OMF - Tom E. Curran talks James Harrison, Alex Guerrero; Welcoming all of your crazy Patriots theories 12-27-17

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Wednesday, December 27th

HOUR 4 - James Harrison is a Steelers spy. Jimmy Garoppolo will be a Patriot next season. The league LOVES the Patriots. These are only some of the theories that Patriots fans have been floating around. Villani and Drellich got to answer to some of them today. Also, NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran joins us to discuss what James Harrison can do for the Pats as well as some lingering Garoppolo thoughts. 


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne. Alimony and 48. Well that's. No wonder that. That he's getting label with the gland Lou and Christian disposable income is in people to want to admit that it was to roll. I know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish the show went on Q what about you on the weak numbers that show without heartsick what 7877. IPad in my right. Nor I can I can do this we can finish this all the people. Out. Today I this is still baffling to me come back if you wanna them. We in the media these. What he'd when the star goes on and that means. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Our I met Chris lining an avid relic with you this hour variety by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in in the fairway and let's remember fortune cookie wisdom Evan and scarf goes on. He's probably gone rob finally did something right joined now by Tom he currently. NBC sports Boston the image eager to get that eventually at some point he joins us right now. Tommy don't bite at the holidays. It Republican or are you and every year well. So aren't getting full command that should be something or at least a resolution or your I get a couple more days to you it's still screwed up for life when you actually driving your lawnmower but that's our policy. I will storm here there's precedent for that happening just a few hours ago. I didn't write your yard. You blissfully unaware of it will keep it that way for the time being they tell what they are aware of ansari. Correct correct James Harrison on the practice field right now wearing number 92 I'm guessing he's looking menacing. What is this addition brings to the patriots here going into week seventeen in the post season. You know that it needs they have an app and it had anybody really explosive he edged had been detonated as such are also the one used them on third down. Certainly trying to get that a little extra course a little extra eat you definitely that also Mexican. Soccer guys were so hurt. So he'll be able to and that at Hubble to witness he will collect turtles will talk Coxnet the edge. Two million that are coming up he'll take on the site and local left tackle and trying to not let yourself. Equity contracted subtler so Eric and should be strong enough to do that the only differences. The Pittsburgh system is an up field attacking it from the patriot a little bit more. Past here build a wall kind of defense. So that will be a little bit and got exactly what fourteen years at least be able to trigger. All right time two part question to the Steelers. Make a mistake letting him go and I heard Bill Belichick do his usual stone wall. Answer but is there an intelligence factor here is that real the recon the double agent thing going on. I would say that were part. You would make executives for using them it would be at stake for instance they speaker at eight Harsco. And he went someplace else. He hadn't done. Richard and I'm on your blog so it really wouldn't matter. But it error at relevant parent I think you can and it helps that they get leading Pittsburgh because their speed he's skeptical. He's. Not that he Atwater put to great or hurting their other guys what he heard might have relevant to our intelligence effort it would help the patriots more. If they were a particular network at the Steelers defense. Did not. So he might deplorable that things were Tom Brady. Who generally had a fairly. Good grasp on what taxes you are you sensing. You get a sense of how much Harrison. Has left in the tank and he's 39 years old at the guy obviously works out like a beast I mean. It would seem that if he has something left eases pressure he can be in week seventeen he's barely played a lastly niners ten games for the Steelers. Oh absolutely it when you look at the personnel around. Paris and the joint patriots you have you know Eric Lee. Who took built practice squad player he's done well in the role he's been given but even at 39. Eric we'd marquee swallowed almost accepting that they can do better than James Harrison and Harrison you know. It's a unique guy in terms of power. And strength and happy so. On the one implant technically didn't. Put nick and his fifteen out of them. And some relevance and I'm sure that's what happened here at the end of the season so what are Stephen Jackson. Michael Willard. Or visit our in particular click the dial for that privacy couldn't do anything at all help I'm a lot like sixty in those positions. If we can work so occurred are. Tom my census. Is that this is a little bit of over hype attached as because of the name. James Harrison involved do you do you feel like this is. A big deal as big a deal with is maybe the level of discussion that surrounds it is at MI wrong Tom. Not its your your pretty much write it in to