OMF - a ton of media confusion over a report about Colin Kaepernick

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, August 16th
OMF - Hour #2 - John Elway spoke to the media this afternoon and the comments took off on twitter... except they were in reference to something that had previously happened (in 2016).  Plus Sam Kennedy joins us for the Red Sox front office report.

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All you ready. Don't ask your quarterback his agent Donald. Well now good chance we'll see in points one of the people like that it didn't question any game could be yeah. Okay yeah. Simplistic yes the answer is that Clinton has a ride out quickly and when Christian you guidelines on what town. Hypocrisy. On various older cousin didn't say where they won't. Would it matter what they say take this act on the road did you pick it Vegas and do patriots or robot not a fan of this. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Beckett and part of it too we'll pull them out shelves this is what the tort of world does. Somebody tweeted out a reporter Denver reported. Give it to you asked John Elway if Colin camper next. We beat candidate if they look outside for a quarterback to. Quote Colin had his chance to be here we offered him a contract he passed it. Move suddenly the Twitter world was the boss because you don't want as a collusion case going on right now. With Capra neck in the national football but now when you start to gap asked for the deep sales to all of this it's a little bit different. The Broncos tried to trade for cabinet back in 2016. The for the 2016. Season now is for the 49ers in 2006 feet before the seas shortly after Peyton Manning announced his retirement. But in order to complete the trade with the 49ers the Broncos wanted can't predict to accept a week. Quarterback declined return to San Francisco for another season. And the rest is history we. This is that some of the more of the activists. What he said rollers a call that his chance to be here we offer a contract he intake Sousa said my deposition. I don't know Bobby legally able to say this but he had his chance to be here in the past so. I don't know how this of people running with like off the capita had an opportunity to play any past and does this case for being black ball. Is is is gone now. No it was his trainers during 2016. The complaint is for seventeen and eighteen. This is way back in 616 yes to take instead of make eleven point one guaranteed estimate two years after. Eddie passed on it. So this is it wasn't recent. We offer yeah job. Yeah and there's no bill has no bearing at all also but you know what else you know stood up to you know and and that you guys are gonna remember this from last Simon at the very laster of this article that just got. Lindsay Jones have used it today. The Broncos could at a better quarterback tobacco case keep them before the regular season begins next month. Checked at least throughout the 82000 empty who missed all of his rookie year with injuries at overtaking. Former or from pay tax and lynch as the number two quarterback. Who told about tekelec mutual told you about Erica you'd aidid who favors unit starting steeper it. Aren't that packed them into the bus and the Bronx are gonna suck so they ego on the word about them. Right so really get operatives listen this is John Elway and the the actual audio. And I said this awhile ago on the you know like Colin had a chance to be here. We got him contract you detected. So. You know that they said it. My deposition. I don't know that we we will say this but it. Yeah. Yeah he's had a chance to be here. That's why it's not fact of the matter identity follow up its table look went it went when did you off from a culture. Was it while he's being black ball knows X before all of it and it would Gloria why we've talked before and it wouldn't trade it would inventory and boy are we talking. That's a unique if you need information after that season. The free agency season where'd he retook ideology or armament he was Q Seattle. Who knows who both called out. The only trip to it was the Seattle applies the that this does not work with our time getting into because it it's irrelevant. You talked of an opera doctorate. After after that one point six species but you know what happens in this world of media media are they hard to get it out there ball out there and everybody in and people just I mean when we first saw that line we did the same time boiler up mean. The wrong 8117. Right of what would you release. This and it says when he sixty got you know that he and Tony thanks in part. When left out at the beginning since as I've said in the past that we put that part of the quota of evil royal than Twitter now via. You know it is capita carries up to you please pass premature black or anything. These guys area retreat not with comet that ends at and that's what happens to those things who they're probably trying. Comedy eighteenth. Executive GM's only unit of negative depose every single mobile and I mean are for your probably right if they had any and you know inclination that. It was a single guy that might is. Had a conversation absolutely. What why would you. Now you have to. Are you got to figure this thing outright end. Much of the environment and usually not find anyone out there if you if you went to Seattle case you guys like guys Rama or work out once assignment. Due July. I think I think if you dig deep enough I think you'll find stuff. I think you'll find one organization out there to the coaches there and says this guy can help us win and an owner says no we don't touch it. I'm not touching them and I think that's all he really need coaching wolf but it succeeded on the