OMF - Tom Brady’s interview with Oprah won’t provide real answers; hatred of Brady vs hatred of Manning, 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 3 - Tom Brady’s interview with Oprah is set to air on Sunday and the guys don’t feel like Brady is going to give real answers to Oprah’s questions. An interview with someone like Oprah is one of the differences between Brady and Manning. While Manning does ads for pizza, Brady does ads for Aston Martin and is seen as more of an elitist.

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty you don't can't understand how great a wig and job console every kid. Got what you have is I don't doesn't make you wouldn't yeah. So you don't have your quarterback out there everything else kind of stagnated and and however that it will martyrs so you're gonna compete against me you better be willing to give up your life straight because I'm digger don't mind with clay and Lou interest. My ass and always oh. He knows what I'm also she Walt Disney but Dan everybody knows it on the bottom thing the hello Julian Edelman is one of the guys that is just through years of conversation here and there were guys you know. You're telling me that people than thinking this way about their alone time Julianna Ben's bed there's a lot of people that deaths. There they've been suspect that Juli and adamant. On Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Good motto should be no days off and then every once in awhile we do next. The appointments I'd let you be our model but the patriots. Because they take days off all the done yet. And mobile Monday by the way Cornel Fenway Park I'd call a day off that was not really work today throws on the work. All things on the Internet that is where you can't hardly abundant in in Foxboro and we don't like it's hard bought look at you don't like you know trying to build it can. Chemistry how do you do. My eagle please call from people all. These billboard you acorn and you don't I do I. Think we all thought he should it's more all hate coral English ignorant questions and and allow my esteemed colleague to make this point now tacked on if you would like. As we all know. That there's so there's a neighborhood recordable players the champs the chance they haven't but everybody out there right but it's usually easier than ever a lot. They have their special board that they use a weapon out and it's good answers yeah I had I don't play an apple ordered off beyond that guy's tee even if he dominate. The real guy that they are two hours will it be his team. As a youngster GAAP and I usually doesn't really good digital switches on them. That's all they did he can't why not became only horse to horse I don't want to play like beer pong or something like that was actually a drinking game. That's bonding isn't I better than a normal again. Is that it's here they use our coverage units it's cold beer I don't really got to understand that we all feel. And he's eventually slightly Stan this is it's like they metal rod and you know you kind of dig into the into the ground and play should be your pupil when you sit there and you don't have to move route we actually don't have the whole computer. That's him and I'm I'm down with the always got a bowling fan we we were lectured we're election for years of how important it was to do all of these things the there everywhere can't be I you have to give up your life all this other stuff. And then we find out the Brady when he can give up you know some of this stuff he gives it up it's different this situation builds on the same thing right now that day of now Orton. Has already is all those but it beats me it looks different I wouldn't give anything totally different meaning and not going ahead of Tom Brady probably lecture us because he's doing an interview with a Oprah once I don't. I don't know that it if you if that's not today got a letter someday this trailer now for the Tom Brady sit down with Oprah Winfrey. Taking heat divided the country what was happening in your own locker room program Tom Brady's father to sell. Have you thought about what happens after football soon. So now we'll. Him to be used it and it's anybody's incompetent Oprah. I. Read shirts are you at the point oh yeah cross bail out clause saying we we. The thing is that we we got to watch this course we are generally go to work to learn Oprah mile. You really interviewed this guy so we can really get some answers now does it give us do we cut off balls are slow down and so we kind of problems anymore. That's come out and give us heavy thoughts on life after football. Right now the last question note I have. Now you know that's none of them voted Lana obviously would have played rest of you know I'll think about that and that time comes across that bridge we get older India would review and NBC news' Tina Walsh thing of doing Goran the country under everywhere in the world. Yeah promoted unqualified to mainly just. Is this is a whole this is like one of those. OK you always knew. These could relate to Tom Canada like these guys and as these young guys on the team just press accounts. I you know case comes from another team. Do an Oprah. Don't open rough but you motivate intriguing men barrelled into men don't well don't why don't if it does this really doesn't play on the war. This is his arms around his sister's house and look what is that what