OMF - Steve Smith Sr may end up punching Michael Irvin, plus Mike Lombardi joins us

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Friday, September 14th
Hour #3 - The weathermen sure blew this hurricane prediction... but that's nothing new.   Then Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network joins us to break down Pats/Jags and tell us why the branches of the Belichick Coaching Tree don't seem to be very strong.  And we're convinced this beef between Steve Smith Senior and Michael Irvin on the NFL Network is real, and may eventually erupt in some sort of brawl.

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This afternoon's little massive area just kind of you're everything compared with the same situation. See you Jenna DOT into their and that's person and get them to your home. But operating loans as well thank you get it looked competitive about this earth time if you get this thing. Good head. I in the race you know obviously the bears quarterback currently he's that you don't stop today. This against him be say it just means those who have labored spiritualism. I'll feel better compete against you better be want to give up your life. They Gooden. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I've got Illinois and got my party will join us coming up and about 430. Find out what he thinks about. Another one of these assistants another one of the the limbs on the Belichick. That seems this if you've probably noticed that a lot of current British citizens don't matter who's got a general and on whether it was. With the NBA's. Long you just went from Keith Smith in the way he does that real G. Oliver has done it's completely different blog and blog now Democrats are completely different and a second. Solos you know thrown it back at them about Horford is he suddenly things that corporate. Appeasement does that work for it's going to be well respect. On the question was you know ten years after which plays mostly pennies at the retire we look back it's that we give enough credit and Al Horford. All that's that's why is that it's. That's don't you realize breeze sixty at best player in the league did you read the article is bidding Tyreke and the sandy throughout the line. Whatever base gum and war effort is they've litmus. It says though those who understand the game vs those. And I just a typical box you've done which is so typical use all the time if you think he's good you know best wealthy don't you know we talk there's not many Al Horford out there right there where those seem to be in the Eastern Conference final thought even Nokia its its such a lame tape because Illinois is. Phase two guys who voted. Don't think anybody could have gotten valuable and I just made in the sixteenth best player in basketball and I just say this and what they don't I don't want to just say business if anybody who sees the rates of media anybody like planes they know basketball. Should come out. Right away when they came out yesterday and said this makes no sense outlook for a good player nice player. Yeah I think he's that player and underrated by some how anybody. Can think that's better than we are very important he would play along with laws. I let alone up top as violence along with it. I now what did they say you don't happen because. After. Basketball. Don't hit gates' injury and feel like I think it's a tree back to victims. As it has been on the all star team I have an opinion I mean good guy. And you know it SI says the sixteenth best player in the late. So what what he worried about. Can you get one I think he gets enough credit it's too much credit that's just my opinion. Relax go right yourself the two block. So but that he wouldn't tell me what what. What we're doing Michelle and his skill and does. Just I guess if it you know so I know it exists is because you'll be all but that's your I think the funniest thing Lou I think all the Louis thank you notes on the basketball and I. Yes my. You smacked your way to look at what we cracks me up and so you know. Her camp flaunts his comment and you know everybody that's where resentment and you know no no here's a crash now aristocrats know earlier. The and you retreated satisfied though laughing my butt off all the videos and I was like I got my weatherman from the weather channel. Okay visas so dramatic and he's he's sitting there a light shot. And he's bracing himself he's got his hand he's got his hood on his you know and he's that he's right handed here he's trying to talk like a child. Alex why everybody's body these kinds to battle those guys really bring themselves and the background. They're just too dude just read you just. Walking guys who casually walking you would shorts and just hanging out like Adobe deal and they just don't find it now I get two guys who strolled past the here's this guy and the power position. This late spurt out trying to make sure it is it's gone away. You know I'm up for the the great inaudible and. Of these students just like linebacker. Had nothing going on here with some other about what he's created a meteorologist pages of this stuff don't it's like Christmas you know it they just need to dramatically evolved a rescue. And they're doing all the way and it fits so they're doing these graphics now and I saw one graphic last night of a woman who was trying to explain meteorologist explain how bad this thing is going again. And she's standing and next thing you know they get a virtual sent around here where the water is rising