OMF - Tom Brady was destined for greatness early in life; Fauria is Italy bound and Lou got pulled over!! 7-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, July 17th

Ann Coulter had an issue with her flight the other day. Tom Brady's voice hasn't changed since high school at all. Christian has some vacation time coming up. With Italy on the horizon, Fauria has plans to be the big man in town. And Lou sheds some light on his run in with Rhode Island's finest.


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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne Loney and 48. I screen. Door. Yeah yeah. With the glare and Lou in Christian congratulations. To WE EIA the morning show yeah. Men pain and Callahan and his cast of thousands and amid days ago would go away ferry area Maloney right now on Sports Radio WEP and I mean. We're very bad area where there for a victory though he does whatsoever of any note doesn't matter we'll venerable answered all of his political into the matter you've had all the law whatever I need to do. You've been called a lot worse. I we we're very Issa and Coulter situation because usually people just if you ripped an airline. Or an airline is is up as bad few people usually just standing at line exhibiting hoarding you got married we got in this case and not in this case. But we got a little birdies out there were telling us that Lou had a little bit of heavy foot syndrome last week while he was driving around our highways and byways. The smallest state in the union and you'll Friday jewel out on Twitter was that was that was. You know it was to secure an eagle Mohegan Sun is there an area as a group six Providence words disorder eagle from wanna wait that cycle whatever. A regular road. And you didn't recognize that you didn't see that I'm in north of speed limit laws I think I was going that fast but apparently the cop did 'cause he's coming the other way includes feelings on that quick your tournament I'm screwed. People milk license registration ask my wife for. Yeah licensed to mosaic. Suggesting to have that before there is no passengers like you should have done he should've used the Red Sox excuse that he used to use. I think just the putts at. Yeah. It wasn't died I didn't say anything just looked at is that you Lou Maloney the red subsidize that I've beat that. That's right thank you while housing is usually serve today's recognition it was very for Redfield street it was during his element people our you know I am. And in the guiding goal and it had to say they are very fast they added I know there and everything else he's taken that really don't conform. I don't. I don't goes. That it has backed off nearly at a college and I deserve it's albeit not so how did you feel like your wife actually so you're probably unaware that she tweets show greeted us how you got a reality and it got away with that nobody would have known the top wouldn't obscenities or maybe go back to decision you know got broad idea I don't know role model or loan is trying to get out I was you know why and there's no question and I only have a speeding problem. When it. Because I think I spent so much time in traffic. That would is an open road feel like I gotta take advantage of an attack but I doubt that seriously every freaking day route three in session on Mondays from cape and 93 com and all of it. You know whatever traffic traffic traffic everywhere that I also wrote I go let him say I love it but it's like I gotta get there take advantage right. So that's I don't watch that so the cop got away with it and your wife just. School the united released this year at the right there but I appreciate so we saw the hole it give me your let me see your identification also to staff yeah idea of a religious duty little light what's that about -- you of your idea that yeah oval -- -- minute and she does look at you looked at you that you know is that we use Lou Medea events of the day it is right not to act guilty but I've never seen the passenger I need to license. I've never seen them. And either so I think the number one advertisement that's something new now I don't know apparently this. No significant change yeah just like that flag. Represents was supposed to represent this country is representing people the way as opposed to us there. So I think I did see that the movie get out was meant that movie get now. Card a get out and movie is called get them again. Notes some texts whether they actually the cop actually asked. You just the black guy. The government for the colleges you know I Somalia and there was it was did black and get pulled over a sort of mean. More to say it. Like just happens to just don't know him as you say to a black get out of passage of the movie get out. It into the model is it even heard about was regularly that their appeal they comedian and very respect Jordan DeLia black it goes dazed like curled a terrific movie penalties will be a great movie. And the hall knows of this movie and added John you know now and I've no idea as well now it's a really good music. Moderate I don't know in the short appeal and crown though hard I don't know if you want to give us on the last night now. Mean either no no I don't want it don't mean it is not. Christian shame is that you recognize him or hated a show acutely policeman pulled us over very kindly lately where is let's put. It was very there's no way she read you we couldn't help visit him and we're desperately to nothing he needs it indeed it's the woman derby back and say look little coupled little. A I haven't they wanted to. The so I Coulter has a real problem with Delta Airlines apparently she got one of those. But