OMF - In theory, Lou sounds psyched that John Farrell will be in our lives again 3-23-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, March 23rd
HOUR 2 - ESPN is really pushing their brand new morning drive TV show. We wish them the best of luck. Speaking of ESPN, John Farrell is joining the cast of Baseball Tonight and Lou is probably a lot happier than he is letting on. And with the MLB regular season opening up soon, it's prediction time! Are the Yankees being crowned too early?

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 or just makes fun of flu like now what does know what to do it that is believed in talking sports and if it is different human beings with different abilities and knowledge to do what he does best not try to do what Kirk made it thinks -- -- you want that same play for the finished eight went for forty years guys drove by the it then that's what -- that's who wants more of the old guy who signed with cool and Lou and Christian green we have public and meaning are a pit stop between that contract are mostly they just sit there they do very well we're happy for them but they're not. Actually ports are a license and I'll get attacked in the hallway and pinned against the wall all the if you times. But that's what they do he sounds he owns a torrent of words of exactly I was at the moment night. And he's like it. Totally different Atlanta Eddie Andelman 2.0 just lies and lies lies Glenn took couple seconds away from. Kiss Belichick's after coming on it's nice to have that I got. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's pretty bleak as scored an action. Belichick's who worked on that spurred him on Baghdad. It was a lot of I am. I would definitely we keep. More about what we've Luke tried to help mr. Anthony is important to counselors and a life now. Don't strike won't help them out Libya used in only take future pros and notes you take some notes in new deal move on. I'll get much stuff we wanna get to today and in because there's nothing K okay when are penalized in the ultimate. That is jumping out here we're gonna get into some of the Celtics were waiting to see if we get word on on carrier yeah what's up with the bulls will get too little and mitigating yes they would suddenly last night how you would think so. You would think so. I would say if it were good news don't know where you. Few more confident that would have come out pretty quickly. Usually good news does yeah right now it Joey comes in here. Quick weekly news that we don't it doesn't and how little and not a good way to. And when the weed and I'm crushed your first annual and. Wait you know an outlook. Happy you have the Wii because whenever something is not an addict gets it for the team Ottawa that Google is secure on his two little twelve years ago when I lower. Well Olathe to. On on that and a lot more energy today we won't won't Sherwood said do five hours you know I don't know I don't know this I love five mariners he let me just tell a quick little advice right it'll the odds don't to postpone. Don't do it too once. I had the bad I do you want and there's that adverse effect. Let's see now from me for me it didn't have the effect I was looking for I don't know. I don't know what it's my my kid does the sentence that he didn't irony given medicine this post almost make him like that late 2000 sleepy yeah. Like any any actually it's like a burst of energy Motrin I some sort yeah yet again violates what properties of the pass out it says that I'm glad it's on us and I mix in a good shot of crown with a these guys are just very complete page. It blows in the right out easily settle an old wives' tale to our kids are young and they're doable Keating thing that he give any builds a tolerance our island full glass and rocks very. Check if anything went shaken its own stories like and so that those that those dog eat nobody when he got to go when he hit the garden used to be warned that you're at right now is that a problem. Mean it's something based in some states and we should get to the store at some point possibly profitable what what stories this this parent yeah issues that we may get a little faith or how things would say and how finally don't. The only one thing that guides and I think it's at the crime if you like your kid. To go walked to a park or take a Boston brilliant or ride a bike or adopt digital lemonade stands are we have long we'll get that free range would give way to raise children Erickson a double check energy that's what it's okay you're breathing a little children out of it on and I promise you we'll get an arm. We'll get to the Celtics to a whole lot of and see if we get some carrier ring information and we'll get to the L a Bruins would you put all the stuff opposite is not a talk of what we gonna we're we're it's a little doses this is convinced radio where we're gonna like sixteen south and I've looked out of work so well last year olds I'm even up. A talk on radio did you see the story about the new ESP and get up showing the morning I don't know what you've got all the salaries for port city so far this million dollars Greenberg a lot of the Trent all we have got no I'll give you the three salaries are ready for the idea first of all they're doing their best they're building aid is like a billion Rand a know a whole new studio guests at 21000. Square foot studio off extradited currently. Into Manhattan what do you think that cost. O instant had yet you know there's a reason why NBC. NBC's Sunday Night Football move their studios from I'm from Manhattan back Q a with the Stanford. And they're doing their although studio work because it's so damn expensive correct okay that's why. He's been