round. So it's like looks like she's on them. Although although it's coming up and it's got three feet and then it's gonna go to sixty and she says it's an honor and ninth and then if it gets above that oral wiped out. In all of its high its oldest daughter. But here's the other one I watch TV is gonna go to CNN. Will see and on lineman. And Anderson Cooper out in the middle of the don't you wanna have experts like people that are actually whether people that are out you're doing you send the anchors in the makers that the death. Sending it out to these people instead. Understand Don lemon overly confident going into the position and weather man weather girl I mean there's there's the radar they're gonna I'll do that an atomic era. Do you. You'd think he'd actually go to meteorologists. Me and need to be our god be hot. Auburn Daytona Beach all the way up to Jacksonville. This moves twenty miles to the west and you and everyone you know or as a if an Internet survive it. It's not possible to do and it's very look this could write an industry is to put. Yeah. I know not all of this if I can save your I guy isn't good enough right to say you're gonna die is a good enough. So he's keeps going like that's enough again I got a got a pile on pilings know what he kitten and Iran Cuba and youngest kids I mean it's getting dog young kids get the gas fired this heat is dead your name is Daniel it's got to ask you know that we're gonna know you art like you've never existed because of the located to delightful way. Acres that you could you have to be a meteorologist. To go out there it's a guy it's raining really hard. Well but that's streets on Tuesday notes flags yeah you worst that you immigrants go thinks he can pick up hockey in six months now and there's swing it wide and figure out is a lot there. What does that Matty wants your brightest smartest most you know recognizable person out there are not a guy that's. A little late night whether that you're one of the heart meteorologist. Let me look at Univision there's a storm in Mexico. You either put out it's what teacher conference so great about it. That's candidates. People don't watch that very epic. Don't want. No blood or other than like hey I got a lot of apple. At Atlanta boy shorts you know I think they would be doing Don lemon where the winner of the white leisure dances which well that's that you're best Bellevue wash while you don't want to channel I watch it on mama's got no idea would be aware. Of how they drive it's brilliant guy and a hallway he is really. And all. Do you think guys they wanted to. You chill. High. And that god had it and fired at. So he's not my goal until you hear is I don't know who has done is on the Fox News yes separate sessions at least a law offering cash. There's a bigger than the guy that's in the studio he's still concerned a little. We're proud if remove. You get home safe and ended up back to a ten minutes but I'm report candidates you guys just walked by a background that it isn't unfair unpaid quietly. Yeah but it's a beautiful fall day these two guys walk by this report moved out of the squat stance. Platinum I didn't know what senator he can't. They're walking up win like this is cut short on. White sneakers. You should be the white frisbee per day. Oh yeah. Opponents of this morning I saw that there were through some of these reporters. That we're going out on some of the rescue boats and rescue boats were all flooded and it's legal this is a waste will grow as it was on there. You you're limiting how much room you have the cameras with a mother and you have to ever reporter and but little if it's a seventeen foot boat. Now there are two people that I think once you voted against it how important that I don't forget about the camera body is that put always. Does risking his life so I was trying to win an award. For the coverage to people we went into an award or image of this for a hurricane hit the ER guys throughout their first. And he went the deepest into the storm actually ready and robo. And try to tell people what it would be like if you're if you're not water and rolled out oh my god so this girl so dramatic girls on their duel in the report and next thing you know than the bolts. And she's panic oh well so. And up and so the guy who was a bit Koppel whatever. You know dealing with the boat patrol Maureen dutrow he gets off of it if it's been he pushed it out. The yeah it. Well I think that's I don't abuse it is now but I was surprised first time seeing a lot of Kevin Cullen was down there. As well they're not martini stated that is all out because he was in great story idea you covered it down there there is the scene down there. We got him as governor America which was freaking out like something just know you just. This scenario national yet this to have a whole web site that's called weatherman exposed. Big catches to read this thing is the greatest spot. But I suspect that it could actually block it accredited and just to apple. I mean he's the closing at me and sold them out completely to what would you zoom out and show those two guys want it's beautiful and have a great deal and help. Get the barricade fell down Ryan the barricades in the back fell down these guys it's hot and windy. It's it's so he's either really really weak right all he's just you know over dramatic angle with overly dramatic up toda. Do it's rude guy. Out here don't pay any attention to guys casually walking behind me there power lifter that are really