OMF - Still no update on J.D. Martinez; Lou’s interview with Alex Cora, 2-23-18

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Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1 - The guys discuss where J.D. Martinez is and why the introduction still has yet to happen. Lou thinks they found something in his physical. Something seems to be up. Lou interviewed Alex Cora and discussed Cora’s baserunning approach coming into his first season as the Red Sox manager.


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On you ready. These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty okay would you attack her. Best player right now. With glue and Lou and Christian gonna make these changes once that you have to compromise just sort of feelings are going to be hurt again. We wanted to give everybody regrets that it will be quite yet to put a chair back nearly every problem ball off beat juvenile violently. Or fielder's completely changed what we want it was a game of baseball is calling cricket. On Sports Radio WEEI. Good thing lose their homes. So probably the back. This is the grass and do some of those other things because there's. Those who love them and we'll mind map and nothing else going finds her exit where it. RT dad when. And maybe why he I mean what is the problem there is nothing out there who go year candidate Hillary might but it was black hole. Myers is a big place right now all Billy there's nothing going on what album all of this. Guy. That's a great question that does that and the question the last few days I can tell you this much this golf course it was kinda wondered say that privileges. Yeah it's visual clues to be I think he's kicking some of the locals the find out you know. The open roster spotters. You know they it's it's really bright reds roster spots there so I think even that side of it it's kind of left in the dark right now so shall listen obviously. Obviously these are some. At this point right now the question is is it just like hey lets just do yeah look deeper into it. I don't believe that delay. There's a lot to do with the factor in Florida if you expect in Boston this December when it happened. It would evolve and take care that they elect if they found so that it would be two days and of one day. But because it down here and it beats to three days or three or four days that to a three days so. But there's something I'm guessing they probably just do due diligence to make sure that it's really no big deal. Yeah I think there is something and I are a lot of people writing and tweeting out there and compete in a hole everything. I got ice all gay there's something going on here this is not. Normal people people say well it's it's it's normal I get what you're saying low. The vote the logistics are different. You're at fort Meyer issued doctors may be back in there you find a way you you don't let it correlate and act and act like none none of women at that the information that was coming on half hour know the information a loose coming up is Scott Boris is not sitting there saying don't worry about it fellas this is normal protocol. It takes three days to do this applause they abductors know Scott Boras is questioning it with people yeah. As I was hearing that he is zone wondering what's going on that's a problem. But that these but I also think the biggest thing is why I think it is I think we're about thirty minutes an hour. Well I mean even if it's 2.4 hours whatever I think we're still like you know the could have far away from being you know stored could take press conference that new. You know edit and store is not right but they'll beat then they'll create why did it take so long what did you find them. You know but I don't think this situation where you know it's deciding the player in jeopardy. Everybody's excited this guy I was gonna come maybe the ability order now he's not I don't think. Or guys that guy's article this is got Josh McDaniels written all camera that's it's if I smell a little like Josh McDaniels error on the back of Arizona. I mean her. I guess some you know was up like this happens it's like all right so. Why don't bring a man. So it because it you know in these you agreed I'd too because I have a blesses you. To have to bring him into darkness and of course right like breezy enough now usually you do that you do it physical firstly did you did you read. If you take a trip. Anywhere term free agency maybe it'd take what it is visit that you visit a place that does the team and this is different through if they're going on this knowing that why don't we perceive any further. We already got Christian this is a free agent free agents and so all that happ. Happened was that science book probably both sides leaked out the information to the media we've agreed on a deal with this guy. Now what you have to do is actually have to find out. What you're getting so you using fly than you do the physical that's yeah and it's different it's a significant thought although. Well it did it's it's completely okay so what happened to trips but it's like a recruiting trip. Rate and it feels like it based but it is that there wherever they're from it is kind of hang out. They Google visited team web part of the get to know on what about if I'm the agent a much got divorced I'm not allowing the Red Sox to do physical LaMont got until you grew to deter us. It drips and resident football all right guys that's a valid a lot of new ideas he's got problems south. You don't like he's it DeWitt the season ended medical problems so. That's not that they announced that Wada want Thursday night right the Red Sox have agreed terms that water New Year's been on Sunday. They finally made it official they released. A group of kids in the pitcher and pen parents a brother Taylor. But it can look at our commitment that's that was Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday that made it official the difference is that. The physical test that they put it auto New Year's at particular team is not gonna be doing that. Knew it was back here he said is that the most is the most grueling test have a bit to his life he's not at chili's he's running he's stealing gold first and third. You'll fielding ground balls taking BP to a box jumps. And it would just like I Wii to start physically he's fine. You go to eighties at doing that. If they don't do that baseball that was used what does he do including the terms that don't do that and football you big guy if he works with your system you what a test of physically fund worries that. No you don't yeah don't we do that just like you want a free agent period starts you'll see guys take trips and one apiece to do's and the Eagles to the doctors. The doctors give a match rate salute you medical's because why bother pursuing him or wasting any more resources ports some a free agent. If you know that he's not healthy can't pass a physical anyway. Right I mean it just means it's these backwards by whatever it is unable and that's Boston baseball's backwards is that reason yes I think there stuck in the snow and I got an exchange of Robles okay. I just think that people realize that football players softness a lot of injuries veterans we want to make sure that the guys not broke. All or or the sport is so physically