moved ESPN is in Bristol but dish so confident in the shell. That they are building an unbelievable. Facility in Manhattan so here's the deal. Six point five million for Mike Greenberg went down and colts got. Five million by a mix ate there is worries do a radio five million for beatle. Yeah in general re a million for Jalen Rose only three from Jalen Rose and certainly don't. Athlete no room. So five it was five and for the high a T and T they have players only what seven and in most Greenberg. Greenberg was six point 56 point 55 and thirty. Yet of the big bonuses or anything for a show that's for ratings shows to do not think. The show will lead and I don't write off of I can tell you how much money did these people just throw at him yet to show I don't think even matters with you put on his dad there's just there's just a different you look at them differently now. So anything they try to serve you just you that you know it's a trap. The setup. So I mean I agree with you guys it's gonna fail miserably. Now 826 net million dollars note that we failed so yeah I don't what those guys that does is Greenberg's I think the quote it will place on the get a first time where she'll beatle. News across. I didn't bring it. She knows her stuff we do this for a living you know I mean you should stop and Shiites but you know to me that she can actually exhibit what would she bring a lot of I was delighted bridge it rose wanted to show Braylon they showed because you do your job waiting to show law project coffee and just block known it. If you want to show brilliant well let Michelle beatle beat Michelle beatle. If you follow it follow on Twitter at these seasonal things he talks about I mean she is. She's out there or her opinion don't pay out if they let her be that they would Taylor also say what I like you I didn't really good I like to okay Greenberg there. I mean at. Doesn't really just you know what an Auburn yet but you don't leave your humanity outside when you walked into the arena. Yes so but let Michelle beatle beat Michelle beetle right. Okay and that means they won't do that because it's it's it's a safe sell its more that's. So you got Good Morning America you got CBS this morning. He got all these others morning shows you got out Regis and Regis and Kelly Italian I was Chrysler has now Oregon which are most grant announced an oven and I don't regret that now have guys humans based on a nice guy image of the show's gonna go until. Yeah but this isn't this isn't a different type show them the thing is when they first talked about this remember beatle talked about she said that she wanted to do. A more social issues she wanted Bernard Ebbers they don't know. We're talking straight sports via a cat and I don't know what Jim and roasters I think he does everyone you know he you don't get honoring Seattle little volatile issues or whatever. I just think the combinations if you're doing rehearsals. Right now. Having gone through rehearsals for the last couple weeks remember they were supposed to start the show in January the starting get in April you take those three people. Night and anybody out there tell me how the show was gonna make well the first thing I still don't see how the show's over. Thing I would do it out by myself and oversized coffee mug. And I would I don't learn I would learn to hold with both hands up they will and let me comment and insipid Russo said that let's you know I'd like act like it's the best thing in the world like a coffee. Hot hornets yeah that's that I would do this and I would feel that you can. I don't know whether going to put it it's yeah I'd just seen the Promos are you a fresh look at sports. Wake up with a us we breakdown the gains that you've never seen the full may have Promos I believe it's just the normal stuff. He'd be better off like Michelle beat a good bit of tuna show like us partner in lake our show address that rhetoric our show yes mix in sports and social issues he he just like. It's. It has its its we learned from him then so be admitted is that liberal core two. And I was trying to sneak the problem while I was talking what did wait for uses federal offices of the dead at all had a squirrel moment race that's hit it and there's always hand I want it to our syndicated visuals always taught at his show abuses that there. I just I. I don't regardless if you know there's a lot monumental thing I didn't look at that you don't like is it. I still don't like I want to get out leaked anything that they're trying to serve their full of don't ask you is it on just TV and radio reais in radio. Praised his tee and it's just TV and now what they're doing they're taking. Goetschl who is he doing that with these different window which are going to help. And then they announce final testing them on ESPN news so they take rummage at all this money on morning drive. He'll give it to the drivers. That's good that's a good line. Let's go to seriously how do you. All this money they don't give up in the morning from six a terrible president noted that not only people get out get ready for war condense it down watch a show for an hour. And we don't now to get up in you go to war and in so you don't watch the morning drive show. Unless it's used in radio. BTV and radio and I can drive it again another optional listen to but it it's not. We don't these 2 I don't morning drive I have no if you eat I have no idea what they're doing was watching back consistent. But do you think it's more of a forget it I don't think they can they can put anything they can program anything I think that people would actually respect or trust I don't know. I left my days and didn't want to let him I don't I don't I don't think