OMF - TB12 defends Brady’s body after beach pictures; Dolphins to punish players who kneel during anthem, 7-20-18

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Friday, July 20th
Hour 1 - Rob Bradford and Marc James fill in on OMF and discuss the photos of Brady and Gisele on the beach from earlier this week. Brady is not as muscular as Rob expected but Marc thinks he just has a “dad bod.” They also get into the Dolphins’ new policy to punish players who kneel during the national anthem.

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On you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty mile an England or leagues here so he's a five wood two iron 65 so I don't know. If there's any way that I can like sort of lower myself to be his eye and a moon he never heard my sexy voice on the air before this meat anymore rod page PD hey dumb ass. Pursuing you as if you were the Heisman Trophy trophy you vote with well well well I am Mark James in rat. Coach and let me tell you something I'm no doctor and I don't play one on TV or the rate network TV you see the tax write that note and I am marked gains that marked with the EC teams have guys can't do it some guys. This is the greatest time ever assembled. Why re doing now on Sports Radio WEEI. I didn't know and that. And he's rob Bradford and I am marked with Jesse James Brad both show always good to talk does good to see you. It really about whether we were down 63 pounds. God now I am staying Soledad don't wanna be me she did OK I am that's all fifty now it's marathon training. Now it's all about reaching full mouth capacity this is about owning a I am not I looked at Tom Brady's that you would it compromise photo. I don't know you're the only guy on those little though he recently and I honestly think you know why if you know having. Even better in lost some weight. Like clearly he's not. Living up to with cookbook whenever you cast well we see a picture it's not I'm not I'm not that she naming him arms control football sort TB twelve it's. And they're doing the plight building thing and everything else but. Like a lot of people really that's that's probably that's the guys told me DK oh he's so it looks like he went back to his 2000. NFL draft com and followed him about one. Now he's worsen after all why you think he's worse than that now and this is twenty years later enemies it's we have to be realistic I think the problem is that. You have a guy yeah short you're over forty in you look good for guys over forty rate he looks great and he's well and here you only. It was open if it's okay for a guy of forty but for a guy who was telling the to how the year you ever Buchanan never never never never. Drink a two liter bottle account you can never have cocoa pop there you go to ethics he carved by rabbi if Tony Allen's writing it means you can never ever do any of these things and this is the way you live your life. Then then and he is. It's an off season for everybody but there is no offseason for TB twelve and that the wheat from TB twelve yesterday. Which was. What the effect of you know it's more important at six rings and it is to have a six pack the bear. But I like that don't I won't say because of offensive like what little it's defensible about it. Why why is he B twelve even responding well dad isn't business TB twelve because yet because there at their guy is getting some heat for looking a little pudgy. But don't worry about it we get it you're still pliable yet people go there they heal up. All it don't be defensive about. Tom Brady not having. Arabs where he responds sums of droning on and on TB twelve did you recall. Of twelve footer county area. Which is basically that they they've responded they linked to a Men's Health Magazine. Story saying you know. Tom Brady isn't just about looking right about feeling good and everything house. But they respond to anything that I have six rings in the six pack there's what's wrong the bowl. I think when you're about to be 41 and a month but still obviously he gets the six pack that. Right now I hope people here care about is he gets back to lose and the piece off like he was a year ago I don't think that he is gonna be any issue bookmark the problem is is that. That it. For everybody else that's the case. But when you're getting on your soapbox is much is TB twelve Landis. You have to have the advertisement. You. We derby and this is this is what he wants to do after it right this is what we've been here it's gonna it's gonna be his ultimate legacy postal say it's fair. Fair but when you're. When your prioritizing that and where are your publicizing it so much and then you have that picture maybe it was a bad angle I don't know. But clearly hit home for the UB twelve people because they responded on Twitter it's about what it just as the battle you're right. I think he's a great quarterback he'll be fine to be able throw the ball abuse go to Abner. But the TP twelve getting defensive on Twitter last night that. That was not wet but I I dislike for clarification that was not on it was TB twelve official count sell. Outs Guerrero we understand that. It was not TB twelve himself now. I think people himself who are not on break that Tom Ridge who pleaded yet to sign off on it. From from. This is if his company. You don't think about eight. I guess when when they're a tweet I think a lot more offended when they hit both thing came out after I was cleaning any aces after bay gets out of the shower apple bottom feeding. I think the little people more fed up. And Arafat. I'm offended by Tom Brady. You know being ten pounds overweight I'm not offended. By understood I am not offended by this week but it's it's it comes back to bad like like what you're talking about that shower thing right outlook. Battle is about cares doesn't make a difference outlook. I think this is the worst luck because. We if we're sort of the mine Tom Brady can do anything you want to bring him he has a supermodel wife go to go get a body. By when you're when you're preach in like this. And now also an inmate all get