OMF - TC and Bradfo determine who gets the biggest piece of the Boston sports pie 4-20-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, April 20th

HOUR 2 - TC and Bradfo hold down the show while the guys enjoy an off day. TC thinks that not enough attention is being paid to the Bruins and Red Sox right now.


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Are you ready. Beats Ford weigh in ceremony and forty. Three spurs. Get a stay of the. Political and Lou and Christian you see is like the Red Sox Kool Aid PR us opens and doing that take does not mirror reality. Don't know when that's the problem this goes back and I know that is the problem nobody has. The problem not a radio stations that is out of the pro you have to nail met a lot of things. On Sports Radio WEEI. The problem rob Bradford. Was not lost episodes everyone's analyze my favorite digital we have some snow levels to pre tax is that it's. Abuse existence more. I I don't read it I noted. Anyway you get done get it welcomed the listener back Mehmet I'm trying to bring radio back to the listener that's the whole goal of today's show. While it's Montero along with Robert don't interrupt me aside I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any car. OK I want it lower your heart rate because I wanna I wanna get a couple things out there and number one. Peter McGuire at 1230 feet deep these deep tease. John Freddy's got John Fredette up enough that had another idea is John Frey my six as the if you go to call Maine a LS game at Fenway Park tomorrow let's get that Fenway Park tomorrow it's a great initiative and John Brady's. It's gonna talk to us about it later in the show you talk for seconds on the texture on phrase well that isn't qualified because I'm gonna also say that I'm just doing some Google search is on the Kevin Colin south the breaking news from. W Shiite Turkmen and perky Callahan show and it still amazes me it still amazes me that. Then Harold has nothing on their website. As nothing at all the Drudge Report is finally picked it up. I think others will pick it up and adds to it it's. And the Drudge Report if you followed their link will law bring you where you need to go where did you go for the Donald did you does UPI dot com I mean honestly largest. Now you've got to listen to the audio and you said sometimes you're staying up late. For the Red Sox game we're gonna continue to talk about by us you staying up late but you wanna catch up on the audio files. Or you wanna listen to Brad for show you go to W dot it's just a day I think I know are gonna confirm or deny the Joseph Kelly's wife talked about Kevin Collins in our latest podcast. All of this Google as have to listen to find out that your. Those. That's in the eighth wasn't we have some people wanna call hear all about the reds at a time even though I'm sort of in charge of this show you have somewhat wrestled and everybody go to at big bear and always punched up cause that's the thrill of the car what's going under don't like it is okay pays her in the car what's going Roger. Well you bring up and you know it's near and dear to my heart last week two but I have really been irritated. With its radio station for a few weeks now. Pay the Red Sox coverage on this ill people want to order direct talks pop group will part with at this radio station just doesn't. 1 talk about 2 o'clock. And part of it I'm the guards didn't take a look at could take offenses they want but part of it because the full time posts on this radio station. Won't run in fear of Turkmen and disapprove. They gloom reload he runs and fear of talk about the Red Sox. But he gets he gets he gets out shouted through one. Well I don't know I tell you how right in you'll be loop wants to talk more baseball in this yeah yeah I think I got to go ahead go aideed and. Now it is because they don't want to eviscerate the next morning about talking about direct talks. There are Red Sox fans if they can't count playing actual baseball game and her great great now on the radio stations. Further reps are even car about a half hour. Discussion on the radio program right now at the may be the only day they can't do. This radio station to do 203 hours of patriots every day and patriots haven't played a game and how long. It through your missing the point. That I think I don't know I think you're not old ideas I think he's missed the points hitting the point is it's dated the people running in fear of Kirk they are gonna talk whether I thought that's why. I don't do shows on Friday because he can't eviscerate be tomorrow morning eat. Don't regard the patriots if this is what's good for business and there is an element used Christian Fauria I think he does a great job talking about the Red Sox. But there is I think the argument err on the side the patriots because is good for business they know what they're talking about. It and I've heard I've heard dale talk a whole lot more about the Bruins lately sharp because they're gone their run in and he obviously is the voice of this town when it comes the Bruins. But with the but go ahead nobody hears. We go into night for the called Emma from. And by the way that's so RD SE a different style and you leave the cholera to gates. None I just forgot to all of the quick thought I've got my dad I