record that million dollar into adequate even but so what it's like so you think that's. That's happened a million diet and autos and elsewhere are going to be played out is no question about how well you've yet to look at Dez Bryant. A Laura you okay I really left no we don't trust them on the owner why. His mother and like his mother so what does it once in the guys what did you get one team. The simply says they don't want the headache. That's not pollution. One Tino magazine it was nobody can be the same thing like Michael's I am. Michael Sam gets drafted by. Of the cancer known Saint Louis Saint Louis was when that was when the rams were in Saint Louis. So low they draft him. And who knows why maybe they are doing a solid for the university dessert there are so close and it just wanted to be part of that. But on the other team fully known and I don't know. That would that have been an issue with out leave because he's. He's openly gay I think the league was fearful that there were reports Christian were about a year or year and a half ago. That that might have been all fixed by the late. In the league went to Saint Louis and asked them little sample is the knighted if you remember that but that exactly that they were doing it with Missouri. They've figured will be the ones to know what it's the end of the draft as you look at their depth chart and you look at what they had with defense of their defensive front loaded. No we're gonna make and then Tina once they got no we you'd thought he would be a special teams guy and when you put them out there currently special days. And he was at you know he IC CD but the player of the year yeah I watched every one of these games in college yet there was a lot there was a ton of this tackler just thought he just gave. Yeah way that when it comes to capitol dome people part played opposite always a good for you we turned you down okay well I would then say well if you. If you thought he could help his team back then when Peyton Manning retired enough to make a trade for him. And actually off from a contract. You situation at quarterback hasn't gotten any better now. As far as I've checked and as far as I've since they left you quarterback's been an absolute train wreck now you don't have to treat form. So why would you bring him bad if for the electoral enough betray for publicity about would you recommend it. For those people that thought that Elway was a genius out there. It might have been that he was able to sneak in one more year with Peyton Manning and that's what this reform that you write Lou. They're window of opportunity is fading with a great defense certainly a lot of great defense and personnel right. They've got no quarterback. Here's a thing what's happening right now people are re tweeting this story and it's. It's like it like Michael Lombardo. So there's there's so he read tweets another article by my list. And Atlanta that is John Elway on Colin Catholic he had his chance to be here as he turned us down a hash tag ninth sports was the local sees about Denver. And the Michael Marty Reid tweets that with their with the with a comic thing so it is about money. Always is no no good honest I think that's I mean nothing. To do with this taste whatsoever he was he was under contract by Sam just before and they owned his rights. They wanted to trade him this report John Lynch came in tickle her and everything like that. And he said while it. It ought to be actually if anything if I'm capita carries people. I would then sit there and and and say you'll pay John. You are etched in my player before. My answer which denounce all because he's burned you've already that I felt our claims the jets and pats went OK any socks boy now we thought we noticed that. But back then and draft threw stuff bring in capita in because he's burned in two years ago. If you like them then what it's like igniting get a for nothing and give a million bucks put money football team why aren't you. You know because he does he said no to musical. About winning is neat you know you win. You get to this article article is from April 21 sixties and they talk about it is the missile before the draft. As I just they decide to draft accord and he played the 2016. Season for the 49. That's what's missing so there's this another worry there's another the misinformation that is out there. About cabinet because he had fourteen million bucks left. On the books with San Francisco but none of that was guarantee. And made it seem like he walked away exactly right he was. He was the bigger message does that boy have they stay period what they live and they were cutting him and he knew they were cutting him they told him they were cutting. He was not gonna get that money. So he figured instead of just going any agreeing to a lot less money. I'm gonna go back out into the free agent market woody didn't realize term what are you write what he didn't realize is. That a lot of the other baggage now that he was creating for himself. Was gonna prevent him from going elsewhere he just wasn't good enough quarterback. To get a team sit there and say you know want some baggage he's gonna (%expletive) off some of our fans are real conservative fans but screw it he's a great quarterback. It wasn't enough and at the concert is guaranteed you can easily treated him. And let somebody else view it is not guaranteed contract paid more proof that team dusting. They understand that they were most definitely that Alex glass a table while an agreement is enough to sixteen in world trade for. Yeah but how quickly these these situations change so in sixteen and it before the sixteenth season they're ready they're they're willing to trade called cabinet. Point sixteen goals on its