below what does value outcomes what does that mean yeah it has to Zell crowd means hadn't thought about what happens after. All of them know this isn't an anachronism of what's that mean. What is does that make crowd music Oprah business is non football this is gonna have nothing to do with football all the things she unrealized presidential proteins. Think this cynical view what a negative impact gonna have on the development and don't wide receivers are not gonna get any better you don't get too is that this controversial we'll definitely know that day he was like yeah and how happy was out of it and droplet treated. None of none of this diligently grappling has no no legitimate research staff doesn't either. Get out of that view you're getting on this is going to be. And the aliens like Nancy is that look you got to have some real honesty can kick your Oprah alt rock. You don't want what about the Butler play. Why not about oh about Butler is not literally at Idaho law that ought to do is type in Tom Brady and patriots. Ever reloading investments what are the odds that he that she brings up Malcolm Butler zero point 00%. This stuff is gonna happen. Life after after you're done playing football OK she's gonna get into the taken and he she's going to try to see if she generated some support for carry on he science and across all I think he will. All I think he's gonna all tied it he's just he's gonna play right into side no. Gonna talk to a Gisele gonna talk about these failing. As its outlook TB twelve his diet. I've got to widescreen I'll definitely be mentioned do you know that if you threw a lot of water you can't get a sunburn and everything and we just heard ideally until it at all for dealing old colonial locker room while we respect each proposal didn't tell us they all have older voices. Handled it right you know we have a great kind of uncomfortable ran a few diet tips to Oprah. That little you know distinguish what is right. Rate watchers say his talents well. All the stuff that's that's absent Oprah that's on your list. It's night's eight. Pleases. We look what happens she dale Weight Watchers suitable bootable strawberries no we don't honors at noon and southern that that's been researching his actual numbers kind of muscle cars of joke about the strip Sunday night what time is it times this thing. Sunday at 11 AM if the senate in Alaska eleven him on the Joseph. This is now. Hadn't thought about what happens after football it's reversal Sunday. 11 AM Ted central really super colossal like Sunday what networks. You're prey. So Brussels Sunday you know that'll attempts at its new coach Campbell is that they'll I don't know if you see yet at the O. That was a sixty minutes but she's not. Whenever she should we don't know what channel correspondent person for sixty minutes and minor details and Borg and Monica lost we'll check got to be that got a video chance. Maybe it's oxygen channel good it would do routed via Internet and a special. I idealists it was gonna get we're little we're getting nothing out of this what Oprah what why doesn't is out as soon as though be sitting next door. It adds some talk about because it is only part of it. But he's played its results crack this is choose you can't talk much as guilty for not yet and I got to Dell's problem high. Fashion model that I would it's my turn a 12% in what is Oprah I'll use it yeah and bureaucracy is thick and ask us to oversee. They're out of the gate and do you like your team that voluntary OTAs he's not I. Show up that goes by you want to spend family time meanwhile you're in Monaco. And Grand Prix racing you're out their golf and you go with Rickie Fowler Phil Mickelson and Jimmy Dunn and get the rock show your team is trying to improve the other guys you wide receiver jewel and editing your favorite target he's gonna be suspended four games get a bunch of guys out there basically other than Donald rocket Hogan he had worked for before. You split it with three days so I thought behind it are doing more days coming up that's. Get used to that now you decided not to show law that what your coach canceled practice because you realize ticket not think dodge is quarterbacking there. What do you say about that. Now you got a better shot as you like Stephen A now bottom feeder you got that Oprah was so besides for that to happen now put that question is true when a car George Karl wants to give us the descriptions Gisele crowd go ahead room. I love you crucially how do you rate it comment. Do you ask that question. What's what's on the article well it just crap and don't tell me what is out illegally get. Crowd tells us agents. Aren't Christian. That summit I was on that we need your. Why edit every. Nothing that they adding people. And it. People don't like Tom Brady entered every incursion. Tom Brady's own. Sources held out his now he's so okay no luck I wouldn't I'd say a year that's. It's resembles what hurts round would be like I'm very high and modeling career with a lot of people following I don't know and over fits the Welch east he's one of sure that's what you news on of them she or that that's what is next Tom Cruise. Even if you'd like. That crowd that you don't we hear they won't be possible Booth. At the air and everybody else. Love our team leaders that I would open your body. Industry to get twelve limit being to go flying off