as what they called extra room seats or whatever she didn't need specifically in exports Speights thirty bucks more space suits and whatever it was a window efficacy. Right and they moved her. And put this other woman. In her seat but according to delta announced just ripped a crap on a delta which you see people have no problem in the usually come back and like we're so sorry yeah we do for you experiences at got last Huckabee business it's what I mean she went really over when she started taking pictures of the woman that was sitting undersea. And then calls her names and it was ridiculous it and you know going into it any Coulter was don't have anybody. With a and it could even defend. Yet we are like Delaware and the cannery do you know why I don't feel like got to treat me it was you know Jimmy's special privileges able to you know you're worth a lot of money go to the one of those just what I was the airlines shouldn't monitor lying tweets that Jews like basically telling shot. Everything gets re tweets and applause for that tweet you. There's everyone has had an issue with an airline at some point time with the use luge receipt of airplanes lane we all. The airline. And yet is there anybody out there. Even the this the staunchest in Coulter for him. They could sit there and say yeah I agree with more power more power thing yeah I don't know also permanent. Or go to and she acted like total full. The the tweeting was ridiculous and if she'd just tweeted. Initially about delta people probably. Some people would have been so similar stuff that I've purchased extra room I got there coastal and get an actor and remove. She can't take a picture of the woman who took you're seeing now in an Auburn teams what did dad it's her fault tweet you lecture yeah you can't do that this was just. Just for addiction looks like a fool the suggestion. On how you defender I love it go move reimburse you thirty dollars and today that he could break even dealt a nose. The dividend debate on our side they counted. And now this is what everybody's pretty easily and today the article is the manner. Them almost you know traveling with their kids you know this isn't going to want some free publicity. It's gotten it. You go I didn't get more stable and I think it's now utility vehicles people left united drag that I downloaded on the idol. Oh whenever. It's so easy to sit there and ripped the airlines today. But he can do. You probably will have the airlines you know apologizing and give you free tickets. In doing whatever because they don't want the publicity that they are apparently get married I date repaired thirty dollars nice yeah America's and it cost me 101000 dollars worth of my time next series opportunity. To pre select the seat I want to investigate the type of plane go back periodically. To review my seat options. Our solidarity time is 101000 dollars Eva holy smokes that's scheduled seriously especially our hears it. Is it really is it doesn't matter the airlines can screw you over a thousand times over you're still gonna need to fly and it deleted by ticket and they know it's. They know it's odd side pushing back in the last few little window seat you don't have remorse for his weekend in Norwalk. And drive or moment to help you out which one another young did give you know the sequel Pardo hope would just all we let them all now she. Could have easily made dealt with a bad guy with a couple of tweets cheek obviously can write she's very clever. She could've she could've made him look like total falls instead of the end she's the one looks like a fool. And I don't think she's got a right to be pissed off if she didn't want us suffer. Warner wanted this couple some people wanted to suffered before the senate ally south and is similar of people going against him but and people will agree with her politically. Our beat Iraq right now social media and and yet I looked back and say to tweets all yet due to the tweets you would have owned them. And armored outcast ditch your seat and shut the hell I'm on that I'll try that once you're on the scene. Seized conveyed his normally yes they would in that have a situation make it you know play nice and yell flotation next hour here's a free voucher. You know like say something nice about us. And it looked about great meal drinks were cold. Play was on time. No issues lots allegro no crime Davies. I love that line or cost me 101000 dollars thousand dollars might titles across so like this seat I wanted to know when you had a free so I think not only one line you very precious few free so like right to see your home undertaker hop artist she really. I was smitten she's worked you know 101000 dollars with a minute thirty minutes thirty minutes its stake to thirty minutes to process the whole process start to. Thirty minutes 101000 bucks an art now I don't buy that there's nobody else was going to pay her. In that time that she was doing who was sent to G did she pass on the opportunity. But somebody giving her 101000 dollars to geeks are. The US and she's adult and she's adult thing go hire somebody needed to book it for you go make the 101000 bucks in the in the thirty minutes. You can make it right. Yeah I was I was I told myself on this this little trip and take with my wife that I have refused to lose my crap and refused to just go nuts because something is gonna happen is going to be a delay it is going to be a language barrier obviously and a couple of Berle or you get that down the language parent and I asked the Brooklyn and you have figured out there in Italy I didn't know they say they say yeah Ali and at least a week and I heard they speak with their hands when they