OMF - The staggering amount of injuries to NFL stars; Matt Hasselbeck joins the show, smashes Fauria

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, December 11th

HOUR 3 - Despite the surging Jacksonville Jaguars, Glenn is not worried about a potential playoff match up with London's favorite team. Matt Hasselbeck joins the show as we attempt to preview this Monday Night Football game. Matt also responds to Mike Mitchell's comments from earlier this week and he evens gets a few shots in on Christian. Also, the level of star power not playing in NFL games this season can't compare to any other year.


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All of you when he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 43 doubtful but yeah cross the fence and the. So it's yeah. What do you like that go crazy at Chestnut Hill. Quincy personally apologize to Josh for last week in buffalo. They feel about all we can had a chance to say it and you know some tell them. With the wind blew in Christian number 91 Seattle. Adulthood dec. That right there Michael let it rolling needs to. Brandon Linder and that's what started everything right there yet Michael but that is not the end of the year. Walter Payton award starters at Jacksonville then going to Jefferson noted that somebody threw something out from the standpoint he's the most rigorous review they got us. Appreciate his agenda is more secure Alexis I went move up the way he's done it there was disrespect another Adams and the game it's a good leader right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Biggest hair not biggest fear and a game. As that does something happens to some breaks and you dealt with the same thing that Philadelphia Eagles fans. Are dealing with today because there are chances of winning the Super Bowl. Just went out the window. With a loss of courts and no wins can maybe win a playoff game yeah I can they be combative. Yeah they're determined ratio yeah. Who got done. And who knows how much she misses to next season but more importantly they were peaking they had a big win. Yesterday Audi and LH comfortable more eagle fans is seen them ramp things. And equals fans all had the better seats. All fallible or are parole. Now and it's it's funny though it's news that happened I saw and I am actually surprise assault secular thought we are off the column cap and o'clock. But I guess were knocked here's the headline. If the Eagles signing quarterback. Column cap company among their eight best options tobacco nick full eight. That stops a two others Ottawa put its decision ponder averages on involvement air lobs thanks implement so she probably better so he's campus like you said there were eight is is general one. He's number one he's number he's the first option is among eight but he's number one of your list you wanna bet that they don't son. All of course the packet is not a panel. Look at look here's what it all the quarterbacks that or that a rumor that at all teams that had issues because they're starting quarterbacks went down. Green Bay stock of Brent Huntley looks like it worked pretty good case Cheatham is working pretty good Tom savage. A lot of work. Well that was strange yesterday for games to go to bring him in. Tigger promised land. About way he had a seizure on the Fiat without it looks are savaged it and it was visible to those who are watching on TV. How New York in the league missed this. Similar to the case the camp situation Gary was he was rocked and we're all watching it looks like he's drunk at a bar at about 2:30 in the morning. And it and they are demanding gay. So they do the same thing and yes don't know. So he he he he left here's here's the worse of it let's get back and normally normally I'm like he's not that bad. They completely new business. So he's happen is he's like he's like frozen right EC those guys get the Windsor had there have been movies like lock like paralysis. He comes out goes to the little blue tent they cover Motley egos aside and gets evaluated. Look at the game. Eagles back in the game mentally competent blind him and they take a motto again to all trapeze line. So I would say I don't know if the spotters are above even sought usually each team has served you know it had to do with the edit a team now than do the coaches they're completely cutting and practice I don't all the colts got nothing to do that Vick can bring it back again. They have not they did it on purpose so the individual or party who's up in the Booth who's looking at it they must of missed the fact. That he went all like just frozen on this picture of this I mean it doesn't have the in the hot seat gets sacked. OK maybe I know what to their. Of his own players probably sockets are blocking down field to be mostly missed it he gets up and Rondell you don't know you've been knocked out C wake up. And I got let's go let's go out and somebody because of reckless dating right over him. Christian that look like he seizure and I don't know how people in New York somebody didn't get a phone call. In which they said in New York we've got a player threesome look at what happened with case in which players right now outlaws until there is an issue here we make excuses. Or whether they were at home right they were home. They were. Yes plain and yeah but it it out was actually me but that was his bad shot that was so it is hands or shocking is normally stick your arm up. Yes that's an extent it's weird like hands shake but yeah no control that was it look at this hour. That's exactly what it look like and obviously a seizure caused by getting hit in the blame. And don't put sorry we're all watching it so you get the entire television audiences watching it and the least not paying attention any of this. I don't get angry at his age and overlook the league has taken this over correct yeah if she had nothing