avoid kinda story. You have a guy who was released. From a rival former defensive player of the year. Isn't just any other guy but he's the most menacing one of the most menacing clear from what we are now rejoined our trial we look at her. He'll auto. So that level of intrigue companies are what do you do feel what it that's what Bill Belichick spent so much time recently transferred camping down any expectations at all. You know wouldn't couldn't at a meeting with what games where you aren't so we could commute every once. Which in my experience there. Couldn't beat the experience of the. You've probably talked about the support we were just argue about it in the past hour and that did the Guerrero story the whole story. My take on it is that the story matters the impact might not be that this is the end of the Bill Belichick Tom Brady relationship that might recruit to be no great outcome here. What's what's your take on the do you think this story should have been written do you think it's it's well. Or your interest in doing it in the context of pot story. He basically rehash to a large extent what was out there on our airwaves on the on NBC sports Boston on the other radio series that. Covers sports and now. It would hurt well pocketbook so what Bob added to with the globe story put in a violence you're. Added that he had been. Excluded from treating player of the Brady in the patriot facility. Sitting at her article plane ticket now you could turn into AM there are gullible are sexier. What would you understand what was broken there he's not quite as much more relevant public. It's certainly relevant in my mind because Grady and Guerrero as business partners had made a concerted effort to 2000. And seventeen. To Foster and world that there's it's it's obvious that that was their plan OK we want to support all. We're close at the end in the beginning for the hurtful prior creator nationwide equals what are the empire. Let's move on in this week to ten days negative. Publicity. Are so I would imagine that rankles some degree it also called into question his eclectic record you discussed. And quickly understand it but he. And outside trainer. Undercutting and not trying to leave and he has the medical. Leads and lends to a feeling of disorganization and it's so I don't blame Bill Belichick in the week were trying to bright red line in what Alex. You know talking about a lot of things I trust you would like you to look. Okay at this and bought there. Much like 3COM. And I got an embassy here and I want this squats there was quite an apple hole with the things that the cardinal football coach I need you to be done. Demo that we need to move the football where the resistant bands go in the same indicators so I want these artful. I don't see James Harrison given the fact that he pushes sleds weighed down with about 6000 pounds being a big resistance and act. Kid American will probably make Bill Belichick is start and we cart wheeled around Columbus Circle would stupid old school weight. I have to re beside the burger or put it back it lack. I'm prepared now what you what's games. Well I mean Ed Thomas is you start to look at that at this team heading into week seventeen looking like yuppie take your business. Grabbing a number one overall seed looking at some of the playoff matchups. Is Kerry team in the AFC it's your potential match up in the AFC that should be concerning for the patriots are patriots fans. Not a lot the same level of patriots would repeat what their experience and experience and look nothing like that. And last year means that more and more typical road now the last year yes because I contend that. At this point. Although gronkowski playing better than I've ever seen them play so it's gonna say you didn't have Crockett did have settlement lockout right now use. Not what he's doubled and let that again lead after the guerrillas sword which had been buried in the conversation vote. The things that he did in 2003. He that would every two and 2007 included works but workout plan that such a level. That I think it's somewhat negate the government faster you'll get cold in there. You'll get me in north. They're pretty much took Google well last year I don't know who's better in the AFC. Jack they'll lose its local that what you're just going to be and we we have about a lot of literature. But the story that just upon us every single year. Well we're not expecting to hear about the pot and that's goats. Sunday night but experts will go out in the conversations start well for sure in the yen to meet coordinators and continuity with the patriots organization. Is absolutely. Been the one screen of success that has allowed them to you where there are since 2000. And that's probably change the Nazis and so I don't think the patriots to eighteen are gonna look like they're doing seventy. Kind of looking again big picture here Tom and and you mentioned the jaguars getting exposed to Reno who did the exposing. None other than the still undefeated Jimmy grapple low I. I understand there are a lot of external factors here and internal factors and reasons why the patriots. It just had to let Jimmy or outlook going he did. Putting aside whether it is the the move that they had to make or not five years down the line. Are patriots fans can be looking at this and saying while this kid is he starts he was in the organization. And dammit they couldn't hold onto them are you getting