there's that there's a definite shifts and and on people's perception of ESPN. You start John skipper you go to the sixty go through everything else they've done of their ultimately iron everything else. The politics the way they leave the way they allow people talk you may and it's okay it's the you'll see that you don't do it. That they couldn't put anything on the war at all there's nothing that they could find something on whether or nobody is on their based on their price does that matter criteria at fourteen and a half million dollar. Down. Son's room while it won't wash over me about not look. Joseph but I don't know the energy like let's go. Did but there's there's like. Yes yeah. Yeah the people of alarm clocks and everybody has their own. There's a lot of talk so old school old school yeah I did get picked up an hour. Okay. And okay. Yeah. Didn't get it. All it's like all like you know Mickey Mouse club houses damaged the yeah yeah that'd be the but no luck. And people that are pretty bad and all alarm clock banner ads don't elbow. It's how much they think they're spending for us in studio to a bit since Bobby just as much they're paying a salary OK here's another ESPN move that is brilliant this is brilliant look at the John Ferrell gets fired the manager of the right side. He finds a job as he's out of the Cincinnati Reds I don't know what that is maybe that's at least evaluate pitching when he organizing on again with a double fault I don't know it's don't know from New Hampshire where we don't. He has now ESPN's newest. Baseball pundit yes they are supporting him on the air to sit and do their studio show now. I asked once again the value waiters to management at ESPN. And not watch. And listen to the interviews to jump Ferrell did when he was manager of the Boston Red Sox did Dick it was that thing there. The cheese jumped out clauses as John Farrell in theory. Television talent in theory this is a good hire. I don't play that game now Natalia Aldridge is the top missile out and so they'll listen yeah that's an in. Theory it is okay why well because he's my baseball analyst. I've got the American League covered he managed the Red Sox who people talk a lot about one division to use general. He could talk about the Yankees up and down. Casinos they're very well be in the AL east. He lost to Houston Astros last year he knows them very well he's got a great connection with the Cleveland Indians okay so the guy just hired. Is tied in to the foremost important teens the American League. In theory the higher makes all the sense in the world did open his mouth. And then they'll Emmitt ballpark or waited and I've got along its hold on I've got I've got a very should be good. No you missed one point was as you're right about the American League east teams and be able to do that Lee was destined to be able to discredit what happens when they have a National League game idiots talk about strategy in the eighth inning for a National League manager. Although that's who velocity. Again that good but we'll tell all they know Sharon still live at the marked as Cheryl tell until I'm back up yeah we'll grade so close Steve Buckley in my computer just froze on me so bear with me a case of Steve but we just haven't come up it was from gesture whenever he wrote a column it was it was a from the neck yeah I'd say more about that and there's really brings up two things you tell me if he can do these two this would this Steve Buckley from the Harold. He says that a two things need to do one tell like it is. Can you tell like it is no no it was no and it's in exactly okay because he references the whole. Click buckled situation and I I had to get the -- has about David prices classic mark. OK so he's that you can't tell like it is well let me ask you -- let me ask you this so he knows everything about David Price to -- dealt with them last year yes so you get a Red Sox game. And he's got to sit down and talk about David Price do you think he's going to tell like it is about David pricing give you the inside of what prices like what he's facing now. He's like he's gonna break down a game that says you are LS data on how it aims to fastball location he just didn't have the tonight breaking ball. I don't have a problem to death. Plush towels or something I'll tell you like it is and I agree with you do not because especially and coach. Any coach said goes from here you know his old team right into the studio they ought to be in the studio. They wanna be in the studio after three years they know they can't get jobs of any commit to telling it like it is a possibility he doesn't want to tell people want the job that's the other thing Buckley talks about as I can have a sense of humor and gone. At that. I just shot at a show that he's so good that it is for an article Francona could do that Francona as a sense of humor. And he presented it on TV he could do that they're aware of the biggest thing for me as a ballot that jumps into the lead in the game even for a player. It's really hard for them not to include. Listen this game is taller. We can't person male or it's got more depth through Toronto sailor you don't why start this guy's really struggling you know and he's one for his last fifty you know what he do with us. It's not easy and try you know this game is really really hard nobody feels were no egos you know refills worst so it that is so it. When your for a lot of the case and again that's understood. Hey you played the game you know all hard it is that part is understood but they don't get that sold they have to couch everything. We get everybody slumps I understand dad talk about the game leave that stuff yeah it's not a guy he's struggling. I