OMF - Tanguay had a ridiculous hit on NBC Sports (national) on Friday; Devin McCourty opens up about Malcolm Butler benching, 2-19-18

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Monday, February 19th

HOUR 3 - We play sound from Gary Tanguay that aired on 93.7 airwaves on Friday. As you may or may not know, WEEI suspended live programming on that day, so Glenn thinks that Gary was under the impression that nobody in Boston would ever hear his ridiculous and awfuls takes on Alex Cora and Malcolm Butler. Later in the hour, we talk about some comments from Patriots safety, Devin McCourty, who sheds some light on how the players knew going into the game that Malcolm wouldn't start. 


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He explored ways and moaning and 48 to keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said shut up and dribble and as we go to everything up and Sanders is correct for her to have that that the public reaction. We will definitely not sort of drivel. The snack. Lei. You don't know who form. Political and Lou in Christian identity and bust in the entire programming has been pulled for today as on the fully engage in mandatory sensitivity training and I know that some of you when Boston aren't used to hearing Michelle and I know that your routine has been disruptive I didn't ask for that. I'm just doing my job I'd say hey let's try to get on WE BI team that I'm sorry again. Not my choice. On Sports Radio WEEI yeah. Did you say that the weather was brought to you by your new England's Honda dealers. You. The club it was a joke itself it was an editorial it was a very very defensive so I don't think he's ever had like. Hostile audience before where people actually challenge you and sit there and say euphoria youthful. I and apparently just gave him for a lot of information to right so we would like we were insensitivity. Training. Or grievance strain apparently if you reach the some of the stuff on online apparently. Some of these people heard stuff that then mom didn't happen the way they describe the but so this is Matthew and we do this on the Internet now. We get a little bit of information we make up part of that and suddenly we got a full blown story we think we know what happened when they get no clue what happened. So we had Philly and programming national programming on on Friday and they did hear from a lot of our listeners with the with Twitter and and then and social media this weekend people really love the Daytona 500 talk. I'm due to show Freddy I heard that objects in laws. And loved. BC sports Boston re. I don't hear everything there oh victory he eat he threw a curveball that one well no I didn't know if you asked that already. A cable what you want our. Paul what else you want them back. What my what makes him yeah. When it was a quiet Dayton Moore not based on your own well like rats and raw and you don't all people just to rest of the day. A series you know hey I know our. Brad yeah. I analysts are serious accident NASCAR radio for that and I jetBlue like his odds of repeating. It is not because. Before course seem to be real or not that's not about what I and I don't I had enough I usually fourth enough Ford cars a relief that none I don't know I heard this and I keep doing it there. Thursday night enormous. NASCAR following around the united heritage that we would admit we get to that again Hampshire motor speedway which it. 100000. Strong. And and the people who who hold those drivers I'd do it because that battle we do but yes that was odd to listen to battle the Sunday morning. That's like to be here on Sunday morning where. She error that we don't alternative programming here and think about it big. Did this the best though this is what was the best on Friday so this NBC sports news radio is doing the broadcast on Friday. And if figure who can we call on Boston. It's not inlet sensitivity. And trauma can get a look we need a local guy so they call up their affiliate. NBC sports Boston. And they get Gary tangling on. Though if you listen tangle. We know that language comes up with stupid. Silly yes takes that makes. Zero cents. But in this case saying it had no understanding no real was way rhetoric that he was actually being heard in Boston. Thought he's talking in DC local. In Indianapolis. In you know so are you a day and Kyle was he being serious. Very big way got all our got dignity this is definitely different and be some of the sports Boston rejoin the children Red Sox opening up training camp outscored the new manager here. Here's my question Gary how to handle. One day surprise that's. That's a great place and either I don't know and I. You. Excuse me have a problem that on a Pallet of I I don't know. You know because it's a do I think you could kind of had a let of these. It's unbelievable all the you can't I don't think you can say anything fuel. And he just got eleven who has so I hope for the best. That's at NASA still better though we're a hardcore analysis right there you go it alone here is Malcolm Butler following this event always they're Google on all of and I just think the baseline early days of the I would brilliant with Maya a Malcolm Butler theory which will get to later on this hour. Because as more information. Out there and this one comes from a player. But take way they asked them about this Malcolm but this comes up with false information so we never knew Gary do we know what Malcolm Butler did. They got inventions suitable yet. I think personally it's just is overall attitude. I think that who really pissed off. Because he didn't get paid he thought he had you would know more than from what I was told. He didn't pass the football knowledge