demanding that their tend to be more injuries for those big accident that big guys to believe that sort of an accident I don't know what you I don't know big you know you don't feel it would wears JE mark how does it actually don't yeah I don't think it's now not with the team right he's not there in the facility he walked in the other day Lou which you don't hanging at the Starbucks well let's. We got a nice little trip. Come out in the coastal area somewhere between Naples. Partly joining me now maybe but it rabbit golf I don't know. But I don't follow him but that wasn't. If this thing took all offseason I signed into camp. It does go to all these guys that play in Minnesota this huge freaking game today you wanna be part of this is the mayor's cup but that whatever how it's called. It's gonna be heads. You want to part of it but you want to hear it you want me to teammates you want to take BP went it will routine. And I'm sure that that's why I think yesterday. Yesterday it was that they were is that OK why is it happening today in the fact that it didn't happen on Wednesday a day but Thursday. Why it happened yesterday and I mean we on Friday in eagle is still in everybody's asking you know what's the deal with youth athlete and how it's gonna happen in Vietnam. What would your goes past today I think yes I read a similar closer reading on here in saint things are hearing. And you know nobody's pressing the panic button yet you'll know about it you'll hear something today I would say okay. Some smells real fusion is the one thing we're not here for either side and Lou just gave you what he's hearing from the border aside. We're not hearing either side sit there and say it's nothing don't worry. Is it it's it's it's gonna if any hour now and it's been nice they hunt for actual technical pipes other like no no I don't know that Boris wouldn't act the way he's acting right now I think what it is they found something in the physical. They did the physically find something that they don't like. Now with the heat they have to make a decision. Do we continue won't with the contract the weight of the terms or our our written in there or do we try to slide something in like they did what John lucky if you remember. Lou when they put an a clause in there that the last year would be kind of a a four year veterans minimum if what if the shoulder injury popped up again. Do they do something like that do they wanted to get risk of dealing would force and altering order they sit there and say. You know what we think we think 70%. He's gonna be good with this specific problem and let's move full. This contract that GE sign is there it is player for a right it's all player options you can opt out of the year you. If he thinks that markets better for you can opt out after year three that the team if he thinks that the markets aren't they cute kid out of anything else. Maybe if anything. You know all the sudden player options deal optioned after it up your number two but you want all the fun but number three. Now before they may be that the three doctors to a mutual or A eight vesting or but team has it out with a buyout you know so. It gave me something there's something here. Through to where it's like yeah all the power in this deal fight being eighteen options somewhere in the five year old maid that's that's the pivotal week he got that much fun. Yeah that that makes sense because if he's got something that they're concerned about that it's not an issue right now. But that they can see is a potential problem or nagging problem they they look at and say two years from now you are three of his contract. This is where this might rear its ugly head and then we're stuck with this guy and they're gonna gears 34 and five we're gonna be thrown out dead money. This organization that has put out a lot of dead money in the last three years. If they all of this thing at all expecting a team option. Whether it's after your three Iraqi or for writing a five year deal. OK if you if something does happen we won't be able to get out of that the fourth but this Haley situation right vesting option 497 plate appearances. If you're healthy it's accidentally it appears that means you're raking it we might give it to you but if your broke it. You know after what we saw we won at least have an opportunity. A chance to get out of it so I think that if anything at all that might come. I see I don't think they're they're gonna bring the the deal with Judy Martinez but you as you said the debt probably they are concerned about something it's holding it up something's happening especially the way that. That that loose characterizing that the board's point of view the board's side right now. What why wouldn't Boris now. If this wasn't a problem wasn't an issue wouldn't Gore's speech on people especially since he's the agent of the climb into the school of these Friday its actual my god everything's good. Instead he's asking other people pay to their roster spot to they had this for the ads that. Because he's on the dark. He does NN and that doesn't make any sense because okay up my clients here. If you if you're not gonna go ahead and signed his were leaving. Right I got nowhere to go well it doesn't matter but I'm still leave him August day in Florida it rocketed to listen and you you forced their hand. But it'll be the first person and know about it makes no sense whatsoever nor does so much and you get your Tracy's you to methods. You medical's then you go through will be Goldman doctor says whose team doctor like who is their doctor deal like right now does it mean. Tickets are you ready there's a little over it. And it's either the user groups in an annotated doctor's gonna be put on blast here. Because ultimately he asked to say yes or no. Okay do you sign off on this guy yes or no I don't know there's any gray area and it has a lot of teams they disappear or go okay. They don't wanna be held accountable to doctor the wanna be held accountable are you cosigned on this guy you think it was going to be fine and we spent you know 75 million dollars as does not apply to go like. You think it would be out of line for the Red Sox to sit there and say we need more time to kind of go over. This thing that's what they tell Scott Boras and bourses looking and it's a physical problems ship wedeman. That advocate and ate the developing cold feet here. At that they are they having a problem because I think it was very strange the way Luke characterized the questions that were being asked by the board's side. Oh yeah I MEI resisted that I ago. I again I don't know if there's any need to panic right now but I think today would be today. I don't think you need it and and if it is that it is okay list are really change one of the option year it's gonna be a team option. Okay now Scott Boras does he sit there and fight back and that's what takes its look takes a little bit longer. By I would say you know the rats or have all the power. I mean there ended their driver's seat now it's like I it it's almost like you do the contract negotiation everything's been everybody's happy then at last to go all by the way. We need to do this because of that. It now expect you know an update you you want a team option after a year for this we have players after two