that sense to grapple always going to be everything that a lot of people around here felt that he could be. I think he offense and are created equal. The luxury to have lines don't look at the details are going to include the one who look at the details are going to say well. The patriots didn't with a suitable for 2019 of the last two years of great contract. They're moving Jimmy go Rocco. Mortgage you sort of speak the future didn't work going to look at the fight hard and there's not a lot of sands were inclined to do that no immediate people weren't quite get. Docket it because it's not it's actually computational. Fine print. May achieve its rich them. You would have to release people we do people would it would have been it and had he could try to create Tom Brady for although Belichick told takeaways there. Back in the gauntlet so technically the technical would you broached traded for Brady Belichick say you let your mind. So whether or not Robert Kraft accepted. He didn't accomplish was never asked if he had at the stepped in particular code. So. We'll figure out of the way as far as franchise him. He mentioned that trading him I wasn't gonna happen. Keeping them both on the roster remotely consider that for a long time and try to do the mask she old guys. But in the end we just had an unprecedented situation. Because one guy could get worse and one got a wee bit of a sudden it. The patriots and a high draft pick in quarterback this year. I would say yes. Any worry at all as lesson for me any worried all the Sunday. By the way it's jets' week kind of a thing make it any any concerns. A little bit of dysfunction we've seen dislodged at the end of the year though I mean let it go back a Miami in the 2000. Sixteen. And the patriots went in with an agenda that. Try to establish a running game and the next thing you know you're in a dark out on the road down in Miami. I don't think it's gonna happen I think the patriots recruits. Tommy. In BC sports Boston rising like Holland's. Are. At. What I called the station that he works were Tom appreciate is always unhappy Alice. All right that is Tommy current NBC sports Boston at that those earth one wants that was some good that was Google sites is. Layers down the layers that means no. That's right up there with the heat. You doctor. Yeah why not I'll be a doctor to talk about what went from there we got to go to break so we get. Six what 777979370. Samir phone calls lining up talking patriots this last half hour. I'll mix in some your phone calls Evan droughts here till 2 o'clock crystallize here till two. Taking you up to bock an array of our Sports Radio W yeah. I'll harmonious talk show I'm so let's think god that was I know relaxant and everybody does sound like trillions of monsoon on Saturday actually you're right you're. Export waive our loan and Fauria talk Sports Radio. We EI. I still don't know like this happens if someone explain to me it just happened as a radio chains that much. In fifteen months sixteen so whatever that when he lasted a show. Thoroughly you and I remember John Dennis being as huge ballistic is anyone you know my I give you my third without mentioning the name yeah. My theory is based on those very oil to some people they don't mr. lights on the mosque in now back. Maybe some people and fox but yet follow. Oh. A little bit at the fallout after John Dennis stormed out here this morning at practically eat 23 AM. Brawling escalating a com. Look at John's mossy. Profit to make it about himself there that the infusion. Is known about that partly robs a doctor you know par for the course they can never be back operating management. I to skip but your putting any blanket from the pilots fisherman yourself all the John Davis walked in here this morning with the idea is. We don't know now but I'm a big thing to put out there without kind of little more. The deal weighed in on Twitter by the way haven't well. And one right. If he's in here tomorrow. I had no idea you supposed to do. The F unity cute cute to sixth tomorrow right Jerry Gordon Brown draws Friday morning with the Roemer and trainee but but as of right now we had no update on. Turbulence is bad at this point last week fifteen hours I know that that's I don't want this to be the final Jon did it won't give the last word that the mafia there. Another finally treated another around 3:45 AM wake up call it's Dino judge mossy Brad those six to 10 AM that turned out not to be true. On WEEI talking James Harrison with some butt hurt its burgers. Who into the voter. Was in sixth the sixth ten part and being passed tactic in his sixties. Has turned out that they can artsy to a 77797937. Brad actually eat is bacon. Literally he actually I don't think he needs. We have the crumpled up by John that is napkin here are auctioning off we donated fifty dollars a text message we have more batters now we it one bit for fifty bucks probably wasn't let's hear we should leave. But uneven. Except I think we do a full powers have been a whole kit here with a copy stir. Little time to presser thing here in the catch up and saw that I just I really do feel he can't go out like this. I love the attacking her be the end said does a while ago he said if you have something that touched John Dennis is not hold on to accuse the police have any team and a freak if Hillary got her detector are let's I get the ball calls here let's go to Tom in the track up next on James Harrison