to do is say hey you know the bad shot it was a bad angle one win TP twelve comes out and says is more important to have six rings and six six pack that. Then that tells me that he doesn't have now that's not a bad. And that you know what you'd be he had his playing waited 260 pounds. He could do it he could be like what the guy from Kentucky. With that would Sherrill right zero tolerance. The have to that's not the Pillsbury throw boy that I thought Brady but it would be Jarrett and now Iraq. I think we're going a little bit first of all you know within us and say training camp trinkets a week from yesterday he's not gonna get down by that time I don't I don't know you can do things he needs to do awaken 180 you awakened when Nady could be a parasite you can talk other things right yeah. Right I mean I think we just want Brady get back to where he was when he left the field throwing for 500 yards three touchdowns and no interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles as long as he gets to that guy. It's gonna be right from the jump it's gonna take awhile to get that Super Bowl 52 Tom Brady Brady was the reason a lawsuit brought people get sick all he fumbled and yeah that was because the alignment of that was in Brady's fault right now I mean it is pretty pricey would you say in. She's a walking billboard for the TD twelve I ability. I'm not I gonna be Johnson remarked I'm not as worked up over like the picture and Lucy. You know as a Aniston bystander of that one eight purveyor of that picture. What's the attitude to that shock you. Not really because his velocity is not to be muscular. So I'll come on seem Lucy's right Lucy so right on this one is it's how you got it back I thought exactly that. That's why haven't showed not a bad a little argue that you thought. Maybe that's. No surprise that's not even a dad bought the. In good shape. Sure okay super hitting good shape all you guys have a problem with the TB twelve getting defensive about because obviously he's not in the shape that. TB twelve is B everybody TB twelve assay you know what this is what we're saying don't think they got to have over this week to think they're being little facetious now. Oh no got to go to the tweet at all if you're gonna go on another paragraph matters about pliable and build the Bob Bob Bob Bob. No they're not they were getting defensive they went to a Men's Health Magazine because you know what you know we can say what we want. And with all due respect to Lucy's fraudulent opinion about already Witasick are these fraudulent at all Tom Brady's. Continued physical well being. We can say this but it was session's sharp there was and that market is the national media moguls who was all over him for that well seating charts isn't that what my the question not obviously yeah it's he civil moronic thing right especially about new legally he's lost but I don't think that TB twelve. As powerful as the show it is as powerful as the show is not only keep B twelve is responding. Just if we say he looked out of shape in that pitcher I think it was a product of he was catching heat across the nation thing. You don't care about rob I care about week one. Houston Texans to let stadium how's he gonna be right I got so it's all out really well let's all go all the stuff is that way though markets and yeah I. Say it is spelled the one thing I will say more than that sweetie you're talking about. Brady's not had this is probably. The most pricey controversial it's all relative it's not like the guy with LeSean McCoy or anything like that. I think Brady's had a really weird offseason. It's just agency you know with the T Tom vs tying the episode 60 you're here is eating his feelings his orders and then just not showing up to the voluntary OT gays and and hiding behind the voluntary want to sit. He had the same feeling he has now. Urich golf to add any new members to the family. So I think that was a little weird quite hear about is. Bring number six that's all he cares about who cares about he's gonna be are we Perkins Jerry coming up here believe on August 13 it every week so that's all that really matters I mean. It also what are we got here. But this is the but mark when your put yourself out there and people you write you speak for the 99%. Of the patriots following. But when you put yourself out there where this stuff when Kurt win. Turkey and Jerry interviewed him about the Guerrero is tough initially and went on for forty minutes and we're very passionate about it. Once you do that and once you don't shy away from it it's a conversation you're right it's been invited to different conversations he's got to be a good quarterback. But we also have to look into what Guerrero. Eight fraudulent concussion water stuff yeah if we get your chance we are we I can't say Alex Guerrero is going is great at healing wrong and he does a lot of great things which he does. We can't just say that we have to look at everything and that's why whether it's this or whether it's the controversy would Brady and and the ballot sex stuff I do feel like heading into this year. There is for patriot fan them there is more aware DI have been. Ever before there is an I'm glad you brought that opera Greg Bedard just wrote from the Boston sports journal and article about how the internal strife between Brady belly checking craft. Has not resolved it's not been rectified which to me. At this juncture on Friday July 20 with. Training camp less than a week away. I'm pretty shocked about that that these guys hadn't got on the same page yet because. I'm you know I don't want Vista to go into this season and all of a sudden this becomes the thing that everybody's talking about it as you know rob. Next Thursday the first day of training camp. Those are going to be the questions and obviously you can tell. Would Brady didn't have to shell out. Anything voluntary right after that mandatory mini camp was over. He was done he's never really done this before except when he. I think he hit a birth of his child back in 2009 or 2010. To put it this is a little