and three that we won a five million dollar buy out. You know what it means that almost guarantees more money on the contracts you know so. I would just expect that you're right I think it goes one more day in who knows what the discussion was there was there was there discussion was to browse to put you don't say listen. We want this guy can't. You know Ottawa this thing drag at all all you know announced that Scott is back and throws that mistakes take you want the guy can't get him again. Let's go what do we don't hear you all like Thursday's one thing but Friday you know announces today I mean it's amazing but we haven't heard anything yet. That you know I think today and I just. I don't stay with the house. All of these if you're gonna use if you look at past big free societies you can look at David Price I mean that's mean David Price flu on on. What. Fluent on Tuesday night. That is physical and it hold a news conference until that Friday after it finalized the deal so backed mean award will hold on where his return. Well as I read all about it and Brandon out it's still there's more there's more. While they need to get him out of here and this is three days or mislead you guys are these stories go right awesome I know what you wanna get them up to speed on visual ride really there's so much time off season is a different story you can. A lot of it has to do with cannot cannot get my family up Erica. I you know a launch of take me to get by the way the Red Sox Eddie long list of doctors this is a huge list right now. It's like you know doctor Larry back to find out if it's done. Dec doctor Larry Ronan. Apparently he's been medical director OK okay somebody texted me said it was doctor Arthur Pappas I checked that out if it's not a there are so well is done horrible weather here that's used here so he's down there. They've they've got this guy down there Christian. It is but he's that the general guy writes all of a sudden now it's it's. It is indeed it's a concern its outlook isn't so would sell that you're at the you don't hear that doctor Pete asked this I'm. That's a do you go to the whole list that congress on this well again and get them on a 126 man roster on the medical staff I think he's done yours well but understand it if it's the worst thing that he wasn't at the wrist specialist that we used back the Euro that need specialists that we used back Ayers though. Organic citrus and if it wasn't December. You know accidents if this were they wouldn't be that big story today you know they announced Monday night. In a light at the at a press conference that was the press conference it would be that big deal. But the fact that we're camp it's going on the key to starting everything is sort of like our let's go let's go let's go I think he's one of the reasons why well. And I will say I give him credit for being patient and not rushing into it because there really is no need you know let's let's let's measure three or four times let's cut once that hole. Mentality I think that. Most teams would would would be so eager to get their new guy out there I think you'll like Comcast makes you likable. He got it adjusted to the clubhouse yet we do things around here. New manager I mean I so I don't credit for that America's a mean other than a couple comments from Dave from rusty I mean it's like he's gone I don't know what to. Given credit workers we don't know what's going alone but I mean if they're doing it patient to be patient for patients say. That makes no sense now they have they look like there's some president. Announced unprecedented Albert if they'll have an issue medical issue. And is who said the last three years of the contract player totally dictates the terms the player can do can do what he wants. So if he's injured you did nothing for the last three years what did you all of his money. You'll get nothing out of the play so I think if it that's why I think it is a physical concerns I don't think this is. We got plenty of much to slip back in Asia and all sad about. Exit out there and beat I don't think that's what this. Especially when you're already started spring training got home energy you wanna get everybody in here you wanted guys working with each only one regular routine. Yeah I don't know TO but then again a course that the due diligence part of it. Like right now that yeah the vibe and a guarantee that some people do it it's screwed misting up oh they do. When they should be on the other side sadistic good for them. Make sure the guys right. Because I guarantee if they sign if they just said announced it on Monday don't press conference on Tuesday than it transgenic goats he says in his knee. Oh good god this ankle. It would be it and in JD goes out there and mrs. you know. Has that David Price and an ex you know expert care at this joke until August and it's a disaster a year wanted to be that what. What does portal of medical staff there and they checked out anything at all before they sign he's broken players. So they're there to do the job. It's just we're just very patient group. Yeah well I mean yeah at an area that's fine and again that's what I get credit for most of my beloved but some people are reporting that this is normal procedure over three days of that with a case Lou. Do you think you'd be hearing that people within the Borders Group and Scott Morris himself are asking questions of other people. No I think normal procedure would be. An announcement first thing this morning announcing what the press conferences that was starting to get to the area where this is not normal right. As I think that and I think abortion would be telling people. Because he wants to make it look like everything is going great in his camp he doesn't wanna give the impression at all that the might be an an issue with it he's got steel. He would be telling anybody who's asking now we're good guys we're good everything is fine everything is fine and he's fun. I mean knows what's going on he knows that they're they've got some physical concerns. But he's asking all these questions because he's trying to figure out are they getting cold feet they do into. I got to believe that's what he's don't. Yeah and and and just you know and and that's gonna play itself out right so it's not that's not ceases it'll play itself out of it real and have the same another itself yet but I will say this and I've been thinking about this and Gwendolyn. If there are guys who do you you spoke about it premise of yes circulate your day gives usually doesn't regulate. We'll does that appeal yesterday Luciano is loosen it up only 45 minutes of the show he contributed more fair posting 45 minutes that it is big on Italian or not our idol I can tell Mike I hate every tunnel network with considered it a mall that but I think I've. I think I've found one. I'm actually kind of fired up about an and I hope it's just like. That new love phase you know that like honeymoon phase and you everything's green and you don't really notice it but Alex Cora. I really start to fall in love with Alex Cora and I'm trying to resist the temptation to go all in because it is who love. It's young don't you love to which is really dangerous because each side is you know keep you kinda crazy. But on this and I know you talked to him