speak in their in their hands that it. That's just a thought to be in the field that's and they went crazy and I would yeah I airline would be out a lot of a drop your name. Maybe it'll look up every now and arguably doesn't mind. Go Luigi every human Tony I don't get. And what. And yeah. You can you with the airline you can use your own name you've got to volunteer I love you good I don't honestly feel right and good. 100% Italian when I grew up Erica. Undated my good pairing restaurant where all or was it for me I can ask her hobbies I think about it. And I think that you Glover you are grip on the back room cook but I want you program on the back from cooking give me personally don't know. Family members some great results doesn't you'll find a lot of dads who don't when you go over there and all of that and it's been great from night to stay away from the unit. Asked with the heat that's a success with the genuine honest it's slower stuff north of don't distinguish them. All of garden you know probably got a Val yeah that's where I would assume a picture of olive garden and obviously there's always the best John great red states I heard the salad is like dogs Dolly a audio. Eighth. It's. It. That Kagan again had a brick oven pizza one point what do we think you go to school and I'm hoping Q Wisconsin and Al I'm hoping Kimmel saw. Edison were off Stefano hi how nice is rat out her hottest and not real and look at all the show I don't know all the flights. All the multi she do with they ought to show up. Packed close shall I got everything down. Hop on trained movie get to Rome to figure out where Rico at the time this can be a mass and yeah did you bring the praise from Justin's not just limited to Rome from Rome to tables I made. Are you gonna fly over the mountain life threatening and at a train for us when I first class gossip in the wrong. They didn't get enough. It's it's a new under monitoring the not a travel agents and give us vote when you ask AMR that's a bad guy capped at twenty foot boat and go something will happen I'm guarantees something happens I'm just hoping that your wife will do the same thing that that they should. Reckless weed out some way that we are actually up on when you do that most of my nickname is color W Griswold legal abilities and that's all you know be an environment we're done. Move along here we ego ridden. None telling me. I don't know but don't want to be Maloney I'm gonna be Lou we've come out of the loop a lot of and Anthony reservations guerrilla candidate Bieber and. Gonna be ordered booties and a few months a connectedness of the Italians again the AA we'll have his old version of is impersonation it's not. The death of all the. If you've been Italy before never first time ever and ever so what do you do like a quirky Berle its course or one of those little apps that you can learn. The basic Rosetta Stone that we have to take a dump in a win away I'll take a little like the last. Weird I don't I don't go to the bathroom when I got them on the value that's definitely it's not the little I am on my kid I can guarantee. You don't talk like that. And it is an attempt and I look a little bit louder. This is our eyes. They're harder. Theory how about a nice to also be you know and linemen in it but as always they'll play Agilent a little bit. Little war right I mean you line that you. Replant. As I need I need stories are why we do with these actions that you can learn debates I haven't we don't want I have I have. And if so you're going to roll right now I'm going wrong everybody speaks English and then blew everybody's been really good you if you wanted to overnight but if you go to Tuscany though and that's you know what announcement to sophisticated feel it important that calls for a split and are just fake go north of Rome to come right. You'll find this Jim Newton hi Jim. Eight I just got sick person my duties I was over in Italy. That's what are. Every person and watch your bait. And it starts. You don't. You don't know any Italian at all I want to go. Everybody speaks sir what are shortened. Yeah you right. Out of pocket if that ends and means that you'll hardly incident. It's our kids in urban India it is good it is what I heard when we're finished where some load soccer star orders and we're Fanny pack fan attacked them. Black shoes and White Sox from. A beret wrong and ego and if I were like I Sylvester Stallone flag shorts where elected Harley-Davidson's. Hacked. John Deere saw hardly America now it sits right now you are currently in new York city of Boston simulate it's only like that European. You just everything in a few minutes to learn to smoke in his eyes as opposed those people will speak better English than. Probably and he'll probably won't user hands as much the huddle I know Billick put some cotton balls in my mouth acquired you'll be like the this spoof guy that's trying to doing spoof of the media itself confused. Yeah political thinking I personally decent. That and only if they do it don't you and Omar Abdullah I don't know it is our pursuant to go to Google and any other country. Campbell agrees that don't speak Italian girls in the I don't know I don't know honestly I think that would be I don't I still have more trouble with and I'm not share your mental. They you'll I don't know 100 degrees is going to be egregious an issue with line calls perilous. Little that it takes grossly mean. Women if Fannie I am I am I am thinking about doing the whole European bathing suit only the little Shanahan was talking about gap thing about Boston on out brokerage you'll see that in order to teach especially agrees. Increased into that rhythm gluttony