tax. Wouldn't warrants could you know to put my white thwarted. I like whoa stop right there. Not since I'll wait is he still is there something actually called the football knowledge best known. Please don't look that up please the white is there anything called the football knowledge. Play football. A lot of tests. Never had the football about a set on the what it'll look like Florida and he says mullah in New Orleans they did this deficits all season sorry go sit at eighteen game at a playground not in the senate have now could handle its color and never let it anymore of the records didn't know if they'd never do that. You don't make you run they don't make you let you know to Reynolds your IQ you don't do your body fat. They damn sure. Don't put Joseph on a white boards they tell us how much I'm hey what this was what would you do in this situation I don't know what's DU running you know what I told you this was Pete shepherd duel in the toss you out radio show and not and not realizing he had no clue what he was talking about that's saying well. British officials. Yeah. You know it put him on the white board and Arab. And so he wanted to bring in the morning. Result pissed off. Came back here you know Morgan forty minutes in guaranteed. You get squat. In his plate suffered greatly. And speak how to cure all year. And I think you just heightened during the week that the only thing I can deduct. I don't think there was a curfew violation or anything like that but I do think we're builds as of the football decisions. I think that really means that the person the personality. Because of football but at that knows. Malcolm thought it was better than what they had out there but I don't know I. A book although it's as if what is it like Bryant you have probable all nonsense that you not you looked on line it's an online decade. Yet gardener's army. Oh there is an actual Walt white the ward where doesn't he give you one question argument the first question right. I'm number one what is it is it eight the term used to describe the gloves worn by receivers know the rag QB use its way into it. C a nickname for the officials DO slang term for footballer playing term for the flags thrown by a million feet being hit the ball to slain or purple ball right away and I perhaps I wanted to read it instantly fell down on the that Butler couldn't pass the scoop the ball that's put it don't give me one more to be one more record on what you witnessed the quarterback typically line eight behind the nose tackle beat behind the car behind the standard the behind the quarterback. That was okay now this isn't what we have Elvis well and so for us. Flies are different charter imagine what a ball all nonsense looks like on the light boards of Delhi had no clue. That people were gonna hear it here in Boston does it resemble some of the stations and he has no idea what's going on when he's not on the shows. So it's lead this stuff up. And we're sitting here listening to this to be kidding me. Let it as a parent actually think it's actually it's actually funny you know if it is led to shut down is there a lot. Exactly that is great play and either. Are you there. Slack. Exists then you. Bullet cure what we're ready to go. So that he could help them win. But Belichick who were there and say it and that's what I students car so I could not so. It was like it Erica. Erica what were put it well no TV no no no you got a Trace yet got a bald all the trail race what started it. When he failed. It started when he fields football knowledge has a play or even a warm though is a member handling of pitcher they wanna light they don't want it wine and dine on baiting wanna like you know shown how great the city is now up on it would be to play for and they wanna to. They want to test him yes right they want to what about left. Because you know Hillary you won what better way to get a guide at the plate you do need to make it to the comforts of W tells us it's a football decision that he said it was personal. Letterman it's either a football decision. Or it's closer to its people I don't I loved every death I sort of got I think someone I think he was my duty gas. And like somebody came up tools has been thumbing his guys who say we don't know he is due to its relentless and they ran away good based. All better but that's just the way it is and I think that. I think that. Illegally thank Debbie that that it's good to have the competition in the American League east when the Yankees and Red Sox are good in a competitive. It everything changed plot there have been tightened speak you know in eagle Baltimore Baltimore's good you know. We needed if we need to competitive American leveraged. And these should be really competitive. It sounds like they're dealers they often he's got the keyboard in the please old reference nobody explained to keep loaded makes April sound that's what it is so. But the highlight by the way for our audience and make is that a lot of people we're we're we're. Texting and tweeting and I think he did you hear the whole thing with with. Because the rest of us you're all over the Portland is for you were all over responds love and I think that's the guy that I wanted to or you know I don't let them you get my gag a test I got a two. You never would've got suspended because you would never had a job against this don't know but I don't you or you have protected me and I don't look real cohost do. A little closed on that that's literally what you don't know how quick view. And that is surprising though. That the full of nonsense on the white board I think. I think that the he's hitting dress that but it looked good to have. If I could isolate to pick