this morning here budgeted. But to some of those some of the things that he said it will get into later. I'm just like wow this guy's got pumps it's this guy. Not as common album dazed and he'd actually Mickey since when he talks. And it's not just this you know chasing your tail situation that would almost barrel. Not just the total federal under the bus we've done enough but it's true this is it noted is acute illness our Minnesota Iran are gonna tell you lose any night. He terrific and I think we want to like him and that's what you're doing we want to embrace the new manager. He said I was not just saying all the right things Lu spent some time it and you can hear some of that. Turned the the course of of the shouted Akers who actually was working yesterday and he's already been properly working today. But I would say this you remember when John Ferrell took over for the calm atmosphere before. I was glad he was there he was John Wayne. Yeah they'll that was easy you know he was than their share of the ground yeah. I at all plus easy dog. Don't get a came in here of what would you think funerals and a lot of people doing it. Well that they want all of you are. He won back all agree it was it was I was a couple years the way not the biggest issue with Merrill with different than lose species were there might issuances. But he thought everybody was stupid. A ya see the way he had a press conference in the way he addressed to me doubt my biggest issue with him the kiddie game management's OK whatever that's your name. But it is what he thought everybody was like I brought you constantly trying to. You know try to schema sometimes it doesn't even until he's. Brought it pleases me at least an hour. I'm over that might point but he was so bad. But he was so bad covering up issues and skirting the issues and all of them would two. Sturm and they've already knew that it would love them love because he was such a different. Differed five than the than clout show that was in the prior right and now what they did was they went out to the exit date and get a different guy. Then what you saw here earlier. They they got eight baseball guy. And announcing Joseph pros not a baseball guy OK because he's a front office guy in my mind as he always a general managers is that generally you're a player former police that pitching coach. And I'm sorry but when I think of like a ball player I practiced the next stereotype all pitchers I don't think pictures like ball players. I think their guys are blessed with good arms in the draw who Monica and I don't mean so it's the little. No exit settlement usually attacking the vote of the profession that you made it does not traditional as it. Animals that's a different animals I want pitching coach to deal with my pitching staff. But the game. That discussion. The offense the defense the base running is your position players that's why I don't think that pitching coaches make the best. You know managers and it's not you know there are few that are pretty good. But I think the position player with a guy like Corel or catcher or whatever it is. Can relate to the whole game chords out their shortstop with suitable Garten a popular vote defects on the ground balls easy infield instructor. So I think that message. Gets relate better. To a position player from a position player talking about the game the strategies rather Ferrell sooners they well you know he's one for seven matchups and now scores and you're seeing and have no idea. That you don't know what it is believed in match ups you know make history we get into that as well. Is that you know one for six would have their five line drives. You know he's talked about he was successful gets a guy that he was really comfortable with and he's I have just I wasn't in the right place he doesn't believe in this lefty righty. You know nonsense that John Ferrell as it like got a break up or make it too easy for the ball he can from the Houston team of the first five hitters were all right he's the best lineups in baseball it doesn't matter. That could gators. You want them to hit more. And it lefty righty bull crap. I mean I get it to a point particular. That you're retired team and you order like John. I'd we're gonna hear a lot of stuff from him that you who has sat down and talked with him yesterday but I gotta say this though if you're talking about what a manager does what bogus that. Duties and responsibilities. That a manager hands. Is when to pull a pitcher who would bring out of the bullpen you telling me. Petition be like football the offensive coordinator should just call all the place you tell me the pitching coach should make all those decisions. No. Known gonna go to college it's gotta have some. Understanding. Of should not affect he's got to have a lot because they beat the biggest thing yet the event. Aren't as a manager of our life it's odd that the teller guys couple just would have a better feel for it was a pitcher zepa Joba do you. Butte but the numbers are right in front of a mean big guys right in front of I mean if a guy is struggling then you know ended in the game circumstances. Become really bad and you know I think he's gonna front you know 34 batters ahead. Yeah but also isn't it personality based though also a mean person bloody each picture has the wrong I guess you know. You know you know if you know dear work or buttons that you pushed the right ones you can get a true understanding of it he's cooked or not laziness got to some bull crap. Or do you wanna stay because his pride I got him follows guys in that. And you got an easy it was good to see I think is Hilliard is gonna be second guessing in the game there always isn't gonna be one of these things that why did you leave this guy in the face that guy. And it is we will look at the splits you know that was John you know it's. Why do we Robbie Scott in the face to right. We'll look at the power numbers and you'll yes and Xenia oh yes boss and and in the slugging percentage ought to be struggling against you struggle against lefties are close to struggle against the lefty like Robbie Scott Ortiz struggled against the lefty liquor sales. You don't meet Jesus you can't just sit there it's a lefty righty you know Jackie Bradley you hit lefties will hold on now getting hit power left these. He struggles with the white votes sliders to slide that the pitching struggles against lefties so he faces a guy that doesn't know power and that's got a good curve ball. Maybe he's a good matchup against that left the and not against this lefty so it he was just righty lefty crap that it's like. Which is not good the hitter is you did you get rid of the pitcher I don't give these righty lefty other elite throws not have a human element to this day and into their head out of the stacks. Spencer you get it over a signal that's Farrell and I mean this is not about them anymore this is about the very. It stopped. At the Ferrell in some of the moves he made English Q you were you were right with most of them okay. Oh yeah it's really getting it from related to out of your play the base running stuff hold leads multiple Paula brick in Iraq but where aggressive were aggressive we played. And since then and Alex disliking to shredding that thing up and down it's got reported