he's seen is over and asked when he seventy so you're like right where we're not going that direction anymore I can change their mind weak three. Understand that these environs couple young quarterbacks and you wanna see you both of these guys what they can do you draft Katie wanna see what they all can do. But then you see that then the nun Marie good. They'll sock. They win enough there with those. What about I'm told they're gonna blow a golden opportunity. Of having great defense of personnel. And offensively decay of school. Then uncorked Denver already in Denver Denver this growing at all object Kelly this tent because of beer guy while he's unity Turkey's keep him later Chad can you take over. That's what happened and what are they gonna win wouldn't that sees what is this eight west they know the date based on what its US looks like now we're skirts San Diego one up. I don't I don't buys Oakland and he lost channels formality laws as Rupert so so that BLE chargers and the Tennessee cheese. One in June 01 aim one and one thing and then teacher pay to radio I'm with you. I think a lot of it and I think Coco is going to be a disaster on me at the area of him it's going to be basically that's it that's soap opera that you're waiting for and hoping for. With with that one teammates is dysfunctional and it coaches all. Group thinks she's just too cool. Became most of it's it's it's so different. The way these guys are built he's much better be the quarterback coaching both guys come in those college coaches committed like apple on lap and a advisor and a guy that's a lot yeah. The eagle that that yeah you look. Back out of it. All of our that they went eight games out of eight games from now be wishing back he would back where he and done a great move illegal Mac user that treating we'll back off again some drastic sport and they can the Mac and abuse of hatred unbelievable. We get into the Red Sox coming up at Sam Kennedy will join us as well all part of Ole enough. This afternoon drive. On WEEI. Oh. We're here and now they claim they are struggling in not human being an at bat but now we have a good. And now these changes and other people are interviewed me and we are struggling we get employment those guys it's their struggles not out you know they do. We're gonna blame little Malone that's a great point. Schwab got a. We were citing the record of the team right now and saying that. You know difficult south course on us if you. Clearly today stock last week because it's a pretty good weekends as old as he started the night for a along. The. Big garden tonight now it's. Sorry don't score you're 41 since joining ON now phone that has not worn one since very superstitious I elected so we're pretty damn good when Sam Kennedy was a regular on the program I think a track record was pretty good guys don't run. Sam that's what it was pretty what. Dwellers of dreaded one. It. Dozens of corporate golf days league and a group insists on an end this losing streak this. And it it would it was actually a frustrating one last night. Systolic we we have an educated but can alone appreciate it's been remarkable to watch as screw it. Hopefully we keep things don't hear a long way to go. Are we wanted to ask you a lot of baseball but I wanted to get your opinion of something that's going on right now today with the Boston Globe John Henry the principal owner. Of the Red Sox he also owns the Boston Globe and the globes led an effort he would newspapers across the country. In defending what they believe is an effort by the president. Whom they believe is attacking the media making them the enemy of the people. Sure some people are very supportive of this editorial others are probably looking at it as grandstanding. You're kind of caught in the middle because last time I checked the fans to go to Red Sox gains come from both sides of the aisle. Red Sox separate this Sam how to you know separated as the president of the Red Sox wind your owner. Is spearheading that that effort with the globe and he also is your boss. Yeah it's it's a very good questions and I think it's a good opportunity did so levels that conversation around. The reds and how we operate. News apart from the Boston Globe. You hear your 100% right or a long time ago back in my early days. 1990s were to the Yankees and Padres in the plot secrets. You would be foolish to pretty political position alienate an. Part of this class white care act Republicans Democrats and independents all like B Baltic oil companies and so on and he. Advertise. Their broadcast. In your in your broadcast so we are very mindful of that and it's important that the marketplace recognized is because it is a little confusing but I certainly support the party. That'll operate. The Red Sox Liverpool at Roush Fenway sports management realty company that. 5%. Companies would definitely ports group had Korean border. Manage and operate those instances. About sixteen other investors. Group field personally. By China and he. When management to be operated and then let me be very clear we have Euro operating capital. Influence. Or activities with the Boston Globe. Seek a lot of course it's all sports. And sports and and there is. Euro operational costs over. And and so we don't yet involved in today's day of the globe. Worry about. Our own problems. We have tea and not a false. Seeing that that that is. That is just the aide John Henry you know situation and other discussions with the aggressive across the other. The Red Sox the Fenway sports group today due to sit with him and discussions probably what would be going on local. Oh not at all in fact it is just you know we have Terry. We have very confident. Message for Iran when he bought the paper. I'm