decide dummy Teddy get out of it going to Jenkins and vegetable side. I do to halftime shows. In your seated because of policies with the dad and in Houston that was a two time three time SEC coach of the year Ole miss that missing state. And I kept we kept having these issues about coaches like when you start critical of these guys you'll more than anybody. But how they're scoring up and out double that decision that is so so job. Yeah sure I get back and Ellis are wants the bloggers are listening he talks all these clubs he does it does do a problem. Not until he's like a till I know I'm done for sure then I'll be more critical today he won't do. Know what's on Sullivan makes it television executive who really hasn't paid attention to what John Farrell has been like in front of the camera. Or any any radio interview he does is simply looking at him saying you know what he's got faced fatigue me out of what Osama he looks the part. You know he's big he's athletic looking at can do it he's he's perfect for what we want next Teixeira on the set their looked good. But what's gonna come out of the mouth and I would Luke he will have all of the cliches he will say nothing he will not be funny. And what you just a Christian he's hoping and it works by the way. He's hoping that by doing a year TV or two years the TV I'll get him back in a manager. It will ultimately help Terry Francona I think it helps all of these guys because even for some elect Terry who wasn't ready to go there late John is not the be ready to go there. Gays to be an immediate. As I can be critical because he wants the job still to what extent and that's why couldn't go Rex same thing but here's the thing they'll see now. But they'll know now they'll have a better understanding of what the media's job is in what is asked of them. Because no other produce an outcome diplomacy John let. You gotta get on this manager and his game. There's he got out coached and no he he didn't at this theater ready of this guy ready to bullpen this we go to break down the eight inning which is an absolute mess and John says notes that we have to. So John's gonna make the decision not to. But he's going to see the pressure. That that this is what your job is if you wanna do this for a living you're job is to be critical. He can choose not to he doesn't wanna believe what he's done with this experience he'll realize. Because I've said this of their TV. The whole media thing that drove it down to spring training about lake the media not what the GM of the media better the players as can employers so yet the so personal cell and never go viewed and every teacher or slider. So the players the feeling is. You have no right of being critical of me first off as your reporter a baseball player you don't know all parties to do my job. The flip side is now being a player now being an immediate. They have no idea. With the media's job done and I mean zero. Not so would you get that immediate you better understand. So they can say all they want about how like the media is too critical nation be able to do this and do that gallantly to lift. They have no idea. What my job is your job is would be rise job is what anyone's job and immediate. So it's it's now you're gonna get a better better understand the get a better understanding federal get a better stick Alex Cora did Aaron Boone did so. Those guys have a jump start as they and they don't take things personal 'cause they know that this is how it's done. I think Francona can be asset I think cork do the same thing because they both had personalities are so they were able to DS sit through it. Even the old they were looking for that next job for Cora looking for the first out what Ferrell will do is he'll do this for year two to convince some old Iraqi girl watches them on TV it's boy it really seems to know the game as much as. You know you went and others have ever. Have criticized. John Farrell he does all day and its fur -- An all out there he's got to think that he really does know the game and he's gonna get. Obama well it's Britain let's hope it's. That's that's an alarm sounds like you and I don't know if I'd mind works and if they get a buzz has less than I thought Ahmed Atlantic a night out Monday night and I are doing the show he. Actually make your own artists and he had it and you'll weren't on the site were all on the show don't watch too fast little sound coordinate Theo and it got to tell you with Bret Perkins good arms as and I think that's what it's now you know he's going port. We're gonna break down the third while completely here glad I was not totally for this idea but not as normal everybody goes like iron and our people went along the nerdy alarming amount did not play longer first and did beat it and try to point it does and which aren't they sell lose face listen guys whose names like rolling his eyes and I looked like this is what you would not a whole. Arafat I think that was getting distracted as if you do it may ultimately I was gonna hear that sound public acetylene we're gonna listen to for John Farrell's body as he had sophisticated. Boston sports talk with a source sports and all for it. No longer. In 48 and you media. If you. I've got hit Randall and that we brought baseball with John Ferrell good luck to John show just in case this yes. It's kind of a conflict of interest to if you were good for the Cincinnati Reds though I guess it's okay because no not A-Rod but apparently not because A-Rod is a is a special advisor to the New York Yankees and yet he's our ESPN's Sunday night baseball analyst by the way that looks like that's going to be a Motley crew. On on Sunday when the play by play guy Matt. Visitors interstate