really strong. In the worst part about it is and that's why I think they get in the way sometimes sleeping people it's all about saving these people getting these people get their ass out of there. And the media is going on in an and they think Kate and Jerry is justified in doing it because what they're doing is they're alerting and alarming everybody. Attorneys all you have to do is you can do from a studio in New York Washington Atlanta wherever just. Felt like it's a category four I noticed as originally was and we're looking at all under sixty mile per hour with that's all you have to say and they don't believe. It's on them I'd like that yeah like a virtual reality but I wanted to be really should put that they should put somebody in a real like you know water taint. And then to have Purdue or have him do the entire broadcast as the water is rising Vince and see what happens. Okay we're looking at the Petri injury report that just came out so Berkett limited participation that would make questionable cannon. Limited participation. KM across and limited participation. Sony Michelle limited participation. How old. Jacob Ulster full participant nations he should be ready to exuded I don't have one you look at her identical jaguars has been the first guy did not participate. Landed four net did not participate doubt he is now slang as questions so there's the injury report. Michael Marty Michael Mori cabinet national night. What happens to them all of these great so called great coaches they get hired because they're part of the Belichick's system. And they seemed to fail the latest on the other night with Matt Patricia only one game I get that. We'll get into some of that stuff would Mike Lombardi coming up next. Don't care tires. And if they guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than they. Tiger dealer for the best prices on tires nobody. Nobody now back to Fort Wayne Loney and 48. An apple and now it's time for us to sit down spent little time there but he might from the Marty it's all brought to you by Norfolk power equipment. Mike are you doing today. We got the book yeah yeah. You look I have already started reading Christian is a little disappointed there are no picture now as you said you promised pictures and deliver my isn't it Sharon might in the back. Just what can I possibly today it's. Not lose Bill Walsh Poland's central ingredient used Anita isn't Christian console battle that you're Colorado and Colorado I mean let's face it. You know elated to have iphones and out shot because well throughout this taken so open back. Pushed and he actually has Europe scouting report on ms. pretty girl want to soccer soccer's pretty good I don't believe all the bad as you could explain it don't later started up to the forward where. Bill Belichick writes the forward. I'll read the lines we. Mike was brilliant. Ball pretty good Mike was brilliant for very good. So we start there might. Because we have talked a lot about this week Matt Patricia another one in the on Belichick tree goes out and has a rough first game. But does that history here of guys that have worked for for bill object dating all the way back to the old Cleveland days and when a get away from bill and make a lot of their own they don't seem to do so well you have any. Reason why that's the case. Yeah I do I think that you you can't beat. Beat bill nobody has helped bill available what and you know look I go back to build executive Alan I've met him at the physical hotel and it's in Mobile, Alabama. We worked together in 91 but the the roof everybody thinks of the pitcher waste started and we'll build out there that the meter and everything gets started in Cleveland and it was his own offset ex spy now. And authenticity is so important and leadership. You can't take you can't be somebody. Somebody else you know I I call it's Sinatra in police shoot it look so much respect. The tuxedo and coupling. He and then it late seven late sixties early seventies. You know the fashion change everybody start wearing leisure suits since about to put one thought it couldn't pull off even if you've got to be authentic. And it and it and I and I cringe. What I watched Matt and I see him try to do what he's trying to do and you've got to be who he is he took over a nine and seventy. OK but not at seventeen that love their coach. So you got to take that into account and you got to think yourself okay how I basket he's got you're not gonna radically changed the culture there. Because they're gonna say if you look we were decency will one or two wins away from gold is simple play. You got to modify how you do it you just can't go and if there are one and fifteen made that we're not at seven. She got back about how you wanna look I'm not saying you shouldn't put your program in but you gotta think about style and authenticity when you do. Yes so on court Coleman is getting another shot right now came out of college early signs with the browns volley in my opinion the worst situation for him force that developed developing it. A guy like him goes buffalo doesn't it between three man roster works out for the patriots. Will you make. Willie Mickey with the patriots. Look at what you know you read the book you read the book books about culture the books we would have always have a line. Whether it be in Cleveland or New England the guy can make the programmers can't have what we're talking about a guy can survive in the culture or not. There's a reason that you feel Chappaqua but