his sound at this list of everything that's going on he's coughing and he's eating he's drinking. He's getting dressed he's getting into his car. He's pain in the valley he's doing all the other one thing is that why can't concentrate a little music bed saved at Tulsa and wish them so that didn't put all our energy got music underneath they put music we had a whole show. Well not so obvious that there was that that was great what. You know. It should be it should be football knowledge tax like the time Warner Music if that's what you know to I don't know white board. It apparently port for it it does sound like so he's terrible and on the light thwarted guerrilla aired out and and defense of Gary and try my name is having us and this was on him was. And I think it's whoever told him. That he got up on the white board and was terrible imagine what it would be like. You run a certain type on our defense here you have your own rules and regulations you and you know run bill Belichick's defense. Why would somebody test you. On their deepens when you have no idea fades you don't cover to its jets drop cover three yes drop drop cover for yes there's draw what happens when you go to nickel person what that was picked. Do I mean he's meted out. He me the whole thing was big Nixon so that is what he's like not answered. No I just this year. Oh you're. Soledad as you go about it really does sound like he's putting his stance on it yes I'm telling you not concentrating so nobody needed to pay. It was they need a favor it was one of those things let's call a guy at NBC sports Boston because work and on NBC. That that with the NBC radio network. They put them on again he's looking at it thinking oh my god they're twelve people listening to peak experiences. Not realizing. That we were off. As though he had no cold we were off and NBC radio was playing here in Boston throttling. He missed probably all my guy. But that was care gap of not surprised it was it I'm gonna get into the book of things orderly and I'm gonna get about some guys. I think I have it as much as he muted laugh at me I'll give you credit you did not laugh at my theory to theory and considerate enough. Us it was it would lose lose thinks I don't think you were the first to have a I was the first. Who was the first. Yeah Holland you're the first thank you very much you're the first two days ago today happy president audit people and I think Gary's attempted to accomplish. But lo and a believes it's it's ego he he took the opposite view that it's personal. I believe in Louisville and those are out there that lute didn't say that's the whole thing with ego but not putting him in in the second half core was. That's not just spend all that's who we're talking. We're good about your playing mitigate it kind of now broadening our YouTube don't understand the theory that was brought and you you'll like Gary dangling believe that it's you know. It's football which is personal you know it's football it's not personal it's it is all football led and it egos. No it's all football. And so we have eight that's what I'm sick so you differ in little differs from what I'm saying. It is all football that's a and we don't level player that kinda gives us a little bit more indication. Of the fact that it was football and that what has been reported. Specially because he broke down I just before the game. That he was notified just before the game that he was out. Is simply not true we will get to a net. That was great what. Either. On air online via FaceBook Twitter and he's more importantly we're loading and 48 right now Sports Radio WEEI. But the doesn't the players out there in the game plan. The list. We always do. I was two weeks into the sofa and Richard. Moment. It they say I tell you things aren't for a week we we don't do that we will have to musically for itself we eat we talk this is the spoken word. The music carries in the Baghran you not I would struggle to heart discipline and the like is that what you like to charges of your system. You are he has I had a lot of user Georgia doctor and a lot of life birdie and I. Bob good. Two weeks and this right now. And nobody at all and I'm sure there zillion different reporters locally nationally whenever that are digging in to try to find out what happened. With this Malcolm awkward situation and why he was not out there playing but one down and it was on a punt coverage team and I just want. I'm thoroughly convinced him two weeks and that my theory is as good as anybody's and that there was no discipline action this was a football decision. This was a game point. There were going up against the team that's a big outside receivers we're going with the big corners. This is a team in which were gonna play safety heavy why is we're gonna play in sub packages. We can't play base and they run the football. And bill was more fearful of the running game. With the Eagles that he was with the passing game and so therefore he said we're playing safety's. Like payroll linebackers that's what we're doing. That Malcolm partner this under sized guy. It was a pretty good. Corner though it's struggled the last few weeks to cover struggled them on a few weeks to tackle we talked about it on the show and other shows that talked about it. That was the reason he was not out there on the field you can sit there at six. Well it wasn't working in the second half and have brought it up who you gonna replace him with if that was your game plan you can say what we should change our game plan. Wasn't gonna change the game plan because he did not believe that Malcolm Butler replacing any of those safeties out here. Was going to give him a better chance at stopping what