to do that the league has taken it over. In the league misses this after they missed. Case Kindle a year ago I I don't I don't get it honestly because even at the it's it you get to the point where the concussion causes you to freeze order shake that you're having a seizure. That's to be one of the boxes that each team would single bracket but it. Some might see this witness did this championship again. It is tension. Yeah there. They potential but the acknowledge the bit that's the easiest thing to look at the emotional outburst what you saw Luke Heatley last year that's it that's it. Telltale found it easy to see to start crying uncontrollably. And then that. The Rick Moore is yes that's another freedom for their cars etc. apparently is or is all what do you do. Literally can't. Does that flatter growth than whether they. No seems to check please you know exit has been in Europe and Kiko Alonso drove it happens all obviously and then I act. And make it don't move and that alone. You can't go back to delete was embarrassed last year is that missed the whole case Cain thing with the entire audience millions of people slide you would've thought that they would put in. Certain yeah yeah. Proceed and I don't sound so hot we. We ask that again when that is that the nation watched it on the anybody watching on economy I don't know I missed but they are gonna investigate already ready to the bottom artists and whatever and OK if it's it's it's it's safe to go back into the water to restore blood and I also Ford came down. See out of the country know we're talking about the Brady MVP stuff yes residents to respond and Jason MacKey tyrants from the big lead early news. Whatever city and a fellow rookie viewed Shawn Watson torn ACL in the NFL MVP Carson went stories here are you at home. Damien Woody responded what makes west the unit NFL MVP you'll Brady besides Brady patriots fatigue. And MacIntyre respondents is tough for brief fact is the football games he was better last year than this year this year you added cooks. Luck made that and you also don't want. To Australia is that on you can argue that this isn't a top three Brady's season. Uranium mines is an appointment such as the majority says I'm about expectations. In Wentz has exceeded them you have unity and can advance that's no I had that we brought them. So again it's all about expectations. It is all about it he's a victim of its own success yes. So if they hit the ceiling is. What the feeling is that there is not on the expect you to do everything no interceptions dual April Brady to win this thing will now went to south to they're gonna be forced to give a torn. Because once lit a race for MVP. It's time to make the case court case came combative. It was a good Brady like to actually shares fall games or twelve games at home last year men. Percentages of completion percentage is up yards is up touchdowns 26 to force oppose the 28 two so he's down. He still more yards per game as quarterback rating is one on 97 compared to 112 to tie. Is Yemen a worse year than last year I would say they're both outstanding. What's he talking about expectations now. You can't based on expectation now you can't but did they do. When we just gotta tell you just don't we were an argument in Connecticut like nine and I did you probably would it would have got. Because of that but if you're gonna talk about expectations. Nobody thought the Brady could do this at age forty. But you gotta play that until. He's doing well below zero what are you expecting nobody expected that Tom Brady at age forty. Could perform better than when he was 323334. And if they tell you that they get their lines. It's such a sham ibex Helen and I am it's a total sham that. He's so you're tired of constantly the cliff you are tired of constantly rewarding sustained success successes too tired because you you're tired of up. Only we get to when he did this and we give it to what he did bad sport of ignored again and again he's got to be batted ball couple's other two years. This young kids played really well nobody's going to be this good so weak or adding value to his season. At least since Asia. What this list this is a list now of more key players. Certainly most of among marquee players in the National Football League. That have been injured with the addition now of course and once on the list. Richard Sherman did Shawn Watson JJ watt. Injury luck the play at all Colorado Florida with the alert after I came to practice. Aaron Rodgers O'Dell Beckham junior. Brandon Marshall Jason Peters Joseph Thomas Marshall Yonder. Eric Berry. David Johnson. Darren Sproles. Julian Edelman. This is an unbelievable. List of your talking about some of the more key players eons that leak. And and wonderfully elegant MVP candidates right it. Any different than any other year though just they're still exist anymore which start it just seems to me to I don't know lower the editors are treated to yet no more reserved for guys I don't know what the numbers are but what about the the the number of star. Quality placement. All you can take it to you know you never do that but the fantasy football perspective right David Johnston number one running back O'Dell Beckham as Obama wondered to probably two behind Antonio Brown an era of you know we just those three players alone to go along with all those other names you just mentioned. Nah that's that's crushing I don't remember a superstars going down like this. Early on Peyton Manning got hurt but you know we are stuck with the elite quarterbacks. When you lose a guy like Aaron Rodgers and that's just crushing the go along with everybody else. I think is Aaron Rodgers hasn't has the potential to come back to return. A week yet this week now. We'll see what happens of that but yet it just seems weird. That's this year to the memory and shelter or a sentence long