all those helmets out there. Not because those cuts aren't good that it could make that they couldn't go get you through the program. Corey cold in the best in after the court Coleman would he got cut. Humble. You get humbled and walk and accused Jackson's office and he talked about Spartan and he hasn't done anything. You know and so what you come to the patriots you ditched her down of any about faulty or you might have. And now you can start to rebuild your career and it might work it's worked for other got it that's. The best thing it can happen to any young player is to get humbled and I think if he's humbled maybe his talent and his work ethic will grow and develop. But do you think you'll make it. You know that's hard for me to say I got I got an as a yes that is two there's I'm all about did a much stronger period in my. I mean I collective you know you know little bit about a bright you know a little bit about them right even series scattered around me kind of heard a lot about them. At about his personality. I think it the kid is willing to grow more car. He won't get everything that got talent has in New England out. And that's up to him and you know if he's worried about how many shoes or his collection and he's worried about buying more choosy about other things. That it's not gonna work it really comes down to him. And if he's willing to do the things he has to do to be a good player and when you get cut. And you get fired or you get traded or whatever happens to get it humbled and I think that's the good things sometimes. It might have cures what what are you really look at it this weekend because I think for me personally it's just this offense and patriots vs this defense and what they can do in. Now the options that doorstep does he show open the roll can hold and have a role or at all drunken Jim James White. Well I think look they're gonna have to make some plays on the outside that they're they're gonna have to attack it but it starts up front and you make shoulder had a hard part time block of last week. I mean and you know he made all that money go the New York yet struggle Patrick browns got a play really well. The right tackle situation whether it's waddle whether it's Marcus cannon they got to play really good over there because clay is Campbell is that is a man it's tough he was very good last week. And it was hard it starts up front and then you gotta be able to control miles Jack miles Jack who needs is one of the top top players in the national football and he can play on every single level of the defense and he can impact every level of defense so they've got great speed. They've got. Really good tackling ability and Arafat can control. Pretty much everything this is going to be a challenge for their offensive line the patriots they're gonna have to go no huddle. To get them Wear down the heat humidity is going to be a factor in this game so they're gonna have to be Smart how they modify that but I think that's the challenge that lies ahead of. It back to the culture situation with a map the treasure in Detroit because he gets a five year deal lockyer Bob Quinn is his guy was here brought him out there. And you write about you and call them the players love them to the point where players were leaking it out to the media during the summer he's working just to our this is not what we want it. And so obviously there's submarine in him from the from the from the back but I remember when bill first came here and you probably remember I'm sure very well. Back in in Cleveland. Where he had to change the culture is a Bill Belichick away from the resonate is I think you're right about that. How do you of the culture wasn't working pop queen came out and said nine and seven not good enough that's why they get rid of Jim Caldwell so if you didn't at first time job. How do you change the culture if you can't get rid of all of those players that are not going to fit what you wanna do with the team. Well there's three groups of players on every team right this group fatal that would be one of the duke group that's group want. Group to the really undecided or try to check you out as a leader and group three they're the guys you can't make happy no matter what you do. So what the leader of focus is called the law of threes you focus on board. Focused on the got you wanna do it wanna make a difference and I think your message is going to be gutless and nine and seven not good enough. I'm here to win 3456. More games I'm gonna show you how to win those games look what's happened in the past has happened in the past. But my job here is to create a situation we can win that. Which he's doing this parent of bell and not credit them with winning not so these patents so my way of saying let's pat on the back but let's kick in the butt. And that's what you have to do it a little bit of psychological warfare if you just terrible down there will be nothing left and it doesn't work. So Jim Bob scooters the office coordinator and he's got he wanted that job and alleged serious an offense that worked. Do you think that's hurt Matt Patricia because you know Stafford threw four picks is not get blamed for this loss it is there is there a divide. With maybe the offensive coordinator their great love who won that job. Look I think you know met with everybody knew whoever is gonna get the job was gonna have to about Cooper's office quarters they take that golden and there's ways to handle it looked. You get all your head coach of the team. You