OMF - The Steelers are super salty over James Harrison; Tim Benz joins the show 12-28-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, December 28th

HOUR 2 - Plenty of Steelers have made their opinions felt on James Harrison leaving for New England. Our old midday pal, Tim Benz, joins the show to give us the Pittsburgh POV as far as the storylines that may lead to a future New England/Pittsburgh matchup go.


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On whom he. Fort Wayne and moaning and horny and good let's do you just do but he called last week we sure are and what you are also. When you're. You know James please do just go all the way F James Harris he's a bully and a jerk. Always has been still lives and always will be we don't care. Well with Glenn flew in Christian if you don't like it. Usually Robin I can finish that so why don't you without you this is so baffling to me program update to and I will be doing the asked do you go mailed back 905 what would we do by the way grant award here what would be happening. I went downstairs and bought his bacon you know that there's any left and say here you have to break it here we don't care. Well. On Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know truly is a set was much more. I don't know of Tino is most of sat with rob Bradford and John's mossy or the entire steelers' roster is Laura sat with James Harrison oh. Before we go that is a big. Senators play. You sit there and you view fast if you're in your site way yeah awesome awesome save it but I I. You and pay off my keys about how bizarre damn what your friends do right and Christmas Eve so. My friends money. You friends Bernie Lyndon I don't care I don't care attitude to the post here names. They went to a strip joint presidency. You know there. Are today and I am. Now not really I mean they don't have mothers sisters Brothers to make her nieces nephews I don't know maybe they do something earlier by the Brian let you know that that's their prerogative to that and you know I'd like how it was bizarre to me is the bizarre part one of the bizarre parts. As they say that they were the only ones there quite so why do you stay open. And what do you think open. I think just when you can open if you have these two just. Boom of a cookbook for youths. This is making me question your era your past. Little to get you what's that music you want your little Muslim feeling. I haven't you ever besides action a little too quick in spring an action by the white girl over Clinton and shoulders are you bought into the center stage a sit up and okay that I don't myself beauty. It could be a professional steer in Switzerland. Aspiring dental hygienist. Pullout that's that's. How I Bernie in London times had man. Creativity and can't find out why do you stay open and now why do you stay open. This car and I when you don't presidency. Does your family and we did the presidency stuff what's Thursday he was a church and then we went to do to make it past 10 PM now I fast can we do not Catholic we went to a service. Person he served yet we went to service we don't we head into a morning service and then we and it's at 5 o'clock service. It was united church twice and prevent that. Aaron if you notice I know the reason for his Christmas Day another reason for Christmas Christ yes I am well aware the ego and you're very very Catholic health care. I'm well aware my god blesses me with holy water every time I leave the house today. And then my son want to watch agree in Budapest hotel for some reason I got home. And we all falsely ten minutes then and then that scene knows Christmas that he. Leveling effect on slowing your family doesn't take part in Hamburg it's not like mindless. It'd have we don't we got a great uncles and house speaker segment as we got a great uncle and house he's an egg is probably I don't know. Late eighties mid eighties. And he's. He provides bottles of palm bottles of it is Brandi makes that pepper it's not it's like some sort of polish. Cops shot Trout all liquor contrast to realign amok and we cheers that things really. I got pretty one and done. Oh no we face we topped off two bottles slow I was definitely a little there's a number of guys that do it I definitely got at one point towards the and eighty name and Amezaga grade she's loaded it's time ago. I was high finding my great uncle left. Krill and all land of Israel always. The. Mobs like okay this time ago are you worried you're celebrating the religious aspects of us I wanted to go to the hole. You look at most they want uncle and a pick for next thing you know Julie Christie for CT yen. My god what a crazy story right. You yes you not our iPad to abide by it yes now I I I it's too meager to add context. I just threw doubt that's essays and they are very very quickly for CT and and John Legend her husband. They were on if flight from Alley acts to. Tokyo. And that's playing made a hard you turn four hours out returned LA axed because someone was on the plane wasn't supposed to be. And he did have a ticket on airline ticket on united. But those