OMF - The Sterling Brown detainment video causes a show fight 5-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 24th
Maybe more like a heated argument than a fight. The guys all agree that the incident in the video was avoidable. They just can't agree on who should take more responsibility for it.

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So we said yesterday that this thing's gonna blow up. Once we have some type of an event out there. Along with an African American and a police officer we region is that if we brought this up so we had him back in January. We had sterling brown rookie player for the Milwaukee Bucks but the video came out yesterday. Talk about timing. The video was released by the Malacca police department yesterday. And even though some of the records. A due to the woes Mickey role. Which means you do it it's a role apparently will you can't get. The officers' names. Punishment that they got. Apparently somebody has leaked it out today and you're sitting at the players the NFL players are now using. This incident yesterday which is is expected. The the word is out now that the main police officer. Who was the one that was there were sterling brown the first police officer to show up on the on the on the scene. I got a two day suspension. That's hit a school days suspension. That's a real badly this is the city of Milwaukee. That is already in the hole for seventeen and a half million dollars in pay outs. Lawsuits. Because the police department did not handle things properly. This kid sterling brown is gonna sue their ass big time. He's gonna make a lot of money on that on this deal may make more money doing it in to play at the NBA but this is also opened up the door now you can already see her NFL players are using this. Now as part of an example see what happens semen that was in the street we need to talk about it we need to be part of this conversation what do you say to them. Wendy Wendy Wendy Sherman you're the video and all I made a big part of the conversation. I guess you're going to get a folk credit force trying to. I don't think that they came up with much but they were trying to you as a theory that they should it just just bury their head in the sand because it would of one away. I don't agree with at all because something like that happens during the season. Who say another Martellus Bennett it's a sudden happens during the season where there's a death or whatever might be. And and players would jump up there week two weeks three and Neal. And we would criticize the league saint and you had this issue last year. And what did you do you just hope that was gonna go away was gonna go away you know how to deal with things he didn't face it now we would be critical of the league. We're still not. Having a plan in place I guess or an idea or discussion the try to straighten these things out. You know outside and a lot of new television just let the Lopez who went away but it was let's go to creep back up in the apple would be critical that if the league did nothing they did something. I don't I don't know if they saw Teddy take but it didn't mean. A confusing to have it worse I disagree with you I I I'm not saying that it would totally go away but I think we've become numb to. So if it was happening and they were six players here for players are two players here nobody was really talking about it I would agree blue if we had another incident. Then we probably would have some of the guys doing this. But not to let out a big wet but now it's gonna be known but now it's a bigger issue. Because the league has has has put it is individual policy for the team's supposed to get a team. In which an entire team says. We're gonna protest the nationally at the market I don't think you were ever going to get that based on what we saw last year. But now you might get an entirety you get the jets. The judge might be one of those teams that the entire team meals for the anthem what damages that now doing to the national football. Now you've got a lot of people that are gonna really be pissed off as very disparate respectful. Two to the flight into the anthem. Those people are gonna trend became soft I think it makes it worse I think the commissioner. Screw this all up and I think still in the end he's leaving the door open that he can come back and fine or suspend players. What's up with it and come back and at the end of they don't like what's going on and change the policy. It the issue I have with this is that to me this sterling brown issue. So easily avoidable. Yeah it's so easily avoid other video before the show saw the video both guys sterling brown for small parking in handicapped parking lot. Bet that cop beat a complete hard though his tone was terrible sterling browns postured his it. His his choice not to back up when the cop with telling him to back up. Even the cops being an add. Asked even a cop is outwardly saying you know this is my spot like I'm in charge here. To me like. It the cop screwed up. By forcing sterling brown to swallow his pride. And you know late entrant and the day and give up control. Because it didn't do anything wrong on you you're nice artist when different than you and I saw the way okay for you tell me you tell me you're you're teaching a course he. Forget about the outcome you're focused on the outcome and Holler and when I agree wit. When I'm telling you is that. This was so easily avoidable. If the top. Have a different tone in a different posture and a different way of speaking to sterling brown. That's the first step because you're engaging guy that has not done anything you're wrong already feels like he's there are a great. Okay and then they both business like there is posturing going on by both lump paid back up he got them back out. But you're gonna try to get it I'll do what I want all right I'll on this right here I'm I'm asking your name I don't know who you are okay so I am. And I