know Josh McDaniels was everything passed Bill Belichick and it's like Josh is just on his own program of the distractions and Sunday at 4 o'clock to how to work out where it. He called no no that's not how it's gonna go. I think you're the leader of the franchise that is to go in there that he cares what I wanna try to do. Here's how I think about what to do it and I think he could have the job you can teach you about scooter but he got to pick your system in your philosophy. Into what what you already passed that's how you change the culture. All right so Jim Ramsey Robert cows do this this whole fate by battle that I call it is getting a lot of attention Ramsey called a mod rod doesn't really answer. But I do look at that I'm so they're going out even gonna see each other our that it would there be any realistic. Opportunities for Jalen Ramsey to line up wanna I wanna go on and really figure out if he's overrated. No I don't think so because look this is Seattle's defense okay. Pictured fans got to think about this this is Seattle's defense from Seattle Super Bowl 49 the patriots have always had success. Josh Libyans understand how to attack dog starts up front that the key to the defense this. Defense is safe zone defense make no mistake about I don't care what Ramsey talks about and all that stuff what Ramsey said it was centrist think he had great quote. It was a back and it's black leopards in the drop below. But it was very revealing what he says he said as he hit the Acropolis no good I'm paraphrasing grapple and good they're coached really knew how to attack our scheme. Bingo that's the key to football right there instead of attacking coverages they're attacking schemes. That's what good offensive coaches do that's what Josh McDaniels will do attack the ski. They're not change in their scheme. They're not all the sudden little wake up on Sunday morning and say hey Caleb Ramsey Uga Uga since. It's. Like they're covered three they're gonna they're gonna keep the ball probably gonna rally. And it I have to handle these yet the way that Josh will attack them and I think if that's what can come down to. Michael Moore's book is available at bookstores everywhere and on Amazon it's called grid iron genius. I don't know where you are in the Amazon overall list but I just saw this number one best seller in the football coaching. John and then you go number one best seller. Throughout thank you I'm Michael what time he was talking and actually tea and a good. Michael board that we take a break and we'll get back to your phone calls at 617. 779719837. Right here and women. Yeah. You've got hurt so he knew he had to go to the UK about those injured some with more I would vote yeah or booting into his right. While one only Boller out there. Understand you have the rings throughout Massachusetts basically you know. A little. I don't know I found an old golf ball for one thing. And whenever I don't know if you have high. I know I concur and I agree with children but I'm saying Tom is saying no route that could run that you hope you can run. I know I like the competition film I gotta I gotta stop slightly out I did talk. About it I got a got a lot of you got out of the bag that I associates degree played for a list of Munich I doubt we injury list. Even though we've got. I haven't seen here in death Michael Irvin I say this seen a lot of Steve Smith already has he's all old. News. In the first though we. He's playing in the U that's going to be his role in the media. He's authentic genuine authority that is a that he's a beast whose help you remember this happened last year to between them this quickly. Courses the awful. And as it's his game face of those don't laugh I don't know these since he's. Being sincere he is gonna try and won't pass death and in it seems that serious. We sit still with Phil Simms and and the oversized they're so funny James Brown what they're doing on site criteria are the NFL. Year old little laughing and joking he's like. Now he's just attacking each one of them. This crazy friend and you don't love your problem there I do love them loving album but you go out as a as an oxy policies of member of the opposite policy it just know. He's gonna find his way into some trouble. And you're going to be forced to defend it because that's part of the core I want why president's gonna fight every athlete a one guy like him he just not to date please actually you know a little bit right now I can't zeal lookers. Or very cookie yeah he's sod or you're healing better believe he's one of those guys were mood I'd say he's extremely moody. Never quite knew what you're gonna get what he's a good look like well she's a good mood reason is what one does mood and I got a great okay everybody wants anyway it was believed. I got it back slightly like talk about it I got a garage who got us. Back out of Celsius degree he is of 101 guy played with it's the two guys that were. Unbelievably strong. Like for their size he didn't think they were that stout as strong. He was definitely you put your hands on just can't movies out of you know tall guy here really naturally pick but he is. So unbelievably strong. I've yet to people try to all the time he would hit their butts on a regular basis. Big guys the guys that matter time owner. I. That I liked it though B now its its assessment watched watched this guy. That's why disease will decrease give her a couple of you know election. Does it Auschwitz and and I think it you're you're seeing that