sure you know anything that involves secrets equal. Handled by our management and the by these equity. I can play it. We. By. Eight and back and forth. Brian glory in. Yeah Shaughnessy in. All of the folks over there would you know look. I understand it's out to media. Free we're hearing a lot about whether it's radio station TV station. I thought he'd be held accountable businesses need to be held accountable politicians. Accountable by if we beat them here or something that we disagree with. We express our opinions and we don't as as you know we've. We agree stations and newspapers with television outlet. Completely killed support. Dialogue back and forth but there's you know that that's relationship. It would other sports teams in newspapers and media outlets. You need to be cooperative and collaborative with comedians we try to beat. That tour. Media corps that covers just about the smartest and best writers and media personalities. In this country in the in the sports industry often but this time we can find our our interest outlined in the fight. I've had several debate back to force it helps when you scrawled in the margin you've really understand. How are working here. But there's no problem whatsoever. Do you do you find it. Tough for you to operate in the position you're operating and I've seen it on news shows today in which they've mentioned this editorial in the gold. And the next line is that John Henry owns the newspaper he also owns about Boston Red Sox even though you talked about the Fenway sports group I get that. John Henry is still the the the face. Is it different. And natural. Correlation there. It's not as difficult because really what we're focused on here. The baseball. Fenway Park experience what we're doing and community. And if there ever you know our issues and questions. It's very simple to make that clear distinction when you're talking with people whether it's in the private setting her public setting. I'd look down on. Reader of the cold again I grew up on a coupon Peter Gammons is. Diamond note in and you know you've you've you've really. Have connections ethical Brandon and the writers. All of you did as well so it's it's an important. The institution here. They're doing what what they feel it is right but but that has to do the operation of the Red Sox are. And management style of the people in front office. Sosa and your travel with my now right. Yet we just go back to this morning and Philadelphia it was a quick trip we got in about 2 o'clock this morning and ever on it was a pretty fired up pretty often. OK so I'm trying to do so last year at last year's team wins the division. You assume like a lot of advice get longer as a lot of great camaraderie. But this year is the beyond belief what they're promising I you'd been there around for both teams right so if you are there any differences between this team in last year's team. Are they subtle are maybe there isn't if there are what are they. Yet there's there are a lot of differences. Did you can do to get technical. What you're doing another historic performances receive principal and work hard our young players. Her performance of more out. I think that I've been in depth is different and K you know I was struck by. Last night you know quiet home and but it was tapped it patiently. Is just. Incredible really the first guy in terms of their experiences. There. Feel that part of the board and the fact outs course itself would. Electron Redick it is bench coach there can hire just. And the hitting coach keeping in any opportunity to step ultimately can't group competently. Incredible. Travels a lot so. It's really really great group to we are talking up how Alex it's. Total. You know in truly is this don't watch and I'm allowed people's personalities. Out really express themselves and industry. I'd definitely like going down there we cherish. Seventy your Red Sox cannot fabricate that that happens naturally it. You know Christian that your. And sometimes. Yeah how to answer years. We paid a lot back in the early days in 2002 tape USD. They carry in my case and a lot about you know capturing what happens first completing it chemistry. Chemistry create winning right person. And so to have that debate packets toward the year really have a this year. It you know really special way but look we. A long way to go John Henry that while the other day. History really does look back and you're sort of judged by. The post season performance initially paid also we reckon. It is very special remarkable season it is celebrated. We have got a long long ago. He'll sit me mister Tony Russa I think when he goes by many organizations like speculation it will for one you know like what is. The roles toeing the -- a young manager now its core Le pew felt like it was gonna be some influence. There I don't know if you can speak of I don't know much you've been around it but has that role change what does that really become for Tony La Russa and his organization. Paul Paul Paul anger first foremost and anytime you have the opportunity to have a guy that experience. Unfortunately change. It all game. It is such a huge competitive advantage for public outscored them have that knowledge is to draw. What makes our social analysts confidence and patent. His willingness to surround himself with people. Who have war period. You have done more again for cocaine are managerial front office perspective it really. Soak up information. He would get it. Date accountable for what happens on the field he really he thought that he thought that energy that you guys. Have self confidence. He's surrounded by people that they have those experiences is he can I think it's important that he leadership positions as badly. You