list maybe like four weeks ago we five weeks ago with a lot of the names of the odds you're adding some. To the stars you talk about Carson once the shuttle launch in two it was a killer. Non com. Confusion 71 of those already soft. Rough and then on top of that you lose. And Ezekiel Elliott for six game suspension of so you check seat. We can throw numbers out there and the numbers are probably comparable. To how many players are injured vs last year or the year before. The differences I can remember that many star players. Missing from those games and every weekend. There are a lot of them. Ike are coming up we're gonna what tuck when Matt Hasselbeck he's down. In Miami for the game tonight we'll get used to sense of the game at some of the some of the stuff. That would be talking about that it's right back to your phone calls at 6177797937. The ache is what it. GM press conference today it just pissing us off Matt Hasselbeck on Christian Fauria Eileen good. Dragged himself kind of results are after our job you know good looking I would probably say kind of a pretty boy Joseph it's more or waiver and moaning and forty plus Sports Radio WEEI. It's more like Mario. You get a look a little bit like you you you don't look at an audit all that's missing is the Crocs. The goofy little thin sweater vest that he wears it does look like and it doesn't need to cut he doesn't viva Allison would not or walk the streets today. With people thinking a Mario fatale. I talked about Matt Hasselbeck you'll be on the sidelines tonight with ESPN for Monday Night Football there is a Monday night game and a lot of people wanna talk about. The patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers but there is a Monday night game tonight Matt Hasselbeck will be there Matt Lauria. What that act Christian you know I love as well well what we talked about it hearings and this is Connecticut he doesn't amateur. East of the senate. Huh. For him now works your veteran don't care so much did you get and I believe you by the way because that utility commissions and open them all but don't need every single and of course. God I I think our. But people are part but I look at yet I can't let a court. Yeah because you know it that that is beyond what you guys are doing on ESP and you over the member of the. Hello plea for my first start was against the Cleveland Browns act Cleveland in my roommate at the time Christian Fauria the tight ends like. Did you know that through your rich waters I'm always open on the corner without a doubt you took the hardest thing that drove the ball and I'm thinking one today you know he made he knows you know. My tennis golf balls into the water that sort of thing NN. This would happen for you out of definitely got go to players. Mean so you felt yeah there isn't true story. And you you would have thrown a better ball a little bit and Republican I found it all right it was a perfect or not. Hopefully I'll say. Yes and yes he has been an unbelievable play at all right now begin with you under throwing it. It now what happened under direct Iraq. Client and some while after that check. Talk yeah do you worried light leaking here's what happens every time to guard Paul holes for the screen those sheet goes backers a record. I'm a wider around the corner. So that what you learned is you learned a lesson that Lou and I've learned over the last couple years he lies is so hard for just can't deliver or wrongly written out. Just can't let it kill you right now is a terrible idea we're gonna call you right back we can do that I can we get. Pick them up it is gone and this is the system was so you can't from a hotel I can't promise is he's honest self that's self that's not having commodity selling has been like an extra ten dollars Italy it to call from their whole telephone anymore. No nobody uses a time where they'd YouTube and you would never call for holt as there was like forty dollars a yes. He called the joy crosses it occupied by a if you go check it out now and fifth and now I think they get those calls away but nobody you're right nobody nobody uses. You fool if you would usual self which is get rid of all together nobody is he should know better and he's of that he should know better than cola a major radio station and you'll agree that usually it's your job gonna teach these young does he think he's an older guy now he's an older guy he really let me he's he's he's of that now. The he should open. He should market and Asia's you know he's got calls from the hotel. Odds. Kennedy charged. But it doesn't mean no he has not married yet he is an 800 no there's incentives and cash. Just of those anymore to the hotel is all I got pose in Vegas I did it without Bradford. And in the morning outlets at the Greg Nickels and empty box until he's usually got so I was angels don't understand that I stirred up live and learn as a first this news conference call. In Tahiti when he adapted it has a really ask of Dubya when you have them there we'll yeah it's yeah it's just for the because on the monies are rajoub. I don't know want out rather watch out I don't tell is Miami. The cell service in Miami and an endlessly for communal palm tree. Every that donated time and I that now you're on yeah the hotel's phone right. Yeah. The dollar and edit it edit it and like pick up the hotel food because you're afraid of socialist forty bucks. I guess forgot there was a phone in need of help anyone less than anyone use this college. It is the things so long court currently court. Rotary dial up in order to fit. I so we're just talking about this Carson Wentz and obviously you've heard ease up for the year now what everybody thought the torn ACL and I ran on a list. A prominent players in the league or out injured and you could see what is comfortable week. How it's changed the balance of power now in a weird injuries