a lot of the people that are working with him I was talking about the inside the NFL Croat you know Ray Lewis who's just deputies that there preaches is likely that you open the news. And they got Phil Simms and you know Phil's just happy that he has and have to sit there and analyze the game little uneasy lies audio I was just trying to be Boomer Esiason. And Steve Smith is to challenging everyone. He's like China. They always you might like you light up this. It's giving up by writing everything that spot again. I think they don't go to it's like the rate we coms do. You don't you can with the Lafayette. Three Joseph Pesci goodfellas and I knew you. About life I'd like Norman there's another guy who's the guy Aoki wishlists as far as gas. Wrecked my little gas is a good chance are you got your Steve Smith Bob I don't know. And put all the liable to call the kid I want him. I'd I want nothing to do we're gonna activity I don't do that and that I could expect him he's been at Digg users via EU because the Smith is we use he's gonna whatever fine. And Jesuits and why. Marta Lois and I've been doing is Steve Smith ever play against Rodney Harrison. It Sunni. Yeah I guess I'll have to look at why don't lose your team yeah snow who's on the team. Because you know who you know Steve Smith good news writers regardless this talking to a rodeo her. I gotta remember that idea. How well hospital and blocked the way you'd help and now they're marriage and hope your teammate this it was it was like also say loop that Buddha help guide of all it's a little bad news for us if anything happens bad you know I. I told you on the helping you repeat it wanted to fight you need mouth to mouth I'm not committed guy. I might have really got it and then I'll be out there obviously I'll beat on you just a nosy. I'll be I'll be on your chest and look for one of those devices that shock you because that would you must. Agassi who quit due to get to hit Japanese up I could get a break and I love. 32. And who. Great regional actually seen people whose guess we'd be crazy people now and it's really about I'm talking about crazy ridiculous. Number we had a problem last week whether McCarron could not handle that upon them for the patriots. Bill Belichick today talked about who was gonna handle the punting duties for this game on Sunday. I felt I can touch points. Well early in his how to do it activated self yet bill's gonna do bullet on it put you know curfew listen okay curfews do battle. And we dozen can't it made often and made Isaiah when he gets upon. If you caught that they. Did you know curfew and if you miss that they had to stay and work he dropped the first when it's different it's a good school and doing this to Janet Jackson are out and only our bills don't bills doing the. A subtly basically saying and it's not that he's still settle outpost. You can learn how it responds. I feel I can touch ones like me he thinks he can do everything Ritalin com let's just say that's that's a lie there was back there. Though he what he's doing is he's basically saying this is not a the big huge huge it was last week. It doesn't mean it's always we need a dealer asked whose ticket last it is it was a harper I have to sit out in Denver Denver juniors or whoever signs of years ago at Auburn is into it again. No I'm saying now showing who's going to tell you Patrick Chung now who also Paterson may be a little bit Hogan. All white lightning back there are it is like there. I'm not this it's that you don't patriots only have white putt to get this kind of limits of a I just like Hogan to catch a few passes we will start here in the war about the politics. Because that was pretty disappointing last becoming targets. I it was seminary in a game at a six and one I don't even known ones are good I think that's the new normal for Chris Hogan until. Certain guys either develop or come back that's who he is I don't think he'll say he got a sneak up on it. Yeah but he's just not a mix up on it I don't think he's 81 on line hey I'm on 9% success rate third down I'm gonna win mine my battle I don't think he's that guy. I don't think he excels. With their but you know he's like one of those number one that Mike was talking about right good you know good guy and act now to worry about him to do of the town to do. He's going to be a good you know source of information for any rookies and everything else yet but speed wise. But Naomi if I was five targets and one catch eleven yards but that one holding penalty about it touchdown. You remember double move right and that that might have been a touchdown and that's that's regulate he has a Q was a sneak up on your right you get drunk. It would element comes back in May be dorsett still part of the plan. And all of a sudden holding kind of sneaks by one time. As we saw that two years ago whose good for the under regular season at deep ball in particular but I really do think that holding them at a cost attached. So he's got a sneak up on it would be the whole thing of being nimble there's a reason why they went got pretty cooks in the first place. The follicle and couldn't get free. You know even you know so they had to go get somebody else. He's gonna sneak up on I feel I can touch ones then that's a no no he's gonna shock them but that's that's. Telling though that he's throwing that out there basically. Stuck that they need hope we can little. We're looking that is a big deal because the kids screwed up like you get another job and again in