might say I forgot to drop. But along for like thirty minutes ago that he should analysts said it was like a left the modified minutes immensely to Moses edged I want to go make a point he was still flashing green cooler tomorrow night. So listen. For many years as you know. I was the studio host the Boston Bruins hockey puck past yeah pretty Mondale much in your news reporting at Plattsburgh here. As we all remember. The and it was a chip on my shoulder for many years that there's this can't quite secret in this town that that went all things are equal. They're very close of bolting to go to Balkans that the Bruins generally slightly out rate the Celtics on. Okay now again totally different if one team is good one team is bad one team's work about you know. But but what do you both good teams are both bad. Honestly don't know if that's any longer the case I'm not trying to make that the discussion but it was the case when I was the hot squeezed load and that available that. Bridge here after a year of the year tore Celtics and Bruins in the late ninety's when I was doing the games Celtics had a one year where they went. At the conference finals but the the point was this is all really good hockey. Always ask. And yet the hockey. Listening. Public. Of Boston has always been. Grossly underserved by the radio stations in these that ball what it is that. Now I'm my Brett now get Gordon back from talk about dentistry of MI rap at the time in my belief at the time. Is you had a large contingent. Of radio hosts who cut their teeth and came of age. Covering the Larry Bird era Celtics this Frontline or wait on that mr. Callahan. Right yeah you can keep going yes but the guys who were on this stage you don't know very hard is go to YouTube that's. Yes Google group is worth the goal Google Larry Bird. And so I I understood they had basketball connections. They mostly covered as a Sports Radio was relatively new most of your hosts came from newspaper came from television landed play by play caller. Of a bigger dollars a song basically yeah well he was the king maker at the time he was knocked out of that because I'm planning I'm not let you know I'm glad I'm blaming it on. Just the way it was okay but it didn't. Mean there wasn't any serious passion for hockey in this time. And a lot of people who were willing to listen and talk about hockey in this town and ice and get out the morning guys don't talk hockey. They gave millions they have no power in talking hockey and that's they're not interested shouldn't talk like you they're not interest it. I mentioned lucky I'm instant baseball. Does that mean I need to talk this patriots for the next two Annapolis so and so now. I know you retired history said it's good you said it's good for business. When you stick to mostly patriots. Today and the numbers back that quiet but the numbers to what he's got this business because I wanna cover good sign is I wanna cover what I financed arrow you'd care if yeah I know of my game and I think that's important to an extent. By. What. Wasn't good for you flash forward to this year and and I'm out there about TV ratings but we had this conversation in early march after the trade deadline the Bruins traded for Rick Nash. Which you would think would be a big deal yet. The Celtics were playing portly leading into the trading at about trade deadline Lowell sun con res back market's march back yes. The team that everyone fell in love with a to begin the year and you can invent that at the begin a year Bruins to name me exist right. The Celtics were. Elder did Jon is the beginning of the year right there are the distant number forth in this town in blue with us in October November verdict and it was true visit before you had no one thought there were going to be good. Everyone but they didn't for a long time no they dig dug up December. This is what my body would mean they have just witnessed several narrow point off the best record in the eastern Congo asked if you want our TV ratings go back to TV ratings they were flip flop you write the hockey was beating the Celtics even last year. But they were flip flop everywhere I go oh my goodness the Celtics are so popular and I think there was something to that. But I don't you think they get more radio coverage. Then the popularity necessarily. Would dictate. Yeah well it's if you slice up the pie. Accounting of how much coverage the four teams get in this town. I you know what I would you raise a good point Tom Caron but here's the thing numbers don't lie. That you tweet the other day the reds are no I'm not seeing it on Sunday out rated the saw that I was playing out yes numbers on TV don't lie and that's what they said numbers on radio also don't lie. And the meetings that I had been and I I'm not that I'm not immersed in his flight. The great policy RD or someone like that. But that that that when you talked hockey the ratings went down and maybe it's because of exactly what you said which was. This was born from it and I I don't yeah maybe it's because. Hockey fans aren't listening because they know we don't talk talk it's it's a great point I think you all if you had their pay your numbers that you could pay them all in saint. Pierre McGuire is coming on at 1230 could you guys please listen remember I feasted. We give out