in arena here in Africa are accused of remembered that there are no good guys at least that is it. Alec FaceBook I think Iran's outstanding to about Jessica Mendoza well depends moral solution to the who's illegally are honest and that the overall role she's sort of baseball should be the lead analyst and Alex Rodriguez should be hatred and they they've got to make him begins at. He can't take a backseat to her Kenny but Farrell's jobs as jobs to Golan deal. Look at the model evaluate the minor league pitching in in the system the system it right so lets you know whatever that's fine. I don't think that's conflict about Asia about a right special advisor to the this could jump on TV that we'd like we're we're very special advisor at bats like nothing that's did not like you're an ambassador of the team yeah. And it edited and some of more involvement and others and some guys work you know. Couple days a month he built others are really involved depends on the on the person if they had dreams of being in the front office than it probably won't work more hours if not they just won a name cushioning name. And just give me don't lately he's written guarantees a special assistant to the general manager. I think like yeah I Varitek specialists isn't Pedro all these guys waking up. And they've done that they have rules don't let. But he writes going to be broadcasting Red Sox Yankee games he's gonna be broadcasting yeah gains. He's a special advisor to listen I think it was kind of it's kind of bonus was still. I don't do that matters I mean really to your point I mean a playoff what optimizes. I believe he's about to heat up with any accessories. There was like the Yankees and it did an outdoor I think they all Asian I think they soften him. The Red Sox and Sox eight fans hated him and I think they can soften I think about I think yeah he's good. On TV I think Alex Rodriguez is done I really good job of attempting and trying and I think winning people over. Of changing an image yeah. I agree well that's saying I'm not things great perfect whatever that all people there's still dislike him ever guide for a guy that that sued the New York Yankees thought it was almost bay and from baseball for life that. The people just don't like you know that arrogance and only played in just. The cocky and it's almost things and now you look at me like a few of the heated water day job and again. I think it is you I'm sitting here reminds me he's. I mean I think. This just say this yankees you talk about the Yankees don't like him very much they actually had him meet with Gary Sanchez an awful lot. Last year having different breakfast is in lunches and try to keep his mind focused on what we need to do pregame. And it that they think that that helped an awful lot Gary Sanchez was a month they brought him in to help. With that one of the better prospects obviously they feel differently about it. Plus the US and yeah and that he's gonna TV he will be good in this role he understands the game. But I think he has a really good presentation. Some personnel is a thing he knows baseball OK and my biggest news I am balloon took a backseat. To Yzerman go through this thank you thank. He's Valderrama that isn't directly under our doubts about the light on all bag by the way what we do this the best drop of the week by Paul Libyan award will give them recently released. Not that I would live on Friday putting a study time is before you guys up yes there what do you say earlier and said thank you for putting go with me but don't you say yes yes. Right at least you know. Whom I think this. Who's good who's going to be there when it was not in control right amber no place second fiddle yes right so if your kids that he hire. Alex Rodriguez don't say you're in charge after. After I think you always get the first call you you're not gonna look to earth say well what do you think. She's against these are we talked about this before. Okay. They ESPN's put just windows in my opinion two of bad spot as he and we won't it was a breakdown. Certainly so to give the Bruins gave the other day my forget who they held on NBC was delivers a woman braille yesterday a the same game. The same it's the exact same game so I rules you break it down everything yes same game it's. Some balls different game that's all different game so make Alex Rodriguez or Aaron Boone the lead analyst Willie right away say okay breakdown the swing. What do you see I was able to keep that ball fair talked to me. Your face this guy before the past you've faced him you think what is it like C 97 Natalie apple slider instead of going to. Her. Start asking her edit site. She never seemed ideas that you when you talked about this earlier this year he talked about producer's telling these people what to say what they need to dip that's where it's coming from. I think she suddenly is this aggressive. Type a personality is just golf stepping on everybody else that Malcolm. Apparently fruitless that nothing golf in I just got that that's footed that's what it is. But if they don't want a rod should be the the lead on this thing home got this would be just. Just read it again announcers I know Peyton Manning decline ESPN's offer ideas not declined function is not behind bonds right now it is still on the table you know why does Fox's are from one moment because ESPN. Wasted at all on this morning show let's go and up whatever we were gonna try give more money but again show. And really at that we should just vacated you can visit to get an opposition that show is known about it that Taylor the prom alone. Shows how. The alarm clock yeah I don't know you know almost my kids used to watch the show them to Mets clubhouse