barrels 88 page what it means. Running outs everywhere there are. God forbid a guy that big least and actually make it accurate total based W out it took a a perfect route to their best in the world some of Christ's sakes that of course they can make an accurate brawl. Probably chances for a little respect you when Alex how are they Jewish heritage and Harold quickly is an act Elway or is it going to be able for a after right. Bet motor right we got it we gotta come up you're gonna hear it throughout the the show today ousted your phone calls it 617779. A 7937. Let's all say it about outscored as I wanted to succeed. I like his approach again all of that on to say can appeal a little bit cautious because we did the same stupid thing we did it we. We just all and allowed it really is all well not not there I thought we realize what their personality. About the. I had to get on the back is likely to be the bat so that's why I love so much. In the beginning all there all the bad behavior and they are all trying to hide dirt all there are nutty news good and everything you know this is good when he gets a little stressful and not getting all the attention that they want. They go crazy and eagle eye out okay no rules for you. Think we found an analogy. Say he now has worked it into the bachelor. And I think you finally made sense on the Alex Cora situation I told Giles and I was like I was intrigued of like our cat like would he say Axl or some yellow I'm doing is quite right I want to lighting guys here. It's. I you're gonna hear from Al score today we get your phone calls coming up next it's it's once a 7797937. And the Celtics finally get back to work tonight we're gonna get us some Celtics stock. As well coming up to that. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. Moved back to moral or wait we're loaning at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. I've met him with a hole and the funny Friday and the real audio blasting them for crimes should be done but most of back in the studio tomorrow but. He spent some time who is Alex of course so we all remember the base running. Approached the John Ferrell had last year we drive Lou Maloney absolutely. Exactly keep running tells you exactly. Yeah and it is an enemy and it Butterfield like gets it rotator cup or. Don't you go to. You don't edit them attendee who I think we delight the overall as the players admit publicly full time so today and maybe it was him and be the kid himself leads to. Understand he's running and may be some of it was just he approached it. All went yeah so far as far as we would like to push the envelope we tried that. Forced defenses to execute place. And that's based on scouting that's based on a lot of video review that's based on certain opportunities are combinations of pitcher catcher and that we want you on board so. Blog on how. If those guys those outfielders could make the throws a shot at that shocked the tennis today 22. Tried solo spent time yesterday with the new manager of the Red Sox of this mortgage news this morning bright and early buoyed by 5 AM. Set can do with Shane and Angela are really fun to look at the ID like the snow early morning due to harass. So he sat down Spencer dammit don't score and we found out that he would lose interview that there is a brand new approach with the bulls the Red Sox try to. Much difference. Can manage Jamaica I get asked that you know you'd John in recent years there will be a lot of changes going into coaching a lot of pressure you that's I can put it. They say yeah 93 win team owners in other 97 win team how's it different. Well let's say let's say to see it obviously enough for the last month it's a few adjustments and knew one thing I told them to use yet again there's a new team. And for everything that they say of the assets last year that it was you know once cited suits. Yes as word what six outs away from playing game five meter maid and I think they've and they with him. You know so it was and that one side one thing we're trying to do I see now offensively just. Put him in a better position weeks I feel that I saw things last year that Alexander would be too passive mode QB to patsy and Dustin. Although he's have a great career and a two point that I CP taken fassel's right in the middle. And you know he can do damage with those two so will switch bad and the other one you have to be responsible Ron please. I mean bad that was something that. We know that's the staff going Tutsis last year that if you throw the ball to the right place. They will run into outs man. IP Athens and divisions here's what happened too much. Too often for for this team last year 81 house run basic and and you know and found ways with different or certain routes that. You'd take you know be aggressive try to you know go to segment Europe like three or four. You know try to get that though and you keep expand in that league but there's certain announce that I saw you know it's I would to a house and steal bases. It's route that's third. That was one of my biggest easily edit it happened because Pete rhetorical for her to read it. In minute maid you know and I was I cut it in particular or almost reckless but it was okay it was with going to be aggressive. But you'll regular early in the king giving up and out going to second. Early when it won nothing in on what you may be do that to seven at the rate right you don't you don't give up bases its public it was reckless last year. Commissioner two days ago and people you know I know ramat now. But I say you responsible is not against the coaches outlets here you know is just. You got to be responsible is either you got 27 of them in nine innings so you'd be every hasn't match. And I learned that last year you know when I was sitting up there with the front office they show me the numbers this is what it means is what it means is what I mean. And I know that so for them to be responsible take care. You know we always sort of about take care of the ball in outcasts at ground balls made the routine plays either take care. You know the outs and that's very important that's run in the basement if we do that we're very athletic. A arguments is not against coaching staff lesbians Dakota South Dakota news out we look at his yet and we look to the status report on the base here there are down. If we throw the ball to right bass. They'll run in notes that's a scout report Red Sox last because their budgets are idiots reverend I don't know it's on the negative. That's really look that was like come anywhere you think about it late that would be like something's so easily correct the ball. Am I so easily listen okay and it's almost and I think Ferrell knew it. But I felt like he was so down deep into it he protected it in a Bane to drum so much on that issue. But it was like too late for him at that he was wrong so we kept doing it doing it to be doing even though it and he got a benefit out of it. A fellow like John used a lot of it freezes their public use almost. You know talking directly to Dave Dombrowski in in a way to kind of keep his job did you hurt right listen at this team does give up. You know it because what a lot of action to adjust a lot of fight. You are we coming prepared each and every day in almost a toss out to