Philadelphia was. The two guys you could replace him with is Gilmore who was playing really well he might have been your best defensive player and game. And then. Eric wrong other than the first two series in one series by the way he stopped eight touchdown and a third and seven situation enforced and take three with the field goal. But it was shaky at first two series from that point on go look it up he was really good and he didn't miss apples like boycott against it. I know everybody wants to take everybody in the defense and say they all suck but those two guys on the outside Christian we're not. The problem no I would agree that probably could stop the run that was a big portion of it. On the couldn't be any 5050 ball they lost every single time. And give credit to Philly for coming it was some clutch catches and some clutch throw. At that when they needed most. That goes without being said. But I and I sit there and I look at the fact that the only way he was gonna get on the field. As if roll or on Gilmore which would get hurt. So chuck got hurt and then Richards came in and the slot that the slot cover guy ended up being. At a mostly right in the head in the done before yes and and so you sit there and then you start located at local look at that a mostly in his Dresser and he had like a letter that have a lot to Italy a lot 1111 rep sets. In a scheme that is not a lot but what did those plays go for so sit there you go go through every single one. And OK I know he's not a slot corner. I know use it. But it's would be gold beat you had your best three cover corners on the field at all time so even at Butler isn't considered your top. Who. Okay because Gilmore is your best in the UT Rowe is playing better you rather get an image to give him a chance. And did you look at about a mostly in you're looking at Butler all what do you think gives you better odds. I think he was looking at data mostly who's a pretty good tackler he did not like the tackling in the last few weeks and we just guessing on this. And that would be my guest that bill looked at the last few weeks did not like the tackle and we talked about this after the Jacksonville game. It was an issue with Butler then he set and he's probably weakened by being sect but let's just bring the latest incidents. And get them according gives us I think a little bit more evidence that this was indeed a football move. And it was all based on the game plan. And Bill Belichick was not gonna change the game plan because he didn't think that was the the issue so. A lot of people did that mysterious decision this is then New Jersey dot com. Mysterious decision combined with coach bill Belichick's tight lipped approach. Led to anonymously sourced reports that Butler was benched for disciplinary. Reasons. But forty commented on this in the first get it's really dominant outside of the Super Bowl here's his quote. As far as I know all of that is the furthest thing from the truth according set. We all knew he wasn't starting all week that wasn't a secret to the guys on the team. I get why people of fishing. The guy played 98% of the place I just hate it for him character wise going into free agency. It's just not true as far as I know and I was they are all week not one time did anything come up. Not want he knew all week long. That he was not gonna start that he was not. Really a major part of that game plan now people gonna look at Ro Ro was trying to beat the good teammate and a game was over. And he came out and said well you know they asked and when did you find out well I found out. It out just before the game and then we put. 200 together Malcolm partnership there in tears as they're the idea of it and America the beautiful is being played we're going oh my god he just found out. While two questions later. Eric wrote told everybody they. And bad that outside corner all week long with the first team in practice. Immunity that they did in that wasn't consistent. With the way they discipline players that if somebody comes Lee in the dirt and playing. I don't think that that's that's it all the things that we heard of people were speculating about. And we sat there gorilla that doesn't make sense that is amazing nothing really added up in the end of the simplest. Explanation was the truth. It was a game plan decisions in his play had diminished they didn't trust him as much as they used to roster and they felt that you know they had a better opportunity with him now. I don't believe that they. That you know was he when played at all. I think they wanted to get him in there but it's just it never happened it never because row got beat a couple of times and he saved the touchdown early in the first quarter. Army had to of one other bad play but you you'll take you got it if I'd drop a pass. And they're taking me out of the game right if I missed one block. Bite off sides once but ever I have three negative place and the first three quarters right. They're not taking me out of the game young guys you taken out of the game. Big guys who fumbled a young guy that fumble our moments too big for you dirt I get the ball anymore goalies don't trust you. I don't that's not the case and liquor stores are that's the case was rolled down there look at a poll row just because he got beat a couple of times on the game just started and again they're getting paid also. So let's look at inside because that's what people are saying so if you look at the game and go back and watch it they were playing. Three safeties out there okay that's what they were doing. And winning at six DB isn't there. That extra guy about a mostly. Which were kind of a linebacker and linebacker safety you can look at where he lives