degrees it's. It is blue. We're here recently and it's never good looking young women sound oiled up guys. It's not like a Playboy Mansion and yeah. Not what you think yeah Perry Jackson dirty and it's nasty thank you Easter Egg Hunt it sounds the same thing I noticed it and and. They are explode. And that this. I had it's if you notice the same thing when you want in a hallway today because this place usually just reeks like you know somebody just you can always. And it's balls like a spot. Out of Albany importance on out I don't think that Paul is like that would mean. You know did you guys notice I mentioned did not dazzled smalls response there me. It's the program and this last element of establishes this is true and honest guys who have gone so. And it's not. Never called it called balance I. Leave. It out. I'm a little English but our problem in an app yet and that may be why. So go to go to go so I'm not but you know you don't usually go too far and no it's clear to people tell you stay what is it says that I I'm gonna get lost. My bike you know am I good yeah. On watch a lot to all blew out. My. Or is it a lot of that Al. And adopt. Well. Wants my wallet now since you're out. I'm not a lot of jobs these have these episodes when its own because he thinks people are gonna put money in his wallet. Okay he's gonna add to it yet the European conversion rate right Europe is gonna take it. That's what she said they might steal your money. Yet I have an issue though the act and up the white hot. In. About eight. Dot. Or not are all. Well don't Wear a lot or. And it's not add. It decided won't triple Krishna says you're suitable. I don't know exactly I don't know any respect yeah it ended little a lot of jewelry so we can feel it yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I don't know where my Dolores what's. My lovers can you know Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta Greece for minor wanted to I think this is done in. That has been in development in the war and it's going to be 56 once episode seven 7937. Right you know and back to more huge spotlight working with jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit ago on sports review we yeah. I bet you know. Methods 617777937. Spent a lot of time of the Red Sox early on on neo program and with kind of bounced around here. Christians going on when he leaving Wednesday Wednesday night on Thursday's and be around music can hang on until Wednesday night the table a Greek Americans are feisty bunch. I know they're members of my family some getting a lot of heat that we've mentioned in the whole Greek. Angel of your trip a few Glenn not all Greeks look like Q most of them look like Christian. Who here's the difference here's the difference. If you man. I am actually 50%. Greek UR 0% great that's the difference great. How what are Sarah there hey I don't I don't have a study I don't judges again I. And I don't a lot of guys not I don't have that you guys I need you as a regular there's a fifty isn't there any stores. We'll get tight Anthony Kim can you get a taste of the elderly and at least not only do you do that service where you go over European tourists are talking about. Now that you and I get a undervalues fellows texting ability and yeah. We knew about it and yes they ask her daddy I had and I have everything I was worried reminds us we wanna get ideas from bill o's all right 5000 dollar and wants to ultimate question her tweet anybody who has won here from me so region I didn't even get chastised by management or you'll go. What's different estimates that 1920 do's and don't get in again he pulled it and they get pissed off because he didn't put the paperwork again. For the strip because where I'm gonna do would you Conan European trip Luke if you don't put people working early just decide hey. Funny let's go tomorrow is the owner is excellent. It happens last minute it happens to coincide with the start of the patriots when he doesn't realize the only reason he's here at the station on the show he's the for now I'll call him. I'll call for more. Call from Matt Lawrence and legal call I'm calling from our mastectomy yet. And the only when it's gonna be you at the start of Cingular is going to be isn't that exactly playwright you know what I under I'm not the case of. Under another guy here to tell you you are the guys notice you are. In charge of everybody in Internet earlier today. Trying to sell me out towards them at last we did an electronic and try to make make something where there's nothing doubles gold for. Hours five days a little meet next week also didn't really inspired by four hours of foreign media so you're decades you watch her own show now yes we'll wait a minute hold. The Red Sox game next week to week. We don't take it next Wednesday or so I don't think at 3 o'clock or 333 author it was a Thursday Wednesday next Wednesday in an excellent receiver and actually their audience and doesn't expect us. I think I am limit to that show Keefe. All people won't tell us if it's a big team listen I think we get the Farrelly and that's just perfect is the key tonight and I'm all you gotta be hidden. No light of the Google and John they go to Lou Lou Maloney sixty so like guys who play well in studio in studio. The southern roads. That. So if you want to just is that's fine I'll ask him that's next and this doesn't want you can make that happen now why can't we don't quit doing what I mean. Yeah whitening why would they move John Farrell off the show on Wednesday if he schedule on Wednesday when you become obvious that they're clearly moving him how it. Because they don't want to deal with Lou and with with