the GM we prepare. Notable compared to us we're going to be aggressive. That a force teams to beat us. You know and it was like OK don't get it. If you donated to Houston as the geology he had played art and it would give up what what was she in the field is just reason reckless. I know are early targets and when I think about it the aggressiveness on the base paths it's like OK it's like an opposite corner saying that he's going to be aggressive runner. We're gonna push the ball down the pew we're gonna take shots. And you sit there and an a team isn't covered too. They're covered too so they have those deep routes covered you can't throw it and yet there are throwing it anyways early. The cupboard says it doesn't work yet we're gonna do anyways hopefully something good happens. No the professionals say it is gonna knock that down the and it's the same thing the approach that he had in the based. Yeah I think there's something into what Lou was saying about that when John Farrell spoke a lot of times he was speaking to Dave Dombrowski was necessarily you don't you don't fire and if there's no end up. Basically this is one of working with fare better and I think tank and antiquity did. Is he panicked when he finally realize too the first month of the season we have no power. We can't hit the ball out of the ballpark we need to manufacture runs. But all did destroy a green light out there. That's all he did yes and when I was eight green light up any college goes aggressive. I forgot I was out he said well you know we were trying. What's right. What do you mean you're trying you're you're you're you're you're baking outsell your your your Indy innings that's what you're doing. And I pick but I do think a big part of it was the lack of home run power Latin home run pop. It's one thing to do make mistakes they made based passed in April. You know I mean if we overreacted when you still doing it in August since that number now that you're not a repeat offender. Because. You know defending anything that's being played like you know you're at a back but being aggressive and that's the approach that we want. In your doubts it presents a good one because terrorism residency and be aggressive the beat the patriots will there's also a fine line between being aggressive albeit still. Like did you wanna be aggressive but. He'll deal falcons now. Fourth quarter were aggressive to Asia when he that if current growth or run the ball so there's that fine line and usually ethnic. Common sense most people can see. There are times when people you know. Will get done in the base running out reckless it wasn't a good chance is that we're taking others. Good aggressive base running and so we're both that that while that's good at you know even if they are out. You could statistic that was aggressive. So you can see it with you arrive with a good chance to take. In one would still it the gay guy thrown out a hole play by twenty feet. With two outs are able to articulate. It in total by twenty feet. You know let the next guy get an opportunity it and knock you know that is that you should be able to see that difference mean aggressive base running into right. Let's start command next hour will achieve here on court talking about handling LB interest in that one obviously in what he thinks about dealing with the media. Dealing with price and the media and all that other stuff but I do wanna ask you this question because work were total laughing at the approach this coming out of New York right now. And Brian Cashman is playing a soldier who really undergone. Removable. But who JD Martinez and it will go Eagles I don't know annual massing on Saturday that they got him up there so I. People down here at Fort Myers plans at this whole thing because I don't believe the perception out there nationally and that you'll see it when. All of the analysts tomorrow whether their season predictions I think most of these guys across the country nationally. Gonna pick the Yankees to win the division they'll have the Red Sox is the wild card team that fair to say. Most of them I think most of messiah and yet you yankees' lineup. In the case of all sorts of questions in people seem to be avoiding it because the Yankees to their credit. Were great down the stretch last year and they were really impressive in the play house that's Severino gets let up in the first inning of the first playoff game he's playing. But you'll love we're talking about this before the show. He got a second opportunity to combat in the playoffs and suddenly people say you know what. Several real campaign temple listen to policies that they forget what he did he blow whopping gave up seven runs in the first inning of the of the first game he pitched. Looking at the lineup. And I agree this going to be a killer three man barrage. That you're you're gonna have to bring Kimberlin in the eighth when you're going up against the Yankees could they got to come right at you know 34 possibly five. A lot of holes there and Anwar at third base and you know Greg Burke supposed to be this horrific prospect. But you sold on him quite yet I'd look at second base with Torres and I know they just got Torre but. There's some question marks as you mortis at a lot of I would say the Red Sox might be better. One through nine the Yankees are just an absolute. Killer when you go 2034. And as I said maybe five. 883 you know if it is that's why it. You know I laughed when you cheeky and it used you know whatever it is put that together in people's responses that the brits out Stiller close to a and and I don't get you know because. If that this 617 yankees resemble the 2016 rats. Listened. Rick Gardner. When he went on last year to 6421. On what features that part Gartner it was a great year for Brett Gardner. There's obviously all great year from junk I'll stand to be perfectly honest with you because you know he's but it got its its thirty bombs does it plays in so many games a year but there enix. Erin X and a the U that they got from aired here to meet Chris Young written all over what he turns in guys that just can't figure it out again the double bird. Bert was not a guy democracy it was 330 bonds is 245 to 55 to sixty theater company supportable bird okay what do bottom. And again I don't knows it second I don't know whose it was a third. He did glorious radiator and they got the opening bell the line at that you can't match. But one through nine. What had a couple three years at a guys out of the etiquette again. I want to now I will I don't think it's outrageous to say that I will take the Red Sox lineup one through nine you know McCain should open the middle right. But I'd rather have like. Right the Red Sox out. I think that's the killer I think you have to get through that bump in the middle that you were talking about an airline to page can't do that they gonna rake in even score a lot of circular rich guys instinct because that has edges are pressurized it. Right yeah. Got a 78 and the article to a halt. Yeah I. Legal way to go why are a bunch of question marks about the Yankees I was at brown Catherine I try to for a privately is that they're gonna. You know we want to roll last year and it really was. Ever judge you finally learned how to strike out less he still strikes up but