OMF - Tedy Bruschi breaks down the Texans game and previews Patriots/Jaguars 9-12-18

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Wednesday, September 12th
Our second weekly interview with Tedy Bruschi is in the books and we’ve got your complete breakdown of the win over the Texans, a full preview of the AFC Championship rematch between the Pats and the Jags, and look at the trash talking corner Jalen Ramsey and who he’ll line up against.

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Teddy did get a great passion for always working hard patriots dreamer and kind Super Bowl champ. Heard my boyfriend we didn't. For our guy Teddy Bruschi it's been brought to you by Shaw's and star market today. Now what are. Very Exxon analyst Bob but no way away for a guy that lectured everybody just stay over two and you're into an awful lot. It took me a decade in the media you've noted children and try to get out. Handle on it but you know once in awhile we company out there yeah. Should pretty good attitude on the guy and I still really know how to use the re tweet with comment or quote you know at mentioned this guy do this unit and it puts these each. Are you don't use. There is photographed giving a shout out to be shut out oh yeah WiMax I thought today and have you Brenda doesn't apparently it's nice yeah. I saw last week Mattel. Last week we talked about the aggressiveness. Of that patriot defense and some of the the young guys over there Washington. Yeah it is he can had a more positive you know date for the patriot defense in terms of what they did well I will say this. Sometimes when quarterbacks. Haven't had an entire offseason to hear if things head. Think about who they want to be and who they want to emulate sometimes fickle are they are looked confused. And that's a solid shot Watson. And that really Norwood who he was in terms of how we had success last last year didn't know him sort of. Sitting in the pocket and then settling. In the pocket thinking he could just settle there could be. Tom Brady Eli core pocket passer but he hasn't been approved that was strange to me. And it was good to see the patriots I mean the patriots Russia is just take advantage of it because. A quarterback that's not used to. Skated back there and it happens first retaken a wave like they were doing and I said he take away DR Dre Hawkins. Give him off that read and then you have to be quarterback. That was the plan that's what they did it very is very different ways. Eleven it's. Slow and out to a underneath over the top double team however. But when the target ratio is so skewed in terms of what who quarterback likes to throw to. That's what you do and try to make can be a quarterback Danny hold the ball and here comes to rush. Yet another guy that kind of stood out a lot of people are falling in love with quickly is to want Bentley would you think about half. Yeah I think it's rare really I mean and Jerod came in Jerod Mayo came minutes of tens overall pick and for me to Iraq was. One of those linebackers that was rare in terms of as soon as he came mid. Everything through which Iraq he was able to pick it up and process it intellectually very Smart player. A rookie linebacker in the system like this that. You know as the year goes I'd like to see if you still has these same amount of success because game plans could change from a down about basis let's. Like bill would say it would seem that he's earned every snap that he's gotten things performing well also to see a young player like this. It is rare for me and I saw which Iraq but to see it again with this guy is nothing but positive because. Any type of insurance you can have you want how you tower around. All the time are you want him every down as much can happen for all sixteen. But. But you had that happen every year so those may be hopefully it's just maybe 23 games that I may be misses because of a soft tissue injury or sort of like that you can have faith. In your debt because it would be at least doing. You know Taylor I mean for me person I love the pass rush right tall quarterback hits three Saxony in the if the blitz a guy but I'm just curious you. For years we've always talk well this bend but don't break of the patriot fans like to see immediate goal after the quarterback at times threatens it in the pocket for a while you was a player. I'm sure you knew why you do in the bend but don't break was every time let's go get this. And if so I mean. You water pressure at that time you ought to be turned loose at times which he never really are as a rusher. In four man front for the New England Patriots system because you when you call against a guy like had a shot blocking or played portal this week. The ability to scramble and late portals is 6465. Like 236 panel just like you gotta tie it back get a storm the football so he's gonna have to be another one that's gonna have to they're gonna have to. Chorale and think about rushing lanes. Additional Watson at the same way I think you'll never. You'll never be free to just do what you wanna do because Bill Belichick believes just the worst position this football and football is three yards behind the quarterback because basically. You're out of the planes like you weren't even lined up so. They coached very hard to defend those 1236. Gaps that you have if there's