OMF - Sports gambling is legal but what will really be different; Can the Celtics win...the big one? 5-15-18

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Tuesday, May 15th

HOUR 4 - The timing of this new Michael Jordan documentary is a bit strange. The big professional sports leagues seem to be behind legalized betting yet how much is actually going to change? And this Celtics roster looks like it can stand up to the Cavaliers. How about the two Western Conference finalists?


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All of you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty came back with his four seam fastball right there in the middle if you look to see Matsch in Denver switching over to. Left side jobs switch hitter. Left side and he also made a brilliant catch it right to recover the five tool player we call that a statue of liberty take. Because I think yard sale whoever scores the most runs is gonna win the ballgame with. Blue and blue and Christian I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight his teammates are saying legendary. Its allotment. You realize what they're up against you a little concerned that this little brighter day is bigger and worse you've got a worse for them don't bother from a pretty weird. It's not know you're like why aren't and I like you're pick. Back flip you're always my ticket already you're too. Are these children and now. They're trying to jump on the bandwagon. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Hello concerns that the weather forecast may not be great for tonight's game and I have laundry delays you know former English and don't chip. He's more of John Abell. Like Peter found to be helping nobody will not only that he could build I to all build a broad studio that the bottom. One of the Jonas and I thought you know this foresees fastball. There in the middle yeah good to see matchup that I put let's go to you Jim Rice. The suit you know I get the C the good the other way as somebody pointed this out they did not know this the voice of Peter puck. This ridiculous animated thing they did to try to teach America. About the game of hockey. Was voiced by Mickey Dolan of the month it's certainly I didn't realize that heart Hanna Barbera the animated studio. They were the ones that for real estate silly thing it's it was really stoked that we played them earlier but to me that's when Jonny Gomes is is he is Peter puck. Gonna be really teach you just click committees can keep you call information unique sites that we feel pretty good about the Celtics everybody does he beat Milwaukee and seventh by the way that was not a big deal I'm not a big deal. But they did because they were the higher seed nations of the Philadelphia series going into what you did not think. That they were gonna have Jalen brown he suddenly was able to emerge in what game three game four or whatever and that was a little bit unexpected they go when they beat Philadelphia. So now here they are up one nothing against the Cleveland Cavaliers and so for so good you'll like what you see in you feel pretty good about it though the series is far from all. The Johnson mossy as bought it hook. Line and saint Marie in this conflict do we I'd I'd drop future headline O my god Tomas you were so gullible. Time to start to be leaving. Because the Celtics could wind this whole damn thing when it first read this. Out of thought time to start believing it is so this can be the caps. I know which is which which would be fine. But the winnable games and he's got a one in the original Golden State's finest he does I don't think he follows this stuff you know why don't you. He's he's an he's been infected were always important and easy easy this is now she'll ever rule under the benefit of this series yes but I think they're gonna when officers on indicate there was only one or not the second that NBA finals. I do believe though we Sydor got the calculus and they will fight because that's what they aren't registered fighters subscribers are younger athletic. OK and then ultimately they will end up losing it but if you can when he game. Against them then why can't a Celtics when he game against them. While I would say that between an accident don't mean LeBron obviously against them to do his thing but it bigots walled up so this might give them the best effort. I mean maybe they might get the best effort may be I. I'm not gonna argue that point is the market went and asked him this is just this is Tomas leeches falling in law and you know. Dripping when it's sunny it's not sarcasm I just read this thing I don't if it is support him that he's a good writer so much. Not gonna attack mr. rademan attack him as a realist he doesn't understand what panels don't they listen to this and so it's played better defense than any team Romanian. And by a lot. Zia Portugal state where he's pretty good. Not totally as far as Houston and in Cleveland goes to question the president tour. The 3-D liquidity. That's the things we underestimate Golden State wild lately defenders of great defense dream on Klay Thompson wants that indirectly. I. I don't think he wants last night's game because this was posted 11:49. AM. He must've missed last nights game be ending he must of missed a twelve day. Defensively. This unbelievable the Celtics played better defense than any team remaining and by a lot. Recurrence is all right we've heard so much about positioned