thing that you know. That concerns me more than anything to be on sued because I don't think that the frictions ever been thicker between and indulge. Yeah but it. You really think that's going to be an issue the only issue I look at that like when you get to the season I don't think that's going to be an issue I think they're gonna have the same relationship they always out. I think it's going to be an issue when it comes to how long you want to play and what when you do have that conversation don't think. And we don't dual show on this Alex Guerrero is the heart of this is to remain part of it yet Yoko Guerrero yeah it so. When your win but I didn't read darts thing but when you're talking about that relationship back and forth. That is if if Guerrero isn't there were business as usual isn't it. Isn't it usually isn't just. We think is in the sub all in large part about he took away the office. You know you're injured the training staff is overlapping with Guerrero in this and controversy there that's where the bulk of what else went. Mark what else could it be about he's played for Bill Belichick he knows how Bill Belichick does its job. Yeah he does and this all goes back to we deduced is would deal Arnold. About a month ago is still hasn't contacted the TB twelve and we want to know like. Wind it did oust heroes access get completely abolish and you go back to week two. Against the saints. That's when Chris Hogan gets hurt and Guerrero runs on he that's my that's my go here. Might Pollyanna about it when I go to I don't like it and the pig I don't run on the field like Guerrero on the sidelines Hogan gets hurt in the first half. And then. They show Hogan walking off halftime side by side with correct that's right that's a guy and yet you don't and the patrons staffer like WT death. And then I was and I think after that point Belichick came in said all right you're not gonna be on the sidelines in not to be on the team plane. You know you're not going to be able to rub Tom down at half time indeed you know not going to be able to do these things he normally and that I hold we believe that's were everything stems from so. It is what is 6177797937. Is a lot of things to get too I got its latest right now. Let's acknowledged that 900 pound pig dealt in the Ramona say congratulations to all and that's who led Orlando shot shot across the bow no no I'm just they are who we have to drive a look at who reed Cowen and company delve I don't know but I just noticing this is what's not nobody our problem I have noted talking about the whole terrorists and not at all no I'm just congratulate the the movie did albeit I'd much its program. Now much much in you know the guys like outlet to less than 2% body fat when he dictated protein pars right exactly so. So your thoughts all of that moving to afternoon drive on August 13 I think they will be successful going egg against the huge. Speaking of guerrilla 900 pound gorilla across the street or down in Dorchester. Felder I I think you're gonna be very successful I think it's a good thing or unsuccessful I mean this is this is one thing. So much attention was on. Through sexson and rightfully so it's an important part of the equation. By. ER and you'll think that that dale and he can't compete guests would ever trans Alaska because they took me in this heat I expect in the wind all of course army camp yeah that's not what I meant IP men and compete and win and and that's how I put a whole day yesterday are you know that's dole regroup and and say Inco kick there there but I mean that's that's what the message should be across the board. And and I don't think that the of that the weird thing is when you hear like lie and say oh we're gonna we get some ideas are gonna re like not only why. What would the ideas that's okay. You know you're you're Dirk good you're good show now yeah. Very entertaining I listen on despite a local an orderly and Latin and healthier yeah why do you hate glad I hope that's the thing. I do. But personally professionally what he couldn't keep my name out of his mouth so I had to respond the way want to take you so long to do it that's that was the other because it because I told people we see shtick Cheney's it would this that the other so that's why I eventually we just got to the boiling point I got the break every man has ever seen the movie falling down Michael but I shorted right you know it's 1031 they won't serve breakfast when it was 1038. No winds are being brought only one personal out of hand you know outskirts of Oklahoma bits and. So congratulations and and and this I think deal and people be successful in mid days did you hear did you hear the the wrong. That was the that was totally laughing at Cherokee and I'm choking on his teeth but we're gonna that's Glenn laughing okay. Did you here's the dale and he being in the show I did OK I did what thoughts on that my thoughts were at the shoot you know listen if you are now probably teach you when both of those guys are listen Dale Arnold. Started this radio station along Oakland Orleans September 2 1991. So Dale Arnold he's Boston sports talk radio long Oakland or way. They should be pissed off don't do that though what that mean that there's nothing it got you know I I hear yeah I hear about being pissed off the thing that I I don't like. I don't like the one night we were so great we're so great we were so great right. I hate Daytona but they should be mad but now you have to take his challenge that. Listen we recheck things called to talk about 900 pound adult in the room. He saw what was going on in the afternoon. You're getting doubled so that's why you gotta sending you know and I think all right and I think orderly Maloney for you're gonna compete I think eventually. Slow build. Feel that should be able to knock off his former protege who else started an and I also feel like we can start going after them a little bit more as winded way of these these dally capped wonder you know Jim Murray Douglas. Well that nothing was nothing says that I did mention is made millions