somewhere. Because we have this great people are picking edit ping bag. You know and I think you're right I. See we have no we all we have people who call in defend Umbria you're on your mind it people locally. Love love love love love. People are not known yet people really do well Tom Brady but nobody. You can't relate to him. Well I'll see here's a speaker I said this fetish years ago there is Brady. Decided that he was gonna go down if road while Peyton Manning is wrapping Buick. And Papa John's stuff that everyone can afford. Brady is wrapping bull bottle watches you don't think of Aspen mark yeah you don't have a big influence are on all of that was was his wife. Now we said that we set after Michael hold on all of my question was and maybe onto so maybe that's what it is. He thinks is bet so is old crowd right you keep seeing that same this is does this go round you're just like he's so he's doing this to a to appease his old friends. The rich and famous of the world I think that's who hangs with. That people that I'm asking Martin didn't I don't walk you didn't eat that upload speed will leave if that's not. So yeah the people that think they're just better than everybody out their lives are better. So he can't but he does interviews and he does an abuse of scratchy that in every day guy. I don't scratches and every day also sold deal so Gisele and and her people had convinced him that he needs to. I guess march through abuse of a different from a kinda. Commit a 100% to the other side but everything that the clueless dude true just said is accurate is that the public perception of Brady nationally now. Forget about cheap stuff and throw that out but. Is much different than Peyton Manning Peyton Manning was like the every day that's it's a mural take old again two years ago let's eat it I don't re which as you were McCoy did I did not mean it you weren't here that I said maybe three years ago I'll ask him in the hands but this before this is. Maybe yeah maybe it does help but he was producing correspondent when I bring up that he's doing this Oprah thing. And this really plays into the Jews okra Jews I was probably snow on the donor no brainer isn't as this plays to. It is. That is what he's selling. This is pleased to listen to advertise or usual mourns the marketing ploy and a your life after football. Okay I'm gonna talk about maybe twelve of them locate the family you kind of have to pull on OK enough power politics who's more likely to buy that stuff. But the crime. That the dead and edit just wanted to write them because that's the only product can afford it that's really the only totally ironic and solar. Observatory at thirty dollars or whatever or universities particularly our universities that have I doubt it listen now a lot of money which we are very electoral we've already been love everything he's done here but let's face facts here. He was elected. To be a guy who's going to in his speed down the road. Appealed to the elitist that's what he's going to a and Peyton Manning is that sided on taking the other route. He's still sell the pizza you know count that means he'll do that stuff. Everybody picks out where they wanted to go. With their brain he is elected to go high brow I n.'s Brent and a mess it matters yeah. I don't see how you can't you can't see not an analysis of seed and also that it does not news in the sea that. Your question was. I want you rule Tuesday not drew from wherever to say who Gisele crowd wise. You could say what you what say you want your I want my privacy policy moderately. Allegedly black eye and you think that didn't think you would want to date him but I I don't elbow actually save some fuel save it you'll likely or put you on this. But the ball that he would refuse admitted it screwed yourselves or. Did he well yeah the glory that's all we had a moral right that relies on relies on word on that deck. All of a profitable Manning are still not exactly that you know eight years ago people love Peyton Manning instantly to Umbria feast of the winning. He won more than Peyton Manning Peyton yankees loyalty. But this Tom Brady was seeing right now I I know what he did earlier his career but this is a three or four year thing. That's the goal last 345 years made cops now we're Tom Brady signed just become this guy yet so it's not like people just starting to hate Tom now because of this endeavor because he won. And baiting me as PM loves them it's the royalty in the NFL the whole family thing in Houston. You know that type of about it but Europe he would in the way that they represent all that stuff happens you don't like the guy that wins more than the other the other your brand is appealing to totally different demographic and that and then I think that's been the more last 45 I agree with him. And and. You know a lot of that might have something to do which is not it. Manning is staying in Holiday Inn expresses okay peace they get the best hotels the finest resorts. He's flying on private jets he's doing all of those things that Brady does in his private life gets up that they that he's out there slumming it all right. He's doing all that stuff but the way he's presenting his point is much different. Than the way dribbles and this goes back to him posing with a bunch of farm animals back in 2002%. Done I'm done now put a different power differences it was a horse and it was a mutual