this rosters he's finally figured that out is that big part of the space. Over the last five years being filled with athletic scoring wings. But the Celtics improved that concept really applies. To the defensive end. We think Golden State. Has been winning these championships. When they want to again Kevin Durant kept our rent. Is they six pins 611 wins a wingspan it plays like about 74. And he's inter changeable he's big guard and a center his body right he says yeah. If he's much better Al Horford including a. On or any other region and say right. I does everything right and we we that's the thing we spoke with so much on how many scorers they have but we forget what they do defensive about a week a dollar. Was he does do he covers LeBron yeah. Okay and he's drama and they'll rotate to remodel run as as do so that's awesome is outstanding defensively and so was and to raise very good of his life. It's almost like Hamas he woke up this morning is oh my god the Celtics have reinvented when he. Or they've invented. Something that nobody else is well known people but I like about the celtics' big act is it that they're developing war. Like what you get with it. I always Ali say if you a lot of people heard you know Kurt those guys comparing it to the 01 patriots. You know going against that that flying you agree greatest show on terror according to the rams no way you can stop them. If it had one game. Of course if they advance the NBA finals and it was one game I did you look at my winners on our. Seven now built figure it out better than anybody there the team with all these parents they have a lot of depth and their depth is. It's not equal. Pay to have better I mean it's so to that point I mean you're just hope and at that point any play with the house money. As the name another team that can regularly switch its point guard. Onto a power forward and it's senator onto a point guard your Golden State. Yeah I hate that that that's it's I understand play and he's been inspected it that he's excited that so detailed and personal they rotate defensive switch putting. Who rules here on and it would seem if you're a senator McConnell probably hasn't brought into weekend Iran we're talking about. You know W wrote yeah. It's covered in covered ridge that's a problem yeah this is working. One gained jobs and and by the way this is when he realized that I want you to know when he realized that I started about. So oral calm and so it went watching the warriors beat the rockets in game one apparently he did watch game apparently wasn't paying attention to Bryant's. A game which should have held zero relevance for the Celtics instead felt like an honest to God's loading up to the scout until. Because if you're so to expand. The only thought going through your head watching staff curry dish and hard to score was this pay attention because we're going to get one of these. Teams and the dawning realization. But the Celtics could soon be playing for banner eighteen didn't really compute. Until about ten minutes into game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Sunday move when they opened it puts 417 late. That's when he came to the realization. The the Celtics could actually when this whole thing. So you ten minutes into game one of a series that's the best of seven that one team has to win four games you're. All I mean sometimes it. Your breath you know I don't think you I don't we don't watch this you don't need. You know five games seven games to realize that the Celtics have a better roster. Did you see a lot of did you guys you can just easily see that and you know and just overall speed. Strength I would ever added to whatever age. All of it's in favor of the Celtics so that's why one year you know I hear my guys scared me was talking about. The pressure of the expectations of LeBron James yeah because even his own teammates look at him and say you know it if you don't do it we can't win. Forget about me missing shots forget about me being laid on defense turned the ball over it's all new. On his teammates are saying legend dairy jet. But the one thing if if if you look at this team if they had a carrier and I'm not even including Gordon Hayward but you can throw that in the next if you want. Then you've got a guy that when the series is on the line when it all hits the thing. You've got a guy that's going to put you bail over the top and dale you want. Right now what still has got to be concerned with the scheme is you written play with these teams. And you were able to play with them all oh LeBron led team. Because you're you're good and you're you're steady you're equal from top to bottom you've got some depth on this thing. The problem is when you get down to that one played the you have to make that wins games that wins series. You don't have a guy right now who's gonna do that who's gonna take that. We'll see if that thing at that the difference of course we don't know that yet. But I I don't know I trust these kids. I did one game when. Jason Tatum was actually pulled in the fourth quarter run that Philly game we just on the road just. Wasn't there and it put Morse and down the stretch you play about three minutes it wasn't his night. Other than that. I I I don't I think Jalen brown is up for the task. And both they're young but fishers come out actively looking at the Tatum is as well. Don't not a can be offered if not it can be Rosh years not a it is more