inside was inside and see club get to the box sorry against an identity. Yes he was he was going to be forced. To tackle correct OK and not that that they're there to pass catching receiver at the big bash correct okay that BJ giant into the Gharib line which you need it are pretty unique ability to take those guys down needed a bigger guy OK so they probably did not. Work Malcolm Butler. Add that inside position during the course of the week. They probably didn't because the game plan was worked on safety heavy because we have got to make. Tackles on the inside of the gate we've got to deal with tight ends going over the middle parts. Theory actors and bad guys up at five and kind of like yes I felt bad that I think that that the things that Butler has to me which kind of has me scratching my head is is the intangibles. Does the data that chip on your shoulder mentality where. Good plays happen around him bad plays also because he's gonna get beat it means playing on most typical. Both positions in all of professional sports a corner on an island so he's gonna get beat. Whatever you dig it beat when he does get beat something good always kinda comes from that rates on the Osce because I. He's he steaming inside he's he's so Adrian side. Then he ends up knock on the ball out and recoveries are not recovers he does something he makes a good place he happily usually ends up making a difference up. You're shaking your head because man you tell me he could help you at all you couldn't find one situation. To put him into the game whether why not goal line why not out just red zone why not situation or third down I don't know whatever some sort of personnel group we see you know it. Were better defense we'll Malcolm has now. If so what we've done is and this is why it has gotten to this point I truly believe there was no discipline involved. He was sick earlier in the week probably missed some practice they've big game plan was to go with the two outside corners. He was the third guy on the depth chart. For what they needed to do because they had big receivers and they are you going safety have the and you needed to stop the run inside that Malcolm Butler didn't. Like fade into the game plan. He is what's happened. We've gone to the point where people think it was the worst coaching decision ever made they've already in their mind assume. That if you put Butler in place of bad mostly inside he would have got the job done. And Bill Belichick was on the sidelines that they're going. Right now the problems that were having Butler can't make those tackles. Against what Garret blunt inside he can't do what I want him to do he would've had to commend her for either role. Org Gilmore unless they would that theory that that's what Belichick says. Because you had annually in the early release in late corner that's I don't play into question it and it did not it will always said this and he did listen to take credit for this. But I said it was safety heavy you're gonna place they teased as you needed bigger will not you needed more about you really need dean Collins to be honest with us. The shadows she wasn't big enough to get it was really pretty get bigger than it even when they played like you're one a little Landon Roberts. It just undersized not equipped at all but just you know all the running plays and cut back is always there. And even when he's in position he's getting run over so he's getting hit and then he's falling backwards and it's a three yard gain after contact. Go look. At the stats when it goes two yards after contact. James White had a bunch of on Jai had a bunch of home in the Garret blunt out of those three guys in that one syllable word art and top its top eight. I wanna say as far as. Yards after contact in the history of the Super Bowl nobody was packing packing on you decide how to spoke about the help you do them. Does she changed I don't know I cannot I look at look at it as we could as I and I know I hear you I just. And call it call it you know special treatment in Il may be a little little soft spot in my heart Malcolm Butler I think we all know but it's it's one of those things warm and Elizabeth announced he doesn't know I did it I it was a bad player and a game plan and what the. Eagles can do I think it was simply that one and wracked our brains but the the whip people have done is they've already come to the conclusion of her business. Welcome Butler plays three place the patriots win that game where you're coming up with that I think people were that we're always like Connie this it's almost like. You know at the lost arc. It's like you know at that they're searching for answers like they like their Indiana Jones. And they just they don't get it inherently know that though if he played three plays I person only doing a game where people are going back from from looking. Every single play in the first two playoff games dissecting every single one. Gradient look he had him dissecting it trying to find a reason why. Why. And it's it's you can look at its game plan specific. But it's still I don't care it even if you put the answer right from me and said here's Tom Brady here's the answer some test. I sit there SA. I still. Don't typically don't do. We all do but let's face okay it in and it might have it might have made it a lot easier for us to understand it because if he had the same problems that everybody else. Then we'd be sitting here saying they put public and game of the same crap happening but he is you won't know. The passes after the first two series. Were really being completed against their safeties against their linebacker out they weren't as Eagles later and he I was until I decide look at all the