the next week. You're all talk about an old unconstitutional. Who's who's the got a yes he maturity it and oh yeah this is my feeling is her ability is there a week of lies that everything is set up everybody's lying to the every allison's line to the public. They're fake news. This information and just none of it's true. Case in point. Jilin Ramsey. And Rob Gronkowski. That is the biggest fake is set up not gonna happen in the history of football. Did the Ramsey and Rob Gronkowski will not have a one on one battle okay let's go to your over under which you gave us earlier in the program your old over under for the number of plays the jailer Ramsey. Defends one on one. Or even helps out on and on grown is. Is 80000000. What's left my. That's like alert let me go to Atlanta Michael Irving you know he's so good accused pretty good wide receiver right added I don't believe he's watching what's going on I don't think he's paying attention. Because. I hear I hear what Michael hurt this and can you one more time Andy Russell Michael Irving soreness yeah. There's no doubt one. Not change in their scheme. They're not all the sudden little wake up on Sunday morning and say hey Dave Ramsey you've got you've got she's there to keep the ball problem at a rally. And that I have to handle these yet the way that Josh fought tackled and I think if that's what can come down to the ones at that. All in all Michael bell playmaker and all of these are basically bridal parties is now I'd say no at all. I watched it it doesn't happen he doesn't he's not gonna follow Rob Gronkowski around that is not a good matchup for them they will lose that match. I know he's good but. One guy is a you know just a Mac Mack truck with the speed of a Ferrari include these they're good. Good habit you'll see him on one side so he calls it the Barnes talked about what's that Seattle Seahawks defense. It's lefty righty. Not gonna sit there it's something really bad happens like happened lash in the EC champs to game. Okay we know what predicates his silliness are we're gonna change who we do think you're gonna follow Brad eclipse as it. Sold DSL never did that once in a blue moon you so sure mechanical around everywhere. It covers somebody but it just never happens often so is it we're saying only option would be a feed lines out like on his side. An ethic of ribs he's won a one agreed to back the line right he's not establish. Not it's not zero is the number the only time I could possibly see happening if it's like a inside the five yard line. The isolate him to his side. All are if they gain game planet where if that situation comes up its illicit if this comes up in raucous by itself switch. Would rather you got go on hold in our Dwayne Allen hall's Turkey plays. A passive whatever it is. We feel like you're about a match up here because he can't run past you deal in jail on the damn minds back to recant from bad past you so you have a smaller space. He can't get away from you keep wanna run a slant route your quick enough to release break it up. And despite a for the ball to be really good throw. But even then probably that's gonna happen put linebacker put it up put us linebacker on a safety on what gets a mom. I just everyone building this up because they bring it like byte where these guys are gonna meet and like old they'll Beckham junior and him last week totally give. Situation that's even worse war ridge is doing because he's doing is he's talking trash in Rob Gronkowski is not good. No he's not gonna be the one program that putting aren't they gonna be accountable because he made a guy like that's our staff. I'm an answer for what causes like thanks to you and I get this guy all fired up approves the best time in football annually to get a copper. He needs a little bit. So jailed ramseys hits will come when Glock is looking. Where his back is turned to when he comes into dealer ramseys alone and John Ramsey has to. A Burke you know changes course because okayed the hitch is to get the ball here he comes down the seam he's in my area I gotta go I get a free shot at me as well as a group fears that as well. Why do you why should be scared because Agassi and anyways. So so what's big deal but good luck you an older one on under. Are under. 00. So I feel really strongly about that our guys I'm worried about it's obvious but if you were smaller what you would have been as you would have given yourself a little bit of leeway in you would have on not Vegas though Ohio and join him on union customer loan investments you usually leaves office. Clarified you will be hollow you out. This is not result I mean come in his own doubt and and jailer ridge the breach and openly go to cover doesn't count as cast got a man to man to man to man it's not. Glove really well 101 you have heard all. It's a little wake up on Sunday morning and say hey Caleb Ramsey you've got you've got us. It did last year's defense abused me an opportunity. You are now my nose on my shots I Wear comfortable there's nowhere does Ramsey spent most of this afternoon. He's left the left side writes I think we're note whenever the side is that why that the last on the plate he was on Hogan lots. Eighties he played he was on the offences right deep on the left room you know exists and it gives it was covering rock. So it gives them to come down like it was just. Gives almost falling on the ground it's it's a terrible matchup with the terror imagine but it worked he would do much in the first half. And it did seem