a fax number I mean that can seem like that round you know we get the facts line we still hook the fax machine we still effects and she's worried about a fax number. Earlier that number sorry no can you get the number if somebody facts is not so I will read them well. Within reason advocates and with good reason but have you moved back I read my point is if there's if there's a legit. Audience for hockey talk yeah it this is odd to dump my kids played hockey I think there's I think there's you go to any rain in the commonwealth on a Saturday morning and there's hundreds of people standing around that don't don't watch nick has played hockey. You can't tell me does not interest in hockey in this aren't there isn't okay but you're saying well we talked Markey the numbers go down now it won't lessening because you don't well okay I'm gonna give you. We've talked TV we'd talk radio now to talk print. And there is a real this is the fact is that we were recruited twelve or Gordon green get fewer taxes when we talk honored to get deciphering a second but it's. Eat when you look at frame it whether it's newspapers whether its website this is indisputable. That. Getting clicks getting eyeballs on Bruins stories all things being equal is the most difficult thing to do. It just this and this is why everyone when people complain about the allocation of resources. And I are talking about our website about talking about other web sites I'm talking about the Boston Globe and Boston Herald a remember the editors of The Herald asking me when. I started here said. Do you still have a hard time but getting Bruins people in traction Bruins me yeah. This is you do if you have story lines shore by TV yes the facts are indisputable you you set them. Radio we can debate whether or not it's a product of big dated discouraged by the previous conversation. I can tell you a fact it is more difficult than any other sport to get views on drones. We should take you way you wanted calls when we go to break a calls. Where you could take another call figured out I'm in charge here you put you just sit there and listen ball on anybody radio match a Smart appointed you. Dan you're calling in from Connecticut what you and what does it. That rob said that has got you so angry this morning while it's not a leading question as it. I caught it and the treatment caller ID wanted to call that you call while it did. Ears and like the I've heard about correct accent I start with we're really don't know the brown and so is published words on Sunday. It's stuck in you unclog it I know I. Talk a direct a lot but it lights. It seemed like they told a instate or general look like Joost killer in baseball and in Jack and it's a guy in a lot of people it's a or you know you guys are called sport there. We're glad he did. Yeah I called and it's not like get a fax coming there's something interfering with the general horse can be used artifacts if someone Morse code so we will also except. I. That dug a dot that sit on it as does the odds are done. Is elegant figure Pedro himself with the T shirt with pieces of it cut out in Morse code wells will decipher on Twitter and read. By the way I'm at time care and I feel like I should say that it is grateful that gets them and get some follows is that something that's up but but he's. You know there's this sort of self fulfilling prophecy. That over the last two years. We see a couple myself and that you know like I'm not part of its butt but we have decide the important week of war room we've. Have decided the baseball that baseball is dying that nobody under seventy cares about baseball. And again. The numbers don't back that up I don't have hard numbers will listen to talk to the ratings are up. The interesting thing and I don't have the numbers of a cursory glance that I take its time it's not. But the big younger ratings are. Considerably dumb people like this team. Yeah people like this T a social problem baseball and it sure. Sure but whether with this team all this national league baseball has as falling off you know applaud the dead. And it has become more a big regional sport much like hockey which is near and dear to my heart is a regional sport is not a national sport. And and that was the argument he's made back in the ninety's when I host the Bruins games on Bassett. While it doesn't you know nobody cares what doggy ES pianist or can I lived in Boston people of Boston care about hockey. It matters here. We do local TV we do local radio here. I don't care about national stories as much I care about local stores the Bruins matter to me I don't care if people in Los Angeles. Care about hockey and I'm not a loss. I'm in Boston mentioned here required 1230 yes it's good hockey tennis Nestle for real lot of calls to get too muted and after the break we get a break. Yes from the Versa but I. I don't know are we did you bring it was fun talking to measure our eyes are again 677797. To presented here as race stand on all of this is there enough baseball coverage now is there any hockey coverage now are yeah. Happy with the coverage now. It was a call drop us a facts Morse told us that dot dot dot dash dash dash Bradford. On air online via FaceBook Twitter and he's a breath. More afford wade were loading and 48 bright house Sports Radio