and now and he came after you for your right reared there was but. Yeah no I'd said that that shows side. The 6 o'clock show the baseball reporters write you called the baseball several servers grab you mean. And and people here spun that around like you don't need to be in the clubhouse when I was saying that if you're gonna have a show that's been the baseball reporters. Like you should be criticized because. This fine if you have league baseball show you talk about baseball but don't call at a baseball reporters. Because what the guy who was on it with a baseball report eight years ago she. Parents is the last time he was in the clubhouse at least I got you have to be. Obviously you don't have to be in the clubhouse if your radio guys are obviously. But if you're going to have eight based show called the baseball reporters. Then you have that you the that's a fraudulent and your misleading your spirits and then I think that shows so that goes on note yet so I think it's lights as much I didn't mention his name. But what was great about it was all my goodness oh yeah right right oh no already doing it on rush him in and got an environment they didn't wanna talk consolidated right ties and you know why because they're probably Smart. And this guy you know you brought I don't know at all by. Hey thank you I just wanna say thank you and this is what I'm talking about. You when you know you're getting under their skin and I do think this move. It's going to get under their skin and eventually have now this is going to be stiff competition absolutely. And and they can't justify we don't want it are we don't want part well. When these guys in bowl I'm slides tart starts he can beat Sean to change away from their ratings. Then you'll see that view was Jim Murray. Which is a you know what we are actually sense about this and we actually have to respond. And and guard that's what we want that then that Murray anything with just the tip of the iceberg for me. Well. Which were talking you you know you can. You would European funny. You know you're you say a sock you know I can't talk like what what is new is that like everybody says that okay if fine. But what you did and we gave us a gift if you showed that over there you are worried you were thin skinned. And thank you because that's just the beginning because they're gonna start reacting more and more and more because the ratings are going to be cutting through more and more with this change and well 6177797937. Which is let's to a free for all Friday it would every wanna talk about let's talk about all that moving to. Afternoon drive you wanna talk about dealing Keith moving to me days. I'm rob Bradford it's oh now sort of a robbery there with the act now is what I. May I just I stand by my statement which is that shows though. Once. They think you know right to tell you this I've never seen this side. That someone it's gonna you know throw off the gloves in giggle I've never seen rob rallied full don't they went relatively few and you know. I have a press box and you know what it's like they're NASA and I would like what are we gonna do when the storm and there. And say you know at a gallery and I think you've got no I don't think that I love out of intolerant like I love the people over there all nice people. Ethel what else would you see me right nobody had never seen you sort of goal late you know you just throw the gloves down let's go like Howard Stern radio truth Alan Weil that that. C'mon. Truth telling now I will tell you it is much is Glenn orderly hates me for whatever reason I had no idea I do enjoy island off that list until it. So is it so that tells you even a guy who's talking trash about me I still listen to each oh. Then that tells you that they got in I don't have a meter in the business I don't have just a matter. Well now I don't I don't wanna go bubble love's funds nobody here has any idea what that means but there was a whole Nielsen ratings. Will the people who are measuring the ratings carry around meters like my right ankle brace and much exactly it's very male thing I want to get to the dolphins and the policy. Also. A lot of other things wanna get too but especially that in. You know rob. In the ratings and S this year up over 20% the Red Sox were very happy about that yes what I would ask don't have this discussion we view because I will tell you. As much as it resonates on television. It doesn't seem to resonate the same way on radio. And less your bashing David Price. They're ready they're by the broadcast no I don't known and on top of the rockets on talking about sports talk radio to and show us we can talk about I want to talk about that no joke estates in never fine and their ratings are by the way the bracket deputies there right nerd and a let's listen the broadcasts are great table Brian Dennis Becker's we Jerry Remy. Ratings later if they work rate which. The ratings are. They did it runs as it goes back to all the things you were talking about mark it's a results business right that says the results business and the Red Sox this year more likable than they were a year ago. Yes it is true. Well mine is John Ferrell did go to minus handling at fair like Billy. Conversation went out the window yet because they're also 38 games over 500 how it's it does a cigarette you know it's like it let's go back to back division winners and it just seemed like the one word that you heard used to depict this team a year ago was on likable and a lot of Croix in what was defined by what was. Defining last year was the Machado Pedroia I think it was the price sacrificing accuracy thing than those two things and you know I wrote about this today which is this whole idea I if I cringed. In spring training when they all got up this or we have more fun we're gonna have more frontal that's great well Liu this 193 win back to back years. When division title back to back you're I don't care you have fun or not it's a results business but so it was worth it to me to look into this thing is this a result. Is this 38 games over 500 a result of