can do this well people surround yourself with people who were smarter and more it. In view. I know that's true in my case in and it really. If you works well Al system a great job. I attempted duck and we'll talk to you down a road. Human Sam Kennedy president of the Red Sox all brought to you by town fair tire and by Cumberland farms the official coffee. Of the Red Sox radio network Red Sox are about to go another half game up on the yankees' Tampa Bay three zip in the bottom of the deepening right now. Luke was right about something else got to him a little credit yeah Aaron judge he said their life into you when they say it's going to be three weeks and now they're already. New arms from a real well for Aaron to an extent that Ryan. Is it is it back to he'll be back to return when he's when he's ready. That's really I don't like peaceful doesn't do that does give the hold me you know it yeah who back when he. Return of three weeks and determined back three weeks was today I mean that's why it's and he he's yet to swing a bat. Market and he recently got a cortisone shot doesn't appear to be close I told him I had. I don't know all the levels of this older style Lloyd fracture at the same thing hit that hit by pitch trying to square on a bunt up in in. You said a month and I'm still there but honestly it was early may and I came back end of July. You know and and so I don't know the extent of the injury but I was like minutes bullet six. You know and I think six is being hopeful you know five to six. And but I was assured him insulate injury like fracture small fractures mauled in mind I don't know but he hasn't swung a bat yet in the three weeks that they said the beginning is today. So he's still got another three atop its. It is a bit of believable when you look around the league and you see all the guys that are falling right now and the Red Sox are just standing upright. I mean diamond back at right end and you know they'll be able to have shed drew pom rants before they get to the postseason will get to him coming up next but. If you look at it it's all about staying healthy for the Red Sox between now and the end of September are great checked. It has now it's even worse from power out of Cleveland media. It Trevor Bauer who is right now the runnerup the Cy Young American tonight but as of right now which probably runnerup this percent. Any kind of stress fracture in his leg and I think it's his right leg Souza right handed pitcher to push off leg. And now it's almost a free corrugated that they're not a hundred essentially to get back this year. And yet his chance he might be done who notes. That's a huge blow a guiding commercial deal with the a by simply no Cleveland's deal with a bunch of crap themselves the Yankees and judge you Sanchez. CC's on a deal and it's just every everybody that packs that from Seattle on an etiquette they're not but he's now on the DR their best pitchers so it's every once fallen. Except the red stuff well this is not fumble was summoned to do with maybe what they're doing and how they donate they. Unbelievable you know. I back to the federalism so so so 87797937. Right here and Owen Smart. Sports stock multi lingual finger with the force of nature in due time that she wants the foundation on noted that no one. Highs this kind of both parties. Alex returns with more importantly we're loading and for EA Sports Radio. Policy see you know seeing how he'd been in a close game. Put on high delivers situation and then him. What a few switch hitters have and the left you there to see how can react to it through Malone Baltimore so we trust a guy and also. We were wearing yellow and orange and then my card in our enough. This do to stay away from some guys put the same time wanna see how he would who killed in this situation. The problem with what he did last night and bring in troops from. My Marines into the game and letting us see if how we can do it not a high leverage situation. I know Matt Barnes no form or he was they were unavailable apparently. And you got a ten game lead and he did say it was Shasta when we asked them I asked them about. With today's often at ten game leading gonna be able play around and managed to Stephanie he says that was a big loss right. So wasn't that what he was doing last night but I'll tell you what. You can't continue to do this with Palmer it's so maybe you can. For another couple weeks three weeks or get we get it close to the post season and you get into the playoffs. I wanna see this guy. An option right now based on pit button isn't it in the I don't mind you. Number one it's us not forget about the fact that it's like you ten games up in the division right and he's he's just mess around no he sent a guy at first off I'd never. Little people sick it Palmer is I think helping the wrote in the bullpen I don't that you can't. Because this is the same guy stealing two years and years pass and he's starting he's throwing 92. And he jumps up and up OpenId through transit in 94 and I elected there it is OK this guy can help you. He's thrown 8889. Miles an hour of the bullpen he's giving in ninety so there's no velocity whatsoever he's just up there flipping things that to me that doesn't excite me. So he is not part of this picture for this organization 2018. Are good if I'd never see this guy or something known to hell out of an amount. It's just say no it backdrop it's almost called dual core and it's so true you know to wool because he's just not denies that it is into. Moon go to the pinch demand curve ball you know her ball is the least and all had to add about this mound presence and his pathetic. A case of times that these will be out there right in Manama saying he doesn't wanna be that's just