stupid things that Dee knew all Pruitt just did. It didn't even dating like no. Earner does this fights that don't questioning all the stuff. They're the only make it. I onerous thing. Oh my god I mean I'm sure they were in first class that's not you know I'm sure they Alec luxurious cocktails and it probably had a full out bags it didn't matter I kind of stuck but it's still really it has eggs and that's nice level first class team is this in exe this is the the thought this is like the administered aren't yeah yeah yeah right right you get like. You know luxury linens and you know speaking of studio apartments James Harrison in the Pittsburgh people really know. That is not a good thank you know we just found out you know who we're gonna have on a week is this confirmed. And permits with time confirmed for 1130 guys will confirm for 1130 your intent that time if that is throw it in the week of returning legends yes. We have DO come back then bends. Mean Tim vents in the heart of the in the belly of the beast it is Pittsburgh being so it's. The hipster. Okay and it's just don't get answered did you read the article today about about what all the Pittsburgh Steelers players are saying about James Harrison's departure from the State's shortage. I'm glad you're already in your Ali information on your advantage too busy writing a book and can't know about anything that's going on in the world all of sports. So G terrorists and you know obviously was released by the Steelers made it seem like hair was playing much I played the first. But I thought four games egg for five games and hasn't been active in the last and hasn't been active at all the last five. Made it seem like cage you know they just don't want anymore jumping into the defensive scheme of the Steelers or say I asked earlier role big guy. They think that he wanted out of Pittsburgh they're they're saying that he was in China after practice didn't attend meeting Israeli and to the locker room. In here to me is the real punch to the that we do this. Still has linebacker but Dupree said Harrison would not visit injured teammate Ryan Shea easier in the hospital job. And womb. Really really. Like that that's true that's like complaining that some was not going someone's way I mean that is awful shut up. It is not a fifth at that. By the average c'mon let me repeat it over get over it Pittsburgh and and and Harrison obviously he would rebutted a lot I -- and me you know that guy's been your teammate never and I can't wait and about it I I lose all credibility do argument he had he didn't ask you you worried on wake attend their monopoly and I'm a single wake attend an out of W. You have to be a double way to them. You have to go I'm I'm terrible person I suck at life well isn't that this resolution. Now I use residents here know goes out multiple weights just show up yes like like Will Ferrell and what impression yes yes sent the games are crashing funerals yes and that's weird that is that is more disrespect. Is it 2008 he's above goals that's your first. A look at what your goals are. Sure he doesn't like I was beaten out of them but I. Ben Harrison knee deep in there I'd like in ads and internal. Dobbs by Harris and basically came out and said listen I the pat I asked them to be released three different times be so he's not refuting that you want it out. But when they keep saying when they he saying they promised him a role. In what they were doing on million Amaral got role as the you know I don't see any role here and clearly that wasn't because he's an inactive. So. I don't disagree do you think you he was released and picked up off waivers violence. Game owners learn this. It was would be singers the gap I'm just today and it had to pick a team that's not the Ottawa right. Not in contention December and Cisco 49ers yes do you think that this illusion is famous enough I anger. I I think their stock car hurt people asks yet they are but hurt because now they know if you really was head light was over his time and I've I think I've heard rumblings that maybe him Mike Tomlin didn't CI Diana a lot of things he wasn't very happy with an impression my purity satire show you eat two days ago. That when they were in Pittsburg. James Harrison's mom was like in this lobby area and she was just take I just Tarrant into Tomlin went to a bad coach she is and how she doesn't use her son. It sure is just part of like not you know mom your kids not playing kind of thing. But you wonder where that stems from does he also not like Switzerland is he complained about him as. There's a lot of doing that on with a lot of teams do sell complaining that Wes Welker dropped the ball in on this is a whole lot of act on but I wonder Ian. You know the Gisele thing I don't think was necessarily Rudy in annuity and he dropped the ball that happens you clearly hated Wes Welker. Hated. And you're the reason might my husband has multiple concussions. And sent its Seattle we thought that you think that's model yes she hated Wes Welker. And she thought Tom Brady my husband has had five concussions every