key solution to have Monroe noon yet. I don't think so Keith and I know we'll we'll do it would I don't know what you're talking and I it will I think he can be done I think he can be has to buy a quickness gets. Everyone's that is wheeled it appears that the train I hit it. I wanted to hold it was a good news is that always something happening this is actually used these something he's on some sorely you'd think someday happen Almonte I'm fresh I would say something new audio I don't. Are back to we wanted to go out of the amber I know why did you let their what did you have a back up for problem is that we keep on Mac that so now that's that's the browsed he can't win that Johnson he's got plenty to bitch about was fairly pitched about him every day against an interview like more people at noon Wednesday Keefe and I tripled on me to do reminder from snow's not education. To an accurate and up over there in Italy. Alia that goes unnoticed that yeah. It. It teach you. I await not to be good to be good will be fun I think of one of the story I don't know the story and there do an excellent a one of the stories Ferraro Chia. Mom the LPGA. Is being GB I know the whole evening she LGK. That would be the ladies'. PG okay that's a golfer's ego team all go. Our slam it's for an armed just treating this as it is so what shaming its own employer. That would be slut shaming its own house we're what is that the LPGA. Has introduced a stricter dress code for its players all born at some are describing as body shame. Starting on Monday that would beat today. Torque probes will not be able to Wear shirts with plunging. Neckline it's like games. Or. Short skirts. I wouldn't be so no leggings and and notorious curtains don't you need a short skirt if you gonna hit a golf. Would order one short. That Hillary Clinton Hanson. Regularly look at the two it's one of the guidelines land that skirt or sport. And shorts months or so amortization you don't notice board has scored its it says in their shorts that look like. Skirts and Georgia are guys emerged as was thirteen and must be long enough to not see your bottom area club. Like Kathy criminal covered by under any time standing or bent over party support the ordinary incidence Wallace skirt with the Kindle. Bottom area right spot whenever I'm. You vandal league ball that was he able. Com. A week at this is this a joke is just like the onion or something Israel. So how many so this is the best the best out of L a museum and look at LPGA people up. At Ohio there's not an LPGA. I'm sure there are no agreement we that's right I just thought she is a critical I would that is rapidly and women home until sure okay eligible can't go ahead sixties all I don't have to give me a name you didn't want me I could. You can't see holly song yes he's he's a little painful and it's days now you can't do that who Paula Cramer. A page. Spare and a is that an economic. So Barak Saturn machine she's using it if you hold it bar stool which does us back yes yes answer yet she's good. OK there you go big for your way and I just thought it was Italian I know the LPG generally go with Ohio Florida or an LPGA talk next week I wouldn't be our intentions might feel. So LPGA president Vicki Goetz Ackerman issued the new guidelines in an email which drew criticism this is great development. From Teen Vogue Magazine. And after the youth. Are tomorrow all why did you guys. Do you think it's maybe. Women went on the toward that maybe aren't as attractive just the golfers that it just like go to these girls girls Kuznetsova or housing or when he isn't playing golf now I think you don't want to let it. Why they say just ridiculously so they're putting out the other girls TV is upset that. There's some attractive women on the set and then beat it. I don't think it usually don't affiliate big chunk of it yes let me read this and complaining. Okay this is Teen Vogue Magazine as more and more pointless dress codes interfere with the our daily lives. Women are standing up for their right to Wear what they want. And not be slot change. Apparently the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Missed the memo about that. We don't see why someone can't look professional. In all liking the magazine that my legs lululemon tights that's. Isn't gonna play golf and it which is fine physical hotel right that are on the teen writers here if any thing. Policing these women's bodies and callebs takes away from their professional accomplishments. And and if the sport wants a positive image body shaming. Is not the way to get. This young look at it like Michelle we the old school listening and there is. But at what point does it actually spin the other way to Wear like you know there's some attractive women they're like why am I being Sheen is a good look at big boobs. You know what has spent. That it just like listen I'm sorry that I'm attractive and political footwork. Yeah is it my all to lure many do yeah when image of those courts don't happen. Now Adobe pants high socks in the eyes soccer page page actually treated Annan asked this is interest to you mr. prime tuck shirts. And clothes that don't fit to tie. Or two groups should be happy because I think that looks unprofessional. As well to. You should be a woman and didn't. She's gonna happen. She's not happy disputed is that this she held at one's gonna yeah go on the other direction they want viewership it was against a certain group of women and I find that offensive. It's looking professional is the goal then boom right colors wild patterns. She is all of the bright colors loud she is pages all over it. Teen from old Memphis. Check yeah yeah. I we go more records segment ago when we return to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria do. It's forget it chart you have the audience and happy. Finish up college Sports Radio. Got something to get away here we got. Got to. Tickets VIP. Tickets. For. The Leonard. Hair transplant. Associates. Celebrity board ten out of it. We get a drink. And you'll see you know that there right through text code word dragon. Q3 F and 937. To be editor went to VIP tickets for the Leonard hair transplant associates celebrity Bork an event it's this Wednesday. I don't frisk us Rob Ninkovich Wes Welker. Sebastian Vollmer. Brian Scalabrine will all be in attendance and Texaco wore dragon. 