these guys may be. He thing having fun but that's him and weakened state. Of of being more like a ball being a little put their guard down a little bit more of wind become the work a little bit more is that a product of it. There's a different vibe of this team and I do think that with the ratings may be. That's friends you know what else is different from this year than last year while the minus wash or herb wind dance repeat. Pirates is eight tied it with. He got to the point where I think a lot of people were after 93 wins is like OK not doing I'm telling you it's more likable. Aegis is more thick that they're more electable because they don't know no I think it's I think to play critics I don't I think the critics could not stand that last year you all it's great music the critics when you're talking yeah I am re talking about ethics selling tickets yeah. Like the people who wiped out of the people there. About buying a ticket you really think people bought tickets to see no I don't pay no I don't OPEC but I'm saying use and the critics didn't like it won't. You figure people work on the game to watch the games because like oh my goodness I can't watched wind dance and now and the reason but I'm just tell you we talk about more likable. Outs Cora over John Ferrell no we don't get traded Alex Cora for a little dance at the end game and there are no outs quarreled over John Ferrell. That's when he eighteen check no windy and repeat over windy entropy 2018 checked no Handley. And I'll forget it your holy knot over. Valuing over rating this hold dancing did Indian games well no 86177797937. Brad hurting James in for a way and half free for all Friday we will take your phone calls and. Forty Sports Radio WEEI. He's been problems but still I think it's good you have to stand proudly. For the national patient implying your should be yeah maybe you shouldn't be in the country you have to stand proudly pull the National Anthem. And he had a columnist at the right thing. That's what they've done. The leader of the free world the president of the United States of America Donald Trump we are Bradford and James in for all and Ethier on WEI. And the income policy is just gotten even more screwed up rob Bradford according to an eight. The dolphins. We're going to use this. Discipline of a plea for game suspension for any player who protested during the anthem. The report cited a nine page document the dolphins filed with the NFL. So now the NFL in the NFL PA announced they are ready quote standstill. On in the rules after the dolphins report. This whole thing is a complete cluster belief. And it's starting to win they win to the owners meetings and some five star resort back in February. And that they thought on Roger Goodell one just gonna put upon all 32 NFL owners and beard and he. Dole out their own punishment as they see fit in the dolphins announced it's because they're one of the first scenes it's going to have training camp. And now it's like oh no red states. Rob this thing is a joke. And they can't get it right like the NBA or Major League Baseball. All mediators that baseball. The worry about it right everyone's gonna stand regardless what that's what does bite I'd be the NBA's better example you're right I mean this is. That this whole idea of hey you know why you can suspend guys for half the season if you really want to do. Is this and it's insane because all have to happen this is I said this last night. This thing with going away it was going away unfortunately Donald Trump. And let it go away but it was in the Super Bowl that we talked about this at all in the last half of the season did we talked about this at all no no no. But it was going away so trump resurfaces that they react to it they have the policy but to two. Do the opportunity to beat teams to actually suspend these guys multiple games all that's gonna do is say hey you know what. You are gonna tell me what to do and I'm and a half half the team meal when notable ward before and now what unit the yes spent half the team it's a black joked. It's an absolute joke that they can't just say a universal policy like the NBA. Mark he the FDA. Are you had on media day last year you had the Celtics being asked about this because it was in early October. Jalen brown carrier Irving it was a hot topic in it like now maybe you'll do something may go do something. No I don't think because the NBA had a under control. And they had a conversation with the players they had and agreed upon thing is in this media in Iraq don't write it. It's in the cockpit as and when it carries both sides are bundling this because. In May when they came out where there. The NFL came out with the your initial ruling on the net and some stuff the first thing the NFL PA did was say. How comedian confirm this we would like to have a conversation well. You gotta have a conversation. You you don't put his mark when these guys don't feel like they're in the conversation when they feel like they're being told what to do. Vick and amp up and says the vitriol that's what's happened here control up and we can't give gifts around with the new properties. And how he's playing the NFL I think right now it if trump doesn't surfaces. Then. We are probably where we were at the second half of the year last we're gonna talk about it but because he is the owners respond because of the business is the bottom line thing. It's just it's just the mass and I do think I saw the release last night. I do you feel like. The encouraging part of that was art were drawn back. Now we're gonna talk to each other about this in get it right yeah we screwed up the whole thing about whatever team wants to do the Miami dolphin with. Thought is that a did you have to do is played out. Right place I don't well I know back just four games everybody suspended. I go back to this what was the big thing rob when you talk about. The biggest issue five or six years ago to remember what it was. It was Daniel Snyder. And refusing to change the name of the Redskins and just for the record I will tell you. I mean Ford