a second half naked you may not in my game that's that's the best opportunity you know for Ramsey is when he catches the ball in his area but he's still not. Response for breaking those classes at that point that you put it in the patriots put Hogan his side. And he's such putters ever went out there out of the demand is just what you have to account for him it's that it's a donkey route so if that's the case that he's on Hogan most of the day what did you say there were five targets and made one cat yes I would say repeat of that. Iran may be backing up maybe three targets that went over to finish the half at. Only it's easy and it's not a Devlin by the best game after more on the way it did last we have four catches all checked out all flat routes. All like last option for primary we'll. It got pretty young male. Look firms look number 46 he will be going I am I am amazed that somebody who was picked them into little balls out and I can still make a lot about five Glenn don't date you have to lose like game two against the jets definitely there's a year 55 proposal. You'll there's always a couple of games behind Lou and I are all you got them losing I am losing. And luckily seventeen Jacksonville twenty to seventeen to axles and scored twenty points some of the. Outlet for that only is he yelled while a few angles a few miles fueled fielder added up I do something more like. 2313. Featured acts can. 2330 down I you lately touchdown I just don't believe in their profits the jaguars often at all all it does at all not one bit I think he's Lucy Blake portals. With all the success he had in the first half last year and how terribly was the second half. Looking across the field say you know let what I did last year wasn't enough. At two different half I had to have two great have just like the first out last year I'll be doing it Tedy Bruschi is telling us. That the best Blake portals as of late portals that. Go off its first read it says screw the second third fourth and fifth Rick I'm gonna run. Why why panic and it shall we will. I think you've pat why can't studies like you he really likes them in this game it's it's such a big game and and shame on him because the jaguars are building this one I'll do the opportunity at a meeting whale or ride and it's a real problem I think when you do it this early in the season with game two. Listen you're earning AFC championship a year ago you goal is to get here and actually win that game and get to this horrible and week to. You've got guys and and keep players in the game is Jack is a key player in the game and it may be pumped and jacked a little too high right now he's talking about it is the most important biggest game of his career. And how do you sell this to your players that you dug Rome where you don't Williams Saturday night. Before anybody what goes on you lose it if it's the biggest game of your career and your viewing it that way what happens if you lose it after you already lost to these guys in the AFC championship what happens if you have deployment of Los Angeles yeah. And yes the Texans you know do the same thing it's as simple as you would get a goal throw it to be his lasting issue titled. The united union the message is you know he said maybe you don't wanna put too much on for the simple fact but do you think anybody leaping to admiralty Saddam looms on Sunday. I don't know what their military and nobody got to go through let's show we can take this is our conference. Don't want to highlight we're gonna watch highlights of senator Sam look at display look at that play. Put up close you were look at they had to do we have got editor Q public morals off all the film because he was part of the reason somebody you can look at drop in the coordinator yeah we got scared you guys we're not doing this week. You'll know. Then the first couple series what their mentality is if they believe in their offense or not come out running it running it running it. On first down then you'll know their philosophy has not changed. The one thing I think it's much more difficult in this game because we talked last week about Houston fraud and oppression they could apply and we were raised in the hell. Out of Trent brown and Marcus cannon what they did them to hold up and protect. Brady but this would it's a little bit more difficult. And the reason it's a little bit more difficult is you've got real protection on the back end. Against the pass. Now are much better overall feel better so it's harder now for Brady. To find open receivers and to throw the football and yet he's got a front that's coming out of and a linebacker corps that really quick. And they can cover your running backs coming out in coverage suddenly this is this is like an extra layer. That makes it more far more difficult TI did you. Notre and that's why you're punt returner and your punt team your punt in poverty punt and punt return element. Are going to get a lot of reps in this game box of three announced loved lots of stalled drives gets the ball yes and so will the why don't check soon. This may want to look good in your little uniform morning. Just like you know outscored only the baseball managers and where you wonderful English might not so you can Heidi we're getting out of focus we're talking about the game plus. Or. Thinks that we better. Think about life without Tom Brady. At the end of next year not gonna retire but he won't be playing with a New England Patriots will get them all of that coming up in our final hour.