four guys with directions for guys in terms of escape routes for quarterbacks so. It's easy to say just turn the Eagles coach in the glow as that you're talking about Alaska disciplined investor sentiment. I know you've been talking about Matt Patricia in his debut of the worst I think ever seen on TV. But the the reaction is unbelievable. It's one game and he seems to be trying to change the culture of the organization. It is it possible when you have so many people would seem to be going in the opposite direction Teddy in the sense that they. Some media people who are getting some little birdies and a locker room that are talking about. Yeah especially if you have any. A belief or in person that's. In contrast to the person that was there before and Caldwell and that type of attitudes are you going from a very similar to that it is easier to go from. I mean if you went from our medical from Pete Carroll to Bill Belichick and you know things that type of dynamic and what really helps you is getting back. Getting their first win as a head coach and that's what Iguchi that's there will be a lot less this year if there are players. You know sort of talking behind your back about it being too hard about and that does not liking the way it is. And he got to find those players are you got to sell that quickly as a head coach because that which you don't want because with every loss is only gonna get worse and Detroit's. Not really a city that's used to winning. People who think if I was seeing that loser mentality comes out in the media that loser mentality comes out in the fans should comes out what the players and all of a sudden. Different reporters there not some holders that's all they do is point who is it would it would get a new guy it's your reason why so. That's what we're losing franchises do losing cities do and pay me need a guy like Matt situation that can turn it around because I think he can't. So yeah and to me it seems to be that he loves it is like the players don't. They don't have respect for him like he hasn't magma Matt Patricia hasn't earned their respect and I don't know how that's gonna come Bob May be winning music. What what what what what the coach have to do what do you to see you say that first six months since that coach was hired in the first three weeks of season. To let you go okay out of respect this guy and at least give him a chance. Yes and first of all those players there that are maybe have that fought their mind what have they done for him to respect them. In terms of any type of consistent winning or playoff victories or anything like that there's bad there's not much of battle there either. There's been individual success with players but that's about well also but in terms of what head coach needs to do is. In times like this when there is a loss all right when there is say there is a lot of people. You know. Jumping off the bandwagon if you will whether apply pressure to the head coach how are you gonna act now. How would you two days in the went to eighteen meeting you know we still just pushing on moving forward to our next opponent. That's important for players see that that it doesn't affect you it doesn't change you I think you get respect that we without getting the win. But getting a win is the first time the actual you'll probably. Don't force those players to see. What I'm doing works. Respect what I'm doing and you know maybe they'll take a win for some of those players because this is a team that hasn't been very successful. Here we are talking about made in bringing guys in right now we're talking it to be pleasant to build broaden it to have that out pepper Johnson to. Does that credibility and feel the same guys you know by in this will work I've seen it before he doesn't seem to have those guys that are well those buying in moments were with anybody to kind of leave that to. The other like I heard zealous listener to say that I thought that was a great point. Because I remember haven't pepper Johnson not as a player but as a coach you either that the coach in our linebacker room and when we if we were going through. Sometimes where there was a little bit of strife within a team. I had architect at that time with us in the linebacker room would you say hey this. This is what they'll try to do this is what he means and this is where this is why. This is this happen like this and so to have that coach you've been affected. Translates. Or talked to look at a different level was what's really important for us to start to understand it what you have that ally. As a coach and also played for him that you knew that established talkative would know what you're talking about you respected as a player it helps me personally. Have pepper Johnson got electric Johnson there the early years of Bill Belichick. I've which had taken his game four years gathered as a blow a lot of guys showed up at it. Out at a blowout so I eat at an amazing bad publicity the show he knows your lie your city it's amazing he's picked the patriots eleven and five this year will be just gonna pick in the winning Iverson went got a motion to go to match. Well toward governor help government. I really marketable that bad. Blake Bordeaux I've seen are in games where he dropped back to pass he looks at his first read it takes off. And I think that would