agreement is of the column as a mule is a college odds pay that that's true story that's. Yet another part of eco like Tom Tom Tom good looking. Peyton he's been punch in the face and he knows I mean look logo laser dot com topple ball kind of a more normal as below what you guys on themselves and go into that. Hopefully fists Koppel was the bows looking at the largest complete football and if you could refuse a matter what you say about the man has always seriously and has built an agreement to make sure we keep Cooper mature he was the most out yet hurt. As he feels you know so we'll watch this let you know it's going to be garbage right that we are we going to advance. That all of the questions that we. Want answered none of them will be ants in Italy they're going to be brought up another mobile inaugural football out of Russia Italy not Italy or the senate. And on about what happens after. Environmentalists funny this is business that I've been working for altered with my good friends actually got on my side. And Alex is a columnist and he's a Ostrom. Is just dotted ball the Montana rant away guys on a typical meal prepared a weird cycle that I'll try this this spiced with and it's what's going to be. The price of the rules that you don't you hate and Oprah. You can report it's okay for us. Only you think you can get deals show and other emotional yes and that's also a portrays some spear leaning Yule or. Has an increase. We'll get out of it and and trust me the he will. He will be very sympathetic. To two count particularly Egypt will come out of an ailing he will the new and hasn't played all right actually. Did he ever I'm trying to think back that he actually ever have a comment on the old cap projecting to Sherri did is it me if this wasn't it that was different. Though when it first and it came up this early in the season. Everybody was like Gupta green light to talk about a minute talking I don't think he said something yet was I was similar to what it's you know it's muted support about the players. You know we got Internet filters effect on gas it was one of those things I've made I've wanted to ask them in September of last year you pay much attention that stuff. Not much not much from at this time here like I've got a lot of attention goes on a lot of places so. Much. It was more than you know late Wednesday press he won't do that with a well because none until we get there's there's more all and attitudes are so there was more now because everybody on that Wednesday. Before the game is Wednesday or Thursday everybody you can tell bill talked him by because they all gave their opinion. Whether it was didn't matter what side of the fence drawn to manage you agreed or disagreed they all. From that from the 52 guy on the roster the first time Rosser all had to paint and that was it. Nobody touched it anymore you got that you got there got a lot going on right now. So whatever that answer as a whole you'll find it we come back whatever whatever that answers it's going to be the same. I think it'll be a prominent question though that she will lasted thirty obviously channels that actually okay. Beside us on CBS sports is an acute in the morning the bigger. T think he can play again and I found. I sure hope so you know I've always watched him and admired him on the way he's played he. You know it was a great young quarterback he came to our state and beat us and took his team to the Super Bowl. In 2012. You hit counts a lot in the pros as a player and he certainly qualified and I hope he gets shot. Does that have to do to kneel and now. No no that's that's just referring to him as a player should get a chance to bet that the big question is going to be. Specifically directed at nearly does this mean really a summary of questions dealing did an apology to right. With their new movie with the new rule out of the new ruling okay guys in trump said this your thoughts from it all the questions you can ask. They've they've already agreed to what they're not gonna ask. There it's already planned out. I mean here it is and it's important that we talked about it. You know like I'm not gonna put on spot and light air your dirty laundromat and it's silly right so you limit your stay in this thing is all states that don't let. Hold area now lives in or you're you know you're good you. You're gonna do is they reach the actual hole is finally finally coming around at all accurate and well hero process is so I was going around here. I don't want to zone of the taking any listeners there are viewers' questions we could certainly happy now and Malcolm Butler play on that Hillary got denoble. That we made McCain's plan like hundred. I 6177797937. Radio and all and a. On Sports Radio telling you we. EI. I had no OIMF as a symbol gonna be until. You torn through toy maybe give you ready for sale today. Lineups around planets out looking Betsy is back in the lineup in right field so that's good news. Little concerned when they set amount last night he understandable. Came back for one game played what eleven and left an idea. And they sent him down last night put those Orioles that terrible not good almighty god who they're awful. Give important to have two to watch and it's gonna be even worse when they. They finally you know trade out. Key players here including much out of a treat him out here on the knob another month. Oh