his personality. But he's not gonna help you but if you get to send him out there. You do want to at least see it it's OK let's see if there's an uptick in stuff let's see if there's of velocity that seat. If he can help us now I don't think this that ended his season this performance last night. But a bigot ends as far as the year he comes in mop up duty the next time of all the gives up eight after elects three. You know I mean yeah against Baltimore. Or port Celtics got a third or fourth against Toronto incomes Palmer in down eight at two NC double. That that's the only thing I wanna see in this. Think they couldn't get it before game cushion is a factory alone and didn't say all they want well you should win every game I want them to what ordered fifteen a sixty. As long as you have a nice cushion like this and that that very soon could be ten and a half games. It allows you to do some stuff because what really counts is winning in October they have to win this thing. You can't name what difference is that if they went a 10515. If you don't win in October and right now. They still have a lot of questions out of apple Joseph Kelly is the major question mark. On that question but this guy. I'm with you Christian I don't want CM many the next two weeks just to give some some guys arrest is the kind of. No I don't believe that's what he sat out as well. Can you talk about it and basically your. If you're not going to be intimidating or at least maybe like well April mustache or harder and like all of us special we say he could. I don't know it was a long curly wants to grow go to the drop down do you sell up to you don't become a submarine doors at all. Why can't fix that. I'd I don't know. On the I don't know not ideal pitching mechanics whatever but yet he says he's he's released the ball. A foot short of the needed in years past or last year the year before stuff not the same there's no question about it. But what I do wonder. These are you sick looking last night Lotta people why you sit smoky tumble at Barnes a guy. You know maybe unavailable Heathrow on Sunday. A semi through Owens was on Sunday these guys are getting all the work currently but you know you got this kind of lead right now. You want you idiot I can play in the year he was sick guys. You know that it's gonna get cooled off a risky you know sick guys that last week that last series and come playoff time 34 days off these guys are themselves the hitters are losing. The other timing the pitchers are kind of haven't thrown in a while you bump a starter its first start at ten days of the so these questions you have at the end of the season right how do you manage that last week or two. To me. This is the perfect time in August mid August this is the grind of the month of August is a grind it is still hot you're tired of it. Guys need rest they grind it all year. So I wonder if they're looking at it saying with this cushion. Rather that last week of the season resting guys. I do it now. I get mad Boris five days off which was going to be even pitched on Friday or both or what Thornburgh and even though he's not plea thrown ball great. The starters already gonna get an extra days' rest. I'm gonna give smokey the milky bet he'll three or four days off with the off they played once in four days. You know gonna start giving these guys a little bit arrest now. So when September rolls. The plane Gabelli and Richard has a lot of off days in December and sensitive guy get him into a groove going in the post it was essential resting at the end of the year when an element to get. Yet you sit there and go okay got a gimmick they've got to get into a groove and and that group is like a first playoff game face the crisis first real live action. You know and and it there's been not going to be any playoff for them any play in game for them so I like I'd like that meant about them. So all essentially you're already you already the last few years already Sunday in a few not complain walk arguing for him until Thursday. The wee visit and his opponent days off in September. So sales and that was that basically sales. I still had goes on a ten day DL comes back which is a gem. Right was that basically is okay here's your break now because of that being on sale was okay he wears on September. You can't finished yet. Finish strong adios I don't think was fake I think there was a little discomfort but I think it was miserable and it was enough for the state the good time for you. Because it would debate they're not gonna fake acting out alone in New York. They don't have to start Thursday that against new York and then fake it for the next ten days after that start against the Yankees. But I wonder now because you get kids are coming up the deal Friday. Is there somebody else banged up to somebody else nicked up. You know on the NL people's an assailant to send divers down for a couple of weeks maybe maybe you do that. But I don't Mitt maybe Bogart's is still bothered by hand and he Mitch smallest needs really bothering him and we can sit Moline now to be that's why are back. You know loan more to go on attending a little vacation and get his ass ready for September so he can grind that thing get it back up again. So you just you wonder if there's start to think about mid August with a ten game lead. Is the time to rest everybody and to find breaks for people because I don't wanna do what that last week of the season I don't want to do what the last two weeks of the season. I wanna get these guys I want I want milky bets in the midst of a 350 you know it's Rondo worked over ten games I want to get these guys Roland let's do it now. It makes all the sense in the world in the tank game Cushing gives you you know all of a lot