37937. Right now to answer to win some of these guys going to be with a side on Wednesday rightful. Wes Welker Rob Ninkovich Sebastian Vollmer in doctor Portland look at it and make it. To beat them. Of basketball we had dropped brother before passed right through let me relational also. Went to Israel to pull off and a prima drop football. The speaker to hear about this year know what happened he says he won and we would dive team and on the home shopping club last week Caracas that shark tank. No concepts are selling something he's selling a grow long football that happens to be. Bluetooth speaker. Okay an apparent at a suited there's no Annette. I saw him out I think you know it's just an average of Bluetooth speaker yeah I shape an awful law yeah there's like safety the grown up stuff no. Two of golf club mounted it says whatever you want it to say off of your device. The blue it's okay. Work. So he's now doing that tech stuff on the other hand now. You know we can see where Tom Brady eating solid yeah selling stuff they challenged. It's pretty Ukrainian and Jim nowadays when Brady was not so eloquent than there was this innocence. As part of Tom Brady's is an interview we did in high school as a high school football. Well over across submits images are high school is a six foot 4200. Pound quarterback named Tom Brady had. After an MVP performance of Cal's football camp this summer yet. Can I magazine ranked Brady among the top six quarterbacks in the state. Coach Jim a college coach haven't seen any tape could be I don't know anything about suit comes about comfort quarterback would you Stearns. Thanks so I always tell them pretty strong arm was just let's get a pretty active adolescence. And the anywhere from my speed a little bit. We have come a time you'll put your work ethic so. So I think I get the job done. What are we how old is either. Senior high school that's. She sounds amazing almost Cheney's national the only Reimer when he Javier colon didn't do when you give you when you watch the footage assure you they show him throwing the football like his mannerisms are exactly the same. There's now. Each activity that you. Thanks so I always tell them pretty strong arm was just looks good I'm pretty accurate with the men and not be anywhere from my speed to a bit. Hopefully that'll come and I've never what it's for your work ethic self defense I think that gets the job done. Little did he know everything you're just blow only the work ethic will holes out because you never gains that speed and he's been criticized since day one that is obviously the government says the cornerback accurate he's an accurate quarterback this area quarters expect his voice to view of the non security for excellence in abuse animals of course owns YouTube next Wednesday. We just found barrels and yet you know okay my at noon I'd say what. I knew Bernama dethrone put some money in this room and it wasn't what do you think the chances on the Ferrell shows I'll admit it and that. Tomorrow our excellence they kill you appear tomorrow tomorrow yeah that's what my next Wednesday all of it alone so tomorrow. The U and you missed the last couple weeks and Jim last week. No also breaks you up on anybody the week before I was often use on with Michael silvers and three weeks yeah. In person yes you wanna focus on the negative. The rest until I always do I only for a company to implement a couple days later talking about it last week when you go on talk low bid to have to be run later he's fit that was there weakness that they need to improve and would give him that. Think things are always going to be changed the roles of JR's for everything so we could have FaceBook lives that we get this out of jobs as excellent partner he's gonna allow that tomorrow or maybe not for I was gonna pull a lot of jealousy will be what what are the odds that next week. Farrell ends up doing the interview. With key. An argument I say if it's. Zero correctly didn't do it right at the a 100% at fifty round at Canada and that hasn't asked for bringing human why would you want would you do dress that has our runners. Chicken little face it head on head on mrs. You can you don't think I don't think he's afraid of I don't utilities I think he'll re arrange the timeframe of the interview the interview will be done on Tuesday or possibly the it'll all be done largely to go wrong I don't bush two I don't where we're totally on Wednesday you know I hope that's right another word now. But as John Ferrell always says. Into the sides of the on this when there's an outflow from the looks of this western united Lamar did. I would get today a baseball stuff obviously the other series over the weekend totals trade rumors out serious for a man and our ideals and I have a amid. Area of control and that's gonna happen now the Motorola okay that's coming up the next this segment was brought to you by find mass money. That count my fellows we'll reconvene to us RNM. Cement yeah. Only two day. We kids who.