every single season do you remember a season where which had as many marquee players. That shifted the balance of power throughout the week. Yeah probably not. Probably not but that's that the NFL and what happens is sometimes the team that wins the Super Eagles team that that handles that the best weather the next guy steps up. You know on the Kurt Warner or somebody like that or the teams that. It is you know our fortune enabled CLC. You know last year the Atlanta Falcons made to the suitable fit they're saying it's 5 o'clock starting off a planned in the entire season. Other teams they lost offensive line and then you know quarterback candidate can hurt you running backs and get hurt you know it. You gotta get a little bit luck as well also. This is a team the Philadelphia Eagles obviously we know the record. It's very good eleven to buy. They've already buster starting left tackle that a lot Darren Sproles and last starting middle linebacker than they've lost so many guys already. I guess the question is how many is too many to overcome thinking of the Minnesota Vikings lost starting quarterback in Los starting running back how much is too much to overcome. At that we just talk about Carson Wentz and you know I'll see him being hurt urged chants of MVP he's helping you want it what debates too much but. I think it almost seems that a lot of people their shot at trying not to give it the Brady you know it's almost like who else can they Wentz went down who lost and we give it to now. And you hear more names do you feel that people just tired they're not appreciating it or they just feel like it's just Tom Brady unified somebody new. Yet not to keep the standard and I think it's almost like Tom Brady in BP unless someone and you know replace them. You know they I think he's a gas. That it either in the right you know whether to quarterback or whoever you know quite honestly I don't know that another quarterback whoa whoa whoa. Runaway hit over Tom Brady you know I didn't think Matt. Ryan ran away with it last year at all. Just you know and I happened to be that he played more games that was it you know I think the biggest contender Tom Brady for MVP. It is probably Antonio Brown. I mean you're you know he's please. Totally different position and he's he wouldn't be able to win. You know you'd know that. Getting doubled all the time. And than you do leave more I want to keep literally. Winning games for his team back to back weeks in fact on national television. Money that football and sending it took on then he's got an opportunity. Next Monday sorry next you know primetime against the patriots to do something special again so. I don't think it's a slight to Brady I think it's actually a you know it's almost a compliments and respects. He had no I know because of that there is a game and I it's patriots and dolls and nobody here really cares but certainly it would just release hyper folders on and yet there is they're they're playing tonight right that you are I'm right auction will be watching my. Your plan are. But yet but it's you that the Steelers. You're innocent they're trying to you know are they for real can you trust in our detective Otis did they match up well against the patriots. Although page it's always played well against them always you know it they'd have a hard time stopping him in the pages somehow no matter what they're doing offensively. Find a way to slow them that steelers' offense. What's your biggest liability where this steelers' biggest lab the bill liability it became to a matchup between the patriots and Steelers. Well I think the Steelers played the level of their competition he would you know they they beat Indianapolis with a game particularly beat Brett coming in the packers' McCain wasn't winning Google. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals running game winning field goal I mean. You know losing to those teams then that's what they do it wouldn't even the Baltimore Ravens again a game winning trio also I don't think. I yeah I just think they played at a level that competition they also can rise to the level of their competition accounted enough for that and they've been talking about the patriots game for three weeks. And going back you know they play Baltimore last night even before the Cincinnati. Had to gain. Is preparing for that game that money make eye contact and they were already talking about the patriots came at. At that point in this Q is can they don't throw compliments out regularly to other people. And when you hear them talk about the patriots it's just compliments city if they out of the back then either go to bed at bats you know you wanna be that's going to be split the best be. The best and they that's how they talk about the patriots team I think matchup wise. What the patriots you who as part of their piece offense is they double your best receiver. And so. That's already what they do you see other teams try to double in toting around I don't even know how to double improperly. He's still catch a ball into patriots. Everyone would agree that Bassett doubling. Number one skier but I actually think it's a great matchup for the patriots and they need to the other matchup went into the city not such great matchup for the patriots because they don't have. Like a best receiver they're drawn to non traditional matchup tight ends running back on the backs of those types of things. So it will be a great game our Sunday countdown show was actually going to be live from Pittsburgh because of how big this game is everyone's very excited. We're talking to Matt Hasselbeck you'll be on the sidelines tonight in Miami for the ES PM Monday night game. So are you finding out how difficult how hard it is the the crap you have to take is a media person. In that you get these professional athletes they're calling you all sorts of names Matt