slide side to talk would you like to have a lot of guys that can do it to get by Cleveland. Gold state Duma. Well it's you know it's up to two cared where we've. Like ten minutes into the game one of you did anybody else of that bought ten minutes into the game when he's open semis again funny sitting at it they can beat Cleveland got a comedy glee that's you thought the gold standard thing that. Ten minutes into the game no I didn't think that I really and and I think what tonight what you're gonna see is. You're gonna see LeBron he's probably going to use the body take the ball to the hole. That would be my guest and so they're gonna be challenged what he's doing right now and he's got to try to get him to file was bested its gentlemen Arafat's right oh dollars was Morse is that a good job on. But it's could probably be jailed early especially me start means instead remorse. A let's go to all polls in Westfield what's up all. Depth in the gym and I'm glad I agree it is one game but I got two quick questions. As people realize that the rock picked up a new team about ten weeks ago it is Cleveland. I read what Bruges that is politically it just basic our players can match up nightmare against them. Whether they had come to our guard at 120 Utley lead tortured them. Would you even consider that we had a chance. No I feel it was awful because that's a home game you're supposed to win a home game. I think they I think they a date they should win tonight's game until they should go up to if they're if there and I believe. They can play with this team is no doubt they complain with this being. Based on all the things you and lose yourself so if that's the case it saved all thinking tonight. I expect the Celtics to win this thing if they don't win this game Paul yes I'll be concerned tomorrow because now you're going to Cleveland. And he gave up the home court advantage it's a problem it's an issue and unity. Yes sir I'd be. Cleveland Israel lying completely on LeBron and when you live by any doubt about him I don't think you supporting cast is saying. At what we've seen in the past combined with would never seen these young teen. It is good that the transition. Oh. Exactly yeah I don't deserve. I just don't know bush has about it Saint Paul that's what you tolerance for all mission although they are capable are they capable this this crew and I agree with what you said he may be go back to the early days in Cleveland where the cast. And LeBron took a team to the NBA finals that year they might not have been as good resisting. But is this team capable of JR Smith is sitting in core presidium of sitting a hitting. A bleep load of threes and really choking you are they capable of doing. If the focus suddenly becomes on the broad. Absolutely. Delighted we will solve these two love down in it and let me ask you are they came from 111 player beat by cadets who were you seem like general basis. But they can't take one game. And tell you that the whole series plays out one game what happened in the first game against Indiana for for collegial. I was sleeping I won't even be a lot better with his lead in the expected. They got blown. And it got blown out game six by the way by 34 points and what are they doing it said. They want to end and that's no good plate when I'd never seen them get blown out like this there's can get that I'm with its other news team they just put together. Who's never got blown though we have a story on team senate and I don't know before all that that's. Not only just and it. It's consistent with the first round yeah. They would MI 22 in game you mentally and Toronto. Game one indicate that. No they don't like this right now although it did not this steady team when they had I re Irving and a couple of years ago that they're not that team the team that came from down 31. And and what they were went and blown out early in that series to the series they came back and and once freed once they do this from time to. LeBron seems to do this forget about the blog on the road losses the loss because as you'll see it you know he. He's not gonna play 46 minutes in a ball it's going to be 3839 is a fourth quarters out which is what happened in this game so. I'm mama look at a blow up and just look at the game itself. CNET itself to better team than these cars and even if O'Brien does go off and take control to think he will I think everybody expects the tip of the dude at New Hampshire doesn't like his game. I think he's going to be I added I just don't know enough. Did you think going into the series it was more likely. That Cleveland was gonna get blown out one of these games and who knows maybe to get blown up again in the east is that as I said two of the games and Indian they got blown out. Eight and then the Celtics get blown I don't. I don't see the Celtics get blown out. LeBron can be legendary Notre Dame legend Mary did they will write songs about his performs songs songs banners saying don't legendary. Everett's legs in every. All you all I know is I hope he just remembers the game when the game's over. Here's Lisa I don't know Dallara yeah prices ought to be you know they're shown footage of him like you know LeBron James. You know you know directly the result the whole shoot around it at the garden. And he's got a shirt off he's like working a nice laughter. At his age and with the gaelic I don't get why these guys look at clearly elect a needed work out