certainly are legitimate questions right blow it you can look at global society that is an. Point is Illini audible and what's your name sterling brown and what are you don't earlier you know our ops are a creditor of team unity here it is our. I thought he handled it in the appropriate fashion I disagree with the New Orleans that may well hold on what's your name. What's your name sir Stuart brown Charlie Brown okay I see your ID. Here it is officer backlit. But I think it that you don't want to see where this thing continue now on I'm glad you're glad you keep changing I agreement and applicable data on end up is where edited out the kid audit of all I can understand why people other audible. Now there's a lot of instances I told you I do you do there's what you do. I tell you I agree with you. You just are note that this is easily avoidable incident I don't think sterling brown did anything out of the it was very easily avoid Iowa last sermon rob or by the cost of rental what do you what he's doing not only would giant to let a good at all I don't tell. We rebel guy or other video and I'm I'm with Christian on this. It never should of got the appalling news that he's this individual you're overzealous. Overzealous cops is no question about it. But he does ask him to back up and Sarah Brown backs up like one inch. It pops is this Nicky says that what's in battleground and wanna know we did not actually got good he they have so as not to see on the camera you know Eric. He's my little one of these tiny little adversity brought up Amber's it is now is areas quality isn't Ellie back at us president should back up in loony and you look at that but what Charlie Brown was guilty of parking in handicapped spot side we should reduce our should've been ticketed. This was a cop that said that saw something different about this young man. And that's why he brought in five additional cars are for additional cars they came onto the scene he waited a while avoid tobacco. It into but it did not think he didn't take them. He's got a girlfriend in the Clark with him he's doing nothing does an op when he finally around easily on its valuable suitable I'm usually the guys you know only god usually I usually look at it especially when people tried to send. You know somebody wins when their orange which is absolutely asinine. You know we hear that all the time I think this one of these legitimate I think that is where this kid sterling brown did not. Up the bully the morals of a group. Let's say so look at the top avoid this confrontations do women get none I don't give him a ticket because I edit content and you avoid a confrontation. I'll give him a ticket creek and do what he's. Announced it was up not a random. Walk if somebody is ticket. Yeah that's what they do when I don't. It where I'll have to go to I'll be at plucky pack that you're speeding away eagle on Weis would be wiser to rush they might have register reasonable prices and I don't hey that's what I did wrong to spot that's well there. It won't easily avoid him easily avoidable OK so how does it console or should I get hot chick who do have some really dynamic play. Clinton hold on that Tyson you do what he did you park the way did you popped in a while regional will be gets caught you Kamal there's a copy a game is I partly Canadian. And guys are asking you what's your name he walker and oh he did he get this idea. He he I don't that you did so I know we did not okay ingredients are gonna rebel spirit of a rite of police you know David saw the video game it's not yes and everything yeah everything he did every right to know what he should've done. Nobody asked some go to back up he doesn't back up. Ansari here refuse to believe bets have some video doesn't mold that he backs up one on each. Read the report right here you you're still focused on yourself folks I can tell you how does is easy avoidable. First of all you focus let's just focus on the cob what he did wrong and you're. You're cadet in the academy caucus guilt there's no yeah similarly to Kabul's decides how I don't know I don't know I don't I don't do I don't argue unions aren't you know you screwed up you park. Immediate here's my license here's my name I'm sorry I'm an idiot are and its itself is a ticket part. We just do what he tells you to. In the report right now. Roundtable is Brian Gay guys and interior and her your ground showed yet they they like this on I identification bipolar I don't you're on you're on island. Could we both agree with you who has been the outcome and we admitted knowing Lucci says the. I don't let go at night and what some are told you a dig I remember that he enemies idea let's move on. Bulldog. You block like an idiot you expect to get a ticket what's your name tell me a name give me a right. Will we I was stupid I'm sorry backed up OK I take a step back what you need. This is basically giving my tickets are gone away there's no reason to be you know to be why is that he didn't get a ticket. I saw that you don't you give me. This is on every doesn't know what is going to try to do this many guys got a few guys do get listeners who missed your point not a listen what do you analyst at this archive data comics that you didn't know here watching and listening you're you do not want to hold that video you are back read about you get more. No you're didn't cause the pop audience says I don't know what I'm gonna jump. Did that he does and my only religion is how is my question to you is is this avoidable. Affordable by the police are zone yet it's horrible for what that white candidate can what do you wanna you wanna go out now because he hits and drove it crested this. It well this is a case isn't it and this is clearly a case where somebody did something wrong starring Brad did something wrong he parked in handicapped zone. He should have been ticketed like anybody else. But the fact that the officer did this thing called all these