WEEI. Hi we are back our number two I've got to say this is an answer for. Our number two. Sort of of these technical things on got a lot radio things down that. Our number two on the OS that is not official memo about. Yes or liberal audience for. I understand the reasonable deal about the official name but all about is yeah behind you know and so the official live as the holding correct Alfred it's okay. You're actually bought exit velocity acts of life you visit these these outside the box you know an X we have one in radio. I legally can shows ago by the quickest. Is that true we don't know if they're already dead dozens elegantly at right guard knows the document does not solid like a a quantifiable. I back I've in my wrong it's I've worked for probably three consecutive days now and shows just why I live by. Facts not opinions publicly about this Ivins on thing grass. You see our did unveil our ability zone rated minutes ago. So we're talking about the coverage in this town and and Howard gets pars though. Where the Bruins and all of this as a gear up for nailing down the first round series win against the Toronto Maple Leafs and and and baseball huh baseball has suddenly sort of fallen off. That the charts as far as the coverage goes and how bad is starting to come back now that the is off to the best start in history you'll be just the ticket sales. To judge because they're down to do the ratings were up the ratings are way out and they were down. And I'll buy you know who cares about the 3132000. Because it's cold like he'd been. Doctor believes miserable usual runoff is suited to me is to help these games. Buy it will be contrasting this the now after the comeback will they get a bump in ticket sales I would imagine they would. And will that hurt our ratings are those now let's watch it. Is it the 6000 people who didn't go to the game who are watching our games it's basically the 7000 people gonna win a weekend with the flow Bartok yeah there was a lot of that is yes they are there so. It into the game in the thick about this Red Sox team that I think I hope they understand. Yet they got desperate I think their got a little desperate when they saw the ticket sales were down in the word about the rough ratings going to West Coast. But you don't have to have the celebrations in the outfield. You don't have to have right even though there are gonna have the Christian athlete you know and good for them but but but for president Darren nobody dancing in the outfield for the outfielders to figure out all all of that this is not resonating the way it resonated when we started doing it two years ago it didn't resonate is that when attached is if there was no Apollo pro and I think that that's why I think this regime has done in the past where they've equated things like that where this is how we're gonna become more popular this Howard in your younger. We signed Pablo Sandoval Hamid Pablo single panda hats can we make that was the I was wrong on that. You were on about the panda has not then we'll bubbles I thought he would come here and be advocate. Yeah it was great the World Series innocuous you know the lovable he is going to be you know what's weird is that you go back to the I don't think you Vila this program during the game I thought he would be playing bass yeah. That was good journalism to Nevada by church route lies flat out its own. You know what's weird is that alarm was that guy you're here for three years. And and decent years they want a World Series but the last few wasn't really the judge isn't years they were all talk about him the latest production cuts. And yet like he'd be gay he remain the wacky lovable guy even when he wasn't good yes but I don't know if you can really do value to our saga. Because I didn't wacky lovable when you're not good bye but you've made it corrupt tax cuts affect it on and I'd like to argue without apology. In regard to. You're focused on the way David you columns ever does it's up. And as you guys know that I had to search all the room you know. He you know as they try to find a good radio station about football and sure enough there there. I mentioned at the end you don't you really do about it. Yeah most uncertain yet but we human are you guys talk about the patriots all kind. And just let you know I'm interested in hearing concerning to do with football you know the pitchers are great and ultimately brought. But little in the way that you guys. Introduce Alison who I was gronkowski. And mostly I was bleeding each. You know revenues less our little or no war. So certainly eight hours on your own work I listened to your station I really are you guys have never talk about the Bruins realize you gotta talk about the Red Sox but you are one demolition are more air. Temptation. That will let him more sentiment about football and now I know we're already stationed most are. I heard what you guys we're doing about it I'm reading so I think. And I just want to let you know always been central to go I realize I'm probably more and England tight little back on your readiness. But I remember that you know that somebody there as he listened to your radio station Libyan people in Boston. You're good man David thanks for the call and in the immortal or our landlord way you are making in my pocket. Okay