single year in your of the reason why I think you're making ends. Fortunately maintenance and for now at least which. It's Oregon on display at night I really I think actually I take that back she hated Wes Welker and she hated Bill Belichick. And she blame all of them including the crafts and I think she also. We're breaking yet to write read all those high Brad Stevens was shot and I hit I. I'd try to get the port we understand that I. Said. I don't they're not serious thought well he didn't take you long to figure that out you know. A Guinea before we go to break one thing we going to write one we have to go to break into its web site because I'm gonna forget this and in the important thing I don't wanna forget. Today's Euphrates birthday. All really yes all happy birthday peace treaty so glad you're here to celebrate 33 years old Austin Beverly Massachusetts I think they're doing you know planned repeat event. Got a good heart repeat once again I can be found at five straight years. But holy mackerel what this guy has done for this ties and unbelievable yes so if anybody this entire year deserves a happy birthdays keep trees aren't happy birthday Pete Pete's Brady's. We'll be back with ten men have been. It's clan. Christian base is or wait Murr Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. This just go hang out what I'm Gordon drawn bellows. To go back fall out be a hell of a party let me tell you something unavoidable. Yet maybe it's a really good time those guys know how to party. You guys who cry about a lot lower remark yell cry about disease Super Bowls to actually called them and six rings you. They love outsiders here in Boston thanks and you come from fifth third. To may hate me from Wisconsin and it. Just from being from Wisconsin thoughts and beasts are teams that are playing tennis for an Arab Americans have to factor for most I don't suffer I mean how. 1227 mark you know those. Rates. Under an hour under an hour everybody are right speaking of Pittsburg. And the boys who just heard T. And bends. This study is now on the line from Pittsburgh. I just read an article at triple live dot com on James Harrison. Being released put on waivers by the Steelers being paid duck. After clearing those waivers. By the New England Patriots and Tim ends. Believes that the Steelers did right they and that no one has any reason to be angry with the Steelers about what happens. Tim what's that tell us explain it was exactly what happened how it's being perceived vs what actually happened James years. Wolf first of all out and out about why you're an all time -- orchard it's a fair point and Tim Tim Tim rivals say this is that you you escaped here and you are lights still here and there are people would've laughed. Who are not like we're not praise you are not one of them so. Will you might like me I just I don't think basically he's did that again and by that show on and they were well I mean it go to that yeah. Well they listen barrels have been following what's going on with former host coming entity to some bin. Over the whole quite a week but yes I like her shot is out of our goal right and heard Alex. Well I guess in a nutshell. You saw with the mosque in our yesterday as he walked out. Two hours it two hours and twenty minutes in the ocean you want to studio. So. I don't walk out forced him out you would mock. Ever know he he did not like how the EU is being in Iraq and that's what he says hello we know there's a lot of theories going on but. He walked out I know that if you came back here. And you do the show where blue which is probably something in hindsight we should have done over the holiday season the spice things up you would not walk out it will be good back and forth. No I'll I'll make it British empire on interview and I would have made it through whatever. Three. Or gain time I would have been on with Luke and land Christian we had a lot man remotely I don't you have never you have you never want to sell right. Yes I out. Late you walk out of yourself. And IE I that when I was on the ad in Pittsburgh I'd I'd quit I walked out I got fed up over some that was going on and yeah I yeah so you lucked out on the edit shelled by the end of the show yeah. But it wasn't it was buried area. They're very and I said that nobody here yeah and that we worked out whatever issue was about a week later came back. Well. Deed goes beating you to the point that he's back today. Yeah and yells at any also beaches of the glanced as he walked out at 827. In the middle and showed it goes 6 AM to 10 am. So he's not why I Knight edition I'm. BA ninety EA those of the count and it's just adds Estonia a car this song and then we went to our. All right so the reason we had. Mean after reading wanted to talk to you here by cheer your time watching out accurately that yes or temper tantrums. James Harrison what's going out what's the story in Pittsburgh what's the truth where where where is a step resisting out. Well Detroit. Course the players their version of the truth is that he was sleeping in meetings that he was he's old yeah he is