highlights. It's us it's us it's a linebacker fallen behind not make in the play for safety come on over for help not make it to play. It's Richards taking a terrible angle on a wheel route. From climate out of the backfield which led to a huge run its picked up. I bet bad Opel decision so and it's going to be talked about for ever and ever and ever. But it's the deadliest shooting ever and ever and there. It's okay if I do the impression of myself why it is even put all the time though what we do here that's what I hear and you know John Maynard says in his mind he made big outrage in my mind salad that old partly changes at all. The McCord I think is interesting because the players knew what all week. So as we start to hear some of the facts all of these phony stories about discipline and the bag of weed and all the sub stuff and that being out at the at the Ross concert and all the stuff we've heard. Now that's true. All of its deploying into it and I think people are thinking it's got to be discipline because he can't be no we start here at the truth now and it really comes down to game. I 6177797937. Will join us coming up in the next hour to the phone calls next. Fort Wayne where Loney and 48. Christian college Sports Radio W. Let's get to default because people want to have some football. Here. Football. John is in a Bellingham hello John. I got a little. I think what we'll let you go to certain I think he armed I think he got put on the bench because you pulled the same thing I think all of this. I think you want to make that he was more interest in making plays. Bingo on the team system. So is so the word on the world JD Collins what's which was you may when that all happened it was free freelancers. And he's he's initiate other there was a ton of rumors going around about unity John's yeah isn't news Leahy was he was so conservative on stats. He got out of position he got beat you give a big place. I don't. I don't see that though I don't see that the Butler I don't I don't. I don't see it at all I think he was a there was some awesome technique issues that he was lacking. And I think that caused some problems with him. And you know some bad guesses because a lot of times does this cult what is. You guess sometimes heated be. Hope all non aspect of that is mr. John boy on BB LSI. I think this is a little bit different John I really do I think you know and. Oh yeah look at this size is a big factor here size is a big factor. Folks who know armed. They're currently doing what we've written don't move the same thing that they interviewed on a great catch and you know I have to separate a book characters. I don't know I think com note don't forget what look at the element of Seattle catch. You could go back what allowed the practice for the peak I think I think he just goes Odom is old enough. Yeah I'm not sure that's his watches it was a game plan and and the and the match last week we talked about it. During after the Jacksonville game that is tackling was really cool he wasn't alone by the way there were others and at the issues with Aqua. But I really believe it comes down to game play I just don't buy this. Eagle why is Bill Belichick can sit and say screw you know what I wanna win it. Without Malcolm buck is seen nicer things about me if I can go win it without welcome Butler. I believe that he felt. That Malcolm Butler could help him win that game in the second half. He would put Malcolm Butler and he had zero trust to Malcolm Butler and maybe it was even worse. In that the way Butler reacted during the course of the week the U is not part of the game playing Christian I don't know you would know better than make. In a certain guys have certain personalities they find out during the course of the week all. A lot of oil is also I have this little must have been a weird week for her book the Apollo with a lot of unknowns for him because he was because the game play goes in. The week before you don't assume they don't put the game plan and so when you you do all your Sewell Pratt. Like you know tickets up like that on Monday. And he's still on Tuesday off and any command on Wednesday. And by then you get your game plan but that game plan is just first and second down it's not third data such situation of not red zone. I'm so and and because the courses are working and as a lot of time heat to the Super Bowl. You're starting out basically do everything you did. The week before but just may be some additions some traction he was gone for a couple days because he says. Yeah so I mean I might have everybody also said that he was practicing during the week. So maybe there was a big unknown as far as okay. Maybe he. We weren't sure he was going to be you know sort out the entire game but maybe there is gonna be away for him to get in the publicity when time was he playing any of the safety positions I doubt if you are gonna say yes and there is I think okay. So the position he was playing was one of the do so always so you practice for him would look lets say quarter he would back up both positions he would back him Gilmore and you would back row. You're the first baca back and you're the first back up about a most. It mattered most he doesn't get hurt Gilmore doesn't get hurt and wrote doesn't hurt. Child gets hurt but that doesn't affect Europe to a lot in life now we get to put an does take you there or because you're not gonna play it. It would be vehicle if you was playing that position he'll be the equivalent. Of like Julian Allen playing. Late corner toward brown praying corner playing corner dude we know you can't play this illusion you're gonna get swallowed up we know you're tough guy but man just. Trying to get by but