that's I mean and all due respect to him calling in and listening I like him because he wants football coverage. That's kind of my point is this here here's the thing that did you major in journalism. What major I broadcasting communicates I Arnold minor in coaching. It's. A tip of life coach no mercy block yes I'm a muttering coach how do you get you go to Springfield College. Are heard of called strike what was your major English but with a concentration cause that's housing stuff we're gonna things seem to have a decent command and up to it originated on his attitude and your neighbors over to. So my point being. A major journals. Right and and as you know it was a hard hitting news or terror plots are you. My first doubles the Barre Montpelier times arguments you hardness and newspaper. Guy and other and he did you might credentials but then yes. And and you're the oldest cliche in news is all news is local. Right I mean you know if your work birdies everywhere rated page where they're doing gains on. You're covering the local teams for the local law at least that's my goal when I do one idea. And that is changed I think in in years now with football or baseball. No with the media and we all watch ESPN nationally and I think what we see on sports center in the morning or at the end of the night and it drives a little while I think I think it does listening to radio stations and I'll do this regularly anymore is it more to it. I don't you mark and I hear a lot of what I think is National League driven discussion. As Apollo and it goes back to I mean let's. And he just from San Francisco right what she's talking patriots on these radius as we're talking for a there's a lot of football. You know if if these because Romo is getting run out of Dallas. That's taking up a lot of Marcia is if you if it's media if it's it's football. And are all is connected to the patriots and patriots are number one passions and we can't I sleep well but that's my point is. So the Bruins. For example. Would gets a double because they are very much local consumer he's not listening in San Francisco in Iraq offered. We have good thoughts on coming up at with Paraguay but that to me that sort of reinforced exactly what I think I think we've gone I think national in scope. And therefore we've often forgotten what matters locally. I don't necessarily agreement. Sorry. I don't I don't I I think I'm coming out of it now and I are I think I think Vick. When you talk about football may be it's branched out with football because. Because the patriots are such a beast to be the patriot there's a reason why we talked about patriots wide they're good for business because it is good. For so long and we like to be. Talking about. The best team in professional sports and they RA nationals or as well vocal style amigos they're against it doesn't against the league or hated by 1230 other teams so I know I get all of that and that's obsolete for. Yes besides besides being a Harding journalists from Plattsburgh paper fuels and is there if you also WP you know slide toward North Pole Berle what and when you have TV when you have TV would you of ESPN's specifically. They if they have a patriot story they're gonna default to the patriots toward much like these to default or Tim Tebow story. Because it's good for business yeah other day was a perfect example the Seattle chapter two yes 75% of the programming was some. Some relation to that situation with a patriots they're not doing that if it's the Kansas City Chiefs now. They're not in so the patriots are they're not doing the borrowings at all now because they're not a national sort of hockey is not an App Store. Yeah ESPN barely you know they'd they'd bring Melrose in for their but I didn't think I do think that they are deferring went I'd usually to Boston centric things because this fan base is passionate. We talked about our website and so we're the only Sports Radio website did really does what we do. And and allocates resource that we do and so it all and we've been doing it for nine years now. Table and other places do it and I say I don't know because other markets are lightness. The other markets artist passionate about sports like this market is and that's why in ESPN knows that. That's why they don't fall into the Bruins I think that a default the Bruins were to come to hockey if if they're gonna talk about Willis C Boston a Winnipeg which is going to be. We don't know where they can you go girl and 41. At this TC are all good points early. Nor did Arthur like. The golly never knew what Tim Rattay Yemen Koppel's cannot wait to hear you Martha what's going on. What's on our guys made and to bring it up a majority loyal listener Abigail left and but they're midday show on the action and show you know Israel wanted to in my sport specs. And lately especially right now the dark and 3 o'clock hour about soap opera Brady rocket. Belichick you'd and we got two teams sponsored in the playoffs we got a team that's up to the best start they've ever have. So it does unite the diversify a little bit in the four hours. Verses three hours 44 minutes and 37 seconds in out the patriots in the U. Hello I'm looking employ our. But it comes back too and thanks for the cause you could have all any time then please leave the line