tired. Yeah I do think it's funny got a eagle on Twitter page because backlash. To all this are these. Al Bundy you know James K hold high school football superstars or how can I recliner to the meeting rooms. Out of football player I've always got on a rock and they'll you know lake. I like blaming the Steelers for making it too cushy environment or changed as we. But I I think it's beyond that it's obviously something that's been going on awhile I weird though because I think the players to a degree art are culpable for. Advancing this image of James Harrison's sort of like a shell football's shock course you know the old man strength. Legendary figure it is not likely we had fourteen weeks fifteen weeks now for somebody to say something about what Harrison had been playing in the way he's been acting and they've done a much of the organization has to put or this image of James is being global veteran and that we at her peak and it's. It is easy to Tennessee now he's gone blood they were just defended add the eighteen taking a lot of heat from the or from the ban based analytic errors and go. Our no tipping point is that the next layer to the story is that they put up with it for fifteen weeks. When he finally do that was so bad what were they so afraid of that was gonna happen edition shirt New England. You can have a guiding you need before Mike Hewitt in the AFC championship game at that I don't know that answer is that the next layer story about what Claude and a half we do now. Is it possible though that they were writing did you Whitney really did like Tomlin said need to make room for a player on the roster. An and is our is it possible that the Steelers are just a Saturn suits players are just have sat because. He didn't get picked up off of waivers by saying San Francisco. Or that Tennessee Titans know we got picked up by the New England Patriots. I the last part of that I think is 100% sure I do you figure getting a reaction that you're getting now because he decided to go to link or maybe to decide the only opry god and he went. Anyway and that's taken to for about a player's locker room and you're just gonna let go he can go play wherever you watch. I don't think you would hurt a lot of this stuff that you heard yesterday he got kicked out by. The falcons. Until Super Bowl week in and maybe would have heard it they played each other Super Bowl hump and thought he got picked up by seeking a they would have seen again. World war level AFC team maybe. Even if he went to tennis he would pickle ball again. You would affirm what you heard guest yeah absolutely the patriots factor does play into why that locker room was being so vocal yesterday. Tim when he when he went to Cincinnati what was the do what you remember the outcry or the take of the players being was a good for them means getting yourself. Somewhere else. Or was it was it was there this night being bad manners and I I totally agree with him this is a patriots think. But I'm just curious how has he been perceived in that organization throughout the ups and downs. You never noticed any downs with them I mean when you left the first time rob let that you got a lot more out he'll be missed I know he's a legend here about Super Bowl run in 2008 we picked up Kurt Warner it was you know James gave his best to your organization it's too bad it had to end this way and I actually we're gonna hate you employed here at W won the when he came back it was all. Sunshine daisies there's some steeler fan at all white body and bring them back he's washed up and Cincinnati doesn't want him anymore but he had a pattern. Green relatively productive years decent years report this year. It was the exact opposite of what you're hearing now. Well in the the other part is Harrison's side of things do you believe that he says emit. I asked them to release me three different times and and they said no no we're gonna have a role for you in the role never came and so how much is this from a lot of truth on both sides about how much do you say James Harrison is not the victim but. Has a point here in terms of where he's coming from. Yeah then move all my view on that is him asking to be released. Out of skew the force to the trees James now and like you knew what you're sign up for. When you decide to come back you knew that they were confuse you more as a mentor and I think that. If he'd gotten on the field war would have been because TJ watt just wasn't as good as they cult. On you know I think anytime you come back in this capacity with the Steelers. They tried to put a young player on to beat you know that the hole is they're not gonna. The play you. That much I mean you probably saw what apple Hines Ward Troy Polamalu looks at those guys can't plane but. There were answers at their positions like I've got knocked down all the little local or wide receiver. Actually the only way to didn't have any other answers warmed up behind him at safety. Here they felt like ever there. Players can play better than him I think along I mean it will meet our late changes the third outside linebacker