count there were awful. And there's nobody in the stands beautiful ballpark one of the great ball parks and in America. Really kind of changed Al ballparks have built he's seen nobody. In this hits me when they show sections or whole sections are just empty seats it is amazing. When you think of that but there were awful. It's just not a good team Elise qatari out there and get this win soft seven and seven of their best pitcher. Now boaters don't know runs are outscored all of them actually it's like three runs a game and its worst and that if you take out one game where they scored double digits 1112 runs or whatever it's pathetic what to. As bad pathetic and a so how does that happen is that that that just by coincidence or do you said recipients and we don't need to. He's doing today we got Christian pattern now Korea and there's symptoms that just happens is always a guy every is always a guy. You know that is not a guy that doesn't you know doesn't gold ball well as its winds. You know you wrestled the ball well but it's got eaten lunch meanwhile Chris knows what 54 that's what I like about Jackie Bradley junior it's the same support to every pitcher in that room. My regular audience as you look at like Jackie Bradley junior like his last fifteen games and just to look at that you okay. He's still going there he's like he's over 200 colon batting averages you'll you with you would if you would think without due looking at the last seven games. The last couple weeks. You realize that he's right back where it was before it took that. Little uptick and he even a lot of the small little tiny little. If respectable for a weekend is fine I'll take that he was respectable it was worked his his. Hit being on the outfield was worth it if you if you can hit 200. Now it's red and yeah you got economy center Annan I don't know are there are under here the other days of my life. And few if Colin insurance are you want to hit it usually in a rote to right field it was amazing run to rice fields and our republic the regular deductible I gotta gotta be 245 something you never got it it's. I don't know what is what is a and on fired Jackie Bradley looked like we've seen is that tomorrow but that's for us. When I fight for Johnson I've forgotten it's like that guy was a mirage. That was him just like finding a horse and rightly or like rabbits foot night I'm an all I have three wishes and use the mall lot. I'm on and that wish only gives me one month. Up production well listen maybe we doesn't have anything on. They've always sinks or with him right angles off for the month in India he has been to 45 what she's done to 6250. In that range. It's like I would just rather CQ fifty every month from this guy and oh that's not a reality. But we're just waiting for 215 month. You know it one week against average opted to 200 knows that he's won sixty whatever was just are against submits and senator cut down his strikeouts he got 200. Now we sit there he's all for his last eleven I think he's one for his last what eighteen yeah. Illini got lucky strikes on an awful lot of the debt strikeouts you know that is going to close to making contact he sees. You know is failing provided in nineteen again you know to me off again but it Alley devers in Sydney and for he's been struggling for a block out last night you know that he gets low double the other way in a beginning and it may eleventh twelfth and whoever was it to bomb last night and it's like a siege is constantly looking for. Things positive things to kind of take with you and you play a lot better defensively you know lately I think the last even month or so I think a lot better defensively. So it's a bucket list things to build but he got to start building when you're in certain spots like he was recently in which Jackie is the media thought this little weak yet of 170 game stretchers and paid a visit 30310. Whatever he's doing his thing. And it just it lap it did last. Now it is in deep waters last nineteen people panicky you lost movie that's for a couple weeks and so people were panicky and you take him out of the lineup and we know what the bottom of the lineup is like. And we know what Bradley is like you get guys just described it and say oh my god this team can hit whatever. Rookie that's back in the lineup with Martinez and of Denver starts doing it gets a little bit of pop out from Vazquez. Hitting wise they're gonna be fun isn't it watching the Yankees the Yankees or winning a majority of their games are not hitting. Is anybody watching John Carlos and he's not. Hit it. Right they're getting good did the bird remember everybody talked about burger back and that was going to be a big difference in Sanchez. Sits Sanchez found looked. I was there because it does not has argued bird guy I mean it was he would never failed to god as they always gonna get our deck if they didn't what does those birds. Bird ever done that slowdown on wait till they get bird back. Oh this Sanchez down now as well because she's not the Yankees aren't hitting either. And I'm I don't think anybody's panic there were panicky to the point where we have the brand and we Ramirez back. That's where we are right well how was immigrants already why. What the hell's blow him. Dennis I was gonna tell me out Hanley Ramirez right now being first up being released apparently raised some eyebrows the fact that he's not