of publicity. Yankees have put two runs up on the boards 32 game. 32 game now. Our plane when it a Yankee Stadium. Talking a little look a little baseball and pom rants out they have another day off today. And then they open up a weekend series with the race and believe it or not we'll see the Indians for the first time next week first time we've seen yet the Indians this season. Will come on August the 121 of August or something like crazy. It is it's strange. It was sort of played him early and here. When they're really struggling you know their bullpen was a mess but no by our Nolan cannot yell and so it's a time for. It's only Monday that is the previous series they're detained. Are detained. So it'll it'll see but I am curious with the pins are tomorrow night what do you do. Woody woody and he rides on that he's we've -- about ten days which you can always tights and for we people woody don't mean. I idol and all the tugboat devers I don't see it. Made another line I know I know but I item he could go down I think he wants he just came back and DL he wants to get him go a little bit. I'm not so sure what they do that tonight saying and I'm repeating myself ten game cushion allows you to do more awful lot. You can do an awful lot why would you suddenly throw devers out of the equation right now. Not in the you don't look at defensive replacement late in the game be brought cold. We're talking about a cult as a defensive upgrade right now right I see get more out of them near the mistakes he makes here for a big league coaches that can work on some things that the proper reminds was you know Tripoli for what. For two weeks to do what to work in his defense ivory at the same is on. We know he's doing the same things as the improving as we that I Somalia along we noting east due to improve. We go and when he does make those bad. Offensively and defensively I want to take those eyes off them and let's say not given some breaks here now and again and open but Nunez who plays the third base their vote. I just don't know if that's time now to do that ticket. And he just came back at ya wanna get going again I remember a while before he went down. I'd baseball is abuzz. Over an incident last night in Atlanta show Ronald O'Connor junior. Is we've been terrific this year is. Did hit home runs in my in the last three games yup the new series so it's a four game series. That they were playing with Miami and he hits home runs I pick in the leadoff spot in the first three games. So what do they do last night with game four. I hit a music. Well all the homers. 24 RBIs in 25 runs smoothly you know. Any guy. You can tell us is that element to. The very first pitch at this point game hits into. You flush and elbow. We've done. Folks it's it's it's so he took his base. You did days after giving it came out next to him out when you let these recruits it feels and then they took him out for entries after that they wanted to do X rays and I guess they did a cat scanned and hold himself in a million defensively right you walk and Millen and he's fun he's okay by. He's backed Clinton now. But it was pretty obvious what they would do first pitches that go on the no way those guys sit homegrown Allison obviously this wasn't a retaliation right it was like that. It was like that the Braves it's up into Miami Miami actor recounting how he did site and he lets you know he's all runs and we're gonna make him feel uncomfortable. Yet that's what they wanted to deal worked to make him feel uncomfortable. We've make him feel uncomfortable you try to get him in the past. We try to hit him in the back the problem is the in those but the oval when you standing open that the went out close to the back out and apparently he wasn't the real good. Yeah this I don't know about you guys but this disgusted me. It discussed that part of baseball makes it's not part of being so short part of anything so let me let me get this. Just give him an elbow and hit him and yes right you go out and yeah and relief well yeah. He didn't play except that. I can't (%expletive) anybody off I didn't do anything wrong it is. It's just you know. The scenes and in you're mean Europe's me slow. To kick me out. You're gonna throw all the bread the ideas and her you don't. Got it he's being less than. I don't upbeat and hope that's not what it is now it's a myth that guys ideally you damned comfortable. In the batter's box and I'm gonna make him feel uncomfortable. If that powered the ideals about your its. The idea listed among the fleshy part of the body if he missed this election right just drop him right he missed the fleshy part of the three good yeah brought today about this thing quality Keith Hernandez yep there's a lot of uproar from his comments this is a key Hernandez could mustache about it to say about this little back and forth drew little code. In today's game you don't throw there's I don't think there's no. So they don't know how to get out. What's coming and you know three home runs. I'm sorry you've got to go down you can leave over the plate. We'll put on them it's not gonna happen and it did that I note. Today's game obviously you've got its moments. I'm sure Don Mattingly ordered that I don't think. Pitcher out there than not today's pitchers that we didn't have television and didn't spend fifty knocks them. You've got. Your ribs on your back and lets you stay. The next time and that's that's just my strong feelings. And it and it's they keep an industry a lot of lot of grief he's taken a lot of a lot of people wanted to PC world has occasionally I know an illegal break right now I guess but when we come back. Ultimately I agree with a two hour. I agree with I won the MVP and seven time. Do whatever I want.