before the game I wanna be off your feet. What you wanna just lay around all day it could serve your in his new budget on Darren and I know that's what they do. But at this point time. Andy what is a shoot around before the game do you think you have another shooter before the game actually starts and that's. Why why why the Hoosier state saving energy why don't you got that we play assurances and you know yes relatives shorted it. Jordan the ocean resort in Jordan that he wants you that's very impressive. This accident measured by the like talking about Michael Jordan if you guys if you guys seen this that he is worked out a deal with the ESPN and Netflix. And my this coming out of nowhere they're going to do 810 part documentary. Series. On Netflix. Produced by ESPN. On the the the career of one Michael Jordan. Maybe Michael may hear the footsteps of and these people like a coward and others talking about Paul LeBron maybe knocking on the the door right now taking over. Here's how it goes on undermining everybody knows yeah. It hasn't happened and that's not half. After we have Australia they've all been released a muted let's listen. Good music and I don't want you see what I feel. Night. If you choose oh. When the first. Cheers and that pain. So what their feeling that the email him. Or. Or minus yeah that's what is so there's an eye on what the timing has yet so it hit part of the conversation now is. The bronze playing with a crappy team. So LeBron goes on to get to the NBA finals or what is the Indy five grace you can beat him right that he moves ahead of avenging analyst. As of Sutley now I don't know where they make an announcement that they are going to produce this and part documentary. On my go to a network news we're not doing all involved and they stop the battle like you know you better than Michael Jordan just a huge number two. Focus on number two. That's that's the number two like right now it's time and nobody else. This is this is an iron in any sport blow the hello Al Horford and oh yes yes well like gas. God forbid is one matter. I just I just let the timing of this to me is a little bit strange. Yeah. There and it's if they don't what what part will be will do believe parts for your porch for. Where he leaves with the gambling addiction and he has to go play baseball. From when is that we get any yeah yeah yeah on that note again that social almost pilot and donkey fleet it's really don't want that's. 61777979. 37 if you heard about the sold GM shouldn't. The gambling casino and the sports book is coming to a neighborhood near you. As is a good or bad thing we get to a next. I'm back here unknown all I'm after you've probably heard yesterday the US Supreme Court. Over turn to. The the whole protection of of gambling in this country and now we're gonna open it up. We're gonna allow casinos and we're gonna allow states to determine whether they wanna do it. Or not the reaction has been absolutely amazing. It hearing people talk about that the league is of course a very protective. And who we don't want to do it looks like she gonna you know comes. Against Cuba. I ever sent AA. Ever heard integrity. Or more now by a bunch of mobsters in order that that is our president president it's a game and actually it all in all it can agree we will not that I wrote it my all those are my checkbook back. If you remember back in. Like October. A 12070. It was a Chris Christie Brett must Berger are different Britain's partner. And they were talking about this very thing about you know trying to get you legalize gambling in New Jersey and edit pushing back in idea. If the leaves a hole hypocrisy of the whole thing that drove me nuts again at L want a piece of it so first cut his. Is Chris Christie. Hypocrisy. Is. Shifts so overwhelmed. They say because we have giants and the jets and the doubles. That somehow we shouldn't be allowed that gambling circus somehow will threaten the integrity of the game. What are you kidding how does that threaten the integrity of the game in Las Vegas for the NHL and the NFL. Got to tell you one when I think hypocrisy I think from Chris and I got a lot of heat and in that there's no way around and or their dad. But the way this may save his entire knowledge on how my people looking at him differently all my guys from the carnage is to that soon drop. All I know. All works and all of the stuff he's done an office listen the reason he. Wanted gambling. In a state of New Jersey is is budget was a disaster. The state was in a disastrous state. He needed more money coming in that I don't care I really apartment is his point is it is it is it is these aren't there. This you don't dog idiot. So I don't be shaped absolutely yes Brent moss Berger who this is what he does an okay debate right he's gone from NL all going you know wives or girlfriends that I'll. College football players in the stands. What are you don't play hello. To doing. Is now we're now he runs like this service. Where they give you let the lines it's like we're Loney investment job is owed us face it he's a break and so his point was. If you wanna sit. In your ivory tower. And pontificate. About the integrity. Of your beloved game. Why would you put when he or franchises. Within walking distance of several sports books answered that question mr. video. Game fixing and point shaving are they realities especially in 2017. Just LeBron James. Listen this is mr. Erickson and I'd