and I always feel like make it good Donna Brazil and his linemen saying he's he's making good points but I was it comes back to it comes back to what's good for business in and I know people get upset that when and why you talk about the media wise the media such a big thing. We have media stars I don't know if you noticed BP starts this Sunday night by everyone I think he won at least a portion one that's supposed to get a dissident. Maybe. I'm so old roller than the places that they feel lucky day and yelled what I won't win this week again admiral millions got a wrapped up right out of gas I mean this is what was the sole motivation for doing officer art. I'll buy CEU people there what why you talk about the media. Well I'd I'd go back to the door on her solo stuff. Daughter solo. That was mid August when that stuff came out of him leaving us. Yet for a month and a half that was the biggest stories are and why was the biggest story in every outlet appease everyone could see you when you put up daughter are still things. Then it got red like crazy this is it that it's so what you're talking about all yet you I want the deep dive into. Into whatever you wanna talk about with sports we can do that but you can't ride that too much because it is going to be born from the story line. Well the story line for the Boston Bruins is they have a 31 series lead after a rousing win at the Air Canada Centre last night and digging nice dive deeply into some of the Bruins appear McGwire is gonna join us. I'm at 1230 and still taking your calls on on just the state of coverage and where the Bruins and Red Sox especially. Fit I mean listen we live in a football basketball world and Miami baseball hockey and I'm OK with that I'm OK with who I camera. And okay and and and that's fine. OK maybe I marched to the beat of a different drummer rob Bradford. But it's line drummer let me go to the break by giving him Eunice. So there is an emotional moment for me. The gift card that's long overdue was there interest on this because they know it like oh yeah I you wanna be wanna start one point I think a good. Don't want to tell our choice of Nepal starting this told me tell the audience what do you think I'm nugget you're gonna do that yet. Well you just told the audience I'm gonna give it to setting up the moments. She's. Great television. I honestly Tom Karen his gift card to boosting the clone. 100 dollars for winning in media stars because you know why because the media is a very important topic in this town it is. But much like the Bruins are required to order let's at the media just play coverage straight sets their tail but complain about that at all I get a perfect cross. Promotion of platforms. Will post the picture of me with the job for a onto for so you want it to -- and stay with us also at 7779. 79 degrees Rebecca. What WEEI. We just played us. No facts are you ready to Iraq. No I put out. You've got the bottom of this that the generals are no facts you cannot fax us. He had a lot of you have really had written up really nice that narratives that errors over to studio it will buys some clay is standing by your fax machine looking descendants of they did you just and usually don't have a number seatbelt while ago we were giving got the fax number. Just invested like to throw all your money and their backs are cross corner stores are you equity but I want a skull blockbuster event that is. Amid big money and the if that's market. Oh lead at all it's a one page present facts are facts. That's facts are. This. The name of the store wasn't that it was part of an IQ does dad and I keep I wanna go that website and give spell Iran. That are it is imperative. Is the FAC. Used few you can't bags as visiting scholar six and 70799837. A debt as they now. Closing in on our number three we're still here and our number two I've been told. Even though it says 12 o'clock or until this is not the top of the hour you have little another. Correct 12 o'clock but it's not the topic is not company this radio thing it's it's very different there on your own point. I liked him in Quincy and Quincy what you got. Other young guy who I don't. Soul I wanna talk a blow to your point. I I would look into the radio a lot more like Australia. But every time I turn on just completely negative. Come tell this guy and I told congress that actually has been. Nothing but terrible ultimately I can't. The self exam big mega roof the the coverage has been negative. I do do you we should train Al ordered. Treatment and he did it they're never gonna win a championship. What's wrong with brittney Davis won a playoff. Play him like listen my turn. And I like you personally I respect your opinion but your crazy then that helping the Celtics are the most positive fan base on all before sports. Do you you talk you you give me give you gave examples you your examples actually make my point. Which is the Al Horford thing they get sold riled up over Al Horford how dare you criticize Al Horford. Is when I was out. Developing platoon were up 20 you do not I don't want to talk to LA and take a tip are you saying Tim let me ask are you saying this show is negative. And I about the Celtics if we know the whole not it is every bit of Al Horford is not where we're going year. And I'll go check out what I'm