Daniel Snyder you know why because he owns the team and not publically own it. It's his own private entity. Peek into what ever he wants it and I got the numbers on holes in and end the armed native Americans league over 83% of them were not attainable. If you wanna look for something in anything. You could you go for so he's going to be a fetid something so you know what Daniel Snyder did. Nothing he shot the police all in wean away. Like he said. At the end of last season. There was less than not saying nothing now it was dead remember remember we waited we return on the games a lot of them early in the year who is going to be standing who was gonna be kneeling. That was a big thing. It was. Right to do is look at the playoffs with the Super Bowl. And this is the biggest stage if you send a message to do it there. Did did one eagle or to one page may be one and if they did. I think Malcolm Jenkins is this guy on the site great yogurt Malcolm Jenkins did that yes OK fine right. It didn't get them without the story but nobody cared and and I said this multiple times but. Part of my problem with those guys initially doing and it is I don't feel like a lot of them even knew what they were talking about I don't mean feel like. They were standing up for the right things I don't feel like I think they were doing it to a large part maybe to support their teammates because it was a thing to do. Mean that is a very very serious thing and if you have some thought behind and you wanna explain yourself. Our it does have a conversation but sometimes these guys won't talk about it some guys stay in when they did talk about it didn't sound like he knew what they were talking about. Those another big problem is and because of that mark I think that's one of the reasons this drifted away too because elections it's not that. Well here's the thing that gets me about this whole thing this all started a couple years ago three years I think with Colin Capp okay here's a guy. Who alleges that he's standing up for the oppressed then the dude where's the Fidel Castro T sure to wait press conference. In Miami. It Bartlett might candidate and it played them before they played the dolphins a week before it played the dolphins so. Our models sell Darryl of the Miami Herald whose parents had to leave from Cuba. Because of Fidel Castro in what he did. If you're gonna stay in it for the oppressed and why don't Wear socks we'd pigs on and depicting cops. That took me so Colin how predict easy this is a diet that you're staying behind and black balled from the league by the way. Shall this protect none of these guys this runner up predict. How it works with adult teacher Roger is at 48 bit. Where I don't teach it makes no sense. Marked is that what we're talking about here and Capra knickers the perfect example this. Yes via they may be your standing up for important causes but. They're not doing it in an educated fashion like anyone knows talked to anybody like I did the book and Michael Michael's parents from Cuba that's right and they want and and and if people remember when bulls playing here the one of the times that everyone podcaster was dying initially. Everyone ramp to Michael and he said I hope he dies and it became on the front page of the Boston Herald I hope he dies you know why he thought that. Why he felt that way because of what Castro did to his family's right Castro did to other people's family so when cap or neck is doing that. Like you think he's educated by that educated on that topic now no he's not now it at that. I gotta tell you if you injected Colin capita right now it's sodium pentothal truth serum. If he knew the residual effects. All of his actions. And the consequences that have calmed thereafter. With him kneeling and now basically being black ball from the NFL there's no way he would doubt it I think he thought this is something I can do. I can gain more of an audience and then all of a sudden now it's like you're out of the I don't think he ever played down the NFL now he can fire. I mean final conclusion lawsuit only once in 32 owners. A claim collusion and I'm being black ball which is being black Balt. But there's a reason why he's being black ball because each of the 32 owners set for Green Bay whose son who's. They're sort of under this nebulous publicly on public ownership but they're not really what they're dirty out wired all this but the thought. One other owners they don't have to sign it. Rob Bradford Colin tapper nick Mark James or. Tim Tebow if they don't like big pink T and T ball is going to affect their bottom line after the final. Can carry it here you would agree that if Capra Nicklaus good. That they would assign camera that's it. Yes site is its risk reward for just this is the guy who got beat out by a guy rightly sunshine from remember the titans Blaine Gabbert but he was very. Who Lola wiley left the shot at all he was good but. David Blaine Gabbert was gonna like not out of pocket god not by it's it's he was. If he was doing it if he was really did you would have been on a team it's risk reward. Why would you have a third string quarterback paean team everywhere it's the same thing when Tim Tebow went in people with line. People like you know YE. Why do we want the headache of this guy's a circus yeah it right every day is a circuit and and the patriots were like now we can deal with a we can deal with because we have such a strong financial while he thought he was terrible terrible terrible. The worst the worst passing quarterback I've ever seen it ever should pull Attleboro at it was amazing how bad he wise I'd like Tim Tebow personally like a lot of his cognitive. You're terrible budget. It is risk low reward and when you're talking about Capra neck in what he stood for you're right if you go back in time. Would you have done this now saying no will be held now because you don't like mark. Because all of these guys to meet its that you can get your message across and doing it anymore reasonable way. Yeah right he wants to come across as a martyr who sacrificed his own court he only said. He sacrificed because all the 32 owners that we don't want you period 617779. 