not a teacher at all. Not out promotes so I can viewers anger is coming in but you can't. That way and try to make yourself a destructive influence. And it doesn't make a lot of sense looking at it they're gonna keep a guy in the economy and weak who. When it got fourteen more regular season games to play that they didn't get outside linebacker they'll. I think he's just got to be realistic what he's not on. Lest my question is how much can you actually how how could a player is he because we've gone through this before last couple years you went through with Steven Jackson he sucked he was awfully running back. You ran into lying whatever Michael Floyd yet it nice block he caught one pass who's inactive in the playoffs. Is this a guy that you think the last stretch here can actually help them. Not fifteen to twenty snaps get after the passer. Maybe do a better job holding the edge in the run game of what the patriots sadness or. Yes I think he can be an upgrade he's got no shred off the tires this year because he's been used so sparingly so I do think that he can be more helpful. In those other guys you just referenced Puerto England absolutely. Are the PR that is what the Steelers are most concerned about is the fact too that he can lend them Intel. For a team that they very well could see once again in the AFC championship game or do you think that is sort of in manufactured story that we think oh but that might not be of much use to the patriots. I might look at that is I don't know why the patriots and he seems Hairston to beat. Pittsburgh for all content for contrast to a source close to 1113. Why do they really need James Harrison to beat the Steelers they've shown they've been able to go without any but he given the playbook or. You know blood decree at once on line which was he slipped through so many meeting at a noting the players are anyway. So I think there's some merit to that I don't think they need James to. Have any espionage I wrote a really do think that the reason bring them on board. It's some sort of external debt dramatic player on the field aid they think that they need that they really you know they might want more for the can't see it again and do the Pittsburgh game. Declared a cease the first round because. He owns Derek Fisher and he is experts useful launch. Sold might be the biggest tactical reason every James Harrison on board it is not letting the Steelers this championship game. They're trying to get the door for your show buy it. What's the what's the vibe there in Pittsburgh after that game and you know our daddy you know everyone's complaining about the rule and and and how that game ended in whatever but what's the divided about the Steelers and if they meet the patriots again today feel coming off that games and hey you know what we were robbed but we show them that we can beat him and we will beat them. Next time what what is about. Darius a portion of sand based appeals dealt labors are from yemen's. Are there are a lot of fans are saying look they played really really well. And they got a lead and they still gave way to Brady in Gradkowski. They played really really well and gronkowski still got whatever you want it. When Brady won it all there's no answer there. It played really well they still lost and I have to go to New England so it doesn't matter they played well in Pittsburgh and I went in Pittsburgh championship game and there is of course the span based appeal negatively about it too bad. He swung their hardest. They hit him as hard as they could they still lost yeah sure maybe the little book god and play there but they still stole the patriots once more and perhaps their best big and the patriot that we've seen some 2007. So I think split rub it. You know all that analysis of what happened back in weeks fifteen goes out the window because Foxboro. And they've never won in Foxboro against Tom Brady bill because castle the one time so. It's kind of moot any momentum that I think either fans or try to cling on to what happen week fifteen and I'm preacher. But is there any possibility that because Antonio Brown went out so early in that game that that is something that might they'll push the Steelers over the edge because they were dominating Matt Damon and they lost into the calf injury how is he doing battle Allison is he do they expect him to return. In it'll be a 100% 80%. Yeah the second part first I was a little alarmed than it they're being very careful about not leaking anything out there are pretty alarmed at what I heard from the uninsured report which was three weeks and advanced they were ruling him out for potential first round game. If he didn't. Clinch home field last come out against these these detectives got a beard but if you're hearing already what was than two weeks or two and a half weeks out in the deathly not gonna play. In week what would that be eighteen to watch it week. Who is just say that he's automatically going to be a play against Jack built. Or even the AFC championship game 100% silk but now employed about singer gets get a 100% a B on the roster