other offices and when you're watching this video and this kid did nothing inappropriate. And he's calling all the southern open installment help. I don't need you here is sending them back. I only asked for one. And then he doesn't even give him hates it you're you're under yeah anybody what this what do you. Arguing with I doubt it's I don't know I don't know I don't want us or what you argue with what you disagree with what I said I don't think brown did anything wrong. Other than parking in my head my asthma wasn't whether he did something wrong or not I think it is easy easily avoidable it is. What easily portable. This it's an ass and I told you before if you are teaching a class act act. Any any police station LAPD. Bob Beatty it doesn't matter. You still is as a teaching tool okay got watchable thing okay what they do wrong lead or was it in the front row trying to get an easy day. What do rocker you wanna talk a soccer you're looking. This front because it in many cases I don't think I think people bring this up and it's not necessarily the case race doesn't necessarily play into it. Could you look at this and you watched us. White police officer was purposely doing this and just keeping this kid go and not giving him a ticket not doing what you normally should do and the Milwaukee police department has admitted that. He did not follow protocol that put this thing went about it could this piece a case. Where is picking on this guy or east suspicion out of the sky but it isn't as an African American. Is that possible bad cop for the correct he's a terrible rap pop. Because I I would I compromised a back room filled with police officers. Like twelve lump it and we all the pair is ridiculous. So that they're saying the does a terrible cop. And he shouldn't be doing what he's doing because he's careless he's reckless and he he can't. He can't but he's always choosing also that my first thing is okay you find yourself in the situation works precarious. He's not really sure how the other person is an act. Are told is you'll common attack mode. You know coming attack mode he didn't concocted this case goes wrong on the bumper buster brown. And I recognized his copies he's got to hear expert and he's. Athens to go to wrong you know what when it's Christian Fauria here's my license if you allow me to get my car officer and to give you my registration. I you know I screwed up to me I I pulled aside I think they did. Most of that person in what I saw what I heard. I think he. Acted the way I would affected anybody else would have acted and I'll tell you why I think this is a huge difference. From a a case where you've got and warm person and Clark and people come running out of the woodwork to say the opposite purposely was doing that because he was African American forgetting that the the guy had a gun or hit something in his pocket that looked at resemble what it got Eddie was probably a threat to the top. I don't think that was the and the idea. Actually admit I don't I don't usually like somebody unfortunately Jake he picked on because he was actually personal if you think cops don't profile you got your mind. We have to proudly and that I don't you not to go over but they don't you debate counties exotic blitz slot seems white guy but I don't know what they're black Knight but I drive through white neighborhood. Willow well profile brawl while. They do it it's human nature that's what you do. They all do it they tell you not do you think leaders say one kind of have to. So it to my original point wasn't whether or not. The situation with all jacked up. An accomplice completely wrong and all the cop that showed up. Couldn't I can't I don't know what that they really awesome I'm not aware that Jack never activities and tell them and know. All that situation doesn't hold on stop. Stop not a threat. Not a threat levels. Yes not a full landed in the I'm not saying that the police are wrong my question was very simple you won't answer you think sterling brown was wrong. At the end of the situation initially wrong yet people apart and I thought he could help the situation itself yes I think the only thing he did wrong was park in the handicap spot he should have been ticketed for that. And I think most people the park in handicap spot. Are ticketed for it we don't know this type of situation where five other Clark cop cars are showing up within a matter of seconds in the next thing you don't you're getting. He's four I don't think that is normal. To embargo why. Let I really let your legend here so decent slowdown talking Amir nobody does this we you're we agree nobody does all we're saying is if you're stupid enough the park the way he did you kimonos cup there. Elect but some guys shoot up guys that it in the starts up when they how they will the power you do what you think the first words of the cops mouth or somebody with a one on. And he just right dead in their regular. And yet witching day. Tell Munich he did you give me licensed out and hit our guys has backed up UTJ stepped back he did it we absolutely he's he's got good god told. Look at how they're. Civic and that it's not get facility computers yet tell me other than ever got what you tell me he. What is was saying bolts guy you tell me and avoided this situation both sides although there's syndicate did nothing wrong at all other than parking in the handicap spot. What did you do wrong I don't I don't do anything wrong I disagree with you guys but I don't think he did you are are exempt market the handicapped spot. And then next thing you know we skate and move wonder why does not look at this little. Tonight I don't know he's got this literally went belly excuse yourself is there. And the ground by formally observation I'm trying to paint thirty as I don't force would be ridiculous to be getting graphic art. He doesn't think we have to watch it we gotta take proud watched it numerous don't know today this. Oh.