this width. Last week Mike Mitchell. And Edwards are taking our money but now you know I got an old like Matt Hasselbeck probably a very good player and I try my character we've never met before. In reaction. Blah I said he had massive holes which it has been an. I think that says no you're yeah you're one of those ills and what he called the able noted. There than I am on the right. Now lifted I objected on Twitter he's upset about it weeks fixed it yet Utley hit. It Alex Smith knew that you could find for you appeal that he wanted to. Appealed that's fine for different play in that same game. You know I didn't take my stand by everything except I think my comments were. Couldn't operate at all I think listen only he knows for sure but the history with this guy he's forget it jumps over the the pilot during kneeled down situations. You know turn up in the zone your film your regiment. And you don't need to win me over you don't care about my opinion I don't care that much about your opinions so. 801 won't be the last it's totally fine it's it's funny you getting these conversations even our show Charles Woodson rainy mosque. Starwood and there's no such thing of the past and there's no such thing in red mosque is not looking at African passengers. And I'm a quarterback and I've got my classes so. You know Rex Ryan he's a decent according to the desert you know. Lunatics and sometimes the way they think and talk I get it it but it's it's it's football and at the end of the day I think were all in two. Together offense defense players coaches. It's it's August my feelings are hurt one bit my only wish that I could I could strap it up and play again in it's. Maybe seven on seven may not talk on twelve they're 1111 to seven out of that is to twelve months. Did that Susan units have dollars and your. This. When you when you see these Corliss you know going down stewards he Cutler's doing. So being right feel like you know by the time you're done you're pretty much on your lastly great to me it was like I think you'd used up every ounce of skill and talent you had left things. Rottweiler up top and that's. But the how many years you get like a hundred and honest guy I played not any different commit AT telecommuters do what you wanna just essentially is where did he played this forties. Bouts he has little glowingly beautiful hair you don't. I'd really don't think age thing detained in fact that's clintons present at all that Tom Brady is excited about playing in his forty feels good I felt great in my forties until I you know. You know separated my ribs and and I didn't feel great and taken it just honest with you that have been in the this happens guy and you're probably to get us. My my my thing is I understand it's not really about the age thing it's just about but the medical. You know aware at Kennedy got absolutely put 100% of everything you're doing ended at seven days a week off season long and that's that's our in the off season goes toe. For some guys like Tom Brady usually goes till Super Bowl so. That's the grind more than the physical grind especially now the way quarterbacks protected as you know two days in training camp. I think some of these guys they really want to they complained they've had forty. So you see that's that's how I was going to see guys like Carson once he's young he's tough he's strong he's he's he's he's courageous doesn't yeah he just doesn't care about getting hurt. But that he does get hurt and he realized manage your mentality. About you about the either way you play the game bench is gonna back is gonna come back and bite you. So I mean is that as far as like a teaching point as far as coaching point for young quarterbacks. You err on the side of caution no matter what situation is because it's better be on the field profit. Nine digit you know I'll play obviously Tom Brady I'll play well in the play have a longer career than take Carson went if she continues to run. But I think playing quarterback it's a lot like driving a car laid the more offensive and aggressive you are driving your car I think you're actually safer. You're actually better off. You know we work with Ron Amadon on money in the account and he talks about. He was always safer outs he. You felt safer outside the pocket and inside the pocket and he's got data actually back up that some of these quarterbacks are getting hurt in the pocket more than outside the pocket. Now that's not true for everyone you love me any outside the pocket Tom Brady outside the pocket I don't know that that's the safest place for them to be so. I really just think it's that much. And deadly plane aggressive. You know just like you're driving car you're not reckless which are aggressive in you know driving like similar to learners permit your. You're driving like you on the road like hey I'm. On that the tone here and and I'm in control and and I think that's probably just the that's probably the mindset that you need to take human a long career. A merit title Pittsburgh Steelers a lock is offensive weapons that that using the team the kind of you know takes the patriots out to post seasons built more like Jacksonville saw I would ask you the do you believe in Jacksonville Blake portals. They're not screw this thing up for them. I really did not believe in nobly portals you know I thought they should have made a move of the trade deadline go for someone like Eli Manning is somebody like that. Can that Fella that was in the peace. They have everything. You know really doing well. But the thing that. You know home plate portal that plea to Russell Wilson and MVP candidate this year he's all world for his team he's playing great and he outplayed. I mean I think Russell at several interception put Portland two touchdowns you know on the yard and turned the ball over I don't believe and you know recognize him or right now