against New England should they get that or maybe 85% at 90% the bullet that. Or is how they do it without I pass it was the OK without Antonio Brown LL was the issue. Now maybe they don't have the goalie Eli Rogers or Darrius Heyward day. And they get a better play in the red zone you don't get it Jesse James touchdown overturned in the first place. That's worked in the subtraction. Gain and play with Antonio Brown as what did you miss in those previous play baseball or the Jesse Jane overturn. That could affect the outcomes like the way the Steelers that's where is that it's probably most well. Hard ten bands or is such as always let's UT your show and its streak of followed tendons on center at ten bands key GH. How your body yes. Happy new year you got to hope you enjoyed your COLT becomes error you know you get that league east destination near you at some. And our power here. While I'm in my but it becomes your will be released first night that we don't we'll talk Q would he doubts are what are US I think he's okay I they stand by item. Demands. Are met Mick yeah. To do much better you Percy latest what you may be true if it was having an NC using true host I think I'm just the idea us and I think I don't disease carrying about that on WEEI dot com he did he was a writer for us as well. I think he in. Lou made up my Iran. That not happen that's all pre need beam with you know if there's any. Discussion between those two guys behind the scenes I'm not aware there was a there was I know there was a 588. At one point. But they made out who knows what what that if if they didn't. Then how are we not having how we re not flying in bad I feel like this is reunion weaknesses hash out the area of the grievance the icons of W yeah airing of these reasons is it. Rihanna got Max. Are we gonna go to a break and then we are gonna talk about. Where were you say to a Guitar Hero to let him go back to dean knowing what we thought this isn't at all until it is to let a BC talk and we should note that once again John Dennis is going to be on when Jerry thorn Terry Thornton put up a poll on his Twitter account. And saying whose side you're on and on denizens on the mossy and I appreciate the effort I appreciate it showed content but I'm thinking. That the hit my demographic Adam Wheeler president Jerry equipment are you one way public. It on that hole we'll check in on it and we'll take a call from Pauline and Kathy because they've been waiting and ferry line time to my beliefs clamped mossy. A show. And she wishes I'm sure I'll be. I'm Susan awful things amazing you're getting typecast as the that's my point you idiot I've range back to more of or way Merom Loney and foreign aid on Sports Radio WEEI. Back when I needed didn't hear about what are your New Year's team. Fred nice to have people on earth are relatively pretty low key out of some wine and champagne and you get a kiss ever at midnight. I don't believe animal feed there are just planning what are slang intimately that was your wolf pack forgive our guys ran into him. I don't know I. I I my guess is that and then it'll probably go plagued deeds the hour I don't know maybe maybe it's his late different Beantown and so yes as he does have. As he sees it four times a year down. But official Beantown and holiday. I would like me. Young and like 29 and it's a right to block party might they need to take Jane if I just saw you dance. I I think that you can keep I'm taking a spin class at 9:30 AM on New Year's Day in and working and so. I don't know I'm just an olive I think you can do at all. I think you're doing ultra hard and is set and even do it and New Year's Eve in Hammond turned it you know it Yahoo! who says that. People like over 41 I am I know getting 41 design on I don't I don't know why that is the scantily clad girls not losing their asses off. He had a year receive it's IE I don't have anything to do its act. Yeah. I'd say it's Obama miners out by myself I always like to do and I stick it currently don't like yeah we're gonna I'll bring out some lots of great wines are back to me about her New Year's fun do you. Maybe I don't fund of funds do trending. I'll look at the book with that it could free bread actively nothing rings in 2008 he like he could find this nice red wine. But about it. Delightful those Ryan Seacrest on the hill Kelly those 22 bills they don't know what they're missing. Honestly what are you what are you gonna do you go to my old clothing you're gonna go Claude put on my for sales and I'm gonna go to Aaron and hands down no one wears flannel penny not old man in the pre embryo back. Until we hops under honestly I guess medium V neck T shirt and it I. Doubt I heard belies playing doubted that an axis. Underneath the tree. This track that far it let's poor actually think Pauline in Maine was leading the longest times Paulina is not a fan Pauley. Oh Paulie sarge Polly as a total weird slit eyed Paul I apologize. If not all guys like me I love you are secure us and an eagle glory. You are calling the on the radio right acute threat that this doesn't a lot of young