he learned how to avoid some of the pitfalls. Of you know going after bad pitches. And that was the difference in art team. But would you depend on CC sabathia this and all of the rotation believed that Marino like ray. Is that oh forget about him right zone you'll get your faucet or right. And CC sabathia is the healthiest and I can help turn back the clock 36. ERA in that from him again so. They're they are question marks everybody in the division the Yankees. You could definitely see you step back from not looking a lot and and I love the bullpen I mean obviously you can go to dances and and Chapman back to back and and then you've got Robertson who. Who who can who can give you those two innings and that's loaded yet. They're really good date so they can make up for some of the starters. They can go shorter with a started to make up with a with a is that what they have warnings it's excuses it's every opportunity that maybe. He'll Corso has its stock in a series straight postseason regroup. It settled down and that showed its post season with a huge advantages that they've had success in October as a group or is this reds who has. Yeah they should balls last year given until they showed balls last year and the Red Sox seem to get to October. And even with your voucher. They seemed to just will end that's part biggest problem and have all year long because I think the Red Sox can be pretty damn good during the course of the season. Probably doesn't even have any faith you got to believe in them. Because you look back in October if I'm a Yankee fan I'm looking at that line open even if they're in second place in their game or two behind a Red Sox. One I think they can put gas on when they needed in September and I like my chances of October because I've seen it again. I saw said Marino come back from a bad. A playoff performance I know we can now pitch in and in the post season. I think that's the difference yet faith and yankees in the post season in October you don't the Red Sox. Right out we'll hear more of Lou's interview with Alex Cora gonna get to your phone calls coming up at 6177797937. And those Anthony Davis took the Red Sox rumors. Maybe others I've been well all of already a huge news to its yet he let's get a little looks uncertain Celtics Celtics and of you know like are you gonna pick on me you pick him. It bigamy for something I'm sorry I screwed up all right I screwed up why apologize. Out thousands. We'll get to. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.'s and c.'s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we returned to more of Ford way Maloney and 48. What Sports Radio WEEI. We lost in the looked lost to them he's lost my little boy songs artists synagogues until we have got three dogs that could chase me down I. When I go slipping Nardelli can shut them down there's a buffet from both the both over here putting them backing from Booth of the really hit Joseph and statistics TC it rate in the game. Let it do to show that both it was first it should be at 1 o'clock to Alaska's. Now via the mound so lie technical issue what is that the boat. Do we need to really other. For the first technically I lost you there the anecdotal there for the next six vote years but it separate statements both so no they're good no update on Martins. Ivan but the hour. 11 o'clock it's 11 o'clock what you see you too. I mean going to a digital paint commotion going on those little mass bull proposal disguise a little mustache was gridlock around pitching today. Technical last year or they might need him. He's the fifth guy are you look at the end it's easier for a start she so important if you look at her a real hold the Red Sox. Suppose they have and usually so Red Sox like about the last uses he is a strike thrower. OK is this if they have an injury. To somebody in his rotation the bigger problems to do a little I used to think of one of those kids down in in Tripoli double later and we know they don't have one of those. You know they had to have Albright Johnson's not a lot of options slate for the bullpen but he's that we stuttering camp was seen out and sit together everything good now yeah that's been you know yeah absolutely so I don't know. But you're right they don't but he. They I don't think they're done you know because it's still guys out there. That maybe don't have guarantee big league jobs where. Unlike years in the past what they say you are five cars are that we have five starters so these kind of fringe starters don't wanna on the Boston because they don't think they'd get an opportunity. You know later on overlooked other opportunities other teams that the week rotations. This one here I think you get bits that guy you note that there's AA you know right now detective Alaska's fifth. Steven writes not really not Pro Bowl and yet we have got to he's got wasn't I didn't read. But it guy you might be surprised that doesn't have a a big league deal. With that sailor can opt out for like June 1 one of these types of situations because you write I think they are there it is especially rating. You can get away with a for the first few weeks you know that or she get the rain after it's cold out you know all the that you're not using a full rotation bull once you start playing into Monday. You're gonna need five guys and if they're talking about. You don't giving more time more rest of people like Salem price. That probably need your bumping in a sixth art right Lou every once in awhile look at him widget to spread this thing out. If that's the case of the bodies to be able to do you certainly don't of the Alec to do it I think. You know if you look at this rotation report cell deeds to have a good season in real good season if he doesn't that will be a major problem. Yeah you know oil prices there. Hello all a whole article about the note out I think goes a little bit yet if price and sale. Or you're warning and you're 18 or at least 21 and your number two this group. Well that they have. The other potential in the city of the times that it's lost a good pitcher David Price could be Utah. But they have the potential they're awful this all Palmer did last year and it's how usually works is that. Maybe the month of April. Maybe it's Chris Sale and David Price come out just lights out in all of a bit there's a fall back in May but that's the Palmer raids import sell also. They have the potential that two of these guys and it got me off for good at B roll the same time most likely not. You know it just doesn't happen. Soul mate it's it's it's how it mixes you know if it sailed Libya's got a gate well but but prices dominant force those agree April. That you're okay you know so I just. I think those four guys that now that it's your right in the poor sales of is it hit or miss guy again it's the most deceiving four point two we are rate is in the you've ever seen because he's never four point two got. If you hit three forwards a 48. Yeltsin hopes cycle which is needed to be good. Well that's the problem viewed it it's going to be one of the other right to sit it's a lot like Jackie Bradley junior hitting he's going to be one of the other. And you can't afford I don't think we're sell out to be that that guy especially if you gonna if you got to back off a little bit. Wits with