Maury show. And they always had an alarm like that that old school long arm that would that would play it would tell the kids did not give up like alarms sound differently now. They don't sound like that that alone should tell you late date a guy you. Anybody knows alarms like you you know what I just think the shows that no shock to Jimmy Greenberg as your lead. Greenberg is he boring individual who is nothing compelling there's not he's fine moving stuff all long putt. I don't think you have any compelling person say he's too safe. He's consistent and it's gonna it's gonna be colossal failure may we said the same thing about as I was go too well what I remember right we said it was good article also says this guy because. I was Greenberg. I would if bows and give them some advice okay. Let's say you know a few to go full paying way. You need to go 100% paying what you say oh what what does that mean I'll say Gary take what. You need to be crazy theory yes I do you mind fine selling it crazy takes though yes that's what I'll tell everybody knows there's project Mali you know different people aren't themselves. There's irritating way when he was doing his own radio show what he's trying to get the pats. Pre again I mean radio show more scenario needs today and now he's just like asteroid that's what he needs you leaned back on this. A closure closer Ryan asked those early forties now feels that same things are going to be more I don't care who's gonna be many. There's nobody that's going to be beatle Michelle Beatles now yes yes yes yes yes you can yes. Yeah of course again. Jill wrote it's got generals. The only Ray Lewis. No I don't know whenever somebody 'cause we re Luna to marry him in the or. To me lecture Charles Barkley yes a big events John Oxley you can be a burden at all about it. What I've got a lot of back. Why would somebody grabbed Charles asked salute and say you what he's got a morning show already built up now Charles will say anything any thought about that Wright would that be late so you would maybe it is not a justice while they are probably also have a rat tempered for good money or whatever but this is a guy that last year. Went on the air on the end that the NBA broadcast and basically said he was watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs because they're more interesting than the India. Q what they get jobs to just talk about saying whatever you wanna say on an NBA broadcast you'd be terrific kindness. There are some personalities are did you get the could be really good on the morning show audience Pia but this. The rest of the put morning drive show on TV. Whose home. Working class our parents Abdullah. The reason why those shows don't do well. Mean that you know we put on the radio I'm OK fine but I think if you are definitely what I hear what you're saying that you're limited in. What you guys you rock alive people in the demographic yacht which guy do you know. Wakes up. And if you have an extra hour to kill you watch TV are you wake up an hour later as human XQ not directly to that didn't happen you know and you haven't openly Phil savage got a 530s you can watch your show -- at 630 to go to war you have to capture the homeless yet to be big with the homeless crowd right that's ridiculous I don't have TVs. As good point. Take it actually homeless you know doing one through them. Most of those shows in morning appealed to more females from the podium or there's almost not sexes are more more win and all of the men the Abbott there possible women working these days it's like very good I would agree that are PC corrected you today. Whose home more you really work that since you probably see women I did my you know most accidents on daisies and greens and maybe. And I know that's changing. A lot of the women to go 10 right now but I'll husbands are staying home yeah I think that I would do that second by the way. Especially keep its kids get older completely so early get the whole day free and the awesome I just pass Muster on this. And that's what are you surprised with their date goes with all the aren't you gotta do I could. Very I order my mind it is usually order my clothes you don't house clean all right grocers online. Monty just sit around all day long. Really my thumbs. I don't know things to do so I don't think that the bathroom that you made a mess articles or groceries he's heard this before they're desperate for us this morning yeah on the way out I. Go to don't spend as something. Given you a little angry you know what happens let me ask you when he ran out of the studio and I don't think I had presumably amazed at what Amber's critique ground. It's proves all the time are invited a little gas NASA. I would eventually gets a phone calls at 61777737. That's the number they asked. Best Christian rants about the pac Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter Christian story right now we return to more of or wait Maloney and 48. What Sports Radio WEEI. I. Upset we talk a little baseball and can affect a little baseball ourselves let everybody start to do their predictions and projections and predictions predictions for the season everybody loves him. Pete Abraham Butler writes our John. Thanks a red sectional with the division lead the Red Sox won the World Series losing to the Dodgers. In the World Series but everybody loves the Yankees you can well understand that. They're going to be the most interesting and entertaining team in baseball fair to say. Yes okay. So we start you people gonna love them and you know who knows that baseball's weird go on a 62 games if they're pitching. Now. Let's residents of their both tournaments there's no question there's. This