guys you can take it and give it back like you. Thanks Hollinger. Today announced station today. Current current level Leo at some time on the but I am yeah I I love John Dow's big John Bennett spare there like me might bombs on Bennett's Callahan and Imus show I emotions that you admired. The last one he was caught the other outlets say he's a class act and he's highly intelligent. Opposite opposite now's got from western PA Lamotte C is such as he so I think naughty. Two rabbits right just like evil look he reminds me you know I hate that highly bad. The least entitlement mentality. Guy like him you know he's always banging on the president. Actually I tell you he immediately let attack occur our country like North Korea negotiators rise to the point is keep back at all like everybody else who else got I'll I didn't also trumped by uniting equally decent job at Egypt Egypt's miserable. Pauly got really you know. Trump is now doubled while I wanna I wanna I want a I want to ask this of the news said so. They did you know John Dennis is a tough guy in some respects believing that that was a tough guy to walk out the middle to show. Yeah movement aren't you want to keep also did not cross a romp and yeah I guess there are meetings probably. You aggravated the judge thought. July and then has announced you know back in the into the early January 2005. He knew he was on the announce on that show but I was name caller via the United States the 2000. OK I gotta go back a long time these guys are normally about a minute I've seen in the purse and I got a couple Beers upon these quick the vehicle guys some on the support in the gently so. I don't know maybe if he would seek out to somewhat. You actually do you have your five to you know your front so don't want to see some outs are about John tortilla and that. A little bit naughty. Could be a little bit and undercut worlds aren't equipped cart it's like he's as quick upstairs they're not mentally. So quick witted he's very entertaining I would say we'll talk a little bit more prosperous but what many air you can you can pretty much to want to effect east peace so far. You know you could be lost and you can be loyal to John. And you can lights on. And I and John is fine bite you you have to admit please you have to admit. That what he did yesterday was gay not top and beat unprofessional. As such particularly let's say it was unprofessional way. He can beat you outside a year ago you know we know. And again it is about him as some. No doubt no doubt I don't know I know it does not take this figure in your company our company argument folly as John Dennis been in the studio and at the station much more heated than that chose not to when you agreed to come on this radio station you'll agree to sit there and argue with the personal profit. But he actually had to do that now he's only impose. Then you can and then he probably don't equate sexual liberation when he got blocked and that. Go to court because I got the planned any grab them unfortunately the obvious being planned against them as well you didn't sense that it's hateful bigot marital. Hilarious let us emphasis since. Thank you did you hamper this is unbelievable scramble just checking preclude cabinet members on memo go on our merry way Imus story cat and what did you think. Nothing briefly Kevin and crystal salt well yes debriefed him and well in literally talk about the I know I am when it Bravo Bravo Bradford c'mon you got a guy who's already gone to walk. We'll get news flashed in the back decades. Of being the number one shows lead before kicking it is not on the back all that big accomplishment. No this job to mocking. The radio stage presence of a pathetic. Elderly old man's gusty dry flatulence. And Bradford you and intended you to compete psychic of a psychic your adult male and the and you can you'll lucky I'm sure. But Art Shell could you talk a bit about Warren also went elk and tracks my net. Bradley your voice anymore and my Scotch and yet seen on TV. What do you rate that award all poundstone. Refugee. I'm not your real here are really lovely young Ryan cabinet under the L have a lot of good points. Ottawa Ryan my guess about how muddling I has it as very good question are you able to be at all that in one on one page. Or do you have I can't tied it. Words you have eight occurred at Enron called I have called. Alt alt well he went with a bullet points or make you let the bullet boys. Shot just sit there and just wing it I want a better idea I NC AAR Vijay how prepared you aren't yet but it's exciting work they shelled out saarc. Okay Abby you're listening the Oakland a loser in this group that got us Mozilla we paid for being here have a question I would. Do you think these belts are cast and right now last absolutely now sarcasm with a K yes perhaps they are wraps ups. Yes him. Five stood oh I knew what ever the V yes they know where our. I I actually am sort of fascinated when when he's talking about with the move like that in the writing these things out T think so I used dung beetle there. On beetle is that