed. But all they have a way of like this make sense that here's why. It is short quick to the point out. There's one guy he played for airs on cars and room coach who has. But remember that song idea knock down but I get up there and you're never gonna keep me dad so all he did he walked into head coach now. Walked up one step into the front of the meeting room. On had like an old school say anything boom box. Put it right there. Press play and stood to the side. And and that's it does let it play like to what you're you know I. The ball very up. So this is playing. Missed this part played nobody heated same thing. It just just take it all in a way for his part. Like this makes any sense to take with you through it OK okay stock. Today better the whole talked to couldn't knock down the beginning I told you about what. No. No because it's so we sat there like like now getting the guys in. She comes up steps up next O box. Puts him right there on the breaking desk. Press kits cassette tape. Trust is plugged in the ninety's I was like I think that whenever I think we have an impressive but it is indeed all the dog inspiration. The ground but he's look at it everybody in the well he's going back influence. Yeah. And they're all kind of a better fit. Storm. That's an interesting as terrible. Story. Just let it play like. I appreciate so like you get the message hey you guys lost. You literally get knocked him because to do. There. Can you guys still hurts and it was just a what do don't look at a reasonable that if it was donated about. Bart options I just god let this play out. Appears. And I play. It's amazing this. The may miss them. I don't play. Guys editors guessed it it's amazing. Just. The meat company is my favorite one on the Johnny B good one I just created we and we edited we hope we have we have we should have a we split we don't know that that's the best that we have an edited version. And Google and they don't have those right sure I did that in college. Pre game he's the lips form there was if you have the right coach to same league it's got to be yet to keep everybody gauged. Can a lot of guys more plant and for good listening. Listening. To think they're not paying attention they feel like they're not giving anything to do all right. Inspiration crushing gave you inspiration here with the 2017. Version of Jerry Kelly hands. Inspirational. Old to all high school football players so let's go get some reaction we'll take some phone calls or 6177797937. Everybody's got the bronze star you've got Eurostar call. Here's Kelly Quincy hello cal. Count now about. This is now we just a little bit well you know your buddy yeah. Chrysler will indict an acre so why am I can Quinn yeah I. Am not on what the appointment. And public sector niche and clean house. That this. Blog to clean but no that's okay. And I thought it would advocate. Myself. As you are and I was definitely. A really dysfunctional alcohol as a lot of every corner. You know. We wouldn't you. Agree I wouldn't rate it. But he's. Probably out. Competent and ask you guys avoid you you are the new bond. You know and undergo some on the voice of the new generation generation has released boulders from a millennial point of view that was announced for that's what I was really going for them no question. No question. I told real cute Watson Tom Jones and now and I'll tell you can call that it's well you're a kid wants to talk Celtics real we're out before your Thanksgiving stories your pregame pep talk to get excited because he was this kid. This twelve year old kid Sean was inspired by your little pros he he got a lives right and we just promptly hung up on hopefully I thought I. That's a police didn't have a big schools don't get to have generally have to analyze data after markets around I don't what we're painfully and away from my you know planned battlefield and get ready for his guys play now I think they play. Touching that the twelve year old suddenly wanted to colleagues you know on myself read influenced by. And I'd always go with units. Or athletic and his reaction to your speech it's more of a guy is okay guy I don't get the good thing either. What would you got about a matter of you know I don't know who could think they know what you will go she'll get the smoke hookah. The latest volley doesn't it's a hot right doesn't let her every once in awhile but the hookah thing I don't understand what it's all about the other one now we need Cheney to be like cherry flavor exit and game it's it's late. To have peace camp at the mall now we you go and they give you oxygen you know you do the night and oxygen bottles that's like. Twenty years ago knowing what is that like solo don't know all opening Vegas where you're not that it's so that is. That is true yeah if you don't know why what is a date for us idiots what the hell's oxygen bar explain encouraged. I cannot it's based gauge your energy Wright's ego get more actually more air you can slightly longer outages it but you get it's it's it's supposed to promote like energy. Right it's like. You go to the club instead of getting hit and has surged summit that you take more oxygen in it and you can dance flawed when senators being normal auction what you find on the sideline of a football game athletics it's flavor that. It's flavored like you actually you know the hospital deal we put the things in the nose civil yeah movies. You stick stick and its ties your muscles like people quite awkward dying and you sit back sucking the oxygen and and edits and I would like to Everett it's not like they've known as the drugs and bullet I think people are using labor it was for me it's a gimmick it's a trend economic oxygen bar like. Let you remember that there's this one borrower used to be yours because it was called like. By below are some like that yet not the little store we you'd buy stuff from five eligible as a top five degrees below. And it was like like ice house and you go on their put on the fur coats with. And you sit there drinking Vegas. A couple of ahead when you're culture yet their notes are organs from now why I who wants to be freezing cold in the drink but I guess it's a thing ranked. Not adapting the I have it for instance. Why I think it's cyclical pitches Dietrich and he's. He's an injury like forty assault Brussels the duties of genius idea that he's real contemporary when he writes who's this piece that I. Because I'm talking about something that I saw in August we were there in Vegas in August I saw both the ice ball that he was talking about it only oxygen. I don't trust. I don't have to have that as a has pirate ship you you know Bellagio has found. You know that when hotels already. You know on you re really adds you owners so. Disconnect I know that I yarder on an album when it in the ice house along the godly was sent off you said it was like an old thing like it was gone it was no longer a no I don't (%expletive) they're like no I wanna let your you know they don't data tapes of something. It's still around this stuff is still around today it's it's it's it's its ability to like it did and I used to it doesn't have anywhere anytime on the few months behind a few years like hi Joseph yeah I just didn't turtle necks mock turtle necks were in according greatly ready we're light years what do you Brady where last week in the post game press conference they don't know what hardware out what what it is rare you Wear when he's wearing we're better than he. Pretty won't. It was a brilliant marketing gone with Arnold Arnold and that to me it's different from went wrong with the sue at all on train well like use your cute Al I doubt and he's you make your stretch from an effective partner folder. He's executions threats. Chuck Schumer. 76 to spark us actually if you like it but if you relate to pour business boy you can rate it a lot of money I could write people who want like a chubby guy a chubby fellow. I know one. Lot of money I don't want people. For short chubby guys yes there's that there listen everybody I noticed a big pat yeah you're mine you really sick. They say that pay money for that. Are you catering to the mirror every day. Elster and of people only a light at the feet of additional holes right now and a lot of people on the a lot of this allows people hold all of this is the guy who just over your posts and you don't often delusional she Jim bars it from years ago he said you tell me. Like chubby people that you're doing a lot of body outer islands I can. Talk about fight club is. Beyond them. Are you got to ask you you can't. An easy what do we get these sexual predator. Of the day right there on the clock right and we're going to be on the clock on the clock and then right after that we have Mike Reese who by the way is not a sexual predator. And we're going to have the Thanksgiving. On me comfortable. Mike Kris question. Of the week. Two good Christians god good one today ordered all of that will take more of your phone calls and we're gonna do we're gonna play it alone Kane County is what we pick. Who's gonna score first Alex Roemer is sit again. With dare us and and keep the south today. Where according to what we heard this morning reverses cease going the try to shake things. Within shortly after it should be pictures that we would do that coming up when we're done an hour from now but coming up we got to the sexual predator on the clock.