picked up right now. You know is is like wide enough about and start with suitable you know and when that happens there was that it makes no sense to with the stars Kamal left and right in oil. Is it off the field issue. It's a map Antonio sort of rumors he'd never go with. But I mean it's that it's happened that collect other team's gotta gotta gotta hold up and let you know he's not going to be worth it. Because how held you know bring this guy on for 300000 dollars and sediment into the bench noticed this why does he not wanna play anymore like you all look at things they hit it in more giving it any more fine. He would. What is a guy that hit the post season. Against the Houston Astros he did at 330 a month of April. So bad twenty game stretch whoever was a three weeks and they can't hit anymore go look at the back end of rosters. Go to 2324. Point Pittman go to teams benches and say would you rather have an alien bears on your bench or this guy. Well couple things one or under grand one. Nobody has said that he doesn't wanna play wouldn't we know that by now. If he was holding out for more than veteran minimum why would you need. More than veteran minimum your got a 22 million for the year you're getting paid the same amount of money. But what are you what anybody says. That they would like to pick up and there's got to leave Baltimore with a lot of gently into that apparently that has gone along with wade also mean so because it's not like. So he's just like Amazon cages and editor for Margaret and work him aside right because when your when you released. A couple of weeks now or else my points you know you and isn't playing through three weeks SA and how long haul it back in other teams eight KG if you look into it. The one thing you could say about him is. He's going to be a pain in the ass if he's just a pinch hitter and we can't play a much. My thirteen is right now the can use the ages. OK there are teams that could use some help at that position and nobody's touching him. So. How to how does the word get around there Lou there's word filtered from team to team to points. But I sailors and at this point it Haley if he can't find a starting spot. The baby doesn't wanna play that role. New Year's wanna be like on a bad off the bench when we hear that final I I don't think he does no idea but I mean. Iraq because they be miserable coming off the eventual cable you don't have a start job right so. You decide I don't wanna have that role and if I'm not gonna play with anybody. These are people economy sends a starting role this is that the situation is this miles off the field of people stayed away from Hanley Ramirez about because. I again I can go to every team's bench at a four guys and bad one guys catchers and every teams get three guys and a bench. You tell me you would wanna have that potential. Rather than player acts on your bench if your team that's you know for nothing. Now the old days nothing 300 grand slow small market team grabbed nearly but it would eventually be DH you once in awhile you want in your way complaint first or DH and. Well the Ritz I picked up the animal when he's in the minor leagues and what they pay for him nothing. Everybody yeah so why wouldn't another team look at it obviously you don't tone down my mind as you gotta put him enough. Maybe in the big leagues maybe him he's got to pass a goal of the miners but you're right why wouldn't a team. Pick him up and and he needs to play I think the issue and he's done he deployed daily needs to get a contract for next year. He needs he needs a friend but he's one of those guys on those former managers coaches hitting coach whatever. A colleague who of former you know you know you know teammate that is now somewhere in some departments on some team to bounce form. That's what it means because whatever story is going to be story related got to be added to related who's out it's gotta be why I don't know who is friends I don't know what federal Mattingly federal who's out there there's only a matter but I only. If you get a bad rap. And people like you are running with an area that may or may not be true you need somebody on the inside that that department trust. It and and Unita. But not for personal what is the bad rap we know that not pay whatever they didn't trust him right now in a part time role. Mitch Moreland was earning more playing time at first base he was going to see less playing time because Martinez wanted to play somebody out we we know that the the game. But what else could it possibly big beyond. That that teams are. All day whenever you get a match it admit I'm a Muslim and publicity. He's holding up what I don't know what I'm asking the question I don't know of cases yes absolutely no leverage whatsoever you know holdouts don't know what we already know that you're ready you know he has no enough let's agree it we're gonna pay you. Veteran minimum. Not only does he not if he's already this money there's no reason for him to ask for more than the veterans minimum. And second of all if he does not played the rest of the year. You don't think they gonna be more questions in the off season if he's strutted his agent is pitching him around the league trying to get a job somewhere. Is gonna give them anything. For next year because of incidents that led a minute what why did you pass on this team that came of that team in this