7937. Your thoughts on the messed up in the policy. And we will get to the strife that is still the New England page all rally also. Tom Brady newest Graham post all just about how they're concede there's a big market sees rob Bradford ready Arnold math. Oh and then after. We return no more of or way Murr ammonium forty on Sports Radio WEEI. He stands for the National Anthem of a nation that preaches and propagate. Freedom and justice sprawl best selling just to sell me an. How do you not being able grades we know that you're always at risk of death and the street. Lawrence slavery in the business. How can you willingly be lying to the truth that systemic racial lines and just. This when I was in college costs that was on capitol that's what I was saying. As a quarterback is good some failures could something once you're good at the the read option sure correct yeah. Indians agree in Lambeau Field and beat the Packers sure you visit is a mobile quote more while quarterback. Wasn't that accurate passer. And so there are some things he was bad much like this country there are some things are good. And some things were bad that. But we have we work on the things were bad. And we try to make the thing for good at even better in isn't that what we do as a country in so. That's what would be my response to calling capita when he talks about this country say how can you do this for this country which is without understanding. What is wrong with taking two minutes two minutes to. To acknowledge. The people. View of the National Anthem to acknowledge the people who allowed you to speak the way that you're speaking. Like this all this is so hypocritical for me it's easy for him if low hanging fruit for them. But is when I heard that when I hear that sound bite like this isn't easy one to answer but are you kidding me. All it sound like it was it was basically someone gave them that and he'd just as you can tell he didn't really know the material and and let me just say this on the you know I'm friends with some professional athletes who are outside this market obviously that they are black. They had a column data that Colin cap or nick was raised by white feel we in Wisconsin. He doesn't know about I mean I don't care about the I mean like he's talking about like he knows the struggles. But you know the struggles by he can he can be supportive that's the borrowers who worst struggle I mean he doesn't have to be black could be that's why would they need to talk about the press and you can't where Fidel Castro teacher right. Now you have to be when you have this you have to be able to argue enabled the debate in able to support your. Your cause. An educated way and when you're doing here with with things that we just heard in that sound bite. That's to meet easily picked apart. And he would denied by as easily pick the party and I think that it once it is to say in this as has. Overall tenor right. If the country how can we support this country with all the bad and it totally support this for two minutes to stand the National Anthem. Well what about the good video like glass half full kind of have a guy mark I don't know that in the Boston and I'm glad we're always I don't know eat. I don't glass half empty I mean he's sitting there with a if nothing else. He's standing there speaking with the right to do that yeah you got in eight grades when you know that you're always at risk of death in the streets. If that if the people I think a big part of the people for me anyway when used in the National Anthem with the National Anthem stands for is honoring the people who have. Aft part for this country absolutely need right now right part of it I don't think that that's me. Well if if we don't have those people. Then in this isn't hyperbole this doesn't overstating things then Colin can I predict could be living in a Nazi regime right now. Mean you've got people fight against a nod to ease those people who died for this country in. If you agree with it fine if you don't fine but that is one of the reasons why I think the national at the it's important and I think a lot of people would agree with me and and well. Ask the audience is soon calling 6177797937. How does the NFL fix this broken policy because clearly. From now in so when the patriots kick off week one against the Shawn Watson Houston Texans. Something needs to be actually there's a Thursday night game I think the Eagles play Atlanta to kick off the NFL season and should have their little stupid red carpet everything. How does the NFL picks this rob because. This is a situation where. The baseball in terms of player associations the strongest union in the world you're not gonna get anything by baseball the NFL PA. These guys buckled. They buckled and folded quicker than it cheap 107 years ago. When it was time to negotiate hardball. What the owners were gonna go laughter and that was like all you're gonna taking checks away from us a gonna cost us right now are now or capitulate. About down they submitted. Really quickly. Like are gone up against Brock Lesnar Daniel Cormier NE UFC fight based admitted so now get this thing right because. The guys who stay in the locker room. Everyone's going to be tough all so and so now I'm just beginning example now and Jenkins didn't come out for the National Anthem all this got to come up nationally at the he's against this country so. What the right to do they try to fix it may actually worse than the week what if each shot up and he just so little. You know what you do you find peanut thing that he wasn't gonna tell all about but that's what they should have done it's it's and they know what you do that's where we have our right. As a private organization to find you if you want to avoid the NBA right right so. Defined OK you get fine maybe keep doing it but I guarantee you if they kept doing it. That it would happen the same thing that happened it happened last year the would have gone away plus it was a perfect example is