like you to shave a few points but he's always on you need a billion. Okay thanks not gonna happen with a professional. Is the sides are untouchable. The gift show that part was that part was when some of pursuit kitty is can it can just bring the storm that this must mergers I know that initial agenda and it's. Whom must forget that he does now writes and does like him doesn't Zoellick you commercial LeBron James. And a half. A blood commented on two of them. I'm going to Vegas open the door for all the stuff it was inevitable that you don't. Just don't know gambling in and not allowing guys do go to fitted Tony Romo to go to fantasy whatever you wanna call us place. Outside of Vegas. And need to put a team in Las Vegas NHL's and biggest bond adventures is gonna happen there isn't pro player would never have find out a way to get more money that's all sites. So we said it would never happen with a pro player immediate wouldn't because SE within the stars who could dictate the items again if that is they're making big money should go on response let's just take Dino and brand's promise. And what will go with that. Out long and put college player. Thought I could because player. Start fixate on or if it happens and happen hero. Well Joseph lawless then we open it up. So the casinos your studies that think that these are professional athletes you know inmates sold much money they would never put themselves in a financial situation. Two way it'd be forced to do something that you know they would want to. We don't think these guys do you know the only some of these guys have made a gambling addiction. Maybe lost stuff 500 grand or a million dollars on something put money on games eventually intimacy combat Timothy Noah rather pay us. Always do this instead. You think that could have happened in a lot of money but these guys gamble a lot of money. Yet is that any some of his. Anything is also ball is there if there's so if you get to bet in Vegas. And I bet the pats. Do like a 1% and take your feet to the lead Buick. Now if they act right now I didn't know I had no knowledge I don't know why would make what would I pay a 1% integrity for the good if I make a bad in New Jersey Arnold you do it all whoever I guess you know I would hopeful why would day well I don't know. And he's right though located in 10% maybe a casino only gets nine the league it's one but why I don't know if that that's the way the league is going to do OK let me just don't want a candidate. They're not going to sit the legal go along with the league will send you pay the 1% integrity feet and what we're gonna do for you all you big scandal does Osborne what you're gonna tell our partners like ESPN guys. On the Sunday morning you can throw the lines out there. We can talk about a football games with a betting aspect they don't allow it to be open season in talking about it but his workers in his right. It has changed and residents to change that debate changed the project about I know but it shouldn't he's equities and inning. I mean that defied their you're calling it had integrity beat practices like laughable that now though it's an allowance to allow you to do that's what it ever again this year as you know where that's what the mob mentality comes in the play. Hey I open up a sandwich shop hey you need protection no adult app pool and there go the lawyers salami and all your meat. Oh yeah I guess I do need protection the usual hours yeah. Now they're great but it is you're all were allowed and what you have no right to lobby the government says McConnell doesn't happen. They don't the government to casinos on the incidents and we just want to pay you anything that can't think just one you have been wanting to vote is important to write it down here with his goons but Lewis says she isn't worsened. For them to get the lead to cooperate. After lottery edited but I don't know the opening ceremony you're done marketing non. So in other words what we're middle of the partners we're all on our partners it at twelve noon show that the networks do leading up to or 1 o'clock game. They are legitimate resentments and I don't watch college game day on Saturday. All they do is putt like you put behind I don't know it and they know they never did he do or did they've committed to go to on CBS sports right or that they do they're also got. The casinos bodies of those things are tried and I thought I know I'm state Democrat would act act. But glad it's at it's talking about marketing it's a one way street you know what marketing is paying the leaked to advertise. Yes so I mean they're winning so it's like a photo I wanted to but some say saliva casino sit there and say it was open and GM down in Jersey. To pay you 1% for one to be paying you millions of dollars to put MGM on the stadium's. And on the commercials and everything else on Perry and be paying your target they get out of my pocket the casino deals for our city and an ability now we're league would do nothing but I'm gonna continue to pay you to advertise. Soul I don't know why the league would would would expect. Of one person a gutsy it's it is a allowing you the core. He has put an end at eleven let me pay you something that's what that's the NFL being the big bullies in the NBA trying to get ball. Now you I have like betting services inside the state he'll. Okay you talk about 1% beat for allowing that some company that handles it handles all the the