past year he took the summer rob you get your money you want to the Riviera. We're talking about it. Yeah well. We'll see. Just I just don't get it. I don't know because I think that you don't think they can use of the accused bat that's the Orioles are offering an impact a lot of of the kind of I mean they they can have not done it. We couldn't make sure that freaking Dustin Pedroia SaaS was healthy enough that the activated the force that moves that they could've done right they could actually made the joy of playing nine innings and yell reacted the next day and take a day off play another nine innings. Know what to tell you to bring him back for that day played Russian Bakken play baseball a year and a half. Whatever it was over a year with the surgery. Just no no sense to anyone and will want for whatever reason in order regional teams one with a part of which total with his choice of teams who have. But it could be as simple is the word is out there he's going to be a pain in the ass if he's parked on polar. Because that's what the Red Sox thought. That's what corps thought from core pretty much said that publicly it was going to be an issue. He said. So that's out there publicly median of the team is looking edits and what we don't have a full time role for me the way. You know it you know and let's face it though yeah a lot of teams tanking right now so why should we bring him in for what reason. Not gonna draw flies to the ballpark what are we get it also was a bunch more of Baltimore's team to use them I thought indicated some interest and least it was out there and it kind of what by the wayside like not the toast of baseball on to the docket as well and we've got to get into this might find says. Has invented something. He's only one problem six point 777793. Cents. Keep up with the show on Twitter oh an app on WEEI. Before during and after the Chicago. If you back to more affordably remote in 48 right now Sports Radio. I pick and OMF baseball game this afternoon the Red Sox try to do us a week of the Baltimore Orioles abruptly and in this area. But in his editorials the series does your o.s used in this lineup and Padilla pitching sock. And three closer but the the rotation suck but you'd you'd say hello bribery puzzle arrive a little bit of you know. Hatred there and and Oki was so I predators a little bit but don't look at that he's had like unbelievable numbers right at every time he played down there in camp and so that was always fun. But now it's embarrassing him in the first nine neither one of these teams could could Muster up a run it was pouring itself. And last night Baltimore couldn't do squad. And the Red Sox pitching was that constantly on the ropes the whole game. Old game. And Jericho it's again throughout again based cute gimmick and I looked pretty good so why would she Kimbrel last night. And again. You know I don't know I think court talked about it afterwards and almost felt like they just kind of the other by Kelly again that jam four run game they went to Barnes and widows in the lineup and just felt like you've got all in on it you know with with Kelly in Barnes and just sort of finished with Kimbrel. Oslo surprise given the used to live before he got three times for get their team at all. That was a rough night for him you know and and but he get through it whatever they at 3 o'clock PM today unit used them last night figures in the sixth at two. Not that he's down. I would rate vote Barnes. And Kelly as young Kelly who knows maybe all three of these guys but pick among swing the bat. But you know that to four run lead isn't is the tough one with a closer. Because you know you you say you start Brian Johnson gives you get a full run lead. And then what's most most teams don't we'll bring it closer with four out of four run lead but still Johnson gives up hit. Now what he added that on the phone. But it Campbell please give up any write than anyone mall walking next you know compose and game two guys are on you know so it's. That's a tough one lead but it's you know given that they gained here today in the usage and it before every time you got up. I'll think he probably trouble today as far as thrown ball released from a citizen concerns. The same place. If on the stand I now that earth. We've got Chris Sale pitches and it's exactly gets daily dose of it he solves everybody's probably still living presidents form. Here's a guy it's open new you know a month earlier about diversity Rodriguez and sale. You know and even though Rodriguez's been pitching great you know Rodriguez is the one. And sale just can't get away he can't get a break at any point in time nobody runs given up with under two pitches by the fourth inning right there is only live yeah that's a problem lies just at that Porsche AG to use those that use the bullpen on those nights. And and that becomes an issue of these have been Robin Donahue now is in good old toddler and listen I'm a short while but. Has anybody noticed. It's been weeks since we've mentioned David price's name. Let's say two guys. Is there's two guys nobody is talking about I forgot he was on the team already would customers. But to diesel is really not you know I know what my point is at least recently beat back when the union I don't know our eyes and he went to New York. We talked about was they took down a New York City yeah Dole's. Was it was