I think people who and rightfully so have a difficult time of trying to. Recognize that because. He was out different 98% of the snaps during the course doesn't make this season but I will say this will status as far as as far as my experience with that team and in assume bought mirrored and I told the store before Dan and I Dan Graham denied being involved in almost every single snapped. I've been involved in an almost every aspect of all the gains going through the or even in the playoffs. Merrill we got to the Super Bowl we open up the playbook for the first or second down which is once they install. He's just a look at it the other war unfolds. We're not involved if we make and if we make impact it's going to be third third down short yardage. It's going to be red zone goal line situation but in a couple of red zone you know passing plays but otherwise we work involved in the day. That's Belichick that's why am I and so I'm amazed that people are shocked that this in the respect that. Telecheck dean plans every single week it is totally different you just gave up the story. Of what one thing you've been doing all season long and suddenly you go wanted to Super Bowl was at eagle's game. That was no that was a Carolina Carolina can you sit there looking at a totally different communities and we raised telecheck. That he's really unique example these game plans that that nobody can figure out. I guarantee you that they Carolina. Was probably looking at it during the the course of the weakening expected UN in an era to be involved in virtually an out and Michael Barney really kind of hit it the week before sensible talk about the matchup it really is it's funny we always just say it's all about matchup problem matchup. Into the team as a better record you match up good with them and something you don't data match that didn't have the and it came to graduate. A personnel issue wasn't a scheme issue there players aren't as good. They're back of their depth on their roster as far as the guys they need to step on the field and make plays. Phillies guys were better. You're big you're better at the quarterback position to guess what. Make fools played well enough to gluttony and again even though your ground game was phenomenal here's Dennis and hides are awful blow out existing. Pay eight ballot and hacked cracked like a it can. All the all or. It sure I I picked her out of reach half an expert in my real quickly right. They slowed up a hole and hit it right into it I'll look at the outlook in the spotlight. Most of them do it. We just so they changed the game plan every week. It's. Black and art or is it. Water twice. And on and I. Expect. Pittsburgh. Oxford and got nothing to do with it we just told Chris Hedges Dave Christian just told you about his experience. It has nothing to do with the previous game. The only thing that might have heard Butler was that this was gonna be one of those tackling games because of the running game physical running game. And that Butler had not played well on that last game you're all back to the Pittsburgh games of the regular C. That is they've got to do with it. I don't think it's been. That's why not expect a lot in the play them. And let me just put the player obviously in this there's a reason why we have your back you've gone up. Now masters last year. And none none of that was that was a year ago they play Jackson. Well yeah. While still haven't. Got and what. It's always. I'd like I don't applaud him out our shots are all right let that. At this meticulous the whole idea that this is all personally hates to where we seen it a pattern of was the pattern usually if a guy takes stuff personally. Then this a hat okay. You've seen it over the years Tryon is shown little bit of that so we're talking about Rex Ryan doing something like this. I'm IP question. We've never seen without Jack this whole life your ego I love the idea that people think. That he wanted to do this without Malcolm partner that bill actually was willing to take the risk and the chance. That I'm gonna go try to do this without Malcolm Butler and then at the end of the day people are gonna say you know what they'll. Going into the game you're the greatest coach in the history of the NFL knowledge actually did it without Malcolm Butler I think it is our photo. All based sports pride pride it was one of the reasons why bill decided it made this decision like let's make it out of me you know what. It's hard enough as it is make it even harder. My best players. Now dozen or so for what it thinks that my whole theory is is that foolish. And even though we're seeing more information coming out the Mike reached up the other day and give them according to those. In which. It not only does it does it not dissuade me from talking about this theory. But it's giving more evidence right now so he's got to come up with a real reason. On why this happened other than this. As we know it's not disciplined anybody thinks that it and wanna go with the Eagles tougher or you know personal he wanted to do without Malcolm Butler didn't see. Hope all the number I passed the football knowledge just with bill to fill. I don't might have failed in Paris is Malcolm. You know Garrett says that he failed at New Orleans when Nate would know. So apparently get it's not as far back as last callers gains realized that New Orleans doesn't have the right to give them any type of test. He was a member of the New England Patriots he never a member of the new loans but maybe don't feel that. Another route to go we didn't move back to the final hour of the programs see he's got any good tidbits. Walking around down there at the at Fort Myers and more of your phone calls.