looked upon. Worn out little guy who might want a potential to assault it's a big room by our steal to get to Croatia which. Yes. Oh all right appreciate apple cup I'd like are we talked about it earlier. And I love the idea I don't think it would it would ever be. People poll law that I just don't think that's the reality of the time Motorola morally James Harrison get out of coming that's why eat to the schemes like he was the you look already mad at these team they just letting go he was upset with the fact that he wasn't. Planes he was happy with his role in Pittsburg it's don't want to Judith even though it's a long way Connors have grass they realize what you want you're just buying into it even though they had this fifteen year fourteen year relationship it was clearly rocky at the end and then dealer reporters he's regarding tank. Two weeks before. Going to the post season the team that is number two in line the the I'd number two favorite the runner up favored if you will to win the AFC just discards him sends a month the scrappy piece picked up by the patriots is some sort of long cause and to get. Recon back to Pittsburgh all those Pittsburgh roar of the whole lives for media let people believe this but they won't believe sourced stories from Brohm establish reporters some say that but all leave this corrects. They shut. No fake news on the guy. Doubles six go below 92. It's it's sorry. I don't believe it an act I shouldn't say that it's obvious that he's not the only one there are others that had right but it's out there. What time you're not alone in your loser I would lie that would work great idea he could pull off at some point you gotta take the tin foil lockyer had the government not reading your thoughts its okay that they might be behind that could be doing. The renewed thoughts. Uphold treatment so probably he's one of the sources actually that I was sent in the story Joseph and busted up next in the Guerrero playing a joke. And don't get our. I would turn it because all of the other thing that's changed. In the area now. I have billion portion of this I don't think I don't think it can be able to capitol in boxing history of it if you have a train coming down there. What you sign onto which he yes Santiago. Yeah the form in the muddy and everything just finding on the medical staff. At every now and then he does some fuel you know I don't want it out. Did somebody got an Alabama or whatever outlook for the most part. You sign up for the medical two years ago I'm gay myself but I think that you released from the Red Sox when Lee. Form part owner of the talks was also the medical team and he didn't tell Detroit is out and give it up this idiot on this idiot medical team. And that informing them that this settlement because it got there. A few years backward. It was released from the Red Sox in the position on the traders. And work. Ownership should know that some of the players were hard. If you catch up after the game you don't tell anybody gonna hurt. And I had the signing. Other contract next year or so that's I have to train as you travel around in Mercedes brands. I have somebody so. Doesn't have any credential laden might get Tom Brady you know hundreds but he's no medical credentials. What's it say that it personal training aides are different there was someone hurt but now it's hard. You know certain protocol used it to follow in this case as well I don't personally. These guys will tell people to get out crutches and he'll tell them do whatever they want certain these huge liability if the teacher aides to let their players under contract. Grow. Would this guy the key to the armed and who who's to blame about point. But there's two things here number one he's still treating Brady. On the premises the number two other players can still go be treated by him just in a different room at the at the TB twelve facilities so. I'm not discounting which are saying clearly you have more expertise in this experience and I do but there's still he's not. Is that excommunicated from the patriots communities still very active in it. In fact the biggest changes that he can't fly with the team he's got by his own plane ticket and it still hurt treating players he's still doing. That's that's a huge mistake in and I don't have a background of that it's a huge mistake but it produced a lot Portugal. I've even probably know in the church that was turning over the last few weeks what if he gets some credit he's second bag that medium our media you know he's told. The trio catch up make them feel better. Cool on the PGA tour of the medical records and Tom Brady all the and we let go apple logo out of that they celebrated got to retire and actually it. You probably want to play our players want to play but apartments and no one really intelligent medical records. If it's a problem. Yeah I have to believe that they have me in pretty good picture of the medical its early on we don't know that regret that that to me that example and joked on added. Not coming off the wall here but that's an example to me of making more of the story. You think it's a good point about the liability because if you were trading on premise I had about that at all if you are essentially. The treatment is endorsed by virtue of this guy. Being on site. I can see it grievance situation coming up I can see a liability issue that actually seems. Totally reasonable way with Brady signed something away