be that was referenced in earlier in this week where. You know it is sort of DeShawn Watson like Cam Newton like liquid medical staff will be scrambling quarterbacks. But when he knows. He's had a game I've seen them to where that's not there and I'm just going to run because I'm big I'm fashion really. Sometimes he's a better runner than any as a pro war in my opinion so to move the chains that way to get 1011 yards I think if they prevent that. They're going to be fine because afford it has that hamstring injury and he's not there. Their play action gave it an effective force that is you know if he can plays this week to get a fancy Aaron Rodgers. Injury you know the letter forwarded to twinge of the hamstring. And one little burst in one quick little burst that you get tested one more time now cycle K three weeks four weeks that you really don't want that to happen. You know so. Jacksonville. Community well last week so I don't know what they're sick it would be bullets as long as the patriots out of the gronkowski thing's huge offensively but. I mean I still think. Like you glad they put those corners on those wide receivers outside and then they put everybody else some gronkowski then. Brady's go to break people's backs like it says so. Jacksonville Jaguars have a solid team don't get me wrong but I think the patriots would have to wait. Yet you know so the one thing I'm looking out that this is what stands out more than anything is just. How predictable the AC champs of game last year. Every first down play was a run it wasn't Iran it was a play action pass so we still get this the defense still get the same look. And then by the time in the patrons they believe that it's an obvious passing situation. So I I think if if Thomas Daniel Hackett on the opposite coordinator. I have to somehow breached by Tennessee and I have to be consistent and be willing to stay with Becky plant until the yen. Otherwise there's gonna TR. And I can not eagle. I agree with you and you know what I see also. I feel the Baltimore Ravens. Where news. Back in the days when they had those defenders that. That talked all the time and when things went bad they were throwing flags are they're blaming officials and it was never their fault. Because their offense was struggling or would that whatever it may be so watch the offense struggled because there is little Ford had. With Jack for Jacksonville and then all of a sudden the patriots get a call. I mean they they're they're Jacksonville Jaguars are very aggressively just like last year in the championship game I believe a couple pass interference penalties and all of a sudden. They get done themselves that ever went out together. The officials the patriot is he's they get caught up in that when your run defense like this that has. Volatile personalities I see that little that little bit in them so why it's. I mean the lack of self control of this thing really gets out of hand in terms of penalties for the Jacksonville Jaguars too because what they really have to do is. Even when the patriots have their success. That offense really for jaguar team it's gonna have to pull little weight because. Oh go back from juniors were around for you out there even though Jalen ramseys on them I mean. Steelers last year the page that mean there were teams that have their way with this Jacksonville defense late in the season they've got great individual players. And usually bill wouldn't go up against great individual player's image they fix problems on one side. That really means. Nothing can have. Actually so let's see how they can to begin play once you know we get if things are getting. Bad for them and they have to keep it together in terms of score points. Yeah you'd this'll last one so the pats and the jaguars Kelly Houston the teachers that old Houston and the patriots are 111 all time vs jags. You remember the last time. The major losses at work. What quarter. Probably that's now probably lie that I was probably live five minutes that PAT know or you just taking his steps and and had to be so lack. Because I think there was a playoff game gets out wild card yeah when Bledsoe was hurt. And this thing was if we survived that game I think it was just told Todd my vote it would survive that game but true would have been back the next day but we lost. In Jacksonville. That's I mean if if if some incorrect attributes. That's 99 that's a Zoellick like you guys don't. They usually do. Altidore making jokes are moderate a couple of I've posted this at. You. Keep you keep loading up to beat a team and you beat them in you'd lose in the AFC championship game that you play him again and and week to whatever may be used our player and exceed. In that that team that just can't be done. And watch that seat continue to grow and grow because I've seen it many times whether teams that just start playing and so what would play us sort of play in the New England Patriots and the first thing that goes wrong. All of a sudden you know the wheels fall off if you get that way that this could Jack. If the jaguars lose this game I mean those are I think that man is there anyway we can beat the patriots need to get to the suitable. I just people talking as we get a good on the back between being. 6177797937. That is an opponent record brick where right back at you that unlike.