sale and may be with price tried it it you know extend the season with them so that they're fresh in September of that's the case. Somebody's got to do I'd loop sat down without a score as we mentioned earlier this morning. And he spent some time talking about the media. Integrate it to both of you being here is as far as a player goes you know look this is you know these guys over here's an Internet media room you know. With the scrutiny can be likened you know maybe here's some stories about last year and nothing's kind of snowball to pull words just it was divided how do you get that message across in this guy's. This is where we need to be with the media donut distract you how to deal with them. One thing about these guys you know. BB yourself you know don't change I know sometimes isn't comparable but you know what don't let the things around us dictate who we. You know holidays in the clubhouse we take care of each other. If we start doing the right things with such you know and it's not about saying the right things but waiting game ride let let's make it above basal you know I'm in. In else 04 it was baseball all five we were horrible now we were you actually and we las and it's a White Sox injures which doesn't in the west that's okay. Molly 06 who were awful you know we were hurt whatever but everything that everybody talked about with baseball olds and we went back we want away we were hurt but. At that time what I remember about the Mets out it was all about peaceful so that's what we wanted to you play. Little League high school college and have fun. You play in the best place in case this offs you know this is like they'll let you know it Google before they let you know how bad you are. You go four for four you wind and it's not BR but at the end they love their team of the please enjoy it. Anything with David Price he CC in all the right things and they're right she's a good place right now with him mentally as far as going to hear. Is we get we come back man that mean C emails at the best player out of Vanderbilt Joey you know doing chorus you know do you understand that but he's been great and wanting fishery and on sometimes. You sit back and you read I read in on. I add them put it on in their head and say you have to say this have to make me. Out a your man you know what say he's been great on he. Honestly you see them and you know how soon he did this art that they become long days. But when you see year four starters Olympia peace the right way they miss one they do it again and that's the message. Good luck with this David Price and so it's we quiet I think it's still a wait it was a big league I think I'm in love with I think and seamless and think I'm hearing you know fireworks to fireworks on here and all that. I'll agree sound effects in about the old days of the I think the law of I did and I think it's okay and I don't really it's too early connect I don't know why I'm not one of those that don't I'm not a Houston I don't just jump into a relationship. I I or my time employees spring training game against a Major League team. And you're already in love with the manager not a spring training game yet. Those who college engines and it doesn't matter Manuel the manager Lee is that if they don't they are fairly costly Medicare modern review he's. I see if I am currently allowed necessarily if we we won't Null and we will ultimately graphics that. There's every time he talks. Only time we talked entered its. Effect that's. Yeah get out and you don't rub your eyes and get all weird about it. Thank you know you feel the same way no idea yeah I don't I am very I'm gonna be honoring more cautious of August I'm very conscious. Okay it's now one of genres submersible you know nobody doubts that both sounds stupid but they would meet. When he just says that reminding guys that it's just baseball. And to have fun. Like that that's that. It just sounds so simple supplies but it's so true acceptance that guys at that level it becomes a job. In it because they try to make everything so hard and so there's just need to be reminded. You know I should play baseball teams just have fun. You know and it's not like that that that message sometimes gets lost this stupid as it sounds that they get lost last year to go play. I'm questioning his approach I think his approach is fine I am especially after what they would dealing with last year he spent I'm sure. Plenty of quality time talking to these individual players they were kind of leaking it out last week Lou that there were problems were John Farrell even though they never mentioned his name. He's get it and not only the name John Farrell he's getting details of problems that the individual player that correct. We says does wanna launch areas so he's saying all the right things now because he knows how those players feel. But it still on the players down the road so we can say court could say all the right things now. When it all hits the fan. And you have problems and you start losing or you lose a couple players to injury and now you go on the bench players and now guys are not following signs in their mistakes being made. That's when you find out. Whether that guy can do it or not. Whether he can handle it and and on top of that. You've got us. You get the media ought to get a fan base yet you know all sit there because he's got to make mistakes they're gonna be times and I know you'll album they'll gonna be times you gonna sit in the studio is that the answer it. I I can't justify what he did last night that move and the eight than say had no idea woody was though. BHD and see him you know. Press conferences you know after the game. You know when you know it's it's like yacht though David Price the best for the year because David Price right now. You know so how does he protect the players you don't go to you know you'll be more or you'll be better that. Bush is you see a player pop often have an issue with the media member you know I think you goat he's gonna. Bring player read more induced and have that conversation a little light that it useful but why why do you why even go there with this guy you know. Why are you discussing this you know what what was it that it's unique that it's cute at this. You don't just pull back be professional. All the guy aside tomorrow at a calm conversation is how you do it. Yo-Yo yo lol guy out in the middle of the media. And I just think those sort of talks index of all week seat at the thing that's what I expect. Yes yeah I think you'd be a lot better dampen and Charlotte let's face it Francona was really good at that didn't really tell you anything right but. He Eads said I don't know god said the right that he said the right things I was off Lannan fell time was awful at this guy's gonna be better but there are a lot of questions I will continue would more baseball during the course of the program what you hear more of cork. We got to get into this situation. With the Boston Celtics and some interesting things a guy who I think it is a hard. For Boston may be as soon as this offseason. Or does help comets comments he made. And we're also a little bit later on Deborah McCord has talked a little bit and hand more a little bit more. About the situation with the Super Bowl would get into that as well.