so quickly liability what I'm a bomb on an athlete I choose to go to this guy. How how's the team lime well is it team employee. He's being allowed to be cute to treat NC players on team premise that he still allowed to if she makes a mistake who's at fault here if if there yeah it's. OK but. As a player have a right to them sue both the teens hurled loudly and sue he's the one that that you were two outs Guerrero if you feel like he made a mistake I. I also I figured you also have grounds to go after the team for tacitly endorsing me guide by allowing an inviting him and on your premises. And supplementing or perhaps we don't know. Replacing the treatment of of the certified. Athletic trainer I think only if the team was it was his doing with saying listen to this guy don't listen to but it it traders have any of your team is pushing it in the opposite direction but it but it. Prior to this choice. The invitation. To be in the stadium. Could be taken as a tacit endorsement. IR IA director Tom Brady like the guy is the he's been bigger tacit endorsement of that doesn't matter to get down to a point of well this guy was on site and you're treated my client wrong. What if this guy was here it does Cabrera made a mistake. Then it in any sense then. He would be open to liability I would imagine legal liability by the winners are not about the page I mean look if you all lawyers are on site. There are lawyers who are looping the patriots in two things that Aaron Hernandez did there that you could have that different than you'd get aches and I understand quite why issue. You you can make an argument that anybody's fault or or. Usually what of one liberal do as the pick the person with the most money in the eighties and also in this case it would be the patriots right you organizational charts below multi billion dollar. I I just I don't see that. Argument you hold these water at I don't see that getting past you could accuse somebody settlement out of it even even if it even if it didn't get to that point you to death somebody who seriously. Hurt you can establish that there was some malpractice involved. It can get messy and it indeed indexes speculative. To be clear if indeed this was part of motivating fact forgetting that there. I thought that was an insightful call I had not thought about it those terms of the problem is they did not get him out there. For one guy and and and everybody else can still be treated at the patriots place that now. I had the TV twelve at the TV twelve sports and to repair it but not on site. Not like I like a hundred yards but there's the sense that that's a huge difference is that it can happen too wide to all. Get I think there was friction between. My opinion my gas. Is that there's friction between the medical staff and elsewhere. It might not have been the core and this was the compromise they came up with to try to make everybody happy keep Brady happy which you have to do easier most important player. You keep him happy. By letting be treated their you keep the players who are also. Buying into Alice Guerrero needs treatment. Procedures keep them happy by saying optical far just go right over the air get treated that heat the medical staff at eBay saying like. This guy's gonna be treating them at the the other facility back at the deal with them he's not your hair. Everybody wins let's go beat the Steelers we don't know kind of paper he's got sideways I announcing I think it's a primary issue I do think it's very possible could have been a small little. And then I I just I I think you do Eddie were that big of a liability get out. You just kind of throw my there'll. Six what 7779790. Three's and we point the light was flashing. And even notice it was flashing lights flashing things are gonna go to break anyway I'll go. Absolutely I need the breaking sign I didn't see that. It was a thing tax art or wrap things up on the other side handing over to buck and a Roemer were a year pinstripe bowl pregame show. Gonna be a lot of BC tock. Coming up. I'm Matt Ryan some Glenn Foley mixed in as well sports ready at WB yeah. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI. Before insuring an after the show at all. More afford wake her moaning and 48 right now O clock Sports Radio WEB. Final few minutes here or get wait you but Serena. In the pinstripe bowl pregame show started thinking when will announcement from the usual occupant of the space Maloney on Twitter late on. Quote that's all listeners for making all of marathon W yeah the number one most this intimidation or Boston this past fall that's all shows. Not just sports thanks to all hash tag thankful litter. Blew my NBC's port Austin baseball shall partnered little baseball season congratulations to him major welcomed Lou for. Closing at the book devoted to The Today Show I agree with you today. Others spiked at the Olympics were a league that we took and I believe soccer in Cali and account we got something similar number one most institutional Boston. In the morning as well I'd not seen the ideal Molly. Tweet about that other papers there the team I think had a vacationing John that's going column that now. Is he will be back to two that's going to be the big question will he be back to a clocked marble John Dennis B back in the house. About 24 hours from now what is your critics I think at some point this week he's back. That's not the question I just that easy back tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Now that's he died the morning show. Would be if you pick one or the other. Would you be more apt to pick the afternoon showed him wasn't born until 345 more ratios of Spain with the remarriage many in these ticket would want to subject themselves to that number one. We love them dearly I mean that's that's four hours of hell would I want my girlfriend. Training but it kind of is there a better likelihood that he comes back tomorrow for the the show Terry Norton what it's gonna be more excited I was data where now will happily do a mount Rushmore of great patriot Sam linebackers like. Anything like that like unity to take it day cooled down and coming here. Training and Alex and he can you know try to. Establish a space a little bed in my concede that the the Patriots offense is really be the dominant header or normative. Male figure in the room on on that morning via. So this is my asset constricted in the mid day. There's been no baseball talk I don't know I don't know whether it be disappoint her or or probably at the isn't. Eight hours a radio no sock sock from the guy who yup like two minutes can meet you neared hot baseball tape right now. I don't think it ends offered aid programs in Boston. Other we're there yet I think we're still a couple of years away but the way this shape and not the way the Yankees have turned things around and position their roster flexibility. And already had monsters and Stanton and judge do you think the yankees' roster is. That far away from the red army praised the other way to Red Sox roster is far away from the yankees' roster right now with Chris Sale healthy David Price with the ball and they have the outlook. Well it's as fresh healthy is will help the the looked healthy in the year what when where they are in the development cycle. It's gonna get much more expensive for the Red Sox in his if the Yankees the Yankees can hold on to this and keep that going longer in the Red Sox can keep you loose you know loose Kimbrel. Maybe assign some of these guys but. There at a different point in this and there are you know arc of development. An eight ultimately didn't capitalize on before the rest of the he's got good again and like the rest of these besides the Yankees and look at right now. So what that change is to sell. Can to browse to pull cash kitty effectively restock the farm system he's depleted you know a couple of big guys are in the free agent market next year. Sure is that enough to to really position and we're gonna. It's like axle the JD Martinez is coming at that they need to I think they missed on him there there are a lot of trouble maybe they can go do some created on not thinking about the they need the neat that. And that line being thing you can sort of at least leave them for this year. Let's go red not exactly. Red mouth. All positives you're only happy Red Sox takes them for me comport I think gagged getting that bad lineup again coupled with. Sorted BD run prevention aspect of having those two at GE you yet another year now to. Understand I guess how to manage Chris sales innings may be a little bit better in the beginning of the year to make him stronger at the end of the year. You are hoping and assuming that David Price comes back healthy that's an important part of this conversation. And then. You're the young guys beat sound simplistic they just got to get better they just gonna keep taking steps forward in their development. They Rafael devers intervene attendee. They have the sizzle power of John Carlos didn't know these are guys who can be stars. And start sooner than later cookie that is a star right now he took a step back this season relative to a borderline MVP campaign two years ago. But he gets back to that form of only two seasons ago you're talking about game changing play. Yet that this is the big problems that are ready it's in the form of all these guys that you saw 26 team was the real forms in the forms of David. Always live up to and you know who was a real rookie that I've written this. That's the real question who is who's the real standard Bogart's whose real Jackie Bradley junior do you trade these guys. When their values vote is there value low right now a ticket I I would argue it is that the most people would that. That they convince themselves up to twice its team. Losing fourteen to get stale but those kids you know they'll be the same or better just because you're young and good at baseball does that mean you're gonna get better right away. Feel better now tackled a little bit older little bit yeah. Look at why do walk out. Yeah I was trying to get you locked out by twelve to eighteen at failed in that in that measure. At a drug pleasure as always but the experience on Twitter at Evans relic DR EL LI CH as it's for people. You find the actress lining 44 happy new year joined Montreal when he leaves tomorrow on Montreal thanks here's the rumor Alex Roemer will be there to. Fantastic he has in an attempt. I'll testament both to be hearing that he's learned he's going to be out of you guys in that chat before he takes over perfect Steve Buckley and house out three Murray's well buck and Reamer comes your way next Sports Radio W yeah. There's a reason that guys no longer in the in the locker room with anybody else besides Brady the reason selling could cautioned water mark don't bury your head in the sand. You wanna apply concussion water. Our doctor. You don't.