a smiling I'd still be able to concerned about him but he's for a different reason the you know that. That we we talk about it but the starting pitching has been good in their bullpen is good now Karstens Smith is done. Yet it's like the law career ending injury to some of the Red Sox never gonna to cheer again but they're talking about once they go win. There's a possibility this could be a career ending injury. All these caused by him instrumental. Yeah I'm told he's 827 when he says people throw the bubble tea. True and it just happened to him we dislocated stricken shoulders outta the year to have surgery and knows bid comes back but it does happen is to freak accident if this is. What about every guy that it every guy that broke a bat over his his quad did did did any of them never had a never any issues with a you regularly at a guy tours I've caught. And it's never Smart people do what they punch that's that punch that lets out a blonde or anger they do right I'm afraid to go junior and hearing in the go screw you all NBA finals here to get to MRI so I mean it does happen again notes. It a good this local residents good. Pierce you've still happens that I as far as who closes its game. That's been an enormity usually complete well he's gonna be scored some runs from 41 even get through. Yes they did get a big lead and you can kind of play around with the put that they don't with with sale. They don't. Normal and down on the colts at first base. The deaths today to move today whenever you mall today announced that Stuart and with a game on. Then that team is just good ball wars to watch. So you look at it as they are going to need some offense down the road I know ruse because steele's name is constantly brought up what we know that sabathia issue. That's a math the issue dealing with a luxury tax write it's a funny financial ocean. It did they can't trigger in. The luxury tax because it is at a high number and it affects them with picks and everything else so you're not gonna mess with the so Resnick is the it was going to rock. In Pawtucket for a while it's. It is that they not gonna you know to have was thickest is that the reason why you goal of logic that. Yeah I mean it's only if they're trying to stay under. He's not the difference in winning a World Series and not tell you. To go at the end of July get a player it's gonna put jewel yet you know that you're gonna add some more money here probably in an open area all Wear it wherever I mean. Who knows what hold develops and another month. And somebody might go down next month payments that the 32 baseman. We middle digit Lowery. You know and it's not that much money but it's it's going to be you know if you start add in two million years three millionaire next to you know you're already open but rose they can steal he's in trouble. The years ago an idea freedom. It was a rule baseball what you BofA and he cleared waivers don't want the contract you take that off the luxury tax they changed at blue ball to me you called him up. You off on you gotta you gotta for this year is money with about eleven to date does money what's eleven to the faulting here which is fourteen point 80 ridiculous and so you you've got them. He can't go anywhere. So lets you want to spend twelve million dollars a year for a fourth ultimately got to make sure he can play rights of so suppose you're hitting woes continue here. Even with marquis that's back healthy again supposed to continue. The kid can hit apparently defensively he's a pretty good on Iran. The only way solidity the only the only way he makes it here. Is if you know financially yuppie you move on from Jackie Bradley junior. And you used Jacqui again. You know a reliever used Jackie get somebody's Jackie's and at seven million dollar range next years arbitration Jackie's body gonna make ends that is easier as I don't know. So being here. So you replaces Dan with with Resnick Steelers ten to make him the left fielder JD DH habit that he's center fielder interest that's one way to get him here. What I don't know is the last two years left in would be able point six million. So is that a new contract for luxury tax that thirteen is a goal in the original deal. But the only way is if he kind of evened out this money. Either I just don't see it happen. We better off to try to trade is supposed to pick up that hunt who's gonna through a bad spot. If he's hitting it 300. The electric power. And do any damage from whatever this I don't know Puget line drive over the place of his game broken bat swinging bunt singles and broken bat bloop does he really swinging it well PH are selling drugs. What are we Tripoli pitching you don't know what he's going to be like appeared you could bring them appeared finds out that he can hit it big you better be sure yeah in other words Jack has your football player at all. Under right out all the money in the month. I'll wondered if they ever get into that situation you're right at the end of the year in the next year. You can look at Jackie Bradley junior taken that money is no way you're paying Jack continues to play the way he's playing right now. No way you pay and we got another million bucks an issue no good arbitrage and make less right you opportunities to make more natural. And they got him please I we got another hour and then a twenty minute bonus for you coming up on today's all about.