the right one should I do that where actually so I do something else but how does that take. It's you think he like Google searched Paula Poundstone and try to I mean that is that the mentally polyps. How what I know or because I don't know she looks like because I only listen to our and we wait on Tommy and I NPR okay. And it's a course on Nancy famous this as well it will. Was it didn't hit the suit I made the kinds of games and I never Wear pants suits. Level guy you know I'm only doing a Google Paul poundstone images now now do that. Free yourself I have an element ball bounced out there that's fine people just like to be angry. Up by ice in which when your season high five himself when he Asian beetle on the unit. That's it speaks of a third person and my campus mood is as good friends there who thought that's good I appreciate his hard work. And as a prep race and him listening to show one of the Manny. Many many many people who have been listening to the show all the shows a dead VI congratulations to everybody. In graduation to can from Bristol for being one of those privileged lists yes. Ides I think it's funny that people calling to complain about shows that yet they listen and they pollen like. Do you not have the brain capacity to realize that there's I specially with sat Larry it is a tough. 100000 other stations you listen to I don't know on your choices. If you choose this once you clearly don't hate me or he robber he Tomas are all hate it could anybody so much that you don't listen to nick thank you for listening Amy thank you for making us number one again. He can he can hit a solid doesn't make a difference world title and pinion my question is number one we sit down and do that you spending exorbitant amount of time and effort to do something like that. Your bullet pointing and then when you go to a Christmas party do you think here's the big question. Do you think that Kevin has ever gone supplements that you might know me I'm Kevin from Bristol. No no I I absolutely key tasks. You think he does that because he all the cars into today I don't know see I'm a pretty big deal with him from Bristol. I think that's a very. Very very likely he may ask if I am I'm gonna go out on a limb and Sadie the plane as it. The blank slate that falls the clock across the people's face and then like not much argument I like I think this now so I don't think this an aphrodisiac. You may know me from my dung beetle comment. Yes. You may know me from such programs and a eyes and knowing collar anchor Callahan and knowing collar and Elena went after. You think it's like oysters from him and hopefully. Probably. Or for the for the ladies so thank you Kevin called back and I'm not going to be. Yeah public anytime except for over the weekends from eleventh to rule or tomorrow this is a good man it's like this this conversation with the dean of thing. If we says it wants is talks north but nobody wants to Colin talk about sports club trying to add politics every time somebody says the shut up about this like les. Tell me what you would like nobody wants talk about how it you know that in a weird thing is is it so. This isn't just like walking out when tightly locked out we knew what he was walking out this one has so many layers. So many layers so many theories and layers and hatred only us. Update Mears is update people on the I'm poll. Who is winning her role yes OK the Jerry Thornton parole whose side are you on. I don't believe. Think it came just I was looking at the grammar and a number 200% sure that grammar honest tree is. Whose side are you finding John Dennis for stunts posse warned Johns I'll read the results at 2 PM on WE EIC sometime about two hours to vote for an as yet it's. Jerry Thornton one if you wanna vote. But right now. Most people 67%. And Jerry thorns following. Each side with John and I can't say I'm surprised that. Only 33%. Of standing up her mind I chants mossy yes. I mean this is going to be a and and we're gonna find out not only John Dennis can be here he he suggested there's going to be a surprise either call in or guest or something but. I'm guessing that as much as you know we're clearly Hamas is we all are clearly on the site Hamas ruby no bones about I voted for not seen it in obvious ideas that all of the minor league camp walked out. So. Like that shows you that is a safe landing spot for John I mean Jerry I think as. It's not necessarily he worked with the mossy we are all one happy family Adobe I dot com for awhile. By I think that you asked Jerry is sort of his Smith fan bases over here. Not yet his standout pros and definitely more highly John Dennis silent time too mossy. People who sold this really wants to finish stupid layer and a camp wants an out and Japan and India safe. So weak to all of that we keep its all of that and it's not a kind of power because we are show of the people for the people by the people. And take a quick break but then where you know how how can we how can ignore these callers who want to get to the bottom. Of commodity grade Escude diver and WEEI history. The giants.