with a great defense and and that great defense and our running game and in coaches that are kind of been there Karen Tom Coughlin so. You know what I I think. Who knows maybe they can get hot at right time and in matchup wise just look at the rushing stats and you can you look at the patriots this year. They're really really good decision on the flat at eight weeks and a lot of critical. Statistical categories. But you know that that's arena now like they're they're not getting off the field. As much as other people that enter twenty in the league defensively getting off the field and that that. Some of that is just stopping the run winning first downs he can put teams in third and long situations and and you don't like you said maybe that is the toughest matchup that you look at those AFC teams I don't think it's Pittsburgh I know it's not Baltimore. Don't think it's Tennessee's. Kansas City Maine can't city your jacket maybe the chargers. Do want. Beginning of the season first 56 games this defense patriot defense was 29 thirtieth 31 or second depending on what numbers you were looking at. And you'll pour with points against which is something that spell check is always seem to be able to clean up and he's cleaned it up again. They're forced I believe in the league right now in points against you watched this team. They don't have a great pressure on the quarterback they've got a lot of good personnel in the secondary how we get this done. Well I mean at. I think he can go like eat those first four games but they're innovative and effective play callers on offense you know Kansas City we know that shot eight new orleans' Drew Brees and we didn't know how good that he was at the time Houston to Shawn Watson Carolina. Cam Newton Mike's ability to teamed up some stuff where they just had a lot of you know. Assignment communication. Problems. With the new DBS Gilmore. But they weren't tackling the priest even come straight out of the pre season you know all that except they got it fixed and I think everyone knew that they would get it fixed. But even in those losses to the pages give up yards out and the fact that they're big thing explosives look at predicting the big things keep Canadiens zone and the Kansas City game. But that was a tight game in the fourth quarter and they were just six. You know it's game winning field in Carolina which there. So they are to a Cuban that first four games to ever own wanted to write them off and they are the patriots you know they've there. They kind of pass such a lot Jankovic Logan Ryan you know I targets heard that they got nothing on defense sky's falling they figured it out and I think most people expected them to figured out what we didn't expect is for them to go from last place essentially due in the last eight weeks essentially their first place in all these categories and then. They're top five Indian and that's I think where. You see how special that are and in. You know I mean I could go on and on about the major technical what this game tonight there's so much good save from the patriots and and so can a little that really even focus on with his Miami. He's got to balance uses the balanced out tonight that I need you contractually obligated to talk about the dolphins right now you wanna give us a quick dolphin nugget. Not us it is but I will still say that this is running back to injury to guy who's. Replace it guy you date today we're governor he's pretty good back. I got to know anything about him back behind winner in Alabama. But he's a home run hitter type of guy that teachers are taking that as a comic team speed on defense and so you know he he he just can't get at least speed. Definitely receiver Kevin you know made a name for himself covering kicks and returning kicks the diskette got brunt of these three runs over fifty yards. You know recently and so you know you could see a home run for out of it. Pat my 32. And thirty cents. A clear call them vulnerable to the right. He's he's he's right yeah. These aren't you are what you sort of cry when I am now works well actually if you cannot actually compete I'm not always good socket deal and don't worry no fur coats or anything tonight like packing right you didn't have to pack munching little miners well. I'll sacrifice my outfit just to have a carry on okay that's the number one key to check a bag. Ago always good talking you'll do it again thanks. Sealant Matt Hasselbeck ESPN keep up with the show on Twitter act ON that. On WEEI us before during and after the show. Let's get you back to more afford wait for a low in 48 right now O clock sports where. I don't really don't think age thing this thing is back at Clinton's front at all with Tom Brady excited about playing in his forty feels good I felt great in my forties. Until I you know separated my ribs and and I didn't feel very big and it just I'm just that you that an image from. He's definitely got your family I would want your kids. These guys are Cleveland clinic trial in tribute to her battles and broken ribs here is America. It is not happy about that what they're selling you the trading this program you know really but I do know that feeling and that's nerve. The compliment eighteen years eighteen years it was abuse on your daughters and it was yeah him. I'm still may not you know it's still me definitely instilled me dog and out there my youth quail. There as quick a Ryan's put together a list of notable NFL injuries for the 2016. Seasons that's still working actors studied closely for not even close to the list of room and read off earlier for 2017. Derek Karr. Was a significant injury put a bunch of others here Earl Thomas but he hurt at the end Taylor did see in the still had a Chandler and Sherman but that's a Carson once and yet there there are you could say it was is the car settlements equivalent where they get what they