fourteens and in America are like you know what there that somebody wrote this yesterday forget rule was what was bleacher reporter were ready. There are literally seven teams in Major League Baseball that are legit and after that you got huge drop off. This like they're really sucking guns out there and it's almost as if it's the bottom of the barrel in the NBA either teams that are thinking out there and they wanna be debt. In his fourteenth about who's the fifth. Is that Minnesota in the Anaheim already loved until Tony crap himself and camp you know Seattle. Baltimore. Toronto but nobody in Detroit and ultimately a surprise you're like every team got one of those teams will be a surprise but thought we were bit won't would be shocked if the Yankees really faltered maybe you dropped out of the wildcard maybe the Red Sox won the division. If price has a great season I think he is gonna have a really good season so he has a really good season suddenly the top of the order even against good hitting lineups. Teams are gonna struggle against the Red Sox have that's the case so the Yankees they're the Red Sox to their Houston is there Houston may be better than they were. A year ago I got to believe Cleveland's going to be did though there's some questions with him would you say they're open and there's some questions are out here. And everybody but but. Where else in America we were or were going to go let's Baltimore surprises us and most Cobb. Alex Cobb is almost as good as people think. I can hit better pitches still going to be shaking. Yet the good they'll be better than people think. Is again here in Kabul with costs min and Bundy and and that only comes back that today they're gonna be that that number three team in the east and I go to bed of. I agree but people done this before with the angels have looked at the angels out of jail and throw to the I doubt I'd I would hold off for him on that and you've got very few teams in the nationally to write you. Get the cubs you've got the the nationals you've got Dodgers nationals and and where else where else to ago. And when that's so you literally had seven teams that you can count now I think it would be. Bad of the Red Sox fall out of this so in other words a wild card pops up. Elsewhere villages ago. I mean if you get two wildcard tickle outside your division let's said the division could argument from top to bottom the AL east may be. You more parity in the dailies that fair to say. Yes okay so you like Ronald Baltimore via aren't so there are right. So when it's that once some games against a Red Sox don't win some games against the Yankees you can look at those two other divisions and say. You know I was 1718 games you're playing within the division. And that really struggle against the against Houston not a lot of teams are gonna have good decent records against Houston in in their division. Maybe the same thing about Cleveland. So if the Red Sox miss out on this thing. This will be a disaster. So you've got to be at least that while Courtney and as we know it's a play in game now so it's it's crazy what can happen. But Ortiz. Quoted as saying that nobody can touch the Yankees. He's he's an offense yeah he's a hitter to Iraq now he loves the Red Sox and he did this because it does he stop the Red Sox beat the double. Red Sox staying in the Red Sox are gonna surprise some people it's good to be the underdog he played all of those. And those little word games that you play to make. In the cover your house when it comes to the Red Sox but he seems like he's. He's a hitter. And he looks at that line up on shore looney says oh my god boy it was a pitcher's nightmare trying to get through that and specially in bird one of these other guys suddenly yet. All that's can be killer line. But he likes them he likes the Yankees or not. We had Dave he's at a town. Now sorted out until it's not and that also we have borne sat on its way as early on they want to build it up yes as we. What do you Elizabeth is here David Ortiz still wanted to do. Doesn't surprise me though because David what's he like on the anything under a million dollar. The next 34 hitter and is nobody that can match with judges and be doing and Sanchez. So there's 234345. Probably one of food you order so it doesn't surprise me but are they what the Yankees. They get just many questions as you do short and people just don't they don't talk about America's stuck there to your team their team and of just as many I mean as you do there's snow coming into career year stint as well. We don't know judges say genetics a good hitter all these other guys cart is 121 bonds of what their pitchers some lots of Reno's is this who is. Sonny gray would then what. If so did a great bullpen but still it. This question marks everywhere there's fourteen right now. In the American League. But they have just as many as you do except I think they can cover up more of the mistakes because lineup now. That may change with the Red Sox with mark I'd rather have a nine man line at the three mile. Boy had a good glorious makes it may before the but is that who he is and he did they the 2018. Yankees. They resemble the 2017 Red Sox. Mean look at last year. You know and it's edit all the guys had these great years to say 2016 with the Red Sox. You Jackie Bradley to 67 which when he bombs bookie bet you know MVP candidate. Dubs D'Andrea almost 300 with twenty bombs the silver slugger chiller. And all these things to Hanley Ramirez was outstanding and we all these things came together into hill was a great hitter. I don't send seventeen happen. They could do the exact same thing in 1718 as you did air and hit return and they're freaking Chris Young. Yeah