saying behold a replay every single time people thought would help the dollar Bentley but they'll never be able to win when it. But don't don't wanna know how it on the radio don't want you to listen would bill. Yeah I I don't know I honestly I don't feel I back off from the Celtics talked in the stock figure yeah I'm with you awaits you on the Celtics fans if you let's go back to the pie. Do people eat pie is gone the way impacts people's the lead pie so I don't I don't apply yes my son hates pie is that we think all pies. That's it's weird isn't it as a generational thing but it's about you guys like like chocolate through. Elliott well there. A table talk the tables are by talent those are good enough anyway and if we got. Removed on the fight talk the other guys are tied got to let him personally. It's absurd to say what is this thing let's say because I think if you go I was using the pie chart is what I was getting and using great individuals right now that you can't see on the radio host Purdue by your card but it's. It gives it this is the and and if you don't buy it the pie has to. The most positive fans in blue eyes and close. Even close even in this era of patriot domination. The Celtics. Fans. What their team and and believe in the process as well as they've. Got the inkling that the team is at the right direction. And yet seasons is believed that they're going to get this done and I think there was. Great optimism before the injuries it's about Hayward and they go forward and I. Thought this team had a chance to get to the finals and then all bets are off. And here's a one of the best examples of this which is. With the Celtics fans when things go awry when things don't go well they don't get mad a pro fassel circle the wagons they get mad they got mad when their team is back Mac. And and we go through the Red Sox and patriots have been Celtics fans don't get mad biggest trip the way. And the perfect example this was game one of this playoffs. We we saw other ratings we saw this. The thought scheme might not be on and normally as good as the Bruins know. But they are one way way down for that game one and biggest sort of drifted away in this isn't. It was like any anger now Celtic now. And I get a either gonna come back in the can be good next year but still there. When there not good at this now it is at the saint anger there is with the Bruins do justice and I believe that Esther yeah and what. Can you just it's something speaking of the Celtics now why is it at 930. Game in Milwaukee. Our difference well thank you so wise that at 830 days while he's not it is an 830 weird tip off time is it the national game right all of it into a bowl. Yeah now it's it's a weird game play out sauce viewed as well scheduling is terrorist thing this terrorist is. And based yet we know they spread it out forever we have lots of off days. That is what it again I'm a hockey guy full disclosure now hockey guide but. The excel light doesn't give a damn. They're gonna scheduled days there every other day for the most part of the NBA will have a week of game sevens. You know to me like Sunday to wait five days for your game seven because understandably they don't wanna schedule against another game separate. It'll have four and one night all at 7 o'clock. That's the schedule yeah talk to that's the schedule to move it around for TV. It won't it's when another day is the point Tuesday and it goes to game seven. Blazers are down but I love about this violent among other thing pocket and care usually awful lot he doesn't care. You know I wanna get in the way weighing on the NBA ratings ever brought here I authority. It's terrible error and is there off the twelfth. Twelve there is just just landed he text and you can doctoral you talked about very fortunately make of it yeah the day and further for Jason Ross he's back there for your show. Out on this page you stuff that's going on boom here Rob Ninkovich is landing in studio what do I what do timed out humored McGuire on the talk about NBA ratings. I mean this goal. As gold so we are very fortunate to be yours deaths and yeah I'll be joining us talk about the bruins' big win last night and thought we got some stuff to dig into the weight. Toronto was handling those two on one odd man rushes was pathetic the defense was let's ought. You sir are you mocking her and I want this kind of subtle cues and I thought I as I noted sarcasm there. Will find out after the break we'll take a break come back and dig into the little deeper here on the Bruins right click is that hockey don't care. And the Bruins don't care that Toronto was outplayed him for awhile once they got us like that guy and like the guy who was the choice over me to sit in the seat. I did watch the Bruins yes yes yes that is good news for me because it would have been an entire four hours about basketball vs. Orbit means I'm not known more now on how about Hamas and not not just a posse Monty doesn't like yeah but he's but this is like god and anything about. Hawked all you do a showcase for I don't shows of the wildcat it's gone before as well why basketball is better than not it's called spinning around that Evan that's for Hezbollah Evans better than ought exactly. A break things loads of it. Does that and I nodded seven degrees them.