weren't in the play so where that oh yeah. There are locked and loaded it when their team you worried about. And aren't you forget because they sucked this year it boy they really delivered from a major disappointment when the Oakland Raiders had just useless this year Jay Cutler for example goes down with a torn labor. It was a good thing for the brits a guy to get better one guy's always on this list every year and Jamaal Charles he was already done right fried Eddie lacy. Ankle surgery he would have gained about thirty pounds anyway and when you get this would've made a difference Sam Shields a look at the Eric Decker who cares Navarro Bowman. I'm opening DeAngelo Hall on the next three and walked off every year old Okie guess. But you still had a merciless and cloudy now you lost two with a three this year. Adrian Peterson Tony Romo but nobody cared nobody has got game digs through Teddy Bridgewater. And they have replacement but the impact guys if you wanna include these ones Bridgewater Romo Keenan Allen JJ watt. Gronkowski Earl Thomas of the draw or call our mayor Mary are still not the list that we're seeing now knowing novelist who see if you look at growth patriots got a rally. The ones who did you looking right now Lou any entries that are changing. The entire look of these teams' seasons certainly green Bay's season changed dramatically chair right camp chancellor changed a dramatic shoes yet. Completely changed and I think it's gonna change for Philadelphia mirrors while. I think they've got major problems he made so many big huge police think did dumb Carson what's being done for the is a problem for Philly a big problem. Let's just say that saved them that's big. No horn we don't you Google I don't I. Look nobody's gonna always there and involves much as I say Cuba that we have it. I'll tell you that if you let your acting like a little embarrassing is that. We are totally alike can we take a week there's firm. That nick pulls is not Carson when Carson what's going down Chris is a big blow is an opinion than the. Yeah. It's already mentioned earlier release and remember this it. Exclusive hold a huge blow their done when this is available in Canada but they still what they drove to Vegas and in under one stick is that when the playoffs and guess who's gonna look at who is their biggest threat. OK so really got your legacy saints. Tim Newton that I would say I would say it's endless airline overall earnings overall. I would say based on the for Doug Peterson was. Naples in his office cornered back when he was a rookie. So there's a good relation there it is good bond there there's a good understanding of the offense. And you tell me I don't know if you saw the entire game work you're doing the red zone I was doing ovals so. But he played greatly one. I mean you know that the guy hasn't played all year and he comes off the bench and he helps them win the game I would say they're better suited. They're better suited to to you know you know deal with it to one other team they won a hole playoff and yes they can't. They're still late wreck because their defense is so game good night and falls he's not awful. On the other hand do you do you really think there are walls of roll it and use them until I think in my let's you know you are and argue against not promising nine holes exposes its not like they're like they're going from nick falls to Bret who's never played. Right it's taken five weeks to figure out if he does you hope against the crappy team because they'll have to grow up like the grounds that yesterday. Russia won that game they lost it so but now we used to listen not the NFC teams and all those teams that were there struggle you're trying to purely Carolina's looking pretty damn good. A New Orleans still looking good. And American backed up that concussion on the ramseys think of the AFC teams. Is there anything constantly with you know make them. Ralph as a would get six with with them Roger's gone back to Dallas is still in the Dallas can win next week without seek in the win the next couple Seattle. Seattle still strongly about a lot more teams that's a problem that this probably vote Ingle ate deep NC we can lose to anyone of these teams in NFC. Can't do that news. BSE here today that I think the difference though is if you get Carson went in your playing all of those games at home you're getting a home field advantage yes boy you're you're in great shape and we'll see that would knowingly and in the past and you're in great shape. Got quarterback. You get the whole field to get you to the super ball. Suddenly that change is when you when you lose that does mean wouldn't it we say this and we talked at the beginning of the show. The one thing you don't wanna do tonight because I'd feel confident the patriots are gonna win this one and when did in Italy. Would you don't wanna do is don't want anybody to kind of celebrating this actually is actually ten teams in the NFC the last team would be that as far as the playoffs thanks Dallas. The drop off is Arizona Cardinals that the eleventh right in Washington Tampa should cut but each ten up Dallas and I get Zeke back you never know right. Green Bay Aaron Rodgers Detroit. I don't know Seattle Atlanta you want to Carolina rams fight and a and a lot of teams there. As opposed to of the dolphins of the tenth best. In the actual UV. The bill's delay and the raiders that they don't think so unseasonably quarterback next week for the bills is going to be parent healer or teetering. Not in the time that and the other teaching a point on the web the kid who's basically like area Dallas. Yeah he's at but he's basically an option quarterback is what in math science activities at the street feared anybody. But the point is that one of the teams that is still and is buffalo. Almost got no shot. No shouts Levys go they were flirting with