Gardner to nickel back to pull home runs you're not twenty I want us to be just average again. In every bit even with with that issue so you're representing crystal won the division all I know that we felt we expected all gonna build it. This is who they are now we expect standing at sixty respect just hit fifty. Which makes it just it's forty. We expect dvd 2530. Again we're respect Eric you know all these guys garnered between us hicks to be a good hitter again it. You're expecting these things because what you saw on seventeen that Red Sox fans expected 2017 because what they saw as its audience doesn't always works. When should probably write an article it's easy out is going to be a sub four ERA at you who gets a bigger bombs from their new manager. Or an article about it balanced court can get done this I read and they read say the process is sort of period and didn't really I think I wanna VW got a dollar and I guess I mean I he's a little late to the Florida and a photographer with goggles that the managers and coaches assistant principal only applied I was born in the dugout. I was out there say it does is I would say this I agree with you on that point. Because there at the it's like oh it's like everything's gonna work out perfect and it just what makes this thing based on it drives me nuts is that. Become of these projections and it's like like law it's like. This is the way everything's supposed to go might he's supposed to hit this he's protected against you get why. All I mean I. I did because it's all based on stats and numbers and you're assuming that book bitch is this going to be better and air judges is is gonna get better he's second avenue dips he's got the ups and downs fans gonna be the same guy. It was last year. I think it's gonna be probably easy to argue Harper's and because last year was playing for anything to go out there and heads. Got there have a good time to amber at the record I don't care about whether you do whether it but it team actually wins I. I still think the Yankees have far more margin for error and I get would you sing about Severino what is he is he the guy that we noticed that one inning in the first playoff game or the guy the came back. Four days later pitched lights out was David Price and blows up we may want may may may be and tonight you always have to worry about his health. Sabathia you have to worry about whether he's just gonna blow up you know he's at a southern lawyer Craig got exactly. So I get that but they've got a bull and sure that he sold people that get to closers. They're really really deepen and Robert and you gotta go Roberts and give them. You know a lot of strength and at the sixth and seventh that it but I look at that lineup and the addition now of Neil Walker is pretty good play Utah let him last week. They're going to be to meet that college's beat the crap. A bad pitcher who so when they get to those bad teams and they get to the three foreign five guy they might give are literally itching for the falters they might. Like give up five or six runs scored 910. Yeah exactly and that's on saying so you see play Tampa. And and you know they beat them tend to want. You play Tampa and you beat on five the three was the difference. Well I just think there's the ability to budget a bigger margin for error and it all comes down to. So until at least early on weekend and they'll battle a strong dose a linebacker or your great offensive team you win a couple of games in America in and regular season always felt that. And and we'll see what happens and pitching matches up in the regular in the post season but yet they will actually win a lot of games that's why I think you'll be two teams in the east. Boston and New York there'll be close to a hundred wins. We both of them will be yeah he might get it on my putts went in sat on the fine. And I tell you why because I think that division is going to be better than people think I really do I think it's going to if you look in just looking at the central looking at the last. I think there's more parity in the east which means your playing 171819. Games right against those teams the teams in the in the central and the teams on the last. Are gonna play the same number of games against really crappy teams teams that are tanking. I other than Tampa Bay into the paste is some decent check that still can be a problem if no find more pitching you know all works down there they will they will. Grow see what they're doing. The Tampa Bay Rays know what I wanted to but it goalie when everybody off another go with a four man rotation game three of the years of bullpen day. And that's why baseball's all over the for not spending money to him on the fifth starter. They're they're fifth starter to bullpen day they have for starters. In a day three of the season against you that all of the bullpen and at the start gaggle to the lineup once each. Never happen it'll never work it you clean and that'll never work is that the guy they before the bullpen bagels for ratings. Nice as usual and get out okay let you know they did so at a beauty bullpen day at disparity goes Florida or burnout everybody's heard everywhere. It sounds goofy but I will say just open they have the one team that you could look at. That you look and say they've got no money nobody shows up to their games they have to deal all the plays off once they have to pay them and guess what happens. They grow another pitcher and a minor league system they find another arm picking them up and he'll win in the big investor a grown up Walt they constantly find him. The one thing you can save up and they constantly fund I'd 6177797937. That's our phone ever radio on a Friday you know women.