mark. Wasn't it yeah it whit what it was going away there was less than a handful of players standing in week seventeen for the nationally at a less than a handful that were just. Al you know late kneeling during income and now it's turned into with thing again and now it becomes. This this sort of like polarizing issue that vote the only bit. Roger Goodell can get away from this right now as Ray Rice was four years ago it happened after what he does he bungled that he bungled that these bungling this right now yeah. A wide be put an X 44 million dollar and this is in this speaks to you or your placate it was because the heat. It was because the ownership he had to stay in the good grace the ownership he prioritize that over the fan base. And anybody who says otherwise is just wrong because you had a week before you come out with a wells report and contact and then a week later this thing and I'll let the leaking inlet. Bob Preston and like great things but that was a back. So they are chasing the bottom line they are trying to appease the bottom line much like. You mentioned a Moby before. Much like rob Manfred did when he said hey Mike pro you know you've got to be more of a guy you're gonna be morbid guy gonna be more out there. What he's trying to does that make any sense know if he's supporting his player know what he's trying to do we. And worried about the bottom line I'd say it's all the NF it's all in a professional sports or cares about if you're affecting their profit margin. The Euro affecting Everett and and that's what the shot it was gonna sign this guy from the Baltimore Ravens last year. Then he took a little litmus test among his season ticket holders they said no way if you do that we were getting rid of our season tickets were never coming to navigate so I thought. It was one city. I can see cap predict only to be extremely progressive it is very liberal city that. Austin Davis. Now listen. I don't like Colin tapper. I can tell you that Colin property gives a better quarterback in Austin freaking Davis. And they wouldn't even a guy who's perfect for that system in case anything happens to Russell Wilson he goes down who's the perp. That guy who actually played against them in the and it's yet but they didn't. Dad and had been now you know market now you're year oh you heard series out the game for a wait too long. And and are right even if you wanna say bring immense he what he can do you have it doesn't work out it becomes a chaotic thing it's like why teams don't do hard knocks but why would I wanted to have. The chaos the the controversy did the attention now as it is not happening with Colin camper next. Because it's not happening with Colin can I predict he's not going to be able to get him the important parts of his message out because he bungled it the first time. 617. 793. That I net. I'll IC let's kick Bryant in a car who's up here and all that was a bright. They'll ask you it the situation side. Well the way I look at it that it grandfather died at ninety outlook or two that. And you know because of growing up I was revert proud about it and so my personal opinion about it yet I am proud for what it ought or. And I take pride in my country. That being choking out people have a right to do whatever they walk right into. In public that it so you can't go into the actual tenure but putting it on Iraq the international. The whole issue I have issues. For example a public school system there is opened with a flood of allegiance. That did not warrant at the airport at a public school system not only fight the public. They had to write you back now when you go to a private schools they targeted at the National Anthem and are the rules at security you know you're you're suspended. Well back at the role of private late in the apple or for example. Religion right LT religion and public school anymore or private school. And you're forced to pick your clocks. Are there rules and their curriculum. You can't just spent a lot of leaders later on I'll go to your value I don't or that what you're paying for I ordered Friday religious school so. Yeah well the private organizations they're gonna make you rule many decisions that. That you got to go out and ask them well. I know a thing you can make a roar you Ottawa international as a major job. Are you good at Bryant by your right but that what the NFL debt passed to do they have to do and a Smart way. And and they haven't done a Smart way you're right they have every right to do it. But when the when they say hey teams whatever you wanna do an I team comes out that we wanna suspend guys who do it for four games. What's gonna happen you've got to figure out this is going to happen where half the team as it has like all right we'll get a Neil and you gonna have half the team suspended. So they have to do witness Smart way even though they have the right to do it. The pitcher got the player that if it more power players of where they want a flag so you come out make the rule out. Good point. Yeah Marilyn Davenport idea but I don't hear him here's the thing here's the thing Brian Brian when there's nothing about your call I disagree with I think you're right on everything the one thing rebels say is that the NBA. Gets it right why because every player has the states in the CDA however. If LeBron James wants to dash president trump on Twitter he's allowed to do that and not have any repercussions there after. Adam silver allows the players in the NBA freedom of speech. Because they are their own brain and that they are walking corporations all to one themselves and they can do what they wanna do. But the NFL right now rob this thing is bad and if you don't get these bleak fixed by eight. The time the Eagles and falcons kick off on that Thursday night when probably. What's it Taylor Swift will be playing before the game or whatever they do this whole red carpet thing which insure Walter. NFL's. Does now it's become this event. On then he's gonna continue and we'll take more phone calls on the 6177797937. Free for all Friday and all that Bradford.