earlier in the year they were flirting with that. And they're still NFC given credit for something they're teachings and have a shot. In the that's right two teams that ever shot you want to Jacksonville glad that I can ill afford and actually go out this and I think back what wrote to the city wagon you should I violence against I would not beyond against the White House and I'm on the Kennedy is that what are your game against the Oakland and it seems like Amy and I figured out there obviously pretty green mountains. Please I finished the regular checks of below. I'm not because you played them here ethic what best team is jet is the chargers correct yes well Freedman yes. Yes I guess the biggest fraud right now in the post season means Tennessee. They edit your targets then that's just going to be maps. So if you but you look Butler is that if you look at the embassy with the injury to Carson what's it opens up. The the of the fields in the Indiana say there are more good teams in the NFC. That have a chance of showing up in in Minnesota yeah I only think there're two teams and if you want you could I just don't think generally don't condone its two teams that can show up represented AFC in Minneapolis two teams and that's it. The problem you've got what Jacksonville their quarterback away how Boras is pretty good yesterday do you trust them in a road. Play oh when I hold on let a good. Here's here's what appears all have a dismissal of these. So they'd do what they do bad they take away their and their number one street to take with the running game wanted to let us Burnett went with the weakness in the pre season he says races while diseases and I thought then he take him out the mix you take him out of the equation and say all right there is immoral or Wilson's ten UN. It would have the weaknesses stopping the run and they can't. The point where play action opens up the crappy quarterback to a pretty decent. We'll show the weakness of the Patriots defense is run around game. That's a lot defended their front seven is weakest of the weak of course so maybe you can't stop. I why I said that look out for Jackson she that would be the put into that would be the thing that scares me the most think about the game in Pittsburgh and how great Antonio Brown is Luna were tucked under and break it to catch his last night in key situations. They were off the charts at just phenomenal catches. It in double cover. But what I fear the most is is letting him bell against that defense because he'll stop. And it's almost like the EU's thinks the wrong would you TV like the depiction just froze and the next thing you know we take an hour from finding another hole. I think he creates all sorts of problems about Pittsburgh. I'm not throwing the ball last year I'm w.s and to run next week to keep Tom Brady just feel it can't move and change I don't you let the chargers have very interesting. You know army charges a good ball eventually they're good. They start the year off all informed and well a big curb on three and one if they had a got a kick a forty yard Google threat when there was set up for. And it lost at Jackson vote in overtime again you know so this is a team that. Has what six losses. But it really could be a but 93 would you look at they're getting very easily have me playing a football game. And leaving a few kicker to kicker for Google to win a game Bryant and he missed three of four and one over when to send overtime it would went. I think another part of why they got off to such a slow start remember they were bitching in testimony specially Philip Rivers was about the fact that they we're now moving. They had moved to Los Angeles it was very difficult for them. With family life because most of the families all stay back. In San Diego just an all out it's an hourlong commute for an hour and a half it's what you'll you'll take it will be an hour after you tomorrow to get here you know there's some I just got another text confirming that they reliability. In the bathroom remodel and probably on the kind of unite and am no longer arms and unity I love the way you tell Paul Paul it's irrelevant what they're telling you the players is that going to be. To show off beautifully hasn't been with physical and again blackboard and are worried there I didn't. Aren't there that's it eat me. You asked him a dole if he was there does this help you lied. I could see him get on it doesn't about it. Write down all it's all guys they're all going in on Monday I don't care what they tell you could go and get a ladder and get to work out and they may not happen they don't meet with the coaches but they all and it's acute rehab which he said we're gonna ultimately don't know what I don't know eagle it. Don't listen. Nobody Eagles apology not good trainer he knows I do play one want to add a memory and fortunately your style well yeah. Don't rule. It was gang and it's it's it's one major conspiracies. Just to screw Christian for you that's what this is all about this is not involved with it have been different view and also. It's what you find. I liked all the Foxboro it's easier for any easier for a little it we go operas in traffic out. I feel like our shows that we passable or bash shows the rate regular every time the only every time you can hear you like we are there are raised through those. We're Joey to complete chemistry that would have had viewed me like where it's like where you want her credit and I don't like he whatever you might not a lot of energy rumored on their pocket and tonight. Only one episode on field play. I. All of my view of what's easy feat is one life to be easy to beat him for us tonight and even. It's a good looking guy like that and then he took care you leave. They did to some other people stop and think it and not enough they have yet make up for another hour ago here an element.