intelligence and the technology they bring their service. And they're like a draftees. They will pay Ewing feet. But some shopping just opens up and tell me everything I just put it at first buffalo minus two I gotta pay every guy every time someone bet that now you don't want. For about you know what's gonna happen. They're going to end up paying it because they're gonna have some back room deal in which we're gonna market you know you market us may noticed the that the fantasy leagues. Jumped all over the shifted a fantasy leagues Toobin trying to sell us on the premise when quake know what about gambling all about and if we're about a much does having a little. And then if we do it every week now. Know you're about game when you're about money end and now you can play in mainstream because mainstream is allowing you to go out there and play. That's what this is old and going to be about the do you really believe. That bit Mark Cuban singer in the strike that this thing is going to be like an exit poll lotion. That is that we've gone from eight a society that certainly with football may be somewhat with basketball. Are attracted to the sport because of the gambling aspect suddenly these people think that it's gonna explode to work. You know I don't know 75%. Of the audience is going to be into the gambling aspects I think they'll. What happens. In the army guys. Kris viewership. Online and on T. Double. The of defining your value is going to do I agree it's gonna be more people that percentage they are sounding. As if they think this thing is going to just. Balloon damaged image I can't. And it's not gonna happen like two weeks later when things have happened that's a lot of things to do the line well new Jersey's ready and I saw Mississippi and Delaware and a few others got a Massachusetts. Massachusetts is taken what two years to get the marijuana. They get out and and other gonna distribute. I had a they understand email from drafting. And impose question you know like I'm sure you wondering when will drafting and your bad and game. As it's a tear individual city basically but that that's got to do right Siegel young Syrian blog on whatever it is and you've got just the daily panacea that over here in this column it's gonna say pats minus six and a half. That's going to be insane. Crazy going to be preserving interest because sesame you know interest for all the but that's done it they think it's got a lot of interest they think it's gonna dump. I mean I think you know suddenly he thinks says Cuban thing doubles a million dollar two billion. It you know franchises suddenly going to be with for something like. Mike actually this. Poem. Of the way it always does everything well they wanted to go out of knowing they are all night and while I think before we go to this final break. Most people would suddenly think that Pete Rose. Is going to get back into baseball looking at it on your team to. That's why you haven't got its legal buzz that's in place it's a story out there looked he's one segment to go. Once segment to go for once I. We've read the story with my Christian. You can't talk to somebody doing a great story but he surely won't he won't allow you won't loud and you're so let's. How Long Will go to rich people you limited domestic issues and then yeah I know the exact same thing that happened that person what happened here. While I. That you. I don't zones now for a loss yadier I feel it tomorrow ten notes due may be started out yeah I had to have another good team you know now you're talking 820 hours he. Did the obvious there are hours listen the thing is like encouraged. It is plays of the leader of the get out of your recapping game to prove you can toggle. And there are priorities it's game day though standard about the games in Iowa. Feel all right please don't give you reason liberalism have been accused of NAFTA in this game against the winner of the scheme and the C yes yes. Normally that's good. I do I feel like skip Bayless thought about LeBron. Feels that the tire works this time because its earnings from Seattle. How volatile. Well I don't feel far from it he's got a point oh million on the Yahoo! don't you dug itself largely on your show all her country. Don't get those smoke yeah. Well and if he has no point he has no not you know what does it really opposite of a point that's that he has because it would something like this game tonight yet Bruntlett to regain 36 to create 42 culpable and what tomorrow they'll be allowed the national guys tower isn't he makes all of the all day doesn't have a cast that's. Then there's that while he should leave yet. I don't feel bad for Cleveland patients and even that is gonna do an elected timing Michael Jordan a ten part documentary just. Yeah I don't know that may mean. Okay what. How would part of how they own that a pregnant I don't know how easy if I don't get ready I'm very. Excited. Under a bridge credit there was only once it's well he definitely definitely got a Mark James in the house lululemon I don't know walk don't want. I don't know that it's. A pain on aggravated it and yet the it has yet to grappling with the government. Dialogue. Along I'm not a guy I thought bell and Mark James a lot more here. His teammates are saying legendary. Liz Shannon across from me is saying monster all time legend there will never be forgotten after there. That's that's a lot man do you realize what they're up against.